Call Unblock - Blocked Calls

This app requires a monthly paid subscription( Starting at $3.99)
Only supports the following carriers:
- Sprint, AT&T, TMobile, and Verizon
Pay As You Go and Pre-Paid accounts are not supported

Call Unblock VoiceMail replaces your iPhone VoiceMail to unlock the power of your phone.

This app brings you the all the features you need to take your voicemail to the next level.
Features Include:

- Unblock Blocked Caller ID
- Reverse phone number lookup
- Visual voicemail - easily see and play your voice mail
- Voicemail transcription - convert voicemail to text
- Missed call alerts
- Call recording
- Voicemail transcription

Say good bye to annoying heavy breathing callers, stop wasting time wondering who is calling from a blocked number, and identify telemarketers before you even pick up your phone. Call Unblock can reveal the phone number of a person calling with a blocked number. When a call comes in with a blocked Caller ID, simply reject the call or don't answer. This will send the call to CallUnblock for caller ID retrieval. The call will quickly be sent back to you. This time with the caller ID unmasked. The caller hears a normal ring tone and is unaware that the call is being traced to its source.

CallUnblock has Visual VoiceMail and VoiceMail Transcription. No need to lower the t.v volume or put on headphones to listen to your voicemail. A quick glance at your inbox shows you who called and a transcribed text version of the message.

No more guessing who is calling you. CallUnblock's Reverse Phone Number Lookup service provides you with the name of the caller based on their phone number. Our service queries caller ID data sources and displays the name of the phone number’s registered owner when available.

**NEW**CallUnblock Premium Subscription
Includes all the features of CallUnblock Basic plus
- Cloud integration with EverNote and

With CallUnblock Premium you will be able to
1. Share voicemails to Box/Evernote directly from the app
2. Share Voicemails to Emails
3. Easy Cloud storage of voicemails
4. Voicemails upto 5 mins in length
5. Call recording
6. Block voicemails for selected phone numbers by sending the calls to a not working number

Note: This app requires your calls to be forwarded to CallUnblock for processing. You will need to follow the instructions to configure your phone for conditional call forwarding.

Call Unblock - Blocked Calls App Description & Overview

The applications Call Unblock - Blocked Calls was published in the category Business on 2013-11-15 and was developed by krishna ponna. The file size is 5.94 MB. The current version is 1.9 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Lot's of great new improvements:
- Now supports automatic subscription
- Improved call back sequence, so you always know who is calling
- Now sending voicemail via email transcriptions
- IPv6 Compliant
- Many more improvements

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Call Unblock - Blocked Calls Reviews


TERRIBLE APP  Pamj1122  1 star

DO NOT BUY THIS APP! IT DOES work great, but when you decide you no longer want the app, you cancel subscription and delete app and it still takes over all your voicemails and then emails you the voicemail. When you call support for help, 3 days constantly, they NEVER call back or email back, AND then they totally remove the total access and then your voicemail is NOT WORKING and they do STILL do not call you back. TERRIBLE! Someone leaving a voicemail is not even an option now thanks to this company, this should be illegal what they are doing!! I believed them with the "Dec 2016 update" and gave them a chance and got screwed! They deserve NO STARS but that's not an option!!!


Scam  Navygiirl615  1 star

Just wants your money can't even log on the app. Says invalid credentials I paid and signed up I don't kno what the problem is. There's no support help


Scam  Honestuserscammed  1 star

This app is s scam. Can't even log into it.


It works!  Elliye3  5 star

Sprint customer. No issues. Great voicemail.


Another useful application for life  ninhtienit  5 star

It's great to be able to share applications voicemail to email, moreover it can also call recording. I like this feature, it is a good application.

Bond tony

kris pon  Bond tony  5 star

Great App guyz


Didn't work  Paul'sIphone  1 star

This app is a waste of money. Couldn't even configure it. I kept getting error messages.


DO NOT BUY  Canela273  1 star

App does not work. Customer service will not call back. Very bad experience.


DO NOT SUBSCRIBE  BrowardPat  1 star

They will refuse refunds upon when asked


DONT DO IT  Takysha  1 star

This app doesn't really work it basically unblocks the number when you test it out yourself but no other numbers. It's also now has a lock on my voicemails and even after deleting the app it still goes to the website. Currently trying to get my voicemails back

Vonna baby

Is not free  Vonna baby  1 star

Don't advertise free if app is not free


Then  Tken15  1 star

The voicemail feature is horrible. I can't hear any messages. I love want a refund, but after several emails and calls no response. Buyer beware.


Didn't work, stolen money  Iloveapps84  1 star

It wouldn't work for me. I think this is a bait and scam app somehow that Apple should get rid of. I had even tried to contact support and didn't hear a thing back, super shady.


Waste of money doesn't work  coolicek  1 star

I want my money back ! Will contact itunes!


Voicemails  Tweezly  1 star

If you don't care about your voicemails anymore this app is great. All my voicemails were being forwarded to the app and you have no option to turn it off.


Did what I needed it to do  Natassia2011  3 star

So the app is actually effective at identifying unknown callers, which I was very pleased with. Their number will actually show up so this is great if you have a prank caller like I did!! The only complaint I have is the apparent non-option that is the visual voicemail. I disabled the feature yet all of my voicemails are forwarded to the app anyway. My advice to the company is just to get rid of the visual voicemail it's troublesome and not effective at transcribing the audio anyway.


Don't even bother with this app  RighteousRafael  1 star

Although it's sort of works, it is completely false advertisement. You pay them for a month of their service and you only get unblocked numbers up of callers to leave messages. That is unacceptable. Waste of time and money! I want a refund!


Don't waste your money  Krl436946  1 star

First off I buy it and then can't get it to work. Then I'm told that I have to call my provider for them to make a call forwarding change to which they had no clue what I was talking about. I contact call unblock again and get talked down to like I'm an idiot. I simply ask for my money which they won't give. Their their tech support is a joke as they just refer you to your carrier and once they have your money you are on your own. Worst app and stand behind service I've ever seen. Don't waste your money.


Works perfect  Lance6221988  5 star

I have a I phone 6+ works perfect no issue I take my friends phones from time to time or family just to test this app I call *67 pvt I end the call on my end double tap the power button it ALWASY calls menace with the unmasked number

Read it before you do it

No stars at all SCAMMMMMMM  Read it before you do it  1 star

If I went after every fraudulent app that's say to pay I would rich. This app is a scam.

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