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Genius is the world’s biggest collection of song lyrics, videos and crowdsourced musical knowledge.

Find annotated lyrics for all your favorite songs, or browse what's hot on Genius.

Watch interviews with your favorite artists about the music you love.

Explore a world of knowledge, crowdsourced from millions of obsessed fans – the Genius community.

With verified content from artists and producers.

Hold your phone up to the music, tap the soundwave button (powered by ACRCloud), and lo, the annotated lyrics appear. You can also easily navigate the lyrics for all the songs in your iTunes library.

You’re the genius: highlight some text, tap “Annotate,” and share your knowledge.

Genius: Song Lyrics & More App Description & Overview

The applications Genius: Song Lyrics & More was published in the category Music on 2014-01-28 and was developed by Genius Media Group. The file size is 67.70 MB. The current version is 5.5.1 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

Thank you for using Genius! We've been hard at work making the app better for you. Here's what's new in this release:

- Bug Fixes

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Genius: Song Lyrics & More Reviews


advertisements literally STOP you're music and ply on repeat  nxjzoamwbdyzijafuco  1 star

the app updated so that upon opening it starts playing a video ad in the background that NEVER ENDS. you literally can't listen to music and have this app open or else it just plays ads on repeat and pauses your music. when did this happen? the app is actually unusuable until they fix this, you can't listen to music and read the lyrics anymore, it forces you to listen to THE SAME AD OVER AND OVER ON REPEAT UNTIL YOU CLOSE THE APP. I EVEN CLOSED THE AD AND THE SOUND STILL PLAYS


Ads  gen98b  1 star

Yo what is wrong with you, if I wanna the app I don’t wanna listen to ads


The background music in the ad won’t stop  qwantre  2 star



Great online, but app has a small problem  Sorlena  2 star

I love and trust this anytime I need lyrics to a song! It works great in a browser like safari. But when I downloaded the app and tried searching for music or lyrics, the keyboard wouldn’t appear. I’d press the search bar, and for a split second the keyboard would appear, but disappear without giving me a chance to type anything. Please please PLEASE fix this!! Will greatly improve my experience with the app!



Every time I open this app, it requires me to enter my Apple ID password every single time. It’s so annoying. Idk if anyone has this problem. It might be that my Apple Music is linked to genius and constantly asks me for my password.


Zero Stars; App Takes Way Too Long to Load  xndkxjfjfjfjfnn  1 star

app takes forever to load 🙄

cig saddle

Slow and clunky  cig saddle  1 star

The search engine in this app is really slow, and sometimes it’s hard to find your intended result that will be mixed in with seemingly unrelated songs of completely different titles. It’s never faster than just using your search engine of choice and just finding the lyrics or videos on the internet.


Ads.  beingcrustyyyyy  1 star

This app used to be my favorite app, I loved it so much and would always use it in the car listening to music But now it’s the worst app on my phone. It doesn’t let me listen to music and look at lyrics and the unknown ad sounds that plays in the back ground is so annoying! It makes my mood go from happy and jamming out to just annoyed and frustrated! What’s the point if I can’t listen and look at lyrics at the same time?!?! Horrible.


Could be improved!  thebillyross  2 star

App works great but if I try to open the app while playing music it immediately cuts to some ad (or what I think is an ad) and it continues to play on loop until you figure out how to stop it.


Insane Refresh  SketchySteven  2 star

Why does this app refresh every single time you leave and come back to it? I’ve lost so many posts and searches when I’ve left to start a song over ... only to return to your opening screen. And why does it take so long to load? I want to love this app!


Needs an update  konthelvdon  1 star

App asks me to log into my Apple ID every time I open it, makes me more inclined to use the mobile webpage


please fix this bug  maclean.j  1 star

The app keeps asking for my Apple ID password all the time after ive put it like 100 times already


Godsent  Jfarrugia98  5 star

Had been searching for this one song for months, this app allowed me to find it finally! 100000/10

inster jamiehardy

Radio  inster jamiehardy  5 star

Imagine that you in the car, and you don’t know the song and, you have to wait for it, for the person to tell you. Lol or sometime there don’t tell you at all. This app good at that point. Thank you for reading. Enjoy


app is very glitchy  Nikeforlife15  3 star

search doesn’t work, my keyboard won’t even come up when i try to type in something.


Awful user experience  soaddict1  2 star

What could be a great app just ends up being a frustrating experience. When switching between apps, the song lyrics that you’re viewing frequently get removed and you end up back on the home screen. Sometime you select a song from the search results and a completely different song is loaded. Why not have the ability to download lyrics to your device?


Doesn’t work  fortniteh8er  1 star

I’m probably stupid but it’s not working and also I can’t search for songs


App Only works under perfect conditions  justanothernicknameforapple  2 star

Application landing screen does not function well under lossy networks. Site is very data heavy and fails to work without a good connection (lyrics over video and audio content?) “My Music” freezes application when using Apple Music with library of 20,000-50,000 songs. “Now Playing” only functions on songs with the application open and skipping the song as the API seems to not be able to view the current song playing. Using iPhone X / iOS 12.1


Was an awesome app  Boothy4/11  2 star

This used to be the best app but due to the recent update it doesn’t automatically load song lyrics when they’re playing in the background which really pisses me off, PLEASE FIX ASAP!!! Then it’ll be the best app again.

Ted Somers

Glitchy & slow  Ted Somers  2 star

So many apps work flawlessly, it’s 2018, it’s very rare to find a mainstream app with issues; Genius is an exception, and it doesn’t seem to be getting fixed. The search has recently improved a little bit but the (great) feature where you could make lyric cards is now broken...


Genius is fantastic, but the app needs to stop asking for my iTunes password  djlemonfresh  3 star

i love genius. have loved it for years. i think the site/app is a must for anyone who cares about music & lyrics. however every time i open the app it asks me to sign into iTunes again, prompting me to re-enter my password. it’s been doing that for at least several months, on both my new XR and the 6s i had before that. they really need to fix this, as it is very frustrating. Face ID/Touch ID isn’t an option it seems; i have to type out my password manually every time i launch the app, or it becomes unusable. if i decline, then it hounds me incessantly with the password pop-up. (note to devs: FWIW, my iTunes account is different from my iCloud account. i have 2 accounts on my iPhone, one for iCloud and one older account for iTunes. iOS allows and understands this. it’s a normal - although perhaps not a super common - thing. perhaps that’s the issue... however the genius app is showing the correct account/email address - the one i use for iTunes - in the pop-up prompts, and it does accept my password each time. so maybe that’s not the issue. hard to say). anyway if they could fix this, i would be a much happier user. as it is, it can be a chore to use, if i just want to quickly peak at some lyrics on a whim.


APPLE MUSIC RUINS GENIUS  squanchmandoon  1 star

It used to be you could listen to a track and peep the lyrics on the genius app. Now in order to listen to the whole song you must own Apple Music which is lame. When this becomes more ‘open source’ again let me know. For now I’m deleting this because I’m not paying for Apple Music to enjoy the Genius App.


Great Idea, Poor Execution  Krisp16  1 star

This app is a great idea, I like using Genius to find lyrics to a song and get some information on those lyrics, that is about the only good thing about the app. The functionality of the app is bad, when you search for a song or album you don’t get all of the possible searches you can get, you only get the popular choices. Another thing I wish was different about this app is when you try editing an album or song to adjust it to its correct lyrics it is basically impossible, you are able to modify the lyrics if there is a wrong word in there but can not modify a whole album to add a few songs that were left out of the album. There is no place to edit something that is incorrect or even a place to report a problem to Genius which is frustrating.


Caching ruins the app  Slingbob  2 star

Open another app and come back to Genus and you are returned to the Home screen. When was this app designed? 2005? 5 star content and a seriously poor app.

Bekah SG

Definitely Download  Bekah SG  5 star

I use Genius almost everyday. It’s perfect for casually checking the words to a song or for committed music fans who want to memorize lyrics. Love this app.


Great app! One issue though...  puspug  5 star

Great app but every time I use the search the lyrics mic it never works

Yall Killin my Vibe

Please fix an issue with itunes  Yall Killin my Vibe  3 star

Each time I open the app it ask me to sign into iTunes... That's seriously the most annoying thing when you're trying to get in and find a lyric fast.


DON’T EVEN DARE TO USE IT  Jenek2013  1 star

It undocks your keyboard PLUS they are so greedy you can’t change your profile picture


Stop taking me to the homepage  Labatts  3 star

I search for a song, I’m reading the lyrics, I go to another app, and come back to Genius and my song is gone. I’m on the home page that has literally nothing I will ever be interested in ever, and I have to search again. I love everything conceptually about this app but the execution drives me nuts. I’ll still keep using it though but just please KEEP ME ON THE SONG I LAST VIEWED :)


Search function is garbage  EnriqueAlba  1 star

Fix it


Fab  Laurakod1  5 star

Love it

Seán King

👍🏻  Seán King  4 star

Would be 5 stars if it saved where I was in the app when I left it for more than 5 mins

Play for Siri

GENIUS?  Play for Siri  3 star

Maybe not . I do like the app it's hreT to get the lyrics and a bit of background to the songs one likes but when Genius is integrated with Spotify ( aside from current chart hits ) it's rubbish



This app is so cool and helpful, which is absent in most of its competitors. Such a handy app. Love it!!!


Glitchy  DeckJp1528495046372  1 star

Good layout and idea but constantly freezing


J  Lilmagdiel  5 star

Good lyrics

Sheep hugger

Great  Sheep hugger  5 star

Easy to use, bleedin whopper


It's so helpful, simple and easy to use  Buttsmcgeee  5 star

Makes you appreciate music and writing far more.

middlefinger productions

Great  middlefinger productions  5 star

Easy to use and really entertaining and eye opening


Superb app  Jamezymck101  5 star

Love it

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