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Mission Planning, Coordination and GPS Navigation for those who Work and Play "Off the Grid"

LEADNAV GPS is a highly developed, professional-grade package for Military, Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Special Operations, Off-Road Racing, General Off-Roading, Hiking, Biking and anyone else looking to improve Planning, Coordination and Navigation in an "Off the Grid" environment.

LEADNAV currently provides full mission packages in the form of Software, Hardware, Training and Consulting for those operating in some of the harshest conditions and environments imaginable...

Used by Pro Racing Teams and other Professional Organizations World Wide!

More Powerful than any other GPS on the Market!


• Plan, Organize, Coordinate and Execute Trips, Events and other Professional Operations.

• Create or Import Collections of Routes, Tracks, and Markers for different events. (Baja 1000 2015, Mining Expedition 2016)

• Share individual Routes, Tracks, and Markers amongst your Team or Group.

• Easy to use point to point Route Planning Interface. Plan your route and go!

• Drop audible warnings and non-audible Serpentine points to keep you on track.

• Record tracks to display where you have been. So you can hit the trail again or find your way back. You can also convert your tracks to routes. Track Stats for each trip.

• Highly advanced Team Location Tracking through our cellular/wifi, Gotenna (VHF device) and Iridium GO! (Satellite device and our service plans)

• Reverse your routes. Hike to the top and then reverse the route to hike back down!

• Drop Markers to identify places of interest or to document the experience as you go. Vehicle, rally point, boat dock, deer, or anything else you want to find again.

• System functions on the GPX file standard

• Free Map Sources include Bing, OpenCycleMap, OpenStreetMap and support of offline mapping options like MBTiles

• In-App Purchase allows access to additional maps (Mapbox Satellite, Mapbox Terrain, Mapbox Streets), and access to your own URL entry. Create, cache, and delete maps with your custom URLs (Part of the In-App Subscription).

• Offline Mapping for areas with no cellular coverage. (In app purchase) Select and store desired areas of the map for offline use. Download those maps before you hit the woods! import and export of MBTiles with zipped files.

• Compatible with Bluetooth headsets and speakers for eyes free navigation. Throw your device in your pack and GO!

• Voice Prompts automatically adjust for the current speed. Siri now reads the waypoint label names as you navigate. “Big freaking rock on the left!” Get creative with the names to make the most out of your experience.

• Automatically adjusts your audible (Red) Turn Warning and (Blue) Waypoint Proximity rings based off of your current speed. Giving you the information you need when you need it.

Audio Guidance Examples:

“Slight Left in 450 meters” ...... “Slight Left”

“Danger in 500 meters” ....... "Danger"

Additional In-App Purchases: (See website for all subscription details)
- Upgraded Maps Subscription ($20 a year minimum requirement for saving background imagery/maps)
- Advanced Pack Subscription
- Pro Pack Subscription
* Built for Professionals and Event/Race Prep Teams
* Pro Editing Tools and Features
- Recon Markers
- Hunting Markers
- Aviation Markers


• This is a high powered GPS device and requires power connectivity for prolonged use in the field.

• Mobile devices that are WiFi only do not come with an internal GPS. An external GPS will need to be used along with the application.

• The capability to save satellite maps/imagery to your device for "off the grid" use is an outside service and requires an In App Subscription to MapBox

Battery Life Disclaimer: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

- Multiple Patents Pending

LeadNav GPS App Description & Overview

The applications LeadNav GPS was published in the category Navigation on 2013-10-01 and was developed by LeadNav Systems LLC. The file size is 127.88 MB. The current version is 5.8.4 and works well on 8.2 and high ios versions.


Minor tweaks and performance updates

-Bug fixes
-Background GPS activity optimization

We have been working on a big release for months...so stay tuned!

Please take a moment to give us a review with each update release!

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Racing to Hunting  MLMPD4  5 star

We use LeadNav on a regular basis for racing and it’s the best on the market. I got drawn for two hunts here in Arizona and decided to use it on my phone for tracking me and marking spots. My guide was blown away. Thanks LeadNav!!


Simply the best  DrivenDynamic  5 star

We use LeadNav exclusively for all our route development and durability work with many vehicle manufacturer durability tracking.


Thank you for the update!  FastTimmy01  5 star

Keep up the good work guys! I would love to see more user training videos also. I know I do not fully use the software. Tim


Still not sold yet  ZUEL  2 star

Still not sure of the app. Looks nice, but three different iPads and I cant plot a route without the app dumping out of it! Also not sure the price and all the add on's are worth it. Bit pricey. Hope this closing on its own gets fixed or I may need to go back to my Google app which has been extremely reliable so far. Can't see this being that good for military use! The stuff we used was way better.


Latest Updates  SS4RT  5 star

You guys are killing it with the new updates. I can't wait for the off the grid group tracking. I hope it's all released by the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Baja 1000. Keep the updates coming guys.


Best GPS app on the market  Berenstein  5 star

I really love the new location tracking feature!


LeadNav Update  JohnSnellRiv  5 star

Another update that adds some great features. Always listening and improving an already great product is one of Leadnav's strengths. Still quick and easy to use.


Jim C  JCwoodsman  5 star

A constant continuous improvement app. These guys are no joke. Every update has applicable real world enhancements. I've used it off shore, hunting in the middle of nowhere, snowmobiling, even crabbing in the backwaters of the Chesapeake...I simply don't go off the grid without it anymore. Buy the $20 version with map cache capability...well worth it.


Finally an iPhone app for off-road mapping!  AJRtx  5 star

This has become a game changer for my buddies when we're riding in a new area. Being able to download maps and use them without cell service offers peace of mind in all of the remote areas we ride.


Killer app!  Tlg5208  5 star

Totally customizable maps, this is perfect for offroading and has awesome voice cues that keep me hands free and let me pre-run my routes easily.

Anil Palat

Great app for navigation!!  Anil Palat  5 star

Used it camping and boating with great success!


Favorite App on the App Store  AidanVMW  5 star

This app is great when it comes to biking, riding dirt bikes and just going off road. Also it is extremely useful to figure out where you are, get back to a place, and to just keep on the trail. Going hiking, I love how it tells you exactly where trails are so you don't stray off.


So cool  WizJeti  5 star

Love it


Best customer service in the business  Roughneck1989  5 star

I am quite surprised. The customer service and dev team are too notch. Unlike most apps they actually care about their fan base and want to make the best app in the market. The app looks good and has a good easy to use feel to it, a must have if your trail running or scouting a new location for off-road. Also has the potential to be quite useful if you work in the oil field. Top notch guys keep up the good work!


Great app and great support  turnerh  5 star

Had a question and it was quickly answered.


Great app for biking  zoo_diver  5 star

Cool app!! Planned a route - threw my phone in my pack - used Bluetooth earbud to navigate my course - worked like a champ.


Hunter, fisherman, hiker, ATVer  J.Brooksy  5 star

Great for navigating my property. My logging roads are not on any map out there, but now they are in my phone. I can have new hunters come and find their stands every time. There is nothing more annoying then a lost hunter wondering around. Now they get to their stands and take the specified route I want them to take. Thanks!


Worked great on the trails!  CBfourty  5 star

Used it trail running today linked to my Bluetooth earbuds. Sounded great! Mapped out a new trail using the OCM map (had good coverage of park trails) and cached it before leaving my house. Motivated me to run a little faster!


Bye Bye GPS  -Sheff-  5 star

Awesome app for any outdoorsman, hunter, snowboarder, hiker, etc. The ability to create new nav routes and execute on the fly in the field makes all other GPS devices obsolete. This app is outstanding!

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