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What is grand theft auto: ifruit app? PLEASE NOTE: iFruit has been updated for GTAV PC. Please select "Social Club" as the platform for PC support.

How would we survive without apps? Apps can transform your mobile device into essential tools like a harmonica, disco ball or convincing moustache. Somewhere out there is the perfect storm of touchscreen technology to fix everything that’s wrong with your life. And maybe all you’re missing is the iFruit app. Maybe not. At least you’ll have something to keep you entertained while your significant other prattles on endlessly about their day.

iFruit hooks directly into your experience of Grand Theft Auto V with some fun activities to further postpone the need for real social interaction. Keep up-to-date on the latest Grand Theft Auto V news, log into the Rockstar Games Social Club, stay connected on LifeInvader and launch other Rockstar Games apps.

Los Santos Customs
The Los Santos Customs app offers players the freedom to create their ultimate vehicle in Grand Theft Auto V from anywhere. At the bar, on the beach, on the toilet. This is the future, we’re almost sure of it. You can even create and reserve custom license plates for both Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online – order your personalized plates before they’re gone!

Also choose from paint jobs, window tints, smoke colors, wheels, hoods and spoilers. Upgrade your engine, brakes, exhaust, suspension, and accessorize with new lights, horns, tires and body armor. Place your order on-the-go and find it waiting for you in the garage the next time you play Grand Theft Auto V, or send your order in while playing and get a call from your local mechanic to swing by. Everybody’s had some work done in Los Santos, so don’t let your ride be the exception to the rule.

Chop the Dog
Depth of content, high production values, defecation. It’s the app that has it all. Because who doesn’t love tending to a virtual pet? Chop is Franklin’s canine sidekick in Grand Theft Auto V. Look after him well in the “Chop the Dog” app and you will reap the benefits when playing as Franklin in Grand Theft Auto V. Pet him, feed and water him, play fetch and tug-of-war, teach him tricks. Too much or too little of an activity, however, will cause Chop to become unhappy, and nobody likes an unhappy Rottweiler. Take Chop on walks to give him a chance to work off last night’s steak and Piswasser and to mark his turf in the hood - defending his ladies, fending off gang members and even protecting the beach babes of Los Santos from unsightly tan lines by removing their bikinis.

Looking after Chop successfully is reflected in his behavior in Grand Theft Auto V in a number of ways:

• He will be more helpful and responsive to Franklin
• He will perform tricks such as sitting, begging and giving paw if properly trained through the app
• He will sniff out the nearest hidden items when the player takes him for a walk
• Earn enough credits through walks and proper caretaking and exchange them for new collars for Chop

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How to contact Grand Theft Auto: iFruit (Rockstar Games)?
Find this site the customer service details of Grand Theft Auto: iFruit. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Grand Theft Auto: iFruit Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Grand Theft Auto: iFruit Version 17.002 December 2019

General bug fixes and improvements..

Grand Theft Auto: iFruit Comments & Reviews 2022

- Update Needed

There’s three problems with this app, and I didn’t use the app for more than 5 minutes before I noticed them. First, I used my email, and then realized I chose the wrong name. Going back to make another account, I was told that I already used my email. Second, this became an issue, because there isn’t any way to delete the account or edit the name you just made. These are two issues on their own. Lastly, when I was told to pick a platform, (I installed this app on iOS) when I clicked anything other than PC, it brought me to another page and it was just blank, with what seemed to be a cut-off typing box under the logo. I reloaded the page, the app, and even did everything again more than once to see if it would change. I even asked my brother, and he said it didn’t work for him either, and he recalled using the app with this problem many months before. I don’t know if it’s my phone, or just the app, but that was a big issue and I’m kind of disappointed because this app was the only way to train Chop in-game for Xbox One or any other platform I could have used except for PC, in which I do not have the game for. An update would be well appreciated for this issue.

- The app is bugged

I cannot sign in. The first problem is that I can’t see what I'm typing into the sign in bar as its the same color as the bar. Secondly it just isn’t working. I rest my password and have attempted many times. I know I'm putting the correct information in but it still won’t let me in. So I can’t even use the app. This is an issue as I doubt the app will get fixed any time soon since it won’t be selling any shark cards. To make things worse something happened and I had to make a new social club account, which whatever thats fine but I loss access to my custom plates that I payed for and now I can’t use the app to get them back. Thanks Rockstar. Please fix this soon. I payed money for plates that I can’t access anymore. UPDATE: I was able to get into the app, however I had to repurchase all of my plates. This in not the fault of the app but Rockstar social club somehow just loosing my account. The app still deserves 1 star however. It be much more simple if we could just do this in LS customs in GTA Online instead of using this app. The only reason 90% of people ever downloaded this app was because of the plates feature. They should do us a favor and put the custom plates in LS customs and just take this app of off the store.

- Can’t log in

I love this app, but there is a major issue. If you are like me, you forget easily for passwords and only have a couple that you use. So I tried them and one of them worked! (I put keep logged in feature on) The next day I went to go on the app. I was logged out. No biggy, I thought until I tried to log in and I couldn’t. It said I had to log into social club to re-activate the account, but I am logged into social club. I logged out and logged in through PlayStation, and I was good. I went back to the app to try the password for social club, not PlayStation. Sign in failed. It said that had to log in to social club... I AM!! So now I can’t log in and do cool stuff like make a custom plate like I always wanted. Please make it a way for the app to have a button to log in through ps4, Xbox and everything else, like on the social club website. Because if anybody has this problem we are in trouble...

- understandably mistaken

I have always loved the fact that you can make custom plates through this app. I had stopped playing gta online for a little while and came back for the new updates and have bought new cars in gta online. I re-linked my social club anticipating that I would be able to add my custom license plate to my new vehicle‘s however I have repeatedly tried multiple orders and none of which have shown up in los santos customs even though i have been receiving the texts telling me to go there. I did do some research and discovered that accounts may be put under the “dupe list” depending on the amount of cars one sells in a 30 hour period. but I can assure that my account has never been used for anything of the sort I legitimately steel and sell cars through my organizations vehicle warehouse. I believe I may have mistakenly been placed under the dupe list because I spend 6+ hours on GTA online a day legitimately stealing and selling cars, most likely over seven in a 30 hour period. it would make sense that I was mistakenly placed under that list. A response would be greatly appreciated as I would like this issue to be resolved in a timely manner.

- This app is not worth the trouble

I downloaded this app thinking oh cool I can get a custom license plate. It asked for my info like email and password which I typed in. Later I realized I put in the wrong email for my ps4 account because you have to link your account and I put in the correct Info for my actual account and it told me it was still the same ps4 account. Eventually I got the correct account but the app told me I switched my info and I needed to refresh the app. So I closed it out and opened it again. When I went to change my license plate again it told me the same thing every time I tried to go to the custom plate section. Or any section for that matter. I repeated the process about 5 times and got the same result. I ended up deleting and and re getting the app. It went smoothly until the same section I was having trouble with aka the LS customs center. The problem once again occurred. I don’t think I am going to try this again as to me a custom plate is not worth the trouble but if the developers fix this I would be happy.

- Urgent update to the performance

This might be just for me but I have tried to open this out for about three months now and probably in the first month the app wouldn’t open it all and it was just load and then give me a black screen and then the next two months it will go and turn on by if I try to open any of the applications it would crash the app and I walked up multiple walk-through to try an eliminate the problem and each and everyone of the ideas that I am venturing with don’t produce the responded outcome that I am looking for, now I tried to use it on a different phone and it opens for a little bit but crashed again after a while and it wouldn’t update any of the cars or the chop portion of the app either, so at this point I’m stumped in him just requesting rockstar update the performance of the app to work with the newer iOS versions that are coming out.

- In need of major overhaul and updating

This app is good at what it does but what it does well isn’t enough. I know rockstar could make this app into something better than what it is, needs more apps and possible a portal to the internet in game so we can view the prices of things. It doesn’t even need to be able to purchase things. Another idea is give us access to most if not all of the Interaction menu. Give us access to all of the in game phone apps if we wanted to call our mechanic or manage our CEO/VIP/MC on it. Maybe even let us change our Crew Logo and colors on the app! This could be a cool app but after all of the updates it looks like you guys let this project long forgotten. I gave it three stars because it doesn’t do anything poorly, but it doesn’t get five stars because there isn’t enough that this app can do that makes it a valuable tool worth having in the modern GTA Online world. Please make this better!

- iFruit

iFruit is mainly designed to work as a management tool and portal into the Rockstar games world, specifically for GTA V. From the main menu users have the option to go to the Rockstar Store, the web page for numerous GTA games as well as the instruction manual or social tool pages for GTA V such as Los Santos Customs, Chop The Dog, Snapmatic and Life Invader. Users can also go to the settings page where you can switch your gaming platforms, link your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts and set up notifications for in game GTA features. Arguably the most beneficial use of the app is the ability to go to the Social Club site where you can just about manage and customize anything GTA V related whether it is account, character or community related. Users can also stay informed of the latest Rockstar Games news whether it be new game features released, website sales on games and merchandise and much more.

- Fix the LS Customs PLEASE

The LS Customs honestly is horrible. Being able to make custom plates is awesome. But when your ONLY trying to make a custom plate and then hit order, it automatically applies EVERY customization that’s already selected, even if you’ve selected none. I spent $300,000 in game to customize my Dominator GTX, then went to make my custom plate, and hit order, and it got rid of EVERY customization, but I mean hey, I got my plate. So now I only have to go make another $300,000 to RE-customize it. 😒 And it doesn’t even have EVERY customization the IN-GAME LS Customs has. You guys should make customizing from the phone better because a lot of my friends have had the exact same problems happen. Or just make a way where you ONLY are ordering the plate and now other customizations too.

- Could be more

Interacting with Chop is much more cartoony than I expected, but is cute and fun. I like that I can customize my cars in the app, but I wish I could see my available funds before spending money on upgrades and from what I can tell so far I can’t see how much money I have in the app. I like being able to access the social club from here, but wish it was more integrated in the app opposed to just opening a web browser. I can do that on my own. I’d love to see more options like being able to access AmmuNation to purchase/customize weapons, clothing store to buy more clothes and accessories for my character and create outfits, and even be able to go to the tattoo shop in the app. At least browse tattoo designs even if I can’t actively purchase for my character. This app could be so much more than it is, there’s so much potential here.

- Great reflection of R*’s bug-fixing abilities

I do not write reviews for apps but this has put me in such a bad mood I felt compelled to. THIS APP IS COMPLETELY UNUSABLE. Couldn’t see what I typed when I logged in. The text is whited out for whatever reason. Then, after waiting 10 minutes for the app to load, I waited another 10 mins for it to download resource packs. When I opened the Los Santos Customs app to change license plates for GTA Online, the app spent nearly 10 mins just loading, again. And for what? The app to crash. Tried again, crashed again. Rockstar has once again neglected to update their content and it’s no surprise to me. It’s so sad that it’s been nearly 10 years and this app hasn’t been able to run cleanly. Rockstar cannot for whatever reason spend a day fixing this absolute train wreck of an app, and it’s a perfect reflection of what can be expected by them if you’re new.

- Why Rockstar Fails Their Fans

The app simply crashes when entering the Los Santos Customs mode and it has been in this state for a extremely long period of time. For this issue to not be fixed, is a clear example of why Rockstar does not work towards fixing the problems the game and services have. Players are having to come up with ways on how to fix this issue themselves. Despite several requests from Rockstar’s supporters asking for a way towards resolving this issue. They instead steer their focus on finding what new ways people are exploiting the game to make money because prices of items are ridiculously inflated. I completely understand that they are bugs and glitches which should be fixed because if they continue, the decline of players buying shark cards will start rising. But this simple bug should be worked on and fixed without hesitation.

- Broken

I had this app a few years back and it worked nearly perfectly. I switched phones and i’ve just recently re-downloaded the app to connect to my Social Club account. Upon opening, I found a couple things wrong with it automatically. For starters, it took AGES to open up. Then when it prompted me to the sign in screen, I couldn’t even see what I was typing since the font color is the same as the background. Once I finally signed in, it took a tremendous amount of time to take me to the apps I could use. I then tried opening up the LS Customs app and it resulted in a crash. I reopened it once again after the long loading screens, and tried opening the Chop app. At least that one worked. I once again tried to open LS Customs and it crashed another time. I gave up and deleted it. Do not recommend, 0/10. What happened to the app?

- Have an idea but so far moderate

This app is amazing if you want to be able to have a closer connection to your dog chop or your cars, BUT I was thinking for online we could make outfits or go clothes shopping without buying anything on our iFruit app (irl) and make the outfits and when we get in the game we can go to the store and know what we want to but instead we are sitting at the clothing store for 4 hours and deciding not to buy anything... (done this multiple times). I’ve also done multiple times of thinking of an outfit but u don’t want to waste the money buying it if I don’t know what will look good with it. I hope you consider my suggestion and thank you for having the time to read my Review. - UDMC Smartbutterfly4 (Prospect)

- Good but really needs a bug update

I haven’t played/used this app in over a year now and now I’m trying to log back in it’s telling me that I need to go to the social club account or website so I did and then I went back in to the IFruit app and it’s still saying that it has failed logging in so I go back and reread the steps carefully and then I got back and do the steps and I went back it still says that it has still failed logging me in and I did it some more times and now it’s saying that I am signing in from a new device well I’ve been sitting here for the past hour in a half trying to get into my IFruit app and account and this is what I get in return wow thanks a lot rockstar really makes me happy -_-

- In desperate need of an update...

I only ever really use the app to put custom plates on my vehicles. But even that seems broken just like a solid chunk of the app. Sometimes, the app won’t register the last vehicle I’ve driven so that I can make an order for it, and it’ll register a personal vehicle that I haven’t touched for a while. A custom order {for some reason}, costs $100,000 in GTA. Whether it be Five, or Online. While that’s no big deal at all, I feel that it’s way too expensive for a simple upgrade. The rest of the app is also fairly disappointing. Chop the Dog really has no point of being touched, settings are fairly limited, and even then, you have the option to just go to Social Club instead. Overall? Not the best. It requires a serious update, last one we received was over a year ago.

- LS Customs Issue

Everytime I try to load the app, loading it up works fine. However, when I click the LS Customs tab, it loads all of the worded texts and begins to load. Only for it to crash and exit out back to the phones home screen. I’ve attempted uninstalling and reinstalling, waiting at least 10 seconds up to a few minutes, giving the app itself a few days up to a week and checking back. No progress has been made. There’s nothing else I use the app for except for LS Customs. Rockstar, if you are reading, I know I am no expert. But something like this should only take 1 person/programmer to fix. Surely you can spare one employee to fix and/or oversee the mobile app while the rest of your teams work on the mainline games.

- Crashes

I used to use this app all the time to make personalized license plates and do stuff for chop when i played story mode but today I decided to make a new car for the fun of it and I wanted a new plate. so I reinstalled the app and had a ton of trouble signing in like everyone else and when I tried to open the Los Santos Customs section it would load for a few seconds and the app would crash. at first I wasnt too bothered by it and i opened up the app again and had to sign in again (even tho i had checked auto sign in) and opened the LSC section and it crashed again. I tried a few more times to the same result. Really disappointed this app use to be great but now its just sad. please fix it.

- It needs more

Why I am giving it 4 stars is because it needs more like if you want to upgrade your car I know why people come and get this is because they think we don’t have to pay any money well you do so if you could change that plz and the other thing is that how do you change the plate I don’t get it. And the chop for the dog why why is that even on there like bruh. It would also be nice if this app had some cheat codes for like money because some of us have no idea of how to make money and if we are like rank 15 and we want top speed let us have top speed for real to where we don’t have to get to a certain rank to get top speed and thank you for you time.

- If you read this please answer

i am half confused on everything with this app then i got use to it for a few things here and there but i have a question are you able to manage your crew things like motto and picture because when i made mine my wifi kicked me off it when i was just done with my crew and then when i was doing the logo it stoped so now its something i dont want and if this isnt possible then maybe in the future this could be a new update because ipod cant make any edits to the logo for my crew. so now its a pink logo when my crew color is lime green i tell ya it doesnt match at all.

- This app is non functional in terms of the Los Santos Customs

The Los Santos Custom feature of this app crashes whenever an attempt is made to load into it. It is arguably the most appealing feature of the app since it allows users to modify their cars in Grand Theft Auto V from this app on their device, as well as uniquely allow for vehicle license plate customization. It has been frequently reported on Rockstar’s own communty forums that the iFruit app crashes when attempting to load into the Los Santos Customs feature, so this is a common issue. If you are using this app for any other purpose than the Los Santos Custom feature then you likely won’t have an issue, but if you downloaded it just for the Los Santos Customs feature, as understandably many already have and would, then you are in for a big disappointment.

- This is messed up

This is a big problem rockstar needs to fix because I thought something was wrong after I tried signing in on it it wouldn’t let me because I tried doing it so I could get custom plates to show to my friends but it never worked and I thought it was a bug so I deleted the app and downloaded it back and I tried signing in again and it never worked so if you are trying to get custom plates try it once if it doesn’t work don’t try again your going to waste your time because I spent a few days trying to figure it out why it was not working and wasted time so just do it once doesn’t work don’t do again.

- In serious need of an update.

I like the app. I don't use it much, because its not good for anything other than creating or putting on custom plates. But now with the Bikers Update, I can't even put my plates on my new bikes. It is stable for me. Only ever had it crash once. But if they put more work into this app, it'd be so much better. A major overhaul to what it already does. More customization options, that fit with the actual customs shop. A benny app, perhaps. Access to the websites from this app, so you can see prices of things, but not able to buy them, because I know that would glitch out. But, overall. It's an ok app. Nothing too special about it. Not anymore. And I know Rockstar can change that.

- Los Santos Custom Needs an Update

I have tried multiple times to change the tag on my car. However when I go to LSC it never gives me a prompt to put the order. It tells me that I have ordered it and it was processed but when I got to LSC all I’m met with is the usual upgrade screen. It never seems to want to give me my order when I just want a license plate on my car. Also, it doesn’t seem to process what car I recently drove. It will only show cars that I don’t want to apply a plate to and never shows the car I recently drove which is the car I want to put a plate on. All in all, Rockstar needs to update the app and make some changes to LSC so that it does what it was meant to do.

- Serious problems

I want to use this app for Custom Car Plates. the problem is that the text for login is the same as the box, so I can’t even see what I’m typing. another problem is that I cannot log into the app at all due to many failed attempts with the correct contacts. this app needs a major update and Rockstar has to get their heads out of the sand and fix it. I can’t believe that I have to make a complaint, talk to services that tell me that they can’t do anything, even thought they can’t because they are too busy fixing dumb clothing glitches that do nothing to their game. I have NEVER placed a single review on anything. for my first ever review to be a negative one is a big low. please fix this app and any other account issues. I just wanna make a car plate.

- Good app I guess

App was beneficial back in 2013, now it literally has no purpose for gta besides getting a custom tag plus you have to swap cars by backing out swiping back out swipe and it doesn’t tell u the name of the car until you click it. ROCKSTAR PLEASE SEE THIS WE NEED MORE CAR MODIFICATIONS LET US PUT F1s on our cars let us but custom headlights I’m speaking on behalf of the gta b community and have plenty of people to agree. WE NEED ASAP VEHICLE MODIFICATIONS (everyone has the same cars) COLOTHING LET US JUST PUT A HAT/HOOD/MASK ON WITHOUT HAVING TO GLITCH. Back to the app it’s good I guess but like I said it serves no purpose anymore plus it crashes a lot. Actually I can’t even get to lsc anymore. iPhone 11 Pro Max on the latest update keeps crashing when I go into lsc. Pls fix

- Just don't...

Very slow download to get app. Then the app itself is very slow. Checking your garage there are no pictures or name tags of the cars. All you get are blueprints of the cars and you basically have to click it and see if its the car you wanted to look at. And if its not you have to click the garage button to go back and that takes a second or two. Also if you want to make new license plates you have to save it by clicking away from the license plate edit and it'll give you a message saying its saved. There are no save buttons and the one button on top of the new license plate you are trying to make does nothing when pressed....definitely needs an update.

- Ifruit app fonts work

I just download the app for one reason, to use the los santos customs and make my own tags. Boy was I mad when I found out all this all does is crash. I’m very disappointed because this is something I really wanted to do because I enjoy playing gta and would love to have custom tag and other thing I could get from using this weird app. Idk how they even got to make something like this. This is the most buggy app I’ve ever used. They should be ashamed of their self for even putting something like this out. They had one job and failed miserably. Then I don’t even understand like why that’s all I want to know since they aren’t fixing any thing on the app maybe they have time to answer that question m.

- Could be better.

The app feels very slammed together and doesn’t really feel like much time and effort was put into it. Most of the icons just bring you to a link on your safari. Also there’s been so much added to GTAV since it’s launch it really needs a big content update. Like add stuff involving the casino, property management, etc. that way I can do stuff on my phone when I’m sitting in class or on break, I can just go on here real quick and do some stuff. That way, when I actually get back home and play the game, I don’t need to run around the map. I already did stuff at work so now I can just do missions. It has potential to be something great but right now, it’s kind of useless.

- This app has one major flaw…

This app is great, don’t get me wrong. I’ve actually spent time on the app and like it’s features, from the mini-games and in game items you can get. It is a 8/10 in my opinion… BUT there is one major problem, loading times. I’ve had this app on two different phones and on both it is painfully slow to load. Sometimes even when you do wait the 2-5 minutes (my wait times) it just crashes and forces you to wait again. This app has awesome potential but the constant crashing and loading makes me only use it for one quick reason every now and then.

- What a waste...

After taking ages to load, I finally got into the app to find... garbage. All the Social Club and other game links just open up in the browser, and the only thing I downloaded for was the Customs. And what about it? It doesn’t even really show what the car would look like, and it’s limited on the upgrades you can get. Also it is only for Story Mode, so that makes it even more useless. But whatever, I’ll make a car for Michael and oh! For some reason stuff is just locked saying I have to progress through GTA V... but I’ve beaten the story mode already. The engine is level 4, but level 3 and 4 is locked on the app. So it’s the garbage app fault. This is the worst app I’ve ever used, period.

- Bugs render me unable to use this app.

This app deserves a one star rating because rockstar doesn’t seem to be planning on fixing the two issues where you can’t see what your typing or the one where it tells you that you don’t have the right information when you do and also no matter what phone I use when I try to use LS Customs so I can get a plate it takes me all the way off the app and I have deleted it and downloaded it back about 50 times now within the span of two weeks you guys should just add the plate feature to LS Customs in game because that’s the only reason 90% of the people downloaded this. Rockstar Games you have to do better!! Listen to the community!!

- Annual waste of time

So... if you delete a license plate on iFruit that’s still on a vehicle in your garage, you’re SOL, unless you sell the vehicle? After six months of “we’re working on a fix,” this patch is released. And of course, when I try to change that license plate, it doesn’t allow me to do so. Then I look at the version history of the patches and realize that R*Star releases iFruit patches once a year, aside from all the other projects they’re working on. Really, people? I refuse to believe the people who put this amazing game together cannot figure out a solution for this. Aside from this, I don’t see any difference from the previous “update.” Guess it’ll be another year? Maybe? Or the following year? By then, maybe GTA VI will be on the shelves. Who knows?

- This is trash

I can’t even sign in because it won’t let me, despite it working literally minutes before, but it needed to download resources so I ah it sitting but my screen friend off and closed the app, so when I went to go back on it didn’t work. Oh, and it it doesn’t show what I type. Terrible Edit: after countless hours of trying, (including going to social club to check up on my account and see if it was active, I finally got it to work. So now I’ll give it 2 stars, but I recommend only getting this if you really are interested in what the app has to offer, if not, it’s not worth it.

- downright awful

all I wanna do is train chop. that’s it. but here we are. I tried to log in with my account, it said it was incorrect. so I changed the password. still incorrect. logged into the website, no issue, but now that account is locked out of the app for too many tries. I go to create a new account, it says my nickname contains profanity. it was simply my name, with a number afterward. also, every time to try to log in or create an account, you’re put on a 30 second timer before you can try again. not to mention the text color when you’re typing passwords and such is white, which matches the background, so you can’t see what you’re typing.

- Deserves -1 star

I can’t see what I’m typing. I wanted this to customize the stock rims on one of my cars (along with the custom license plates, as I have seen this be done in the past). It’s annoying that when I try to sign in, it says I failed to sign in knowing the information I put in was correct. Rockstar needs to not only focus on their DLCs and focus on what the ppl REALLY want….the ability to have access to deep levels of customization to their cars. And it’s stupid they don’t let us customize the stock rims at all when most other racing games do. Should take notes and add that into the game instead of wasting my time with these difficulties on an app that wastes space on my phone

- Why

I keep making new accounts so I can actually try to train chop on my main acc. (SmokeMutt) but whenever I try, it keeps connecting to my other acc. (Potato armor) I keep going on social club to try to help but so far none of the help advice is useful. Chop is now misbehaving because I can’t train him. I need serious help, Because I shrugged it off as not that big of a deal but now it’s not working. Please help me fix this, as I really need him to behave again. (I also want to show off the tricks but again, not working)

- Fix LS Customs Launch Crash

Finally logged into the app and open LS Customs. Guess what? It crashes the app. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled. Logged back into the app loaded just fine there. Tap LS Customs and it gets to the main page where you see the cars change and bam crashes. I’ve given this a good 10 tries thinking ah it can’t be. Phones up to date on current iOS update, hard reset by turning it off and back on after 5mins. Seen I’m not the only one with the same issue though. I understand we’ve been setback by a virus. Your app is full of bugs that need squashed. Will update my review when the app actually works properly(if it ever does).

- its just “okay” or sometimes “terrible”

The idea of the app is amazing, but if they kept updating it and paying attention to it, the app would be wonderful. The app constantly CRASHES or freezes. I use the app the customize my tags and lately its been crashing. Im not surprised but the issue hasn’t happened to me in a while. I’m guess it needs a new update. When they update and patch the game the same needs to be done for this app. Hopefully they’re spending their time making GTA6. Overall the app crashes sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t but 75% of the time it CRASHES.

- Needs to be updated

The app overall has always been great. I've never had a problem with it besides the crashing once in a while. Other than that, I've been trying to customize my new cars and it doesn't show me my new cars. It shows me old ones that I've sold. It needs to be updated to show my new cars and also to show more than just one garage because many people have more than one apartment or garage. I want to be able to put plates on my new cars. Such as the Grotti X80 Proto, and bikes from my motorcycle clubhouse. I hope this can be fixed. Thank you!

- Trash

This app is really straight trash. Put in the correct email and password, fail attempt. Change the password just to be sure, still failed attempt. They tell you to log in the SC website due to too many failed attempts, do that and try to log in the app again, fail attempt. On top of that the email and password lines are invisible so you can't even see what you're typing. Uninstall, reinstall does mot work. Now the SC website itself is showing some kind of an error, so I can't log into that at all. This app has always been terrible, but it's just complete trash now. I don't even think they update this or care to.

- Problems

I got two problems one is when I pick a platform a go so another page my signing goes back to that page when he keeps on doing that that’s why I think this app needs more prove it and then second when it says I’m already signed in but in then I go back to the eye threw up so I could custom my car and it says that you need a pic of platform so I pick it I’ve done it just like 10 times I was only on the app for our just re-doing the same thing that I realize why am I doing is I’m doing this thing over and over so I’m like just like I need to stop so then I give to someone star rating because of that because it should not be doing that thank you If you read it

- How lame can you get?

Dear rockstar! Fix your games! I just won the casino car and it’s nowhere to be found! Why? Never receive the car. So I was like ok fine be that way. Then! The casino Heist sometimes (about 40% of the time) gives you 15% of the money at random. Instead of the real % you’re supposed to get! Why? I lost about 2 mil just on that heist alone! Fix it! And don’t make me talk about red dead! That game is as bad as GTA! Please help ya boy out! Give me the car that I won on the casino wheel (caracara 4x4) n the money from the heist that you took too! Been a long time fan since GTA 2 on pc! And this is how we get treated decades later! Come on! Fix your games! Thanks!

- Only downloaded for Los Santos customize

Well as the title explained it’s the only reason I downloaded it, but it gets 3 stars simply because the customizability is kinda dumb, it doesn’t SHOW what your putting on, or how it looks if you’re not looking at it IN GAME and half the time if you’re a new player you don’t even remember or know what the car looks like so you can remember if you wanna order stuff for it or not. Once they fix the ability to be able to see your car in action and customize on the fly then I’ll boost to 5 stars.

- Maze bank

I think you should add the maze Bank app in this app because I don’t think people are going to want to join there game just to look at how hutch money they have so I think you should add maze bank so people could check there amount in the app like when a player is doing cashin missions or most wanted they won’t want to make time for checking or depositing any money so they can do it via the app

- To be expected

Just like all of Rockstars online platforms, it is to be expected that their app will be full of bugs. RDO and GTAO both have significant amounts of bugs all throughout and this iFruit app is no different whatsoever. From not being able to see your login info to certain aspects of the app not functioning whatsoever. You would think that with all the money Rockstar brings in every fiscal year, that they would allocate some funds to accessibility and ensuring that development is nothing short of desirable. But once again they show us that mediocre is their goal, and they apparently have a hard time reaching just that.

- Completely Broken

After multiple attempts to login, I searched for fixes. I followed every recommendation suggested. After a hard reboot on the 12 pro max the app actually got worse, I lost the login screen altogether and it is now stuck at a black screen with ifruit logo and an eternal spinning gear. I would think Rstar would care enough to fix this issue that’s apparently been very long term. As long as they keep slangin those fish cards, this app and it’s upkeep is probably in the rear view mirror. If I could give zero stars I would, in its current state this app doesn’t even deserve the ability to have any stars applied to its ratings.

- Worst app ever! Doesn’t even deserve a star.

This is by far the worst app with major issues. First let’s start off with the fact that when I type something trying to login, I cannot see what I’m putting in because whoever designed this app make the color of the font the same as the space to type into. What a dumb***. Next let’s talk about the fact that this app will not let me login into my account. Keeps saying sign in failed. I’ve re-entered my info multiple times but maybe if the dumb*** that designed this app didn’t set the font and space the same color then I could see what I’m putting in.

- works for me

so for the longest my app would crash similar to what everyone else is saying in these reviews , but a a week or 2 ago i randomly went bacc on the app and it actually ended up working , was able to swap my license plate for gta online . idk if it depends on the model of your phone but i tried before on an iphone XR and it crashed constantly , but when i got tha 12 it worked .

- Signing Up And Signing In (Help)

When you sign up you can’t see the lettering due to it being white and the background being white, therefore I can’t get myself into the app due to I can’t see anything when trying to sign up. Please fix the lettering colors so it’s more understandable, also I made sure my spelling was correct when I tried to sign up and sign in but it kept denying it, I believe it’s bugged at the moment so please go check it out.

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- Too many crashes

Every time I try opening the app it takes forever to load and when I do finally get into Los Santos customs it just crashes on the loading screen, I tried deleting it and redownloading it and when I did that my sign in didn’t work, I had to even make a new account because all I wanted to do was make a new number plate on my cheetah classic

- What is the point besides spending $100K to change a plate?

I’m not sure why this app was even necessary. Chop the Dog could have been separate along with Los Santos Customs, because everything else just reverts you to a web browser. GTA$100K to change my number plate? You’ve got to be joking! For a game that is filled with profanity and nudity, the original request I put in (which wasn’t even profanity) was blocked and now I’m expected to pay GTA$100K for a simple plate change. I’m not buying a Shark card or grinding for a couple of hours just to change my plate. I’ve been playing GTA since the first release in 1997, yet this is the first time I’ve been appalled at the decision making from the dev’s end. $100K in-game dollars to change a plate is ridiculous and embarrassing.


I know my password and user name or the linked email and I logged into my account on my pc but can’t access the app on my phone. I really want to customise my number plates in the app for GTAV online. I logged into my account on the app like a year ago and now it doesn’t work it says to many failed login attempts. Please help me with my simple issue I see that you can fix it all you need to do is refresh it or something for me I can give u my details and send u a photo of my issue but please help I am a loyal customer for 5 years played it since Xbox 360 now on my Xbox One X. Pls, pls, pls help thx. I will give u a 5 star rating then... I always click the Xbox button to login on pc if that helps? Maybe...

- App is shocking

The app doesn’t allow me to see what I’m writing to log in because the writing is white as well as the background where u put your text in, I have to spend 100k on a simple number plate change, and the app doesn’t allow me to see newest updates like my cars unless I delete the app and reinstall and even then is difficult to work with, couldn’t of just made everything accessible through the online game on the phone as an app or even just have it all at the mechanic? Absolutely such a stupid app, no point whatsoever and if you need help with what people want sign me up as a dev pronto.

- Troubles with the app

I hardly write any reviews but this is garbage. For starters whenever you go to login the text is white which makes it hard to login and see if you are entering the right email and password, Even when you get past that obstacle it pops up with a too many sign in attempts which is very annoying having to go back and forth from the website to the app. And finally by some Miracle that you get past all that there is an infinite loading screen. Too much effort just to change a number plate and a couple mini games in my opinion

- Awsome glitch

Thanks rockstar for this awesome app I haven’t had any problems other than one were it wouldn’t sign in but it fixed its self and works great. Do not patch this glitch please because it is great but the glitch is the coloured stock wheels it’s great. These people that rate 1 star all I have to say is give it time and if you can’t be patient than stop playing.

- good but issues

all round this is a great app, but up until this last update i am having issues loading my xbox one Lo Santos Customs on IOS. i am able to load my xbox 360 profile and change plates, but i am unable to load my xbox one LSC because it crashes.

- Request

If you still update the iFruit app then are you able to release an app on the app that is more like the in game phone itself where you are able to connect your device with your PC or console to manoeuvre more easily or if not and you’re out somewhere or not playing the game there can be an offline mode where you’re not connected to the console or PC, think of it like the fallout Pip-Boy app.

- Useless

I never write a review unless it's worth it. This app is real useless, the vehicles shown are from probably a year ago. Not presented well and half their buttons actually work. Especially the plates (which I was looking forward to) doesn't work. I downloaded it again expecting they have changed it, but ofcourse they haven't. Please don't create a app when it does now work.

- Really good

This is really helpful when it comes to LS customs shortcuts and training chop, but I have a request, can you add the option to order things from ammunation to pick up on this app?

- Crashing

Every time I open the Los santos customs it crashes. I've tried it many times and also have deleted and reinstalled it but still doesn't work. Please make a fix for this.

- Love it

This app is very useful for plates for your cars and to teach chop how to do tricks there is many other thing on this app as well I would recommend downloading this app thx

- Casino

You should make it so that we can spin the casino wheel on this app, cause some of us might not be able to play everyday (me) That would b great so I can do it quickly without worrying

- You seriously need to optimise the app Rockstar

Dear Rockstar, this app is unusable due to the fact that the log in font is white, it also errors or fails when I log in with the correct password. I cannot even get past the page to log in. Please fix this or I believe you will lose a lot of ios customers. Have a lovely day or evening.

- App issues

This app was great to use, since the recent update app will load but as soon as it goes through to loading the customs shop it crashes out of the app. Using IOS 12.4


When ordering plates it says it's been sent though I don't get the order in the game, it used to work very well and I would be able to do it instantaneously! Please fix this urgently! As well as the app keeps crashing when I try to access the Los santos customs in the app! Would be good if this gets fixed with the next update!

- Latest update - app crashes

I just downloaded this latest version to my iPhone 6+ and it continually crashes trying to go to Los Santos Customs. I've tried it many times and even restarted my iPhone and cleared the cache memory. STILL DOESN'T WORK. Don't upgrade to it as the previous version was stable and reliable.

- Bad app :(

I was super excited about this app! But it doesn’t work well. I mostly just wanted the app to train Chop, well I did everything it says and I play with chop on the app and I go back to gta and Chops the same! If the creators can fix this it would be great, this could be a great app if a little bit more works is put into it :)

- Issues

Hello rockstar I want to get an custom plate on my gta online account but I can’t log into my Xbox account on the app it keeps crashing when I try to link it it works with pc but not with Xbox one pls fix this I’m on iOS btw

- Great app but it keeps crashing

Everytime I go to open up Los Santos Customs it crashes & it’s really frustrating because I accidentally put my name thing on the plate & I want to change it but can’t 😩🤦🏽‍♀️

- Good but bad

I still use this app even now, it can be glitchy, I only use it for online but it’s still very helpful for me

- Apps crashes

I can’t access the option to change my plates it keeps crashing anyway to fix that

- Good app but it doesn’t let me sign in.

Not gonna lie this is a great app but for an unknown reason iFruit doesn’t let me sign. If anybody knows how to fix this pleas tell me. -Thanks.

- P.O.S.

I can’t even log in Every time I try and login it comes up that I’ve had too many failed attempts at logging in. I changed the password and the same thing still pops up. I sussed around the web and a lot of people are getting this same issue. Ridiculous

- Awesome

This app is really useful it never crashes I can sign in and the Los santos customs works fine it's generally a great app I've been using it for years

- I would usually rate it better but...

I’ve used this app a lot before, it’s a good app if you’re looking to customise your online/ story cars on the go but it doesn’t work on iPhone 11, the app doesn’t even let me log in because of a weird glitch. R* please fix

- Cannot sign in

I’ve tried multiple times with my correct detailsBut the app says the details are wrong when they are perfectly fine and I cannot even see what I’m typing because the letters are white on with the backdrop.

- Bad

This app is so bad! In Los Santos Customs I can’t even access Michael or Trevor’s car even though I completed the whole game and chop the dog is also bad he never wakes up i recommend you do a new update and patch these to things I said since your last update was 4 months ago

- Add red dead revolver

Please add this to the App Store it has the graphics for the App Store. Just please we need a read dead game

- The Custom License Plates Are B-R-O-K-E-N

Please fix this problem I just want to put my new plate on my new cars but it won’t let me I tried doing H4T3R but it didn’t work but it worked on story mode but not online now + I want to get rid of a plate that I made because I don’t like it anymore

- Allow buying cars from the app

That would be epic

- LS Customs does not work 😪😡

The LS customs part does not work it constantly kicks me out of the app I just want a new number plate😡

- App Crashes - After Update

Just downloaded the app, on my iPhone 6... When I try to get on LS customs the app crashes. I've tried 3 other phones (iPhone 7, Iphone 4 and a iPhone 5c)... Don't update the app... it is faulty and non-reliable... Please Rockstar fix this ASAP!

- Total disaster

Was working well few years back and now it just doesn’t work at all especially changing the plate bit(which is the whole purpose of downloading the app).

- No longer functional

This app hasn’t been updated in years and it seems Rockstar games no longer care about supporting this app, which is most disappointing.

- Can’t sign in

A problem has occurred where the lc customs app crashes the app. Upon reinstallation I am unable to even sign in anymore because there isn’t anyone option to select what platform I am on.

- BigMemberOfender

Game takes for ever to load since the new iOS 14 update. Whenever you load into it and go into los santos customs it just crashes.

- Crashes when opening the lsa part

Takes a long time to login, crashes when opening lsa & goes through the login process when re-opening. 🤷🏽‍♂️

- Keeps closing down

The app won’t let me in the custom shop, I use it twice and now I can’t do anything on it with out it automatically closing down. It needs to fixed ASAP....

- No Xbox sign in?

I play GTA V on an Xbox one and don’t know the email or password I signed up to social club with. I always use the Xbox sign in feature so I can sign in, and for some odd reason, there is no Xbox sign in on this app. Disappointed again, Rockstar.

- I can’t see my log in

The log in writing is white, and when I use saved passwords (I double checked they are correct$ and it still isn’t working

- Crashing

Good app, BUT it crashes EVERY TIME you try to go to the LSC option, therefore can’t customise story/online vehicles at all and can’t create custom plates, please fix ASAP.

- Cockstar game fix your stupid vegan app

We are getting problems with iFruit every time you enter LS customs the app permanently crashes if this app won’t get fixed Apple will permanently remove this app for bug issues

- Doesn’t work on my iPhone

It says it works on my iPhone 8 but every time I type it is blank like I’m just spamming space

- Still crashes after new patch

The app still crashes when loading into los santos custom even after new update

- Fix this App!

We’ve been patiently waiting a long time for you guys to update and fix all the issues with iFruit.. And I am very disappointed that this hasn’t been rectified! It’s useless!

- To many crashes

This app is so stupid within the fact that every time I try to go and change a plate the app crashes. I’m not making another account for this so f”k the app

- LS Customs crashes

I know no one at rockstar will read this review or even care. This problem has existed for over 3 years. I’m going to stop playing this game. I’m glad I never spent a single cent on this game.

- Rubbish

Re-downloaded after choosing to play GTA after a long long time, can’t access the two things I’m actually interested in and that’s Chop and LSC, complete and utter waste of time.

- Never updated or fixed

App constantly crashes & is never updated or fixed.

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- This sucks

This sucks it keep saying that i can’t sign in/failed to everything is right i don’t know why it’s acting up like this I do not like it

- Please fix this app.

I just want a custom plate, please update this app. It crashes every time I try to open up los Santos customs.

- Login can't see the words

Can't see when typing in my login for the ifruit app.

- Stays stuck on loading screen

Is this app still supported?

- Crash

Los santos custom crash on loading

- Utter trash.

Letters don’t show up when logging in. After typing out my info (invisibly) it just loads and loads and never gets anywhere. Guess they only care about online now huh Rockstar?? Way to support your players.

- What happened?

Suddenly can’t open the app anymore without a “too many failed lying attempts” message. Says logging in on the main website will reset this problem. Doesn’t fix the problem at all. App is now useless, and I’ve had enough trying to find a way around it. Deleted.

- What a joke now

What happened to this app? Big fail, this used to be great. No longer works

- Invisible Writing

Whenever I try to write my email or password the letters and numbers are invisible.

- Rockstar needs to fix this app

Can not even login letters are invisible and tells me that its wrong yall need to fix this garbage app don’t download no point till they fix it

- App cant load

Please rockstar upgrade this app so we can have custom plates Or put the custom plates available in game Please

- Fix the bugs

Please fix it whenever I go on los santos it keeps crashing

- Can open los santos customs

Keeps crashing

- Can’t even sign in

The letters are white and even when I enter the correct login information it still says attempt failed.

- Los Santos Customs keeps crashing...

Great app overall. However the LSC keeps on crashing whenever I try and load into it. This is a hassle for many people as they want custom license plates/wheels for their cars but when the app keeps on crashing it’s no fun at all. Rockstar needs to update their app and fix the bugs that are causing iFruit to crash.

- Dont download

Fix your app or make another way to make custom plate

- Stuck on loading

After login with an invisible font, doesn’t get past the fruit loader


We need direct link to xbox through this app

- Terrible

Doesn’t work crashes every tine

- Issues

This app is useful but at login, the words are invisible and the LS customs app crashes

- iOS iFruit Not Working

It won’t even load. Dafuk is going on? You make 100$ for 8 million of fake money but you can’t get an app to work. You money hungry b@atards.

- It worked once

The app worked once that’s it, after that is says something like to many failed login attempts and keep in mind the bars where you type your login info into are invisible you cant see what your typing and when the app was working LS customs crashed every time. I wish this multi million dollar company took pride in what the make instead of releasing and broken app.

- doesn’t work

The app loads in when you type its invisible and almost impossible to login most other stuff about it crashes the app a small update would help the app out

- Cant customize licence plate

This sh1t is so annoying you can’t even customize your licence plate

- 0 Stars

i wish i could give 0 stars as this app is completely useless to me because every time i open the app it closes.

- Rockstar can’t do anything

Rockstar I can’t even sign in or see what I’m typing and this app keeps on crashing like bruhhhh

- 🔥♥️


- Waste of time

It was a waste of time trying to hook it up and I crashed and it was just such a terrible app

- I can't see what I'm typing and it's getting annoying

I can't see what I'm typing

- Amazing app

It works for me on ipad it is a very great app

- Rockstar fix the app

Just fix the app like do you even care about the app anymore??????

- Doesn’t work

I redownloaded this app as I wanted to make a new license plate and it just sits there loading never actually doing anything. Rockstar needs to fix this app or just remove it from the App Store completely. It seems as though rockstar does not care about their customers in any way.

- Fix this bug

It crashes every time I open this app please fix this bug

- This app sucks

Fix ur app, I entered my email and password and it said it was invalid.

- Needs to be fixed

I can’t see what I’m typing and every name I put in it says it’s being used and when I go to login it says it’s wrong and won’t work

- Doesn’t work

This app is literally useless now. Nothing even works. For example if you want a custom plate after you make the order and go to lsc nothing happens...

- Fix

The sign in is glitched plz fix i know my social club it dont work

- Bad. Just bad.

Just as bad as gta online. Change the white fonts on white backgrounds. You can’t see what you’re typing and it won’t log you in.

- Does Not Load

Will not load after logging in. Loading screen continuously spins for hours.

- Invisible and impossible

Can’t get through the initial sign up. They still haven’t fixed the invisible font that everyone’s been complaining about, and that’s sad. But that’s not even the issue. I made an account and it says I’m entering the wrong info ... I’m not. I give up. Please update the ps4 game itself not to prompt to download this app if you’re still not going to fix it.

- Bad

Just horrible

- Not even working

Cant sign in, the words are invisible and when I tried to reset my password to see if that would help the email wouldn’t even go through.

- Please fix guys it used to work 💔

Doesn’t open la customs anymore :( always crashes

- This app sucks

I just wanted to custom plate every time I start the app it crashes

- doesn’t even know text


- Please update this App

I want to make some custom plates for some of my cars, but unfortunately every time I load into the custom shop the app crashes, so plz for everyone’s sack update this app.


Fix this problem plzz I want a custom plate but I can’t make one because of this app n can’t sign in plzz fix fast!!!

- Can't login

Can't login my login info doesn't show up in the login screen

- This app is stupid!!

You can’t even write your name or anything. When you type it comes up blank, the cursor moves but no letters or numbers come up. Don’t download there’s no point !

- Custom Plate

Every time try to make a custom plate the app crashes please do something about this.

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Grand Theft Auto: iFruit 17.0 Screenshots & Images

Grand Theft Auto: iFruit iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Grand Theft Auto: iFruit iphone images
Grand Theft Auto: iFruit iphone images
Grand Theft Auto: iFruit iphone images
Grand Theft Auto: iFruit iphone images
Grand Theft Auto: iFruit iphone images

Grand Theft Auto: iFruit (Version 17.0) Install & Download

The applications Grand Theft Auto: iFruit was published in the category Games on 2013-09-16 and was developed by Rockstar Games [Developer ID: 330049731]. This application file size is 154.63 MB. Grand Theft Auto: iFruit - Games app posted on 2019-12-02 current version is 17.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.rockstargames.ifruit