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Have fun challenging your friends and enemies in the hottest trivia game!
Let our friendly spinner wheel, Willy, select which questions you’ll answer from six different categories. Be the first to get the six crowns to win, but watch out for the rematch!

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Trivia Crack (No Ads) App Description & Overview

The applications Trivia Crack (No Ads) was published in the category Games on 2013-11-06 and was developed by Etermax. The file size is 370.66 MB. The current version is 3.25.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

-Bug fixes
-User interface improvements

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Trivia Crack (No Ads) Reviews

Puzzle Prime

Terrible scammy game by greedy developers  Puzzle Prime  1 star

This game costs $2.99 and supposedly does not have advertisements. On the main menu screen you have a huge button which urges you to pay $11.99 to crash a "piggy bank" and earn some in-game currency. Every time you run out of lives, the game suggests you to pay real money to get some. You constantly get on the top of the main menu screen an advertisement for buying more in-game currency. On top of everything, the game allows you to pay in-game currency (which can be earned or paid for with real money) to cancel wrong answers and basically cheat in the game. The game looks colorful and cute, but the developers must be ashamed of what they have done with it. This is greediness of highest level.

Perfect chess game for me

Trivia Crack Challenges  Perfect chess game for me  3 star

I like the game, but the admins don’t check it at all. I get request to play from Spanish language people, and the questions come in Spanish. I check wrong language after the play and the system says my response was received, but then the next question is still in Spanish. U guys r not paying attention.


Rigged game  Marcdtrn  1 star

After playing the game for months I’ve observed that there is nothing random about the game. The prize wheels and daily selection grid are fixed to keep you from achieving the higher value prizes. This is expected in a slot machine. When you only have six choices it becomes obvious that the game is rigged.

ÊnTer a Nîçkñåmē

Banana  ÊnTer a Nîçkñåmē  5 star

Game is lit and I like it a lot so get it seriously download it already!!! 👌🏻🔥💯🔥👌🏻 🔥👌🏻💯👌🏻🔥 💯👌🏻🔥👌🏻💯


Trivia crack  /(*bbjmmjjhh6  3 star

I like it all but it’s bad because now it won’t let me collect the good stuff that I earned and it won’t let me collect it anymore so and so I’m just like today so I’m just like I don’t want to places anymore because it won’t let me do any of this and it won’t let me collect any of that so I’m just like my play when I can’t collect anything and then I’m just going to lose anything everything and then I’m just broke in trivia crack so why play because you know it’s just like so boring without anything I can use your sick text but no one will text me so and then he just text but other than that I’m like it kind of


Friends Challenge  RosielovesG  3 star

Still enjoy the game, although disappointed how they took out the option to do the challenge game with multiple friends. Me and my group of friends would enjoy challenging ourself at the same time.


Still pretty good  john.haggard  3 star

I have been playing Trivia Crack for about five years, and it still a pretty good game. It’s gone through a lot of changes, then reversal of changes and then more changes. This is someone’s business and it’s a money maker, so I can understand why they keep tweaking the product. I pay for the ad free version so unlike every other review, I can’t complain about the ads. A majority of the other reviews point out the spelling errors and translation issues, this still continues although it has gotten much much better. Sometimes the questions have the wrong answers that it’s pretty obvious, but it’s rare. An example of the repeatedly wrong answer is the same question “what percentage of the earth is water”... in one question it is 70%, the same question asked slightly differently it’s 72%, 75%, 78%, or 80%, there are so many different “right answers“ for the same question. It’s ridiculous. The inverse of the question “what percentage of the earth is land“ gets the same thing, the answer in one of its variations can be anywhere from 25 to 30%. It’s not knowing the right answers, it’s trying to figure out which answer is correct based on whoever wrote the question. Again, the translation errors contribute greatly to this. I enjoy playing in the “crown league” but that too is very inconsistent. One week you can get into the top 20 for a medal position with 100 crowns, the next week you can’t touch even the bottom position without having 400 or more. It’s very uneven from week to week. The big problem with the crown league is you have to play 60, 70, sometimes even 80 congruent games just to stay in the top. Because you can start a game and someone can answer you back for the next round 48 hours later. Starting a game and not being able to go to the next round, waiting on your opponent for 48 hours? Yeah, that’s a lot of fun. They really should condense the play back time to five or six hours at the most. But anyone complains that they can’t collect coins, hearts, or diamonds simply isn’t playing the game very well. I’ve never purchased one of these things and I have 1000 hearts, I bought almost every card there is with diamonds, and I have 2.5 million in coins without having ever made a single purchase. Overall it’s a pretty fun game, but you have to look at it as a game, friends and acquaintances have complained that they can’t win, but you just have to keep playing. The biggest change they need to make is to delete the sports category- ITS STUPID. Unless you know who has won every one of the last 53 Super Bowls, or what jersey numbers have been retired in basketball and baseball, you’re going to lose. I understand it’s trivia, but this is just ignorant trivia in the sports category. Delete it.

Apple pie 88

Addicted  Apple pie 88  5 star

Trivia Crack is amazing for those people who want intellectual stimulation and fun at the same time. I love it.


Pretty insanely bad design decisions  Goldmaaaaan  2 star

It’s the trivia crack you all know and love, but there are some truly, genuinely braindead, often simply greedy design decisions that make this sometimes extremely unenjoyable. Sometimes when your friend plays you back, next time you launch the app it’ll tell you “your friend is waiting” with a big PLAY NOW button, which even lizards have enough brainpower to assume would take you to the game they played you back in. Nope. It starts a new game. I accidentally started 5 concurrent games with the same person from this. Is this a bug? I don’t even know. But worst of all is that when you get a question wrong, the big Continue button suddenly changes into a “Pay 1000 coins to try again” button without warning just as you’re tapping it. This is a very naked attempt to trick people into spending coins and incentivizing buying more with real money. Pure scum. Make it a separate button.


Trivia Crack No Ads  drtiptoe  2 star

Evidently, there are more “bugs” to fix, because there are errors while playing! Can’t complete winning streaks when game freezes or error message pops up.

Toni in Aussieland 😀

This game is a problem....  Toni in Aussieland 😀  5 star’s too addictive! But I lurve it😜😊


Please get rid of the Piggy bank  foxyden27  5 star

I love Trivia Crack.... I have learned a lot! But can we get rid of the piggy bank from the front screen? Pretty please.


Not happy  Exacy  1 star

The last 2 updates have not fixed bugs ... my games continue to freeze ... it’s getting beyond a joke


Trivia crack  lynnmct  2 star

Crown league didn’t give me a crown in my performance!! 😫. Very disappointed. Also way too many boring American sitcom show Friends and football questions!!


Love the game  Avaday  4 star

Lots of fun and love this game! Minor detail... When the lost your turn wheel comes up, can't it vibrate in the same way that it does in the main game?

Nickname was takendkalbgnsifjd

I just want trivia  Nickname was takendkalbgnsifjd  1 star

Yo, firstly every time I open the game I don’t need that annoying pop up asking if I want to start a new game. Secondly when I get a question wrong, don’t put the pop up to spend coins to try again right on top of the button to quit that game, it’s blatantly obvious you’re making people waste coins here (just don’t make it pop up at all!). Thirdly, I just want trivia, I don’t care much for these coins, diamond and hearts (whatever they do), and there are too many pop ups and things asking me to spend them, or to spin a wheel to get more. Whoopty do. If my friend didn’t ask me to play this with her it would not be on my phone that’s for sure, and I deeply regret giving you money to remove advertisements. P.S. I forgot the main reason I went to write a review, I keep getting notifications to open the app but there’s no game to play, it’s just the app making me open the game for no reason. Go figure. Probably hoping I’ll spend more money, good luck with that.

raised by mice

Challenges  raised by mice  4 star

Great game but sad to see the group challenges go.


Crackalacking Trivia  Fufibelle  5 star

Awesome trivia game, with a diverse variety of questions. Play continuously with one opponent or select a variety. Love this game.


How much I like this app  margmorris  5 star

Very addictive game, I have learnt so many things about sport, the world and people playing this game....


Annoyed  ElizaMii  1 star

Love the game but you purposely put the retry button where the continue button is so I keep accidentally hitting it and spending coins. If it happens again I’m just gonna delete the app.


What happened to group challenges?  Sadawg  1 star

This used to be a fun game to play with family/friends across the country. But a game that I paid for is changed and there is no longer group challenges among friends. Please bring this back. Not as fun playing one on one!


Challenge mode  playinmama  5 star

Bring this back! I loved that option and have hundreds of lives with nothing to do with them!


Paid for ad free....  JulieWR  5 star

But it seems that to actually have a chance to beat someone in this game,—in app purchases must be made. The purpose of gems & cards are confusing to me. I wish there was just a little longer to read the question & all the answers. Maybe award extra points if player answers quickly?


Fun... but  Bedazzled1000  3 star

This used to be very fun for me and a lot of my other blind and visually impaired friends. Now we can’t play it because most of them have pictures and we can’t even tell what the pictures are. So lotta times we guess set it and we fail at a lot of them. Is there anyway to drop pictures on all of the questions somehow? It’s not really fair to us.

Decorating mama

Greatest app available!!  Decorating mama  5 star

My children and I are in love with this game. We all get a chance to learn as well as compete against other players around the world. Wonderful subjects—brilliant!!


I Play Everyday  ThreeKays  5 star

I've been playing for several years. I bought the ad free version and play a few friends and some random players. Please please please take out the flags!!! Who knows which country all the flags belong to???!!!

I need iPhone 6 link!!!!!

Money hungry  I need iPhone 6 link!!!!!  1 star

Even after paying for the full version you only get a few “lives” until they want you to buy more lives to keep playing. There are pop-ups every few second wanting more purchases.


Great Game but a couple of issues  acosta3  3 star

I love this game and have been playing it for years. However, the ads are getting frustrating. Especially when I am trying to play on triviathon and the time spent watching the ads is longer than the time allotted to answer the question. This forces me to get it wrong without having a chance to answer it unless I spend another 45 seconds watching ads to get a second chance. This flaw is very annoying and may be the reason I will put this game down forever, so please do something about it because I having been willing thus far to suffer through the ads to play the game I have enjoyed so long but now they are disrupting good play.


Paid for this and it is still irritating to use  ScGman  1 star

Want my money back.


Brain works  Frammie  4 star

This is great fun, keeps the mind flexible! Only complaint - no way to ask questions or get information from a live person!!! What in the world can I do with 700 plus hearts !! You gotta be kidding me 🤡


Trivia Crack  Bechah  5 star

Interesting game,you can learn a lot of different stuff


Trivia Crack..  Max-Pet  5 star

Addicted to this game....Brilliant...


Addicted!  ShazMcK  5 star

Love this app...

RJH Bosco

I'm addicted!  RJH Bosco  5 star

Great app! Very few repetitive questions... 👍🏻


Great game , good with friends  davidlong1985  5 star

Great game and good practice for the pub quiz


Good  Aninse  3 star

Some of the questions are a little crazy, lots of biblical questions in the history section and it's quite USA centric in sports and geography. But still it's great fun.


Fab  Jeannie22222  5 star

Love it ! Educational and fun


Worth  Offaloff  5 star

Games good, addictive and productive.


Andrea  HassledJourno  5 star

Great fun altogether


Great  Rose80r  5 star

Enjoy it!

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