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Get the most out of your iPhone camera: ProCamera offers you the full control of a professional camera – with an intuitive interface & advanced features for better pictures.


WIRED: "One of the apps that’ll make your phone’s great camera an amazing one"

The New York Times: "The high-end crowd swears by it"

National Geographic: "A must-have travel app" 


Control focus and exposure intuitively and precisely. Quickly fine-tune the exposure (EV) with a nifty swipe dial as an additional option. 

ProCamera gives you control comparable to an advanced DSLR camera with semi-automatic and full manual controls. Set specific values for exposure time, ISO sensitivity, and white balance (color temperature & tint), etc. 

Depth capture and edit: Create photos where your subject stands out in sharp detail against an aesthetically blurred background. This feature is available on all dual lens devices.

Film like a pro! Frame rate options range from cinematic 24 fps to thrilling 240 fps for stunning slow-mo video playback. Record in UHD (4K) resolution on newer devices (iPhone 6s and up).

Take editing to a new level: seamlessly swipe between 83 custom filters, and harness the power of our comprehensive editing studio to make your photos stand out.

Dim light won’t hold you back any more. This mode helps you to capture better photos in low light conditions.

Get the sharpest photos possible. Our Anti-Shake system reliably stabilizes your shots. 

Capture and edit photos in TIFF, RAW (.dng; iPhone 6 S and up), and HEIF (.heic; iPhone 7 and up) file format – in addition to standard JPEG.

Tap anywhere on the screen to instantly capture the moment. No need to locate the shutter button when shooting from the hip or from other unique angles – ideal for street photography!

Use our free Lightbox to store your captures inside the app. The Private Lightbox (In-App purchase) is a protected folder, that requires FaceID or TouchID.

See all the metadata of your photos and videos at a glance.

Optionally remove Geo-Tags and/or resize photos and videos when sharing via text message, email, or to social media

Optionally upgrade to the world’s best HDR on iOS and a state-of-the-art low light camera mode. Get these In-App purchases to enter a new era of mobile photography.


• Selfie mode
• Self-Timer & advanced ProTimer intervalometer
• Digital zoom
• Aspect ratios: 4:3, 16:9, 1:1, 5:4, etc.
• Rapid Fire mode
• Live histogram
• 3D Tiltmeter
• Volume Button trigger
• Adjustable fill-light (torch)
• Distraction-free Fullscreen mode
• Optional Adobe Creative Cloud connection
• Apple Watch remote control
• Code Scanner for all common code types (QR code, etc.)
• Gray card calibration 
• Haptic feedback (iPhone 7 and up)
• Detailed manual, quick start guide & free tutorial videos
… and much, much more!

Find out more at:

Got questions, feedback or suggestions? Drop us an e-mail at „[email protected]“ or contact us via „customer service“ from within the app.

ProCamera. App Description & Overview

The applications ProCamera. was published in the category Photo & Video on 2013-09-18 and was developed by Cocologics. The file size is 120.34 MB. The current version is 12.2 and works well on 12.0 and high ios versions.

10-YEAR ANNIVERSARY – Celebrating ten years of ProCamera on the App Store! We thank you for choosing our app. It's our ongoing mission to make the iPhone the only camera you will need. To commemorate this special anniversary, we are offering our icon in black as a nod to our original app icon.

Use your voice to control your favorite camera app. In Settings, you can specify custom Siri commands for key features.

Edits of your original photo can now be saved as an edited version. This means both images are grouped in one photo library entry, which helps you keep your edits organized. Tap and hold the save button in the studio in case you want to save the edits as a new photo.

Thanks to a new split dial, both color temperature and tint sit right at your fingertip: no more switching – for immediate white balance adjustments.

Get better photos even faster – Speed-up of the HDR capture process, which is especially noticeable on older devices.


If you have any suggestions or find a bug, please let us know via in-app support or email us at [email protected]

Visit for the latest information about ProCamera.

If you enjoy our app, please consider leaving a review in the App Store or updating your previous one. Every single review is much appreciated. Thank you!

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No exposure control  Miso444  1 star

Finally this app, which I loved, is broken for good. Bye bye expensive app Pro Canera. What a swindle.

Pepsi Zero

Great APP !!!!!!!  Pepsi Zero  5 star

I must have this APP for about 5 years. I’m so happy I found it and the only one I use for taking and editing my pictures.


My most used photography app!!! Each update makes it better and better.  FotoJoe  5 star

I don’t know exactly how many years I’ve been using ProCamera, but it is my “GO-TO” photography and videography app. About 98% of all my photos and videos of my kids and of life have been captured with this app. For the times when I don’t want to carry around my SLR camera, this has enough manual controls to make it feel like it wants to be an SLR. Each new iPhone improves the camera and this app improves over and over again with each new set of features that the next iPhone introduces. They respond to feedback and suggestions very quickly and I am very impressed. Easy to recommend to anyone. Always gets five stars!


Excellent!!  ringhachua  4 star

Favourite camera app. Tried them all and this is one of the best.


ProCamera  sotofam  5 star

This applixation carrues a pubch. It is great for on the go picture taking.

Expensive tinder

Not slow enough shutter speed  Expensive tinder  3 star

After reading the reviews I thought the app would be great. All I really wanted was full control over the camera a true manual mode. It has that but was hoping to get 30 second exposures. Or a bulb mode which would let me keep the shutter open for however long I wanted. The slowest shutter speed it has is 1/3 of a second. Even in the in app purchase night mode you still can’t drag your shutter lower than that.


Great but do something about the shutter  AValerin  4 star

This is definitely my favorite photo app. I’ve been using it for years. But, what the heck is happening with the shutter that needs to be touched two times to take a photo????

Imperial Raven

Great Camera replacement  Imperial Raven  5 star

100% recommended.


Pro Camera  Kc2hlg  5 star

One of the best photo apps in the App Store. Lots of features and ease of use. Must have for iPhone!


The best iPhone camera app  Dr.Lap  5 star

I’ve been using this app for a couple of years & it keeps getting better I bought all the add ons well worth the money my go to camera app the vivid hdr & low light + are the best the only camera app you will ever need if you are looking for a camera app this is the one to the developers keep up the good work.


Awesome app!  Rts4432  5 star

Loved the options and filters. A must have.


L Denning  LeslieDenning  5 star

This app has allowed me to take very professional photos. It is easy to use and my photography has improved because of the app.


Great camera  singhidog  5 star

So much better that the rubbish that Apple keep pushing out. I suppose they cater to the dumbos and let the clever people find the appropriate app. This is definitely worth it!


Great option for your iPhone  aakood  4 star



Awesome  S.Tol  5 star

Love it . So professional and easy to use !

horse 78

Blake  horse 78  5 star

Fantastic love this app


Excellent  Enufzed77  5 star

Learning about photography and the videos are very good. An excellent App .


Love ❤️  FJankowski  5 star

This app is the best editing tool for photos that I’ve found! Love it!


Fab  Musingdad  5 star

Love be this app


Great stuff  htghfbh  5 star


JOeKing AppLe

I always recommend this app!  JOeKing AppLe  4 star

Update 8+ Boosting my rating up to 4. It is a great camera and I do recommit to everyone, but when there are issues it hurts when it’s you go to camera. Was having issues with the HDR making the lens jump so I updated and now it’s stuck in 2x lens and the other option is 4x no more 1x not sure what happened. Update: New iPhone 6+ 128GB, still crashes all the time and I miss my shot, I still use because it does some things well, but crashing all the time needs to stop. Update, it is crashing all the time, blows when your trying to get the shot. Starting with a on star having to buy this app agin for iOS7 and the previous version not working with iOS7 since I had to update my phone a week ago. I will try the app now.


App is nice  SaeseeMcfarland  5 star

This Is very Cool app And it’s Awesome! very Clear and zoomed photos! I love it trust me it’s not a waist of money you’ll love it!


Just one gripe: can’t flip the camera to take a selfie  JMarie4442  4 star

I like to be in my pic every now and then.


Very Cool photo app  8Albert7  5 star

I just got the app. There is So much to explore. I Enjoy it so far.

Yorch Sans

Genial  Yorch Sans  5 star

Me encanta poder usar mi teléfono como una cámara profesional

Wifi looker

Good functionality  Wifi looker  4 star

Although the interface is maybe a little complex?


The best!  INFtampa  5 star

Love it. Never thought taking pics is so easy.


Go to app  combat_artist  4 star

My “go to” camera app. UI takes a bit to learn, but if you’re serious about iPhone photography you need this app.


Nice app  EJalliah  5 star

Since I have been using this app, I have been having a good time with it. I take great pictures and videos with it and more


Loved  Krlos2k  5 star



Video Zoom  aaronpryan  4 star

The app is great, but would it be possible to have the option to change the zoom slider on video to + and - buttons, or back to the way it was?


Best camera app I have ever tried  EndaerIRL  5 star

I have tried approximately 50+ different camera apps on 2 mobile OS Platforms so far... None of them was as good as this app. This is my new golden standard.

PDL Ireland

Really excellent camera app  PDL Ireland  5 star

Gives so much more control than regular phone app.


Great App  Amukao  5 star

So many great features! Well recommended!


Excellent Camera Control  BrendanJTR  4 star

Very satisfied with the app. Gives you control over all aspects of your camera.


Great App  Keyfinn  4 star

I use it all the time. Very poweful and no BS pop up banners all the time!


FANTASTIC APP  ForChristi  5 star

Wow! What can I say? This is a great app! 100 times better than stock camera app.


Get your HDR sorted out  Chessies  1 star

Not impressed to see a watermark on the HDR setting of a paid app thats currently under development - Users : stick with Camera+ until its sorted.

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