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Let's talk beyond recording, let's talk sound!

Recording App Pro is an all-in-one recording application that will enable you to record your precious sessions, concerts, conferences, meetings and much more. You can experiment with sound by recording in various formats, editing and trimming the recording, and play with different playback controls.

With Recording App Pro you can also import your music list to edit and play in different styles. It will also prove to be an excellent music manager with its File Managing feature. When it comes to sharing, Recording App Pro is both public and private. You can easily upload your audio/recordings on cloud storages like iCloud, SoundCloud, Evernote, SkyDrive, etc. Further to this you can record and share private recordings with password and encryption feature.
Want to import your recordings to your Mac? - Do it with our Wi-Fi and FTP sharing feature.

Record, Edit, Play, Share and Enjoy!

#Theme option with Dark Theme & Lite Theme#

#### Features #####

# Audio Recorder
- Unlimited Recording (Tested up to 20 hours).
- Call Interruption handling - Recording will continue after a call or other interruption.
- Continue recording into existing recordings.
- Live audio wave while recording.
- Auto Pause and auto resume recording.
- Set Input gain for increase and decrease microphone gain.
- Support recoding via bluetooth.
- Restart/Redo recording.
- Best UI and UX.

# Recording Formats & Quality
- Different recording formats: AIFF, WAV,CAF, M4A.
- Different Quality - Low(Smallest Size), Medium(Best for voice), High(CD Quality), Max(High Definition Quality).
- Different Bit Depth - 16 Bit, 24 Bit, 32 Bit.

# Audio Input and Output Device Support
- Support for different I/O devices. Like bluetooth, headphones, external mic, speakers, etc.
- Tested with Tascam iM2.
- You can switch between the connected devices.

#Auto Stop Recording
- Recording will automatically stop in specific time interval.

# Recording Interval
- Automatically recording interval based on the selected durations like 15 Min, 30 Min,1 Hour,etc.

# Player
- Fast Forward and Backward.
- Manage Playing Speed.
- Trimming Audio.
- Audio Output Settings.
- Supports Apple EarPhones and EarPods.
- Support bluetooth.

# Audio Converter
- Convert to mp3 and m4a.

# File Manager
- iCloud Support.
- File Management Options (Copy, Move, Rename, Delete, etc.).
- Make Zip with multiple recordings.
- Email multiple recordings.
- Searching and Sorting files and folder.
- All advance Info Detail viewer of audio file.

# Trash
- You can move the useless recording to trash and can revoke it from trash if needed.

# Private Recordings
- Store your private recordings in private folder.
- Secured with password.

# Cloud Storage
- Upload your recordings to different clouds.
- Background upload support.
- Import from clouds.

# Supported Clouds
- Sound Cloud
- Dropbox (Auto upload new recordings support).
- Google Drive (Auto upload new recordings support).
- SkyDrive (Auto upload new recordings support).
- SugarSync
- Box.Net
- Evernote
- WebDav Server
- FTP Server

# WiFi Sharing
- You can access your Recorder App files on your Computer/Mac web browser.

# FTP File Sharing (Over WiFi Connection)
- Access Recorder App from your Computer/Mac with FTP Share.
- You can create Network Drive on your computer and can access Recorder App files without cable connection.

# Settings
- Audio Quality Settings.
- Audio Format Settings.
- App Passcode.
- WiFi Sharing.
- FTP Sharing.

# iPhone spotlight search.
# 3D touch support (Start Recording, Search files).

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Recorder App: Voice Recorder Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Recorder screen UI and UX upgrade. - Major Improvements to make app faster. - Japanese localization Improvements. - Bug fixes.

Recorder App: Voice Recorder Comments & Reviews

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- Love this app!

I take audios with my phone in certain moments while I'm around family . This app let's me quickly browse through a recording and go back and forward, change speed and trim. I recommend extensively!!

- Please bring back the Blue Theme.

Please give us the option to switch back to the Blue Theme. The red may be fine for some users, but I found the blue and white color scheme much more pleasant to look at, compared to the new Red Theme. If the option is already there, then I haven’t been able to find it. The new red and white color scheme may work for some people, but it doesn’t for me. The podcast app Overcast has the ability to switch color themes inside of the app, and it actually changes the app’s icon, as well. It is the only app that I have encountered that does that, so it would be possible to do it on this app, as well.

- Love Recorder!

It’s just easy and works! I don’t have to struggle to control, just tap button, it’s reliable... it really helps me big time

- Sound

Excellent sound quality!

- stop bothering me


- Best audio recorder I've found for iOS

This is the best functioning and the best looking audio recorder I have been able to find yet for iOS. The quality of the recordings are excellent, and the fact that the bit rate can be adjusted from low to medium to high quality is a very excellent and necessary feature for me. Also, multiple cloud and filesharing account integrations are what truly sold this application for me. I prefer to use Google Drive over others and support for that service with this recorder is very convenient for my needs. Also: auto pause! This feature works seamlessly and is a great idea. Very useful for recording certain types of lectures or meetings

- Great Recorder App!

This is a great recorder and support has been fantastic the few times I've written to them! Does a very nice job of recording and LOVE the auto dropbox upload feature. I've tried a bunch of recorders, this is the best one out there. Works perfectly! My only suggestion for future improvement is to default to a hidden view of the input gain and auto pause sliders. Typically those don't need to be moved during recordings so keeping them out of the way by default would be preferred - both visually and to keep them from accidentally being moved. Definitely worth getting this app!

- Great app!!!

I've been using this app for years. Works great. Has terrific features. Please consider adding 2 more features that your competitors have: bookmarks (to mark key points in a recording for later review) & easier trimming to the edge (right or left). It is very hard to drag the marker to the edge of a recording (solutions include selecting the whole recording and then dragging one side back or reducing the display so it doesn't go all the way to the edge of the screen).

- Not as advertised

These reviews have to be fake. After contacting customer service with regards to if the app was capable of recording through specific connections to which they replied positively that the app should be able to do it I bought the pro app. The results, it wouldn't record. Tried to record with multiple cables and mics. It would intermittently recognize mics and cables with no rhyme or reason. The app also does not do well in the does not allow you to set up before you start to record. This was a waste of $5 and I suspect that it will only work properly with specific cables and the such that cost upwards of $35. The only mic that worked perfectly was the built-in mic.

- Nice, easy to use recording app

Easy to use, straight forward interface. Choice of recording formats and quality levels. Can clip recordings, and my only issue with the app is it is hard to trim close to the right edge as the time indicator will go off screen and moving back to the left tends to pull open the iPad's quick access panel. I use this to record audio from a mixer using an XLT plug into the headphone jack, getting very nice recordings.

- Indispensable audio app.

I use this application to capture everything from meeting notes to actually capturing audio to use as sound effects with an external mic. It is in my opinion the best audio editor for iOS at this price range. Love the feature set and above all the stability even during long recordings sessions.

- Good app, some issues

Awesome app, I've had this for years. Really easy to make quick recordings so I can keep track of melody ideas. I recently bought an iPad Air 2 and it doesn't work as well. For whatever reason, the recording is coming in very soft. There's no option to calibrate or switch up the recording level. I've tried other recording apps and they work fine.

- Recorder app Pro

Very easy to use. Straightforward applications with choice a recording formats at very high quality. Can edit recordings by clipping and saving as a separate file. Easy file conversion as well as multiple access to transfer and storage options.

- Best Rec., Clip, File, Cloud Recorder

No similar app I tested had the feature set (see keywords) and recent updates, semi-decent ones were $4-$5, and not even the $10 leading app was much better. After >4 days of comparison tests this app was always reliable. The App Store doesn't seem to have any 5-Star apps with all the key features for making useful voice recordings/edits and managing and archiving/sharing them. :CAN:RECOMMEND: 3½🌟 ...tested on iPhone 4S and iPad mini both w/ iOS 8.3 Feedback: - short, 12 sec. test recordings do not clip accurately; users need to use >1 minute recordings - no sound is heard on the help tutorial - a default setting to use the m4a format would be preferred

- Best recorder app hands down

I've been using this app for a couple of years now and love it and the features it offers. They continue to make slight improvements and keep up with the apple updates and thereby it keeps stable. By far worth the price.

- Great Audio Recording app

Records high bitrate 16, 24, 32bit as AIFF, WAV and then can automatically upload the recordings to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive... Dark UI choice is great to have in dark rooms. This is the perfect match for my needs -- to have a cloud connected high-bitrate audio recorder.

- Nice recorder, annoying bug

I use a Yeti mic from Blue along with a powered usb hub and the camera connection adaptor on my iPad Air. Works beautifully. I have no complaints about the sound quality. One of the nice things about this app is its ability to upload to a variety of cloud services. Unfortunately, using onecloud causes the app to crash instantly. Fix that and it will get a full 5 stars.

- Great Recorder W/ 1 HUGE FLAW

This app is absolutely great for recording anything. The major problem is that if you receive a call while recording it automatically either A) stops the recording, saves it and makes u restart a new recording after, Or B) stops the recording, the app crashes and you've lost everything you've recorded. - this is of course a major issue since the app is used on an iPhone.

- No mp3 option???

For as much functionality as this app has, I was very disappointed to find no way to convert my recordings to mp3. I record and upload audio from meetings for my organization, and a handful of PC users can't use these recordings at all until I re-encode with a separate piece of software on my computer. I was hoping for an app that would negate the need for that. This isn't it. Too bad.

- Good audio app

Hello - The app is quite good and is similar to AudioShare. However, it sometimes quits unexpectedly on me but fortunately my recordings don't get lost. The app works with my Bluetooth headset whereas AudioShare doesn't recognize the headset.

- Great!

Used app at a large conference this week and the program functioned flawlessly. Big improvement over other apps I've used.

- Continues to provide excellent voice journal support

I use Recorder App routinely to dictate and organize my voice journal. It is fully featured and reliable...highly recommended.

- Good sound quality

I am enjoying using this app to assist in language acquisition. It has great sound quality but lacks a few features i would like such as t-marks for one! Overall, a nice app!

- Best Recorder App

I've tried several, but this is the voice recorder app you need. I use it all the time for notes and ideas.

- Best recording app

I use it for class. The integration with different cloud services is amazing. I don't mind paying an extra couple apps for a good app like this one.

- Fantastic app!

This app is easy to use and I love that it has folders to separate the files out. It's going to help me get through court reporting school! Thanks!

- Robust, reliable

I rely on this application for its quality and it's ability to get voice medical transcripts for Dragon dictation into secure cloud storage. As a doctor, I am very happy with it.

- Best app

I can Finially record stuff on the daily of what I want to record and make music on the dot.🙂

- Needs Improvement

For a $5 dollar app this one needs a major overhaul. There are spelling errors and transitional errors in settings. The screen only fits one way. No adjusting to different holding positions. The recording starts without hitting the start button and deleting files is tricky. All around this app is need of major improvements.

- Records beautifully but...

It freezes and exits if tried to upload long files to the cloud. Works fine when transferred via USB.

- 1 word - awesome

Works better than what the description reads!!

- Does not work!

I have tried reinstalling the application, restarting my iPad Air 2, checking my available storage, etc. Sometimes it records and most times it does not. There is no rhyme or reason for why it does or does not work. The bottom line is it is not reliable.


This app doesn't do what it says to do. I paid $4.99 for this app and it couldn't play my recordings. It says to import from onedrive which I did but it directed me to purchase another of their app to open my file with. This app is not worth it. This is a ripoff. Don't even waist your time and money.

- Simply incredible!!!

Exactly what I was looking for!! Thank you!

- Annoying

GoogleDrive is broken and returns an error. Editor is clumsy and crashes. App asks for review every minute or so. Now you got one. Fix the bugs, add MP3 recording option, etc.

- Works great

Works well and sync to Dropbox very helpful.

- Great app!

This is a great new tool to stay more productive.

- it's the best recording and playing app but..

the playback acceleration is 1 or 1.5 or even 2, that's high speed, i cant recognize the speakers word clearly so what about adding 1.25 as a new speed ? please add it i think your app would be perfect

- Good work...

Nice recorder app very helpful to manage my meetings....!!

- Great Recorder

Great recorder I have ever use for my lectures and meetings

- Great job

Thanks for all cloud support and ftp support

- Very very nice

Very useful great recorder app.

- Doesn't save.

Finished a 45 minute recording to have it not save. I want my $5 back or my recording.

- Great


- Nice app...!!!

Lots of functionality...!!! Very happy....!!!

- Deletes Recordings

The recover recordings feature doesn't work.

- The worst app ever!

Rip off!!!! I tried to buy pro they charged for lite+ pro. Be careful with this scammers!

- Dunfretin

Great app. Doing what I want.

- Mr Bill

Nice very well. I use it to confirm conversations when dealing with people to make sure I heard the correct information..

- Simply Amazing 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

This is a app i strongly recommend if your just taking audio notes for meeting minutes, conference recorded calls, memos or simply for fun by making your own voice ringtone. You can even trim your music file too to make a ringtone. You can share too? NICE! Pass code for private or sensitive recordings, not a problem! Even the design is straight up and that the I like it. I suffer from ADHD/ADD so using this is a definite must. Please add the ringtone/text-tone file format and I'm willing to pay a extra dollar as a plug-in. Great App! 📲 Both the lite and full version is definitely worth the download. Ooo! Pretty bird. J/K!

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- Record a song while its fresh in your mind

This intuitive app is perfect for getting that song that develops in your mind when you are fresh from sleep in the morning.

- Best recorder

Tried dozens of audio recorders. This one provides the best balance of extensive features, great design, and stability.

- Excellent!

This product is one those relative rarities ... it works exactly as advertised. Thank you.

- Waste of time

Your app is as useless as all the others. Can't record while audio is playing. How do you suppose a professional is going to want to use your app? Refund requested.

- Waste of money?

This ap froze trying to download music. Also not easy to find your way around eg how to name a new file....

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- When the sun says hello to the mountain

Shame Apple Music deleted this song which I purchased. Thieves

- Outstanding

Simply the best app for recording meetings.... total control over every aspect and very intuitive.

- The best recording app ever

I have been searching for something as perfect as this for so long. Everything is customizable, clean and organized. This is the perfect recording app. Thank you so much.

- Simply the best recorder !

I tryed many and this one is the best ! It can still records when iPhone or iPad is locked and is perfect to protect myself or having some proofs on my cloud Storages... Seriously, I recommand!

- Nice effective app

Great little app, with just the right mix of features

- ...

It won't play anything. As soon as I open something I've recorded, it crashed. I can't listen to any of my notes.

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- High School Teacher

This is a great app! I’ve grown tired of reading lengthy stretches of literature aloud to students every day, ever hour. When I asked volunteers to help me read, most are shy and others speak very softly. With this app, I’m able to read the selection at home once. In the classroom, I playback my recording using a speaker. Wow! What a relief. The recording is clean and crisp. This app is easy to use, and I recommend it to other teachers or anyone wishing to record their voice.

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Just tried @rev’s call recorder app and it is an absolute gamechanger. No longer do I have to call somebody, put it on speaker, set my voice recorder next to the phone then deal with the tinny mp3. So to Rev, I say thank you on this Friday.

🦄 Miranda 🌈

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Trevor Sean

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Recorder App: Voice Recorder 7.0 Screenshots & Images

Recorder App: Voice Recorder iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Recorder App: Voice Recorder iphone images
Recorder App: Voice Recorder iphone images
Recorder App: Voice Recorder iphone images
Recorder App: Voice Recorder iphone images
Recorder App: Voice Recorder iphone images

Recorder App: Voice Recorder (Version 7.0) Install & Download

The applications Recorder App: Voice Recorder was published in the category Business on 2013-11-04 and was developed by LiveBird Technologies Private Limited [Developer ID: 551521372]. This application file size is 51.29 MB. Recorder App: Voice Recorder - Business app posted on 2019-09-10 current version is 7.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.livebird.recorder

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