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Race an inch from the ground at speeds over 80 mph in Pro Racing Karts in 4 Tiers of Real Time Multiplayer Championship Kart Racing.

"You’ll never find another game like it. So competitive... It’s more than just a game." 
Marijn Kremers, FIA-CIK World Kart Champion (KZ) 2019, Street Kart Racing Brand Ambassador.

Similar karts, similar engines. Always close, fast, competitive.

This is Street Kart Racing.

If you want something new, original and ultra competitive, SK is it. This game will entertain you for more hours than you think! Expect it to be hard, challenging and rewarding. No Assists. No Excuses. Just 100% Pure Racing.

Tested for authenticity by hundreds of professional go kart drivers including world, continental and national champions and over 7 years in the making. And you'll see them on the grid in the game.

----- YOUR GOAL -----
Beat real players from around the world to become go-karting champion, competing in real time multiplayer championships.

Driver development simulator from 2018 World Champions. Use racing sessions to help set up and upgrade your kart to finish high up the grid.

Sure we all want to win, and we race hard on the track. In the pits we all help each other out. Tips, tricks, advice. A community of thousands of competitive SK players. Create rivalries, join the banter in chat groups, and always have someone to race. And they're all pretty awesome (mostly).

Invite friends and with one touch all your Facebook friends are found, rivalries quickly formed and you're in a league with them. And we've switched on push notifications. So you get told when a rival overtakes you in a league, beats your time on the track - or invites you to race head-to-head!

Join here:

- WEATHER: If it is raining at the track in real life it is raining at the track in the game. We simulate everything. Rain, drizzle, hot and cold temperatures affect tire choice and performance. Air pressure affects the power delivered by the engine.
- CHOICE: A range of tire compounds from different brands are available as you advance.
- RIVALRIES: Win your own personal battles. Sponsors only want to support drivers that are good press and top contenders. Beat people you know to earn status and get to the top.
- UPGRADE: Make complex kart choices, from which brand of exhaust to use, or which base kart setup suits any given track or conditions. Upgrades = speed not victory.

----- KEY FEATURES -----
- Real racing against real people from around the world
- Race in closely matched karts from real brands - none of this massive upgrade, automatic win! We're dealing in fractions of seconds.
- Live broadcast/Record to Social Media
- Invite people to race via push notifications
- Compete against racers who race in real life
- Race in Real Life? Apply for Verified Account Status.
- Real World tracks are being added all the time - PFI, Adria, Wackersdorf, Mariembourg, Las Vegas and many more.

Street Kart is compatible with all iPhone devices above the 6 and iPad Mini 2 and iPad Air or above.

----- Follow Us -----

Development Team
Street Kart has brand ambassadors who race at the highest level of professional go kart racing as part of our development team helping perfect the physics simulator and support the game. You'll find our team at race tracks around the world aiming to reach sports cars and F1.

“An unbelievably compelling racing game realistic to real life racing.”
Dexter Patterson, FIA-CIK World Kart Champion (OKJ) 2017 and Street Kart Racing Brand Ambassador

About Us
Fat Cigar Productions are a small indie team but we don't believe that should mean average. Your experience playing Street Kart Racing should be the most fun and challenging on a mobile device.

Street Kart Racing App Description & Overview

The applications Street Kart Racing was published in the category Games on 2019-08-03 and was developed by Fat Cigar Productions Ltd. This application file size is 807.22 MB. Street Kart Racing current version is 1.1 and works well on IOS 9.1 and high versions.

Welcome to Street Kart Racing. We're a small, independent developer determined to give you the most competitive, exciting, racing experience on iOS. We rely hugely on your feedback and ratings to help improve the game and support further development. Please join the SK Community on and follow us on for updates from the dev team and the SK Community.

In this version:
- PS4 and XBOX controller support
- New Real World Track: Paul Fletcher International (PFI), UK
- TWO new kart brands in X30 - Rosberg Racing Academy (World Champion), Kart Republic (World Champion)

We've also made numerous game improvements and bug fixes.

Street Kart Racing App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Street Kart Racing Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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elbosshernan   1 star

Didnt like the game. How do i get my refund

JoshKlineRacing   4 star

From an IRL Kart Racer. I just want to say, this game is amazing. It’s everything I wanted it to be when I bought it. I like how the physics are very realistic, (the graphics are eh but that doesn’t matter to me) and I like how it doesn’t babysit you the whole game. You get to drive and feel the kart without any assists. Now it feels like every racing game has some sort of braking assist or steering assist, but this? Nope. I like how the weather on the track is real-time too. One thing you could add (although I don’t know if they have these in Europe) is the Briggs and Stratton 206 engine class since it’s all about momentum. The reason I gave it 4 stars though, is because of the energy system. I don’t mind the fact that you have to race to get rid of excess weight, but I wish I could race as long as I want without having to buy energy drinks with my precious aces. MY PRECIOUS ACES!! That is the only problem I have. I don’t mind the ads, since they are optional and I want to support the developers more. Plus, it’s extra aces! Keep making updates guys!

ttrex509   5 star

Happy karter. Bought my 6 year old kart kid this app. He enjoys it but it is quite challenging for him at age 6. He karts in real life and this app is nice during off season way to keep him racing.

Santa Monica California   3 star

Shaky. It’s 5 bucks and the game shakes and pauses 😒😢😤😡

samdwvu   4 star

Game Locks. After getting licensed the game locked and did not start on my iPad. Had similar issue on my iPhone X. Issues now seem to have been fixed after multiple installs.

Huddraww   1 star

Cool game except.... Great game, cool modes, U can tell a lot of thought went into it. Well worth the $5. *add more/better steering options😏 *Gas pedal is not immediately responsive after a reset during race 🤔 *When u hit a wall,..the game makes u try to lose by totally reorienting the car opposite direction it's suppose to go 🤔 *Why won't the kart move on grass?? 🤔 *Add update to change temp to Fahrenheit. I have no idea what 28deg Celsius is * Add option to change seat position on race screen

Jazzman666   5 star

Realistic Physics Requiring Serious Driving Skill. For hard-core racers willing to learn the tracks, this is the real thing. Extremely challenging and realistic physics models combined with real-time weather. However, there are no silly 'assists' here; you need to be able to drive. If you are used to instant winning and/or falling back on steering or brake assists, you might want to look elsewhere; this one is for real.

KarlK13   5 star

Very cool.. In tried the app Jacques I am thinking about racing carts next year as a hobby, and I have already learned a lot. It is very realistic.

curly 34   5 star

The By far best kart racing game if not the best racing game out right now

Justindownes   5 star

Can be pricey but absolutely fantastic. Game is fantastic! If you plan on putting times down that are towards the top on leader boards it can get costly, you have to re-buy things already owned, and can’t shelf used tires. Few things that I think need work but other then that the gameplay is absolutely fantastic, and demands the perfect line to put down great times I love it

Aegoei   1 star

Game freezes in same spot, unplayable. Can’t race. Game freezes at the same spot. After completing my license, the game then takes you to the actually racing. The guy pops up saying to choose a race and it’s completely frozen. I’ve tried killing the app and restarting my phone but it keeps happening. I’m on an iPhone XR.

Tech_Zebra   5 star

Thrilling.. Street Kart captures the essence of racing and climbing through the ranks. The controls are excellent, the karts are a blast to wheel around the tracks and the competition is second to none. Notice to new players: Right now there is no ability to sync your game between devices. I started playing the game on my iPhone and am not able to sync it to my iPad. Do know that the devs are working on that feature and it will be added. Buy this game, you will not be disappointed!

TravisM55   1 star

Horribly done. The kart handling is nowhere close to realistic, the home layout of the game is just wrong. You can’t restart and there’s no career mode, sort it out you spend so much tiem on the game you could have done a lot better 🤦‍♂️

Echopr   5 star

A➕➕➕➕. Great!!!!

Animalisto   5 star

Very good. This game is great. If enough people use this game, the potential for a huge online multiplayer is huge. It is already very competitive for lap times against people from all over, and it requires proper driving. Buy this game, give it some practice, and you’ll really enjoy it!

awesome games reborn   5 star

Race. It’s fun

Finelinez   3 star

A great game that changed my mind on mobile racing games. I’ve always been hesitant for on mobile racers because I was used to a controller or a wheel. How they’ve built this game flows so smoothly on a phone and the controls give you a real feel. Everything about the game is awesome and have enjoyed every minute of it. If you’re into racing games or karting this is a must have. Update: this should be in beta still. Everything about my previous review as it pertains to gameplay remains. The problems are with multiplayer, the inability to add friends, the inability to race with real friends outside of suggested rivals, and the bugs that rear their head in the middle of gameplay.

rohdeo16   2 star

A ‘Good’ But Disappointing Game. The gameplay itself (the racing) is pretty good. The physics engine is 4-5 stars but that’s about the extent of my being happy with the game. The game makers allowed some players to play a beta version and then didn’t reset everyone to square 1 when they launched the production app. That immediately put people at an advantage for karts, upgrades, money, gold, and those guys are the ones you see day in and out with the overall records and meet records at the tracks. Totally skews the playing field and experience. Additionally, the game makers haven’t thought of things like allowing a user to buy and ‘store’ sets of tires. If you want to race one race in wet and the next race is dry, you’re out the money you spent on the wet tires even if they have most of their life left, because you have to buy the dry tires. I also want to know why, on such a ‘realistic’ toting game, gear ratios wasn’t thought about. Sure, you can buy different karts or different exhausts, but why can’t you just buy the ability to tune the ratio and use the same kart? “To slow progression” is the basic gist of what you get as a response. The social aspect of the game is a joke. Apparently, you get social points for sponsors by friend requesting people on your personal Facebook page. Wow that’s messed up. Just because I play the same game as someone else, doesn’t mean I want to be their friend on social media. If you don’t do it though, it hinders your social status and ability to get sponsors. All in all, the game has a lot of flaws, I regret spending the $5 on it.

Bigboneturk   5 star

Finally a real racing game!. I love this game, it drives as if you were in the seat yourself, great graphics. I personally recommend this game to every hardcore drivers that want a realistic experience. There is no driver assist , so it all you Driver!!!!

Bubba103020   2 star

Just disappointed. So it’s $4.99 and it has your typical in app purchases much like a free to play. That’s not my main issue. My main issue is how deceitful the game is at every turn to drain you of your currency. Especially for new players. 1. It’s not well laid out in terms of where to go and what to do. 2. You run out of energy and either have to wait for it to refill or spend your “aces” to refill it. 3. Cost to refuel are the same regardless of how much gas you have left. 3. Upgrades for your cart such as a smaller and lighter gas tank, which make you go faster, but again the cost to refuel is not adjusted for the smaller capacity. 4. Sponsorships only last 1 hour??? Which you get offered right after you run out of energy. So you either wait, presumably one hour to get filled, or you spend your “aces” or whatever they’re called. (This one really broke the camels back) 5. When you quick restart a race, the fuel and tire usage doesn’t reset! Again just tries to take advantage of the player. The graphics and gameplay aren’t bad but to me the way it’s currently set up, takes the fun out for me. It’s actually worse than your typical free to play because of how bad it takes advantage of the player especially in the beginning. The information is not clear and you just have to make mistakes to figure out what the game is all about. Very disappointed idk why it has such high ratings Update 8/27/19 (after developer response) Thank you for responding but there seems to be a lack of information on how to progress through the game. A major problem I am encountering is a lack of direction in the game. I’m not sure what my goals are or what exactly is going on. I’m having to waste my resources on items and races just to figure it if they’re beneficial. If the game is so realistic then why does it cost the same to fill up the gas tank? Or when you upgrade to a smaller gas tank the price is not adjusted. It cost the same as the larger gas tank. I find little things like this throughout the game and I think its extremely frustrating and unnecessary. It’s just draining away the players resources and I don’t see how that’s a strategy. That’s taking advantage of the player. The game isn’t difficult to win. Matter of fact that’s seems pretty easy As for the

Tyler10141991   4 star

Everything I wanted this game to be except for. The good:This game is really good! The carts feel great, the visuals are awesome, being able to customize your cart and gear is a big plus! Getting sponsored is sweet too(but why for only a certain amount of hours?) The in between:not so sure about the whole energy/fitness aspect of the game, but the price is worth actually buying aces (+you can do other things with them too). The pop up guidance/manger personal is too boring to read, I wish it wasn’t actual jpeg pics of them. The downside: there is parts of the track that you can clip through and don’t hit anything it will most likely cause you to restart, and when you do hit something (other than racers) the collision physics are way off. Haven’t been able to race multiplayer witch is a huge bummer. I’ll play this game until I get bored racing against bots or just lose interest in the ranking/story aspect of it. On the DL, it’s not worth $5 (not yet at least)

Sammie_jpg   5 star

Game. I love this game but there’s something that I don’t like I bought it and then I don’t like because I’m not good at it can I get my money back please thank you

Corey Taylor   3 star

Buggy. I wish I could play this game but there’s a bug that makes it so I can’t get choose my initial league. Some dude’s face just tells me to choose something but the screen is locked up. Tried reinstalling, quitting and trying again but no dice. On an iPhone XS. Please fix!!

Donkahones   1 star

Cant play multiplayer if you dont live near server. So far i haven't been able to play multiplayer once. It tells me that my ping time is too high. This is due to the fact that I live far away from where the servers are and there is nothing that i can do about it. Without multiplayer this is just a crappy racing game.

dabminded   3 star

Pay to win and energy system on paid game. The game itself pretty good but the energy system and rewards for races are completely ridiculous. Impossible to progress and race more than a few times without throwing a lot of money at the game. Get rid of the energy system and give actual rewards for winning races

EddieB13313   1 star

Awesome!!!. If you love F1 like I do, you won’t regret getting this sim. It’s like going to the very beginning, to get your career started to make it to F1. And the developers care, and want to hear about any problems you run into. Someone is always around to help, and the group of people who play also hep. And they will give advice and help, everyone wants everyone to get better. Because they know that makes the racing and competition better.. really if you love racing, this will be the sim you will want to play all the time..

JVPiccione   5 star

Impressive!. I’m impressed. For the quality they brought for their launch I’m taken away. There are small quirks that could be tweaked but overall it’s awesome. Just ready for them to add Newcastle Motorsports park from Newcastle Indiana USA

Seattle Rex   4 star

About 40% Racing (60% Shopping). I have a job. A stressful job. A job that requires 70-90 hours of my time every week. Add to that all the bills and purchases and upgrades I have to make in real life after work, and by the time I get some leisure time to myself, the LAST thing I want to do is worry about bills and purchases and upgrades and bills and purchases and upgrades and money-grubbing mechanics and hot women with questionable motives and oh did I mention that you’ve raced for a whole 2 minutes yet have inexplicably nuked your tires? Alas, with the notable exception of Grid, this is what all iOS/Android racing games require that you do. Most racing games are shopping games first, and racing games second. Street Kart is really no different. Tires, fuel, clothing ... and of course ... everybody’s most loathed form of extortion ... the countdown timer which exists for no other reason than to get your to part with whatever resource they want you to part with. It otherwise provides nothing of value. And the offer to watch an ad after ever race just makes me do a face palm. Guess which side the “Yes, I so want to watch an Ad because everybody wants Ads to break up the continuity of a game!” button is on? Listen, I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever voluntarily watch an ad. I’d sooner eat the corn out of my own crap than spend 1 minute of my scare time being voluntarily brainwashed. Since I never want to see them, can I really not just check a box somewhere to be done with them, or are you really going to make me press “No” 1,000 times? I guess they’re banking on those few times I’m not paying attention to which button I’m pressing. I mean, I’m bound to mess up every now and then, right? Every IAP-wrangling ploy is well-represented in the game, and most of the non-racing action will look extremely familiar .... basically like every IAP-laden racing game in the app store. There’s the hot chick manager who really wants you to buy some new clothes, and the mechanic who thinks your tires are looking a little worn ... pretty much always. “Wait, what’s this, I just bought a new pair of tires before the last race, and now I need Wets? *sigh* Fine, here, take it, take it, I don’t want to be punished for not ponying up by smashing into the wall.” All of the elements of human manipulation are here, and I wish they weren’t, because the game is otherwise fun. Alas, nobody is going to make any money gunning for the top 10%-20% of most discriminating customers. They are going to go for the other 80%, and the other 80% probably clicks ads left and right and gladly pays to avoid the timeout because after all, “the mechanic has to install the part and that takes time, duh!” Oh yeah, as if all of this wasn’t enough to stress you out and count the seconds for the workday to start so you can finally get a break from shopping ... you also have “energy”. That’s right, it’s not just fuel, tires, entry fees, clothing, ads, hookers, coke, parts ... but your energy steadily decreases until you have to ... ahem ... drink an “energy drink”. And ... of course ... that’s gonna cost you. Perhaps the most personally offensive thing I’ve found is the lack of a ‘back’ button when purchasing upgrades (in my case, the engine). Only killing the app will get you out of it. This is VERY rare in legitimate apps & is very wrong. The purchase had a 30-minute timeout too. I know all about server costs and things of that nature, possibly more than I’d like to know about it, but dang fellas, you could have left something on the table. I mean, you don’t have to deploy every ruse, you know? Billions were made in software before in app purchases were a gleam in anyone’s eye ... and this is a paid app too. As it is, you do about three or four minutes of shopping for every 2 minutes of racing. Relatively speaking, that’s not bad, but it underscores more how far we’ve fallen as a society and an industry than it does anything else, because 10 years ago nobody would have stood for it. Thanks 80%, for lowering the bar for everyone! You won’t spend $10 upfront on app, but you’ll gladly spend $249.00 in IAPs in that same app. Nobody can pull the wool over YOUR collective eyes! Geniuses. Lest you think I’m spreading it on too thick about catering to the middle-masses, there are some challenges you can only complete by inviting a bunch of people on Facebook. Facebook. I kid you not. You know, you’d think they’d give you a bonus for NOT being on Facebook, but nope, one challenge requires you beat 50 of your Facebook friends. Sure, go ahead and invite 50 of your closest friends, I’m sure if you have FIFTY friends, they’re of nothing but the most sincere variety, and if all 50 just happen to like Sim Racing then wow, just wow, you my friend have one heck of a charmed life. And hey, if I’m going to have a hot chick manager that’s trying to take all of my money, the least she can do is slip into something a little more comfortable, if you know what I mean. “Yeah, you’ve got a point, I’ll buy the the new racing suit ... but how about a little Quid-Pro-Quo and we take a little trip to Victoria Secret afterward?” Look, women trying to take all of my money are nothing new, but they do need to take off a little more than their glasses to get the ATM card, know what I’m sayin’? I guess you guys are leaving some money on the table after all? With all of that being said, when you do get to race, and I wish it was more often, but when you finally get to put the hammer down and go ... it is fun. While I would have never stood for the IAP-hawking a decade ago, the sad fact is that for 2019, this one is better than most, and most people can probably find a way to enjoy it. I do. Heck, I’ve had it only 2 days and I’ve already dropped real money on the thing. I guess I’m part of the 80% after all.🤔 Anyway, real fun game that’s weighed down a bit by possibly the most over-the-top IAP regime I’ve ever seen.

VapeGod666   5 star

Awesome and worth the money. When i was in beta i knew this was going to be a game for me. I may be a dirt track racing guy but afte playing the beta and buy this i knew practice was key. After about 2-3 hours of grinding races you get to the next championship and it is fun and action packed i really LOVE THIS GAME!!!

BossDudeGamer   3 star

Less than Expected. When I first saw this game I was super excited for it and bought it as soon as I could after it released in the App Store. I played the game and won every race Except one in Cadet Class. I switched to multiplayer as soon I as could in cadet but there wasn’t a single soul around in the game so I had to face AI. First off, I would like to say your AI is terrible and just slams into you on a tight corner and spins you out (This is how I lost that race). Once I moved to KTM class, there still wasn’t anyone on multiplayer races, AND your game boasts about its great multiplayer but I never raced against an actual person, only TERRIBLE AI. I gone and done a couple practice sessions of single player races and they wear your Kart Down! How should that ever be fair? This game also has a couple of bugs like no tire traction and karts spinning out for no reason at all. This game honestly feels like a pay to play game because of the stamina and all the kart maintenance. To all of you new people who’s looking into getting this game, you have to play “Constantly” to maintain body weight and stay on the same class! You also have to replace tires, gas, gloves, boots, suits, helmets and fix karts and engines constantly and they are all very expensive! If you run out of gas or your tire wear is too much you get DQed from a race instantly! This game is definitely not worth $5-6 if you don’t plan to play on a daily basis and maybe even spend more money to maintain your current status. And to the Dev team, remove Active collision in races! You can’t just have people slamming their karts into you to ruin your race! I know there is only a small team but there is still many features that you can’t improve of that will better the game!

Advertorial    5 star

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Hotheadnine   5 star

Best racing game on iOS. Honestly this game is by far the best racing experience you will find in a mobile game. It is well thought out, the physics are spot on if you have ever tried karting. Nice selection of tracks, karts and gear to keep you going. It is a sim-based experience, no arcade style racing or handicaps which keeps in touch with the true racing spirit The weekly online championship is very fun and competitive, moving up through the ranks, and into faster divisions will keep you busy and satisfied for a long time to come. The developers are always adding updates and listening for the communities feedback which I find is a great experience in itself. The live time weather system is very unique and always keeps you on your toes when setting up your kart. There is a great community of people on the social media pages, always discussing, helping each other and sharing. So you get to know all the people you race against along the way. The quality in this game is as good as a well built console or pc racing game, with the controller support you will feel that it is. If your looking for a serious racing game, and want a real challenge, I encourage anyone to buy this game... it is worth every penny. It will not disappoint. Guaranteed

JScar11111   2 star

Looks like fun but is flaky. I just purchased the game and it seems like great fun. Unfortunately it freezes when I reach the cadet challenges. I reinstalled and lost all my las test rings and it still crashes when I reach cadet challenge.... don’t mind the 6.99$ but I would love to actually play the game. Praying for an update or help...

Bong3r   5 star

Lost progress !!!!. Help lost all progress !!!!! Smashed my screen and when I went to login on my new phone I was left with nothing at all! I don’t want and doubt I would start all over again :(

Sivolc8   5 star

This game deserve a special 6 star ! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. This game is amazing. Realism is perfect, challenge is there, many kart and track to play on with an amazing community ! Facebook group if you have any question and always someone to answer or someone ready to get you in an amazing and crazy race ! 11/10 would recommend buying !

unovaturtle02   5 star

Truly amazing. I don’t know if Street kart remembers me @blakejacob_son . I said I would rate 5 stars cause of my love for the game. So here you go!

Darcky   1 star

Unplayable without MFI controller on iPad Pro 12.9”. Please add the support for MFI controller. :(

Vincentz21   5 star

Great kart racing sim. If you have raced karts you will recognize the authentic feel of this game and the complexity of kart setup reproduced here. If you haven’t raced karts in real life this is a great way to get the flavour of it and of the intense wheel to wheel thrill of it as well. As in real life, riding low so close to the track gives an enormous sense of speed and the grip is incredible. As you progress in the game your choices of karts and parts and setup options increase significantly and allow you to dial in the perfect setup for you. The community that has already grown up around this game is incredibly helpful. If you feel lost or just need a couple of tips to get started go to the Facebook page and Messenger conversations listed there to get a lot of friendly advice and encouragement. There are also YouTube videos that will guide you around different tracks. (Start with Pete “Jazzman” Williams’ channel.) There are no driver assists so it can be a challenge learning the handling while also learning new tracks but persistence pays off in a big way and makes gaining skill really satisfying. The karts handle better as more adjustments are unlocked and apparel missions unlock better boots and gloves that really help the drivability of the karts. You can race against computer AI or multiplayer against real live racers which is even better. Connecting the game to Facebook allows you to find your Facebook friends in the game and invite them to race, and you can compete with them as Target Rivals in the championship points race to unlock super soft tires and premium performance fuel. If you love the challenge of learning tracks and learning kart setup, of beating your personal bests and taking on amazing drivers that include real karting champions you will love this game.

Bizzibdesign   5 star

Best Karting Game. Thanks. Tracks are super realistic. Great for learning. BBR Karting.

samgkingp   5 star

Awesome. Fun game, rarely play mobile game as im usualy just playing on PC, but this gives me something to do on my phone :) nice graphics, and most importantly just a super awesome feel. Please dont make this game easier. The feeling of constantly being on the verge of spinning out when going at crazy speeds is amazing, and the skill progression is very satisfying. Keep up the great work guys!

MurdAMitcH   5 star

EARLY GAMEPLAY REVIEW!!!. So far Street Kart Racing or SK from now on is hands down going to be the premiere racing game on iOS. I’m coming from pc currently in a few iracing series and this right here is exactly the itch I’ve been looking to scratch with my cell phone SO FAR!! gameplay is good physics are decent to me I don’t do much kart racing in sim or real life but they do feel good. The steering took a bit to get used to but once you have it locked in it feels really good and is enjoyable to dig out proper lines In corners. Overall if you like racing or should I say COMPETITIVE racing it’s definitely worth it!

Advertorial    5 star

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Archie_boi123   4 star

Change controller settings. Will there be a way to change the controller setting to accelerate and brake with the triggers. As this will help me a lot.

Grizza8   1 star

$7.99 dollar game that crashes. Wouldn’t recommend downloading this game at all. Quite surprised that they actually sell a game for $7.99 that isn’t tested properly and crashes often. I get up to the race tournament stage and then unable to select a race. Game freezes. Be great when they use proper testers and developers that aren’t half baked.

Kearnsy   5 star

Best game In History. The most immersive and realistic game ever. In-depth, tiers, live. Incredible

Trobgdjiii   3 star

Won’t load. Great game, but it won’t load, keeps going to load page then a little text with total pints then back to load page. What’s up?

rangaboy   1 star

Fix this game. Fix this game I spent 7 dollars and it won’t even load and keeps bugging out

Brocky1151   5 star

Amazing game. At first it takes a while to get used to the game and controls but once you do and start progressing through the different series’s, this game gets super addictive and competitive. Would highly recommend this game as it’s one of the most realistic racing game that I’ve come across.

sreve84   4 star

great game. fantastic game play and very realistic.. better control options would make this game that little bit better.. tilting the devise makes it a bit trickey and other options are almost unusable... other than that definitely worth it.

saxbyracing   5 star

Great game. I think it one of the best kart game out they. I think we can customise our race suit, helmet, and kart stickers to make it more personal experience in the game But great game though

boyyniko   5 star

Love this game BUT.. How do i unlock garage in game?? Please someone?

mika francis   5 star

Love it. I freaking love this game. It’s realistic and intense racing. I stopped real racing 3 as soon as I found this game.

MugenB   5 star

Love‘ it. Iv only had about 10 races but so far I’m love’n it, seems to be pretty much a complete game. It’s awesome💯👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Oz kart racer   3 star

Too glitchy. Hey guys Loved the intent and I am sure that you will get it sorted, but right now it is too glitchy- I’ve given up for now. Kart keeps stopping mid race when in the lead - very frustrating. Drivability could be improved as well - Real Racing 3 feels more realistic. Hope you get it sorted - will check back later :)

Jaxification   2 star

Dark ages. You are racing in the dark most of the time gets frustrating Thanks

Fix the game ffs   4 star

First impression. I’m an ex kart racer and like my racing sims. For a phone game it’s not to bad. It’s very hard to replicate karts in games but it is what it is. Only use the tilt steer and turn the sensitivity up to max. I’m stopping playing for now because I’m not into racing on circuits unless I’ve practiced on them. I don’t want to jump into a 3 lap race, come 2nd or 3rd just because you’re trying to look at a map to figure out what you’re about to hit in the next turn. The other option is they need an immediate restart race button so you can muck around and just click race restart and not have to go through all the bs. Fix it guys, you’ll have a good game.

B-Crouch   3 star

Suggestions. Recently downloaded app, very hard as it states. Would be a lot better if you could tap the steering as opposed to sliding your finger to steer. The current way doesn’t allow you to be able to drive straight, you are always trying to correct yourself. Plus your thumb cramps up too. Other racing games have a tap option that works much better. Also would be good to be able to change driver views. Graphics look great, just needs the driving controls sorted out/refined. Has had a few crashes where screen went black after I crashed the kart.

Racsman00107   5 star

My Opinion On The Game.. Well... at first I thought wow this is gonna be quite challenging with the way the controls were and how fast the ai was but then once I practiced abit more and focused on how the kart handled I started to figure it all out. I personally think that there should be more controller options, but don’t delete the ones that are their just add more. But adding arrow controls would be nice. And add Mfi support!!! More and more people are buying controllers now days for these type of games! Cheers

Big cock69   5 star

Level where I’m required to vs my rival. Won’t allow me to vs rival just freezes and won’t continue.

EDXR6   1 star

Almost unplayable.. The game is just set so high that it’s almost impossible to play and enjoy. I cannot beat 54sec in Dubai. I can get within 2% but that is it. I can’t progress, I can’t play on other tracks, I cannot do anything IN A GAME I PAID $8 AUD FOR. Controls are awful. I’ve tried every setting, every style, but none of them make the kart handle predictably. Brake will sometimes slow you, sometimes do seemingly nothing, sometimes spin you. Kart will sometimes grip, sometimes plow understeer in the same corner, same line, same speed. If Dubai is a learning course, why aren’t we following another kart, or have a lit up race line that shows when to brake or lift off. Not everyone is a professional gamer or karter but I enjoy racing games and I race in my track car, but this is something totally different. I’ve been playing a few days and cannot get any further. For me, it’s unplayable. I’m going to ask for a refund because essentially I’ve wasted money.

ltd70   5 star

Controller. Just want to know if you can use my Bluetooth controller

Leisty18   1 star

Street kart. I can’t do anything in this game. I can’t accelerate, reverse or steer it won’t let me do anything

Disturbed hurt   1 star

Terrible. Controls are terrible either too much acceration or brake causes a spin out or crash waited 4 minutes and got no fellow races not worth my time

coopzd   5 star

Won’t load, says I need to update to a newer version but it’s up to date. Won’t load. Needs an updated version but it’s not available

Dawi03   1 star

Doesn't work. It doesn't work

GaryxG   5 star

GaryxG. Geart so far has not asked for more money yet.

ajdnnings28   5 star

Just awesome.. Wow!!!! Amazing game!!!!!

Meathore   5 star

Well played. Probably the best game I’ve played on a phone yet! I would have payed more than $5 for this type of game experience. The graphics and gameplay are fantastic!

Skampson   2 star

Still adds??. I’m confused to why I bought a $5 game and still have the option to watch adds to get ahead... that seems like an “assist” to me

Lineup Ads Martin   3 star

Ads and energy system. This has to be the first time I’ve seen reward videos and an energy system in a paid game. The entire marketing is all around real-time multiplayer, yet I haven’t played against a living person so far. The graphics look like they’ve got ripped off from a PS1 game, though the physics and controls feel pretty good (which is the entire point of the game). They say it’s been in development for years, but that had to be effortless development for the most parts. Lots of UI bugs (I’ve seen at least 10 in 1 hour) and things that could be improved with a few minutes of recoding and redesigning. With that said, racing games on the App Store are generally garbage, and this has to be the most promising one so far. I probably won’t be playing it as of now just wanted to support the development and maybe it will become amazing one day through updates.

Theguythatsright   5 star

It's a great game but a few (one) complaints.... This is such a fun and competitive game I would definitely recommend this to everyone, I have been waiting for 2 years for this game to come out, AND it FINALLY DID,This is definitely my favourite game but I just have one complaints... When you buy a brand new dry tire and go in a rain race and buy a rain tire your unable to use your old dry tire so you have to buy a new one, but that's the only complaint tho, Keep up the good work street kart racing!

Deanoz32   4 star

Deano. Please make it so I can play on one device and continue on another one like iPad to iPhone thank you

Architexan2604   5 star

Wow!. The racing is so real you’ll feel the bugs in your teeth!

rage racer 73   5 star

Amazing. This is the best game in the play store!!! Keep up the good work!!!

blues lee123   2 star

Disappointment. When I'm ready to start playing, it'salways black screen,I need a game that I can play without networking.and No car shadow

MBD2UMP   4 star

Great Game. I love the game, it’s a lot of fun. Only issue is half the time the sound works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Birds for Life   5 star

I love SK!!!❤️❤️❤️. This is my new favorite game of 2019, and I’ve been playing for an hour an already love playing it. And I’ve always wanted to try kart racing when I was a kid and then I found this and I bought it and now I will be practice playing this and I will try racing for real. Thanks to the creators for making this amazing game!

4Endo2stick0   2 star

Frozen (not movie). Downloaded game, got my first license, went to join my first cup/league, and it freezes every time...

Rman04   5 star

Good racer. If you are looking for a competitive racer for iOS, then look no further. Lots of races, lots of challenges and goals to achieve and superb kart handling!

On rails   3 star

Controls need a lot of work.. Both control styles are iffy at best. The accelerometer glitches out while cornering so have essentially lay on your side sometimes. The touch controls glitch out as well when steering. Seems like an easy fix would be to incorporate touch steering with buttons not a virtual wheel. When the virtual wheel glitches, I have to end up sliding my thumb across to nearly half my device. Where’s the online Players? -Dt

hb85989   1 star

Not so good. Unplayable at this point keeps locking up and steering is pretty awful

Bsmont   5 star

REALISTIC. Truly a realistic racing experience!

boltslinger   5 star

Great game. Just started but great smooth feel

Charlie Pete   5 star

Racing since Beta Version 0.88.1.... ...loving the app. During Beta testing, following the great improvements was terrific. Now getting to race in the real app? Dramatically improved (near perfect!) and far more sophisticated/realistic! Having my absolute favorite F1 champion driver, Nico Rosberg, as my coach is spectacular. It’s great fun with realistic physics and great graphical layout.

seagul hunter   1 star

needs woork. a lot of it...

App_Addict101   4 star

Fun BUT.... How are you going to release a game in 2019 and not have it support the full screen on iPhone X!? The game is fun but the black sides is really annoying! Please fix it so it’s optimized to fill the entire screen please!

Drew80211   5 star

Realistic!!! Next level racing for racers.. This game is really focused on realism. I started racing karts over 20 years ago at 8 years old and have always hated arcade racing games. This is a game for racers that rewards experience and technical skill.

Saltydanglers   5 star

Worth it!. Very little to complain about. A blast to race online and there’s always something to work towards. Has microtransactions but they definitely aren’t a necessity. Only thing I wish could be better is the screen when turning. If it were the way real racing 3 and other top racers do it. Where the screen stays horizontal even when tilting your phone then this game would be even better.

jdwiser   5 star

Addicted to SK!. I was fortunate to be selected to beta test this racing game. I was hooked immediately and have played DAILY for almost three years. There are no assists in this game, but you won’t want them once you learn how to drive the karts. There are several variables that affect your kart’s performance, but none are as important as your ability to drive and race. The competition will have you chomping on your tongue and lips. Lastly, this game is not one of those that try to hook you only to force you into a situation where you have to spend cash to advance. You can excel in this game without spending a dime. Try Street’ll love it!

Pachuga   3 star

Fun but not worth 5$. Nobody to play multiplayer against. 1 person on average for a 3+ minute wait, 2 if you’re lucky. Also game is an energy based system where you need to purchase more just to play. A paid game should never include such a system.

UnfeelingDuck   1 star

Greedy. You pay $5 for this game then you still don’t get to play unlimited. You have “energy” that you can pay more to play more.

Cayerardi   3 star

Frustration. This game is fun. But for the life of me I can't figure out how to upgrade my equipment. I do what it says as far as missions go and still am not able to get my equipment. I just can't figure it I out. It's fun but frustrating at the same time

Levi133   5 star

Street kart levi133. From what I have seen the game is definitely worth the money. It’s fun quick a game that I don’t mind playing on my phone. I can’t wait to get further in the game to unlock more features. Good job guys.

dat_username   5 star

Name Change. I hope there’s an update that will allow users to change their name. I jumped the gun and messed it up and am hoping to change it. Other than that, it’s a fantastic game.

_Cooper04_   5 star

The best racing game. This game is honestly the greatest racing game I have seen, The go karts handle realistically, and there’s a ton of karts to choose from paired with a lot of tracks to race them on. If you need a good racing game on your phone this is the one to get.

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