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Have fun challenging your friends and enemies in the hottest trivia game!
Let our friendly spinner wheel, Willy, select which questions you’ll answer from six different categories. Be the first to get the six crowns to win, but watch out for the rematch!

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-Hundreds of thousands of exciting questions
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Trivia Crack (No Ads) App Description & Overview

The applications Trivia Crack (No Ads) was published in the category Games on 2013-11-06 and was developed by Etermax. The file size is 358.80 MB. The current version is 2.96.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

-Bug fixes
-User interface improvements

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Trivia Crack (No Ads) Reviews


This is one of the only games I play on my phone.  wavybones2  4 star

I love the no ads version but the pig icon is kind of annoying. It’s full and I still have to pay $11.99 to open it. What a tease


Trivia Crack  Loki117  4 star

I love this game but would like the game time to be extended longer than one day before it expires.


Trivia Crack evaluation  baccouco  5 star

Very educational and intriguing. I love the new features you added like crown king and Trivia live. Very intuitive. Excellent!!! Also trivia map!....very nice! Makes me attached to this game the most out of all the games I downloaded. Also Trivia crack2 was genius.


Like very much!  [email protected]  5 star

My husband and I play back and forth.. they are adding new challenges which makes it fresh and exciting! I only wish I could get more friends to play! But they can’t on time allowed with their busy schedules they tell me. But we are learning and playing a lot now that we are retired!


Stop asking me  MomWorks  1 star

Otherwise this would’ve been a better review


No new machines  Tipster121  5 star

Love the game but I have a lot of gems I have all the cards to date and I am waiting for a new machine. Shouldn’t there be a Christmas machine coming out?


Relaxing but competitive!  Kenzgrac  5 star

Great way to chill out after work!

Meukow Aguila

Nnm721  Meukow Aguila  3 star

It's Fun 😺 but being asked for $ constantly by the pig is annoying. I would quit playing but I think 7 people kind of count on me. The crown league is fun. That was a good idea. I liked seeing all the International players on one team, very cool!


For a version that claims to have no ads it certainly still has ads.  SAUCEDBOBDOLE  1 star

Basically what I’m saying is yeah there’s no video ads but there’s notification spam from the app. This would normally not be a problem since you can just turn notifications off on your device but on a game that is turn based notifications are essentially required to actively play and know when it’s your turn. Today alone I have had 5 total notifications one being a turn which is fine but the other 4 notifications were from “limited time offers” or other bull from the developer. When I purchase a version of a game I would like full control of notifications or have only essential notifications none directly from the developers.


Paid version uses more coins than free version  grimesk  2 star

I recently went from the free version to the paid version only to find out that when I don’t answer a question properly my only option is to use 1000 coins to get a second chance. Whereas on the free version all I have to do is watch a video. I don’t understand why you would do that. It’s more beneficial to use the free version. So to anyone out there reading this if you think the paid version is going to eliminate the videos, it does, but in the end it takes more of the prizes you’ve earned when you want a second chance. They should give us the option as to how we want to proceed


Love the game  Trudiholland  5 star

Enjoy playing the game very much. Only thing that I don’t like is the piggy bank. It doesn’t allow you to gain anything without spending money.


Please get rid of the need a second chance page  Stungraay  3 star

PLS I’ve used coins by accident!!! This is annoying apart from all the money buy to win stuff, it’s a great game


Killing time  Clarkestar  5 star

Time going by


Annoying pig  Mandytelling  5 star

Love the game but get rid of the pig ... Please it’s annoying


Carmen  Carmen1857  4 star

Great game, would prefer the trivia to be broader and not predominantly American.


Trivia Crack  Kingo62  5 star

Absolutely love Trivia Crack. Best trivia game out there!!


Piggy Bank.  Pablo1744  5 star

Please get rid of the piggy bank


Pretty good - needs improvement  taubi.r  4 star

Purple segment on free spin should be 10 diamonds, not another life. I have lives coming out the wahzoo, and you’re charging me 30 diamonds to get a card! User submitted questions need a system to speed up the process. It’s just stalled, and there’s nothing one can do to move it along. An unacceptable number of questions need to be edited to read correctly. Do you even have an editor on staff? Other than that, the game is fun and good to keep the mind active.

Nickname was takendkalbgnsifjd

Toxic  Nickname was takendkalbgnsifjd  1 star

Yo, stop tricking me into spending 1000 coins to keep playing by putting the button in the same place as the continue button, if my friend didn’t want me to play this with her I would have deleted it by now


Love the game, love the app, but...  Mick100978  2 star

I’m giving you two stars because at the end of every single turn I accidentally spend coins on a second chance because YOU SUPERIMPOSE THE SECOND CHANCE BUTTON ON TOP OF THE “CONTINUE” BUTTON. Who does that?? Not only that, but the second chance button doesn’t immediately appear, it comes up like a half second later so I’m already pressing the continue button and it just slips in. I hate it.


Trivia Crack  BKHokel  4 star

Some of the questions use poor grammar, some answers are questionable.

sea boy

Horrible design flaws  sea boy  1 star

Horrible design flaws in the game. You should not put the option to buy another round for 1000 coins right where the button was to continue, it makes you hit it and spend all your coins and it’s ridiculous.


La premium no funciona  caro080  3 star

Hace más de 5 días que no funciona la pague para poder usarla app sin anuncio y ahora no funciona trato de reportar el error tampoco funciona arreglen ese error. Gracias

Kendall sandy

Rip off!  Kendall sandy  1 star

Paid the $2.99 but it won’t let me play unless I pay for “more lives” I don’t get it! Rip off!!! Played for only 20 mins and it wants more money even though I already paid for the app!!!


It’s hard to think of a worse rip off  Horas998342  1 star

You have you pay $3 to keep playing if you get three answers wrong. Then another $3 for every five incorrect answers.


Disgusting  ohheyfam  1 star

Sure you can learn new things and play against opponents, put it WILL take your money. It took eleven dollars from my account without my consent and then when I accidainy pushed the one where you are to earn money, it STOLE ALL OF WHAT I EARNED! Don’t get it enless you’re willing to waste ALL OF YOUR MONEY oh and by the way, it does NOT give free hearts.


No.more.pig.  Kassady2486  1 star

Another update and still that obnoxious pig is in my face, begging for money it is never.ever. gonna get. It really needs to go away.


No second chances  Teechgate  2 star

I play TC often so decided to pay for the ad-free version. The problem is, this version does not offer a free second-chance and apparently no boost options. I am disappointed that I wasted my money on a worse version of the game I enjoy.


accessability trouble  Gliding_swan  3 star

With voiceover, I can't hit play to accept game invitations. I clicked and clickg it and even closed and reopened the game. Nothing. Thanks.


Challenges  Swanseawolf1  1 star

You should be able to refuse a challenge let them earn it not steal it. There are a lot of questions that you would need a Phd to get correct


Trivia Crack..  Max-Pet  5 star

Addicted to this game....Brilliant...


Addicted!  ShazMcK  5 star

Love this app...

RJH Bosco

I'm addicted!  RJH Bosco  5 star

Great app! Very few repetitive questions... 👍🏻


Great game , good with friends  davidlong1985  5 star

Great game and good practice for the pub quiz


Good  Aninse  3 star

Some of the questions are a little crazy, lots of biblical questions in the history section and it's quite USA centric in sports and geography. But still it's great fun.


Fab  Jeannie22222  5 star

Love it ! Educational and fun


Worth  Offaloff  5 star

Games good, addictive and productive.


Andrea  HassledJourno  5 star

Great fun altogether


Great  Rose80r  5 star

Enjoy it!


Great game  Singlespeeder66  5 star

Great game with great questions and friend challanges

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