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Serve up summertime treats in Papa's Freezeria HD, now available on iPad!

NOTE: This game requires an iPad 2 / iPad Mini or newer.


In this new edition of Papa's Freezeria, you'll be working at an oceanfront ice cream shop on Calypso Island, but your laid-back summer job gets hectic when all of Papa Louie's customers arrive on the island! You'll need to serve up delicious Freezer sundaes by pouring ice cream, blending mixable candies and syrups, adding whipped cream and toppings, and don't forget a cherry on top for that perfect summertime treat!

This latest game features dozens of syrups, candies, and toppings that unlock as you play, and a variety of new and returning customers looking to beat the heat with your ice cream sundaes. The time-management and hands-on gameplay seen in "Papa's Burgeria" is back, with plenty of new twists for serving ice cream treats. You'll need to watch the lobby for new customers arriving, add ice cream and goodies to sundae cups, keep an eye on the blenders mixing your ingredients, and add toppings and syrups before serving the sundae to your wacky customers.


This updated version of Papa's Freezeria features dozens of customers not found in previous editions of the game, as well as DOUBLING the amount of unlockable ingredients found in the original! We've also added new touch controls to make building and topping sundaes easier and more enjoyable on tablets.

You can choose to play as Penny or Alberto, or you can now design your own custom character to work in the Freezeria! Create a boy or a girl, with dozens of hairstyles, hair colors, skin tones, and facial expressions. You can even adjust your head size, neck, eye and mouth positions to make your character look just right.

You can also buy and earn new clothing for your worker, by playing Foodini's Mini-Games or visiting the Shop! Browse through hundreds of shirts, jackets, hats, pants, and accessories to give your worker that perfect look.

Play new Mini-Games like "Saucy Shot" and "Mitch's Mess" after each workday to earn new furniture for your Shop and new clothing for your worker!

The customizable lobby from Papa's Burgeria is back, now with various themes of new posters and furniture, and an easy way to change your trim and countertop colors in the shop!

You can also earn 100 achievements for completing various tasks in the game, including serving sundaes with certain mixables and toppings, earning bonuses on the Build Station, playing mini-games, and earning Customer Awards. Papa's Freezeria HD also supports Game Center achievements and leaderboards!


- Hands-on ice cream shop in the Papa Louie universe
- Updated and remastered for iPad
- Multi-tasking between building, mixing, and topping
- New custom workers designed by you
- 80 customers to serve with unique orders
- Over 50 ingredients to unlock
- Hundreds of furniture and clothing items to decorate your shop and worker
- Challenging Closers and Food Critic
- Various shop upgrades to purchase with your earned tips
- 100 Achievements with Game Center support

Papa's Freezeria HD App Description & Overview

The applications Papa's Freezeria HD was published in the category Games on 2013-10-29 and was developed by Flipline Studios. The file size is 60.72 MB. The current version is 1.2.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- Bug fixes and improvements
- Now with crisper graphics on newer iPads

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Papa's Freezeria HD Reviews


Love it!!!!!!  inklingboy65  5 star

This is an amazing game, believe me. There is a glitch, however, in Breakfast Blast. Instead of saying how many breads you need to hit (e.i. Hit 6), it says 0. That’s the only glitch that I have found. I also don’t know if the long sleeve shirt + Taylor’s jacket glitch has been patched in the latest update or not. But if you are hesitant about buying this game, GET IT!! It is definitely worth your money!


My dream  Babywt  4 star

I played this game when I was five years old and I loved so much that I won’t to Mary it


Entertaining :3  DiegoCam010  5 star

I have no words, it’s just my favorite game ever.

wolfie reviews

Great but  wolfie reviews  5 star

Ok this game is AWESOME but I think it wold be better with holidays. I also wold like it if when a closer came in the sign on the order station would pop up and say closed. But over all great game i love the way you play and i wish other Games you make would have the same design fetures


It needs a little adjustment!  bananalittle#1  4 star

I like the app very much but the only thing is that I work very hard and sometimes closers and people who are not closers are a bit picky with their meals and sometimes they don’t like the meals I serve to them and I work hard! I wish this could be a positive review but it isn’t so there!



This game is so worth your money! Buy upgrades, clothes, wall designs, and furniture! This game is worth your 2$ and 99 cents.


Relaxing to the Max—ing?  Flashedbowl42  5 star

This game is spectacular! It is defiantly worth the download and I have a few suggestions for Flipline. First, you should make papas brownieria where you bake brownies for your guests and dip them into certain flavors like strawberry and chocolate and add toppings like sprinkles. Also, you should update this game for the lack of customers, I’m not saying there is very little, but when you finish everything it gets boring. And if you compare the amount of customers to like Scooperia, Scooperia has like 20 or so more! Along with the customers, maybe some new flavors or toppings? I know I’m asking a lot out of this game, but it’s just a suggestion. :) PS THIS GAME OVERALL IS RELAXING. TO. THE. MAX. 👋 bye.


Love it! Got some ideas  KibblesdaKat  5 star

I love this game SO much and play it almost every day! It’d be awesome if you can add new characters, mixables, etc. I also feel like it would be really interesting if you could have more than one mixable and syrup in a sundae. Maybe if you could decorate the outside of the Freezeria too. Just some suggestions, but thanks for the amazing game!!!

Rated 😂🤪🤩🤯😭😡

💥One of many💥Papa’s Games🤯  Rated 😂🤪🤩🤯😭😡  5 star

I’ve played lots of games and I’ve played this one for a few years I’ve deleted to make so space but then i just have to get it back and I’ve played some other Papa’s games and I’ve loved ❤️ them even if sometimes there a little something that needs fixing every now and then it’s a good game to play when all of life goes wrong.



I love this game! Make a character, and grow the Freezeria! I have no complaints! Would recommend! It is so addicting too! So fun to unlock more customers and items!


Let me save my progress!  xElfQueen  4 star

I love this game so much but I have a problem... Whenever I go off the game my progress deletes and I have to start all over again! It's really annoying... can you please make something so I can save my progress? If that gets fixed I'll give this game five stars. Btw I'm on an iPad Air. Please fix this!

princess bubblegum17

My feelings  princess bubblegum17  5 star

Your great at making apps please make papa's donutria overall great app


Good.  Fjdienebdijr  4 star

I like this game, the Papa series are amazing, but I have to say, after you complete the game, there's nothing else to do. You can also complete the game pretty easily, and after that, there's no other collectibles and etc to collect and there's not anything to do. To be honest, I think it is a bit expensive just for a short game, but this game is very detailed.


Great Game  RoosterPax  5 star

This is an all time game but to make not just me but everyone else happy please add the Pancakearia to IOS please please please flipline studios.


Good, but  CooldudeAUS  4 star

This game is awesome but can you please make this game for free please. This game would be so much better if you did that.

Chocolate Awesime

Fun!  Chocolate Awesime  4 star

Lots of fun but after a while gets a bit boring I think their should be a update


Fun overall but.....  Splatalog  4 star

Great game but gets really boring after u have unlocked everything and there should really be a new update.

Please fix the loading bug

Thank god the put this on iOS!  Please fix the loading bug  5 star

This is a GREAT game, I played it on computer a year ago, and now I can finally play it again! IT IS WORTH THE MONEY, YOU SHOULD GET THIS GAME NOW


Add cheeseria to iPad!  Josephineh3vh  5 star

Really fun game. Also please add cheeseria to iPad. I'd be really grateful if you did! 😄


Dude  ApplePie_77  5 star

Dude u gotta add thr bakeria or pastaria

Joshua D.

Will Not Save My Game. Again...  Joshua D.  1 star

I would gladly give this, what I think is a, highly fun and entertaining video game, 5-stars ideally. But, the fact that the game refuses to save my progress, well, it gets and deserves the one-star that I am forced to give it by default. I had this same infuriating problem with it not saving my progress at all on the standard, non-HD version previously. And now it seems I am forced to deal with that same anger-inducing issue once more. There is no point, in my opinion, in even playing the game since it starts me over from scratch each time that I open it. And I keep getting an error message (which appears to have been left in from the computer version of this title). And it keeps informing me that "my computer" will not save the game properly and I need to go into my Settings to fix the issue. Well, there is no option in the in-game Settings menu or the Settings menu for my iPad's settings for this game, that allows me to fix this annoying, game-breaking save problem. It is just hard to believe that this developer continues to take money for a game that still has this heinous saving bug problem. I am running this title on an iPad Air 2, running iOS 10.2, if that helps you to figure out the issue the game has with my device and or operating system version. I seriously hope and ask this developer to please put out an update that finally kills this saving-problems-bug. Because right now I have given you my money and as I said, there is no point in attempting to play this game if I have to start over from scratch, each time I open the application. Please fix this glaring issue. Thanks and God bless. iPad Air 2/ iOS 10.2


Love but..  Bumblehorsesnake  5 star

Please make all of the gameairas into apps!!

My Little Pony Luna

THE BEST  My Little Pony Luna  5 star

I love this game sooooo much! Except when you buy everything and there is no upgrades left


My favorite game!!!  Boffbdhdjdjxbfnd  5 star

I love these types of games ! But I think more should be on the App Store ! Like papas pizzeria and bakeria and hotdog one also!


Please make all the games you have before  Bubblegum1625  5 star

Title says it all bro


Amazing but could be better-I got a recommendation  MoMo527527  3 star

I love this game! I love that it does not need wifi, but could u please please make more upgrades like $20 for getting an automatic awesome for each ingredient. I am rank 50 and have unlocked all the ingredients and almost all the customers, but I'm starting to get bored with the money I am earning I don't see a point to buy the cloths and I don't need and more posters, so if you could create more upgrades or even a really expensive decoration that got with every theme! Thanks so much if you read this love your app!


PERFECTO👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻  CookieGirl567Yolo22  5 star

This game always never gets me bored! When I'm bored in the car or waiting, I love to play this game!!!! My favorite papa's Louie games are this and Papa's hot doggeria!!


😍love this game😍  ,,,,,,,,,!,,!,!,  5 star

This is the best game ever it is worth your money😘😍❤️


Awesome!!!!!  thankyousheep  4 star

This game is amazing!!!


Amazing  Anoymous1000  5 star

Its perfect exept for one thing.I think there should be a free play mode where you can make your own sundaes and name your recipies.PLZ CONSIDER THIS UPDATE IT WOULD MAKE THIS GAME SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!!!

Ella 236

So addicting  Ella 236  4 star

This app is one of my favourites 😜and it's so fun and addicting 😊but it can just randomly go out from the app 😩and when u try go back in u have to start the day all over again .😭😭😵 Great app anyway ☺️but if that could b fixed it would b good 😅😅😊

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