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Have fun challenging your friends and enemies in the hottest trivia game!
Let our friendly spinner wheel, Willy, select which questions you’ll answer from six different categories. Be the first to get the six crowns to win, but watch out for the rematch!

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Trivia Crack (No Ads) App Description & Overview

The applications Trivia Crack (No Ads) was published in the category Games on 2013-11-06 and was developed by Etermax. The file size is 254.52 MB. The current version is 2.72 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

-Bug fixes
-User interface improvements

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Trivia Crack (No Ads) Reviews


Well!  Stepwild  1 star

Settings preferences still do not stay toggled off. So, only one star. Etermax refuses to fix this, even though it should be easy to do. SMH


Written by Idiots  Sfwrmyopinion  2 star

This app is an adequate way to pass time and a pleasant way to stay connected to friends, but most of the questions are written by idiots with no grammar or spelling skills. The administrators are too lazy to review and edit content before it is used. I would be ashamed to put such mistake ridden content online.


Notification glitch  dbotica  2 star

Good game but I am so annoyed with the double notifications I'm receiving. Since I got my new iPhone 8 Plus, I receive two push notifications for every time it is my turn. It's unnecessarily cluttering my lock screen..


Trivia Crack  Momi3stars  5 star

My favorite game so far on the App Store.


Ads do not stop  Ccabal3  1 star

Even though you pay for the app, the constant pop up in-app ads do not stop. Every game you play, the app is continuously asking you to buy and spend money. It is ridiculous!


Used to be fun  Medford500  2 star

I’ve been playing this game for several years and have enjoyed it. However the prizes have changed and instead of getting coins you get a playing card which, to me, is absolutely worthless. Also the amount of coins you Do win has gone down so I really feel in this new version just want you to spend your money and buy more coins. I’m very disappointed. Would write a better review as I used to do if this were fixed. They r getting greedy.


It had glitches  deathstorm99  4 star

I have 27 lives and then a second later 14 lives then 26 etc FIX IT!!!!!


Love Trivia Crack  nanM22  4 star

This game is a lot of fun and requires some knowledge to be successful. The problem is, they raised the coins to do anything, but they never raised the coins when you win a game. Why pay 1000 coins for a chance to win 300? Still like playing, but they need to raise the prize.


Sports questions?  Steepledub  2 star

Sports questions should actually be called Baseball and Football questions. Game crashes and if you are in a trivia rush you lose coins (which, conveniently, can be purchased with money...).


Unable to sign in after update  Flaury88  1 star

I just updated the latest version and can’t sign into the paid version :-(


whoo  Legodude170  5 star

we play this game all the time. Sometimes we get angry. Sometimes we get sad. Sometimes we want to run away. But it’s ok. Sometimes we are happy. Sometimes we win it all. Sometimes we r UNstoppable. Thank you for your service towards the education community. Amen. God bless. Your soul is pure. We love you. Thanks


Fun  Adam323  4 star

The game is fun, although it does have some bugs. Te Easter machine didn’t show up until it only had two days left. The new coin system was aggravating, but the new features make up for it. Question factory can be annoying. Some questions are in the game 50 different ways, and others are constantly shot down. Gameplay is fun, and it makes a good challenge. A great app when you’re waiting around for a few minutes.


Trivia crack  Teribelanger27  5 star

I enjoy playing trivia crack, there needs to be more time for opponents to play


New pay to win mechanic is a joke  Gamer-365-24-7  1 star

Pay to get the right answer what a joke! This game was fun, but they managed to ruin it.

know serve love

Needs fixed  know serve love  2 star

For some reason the free spin prizes are out of wack. The free lives especially. It’s totally random. I’ll have 7 hearts, play one game, and suddenly have only 3. One time I went from 5, to 17, to 21, to 12, then only 3. I don’t pay as much attention to the crystals and money, but now I suspect they may not really matter.


Poor question pool  Pilgrim1620  3 star

The questions are looking as they come from middle schoolers writing questions from their text books. Too many questions with too specific answers.

That lil man

Love the game  That lil man  4 star

Don’t love all the ads, or the complex idea of diamonds etc, and the ADS, the friggin’ ADS!!! I broke down and bought the ad free version. Which is irritating.


DO NOT BUY Stopped working after a week  Norsto  2 star

I spent money to get rid of the ads and within a week or two the entire app stopped working. I’m not able to do a single thing. It simply says “Unable to load games” or something like that. Do NOT waste money on this game. Sure it’s fun and all but it will be nothing but a waste of money. This issue has not been resolved in weeks. I’m pretty sure this game is nothing but a cash grab. Be careful.


Support for app  JammerXX  1 star

I was lovin this game and looking forward to playing family and friends daily. Then the screen froze, ate my coins, and am waiting to see if there is any support available via email, as the “button” to report a problem in the App Store doesn’t work. If they fix it, great. If I don’t get a reply, thumbs down. As stated. No support in a week for the freeze problem. I’m out. 1star rating friends.


Hours of thought provoking fun!  Houcra  5 star

I can't say I'm addicted but I sure am spending a lot of time on this game. It's fun and challenging . I've learn quite a bit just playing. I would suggest it to EVERYONE!!!!!


Trivia Crack  Bechah  5 star

Interesting game,you can learn a lot of different stuff


Trivia Crack..  Max-Pet  5 star

Addicted to this game....Brilliant...


Addicted!  ShazMcK  5 star

Love this app...

RJH Bosco

I'm addicted!  RJH Bosco  5 star

Great app! Very few repetitive questions... 👍🏻


Great game , good with friends  davidlong1985  5 star

Great game and good practice for the pub quiz


Good  Aninse  3 star

Some of the questions are a little crazy, lots of biblical questions in the history section and it's quite USA centric in sports and geography. But still it's great fun.


Fab  Jeannie22222  5 star

Love it ! Educational and fun


Worth  Offaloff  5 star

Games good, addictive and productive.


Andrea  HassledJourno  5 star

Great fun altogether


Great  Rose80r  5 star

Enjoy it!


America🙄  Tyni321  1 star

Pls stop with the American football crap!!! 😏 Give more general sports questions that is not American football related😤


Latest release disingenuous  Frootz  3 star

Is a great game to play and hone your knowledge skills. It was simple and coin usage was intuitive. The latest release saw coin values go up, but their nominal value dropping.....good ploy to get users to buy coins, which, because the their value seem higher [32000 coins is a lot - however gets you less than 3200 a week ago], you are asked to pay more. Poor form.....

Sea princess.

I need more friends  Sea princess.  5 star



best Trivia app ever  Thelastdon84  5 star

Best app in the store....iv been playing for months never had the same question come twice

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