Hit it Rich! Casino Slots Game

Hit it Rich! Casino Slots Game [Games] App Description & Overview

Hit it Rich! Slots is the biggest collection of slot machine games based off of some of your favorite franchises! Follow the yellow brick road to Vegas in THE WIZARD OF OZ™ or fight the future with THE TERMINATOR™ slot machine. Hit it Rich! Slots has casino fun and mini games for everyone!


ICONIC GAMES – Spin slot machines featuring:
- The Wizard of Oz™
- The Terminator™
- Ghostbusters™
- Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory™
- Elvira™
- The Princess Bride™
- Mustang Money™
- Dragon Lines™
- I Love Lucy™
- Marilyn Monroe™

- Start Rich, and get Richer 10,000,000 FREE coins just for playing
- Play Daily Bonuses and Bonus Games to make your wallet even fatter

- Connect with Facebook and send your friends FREE spins or FREE coins
- Extend your stay when you play with friends! It’s fun, fast and easy

- Head to the heart of Vegas with state-of-the art game design, graphics and sound
- Each slot machine is lovingly recreated to look just like the real thing!

- Play action-packed bonus games with HUGE jackpots!
- Choose your destructor in Ghostbusters™ or test your fate with Freaki Tiki 2. There’s always a fun new game to play in Vegas!

Facebook’s best slots game is available for iPhone, iPad and iPad mini! Download today and start your slots journey!

Additional coins available for purchase.



• This game is intended for an adult audience and does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success at social gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling.
• The game is free to play; however, in-app purchases are available for additional content and in-game currency.
• Use of this application is governed by Zynga’s Terms of Service, found at www.zynga.com/legal/terms-of-service.
• For information about how Zynga uses personal data, please read our privacy policy at http://www.zynga.com/privacy/policy.
• The Wizard of Oz™ - THE WIZARD OF OZ and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © Turner Entertainment Co. (s17)
• The Terminator™ - The Terminator ©2017 Studiocanal S.A.S. ® All Rights Reserved.
• Ghostbusters™ - TM & © 2019 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
• Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory™- © and ™ Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s17)
• Elvira TM & © 2019 Queen "B" Productions. All Rights Reserved.
• The Princess Bride™ - © Princess Bride Limited. All Rights Reserved.
• I Love Lucy™ - I LOVE LUCY and related marks TM & © 2017 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All rights reserved. Images of Lucile Ball & Desi Arnaz are licensed by Desilu, too, LLC. Unforgettable Licensing.
• Marilyn Monroe™ - Marilyn Monroe™ and the Marilyn Monroe signature are trademarks of The Estate of Marilyn Monroe LLC. Rights of Publicity and Persona Rights are used with permission of The Estate of Marilyn Monroe LLC. Photo Bernard of Hollywood © 2017 Renaissance Road Inc. marilynmonroe.com

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Hit it Rich! Casino Slots Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Get ready to spin and win with the latest release from Hit It Rich! - Go on a journey with our latest season of Rich Collections...Storybook - Look out for new and exciting events coming up!

Hit it Rich! Casino Slots Game Comments & Reviews

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- No deal

Give a little take a lot , your motto .....after this week you’re loosing a player . After advancing a level . I can’t get win anything I’ve put money in this game but NO MORE!!!!!

- Another Unhappy Player

I totally agree with Unhappy Player ... Need I say more!?!?!

- Poor! Spin twice as much to get less!

Not fun! No point in playing. The developer has made it toooo difficult to advance the levels. You have to spin twice as much as get less. Don’t waste your time here!

- Hit it rich

All u want is my money and never get bonus or jackpot same crap every f— king day for 3 years Played all morning had to go out came back and playing again lost 80 billion again playing just like this morning nothing that’s all u do on ur games lose not fun anymore 100 billion to get bonus and out of my 8 spins 6 were nothing u people r so pathetic Billions to get bonus again and win 2 billion u just don’t play fair 80 f—-king billion to win 3 billion in bonus stick ur games up ur ass pathetic u all r

- Play time

Too bad you can’t play a game longer and have your points add up so you can play again- a challenge is o k when it pays to play more often- just saying. Also the SLINGO game is obviously set up to skip a lot of wins - very obvious- also very dishonest not to have reimbursed my coins won on rumble rumble twice - just like a real casino

- Hit it Rich

It has stopped me from collecting my tokens from friends that send them to me. The game errors out at times, especially when I win big. Thinking going to remove this app.

- Spins

Please go back to 10-25-50 spins at at time!

- Great Game!!!

The best game on the market! Zynga...keep up the great work!!!

- 💗

This is my all time favorite game👍🏽

- 6yr

Just bad..worst game. They control who gets wins or bonus..haven’t been able to win anything since last Sunday, that tells you how much fun you can have “ NOT” they let you play at least 3 minutes. I know this review will not be posted...all there reviews are a year old or more and not 1 review was good. Wouldn’t spend a penny on hit it rich or any zynga related game. I can see no one is getting anything on this game. Your that hard up for money hit it rich set up a go fund me page....rate you a zero

- Game is FROZEN

Haven’t been able to play for a day now Game is stuck on FREAKY TIKI CAN’T collect my money CAN’T play CAN’T compete in weekly dash SAD and PATHETIC game 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

- Stars to Earn

I really like the choice of games. Ted is fun, but every time I play it takes off spinning very fast, and I can not stop it. Most of the time it takes 2 hours or more to get back to hit it rich start page. I feel it very unfair because I was the leader of the daily race, but could not compete due to problem I didNOT cause. Now the amount of coins I have are not shown, so I do not know where I stand. This is VERY frustrating. Can you please take care of this?????

- :)


- Looser

The games have really been locked down! You hardly get any bonuses and the pay outs are few and far between.

- Great games

Thank you for the fun!!! I neede one more token in v I p room n now they are gone!!! Thanks a lot

- Enjoy the games

Thanks Zynga. Fun to play.

- How To Win

It used to be more fun, winning was co e and go. However now It is obvious only those who pay for credit really truly win. This is a fun game and I enjoy playing but when you get thru all your credits in 20 minutes or less with no wins, it is not fun!

- Non paying good player

Even though I won’t pay, it has been almost three weeks since I have won any chips beyond the free chips . Now I get it, but it doesn’t make sense to make someone just loose.

- Auto-spin feature.

I love your game. Have been playing for a while now. But your latest change in the AUTO-SPIN is certainly a negative attribute. We used to be able to chose between a few spins, many spins or infinite spins. It was a great option! It’s now not available. It’s sad and frustrating.

- Sounds

When I turn it on -FOREVER why is it -TODAY it’s -OFF 2/13/2020,You guys still can’t keep my sound on 5-26-2020

- Hitting it Poor

Do you sir I have been playing this game for A wow it seems in order for me to keep playing I have to watch videos in order to do you know how to keep Preston to get points it’s very uncomfortable every Day is it someway I can enjoy my day playing not too be rich butI don’t want to keep losing do you have another way to continue playing

- Loss of free spins

It seems to me that when I use my free spins from other members or just free spins, I come up short of spins. I think you need to check on this problem. Thanks.

- Where Garfield slot

when I played this game years ago there was a Garfield one but it ain’t there so why isn’t not there

- Game changes

This was once my favorite slot. Always introduced new games and kept my interest. Then it changed. Unless you are fortunate enough to be able to buy coins etc...one hardly ever sees a new game. Once in awhile they throw you a bone, but not often. Not all of us can spend money to entertain ourselves.

- Pathetic

Playing this game is like being constipated. You want something to come out but nothing. Just left with a pain in the ass. Good job guys.

- Very Unhappy Hit it Rich Player

So many changes have been made to this game over the last 2 years that I have certainly lost my enthusiasm for this game. Graphics are still great but now players are “grouped” on levels by how much they play, which of course means how much money you spend to buy coins. Games now lock up or constantly spin our you get a pop up saying game has encountered an error and must reload. You then lose whatever coins you had won on that game and if it’s a free spin game, which it normally is, you lose that free spin as well. Have been playing this game for many years and very disappointed in how the developers have changed this game. Such a shame!

- Hit it rich

This game is always not giving hourly bonuses again missed four today. Why play if you don’t give us what is due

- Disappointed

Love this app been playing for years but why have you removed a few of my favorite games Ted and Frank Sinatra were 2 of my very favorites. Can you Please bring them back

- Hit it rich

I love the game I’m 68year old but i play this game every day and sometimes i get on it like today and it shows I’m back to number one when i should be on 7 this is not the only time it did it and it makes me mad i would hate to go find another game but i will If this keeps up Thank you 🙏🥵.

- Completely gone to crap

Payouts are horrible! HORRIBLE! You encourage spinners to bet high and when you do, you receive no cards, no bonuses and IF you hit a bonus, the payouts are horrendous. Do not waste your time. I am a several year player and will no longer spend a dime on this game

- Not consistent

I had the numbers available to select the spins I want but my fried didn’t. After awhile I didn’t have the numbers and he did. After about 6 months I got the number selection back for about a year and now I don’t have it again and he still does. I have Rich Pass but my same friend doesn’t but his girlfriend does- - huh. Same versions and same IOS versions. I didn’t login at first with Facebook and about 6 months later I did convert but even using the same name I lost all my Trophy points but not the trophies. Now I don’t think I will ever make GOLD level or higher with missing all the points and I can’t get credit for the trophies because they are already marked done. What the hell!!!! I should have been warned about losing the points and asked if sure I wanted to continue. The free bonus wheel is NOT random. 90% of the time I land on the same number. Sometimes it spins about 1.5 revolutions and sometimes 0.5 revolutions to land on the same number. What gives???

- Taking coins

If you've won the Daily Race 3x, it won't let you play. It just takes your coins.

- Sooo disappointed in recent changes!

Why in the world did you remove the option to select 10, 25, or 50 spins? Forcing us to spin unlimited is I guess your way of making us lose quickly! Very suckie move to make!

- Games

Repeat, games won’t load and spins won’t stop. Game has to reload.

- Sheeple Hater

Doesn’t give away enough coins wants you to buy them all the time

- One of the worst

I’ve tried a ton of the slot apps, and I don’t know how this was one of the highest rated. Super slow to load even on newest iPad, so much pop up garbage every time you change pages, and don’t even get me started on the payouts. Try any other casino game than this one.

- Fun

What happened to the Steve Harvey slot??????

- Poor bonus

Bonus is far and in between. When you get them they are small. Not fun playing anymore

- Game has changed

The graphics are great and the game used to be fun, but it’s not anymore. I think it’s all about the game makers wanting you to buy coins. It used to let you win all the time and that makes it fun and makes you want to play more, but it doesn’t anymore. So disappointing... Used to be my favorite game.

- Angry and upset player

Every week I play this game and I have spent tones of money and you keep taking all my money and coins. It is a constant battle of take, take, take. I am getting sick and tired of this. This weekly race was designed to hook you into trying to win and get ahead but you never really do because they are surely going to take it all back. What a bunch of crap...

- Not does not pay bonuses

Your tells me I have missing bonuses but I never receive them also it control how you play! If I play big I lose, if I play small I win occasionally! Losing in boring! Will you please add up my miss bonuses and make sure the I get them. Why does your. Game Magnificent ever play on the lighting bolts 7’s. Please be fair. But the slots are so much fun! Thank you very much!

- Zynga.com

Great game

- Gone downhill

Play game like others commented used be fun distraction life but always lose all time lately and now get more money have gold pay for

- Definitely the best casino to play.

I think this is the best in line casino to play. Especially on your phone. Can play anywhere. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because lately there’s been very little winning. Used to be much better.

- Wow what happen

I been playing this game for years but It’s like now I can’t win or get a bonus that pays out good.i spent a lot of real money on coins and still nothing . Please fix ur pay out this game is just not fun no more

- Doesn’t payout

I like the games but they just don’t payout . I lose everything and have to wait to build it up. This doesn’t encourage me to want to buy anymore coins to play because I know I’ll just lose them. I’m getting bored with this game. I’ve been playing for years but I think I may give it up soon unless something changes.

- Weekly challenge

I don’t understand how when to weekly was at 9:00 est that someone could have 530,000,000 points after 45 minutes. This is ridiculous. I, and others, do not have the money to purchase extra coins to play with for these games. I think we need to go back to the daily challenge so others may win more coins along with progressing with their challenger for the day. I play this game every day to collect the bonus points from the spins every hour and play when I have time. It seems as though the same or most of the same people win the weekly challenge every week and that is monotonous. Update for less that 27 hours since the new weekly challenge ended on my time which was 9:00 pm est on 5/17/20 and now less than 27 hours at 11:50 pm on 5/18/20 someone has accumulated this many points: Rick W with 40,695,528,991,500 points. On this site it is ridiculous and you all wonder why y’all might not be getting good scores. That it trillions of points 😡😡😡.

- Cannot Win

You cannot win! Screen always slows down once you get close to a bonus. I watched three videos and my coins did not register. ALSO, if you continue to watch videos for free coins it is almost impossible to win at ANY game. What a joke!!!

- Zynga games not fun anymore!

Used to enjoy the games, but lately not so much. Seems like the bonus’s are few & far between and big wins occur rarely, so I’m spending a LOT more coins for very few wins! Disappointing! What did you change? This is happening on all 4 games that I play, including Hit it Rich and Game of Thrones.

- The game doesn’t deliver on its promises

This game cost a lot of money and has low payouts. I have spent $3500 playing this game and I won’t spend another penny with them. The $3500 was during a promotional period when every $99.99 Purchase got you 200 entries into a sweepstakes to win a Mercedes. At the end of the promo period, THEY DIDN'T GIVE AWAY THE CAR. On many occasions, I had a little "note" in the upper right corner of a game that said, "WIN 4.4B in 100 spins." It would count down with each spin, but when I had completed 100 spins, it reset and gave me NOTHING. That happened at least 7 times. They do lots of things to bait you to spend money and spin the reels, but they don’t honor the promises. I will be deleting this game from my iPad when I run out of playable money.

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- Great customer service

I've been playing Hit it Rich for years and I just had a quick question for the customer service team and they got back to me right away. Love this game!

- Awful


- Hit it rich

This has been getting so bad. Free 60 min bonus is alway small. I have been playing but can’t seem to get ahead at all. The free bonus only lasts for about 3 spins, can’t seem to win anything to keep going at all. This game used to be a lot better, not playing for me at all. Why can ‘t you program to let people have a break during this pandemic. Not a happy player.

- Each game so far has been fun & brain stimulating. 🇨🇦😷

Really like these spins.

- Hate it. #frustrated

When my fund was low... the app had no problem. Then few days ago I won $25,000,000,000 . Then I stop playing for the day. I came back that evening and since then I have been having trouble loading the app.

- The site’s gone wonky

Please check this out. My weekly race standing says 000 and the new side game that just started today has disappeared. Tried a reboot but that didn’t help. Hopefully this can be resolved because this game is great. So much fun!

- Bonus rounds

I enjoy hit or miss very much I have 3 small issues with it 1. The bonus round where you have games 1 of 3 the game where you have to win a certain amount should be lowered then trying to reach 12,0000-27,0000 or so that is a huge amount to try and win and you have to bet a lot to try and win on the games where sometimes the games do not pay at all 2. The bonus round where you nudge your buddy 67,0000 for each partner to reach is ridiculous it should be a combined score between partners that would be fair and sort of easier to reach within the time limit 3. The bonus where you can win an iPad should be open to Canadian customers as well ,we buy and purchase coins the same as USA customers so it should be available for Canadian customers as well only fair ,,the rep from Zynga said it is but the small print on that bonus round saids USA RESIDENTS ONLY Other then these small issues the game is great ,

- Roller coaster

Games and bonuses are awesome but has went downhill like a roller coaster. Payouts are minuscule, bonuses are rare! they have turned this app into a money grabbing crap app. Thanks for the support during these hard times (yes that’s sarcasm!) will be playing elsewhere!!! Obviously the developer could care less as there are no recent responses and payouts are in the sewer now!! Greedy and money hungry scammers that’s all....delete!!

- All games on hit it rich

It is very frustrating when I have bet the right amount to qualify for a jackpot and have used millions of points and still can't win one on hit it rich. I have won them on other slot games and have used less points to get them. I do luv the selection of games but have considered deleting the app. Thanks. I think I am going to cancel this app. You have really screwed up hit it rich. It used to be fun but unless you have endless amounts of money it is impossible to keep playing. I was up to 400% of additional bonus coins and every week it just keeps dropping. I have earned that level and it should not drop. Also you want us to keep adding friends but you limit how many free games we can play. I would assume that you only want ‘rich’ people to play this app. You charge a lot of money for very little points.

- Hit it rich

Lost my game with my points. Really upset if I can not retrieve it.

- Don’t Buy Coins!

Before all this COVID-19 stuff it was hard to win on Hit it Rich, but now that we are all stuck at home, it is impossible to win. You simply can’t win on this app and I recommend you don’t buy coins. Doing so will be a waste of your money and will also be putting money in the pocket of scammers. Nice graphics and games, but everything else is made to rip you off!

- Give it up!

Played Zynga for a very long time. Sad that even candy crush during this time at home gives you a weeks worth of free play. Zynga gives you nothing. In fact less than nothing. If you do not buy from them you collect and collect and it is gone is 1/2 a minute. DO NOT BUY!

- Gifts

Thank you for allowing us to gift “all” and a least clearing the screen. Much better. Play apart together is a good idea. Some games have increased their gifts and you may have as well as I spun and got 50 thousand coins. Thank you and stay well. You give us something to keep occupied with while being inside!!

- Ridiculous

This game used to be fun. Even when you pay it hardly gives you anything to spin now. When you pay nothing you get exactly that...nothing. Gone in 2 minutes. Waste of time going to look for something fun. As above nothing has changed and the game has gotten worse! Tons of pay this feeds all the time and even if you buy something the game still is so cheap. I am leaving this game it is not even fun and I refuse to pay.

- The gambler 67

Thank you for Play A Part together it helps to get us through a difficult time giving us something to take our minds off of what’s going on all around us and knowing that people care that we are all together in this again thank you

- Stingy

If thee was Scrooge for games this would be it rigged fixed can’t win at all takes forever to move forward loyalty in the game means nothing

- Rip off

I have been playing a long time.... Just now I was wiped out and when reloaded my coins were gone as well as my friends I’m outta here

- Hit it Rich

Played for a long time then came back to try again. Sadly as much fun as it could be it’s clearly rigged. I’m not THAT unlucky to call it anything else. No more money from me.

- Hit it rich

How come I don’t get notifications with gifts?

- Ridiculous

Game can be played for hours and no bonus appears. After betting 10 million for over a period of several hours I got into a bonus. After 10 spins I won the grand total of 62 million. Best way to get to a billion, start with 3billion

- You destroyed the fun

Since you removed the option to delete the « Limit Reach » messages in the gifts box, your game loses it interest. Nobody need those useless messages. Until you fix that mistake of you, I stop to play.

- Hit it Rich

I have been having trouble with the game exspeially the coins and the spins once you retreated them there is no way of getting rid of them all the rest of them . Please let me know if there is any way of putting X's so that I can erase all them . BS

- Hit it rich

Frustrating. your bonus coins every hour are not enough to spin 3 time at a ridiculously low amount because the wheel does not land on large amounts. What do I have to do to get the opportunity at the large amounts on wheel.

- New format is not great

With the new format, even sending and collecting from friend is a PAIN! Soooo slow compared to what it had been. I seem to only be able to collect 2 Spin gifts...

- Rob

App won’t load can’t log in. Fix this please !!

- Disappointed

Your update to spin and coin gifts is absolutely nonsense. At least in the past you collect more and deleted all the extra. Now you barely get anything. I’ve lost all my money and can’t seem to get it back. I used to enjoy this game but not as much since your so called improvement. 😕😕😝

- Jennifer Fill

Disappointed can’t play your games anymore because of loyalty lounge problems

- What’s with the new look

I don’t like this new look . Why do we have friends if you can on,y accept 4 gifts a day . With the new look the gifts just stay there you can’t delete them any more . Why let us have all these friends if I can on,y have 4 gifts a day . Also how do you win those big points I see no explanation on how to get this .

- Hit it rich

Hit it rich, you made it worse instead of better you give us spins them say we had our limit why bother giving them to us hate the new format!

- Love this been playing forever

Just wish they would remove limit for accepting free spins and coins

- Terrible game

I’m sorry but I have been playing this game for years and I can’t win never get bonus or free spins anymore because you people want us to buy money not very disappointing

- A great new challenge to just spin

Disappointed this game is very slow playing and the free coins are not nearly enough to satisfy my itch to play. The graphics are top notch and the concept they have is original and fun too bad the juice aint worth the squeeze. I imagine it will be alot better if only i could get enough coins to play longer then 10 mins

- Bonus spin ripoff

Today at roughly 1:30 my hourly bonus spin landed on 25 m......now I’m not sure exactly what I should have received from that spin but it was definitely more than what I received when the amount was added to my almost empty total I had 20,940,100 and it should have been a hell of a lot more......not the first time this has happened but I’ve never said anything but I’m getting tired of this happening and you all claim it’s a great app to use.......really???????? Joan Ermeta

- Hit It Rich

You are very stingy with payouts & bonuses. As bad as the real casinos!

- My points.

What happened to my points? I had over 5 billion and now you put me back to 70 thousand, what’s gone wrong? I’m not at all happy about it. 😡

- Garbage

So you can’t win real money however they want you to spend real money on coins. They do have some prizes but if you live in Canada your not even eligible to win!! Pretty awesome eh! Save your money!! If you like online casino games find a good pay site where you actually can win something for your money.

- I can enjoy

So far this is a good app. Hope to keep it up!

- DEC 14/19 UPDATE

Since the update, beware that the HOLD SPIN BUTTON dies not give option of times to roll. Continuously goes until you are needing coins and THEY HOPE you will purchase a package to lose again. THOUGHT THIS WAS A FUN APP - not when you lose all of your BANK!

- Money grabbers

Deleted this game a while ago because it drained my chips and just reinstalled it to see if they changed, had 400,000 in chips went in ten mins. Shouldn't treat your players this way this game only wants your money it sucks don't get it. Again I tried this ridiculous money hungry app and again it drained thirty million in a second flat. You guys just don’t get it. WHY WOUOD I DONATE TOO AN APP THAT ONLY DRAINS MY MONEY. I’ll go too a REAL casino and win REAL MONEY. You guys made this easy fcuk you DELETE. Stupid idiots

- Missing Coins

Waited 24 hours for my Daily rewards and it gave me 3 Million coins. I closed the app and re opened and it was all gone! 😢 why? Updated: Day 2 My 24 hours rewards granted me 4 Million Coins. I chose a game to play and it all disappeared AGAIN!! 😓😡

- Never win

I feel like I never win

- Bonus spins

I’m not likely the new bonus spins, I barely win a million now, where before I would win at the least 10-20 million , gay balls 👎

- BULL S!!!!!

Two+ days of doing bonus spins to get some credits to play with.....opened the game and it automatically did a spin with 150 million bet which I didn’t pick....two+days wasted

- My app opens to a black screen

What’s going on? This morning, I opened the app and it turned into a black screen. It’s been like this all day. Please fix or tell me how to fix it. There’s no way I’m going to delete the app and reinstall with the chance I’ll loose all my money....like it did in another app I deleted. Guess what the first word I said was?

- Hate to delete & reloading

Fix this please

- Bonuses

Bonuses sometimes Get lost

- Review

Fun games , the ones that pay are fun to play. Unfortunately there are some games that are really hard to win much.good games

- About your site

Terrible bonus points with the wheel spin. Your bonus card game of 12 to collect stars is way to had to collect pieces I bought point to see if I could win no way Terrible game I will go find other if u do not make your fun and rewarding. I just spent more money for 250,000 points got back bacicly nothing

- App Store pay attention

Just feel like I’m advertising for you I think the whole App Store and slots are rigged in this together are you👎🏿💩so crooked🤬

- Lost coins

During the game where you have the “ ticket’s” in play, I won over 6000000000. & picked up 27 ticket’s & won nothing. Yet there were some winners who only won like 40 million & won prize credits. I like playing this game, but when things like this happen, well it’s starting too turn me off from playing. And stop flashing name’s of big winners who aren’t even in the game series I’m playing, it’s very annoying. Thanks

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Hit it Rich! Casino Slots Game 1.9.1662 Screenshots & Images

Hit it Rich! Casino Slots Game iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Hit it Rich! Casino Slots Game iphone images
Hit it Rich! Casino Slots Game iphone images
Hit it Rich! Casino Slots Game iphone images
Hit it Rich! Casino Slots Game iphone images
Hit it Rich! Casino Slots Game iphone images
Hit it Rich! Casino Slots Game ipad images
Hit it Rich! Casino Slots Game ipad images
Hit it Rich! Casino Slots Game ipad images
Hit it Rich! Casino Slots Game ipad images
Hit it Rich! Casino Slots Game ipad images
Hit it Rich! Casino Slots Game Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Hit it Rich! Casino Slots Game Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Hit it Rich! Casino Slots Game (Version 1.9.1662) Install & Download

The applications Hit it Rich! Casino Slots Game was published in the category Games on 2013-12-10 and was developed by Zynga Inc. [Developer ID: 295913422]. This application file size is 172.56 MB. Hit it Rich! Casino Slots Game - Games posted on 2020-05-08 current version is 1.9.1662 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Hit it Rich! Casino Slots Game Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes
Frequent/Intense Simulated Gambling

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