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MEGA provides user-controlled encrypted cloud storage through standard web browsers, together with dedicated apps for mobile devices. Unlike other cloud storage providers, your data is encrypted and decrypted by your client devices only and never by us.

Upload your files from your smartphone or tablet, then search, store, download, stream, view, share, rename or delete your files any time, from any device, anywhere. Share folders with your contacts and see their updates in real time.

The encryption process means we cannot access or reset your password so you MUST remember it (unless you have your Recovery Key backed up) or you will lose access to your stored files.

End-to-end user-encrypted MEGA video chat allows for total privacy, and has been available through the browser since 2016. It has been extended to our mobile app, with chat history accessible across multiple devices. Users can also easily add files to a chat from their MEGA Cloud Drive.

MEGA offers a generous 50 GB free storage for all registered users with bonus achievements, and offers paid plans with much higher limits:

Pro LITE subscription: €4.99 (US$4.99) per month or €49.99 (US$49.99) per year gives you 400 GB of storage space and 1 TB of transfer quota per month.
Pro I subscription: €9.99 (US$9.99) per month or €99.99 (US$99.99) per year gives you 2 TB of storage space and 2 TB of transfer quota per month.
Pro II subscription: €19.99 (US$19.99) per month or €199.99 (US$199.99) per year gives you 8 TB of storage space and 8 TB of transfer quota per month.
Pro III subscription: €29.99 (US$29.99) per month or €299.99 (US$299.99) per year gives you 16 TB of storage space and 16 TB of transfer quota per month.

Subscriptions are renewed automatically for successive subscription periods of the same duration and at the same price as the initial period chosen. You can switch off the automatic renewal of your MEGA Pro subscription no later than 24 hours before your next subscription payment is due via your iTunes account settings page. To manage your subscriptions, simply click on the App Store icon on your handset, sign in with your Apple ID at the bottom of the page (if you haven't already done so) and then click View ID. You'll be taken to your account page where you can scroll down to Manage App Subscriptions. From there, you can select your MEGA Pro subscription and view your scheduled renewal date, choose a different subscription package or toggle the on-off switch to off to disable the auto-renewal of your subscription.

Terms of Service: https://mega.nz/terms
Privacy Policy: https://mega.nz/privacy

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・MEGA・ Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Home banners, where you can checkout highlighted features. - Shortcut widget for iOS 14. - Other miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

・MEGA・ Comments & Reviews

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- amazing!

mwah! i love this app more than anything. i’m a editor so i use scenepacks for my edits most of the time, and it’s the best app for me to get links to things like that! i also use it to store photos and things so i don’t have to keep them in my gallery, and honestly i think that’s one of the best and easiest things ever, especially sense i don’t trust icloud and you can’t fully delete things there. it saves me a lot more space to use mega in general so i 100% recommend. BUT lately i’ve been having issues where it won’t save things, and i know i have space but it stops in the middle of downloading and says couldn’t download. i’m hoping it’s just a glitch but as long as i can screen record it’s fine with me. also i would recommend adding a option to add thr things to google drive and so we can save these photos and videos to our files, mainly bc files saves much faster and easier. so it could be much easier and helpful for other people !! but anyway it’s a great app and i would love to see it grow!

- Nice way to force people to pay money!!!

Made an account recently after hearing about the “generous” 50 GB, turns out it’s actually 35 GB BUT it’s limited for only 30 days, then drops down to 15 GB after those 30 days are over. Which means you’re forced to use up the extra 20 GB within this time frame to make the most out of your account. So I do what I can, and used up almost all 35 GB before the 30 day window so I didn’t have to worry about not being able to take advantage of the space. But now, MEGA is actually DELETING and BLOCKING accounts that go past their storage limits, and are forcing people to upgrade and pay their accounts. Why would you even give me the extra 20 GB to begin with if you’re gonna delete my files afterwards??? I can’t even download/transfer my uploaded files to my computer, it’s like my files are being held hostage unless I pay money. What kind of crap is this? You tell people “50 GB” but they get 35 GB instead, in which 20 of those GBs get taken away after 30 days? Then force people to pay afterwards with no warning of a required payment/full profile deletion beforehand? Absolutely ridiculous, customer service doesn’t even respond to emails at all whatsoever. Well deserved 1 star, I’ll stick to google drive. I don’t get any bonuses with them, but at least I have the assurance of getting what they actually say they’re offering, rather than lie to me and then hold my files hostage behind a paywall.

- Great App with one issue

This is an awesome app and allows me to make use of the cloud on my iPhone except for one small issue. I am an IT tech and often need to listen to audio recordings of phone calls. These recordings are stored on MEGA and I use to be able to listen to them on the go through my iPhone. However, the iPhone X doesn’t fully support that. If I open an audio file on my iPhone X, it opens the playback window like it usually would, but it gets cut off by the notch at the top of the iPhone X. I can’t scrub through the audio file like you normally would be able to because there is a notch right where you would be able to scrub through. Nor can you press the “Done” button on the top left corner of the screen. To change audio recordings, I have to force close the app, reopen and select the recording I want to listen to. It’s inconvenient to do so, but hopefully this gets worked out in the near future. Otherwise, the app is great and the service from MEGA is outstanding.

- It’s Great But Then...

I’ve had this app for a while now and I’ve never truly been one to complain about it. That being said the app functions perfectly and up until this point I’ve never had any problems with it, until maybe last night when I was told I reached my queued data limit and that anything I might try to download will be stopped completely or just be interrupted. To remedy the situation I cleared out every thing, to the point to where it look like I had downloaded the app for the first time, however with the app completely cleared and no percentage of storage used at all, I still had the same issue where I saw using too much space. This is truly a very nice app but with problems like, where you’ve cleared out all storage and have nothing used, it gets a little frustrating because then there’s no point in using it after that.

- Wonderful app! But...

As the title says, this app is wonderful! But I have just one, albeit lengthy complaint. The app doesn't play videos on it very well. With shorter than usual videos, like 7 second long ones, I found that the audio gets cut off sooner than intended, nor does the visual part of the video come in. With longer videos, like 20 minute ones, they take ages to load. And relevant to all of them, they're never quite done loading even when the videos play, and take longer to be finished. All of the above mentioned wears down my patience quite a lot and could benefit from some tweaking. That is all I have to say, thank you for reading.

- Mega upload, excellent service

As far as cloud providers go, mega offers one of the best services (that's not free). End to end encryption plus servers that are not in the United States. Easy to use interface plus value for the storage space.I've used Google drive for years, but if you can afford it, there should be a good paid service out there for you, if you value your privacy. Some of the reviews complain about storage limits. There are some, and there are temporary bonuses, but most other providers offer little to no bonus storage options. Check around. Also, deleting the app doesn't mean you've deleted things you've already uploaded to the cloud unless you've closed your account. One of the best things about mega is the selective synch, which other providers don't have.

- Awesome until latest update

I used this app for my business. Had everything (almost) a click away; Show up to the clients location and pull up all my files right there on their computer or on their phone. I found putting the image, design, art in the customers hands was by far the best way to really put yourself ahead of the competition. Unfortunately, after the latest update a few days ago I’ve been unable to upload anything from a mobile device to my cloud storage through the app. I select which files I want to upload, select upload, the screen closes as if it’s going to upload the images, but nothing does indeed get uploaded. Not only that when you go to the transfers screen the app just completely crashes. I don’t currently have the “latest” iPhone and I’m only assuming that’s my issue. App isn’t optimized for my phone. Loved this app and web based cloud storage. I’ll have to start looking for an alternative.

- It’s the little things...

I’ve been using the mega app for well over a year now and it’s been a great ride, but they are slowly removing features that were small quality of life options. For instance you use to be able to customize the bottom navigation bar for what ever suits your need(I never use the chat system so it’s wasted space), that was removed. I love the new redesign of app itself but looking at photos for work is not as pleasant anymore since the black background fade is gone when you view an image and now my eyes are being blasted by a bright white light when I am in darker areas. Knowing the file name is useful, but I also would like for it to be hidden as it wastes screen real estate. The base functionality and design are all great, but it’s sad to see the little things pile up and slowly push me to alternatives.

- Wonderful!!

This software is completely great. Using an iOS phone, it has been a tremendous load off my back, as most know, you can not update storage on your iPhone with a SIM card, so what a wonderful and encrypted software to have, to keep your most valuable info and photos or videos or share with a family out of state, a entire video file, with no worries of amount of storage, as an Aplus certified CompTia tech, I am slowly incorporating this for personal use, and as of now, have nothing but good words to say about this software. As the days pass, all files and software are becoming larger and larger, this company is aware and is proactive to this , and I tip my hat with a very large Thank you !!!! Kelly Hester

- Problem with order of files in offline downloaded folders

Great feature- to download entire folders with files. But after that, I can’t properly share the downloaded files with another app because the order of downloaded files seems to be incorrectly shown. I open a file in the offline downloaded list and click on the share button. Then I can share the file to another app, say , a book reader. But the book reader opens a different file, also from the list of downloaded offline files. This happens systematically with all downloaded offline files when there are many in a folder with sub folders. Please fix!

- Awesome!

Believe me when I say this app has saved my life multiple times. As recently as two days ago I updated a social media app (not going to say which one because I don’t want to talk-trash it), and it bricked my phone to the point that it went straight to the apple logo-red screen loop and that was it. I don’t own a laptop so you have an idea of the level of distraught I was. After I found someone who would help me with my iPhone, I remembered that the only thing I have backed up on iCloud are my notes/mails and contacts. You have no idea how glad I am that even though my iPhone went rouge, I had the opportunity to recover everything dear to me thanks to MEGA.

- It is the time for giving and I’m giving you a bad review!

I only had this app because I bought lift 4 videos and to get it on my phone the website only suggested this app. I only had these videos on the app, however I kept getting emails that I was over my limit, I would check my app and only the videos would be on it. Until one day they took the app hostage and said the only way I could get back into it was to pay them money. I tried to contact customer service but all I got was the same rude email back. I had to finally decide that I was going to have to sacrifice my videos I purchased because this free app wanted to screw me over and deleted my account and deleted the app. So if you want rude emails and terrible customer service and a storage app that mysteriously fills up so they can extort money from you then this is the app for you!

- Used to like it

When I first created an account years ago I got 50GB no questions asked. In the day and age of subscriptions and pure greed, this company has fallen in line with all the other greedy companies and has taken away my 50GB and replaced it with "you must do this to keep this" or ask me for money each month for storage. It seems like everything is subscriptions these days and these companies love nickel and diming us to no end. I'll stick with Apple and Google. Not only that, but the PC app is absolutely horrible. You can only initiate one download at a time and everything closes making you right click, choose download, double click the folder where your download is, then choose one file, rinse and repeat. All those steps is absolutely stupid. What year is this? Ever heard of multiple downloads or selecting multiple files? Deleted.

- Rubbish: no privacy & not working

My goal was to share one single video with a friend... Created an account within the app and granted the permission to access photos, and this silly app without asking a thing immediately started to upload all my private photos to it’s cloud!😨 The only way to stop this transfer was to remove the Photos permission in IOS... Then I tried to remove the uploaded photos,- the only thing you can do is to move them to a “rubbish bin”, and still the app shows that the space in your cloud is occupied by them. Ok, let’s try to share a video... Uploaded a video, created a link,- the link just redirects to the MEGA’s main page with their adds and subscription plans (several attempts,- the same result)😒 Have no idea, how is going to pay them for such a service. And finally, you can’t even delete your account.

- Awesome App

Thank you for explaining that, I really like how quick the support is and very helpful and friendly as well This app really is Awesome best that I have seen so far. I changed my rating from a 1 to a 5 I was first promised 20GB Extra for providing my phone number which I never seen those 10 Extra GB the I was promised another 15 GB for installing the mobile app, and 15 additional for account registration and I am still at 50, right now my profile shows that I have 35 Free GB so does that mean I am really only at 15GB and not 50? After all these bonus run out, it shows one already expired which I never seen that one either

- Need improvements

I have been trying to shift to Mega from Dropbox, mainly due to the encryption you guys provide. However, this app needs some improvement. First of all, it needs a dark mode. When I upload or download anything on the app, I need to see the upload meter/bar with speeds. The option to create or upload should be on the bottom, where space is wasted by options that I don’t use. While we’re at it, maybe an ability to transform that bottom dock to personal liking? Lastly, I do see a little lag/bugs here and there - maybe the app needs a little more polishing and optimization with iOS. Overall though, it is a great app but as coming from Dropbox the experience seems a little less polished.

- Love it

Earlier I had left a review saying while I liked the app I had ran into a problem of it not letting me save the videos. But I was mistaken it simply takes some time to save in which I had not noticed until later and how cannot Find my other review. I apologize for jumping the gun so quick and only hope that anyone else who sees this it helps them understand that there’s not always a problem, sometimes you just aren’t looking close enough to what’s really happening. Great app thank you developers please download and give them good rating guys they truly are amazing. Idk what I’d do without this app.

- Surprisingly poor mobile implementation

I signed up for Mega and got the app for the purpose of keeping things I’m working on synced between various computers and my iPad. But that’s not actually what the app does. Unless it’s a photo or video, it won’t keep things synced automatically, instead requiring a manual upload every time. There’s no way to point it to a folder and say “sync this,” unlike on the desktop versions. Instead, you have to run the app, go find the file, and upload it manually. Their website even says as much: note how it says “automatic camera uploads” and “save files locally,” but that’s it. It creates a listing in the folders list to the left in Files, but that doesn’t actually do anything beyond just bringing the app up again. Even simple uploading is far harder than it needs to be. If you just hit “upload” and then “choose,” it then asks for access to your photos and videos. When that’s denied, it says it doesn’t have access and can’t do anything. The actual way is: menu —> upload —> import from... —> browse and then pick the file. That’s 5 actions to accomplish the whole point of the app. It simply makes no sense, and makes basic tasks far harder than they should be.

- Near Perfect if Update Reverted

MEGA for iOS is one of my most used apps. I use it almost every day to look at my personal photos, since it’s really easy to use the PC program and app to make sure everything is in sync! I also really like how I can choose exactly which folders to download offline, a feature I really wish other cloud apps had. My main complaint comes in the latest update. When scrolling through offline pictures in fullscreen mode, every time a new picture is scrolled, the non-fullscreen ui shows up for a brief moment and shakes the entire picture. This issue is incredibly annoying for me, and I hope it can be fixed in the near future!

- Love the app but...

This app is amazing it allows me to have so much storage on my gallery. It lets me keep all my important photos and videos without having to delete them. One problem that happens to me is when I try to upload around 10-20 items it tells me that it doesn’t have the space for that but when I look at my storage usage I’ve barley used an storage. For videos that are a minute long it doesn’t allow me to upload. I don’t know if it’s an issue on my part or the app but I hope it gets fixed soon. Sometimes when I try to upload on the app instead of my gallery it doesn’t upload on there.

- Scam/unethical

The biggest problem I have with this company is the fact that they dive very close to, if not into unethical waters. So they limit the amount of storage or download you can do right, the only way for you to get more is to either buy it, or do a number of things they say will get you a higher limit. The amount you can download restarts every 6 hour, keep that in mind. So when you download their mobile app, or download their computer app it says that it will give you more space. However what it really says in the email they send you in small print at the bottom is that it may take several days for you to get the bonus data. I’m all for company’s making a profit but when you have to do sketchy stuff like this in an effort to make people buy your product, you’re doing something wrong

- Privacy issue on the latest update of the most private app

The new home screen shows the recently updated photos and files, showing their thumbnails, and that’s not definitely desirable when opening the app next to someone. Please allow the customization the home screen. Another problem occurs when 2 computers are connected Megasync: the app won’t move any files, they all automatically go back to their original location. The only solution is to copy them to the desired folder and then delete them. Besides, excellent app but not the best imho until all problems are solved.

- Screw Dropbox, Privacy is Key

If you’ve ever used Dropbox, this is basically identical to that except fully encrypted. Integrates perfectly with phone, multiple PC’s and tablets. Clean and easy interface, this is privacy protection at its absolute finest. You can share files and folders easily with friends and just as easily keep all your secrets hidden from everyone. Mega does not store your password so there will never be a security breach from their end. Free service is great for casual user, and they have enough paid plans to suite any level of users needs. Highly highly recommend this.

- Awesome App but I have questions

I love this App and service so much. A friend referred this to me. However, I have two questions: 1) Will my things going to be deleted days, weeks, or months later after the GB returns to 15? I have 45GB taken right now... will I lose everything ? 2) Will I be able to download all my things, (including the things that takes the extra space), after it returns to 15GB, or I can’t download anything afterwards unless I pay? Also, I’m referring to Free Account, not to any Subscription. I use Mega to revive my best memories and moments in my life, and I’m afraid of loosing them.

- Great App for Business and Personal Use

I’ve been using Mega for my business and personal use for six months. It blows away google drive, one drive, Dropbox, and all the other cloud storage services out there. I never have syncing issues. It works as advertised without fear of losing your data as happened to me with google drive. It’s the most reliable app I’ve ever used. I have all my employees using it. It’s so nice when you get an app that does exactly what is says it will do and is easy to use. I recommend this app to everyone needing a reliable cloud storage solution.

- Generous storage!

I’ve been tired of getting my Dropbox notification saying I’m out of storage. Finally I found out that Mega also offers synchronization among devices. 50 GB is extremely generous! I also like the fact that we can choose the folders to sync on the devices and the ones to be left in the cloud. Thank you for making such a generous and nice offer! The app works great with a minor bug: once you open the file, the button on the top right for opening in other apps does not appear unless you leave the folder and open it again.

- Amazing - Just One Problem

I love this app and everything about it. There is one little bug that bothers me so much though. Whenever I try to play music through this app in the car through an aux cord, the music randomly pauses. There is no pop up message and no way for me to tell what the problem is. There was only one time that it worked all the way through a song and I played an .m4a file as well as an .mp3 file so I know that the filetype is not the problem. If there could be an update fixing this or at least an explanation as to why it happens I would have zero problems with this app.

- One small suggestion

So I use mega as my main method of saving all my media. I love this app so much and wish to see it improve. (Thanks for dark mode btw 🥰) - Can we add the ability to have media we save onto mega be deleted off our phone. Like if I upload X picture of my cat, X picture will then get deleted from my phone? (Obviously ask each time). It’s a feature a lot of photo vault apps use and i think this will improve mega overall. - Custom Folder Icons. Can I upload an image and set that as the folder icon instead of the standard yellow folder icon?

- Good update, mostly

Still the best storage service AND app made. No other cloud app compares to this one. However, the improvements have been hit or miss. I'm glad they listened to feedback and let us change the starting screen. Now I can use the app more often again. However the new thumbnails are GIGANTIC. I'm not sure why you'd want them so big. You want to see more things at a glance but now they are too big. At least make different thumbnail size options like the ios photos app. Basically, the older version was very good but the new "modernizations" have made it less user friendly.

- Excellent App, But Video Playback is Abysmal

I love this app. Pictures stored are solid, and I can access and scroll through them anytime. However, video playback has always been spotty at best. I like to keep videos stored on the Mega cloud to keep space on my iPhone X free. However, my videos freeze constantly when I try to play them. Even on a Fios Gigabit connection, the playback freezes on a 300mb video every 2 or 3 seconds. And streaming to a box like AppleTV, for get about it. These issues have continued for over a year, through countless updates. I’m now shopping for a better cloud server for it needs. 😞

- Can’t transfer files over to other apps

So in order to transfer specific files over to my other apps I have to open up Filza on my jailbroken iDevice go into this app’s documents folder and move the file inside the documents folder into another app’s documents folder. Also not having easy access to my offline documents that I have downloaded is really annoying and I would implore you to fix that in the next update please I’m sick of the transfers tab being stuck in some somewhere. Otherwise good app if only they could increase the transfer limit so you can also use all 50 gigabytes of that free cloud storage as well.

- Great app missing one feature

I’ve using this app for years. It is one of the best if it is not the best. One obstacle I noticed recently with app is I can’t upload, share or save to loca device the media I have in the offline folder. Sometime you think about sharing what you have in the offline folder with friends. But up to now whatever you put in that folder is stuck you can’t move around, you can’t share or upload it to only space, sadly the only thing you can do is delete it. I hope they add this feature in the next update. I’d be great to have that. T

- Problem from recent update

I downloaded this storage app on my iPhone X for the sake of being able to download and save zip files to a manga series I’m reading and before the update I was able to click on a zip file and then click ‘preview content’ to of course preview the content within the zip file, but now that ‘preview content’ option isn’t there anymore when you look at the zip file. I don’t know if this was done intentionally or if on accident considering that when you click where that option used to be (what’s now empty space) a small loading indicator shows up but does nothing no matter how long it sits there

- One Issue

From reading other reviews, I can tell this is a great app, but I can’t seem to use it correctly. I’m an editor, so I like to download scene packs into my phone. Unfortunately, the first time I tried to download a scene pack from Instagram, I copied the link to Safari, and then clicked on “Open in Mega”. After that, it opened the Mega App and then showed me the file. I clicked on the 3 dots by the file and clicked “Download”. When I clicked the icon, my screen completely froze, and then a few seconds later, the app crashed. I went to go back into the app, but again, the screen froze and the app crashed.. again. I’ve re-downloaded Mega 2 times and the same thing has happened. How do I fix this?

- Better than gdrive but

This app is better than google drive which take forever to upload an batch of photos As much as mega app is great especially with Transfer log is great but could do with one more column like fail to upload , i usually do batch uploads and leave my phone on for the uploading since i uploading lots of photos I can’t. See fast enough the pop up fail to upload msg fast to go back and upload that photo again It will be great if the app have details on fail to upload photos In a column so users can see which photos didn’t get transferred

- Almost perfect

This app is great! It syncs well to the desktop version and JUST WORKS. The only problem I have is with trying to download multiple files to my iPhone camera roll. If you select more than 4 photos at a time the option to save to camera roll disappears! This is horrible when I’m trying to download 50+ pictures. Please allow me to download a larger batch to be camera roll. Update: After sending a video of the issue I have been notified that it is not a bug but a limitation of the iOS system, to proceed and prevent an error. -1 to my opinion of iOS.

- Good app

EDIT: Just realized what happened: I had two different accounts on the app. It made sense when switching accounts that my original videos disappeared. Ignore my initial review. Using only the free membership, I had some videos that took a while to download until I exceeded the quota. I closed the app for a second and came back only to find everything gone. Now I have to redownload everything and I essentially wasted the last hour for nothing. There wasn’t even a heads up when they disappeared. Thanks for nothing, smh...

- Good app with one issue

The app has been fine but ever since i’ve updated my to version 4.0, i have had trouble playing my .mp4 files. Some might play with no difficulty but with others, a message box pops up saying that the file is not supported with my device and that i should save it for offline and open it in a compatible app. I’ve tried doing that but it says that i don’t have enough space on my phone. However, ive checked and i still have plenty of space. Usually, i just needed to close and reopen the app for my videos to work but even that doesn’t work anymore. Is there anything i can do?

- should use this as primary online backup for photos

Theres nothing bad about this company, because they give you 50gb storage that is far beyond best for free users over the other mainstream service like dropbox and iCloud where give tiny space, even they give us large storage, never felt like laggy on uploading or downloading something. I use it on desktop too,Guys online hosting is expensive nowadays, but mega is serving us freely, and I hope to see you guys keep it updates and more news soon.

- Wack

So I downloaded the app made a account and then downloaded a music file and then I tried playing the music and my whole phone just shut offf and restarted its self and I thought it was just my phone and I tried it again and the sameee thing happen so I deleted the app and downloaded it again and logged in and everything was working fine all the music was playing for me and everything and I go to change the song and then ever stops working again like it just keeps on giving me a continuous loading screen and just freezes to where I gotta close the app and open it back up so I deleted it again and I tryed logging back in and the samee thing just happens so I stopped trying.

- Same persisting issue years later

Great when you’re on a computer, but if you’re on your phone (which I’m guessing you are if you’re reading this), nu know that if you have a lot of pictures, there is no way to reliably upload every picture unless you select them one by one within the app itself. This feature of mass selection was removed a while ago, and they continue to make it worse with each update, making it more tedious and more time consuming to select each photo. All it needs is some way to select a number of photos at a time, or a whole album, and it would be absolutely perfect.

- Amazing, but buggy

If you didn’t know, Mega is the only E2E cloud storage around, so this is the only game in town if you want legit secure cloud storage. They also bundle in communication, albeit in a subpar way compared to similar offerings like Wire. I think I’d prefer they just nailed the cloud storage and the apps for them rather than work on the communication features: - Crashed or hangs a lot, especially when deleting or sharing - Does’t have true ‘push’: when opening a chat, you have to wait for the chat to load, unlike with Wire - No file tagging - No notification settings or options on a per chat or per contact basis - No support for the new business plans, which are already clunky and almost impossible to use anyway - Clunky UI That being said, it’s still well worth using, I’ve been a paid member since launch.

- Update: Not working properly when connected to WiFi iOS 14

Edit: the developer responded. As is usually the case, this was user error(read, my fault). The app requires local network permission which I hadn’t granted previously. I have updated my score to reflect the changes. As the title indicates, the app solely works on my iPhone pro max when connected via LTE, it refuses to load while on WiFi. Please update and also remove splash screen asking for phone number verification nearly every time I open.

- To the one star reviewer "Annoyed and worse"

Update in response to developer: Ok ;) MEGA has nothing to do with the problems you describe. Your computer is infected and your browser compromised. This didn't happen from MEGA. Secondly, they do have desktop syncing apps for all major platforms. You're severely misinformed in your review from beginning to end. I'm an IT professional and I recommend MEGA to all of my medical clients for storing their encrypted backups. MEGA adds another layer of security that no other cloud services provide. To those complaining of slow speeds, you're welcome to get a USA based totally exposed insecure cloud solution for your data. But if you want the most secure and robust encryption, you choose MEGA. I am not affiliated with MEGA in any way, but I'm a heavy user as are my clients. Wonderful service. Thanks to Kim and the team in NZ. Your work is appreciated.

- It’s great but one problem

This app is really great to download any videos from an link, but mostly when you click an mega link (a video that been downloaded by someone) through Instagram and basically you click “open in mega app” to download it, but it’ll straight up takes you to the App Store, not the mega app. that’s just the problem that I have right now. and I don’t know if it’s because i don’t have enough GB/storage or it’s just not working.

- Best storage app

I never write reviews but I just had to because this app saved my phone, I do video edits on my phone and the footage is far too bulky for my 15gb standard storage, but this app actually houses it all and makes it easy to transfer to “Photos” app/the gallery. The download and upload time is outstanding and unbeatable compared to any other storage app, please get this app if you are looking for something that works to hold storage, Mega will not disappoint.

- Slow, slow and buggy, did I mention slow

I’m paying a subscription fee and for all practical purposes camera upload doesn’t work. Rather, it stops working if the screen goes dark, if you use another app, etc. Once things are in the cloud it can be very slow to retrieve/display them. I have ultrafast broadband so I think it’s the app. (the desk top uploader for a large file worked well, but I don’t have this option when trying to get photos off the iphone.)

- amazing app!

i love this! you can easily store files so you can free up space on your phone, and it’s very easy to download them back. it has lots of space for free, and it doesn’t cost much at all to get more! as an editor who has WAY too many photos and videos on my phone, it’s perfect. and it’s really easy to give stuff to friends without using all of their phone storage. 10/10 would recommend to a friend.

- Really great!

I don’t usually write reviews often, but I decided to write some about MEGA. All in all, the app is good, but it does have some flaws. When I often click on a video to download it, it never shows up in my camera roll and I have no way of knowing if the process is actually working. Another thing I noticed is that sometimes files don’t open. I’ll click on a file and it will be shaded over, but the file won’t actually open. I have tried exiting out of the app and restarting it, but I’m still having the issue.

- Some problems

This is a GREAT app but sometimes when I win giveaway they send me a link so I get the app but afterwards I click the link it loads.... it say “ open in browse “ and “open in app “ I click open in app then I get meet with a gray screen that says try again I keep clicking to refresh arrow but nothing happens it gets to to point where it transports me o the App Store but already have the app what do I do to get it to work .BUT SOMEtimes it does work the rate if it actually working is about 4/10 times do you have any ideas on how I could fix it ?

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- Amazing Encryption, Amazing Service, Amazing App

MEGA has been my favourite ever since i started using it, and it only improves its service over time. You cant really look back after using MEGA! It has unbreakable encryption, which only you hold the encryption key too, meaning nobody can ever access or view your files! I do have one minor improvement, this one bugs me too. They only use a single Camera Upload Folder, which means when i use my two phones (one for work, one for personal) my work photos and personal photos are all messed up together in the one folder. I would highly recommend MEGA having individual upload folders inside the Camera Upload Folder e.g. All photos would upload into the relevant device folder, inside the Camera Uploads folder, For Example: Camera Uploads / Lukes iPhone X - Your second folder would be: Camera Uploads / Lukes Work Phone etc. I know of other providers that offer this setup, it would be great if MEGA updated this as well, having multiple device uploading into the single folder is a pain.

- Words Can’t Express Enough...

I’ve been using MEGA for the past few years and have hardly had many problems with it - like any app, it has an occasional problem and sometimes the users are like testers... that all problems can easily be fixed if the developers are informed about/of it. (EG. Slow to load occasionally). While many other services provide 1-5GB of free space, I’ve ALWAYS loved how MEGA gives 50GB and doesn’t expect or ask me to do anything in return, just to get it. As of lately, family/friends and I have had problems accessing a lot of the messengers in the iTunes App Store - when MEGA added the chat feature, it became so much easier for us to be able to stay in contact with each other (especially during the times when we don’t have cell/mobile credit for phone calls/sms). When video and calls arrive, I won’t have any reason to use other apps - I can just use the one... MEGA. 👍🏼

- Not suitable for apple mobile products. Download only if you enjoy wasting time.

The task ahead was real simple: download video from mega iOS app to iPad Pro. ▪️Attempted to save video from mega to iOS photos, for whatever reason it couldn’t perform that simple task, despite there being adequate device storage available on my iPad. First caveat. ▪️Attempted to send the video from the mega app to my iCloud Drive instead - the stupid app sent a useless text file. 2nd caveat. ▪️In order to access the video from my mega account on my iPad I had to take the following steps (dealbreaker, no way in hell would I pay money to go through the following rigmarole): 1. Open mega web app in chrome (no way I’m downloading the desktop app after the iOS app proved to be literally useless.) 2. Download the video to my PC 3. Upload the video from my PC to iCloud web app 4. access the video from iCloud my iPad Pro My next steps from here: 1. Delete this app to save precious device storage 2. Upgrade my iCloud storage plan 3. Never stray from apple again, iCloud isn’t perfect but it works. Without all the added rigmarole. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not prepared to waste precious time for what appears to be an encrypted cloud storage service with several caveats. Boxcryptor does the exact same thing (also, boxcryptor just works. Highly recommend to those who value their time.)

- Broken

Whenever I try to open a zip file it will download but it cont give me the option to actually open it. I’ve never had problems until now so I’m not sure if my app is broken or the new update did something to this feature.

- Would’ve given 5 stars but...

I downloaded Mega a while ago and at first had no problems, I could download all of the files and links that were sent to me onto my phone. However, today I got sent a link and clicked on it. As usual I was taken to browser mode, and I clicked on the files and tapped download. Obviously I had to go to the app to download, but everytime I click “go to app” it takes me to the app store page where i then have to open Mega. So by the time I open the app, the files are gone and I can’t look them up. I’m really sad because I love Mega and it’s so useful, but it seems I can’t download anything anymore. Please fix this issue.

- Needs better video playback functions

This app is good but it could be great. One problem I encountered is that it needs a playlist function so that we can watch multiple videos or listen to songs etc. that flow one into the next rather than starting one, ending it, starting another etc. Right now a video completely closes once it ends... that's kind of annoying. It just needs better playback functions. I had other criticisms but that's all that's coming to mind right now... would be great if you guys could add that playlist feature and in future would give 5 stars, really.

- needs to fix this email bug

i have tried every single one of my emails, triple checked all of them and nothing has been sent to any of them. every time i try to log in it says ‘Error: Please check your email and follow the link to confirm your account’ so i check my email and nothing is there. i do that with a different email and then it says it is invalid. after that i tried making a new account, and the verification email didn’t send to any of the emails i tried. keep in mind that all the emails i used were real and i had already tried deleting the app and downloading it again. fix. this.

- Doesn’t work for multiple files

The app was buggy but useable before. If you were uploading or downloading more than a couple of files it would often stop without prompt and for no reason. Since there was no progress bar, you can never tell if all of your files have transferred or some haven’t—unless you manually count each file beforehand and make sure 67/67 where transferred. Since this update it’s gotten worse: 1. You can’t scroll select so you have to tap each individual file to select it. Imagine doing that for a hundred+ files. 2. Only ‘save to photos’ works reliably. Save to files either doesn’t work at all or saves everything as txt. files. 3. Save to files only works for 1 picture at a time, you cannot select 10 files and save to your photos. So completely useless. The desktop app is ok, but both are worse than dropbox or google drive.

- Warning: Not Private.

So, there is absolutely an error on some uploads to private accounts “unacceptable usage violation”, where your file will be deleted. Perhaps it’s copywrited material you own, perhaps not, regardless the fact they are checking file hashes (like dropbox) means files are NOT in fact encrypted client side and this is NOT an end to end private application. They are at very minimum hash-checking your files. I guess what do we expect though right, unless you roll your own solution you’re not going to get true encryption. This product however does not live up to its claims and lies to users. BE AWARE.

- Great service app has a huge flaw

Love MEGA as my cloud file storage solution and using for many years now. The iOS apps do not integrate properly with the Files app. It’s really hard to save things directly to, or open files from MEGA in other apps — which defeats the purpose of cloud storage for saving files on a mobile device. You cannot use the native Files app to browse as you can with services like Dropbox and OneDrive.

- It’s a good app but need some improvements

The only reason I have given this app 3 star is because it stops downloading when switching over to another app. The app can be better if developers are informed about user needs or improvements so please add background downloading because we can’t stay while the file downloads when it is of more than 10gb it takes time so please add background downloading...

- Was fine until tonight

I’m not trying to download/transfer anything I’m just trying to watch the beginning of an episode of something to see if it’s worth downloading and I keep getting a depleted transfer quota. I’ve never had this issue before. It was fine a few hours ago but now there’s that message that keeps popping up meaning I can’t watch anything 😓

- Crashes & Closes?!?

I like Mega, I really do but can developers fix the crashing and closing that is occurring? When I first installed this wasn’t an issue - in the last few weeks the app has been rendered virtually useless and it is interfering with my ability to deliver work to clients!!! Can I get an answer ASAP? I thought it might be my iOS so I updated but ALAS - no change. Please make it work again?! I have even uninstalled and reinstalled.

- Download while not on the app

Mega is one of the most used apps on my phone , but I do have a problem for when I need it but I’m downloading something or saving something to my camera roll. You should make it so we don’t need to be on the app for it to download

- Great app but issues

All day today I haven’t been able to download anything. Since I accidentally deleted a file that was 4.26GB all that’s been popping up is “exceeding quota limit” even though it isn’t. Please explain what’s happening and give me a way to fix it?

- Multiple problems

When viewing images, none of the buttons work. I will click on a button and it will hide the buttons lie what would happen if you just clicked the image. Also, no matter what I try, when I turn on passcode, the passcode will always be my iPad passcode, not the one that I set. Apart from these few problems, pretty good.

- The last update is buggy...

Please fix the errors with the new release - the app hangs on the following message - ‘uploading in progress, X files pending’ x is s random number. The photos are uploading fine with other apps. Great update otherwise.

- Best iOS file uploader and manager

Mega is absolutely the best and I can’t explain it. You can upload, download files and always does the job perfectly. On top of that, getting 65GB for free to upload and download files is absolutely amazing! I love it:)

- Open and play audio file, click next and then it closes

Everytime I try to open an audio file to listen, and then click next, it closes.

- Thank You

Thanks for supporting older devices, will only ever use this cloud storage service. Be great if you had internal pdf viewer and could view two pdf side by side. And same with other media.

- Tutorial

A good idea for new people like myself and others is a Tutorial to show how to take a big advantage of the app or for how to use and do different features

- Stupid

I found a movie someone made that I thought was really cool so I went to watch it and it had a link to the mega website. On the website it said open with the app I clicked that and it went to the App Store and I had already downloaded the app so I thought that’s weird. I clicked the open button and on the app I couldn’t find the file anywhere

- Not working

Meg is so useful to a lot of instagram editors including me, however today I pressed on the app and it got stuck on the loading screen. I tried re downloading the app and it still won’t work.

- App launch time

Mobile app takes too long time to launch in iphone

- Suggestions

Can the chat function be updated to include tagging members and reaction to messages? Also dan night mode be created the app is very bright

- Location permission?

Wondering why Mega needs location permission to do background uploads. Other apps like Dropbox don’t ask for it and it works completely fine. At least offer a scheduled upload at night. 🥲

- The best!

The best cloud server and app since Moses downloaded the 10 commandments. Fast, easy, no clutter, value for money, works well with all devices. Thanks Mega.

- Please fix this now mega

One of my friends sent me a link to my favourite show supernatural for mega and I’m like yay cant wait and I press on the link and I opens and I press open mega app because I have the app but it takes me to the App Store and I press open and it takes me to the app but by the time it dose this the file that I wanted was lost 😭 please please please fix this now mega

- Non downloading games!

I got this game I few weeks ago and it has brought me nothing but trouble. I have tried to download a game and every time it says download complete nothing gasps been completed and I can’t play the game! I go onto the the file thing and all it says it the files name and data. I can’t play the game please fix my issue.

- Chocolate teapot app

Hours of my life wasted trying to get anything to play on this platform. The interface says download complete but there’s no way to actually play it. Even more hours of my life wasted waiting for support to reply with the next generic waste of time response. I even paid to upgrade but made zero difference. 0 stars.

- Amazing service

Excellent speed uploading and downloading. Affordable plans with options to go in to the multi terabytes!

- it needs fixing with one problem

whenever i type a mega link into my browser, it always says i cant download the content or open it or whatever and i have to open the app to do so. whenever i press “open with the app” it only takes me to mega on the appstore and i already have the app so when i press “open” the content cannot be found and this has stuffed me uo because i havent been able to download things i really wanted

- Camera Roll Trouble

It is alright but I am having problems with saving the videos to my Camera Roll, and it has access to it, but for some reason it just never saves?

- Bad experience

My friend shares a document through Mega with me. It said the document is too big to open on browser and forced me to download the app. Took me a few minutes to download and to sign up. Then I clicked to open the document again through the app and NOTHING there but my fresh empty account! What the heck!

- Video looping and types of files

App is great but I’d be a bit better with video looping and more video file type availablility.

- ok

been using it for a year or so its pretty good and easy to use I recommend it

- ios 11 support ready 👍🏽

This app is so awesome now with pip working fine and slipt view enabled, thank you so much guys 👍🏽

- Infuriating

A large number of files I see on desktop and on Web don't show up in the app! And there is no way to force a refresh in the app. Which makes it basically useless.

- iOS update made app faulty

App worked perfectly fine until the newest iOS update. Now videos won’t play in app or when downloaded to an iPhone photo gallery. Customer service won’t reply to emails if you don’t have a pro account.

- Doesn’t work like it used to

I think Mega is a great app but the recent update made the app awful. It keeps glitching me out, I can’t upload anything anymore and the dark mode for mega doesn’t fit right. Thanks

- Best and most secure cloud sharing app

Thank you for such a complete system

- Amazing

Very good. So much storage for free. Thanks so much Mega! Now my phone storage won’t end

- Help

I’ve tried logging in with 4 different emails and apparently all of them are used I haven’t been on this app before and I’m confused

- Confused

So basically I tried downloading soemthing but than when I finished, it said Microsoft windows stuff etc so I’m just wondering, is this app for iPad or laptop ? Pls ans that’s all I’m asking :)

- I would give zero stars if it’s optional

Just downloaded setup account and instantly crashed and now the app crashes every time I open app unimpressed what good is an app that doesn’t work answer it isn’t

- Keeps Crashing

It's good, but for some reason the app crashes every time I try to open it. Very annoying.


I forgot my password and my recovery key is there any other possible way I could get my account back I have baby pictures that I have saved to mega and I really want them as memories please help and get back to me urgently as this is very upsetting to me. Kind regards. Jahmal Levi

- Crashes Randomly

After downloading MP3 files for offline use, the app crashes randomly during playback. Please fix the bug! :-(

- Problems

I do not like this app at all, I cannot log in and am sick and tired of the app... I have had other problems where I can not locate the terms and conditions agree button. Ver disappointed

- Money stealers

I had money in my account and I got messages saying I purchased something from the company mega it said that mega logged into my iCloud account from an unknown device and then boom! I lost 30 bucks from these twats

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- i don’t know what to do?

i have had this app before and it kept saying that the transfer was over quota and i had no more storage so i deleted the app got rid of everything, and downloaded it again buts it’s still saying that. What do i do?

- MEGA Rules Them All

When everyone was cloud-crazy, getting free GBs from every company that offered them, I was among them. I probably had about 30 free accounts. Then they started dropping like flies; their free accounts were no more...or the company got out of the cloud storage business altogether! I still have several, but I find myself turning more and more to just a couple that I use most often...and MEGA is one of them. First, the free tier is very generous. It is solid, and I feel more comfortable with their security than I do most of their rivals. But what I’m most impressed with is that they are becoming integrated with my browser and online experience. It’s fantastic when I need a file from a colleague and instead of downloading it, I'm asked if I would like to just save it into my MEGA space. Yes, I would! It’s awesome! This is a five-star app delivering a five-star service. I hate inept users who give apps 1 star because they don’t understand how it works or what it’s for. I love MEGA...I sure hope they're here to stay.


downloaded to see dracuinas onlyfans leak


Hey mega, just wanted to inform that i keep deleting things and i still have no space? i deleted plenty of folders and videos in the app and i also deleted 200+ photos and videos from my gallery. i also try to download videos from the app but it’s not working

- Keeps Crashing

The app kept crashing everytime i tried to access it from the actual app or a shortcut, I’ve also updated the app to the most recent version released 4 days ago but the issue still persists. This only started happening after iOS 14.1 or 14.2 was released

- Crashing

I’ve used this app before and it was fine... However it is constantly crashing now I can’t even open the app

- Yes yes

Only fans 🥺🥺🥺

- Read TH3 Crow's review.

My words exactly this company has stayed through some rough times and still didn't do what almost all the others did. I'm looking at you Amazon. They kept their 50 gb offer and didn't change it to 5 gb and offer people what already had an account a discount.

- Do not trust these guys!

I was asked to move my data because I did not have premium account. But when I tried copying it locally, it did not allow me. Asked me to upgrade before copying it.. I have reported this to Apple about sketchy practices.. please be aware

- Freezing

I have no idea why, but MEGA keeps freezing everytime I click on a video/gif.

- An absolutely enchanting experience.

Everything is evenly planned out, from the small aesthetics to the app’s features. Its truly a well done app, especially as it comes from a very good natured company. 50gb’s is considerably generous. Although, I’ve been experiencing troubles lately with a black screen. As soon as I log into the app, the screen will turn black and suddenly kick me out.. is there a solution for such an event?

- Best Encrypted Service Cloud

Period. We need more, but this does the job so freaking well.

- Super trash

Every ten seconds the video loads. You download the video it never works after same thing in my phone and in my chrome book this app is ultra trash every ten seconds the video loads you can’t watch the video in peace

- Why can I not watch videos in landscape?

Every app rotates on my phone, except for mega.

- I can’t preview my photos

I can’t view the photos on the app, all apear scrambled, the only way to access my photos is to export them to the Photos app. so a bit pointless. Their solution is to change the settings on my phone to “More Compatible” and use an app to change my existing photos to jpeg.

- TOS/AUP Violation

Hey I was wondering why I can’t watch or download any videos

- Fix your app

Downloading a 50 mb folder makes the app crash. I am using an iPhone XR that can download the latest iOS and run more specs reliant apps than mega, so don’t try and say it’s my phones problem. As I said before, downloading a folder makes the whole app crash, which defeats the purpose of the app, doesn’t it? Fix this.

- Mega app is getting worse and worse

The app is getting worse and worse whenever it upgrades. I wish I could downgrade it to old version.

- Fix

I can’t even use the app because it freezes whenever I open it.

- Refuses to work

When I try to download a folder from somewhere, te app freezes and loses all interactivity. Tapping anywhere does nothing and the app is completely dead. Opening and closing the app also does not help

- e

when i try saving a file to my photos it takes a long time

- Can’t delete files even though I’m over limits.

I keep trying to clear out my files but the app won’t let me delete them because it tells me I don’t have enough storage? How do I delete files if you have to copy it to the rubbish bin. Badly designed app.

- No login with Apple?

I thought that was required? How are you able to stay on the store without it?


I can’t open my font zip files anymore. I used to be able to clip on the zip and I would send me to archive version for me to import it to the other apps. I’m unable to do this now. This is very important I’ve been trying many things but it still isn’t working. Please revert back to the old version where I can open my zip files!

- Please read

After iOS 14 update and mega update I can’t open mega with wifi.... I need to use data to open the app. Please fix this problem


Recently mega has not been working if i open the app for only a couple of seconds and when i play a video over 2 seconds long it glitches a lot and i am unable to use it for my edit account. If you can please fix the app as soon as possible

- Nice app but...

It logged me out and won’t let me log back in so I lost everything, according to the message I read. Not sure how or why I was logged out nor why it won’t recognize my password. Started over with another email. Had to remove a star because I’m getting permission pop ups every 5 minutes even when I’m saying yes. Must be a bug but a very annoying bug to say the least. Please fix asap or I’ll have to uninstall. Hate pop ups messing with my internet surfing.

- Needs improvement

Great app I use it a lot, except lately I can’t select multiple pics/videos and move them into other folders, so I have to individually move them which is not fun at all. App crashes on me sometimes while loading takes so long. Besides that it’s helped me out a lot thank you!

- No longer able to open app

I can not enter the app anymore and there is a message telling me "Unable to reach Mega. Please check your connectivity or try again later." even though I have a strong internet connection.

- Help

I love MEGA and I find it very useful but recently for some reason I haven’t been able to get into the app. I’ve tried resetting my phone but it just doesn’t work for some reason. UPDATE: I have now deleted and re got the app. Now it is not letting me log into my account. I even made a new one and it still won’t work. Please fix this.

- Unnecessary permissions

Appears to require viewing other devices on your network on the latest iOS. Without selecting yes, it won’t allow you to sign in (infinite loading loop).

- Nope

Quit sending me emails I don’t want to use your terrible app get over it

- Pictures

I love this app! What is happening?!? I can’t download pictures to my folders, when I select any picture on my phone and add it to one of my folders on the app it doesn’t show under “transfers” the picture downloading

- Transferring to files is excruciating

The only way to transfer offline files to the files app is to individually transfer each one rather than transferring the entire folder or a zip. This is terrible for folders which have 100s of files.

- Doesn’t work

PLS ANSWER THIS, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT !!!! Hi !I love this app sm, it helps a lotttt downloading my scenes on this app for my edits but today, i’ve got the same message at least ten times saying that too much things were downloading at the same time, but nothing was downloading.I thought it was my storage so i deleted a lot of files but it didn’t change anything.I’m a little nervous rn bc i’m scared this problem will stay if you don’t help me with this issue

- Help

I was trying to make an account, when I typed my email it said that it already existed, I can’t make an account if the code that I’m supposed to get is sent to that other person.

- Crash

I tried downloading a file to iCloud and it says the download completes and when I click on it I can’t access the vault and the screen freezes and I have to restart the app and it does this over and over and I’m unable to access my vault which is very frustrating

- Audio/videos won’t play

I added a couple audios to my cloud drive but when I try to play it it just exits the audio

- Hacked by this app

Obtrusive email blast from contacts list. Horrible and dangerous. Delete immediately and stay away.

- My downloads won’t go through

Good afternoon, I intend to be as specific as possible but in this case it might be difficult. Recently I downloaded a video that was 16 mins, I saved it to photos over and over again, uploaded it to my iCloud, and it hasn’t show up in my photos anywhere. I tried exporting a photo to see if that would go through, but that wouldn’t go through either. Please fix this, I love this app, but if this problem goes on I don’t think I will be able to use it any longer.

- Great

This app is really helpful but can take a long time to send to camera roll and when saved it won’t be in my normal videos it will be in most recent or something like that but other wise it has been a big help and I 100% recommended

- Can’t save stuff

Whenever I press save it says it’s in my camera roll but it’s never there. I have to keep pressing save for it to actually save. Sometimes it takes a day for something to save which is not ok and should be fixed!!1!!2

- Can’t change password on this version

Can’t change password on this version — something must go wrong

- very disappointed

I am very disappointed because when I try to make a account this app never accepts my gmail i tried 4 different emails still never works

- 50gb not longer available

I downloaded the app because I read they give you 50gb but now that I opened the app it says I only have 15gb, what happened?

- download?

how do we download to ipad into mega app, download button disappeared thanks

- Used to be amazing, what happened? :(

This app used to be AMAZING! I loved it, it did it’s job and was really helpful. Now it won’t let me play videos, it lags my phone, it glitches, and now the app gets stuck and doesn’t work at all. I’m so disappointed. Please fix this!

- nono

this app was pretty good at first but then i kept waiting HOURS for some stuff to download which didnt work. took about 3 hours of me waiting for it to download but it just said “couldnt save”. I even have enogh storage amd waiting for that to load took the LONGEST TIME EVER. please make downloads faster.

- videos won’t play

I’m not sure if it’s my phone or if it’s the app but i’ve tried everything to make it work and it won’t. every time I try to play a video longer than 15 minutes, it keeps pausing. it won’t even play. the pause/play button just keeps going back to pause. it’s never done this until I redownloaded the app a few days ago and i’m not sure what’s wrong. please help.

- Crashing!

I’m have an active monthly subscription but I’m forced to cancel as the ios app is basically unusable for me. It takes a very long time to load on iphone 7 and now it keeps crashing when loading for me. I was able to fix this once by deleting the app, rebooting the phone and installing the app again. It finally worked again but after a couple of days, it started to crash when going in the app again. I don’t want to have to reinstall the app and reboot the phone every time i use the app. I’m sorry but until this is fixed, i’ll have to cancel the subscription. I hope this will eventually get fixed because I think the service is priced properly (if it worked).

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- Your MEGA account has exceeded its storage

Your MEGA account has exceeded its storage limit “ more than 30 days and you've ignored all of our warnings.?? So what? Just don’t upload any more!! But Deleting all my files because I don’t pay? I never sign a contract, I just used the space you provided me. Please, mega owner. We love your concept of freebies. Don’t make us think that you’ve changed. Q: do I have the right to my files? Are you forcing us to buy if not you would delete them?? I’m confused 🤷‍♂️

- Downloaded Video isn’t playing

I personally used this app about two years to download a video and watch it. It worked and I was pleased to watch the video I downloaded. Then I deleted it and now, two years later, I do the exact same thing of installing mega app on my iPhone and downloading the video. Once it downloads however, it doesn’t play! There’s no play button appearing. For me it’s just a grey canvas that says: EP173X Starlight Starbright data (sailor moon dubbed episode) Is there any solution to this problem? Because as of now, the service this app provides is quite disappointing.

- Offline downloads gone after latest update.

New update has removed the ability to download files locally for offline use. Terrible. Update: Received an email from Mega claiming that they removed the ability to download locally because “iOS doesn’t have a file system”. This is an absolute joke coming from an iPad Pro user who has been using Mega to download files locally for months now. The developers of this app are absolutely clueless for pushing a backwards update like this. They’re blatantly trying to force users into paying for larger cloud storage instead of downloading for files for offline use. Lazy and disingenuous excuse from the developers.

- Can’t Download A Cloud Folder To Local (iPhone 12 Pro Max)

I probably fall under the “power user” category for this app as I subscribe at the 2TB level and use about 1.6 of it and transfer a decent amount per month. I used to really love Mega, and the old app was flawless. This new GUI won’t let me keep an offline folder up-to-date. When I click the ellipse and select download the transfer bubble in the bottom right appears and then disappears. The folder that I’m trying to download then populates a green download bar beneath it and registers a speed of 0KB/s. Impossible to make this useful in my life anymore and now I have shop for an alternative and migrate. What a shame.


Whenever I try saving files to my photos, it says “saving photos.....” but when it says that, it don’t be in my album, and I’m confused on why it’s not popping up in my album So here is what I am doing when I’m trying to save it to my photos, so I go to the three dots and then there’s four things the icon pops up “import” “save photos” “download” “open” and I press save photos and it’s going in my album and I figure if it’s an bug so can you plzzz update your mega and fix the bug

- Amazing

I really don't know how I used to live before discovering MEGA. The app experience is great. Reliable and smooth functionality both on mobile and on PC. The best part is that MEGA is so generous that I dont even need to purchase any extra storage. All of my files combined don't even full up 15% of my free storage plan. I've recommended this app to many people and they all loved it. Sharing files with people really has never been easier.

- Sharing Extension

Everything else works as expected except for the fact that the Sharing Extension which allows for downloadable files to be uploaded directly to Mega doesn't seem to always work right under iOS 9.3.5. My device is a First Generation Wi-Fi White 32 GB iPad mini too. The web browser which your Sharing Extension currently has issues with is the final build of Chrome for iOS 9 too. Please fix this bug and I will even generously add another Star to my review too.

- Good but could be better

50gb free is absolutely perfect. Especially for someone who’s constantly doing things, editing files on the go, etc. Really nice to upload here and download on my computer at home. However, there are times when the app is slow or the boot up is much slower than normal. And I think it’d be nice to have the option to change the list view to a thumbnail view, etc. Other than that, I haven’t had many issues.

- Help!

Hi, So I lost my password. I know, stupid! I actually have it in an app that keeps all my passwords. Ironically tho, I have that app backup kit on Mega and I can’t login to it with only my Email and password.. so I guess you see where my problem is. I need your help please. I emailed you and direct messaged you on Twitter but I didn’t get a response. I actually need the things in my account for my work. I love your app. Please respond as soon as possible 🙏🏽

- It was great until...

I’ve been using MEGA for about 4 months now, and it’s been great, until the past few weeks. Every time I try to visit a link people send me through MEGA, I’ll try and play it and it doesn’t work. It’s extremely laggy and takes forever to see what’s even on the link. I do not know how to fix this. I’ve tried deleting the app & reinstalling, I’ve tried restarting my phone multiple times, refreshing the link, yet nothing seems to work. Please fix this bug or let me know a way I can fix it.

- Its really good just need a fix...

okay so i have just started using mega this year and its such an amazing app, until everytime i go on mega now it freezes my phone and makes it slow, shuts it off on its own. This has been happening for a while now and i would just like to know if anyone else has had this problem or if its just me. Overall this app is very good for storage and more! 💗

- Nice

Hey this is a pretty great app overall! I use it for storing my content for video edits. However sometimes when I open the app it just freezes and won’t let me do anything. I try restarting my phone, as well as completely closing out of the app and then going back in but nothing seems to work. Eventually it resumes functioning as normal, but this is just a small annoying thing I’ve noticed. But overall it’s an awesome app and I’m so, so grateful!! <3

- Very disappointed in mega

When I first download the app June 2019 this app was PERFECT!!! No problems everything worked just fine and I loved it. Now the app is costing me a Fortune, when I send out video links it send different videos not the ones I sent(costing me a fortune) sometimes I can’t log off plus when I send videos sometimes it send double videos. This is why I hate updating my apps. They take a perfectly good app and mess it up. And I pay faithfully every month good money. I wish I would’ve never updated my app

- Was good but new update makes it a hassle

I always wished for someway to mass select items to upload besides clicking each individual file. Like some way to drag. Luckily the newest update makes it even HARDER because now when I’m spending forever individually selecting files it thinks I want to view them. So now I get to click it and then back and repeat that process 5 times before it simply selects the file. Glad you guys made already time consuming file uploads take 10x longer....

- My preferred backup solution

This is by far the best cloud service I've used. I have Mega on my Windows and Linux desktop, and the iPhone app works great. I can easily back up or move my photos to my hard drive at home. The storage size is very generous too. One major caveat: it only uploads pics when the app is open and in the foreground. I want it to be active 24/7 in the background, just like most cloud services. Please add that option.

- Cannot save anything on MEGA

The app works only as cloud browser. However, I cannot save anything in MEGA on my iPad Pro 9.7. When I tap "share" button in any app to save a file or PDF, and choose MEGA from the list, something appears on the screen for a split second, and crashes immediately. I tried to contact support, but they bombarded me with a lot of questions instead of trying to test it by themselves. The issue is reproducible because I tried it on my son's iPad Air, and the same bug happened. They are just too lazy to provide a quality support.

- slow AF

I find it odd I pay a monthly subscription and yet if I log out of my payed account when download speed is painfully slow suddenly it speeds up. You’d think paying members would have faster speed but I guess that’s just the perk of not paying for the service. Once they have your monthly subscription they no longer feel the need to maintain quality of service. Guess it’s time to switch to drop box. Disappointed but oh well I guess if I have to download something from mega it’ll be better if I’ve canceled my subscription so I can actually download a 300MB file in less that 4hs

- Multiple File Upload Gone

The option to upload multiple files for my iOS devices is gone (aside from pics and vids in the Photos app). Please allow users to select multiple files at once to upload from iOS devices. It would be helpful to be able to upload complete folders as well. I have over 1000 files in multiple folders that I need to upload. There is no way I can upload them one by one. It would also be helpful if we could upload files from another app onto the mega app.

- Developers pleAse read!

This app is amazing it helps me very much the only thing that’s annoying is the fact that we have to pay for extra storage space. I’m a teen,14 to be exact. And I don’t have money to pay for extra space and my family will not pay for it. I’m basically saying that it would be nice if we didn’t have to pay for extra storage but I understand that you need to make a profit.


Mega is a great app to use for high quality and exporting vids and photos, but my only issue is that whenever i try to download something to my camera roll it never saves i’ve tried deleting the app then reinstalling but nothing works i’m hoping it’s my storage but i have 36gbs left and the files i’m trying to load are only 15gbs. but other than that one problem everything is fine

- Add background downloads

Please add a feature that allow us to download videos pics etc while the app is in the background. Its outrageous to think that I should keep the app open when my phone is an iphone x where an oled screen would suffer burn in if I let it open for so long. In short, add a feature that allow transfers to continue when the phone is in the lock screen. My review is going to be 5 stars as soon as that feature rolls in. Thanks for reading.

- App crashes when searching

The mega team has been very receptive to feedback and over the years has been incredibly helpful to me! I think my only complaint is a lack of a dark mode, as a recent update for the iOS version has the borders of images pure white, alongside an already white UI. But beyond this I hope it will serve me for years to come.

- it’s great but...

I’ve been using this app for quite some time now and I’ve truly enjoy it, but there’s a thing. You guys should just let us use it without paying because not all of us have money. And if you’d make it free you guys for sure would get more recognition from editors like me. So please think about making a free and better version with more space and gb so we can freely use your amazing app.

- kept crashing

i had used the app for about five minutes creating an account and verifying my email. when i clicked the verify my email (in the Mail app) it redirected me to Mega. it then prompted me to log in so i did. it started loading and the wheel was spinning for about a minute before i gave up and exited the app. i went back to it about a minute or two later and it crashed before it even got to any screen. it opened and i saw the screen for not even a second before it crashed. this happened about 5 times until i gave up completely and deleted the app

- Offline Files

Everytime I use the app now to download files from a link , I see an option to open in place of the usual download. After it’s completion , the file gets stored in the cache of the app rather than the usual directory and can be easily accessible in offline files. How do I even find my downloaded files from cache!? Please help.

- Fix the storage stuff

This app is good for watching peoples watching to stuff but I used up all my data and now it keeps saying to get a monthly plan and I just dismiss but now I can’t watch anything on there because of that and that really dumb to me you should be about to watch stuff on this for free and not have to worry about anything but now this app is unusable cause I can’t watch nothin on here cause of that stupid Notification I get when I try to watch something on here

- How to improve

It’s great and all but it will not send the email I’ve tried about 15 times still trying pls get it fixed where it’ll send the account verification faster btw still haven’t gotten the confirmation and I have internet and service so it not me pls get it where it will actually send instead of never getting it

- frustrating

I like using mega to save certain pictures or videos . it comes in handy a lot. But when I hit max storage and tried to delete from my rubbish bin nothing would go away. I would try to delete them individually from the rubbish bin but I literally can’t because the storage is too full and my only option is to upgrade. I’m not gonna pay 4.99 a month just to delete some things out of my rubbish bin. Please fix this

- Issues

For some odd reason. It’s not letting me load into the app. And when I try to search the URL, it’s acting like it doesn’t exist. It might be under maintenance. But I don’t know. But this is the only time it has done something like this. But it would be greatly appreciated if it could get resolved and worked out. Thanks. But overall it is great so story documents.

- Great app but forces people to pay

I love the app especially when I want to watch movies or shows on there. The only issue is that they say they give you 50 gigabytes but then it goes down to 35 then 15 so there’s barely any storage left. After they see that you have a little over 15 gigabytes that force you to pay like the only reason I got the app was not to pay. So they lied about giving you 50 gigabytes for free it’s actually 15 as time passes by.

- I can’t get it back!

I was trying to download something to my camera roll that I added to this app and now I cannot download anything or send anything to my camera roll. I worked hard on the projects i put in MEGA and now I cant get them back because it says “Depleted transfer quota” If there is a way to fix this please let me know so I can get the projects I uploaded back.

- Missing Incomplete Transfers?

I have been a MEGA user for many years. Lately, though, if I pause a transfer and go to resume it later, all my transfers are gone. I have to restart them. I can see the files exist on the phone, but the app is not seeing them as “incomplete” and does not resume from where they left off. I am having to leave my phone in the MEGA app and resume manually later to have any hope of keeping my partial transfer.

- Won’t stop freezing

I’m an editor and to download all my scene packs I use MEGA. The first time I was able to download the video I wanted and everything was good but the second time it wouldn’t save. I even freed up a bunch of space on my phone to see if that was the problem and it didn’t help. The video was about 10 minutes long but it never saved to my camera roll. Now whenever I try to download or save a different video, whenever I click on something it just freezes.

- all the sudden gone bad

Dear Meta, i’ve used this app for almost a year now and it’s always worked and been great! i took a break from it because i didn’t need to download and store videos for a while. now recently i redone loaded it and it told me i have reached my storage limit. so, i made a new account with a new email and everything, completely blank AND MIND YOU MY LAST ACCOUNT WAS FULL OF FOLDERS and now i add 1 video and it says storage full? also, it won’t let me open any links in mega it just says “cannot load” PLEASE FIX THIS

- Can this one thing be fixed

Whenever I watch videos on here, I like tilting my phone to watch the video in like a comfortable position and when I tilt my screen while watching the video the video flips over if you know what I’m taking about and when I try to use oriental lock, it makes my screen really small??

- Logging crashes

My Mega App has been difficulties during logging if wanna save a file or upload it keeps popping up you’ve logging somewhere confirm if you’re after the confirmation it’ll jus logout by itself erasing all my files on it you guys should work have lost a lot of files with this issue thanks

- Don’t waste time

If you find a mega link while browsing the internet on your phone, you are given the option to open in app ONLY as a way to encourage you to download this app. The problem is, the downloads rarely work! You have to create account! And I wouldn’t be surprised if the app steals privacy info from you. Unfortunately, I had to delete this waste of space and I advise others to do the same. There is no reason to block browser downloading other than to encourage you to install this garbage on your phone. Ask yourself, “why?”

- A very crashy app

This app works and all but my main situation and io problem is that when I try to upload more than 20 pictures (not videos) at a time it crashes. You can't force close it and open it back up because it crashes when you try to reopen it. I would then have to redownload the app and upload smaller clumps of pictures. The same issue occurs when you have photo/camera upload. I would appreciate it if it would not crash. Other than that it's useable.

- I love this service

It goes across all of my devices. I can use the lite version for 5 bucks a month and I get 400 gbs. Great price and I’m not forced to pay 10 a month for 1 or 2 gigs a month that I don’t need . It’s super easy and fast to upload. This is a great app/service. I switched from google drive to this. Much less complicated.

- Can’t transfer my files

I’ve been trying to transfer PDFs onto a free mega account but Mega throws an error saying it can’t upload it, the pdf I am trying to upload is less than 1g in space too. Edit: I found a work around, declare an empty folder, go in it, tap or click add files, browse, upload, then move the file to a different folder of your choosing.

- Video complaint

Am unable to watch any videos that have links that bring me to mega but every time I press the link it brings me to mega but doesn’t let me watch it the moment it shows up on mega it says preview content, I press it but apparently it only says the data that’s from the video so am just trying to find out how to watch my videos

- Thank you!!!

Thank you so much for keeping all my files intact through all my changes with laptops and phones. I can always count on MEGA to keep my Files safely stored. My work consists of Native American ethnographic studies, astronomy, archeology, and anthropology. I depend heavily on you all for safe uploading & file sharing of my material. I appreciate the improvements and commitment!!

- doesn't play FLAC audio

I got around it by opening the same audio files in a third party open source program called VLC but I also needed to download them first which took up more space then it should've. Over all though this app is incredibly useful and as far as free apps go this one is 10/10

- Problem.

I love this app!! I’m a editor so it helps me save clips and stuff. Although, it kicks me out each time i download something or save something. I know, it’s probably my phone. It has enough storage but I don’t know why it’s doing this? May you please check for bugs. It’s okay if not!! I love this app, very helpful ! 🥳

- Help

I wanted to create and account on this app and I did but when it says that they have sent a verification email and when I open that email it says “server couldn’t establish a connection” All the other websites are opening, my wifi and data are working fine i don’t know why it isn’t opening in my iPad Pro. Please give some insight on this.

- Impressed

I was skeptical to download bc most apps like this lag or falsely claim to be free but this is the real deal. I have tons of pdf documents in my life and this app helps keep them all organized, I’ve had zero problems with it and have been using it for a few months now. Don’t change a thing!!

- Great app. One issue though

This is the best app for storing pictures and videos but there is just one issue though. It is impossible to download in background or while the phone is on sleep on ios. Other than that it is a great app that is frequently used whenever I run out of storage.

- I never will forgive you 🤬🤬

I was watching a movie with my family, and just when the movie got very good I got a MESSAGE FEOM MEGA SAYING I HAD EXPEDED THE TRANSFER FEE OR I DON'T KNOW WHAT ELSE, so we couldn't finish watching it because they just want to get the money to the people, MEGA ruin my family night, I will uninstall the application and look for another way because it seems to me an abuse that they do that, I will never really forgive them that, for real I do not, and the only star that j will give you is to put my feedback about it but you don’t deserve neither one, uninstalling

- Garbage App

Absolutely insane that I can’t reset my password without my “recovery key”. I made my account sometime in 2015 and I must have made some sort of type error in my password because I’ve tried everything. I have some files in there that I would like to have, but too bad! You either know your recovery key, or you stall your account and make a new one. Idiotic. If someone needs to hide their files so badly to the point where it’s either remember your password or delete your account, maybe this app shouldn’t exist.

- Was Working At First But...

I used this app for a lot of things mainly storing and viewing videos. MEGA on PC is great, no issues there however- After a few months of using the app, every video I tried to view said it wasn’t supported by the app ( they were .mp4’s ) and with this update it was supposed to fix that but instead it would open the vids up like they used to but it would just infinitely load and never show the video. TL:DR- new updates were supposed to fix my problems but made them worse. Can’t view anything.

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・MEGA・ 5.5.1 Screenshots & Images

・MEGA・ iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

・MEGA・ iphone images
・MEGA・ iphone images
・MEGA・ iphone images
・MEGA・ iphone images
・MEGA・ iphone images
・MEGA・ iphone images

・MEGA・ (Version 5.5.1) Install & Download

The applications ・MEGA・ was published in the category Productivity on 2013-11-26 and was developed by Mega Limited [Developer ID: 706857888]. This application file size is 272.77 MB. ・MEGA・ - Productivity app posted on 2020-12-21 current version is 5.5.1 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: mega.ios

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