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The most prestigious poker brand raises the stakes with THE authentic poker experience on your iPhone or iPad. Compete to win the ultimate prize in poker; your very own WSOP Bracelet! Do you have what it takes to become a champion?

Key Features:
● CHIPS EVERY 4 HOURS – Only at the World Series of Poker!
● WSOP BRACELETS – Fill up your Collectors’ Chip collections & win the most prestigious prize in poker; the WSOP Bracelet.
● TEXAS HOLD’EM TOURNAMENTS – Win multi-level Texas Hold’em tournaments to earn WSOP rings and climb the leaderboard! What’s more fun than being #1?
● EXCLUSIVE EVENTS – Return daily to experience new game modes, free chip events and more, for FREE!
● RNG CERTIFIED – Certified fair hand dealing. The cards in the game are shuffled randomly to provide you the best poker experience.
● WSOP CLUBS – Test your skills to earn your place in exclusive clubs and get elite benefits. Will you become a part of poker royalty?
● POKER RECALL – Challenge your memory and poker skills in our mini-game to win huge jackpots!
● PIGGY BANK – Bet, save and break! WSOP has your back. Save chips on every bet; the more you bet, the more you’ll save!
● POKER STATISTICS – Improve your game with the most extensive stats’ tracking in any poker app!
● TEXAS HOLD’EM OR OMAHA – Your choice!
● MISSIONS – Stay on top of your game with daily and weekly missions!
● PLAY LIVE WITH FRIENDS – Invite your friends to play and make it a poker night anytime, anywhere.
● CONTINUOUS PLAY – Start playing poker on your iPhone or iPad and continue on or Facebook with the same bankroll.
● GUEST MODE – Rock the tables and play Texas Hold’em or Omaha anonymously. Don’t be afraid to bluff!
● FACEBOOK CONNECT BONUS – Pad your bankroll with $250,000 additional chips when you connect your account to Facebook. Start your journey to become a World Series of Poker VIP!
● SLOTS MINI-GAME – Spin and win chips in between hands with the slot machine.

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World Series of Poker - WSOP App Description & Overview

The applications World Series of Poker - WSOP was published in the category Games on 2013-11-20 and was developed by Playtika LTD. The file size is 340.83 MB. The current version is 6.1.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

● We’ve folded more bugs to improve your WSOP experience.

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World Series of Poker - WSOP Reviews


Bugs  Etlgs  3 star

Today, while playing Omaha, several players and I noticed that straights were beating flushes and full houses. Please fix this as I have enjoyed playing this game, but I am not going to for a while until I get some feedback that it has been fixed.

bdn hebc

Fraud Beware  bdn hebc  1 star

Paying a company to give credentials to say your cards are random doesn’t make you legit. Amount of pop ups to get players to buy chips shows it’s nothing but a scam....


Beware of accidental purchases  Quint-1975  1 star

WSOP purposely structures the app so you will buy chips when you don’t intend to. They flash multiple ads with a large button to dismiss the ad and then shows an ad to buy chips with the buy button in the same place where the dismiss button was. The dismiss button of the ad to buy chips is very small and right below the big buy button. If you accidentally touch the buy button and then ask for the money to be refunded, they refuse. Beware of this app.

Edub 1680

Players aren’t real  Edub 1680  1 star

Lots of bots. The developers will tell you their isn’t but that’s a lie. You can tell by the comments and actions by some players that their bots. The cards... man, I’ve never had so many sets that lost to a full house that lost to a bigger full house. It’s actually comical. THEY WANT YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY. DONT GIVE THEM YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY. Don’t raise preflop either. Some 12yr old will call you with 10 3 and will runner runner quads! Update... been 3 days and I’ve lost 20+ mill. Broke the 100 mill point and haven’t won since. Lose hands I play, would’ve won hands I folded. But yeah..... “random”


Fake  123456789:;/+-%  1 star

Rigged! Makes you loose to buy chips

jh grsvu

Customer support  jh grsvu  2 star

Customer support never answers questions or try to help with problems

auntie bozo

Lame duck  auntie bozo  1 star

If u don’t buy u get screwed

Weeneer touching myself

Bryan Patrick  Weeneer touching myself  5 star

Totally hooked

Hoary hawk

Very kind and exciting  Hoary hawk  5 star

I loved that👍🏻❤️❤️


Obviously manipulated...  quadarthecat  1 star

Despite claims to the contrary, there is NOTHING random about the way cards are dealt. Everything about this “game” is designed to push the player to buy more chips. I’ve played more than 200,000 hands, have won more than 1.4 billion chips, and currently have zero. Hands are rigged, and if you read the actual comments during gameplay through the chat feature, you’ll see how the other players have all experienced the same exact situations. Chip buyers who aren’t very good players and have very low fold percentages, but extremely high raise percentages, somehow get “lucky” when they go all in blind with an 8-2, but wind up with a full house. And this even occurs on the high-stakes tables. Also, there are stretches when you can literally predict what kind of hand you will get; you’ll be dealt AA, AK, or one of the other top hands, but will CONSISTENTLY lose to low-percentage hands in which the “player” has gone all in, then gets an amazing flop, turn, and river, and is dealt the exact four or sometimes five cards they need to win. If you play, do not expect truly random or fair action. And whatever you do, do NOT make any in-app purchases, as it’s a complete waste of real money. I wonder if this review will even get published, because there are a large number of very suspicious positive reviews here that do NOT reflect what actually happens. Personally, I have started an excel spreadsheet of hands played, and am looking forward to seeing how outcomes compare against truly random odds.


App has an answer for everything  Rissabellagirl  1 star

Use to be fun to play, now it's ridiculous bingo/roulette. There was a time when you would have a few good days then a few bad. Now a lot more bad days as they allow people with big chips to play in smaller room and you just can't have fun coz they all in all the time. When you fold you would have won nearly every time however if you play you can only win if you have a huge stack of chips. 100million or more. So sad the developers allow this to happen. I've never in my life been in a hand of poker seen a flush full house and straight in one hand except on here. Random they say, I see this twice a day at least. Sad as it was good. Sad that the developers keep saying it’s not rigged when clearly it is. Just read the ripped off review and that happens all he time. Have made it not fun to play. The wheel is just as bad. It looks to be landing on the mega bonus and it will just slowly click over , doesn’t happen when you are nowhere near the golden wedge. RIDICULOUS!!! They keep saying that they have the most random cards yet other poker app seem way more fair.


Rigged  dockerdave1  4 star

Not won a mega bonus since I stopped buying rigged for you to buy


Too many adds to spend real money for play money  zgfgjhj  3 star

The adds to entice players to spend real money for play money is ridiculous

I r shady

Rigged! rigged!! rigged!!!  I r shady  1 star

Ok so I had a feeling that this might be.. true. So, I was ready to calculate the odds rather than being interested in the game. I found that if one person has won, he keeps on winning for 4-5 times even if there are 6-7 people on a table. It happened with myself once. Moreover, just today, I have played maybe 40 hands on a single table with 4-5 people on it. Guess what.. Not even ONE Freaking better hand. I had a million chips all down to zero just by calling and playing turns or by big blind turn. These guys are 100% fake!! One guy even told me after he bought some chips its like he can’t stop winning. Which makes him more inclined to buy more. WSOP, i liked you once but now.. boy you are so so so disappointing and disgusting!!!


Gift limiting....VERY BAD MISTAKE  vetvkjtvntvjt  1 star

Was a fun app. Now that they have restricted the “free” friends gifts 1000’s of us are deleting the app and letting you the new people know that when u first join, you will win a few million chips, that’s because the program allows that to happen, then after u level up, you will not win much anymore, instead you will need to rely on free gifts from the buddies that you make along the way. Yesterday, some WSOP bright spark decided to limit the free gift collections and now you are forced to buy much much much more chips (with real cash) in order to continue playing. Remember, even if you were a real pro, a world champion even (just read some of the other reviews and you will understand) you will not survive without spending thousands of dollars on chips ON THIS APP . So, everyone I know “1000.s of buddies” on this app are deleting and running to a different app. One that is not so greedy. Oh by the way, WSOP will tell you that they have increased the amount of chips you get from your buddies and they will tell you that they made some other changes to allow you to get more chips..... when you do the math it is equivalent to taking from you 1000,000,000 chips and giving you 10 chips,... they prepared that reply to send to the thousands of long term royal supporters of the app who are about to do what all my buddies and I are doing .....DELETING UNLESS WSOP REVERSE THIS MADNESS IMMEDIATELY and allow us to collect and send FREE chips to ALL our buddies WITHOUT limitations ....DONT BOTHER INSTALLING THIS APP....THEY ARE CROOKS AND THEY WILL EMPTY YOUR BANK ACCOUT have now been warned !!!


Rubbish game  gooza789  1 star

Continually get beaten on the river by someone who really shouldn’t be playing the hand. It’s like the game designers have their own players


Rigged, very unhappy customer  ab308888  1 star

This app is rigged. Do not waste your time or MONEY. This game is absolute rubbish. Do not spend a cent on this app.


Lost account  Bill-clinton  1 star

I lost my whole account and 65 million is chips, status, everything, Not happy


Good game but sometimes flawed  ozziecabbage  4 star

It’s a good game but sometimes seems flawed. Unrealistic hands pop out of nowhere and beat you on the river. Completely acceptable as this can happen but some days when it happens 6 from 10 hands you begin to question it. For example, players raising you after the flop with no hand just to beat you on 4th and river with a house. I’ve also noticed I’ve been dealt the exact same hand twice and sometimes 3 times in a row which is extremely unlikely. But apart from the odd glitch, I enjoy the game though and it’s possible to play consistently without having to spend any money.


good game!  lachydaboss22  4 star

Not a bad game, good quality and easy to play, only problem is that tournaments are too expensive and you have to play a lot until you get 15 million chips for the first tourney. Besides that, awesome game and I would totally recommend it.


This game is abysmal  AJ021-  1 star

This game is terrible. Sometimes the chips are split when two people have a three of a kind and one has a two pair. A two pair is always beat by a three of a kind, yet the two pair gets money? But when I have a two pair, the other person with a three of a kind gets all the money? Fix you’re terrible game or delete it. Ridiculous


Scan  Crzranger  1 star

Don’t buy chips. I Bought chips they had a promotion they did not give me all that was promised in the promotion. I have emailed them to get my money back no response. I had to fight with them and got it back on my credit card.

Robert Ryan

Too many “splash” screens ads  Robert Ryan  2 star

OMG, you guys really have to take the ads down a notch. I tried this app before, but it has gotten worse. The advent of periodic splash screens right in the middle of play are especially annoying.


Not releable  Reader2122  1 star

Internet connection drops at random, mostly when I have big hand to play...


Garbage  ((whiplash))  1 star

Buy chips & win. Take the freebies they give and they’ll take em right back. Bots galore, at least one at every table at every level. Lost 20 million in a week, how many ace high straights and king high flushes get beat by anonymous non speaking “players”? Seen it a LOT this week. If their profile pic is the heart or diamond usually that’s the bot. Watch them & they’ll win most hands by pushing pots with garbage cards and hit their card on the river. They win u lose. Update, haven’t barely won a thing since my last review maybe a few small pots.i just got beat by yet another bot named stinky, and if ALL players are real then these obvious chip grabbers know what everyone is holding and “bait” you into a loss. Probably the same jerks that write your bogus rebuttals here. Literally Just got beat holding 3 of a kind by an impossible straight that no one would have went all in with, before it eventually hit on the river. Very next hand same player (the “bot”) beats me on a king high flush as they ALWAYS seem to have the ace for the W. Always the heart or diamond profile pic that never speaks. DONE DONE DONE deleting this app NOW!


Seriously bummed  knbsbsj  1 star

Your clubs changes to pinch every last penny out of people is disgusting and now building up BP is impossible...I used to like this site a lot, even with the previous club change but this new change is crap and I truly hope it backfires!!! I liked this site the best but no more, now I’ll now play Zynga poker because of your greedy money grab changes, I may like your set up better but the card layouts on zynga seem much more random, BIG DIFFERENCE!!! And don’t bother send me a stupid automated reply, sorry to hear this, blah blah blah, our cards are BS dealt .. random.. blah blah blah You’ve taken a decent site and turned it into a cheap casino!!!! Shame on you!!! I hope your friggin yacht sinks!! And the rigged amount of times someone that’s bet high with a pair of threes or Twos or fours and it hits every single time on the flop. That’s BS Got set up 3 times in a row(3 TIMES IN A ROW) in crown, had 4 of a kind on the flop and what do you know? AA, they win with a higher 4 of a kind. Happened....again, 3 times in a row!! So bummed this site has become a money grab greedy capitalist pig show!!! Love roulette as well but it only seems to hit when I fold!!! Or I call the ante with crap cards and can’t hit but when I fold with crap cards, it hits? C’mon, change the BP back to lower tables.. !!! Scoundrels And please stop with the fake reviews, it’s disgusting !!! This is the best ever, ok then liar . 👎


Pretty Good  GetFamiIiliar  3 star

Limiting betting before the flop would make the game better. Great game all around otherwise


Near Perfect  dfherut91  5 star

This is the best poker game out there and it is near perfect I just have a few things that I think could make this truly great. First, I would like some type of free roll tournament every week or month where people could enter for free and maybe earn some bit of real money. Second, I think it would also be nice if there was just a little bit more time to make a decision with hands unless I have missed something. Finally, it would be cool to have leagues of some sort both public and private where people could play like a season or something along those lines. Now to hit on a point that a lot of people bring up in their reviews about having to pay money. Depends on how good you are in all honesty and how well you understand poker and how the people who make games make money. If you aren’t good and you want the games bracelets/rings you are either going to have to be good and earn them the real way or pay lots of money. Poker is a game where 80% or more of people that play never turn a profit it would be stupid not to capitalize on this as a developer and they also have to make money to give us a great game. Like I said truly a great game just a lot of people not understanding how things work in their reviews.


Game play  dusty0789  5 star

Best poker game I’ve played tried many but this is by far the most realistic


Awesome app  Yimiltong  5 star

Enjoy playing with this enjoyable app

Blessed cool

WSP  Blessed cool  5 star

It a great game u should play


Awesome!  mattô  5 star

Used to love playing it on my dads phone


Overcharged  Theft1967v1  1 star

I’ve bought from app twice and twice my bank account has been debited more than it should.disgrace and bordering theft

A keane

Wsop  A keane  1 star

Total rip off doesn’t give you the correct % of filling either a flush or straight

RobM3 Evo

Stole my money  RobM3 Evo  1 star

I purchased 9million chips and a couple days later it put my chips into the piggy bank which I have to pay to open so basically they want me to pay for chips twice. It’s a total scam


Cool  keitho€€€  5 star

Nice one


Update doesn’t work  munsterdevil  1 star

Update makes the app unplayable. Fix please


I love it but !!!  tonymorr  5 star

When I’ve pressed the home button and went out of the game the game continues to play on my behalf and then I lost all my money not good


I like it  TheCass  4 star

I’ve seen some bad reviews on here but I like this game. It’s free and you only buy credits if you want to.

Pokerlady 2006

Good fun  Pokerlady 2006  5 star

Love this game. Can be up millions one day and the next down to nothing but good fun building it up again,

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