SkyView® Satellite Guide

SkyView® Satellite Guide [Reference] App Description & Overview

From the makers of the award winning SkyView® app comes a stunning new way to discover over 20,000 satellites day or night.

Satellite spotting is now for everyone. Just point your iPhone at the sky to identify the International Space Station, Hubble, GPS satellites, and thousands more as they soar above your location.

Discover new and interesting satellites in Earth mode. Pan around the Earth, touch satellites over distant countries, zoom-in for a close-up view, and take wonderful photos to share with friends.


• Simple: Point your iPhone at the sky to identify satellites passing overhead at your location.
• Interactive: Pan around Earth to discover new satellites and zoom-in for a beautiful 3D close-up view.
• Customizable: Build a list of your favorite satellites and filter other satellites from your view.
• Sighting reminders: Quickly schedule reminders to notify you when a visible satellite will be in the sky above your location.
• Night friendly: Preserve your night vision with two easy-access night modes (red or green filters).
• Social: Capture and share beautiful images with friends and family on social networks.
• Space Junk: Uncover thousands of rocket bodies and other space debris that orbit Earth.
• Mobile: Does not require a data signal or GPS to function, take it anywhere.
• Comprehensive: Includes 20,000 satellites with thousands of facts, descriptions, tidbits, and satellite images.

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SkyView® Satellite Guide Customer Service, Editor Notes:

This update addresses minor bugs present in iOS 13.

SkyView® Satellite Guide Comments & Reviews

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- Great App for Spotting and Learning!

I've been using this for over a year to learn about and spot dozens of satellites when I'm in the Rocky Mountains away from light pollution. Automatic location and augmented reality both work flawlessly. My all-time favorite sighting was the ISS back-lit by a pre-dawn sky. While I have no complaints about design or function of the app as-is, there's always room for improvement. One suggestion would be the ability to save a log of particular sightings with notes, rather than having to switch apps. It would also be nice to have a more inclusive category (everything) so I could use AR to identify satellites that I find, but that aren't listed in Upcoming Sightings. On moonless nights at 9500ft, I can sometimes spot twelve satellites in an hour when the upcoming and brightest categories only list a couple of significant satellite sightings. If I could, I'd rate it five stars for design and function. Four stars are given because there are some obvious enhancements that I'd like to see.

- Perfect for sky watchers

I was with my Dad watching the meteor shower last August and we saw a couple satellites go by. I downloaded this app right then and LOVED the quick access to information. The only way to improve this app is why it is a star short of all 5. The reason is this: you can only view one category of star at a time. For example, you. Can view communications satellites but not military and weather. This, to me, is an unnecessary distinction. Rather, let me see it ALL at once and simple learn about each one as they flow over me and I search for them. Let these categories become FILTERS as opposed to mutually exclusive choices.

- Sky View

This is about the coolest app I've seen so far. I never knew you could see a satellites or space junk fly overhead with just your naked eye. I've made this somewhat of a hobby, on clear nights to go outside and see just how many satellites or space junk I can find. I think the neighbors think I'm whacked at this point be I sit in the yard looking up at the night sky with smartphone in hand. I've always been interested in science so this is just one more way of expanding that interest. To see a piece of space junk fly overhead moving at 2000 mph and 350 miles up just trips me out. The app gives you so much detail and information on what you're viewing and a detail cartoon picture of the object, makes it well worth the $5 spent.

- Absolutely Fantastic App!

Love this app, very well done. Have been looking for an app like this for a while and finally found a winner. A few suggestions for future versions. 1. Allow viewing of sub-categories (ie: Communications->Iridium to just view the Iridium Satellites). 2. Put a button to re-spin the globe like at startup. 3. Allow spinning the globe on the earth's axis (lock in axis in place). 4. Lighten the dark sky areas, very difficult to see most of the world other than what's lit up. An alternate would be to have a switch to turn it to daytime worldwide. I hope you'll consider these suggestions to make your fantastic app even better. Totally love it! Very well done.

- Great app!!!

Does exactly what I needed. Two things though. One is that the search doesn’t seem to bring up the satellite I’m interested in. If I find it by category and then type the exact name in, search doesn’t find it. The other, would be nice for a future release, would be if the user could enter a two line element set for an object not in the database.

- I cannot believe my eyes!

This app is one of those apps that is just amazing and mind blowing. From literally over 20k satellites to all the different ways you can search, find, and see satellites EASILY I just don't know why this isn't #1 app. The producers of this app deserve every award possible. I love all the facts, and classifications for EACH satellite! But probably my favorite part is all the satellites I have found with this app. Last night I found a rocketbody. Not just one but SEVERAl! Also, the 3D picture is amazing. I dont know how to thank you more!

- Great satellite app

Does a great job of helping you identify what that satellite that just passed overhead and helps you plan upcoming viewings. Excellent app with a great "augmented reality" viewing mode where you point your phone at the sky and you get an overlay of all of the objects of a specific category of object passing into view. Only way to improve the app would be to have a "view all" mode and instead of having to pick the specific category you want to look for overhead at a given time.

- Dossapointed

I was hoping this app would allow me to look up, find an object moving across the sky, then point my phone that way and voilla, identify what it was. Unfortunately, everytime I do, it says there's nothing visible. Umm, wrong. Its pointless to have to try to quickly check through each of the different types of objects to try and quickly find it. One would think it would show in the bbrightestcategory, or check no box and it would show all of them in your field of view. So far I find the app to be crap for what I wanted it for.

- They ruined a great app

Before the changes they made recently this was a cool app now it is the ugly twin of Skyview. It used to be a view looking at the earth so you could see any object circling earth with earth as the background, you could use your fingers and move the earth to find any object. Now the view is from the earth to the sky just like SkyView and you have to move your body around and point your phone to the sky to find the object you want to locate, that is stupid. Whoever first programmed this app a few years ago when I bought it was a genius. Whoever updated it recently is an idiot. Give me back the Satellite View I purchased not this SkyView clown I mean clone!

- Sats

I really enjoy this app. I use it on a daily basis. It doesnt get much easier than point & read,i tell ya. Ive shown it to many of my friends, and they were immediately addicted. My kids also like it. Press on guys. Youre doing a great job. The only improvement you could make, in my mind, would be to get the compass tweaked. Often times here in Detroit, the ISS, seems to be either ahead or behind time. I love this app!!!!

- Search Function Broken

Try to search for Satellites that I know are in the database, but the app says "no results". For example with the Saudisat satellites: type "Saudi" into the search bar, and you get "no results". However Saudisat SO-50 is in the database, you just have to browse through all the categories of Satellites until you find it; but you can't find it using the search tool. This is a serious impediment to using this app. Try searching for ISS or Zarya, and you get "no results". This would be a 10 star app if the search function worked.

- Great app!

Is it possible to enter exact coordinates (not just the nearest large city) when there is no Wifi, and is there a setting for the iPad to remember your last location, or even several favorite locations? I don't see a way to do this, but may have overlooked something. Otherwise, this is a fantastic app! Excellent educational tool when teaching about satellites.

- Amazing... WOW!

First app I've ever bought that cost over a buck and it's worth every bit of $3.00. The graphics, user interface, detailed data and notification features all exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend this app for anyone who gazes up at night and wonders what that bright dot is moving overhead. Seriously, this app is amazing. Thank you developers, please keep up the great work.

- Works in iOS 11 now

This app is awesome but it doesn’t work with iOS 11. I’m still giving 5 stars because it will probably be fixed soon. Edit: seeing as the last update was 3 years ago and iOS 11 has been out for months this app likely won’t work for a long time. Edit 2 thankfully the app was updated, works fine. 5 stars.

- Ok but...

I used to use satellite tracker and the thing I liked about it is it showed up coming near passes and the elevation and azimuth but this application doesn't do that and it would be a nice bonus. I read somewhere that it supposed to pop up with an alert when you have an upcoming near pass of anything in your favorites especially the international space station which comes straight down my street. Does it do that or is that my imagination?

- By far the best!

By far the best satellite watching app available. The only thing I was even slightly disappointed with was the surprise that the "point your iPhone at the sky" feature is only available on phones with a built in compass, but this was no problem for me because I have both.

- Good App

As a working satellite industry professional this app as helped me numerous times in the field. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that they don't update their database often; which is quite easy as NORAD publishes daily. Other than that, a great app.

- Awesome and accurate too!

I love this app so much! Me and my dad use this app at night to watch satellites pass over our house the app is a little behind tough but that's expected but I kind of like it being behind a bit so we can put the phone down and know exactly where it will fly by, Thanks for this awesome app! <3

- Great, Educational for sky viewers

Have been watching The sky for probably 25 years, sitting out at the coast. With this app it's even better to know the names or numbers of what your seeing go over head, wish this had been around a long time ago, highly recommended for anyone interested in looking up.

- SkyView

This app is awesome, I can't wait until nightfall to go out with this app. Until I got this app, I had no idea there was so much stuff in space to watch fly over and be so easy to see. I can't wait to take this camping where it is super dark and there is much much more to see in the sky. Thank you for the awesome app.

- Not Compatible with iPhone 7!!

I liked using this app when I had the iPhone 6. Switched to the iPhone 7 and it was the only app I had that did not work. Even says it on top of the app search...developers need to upgrade app for it to work on iOS 11. I normally wouldn’t care and go on to find a competitor’s app but I paid for a bundle with star location app and I want it to work. 2 stars for enjoying it on the iPhone 6 but not being able to use it on the iPhone 7. Get it together if I just feel ripped off!

- Ok but not integrated

Skyview and Satellites are good programs but why are they not integrated with each other? They're sold as a bundle. Seems to me when you select one thing you should be able to get additional information from the other app but you can't. Must leave one app and go to the other app. Slow, awkward, unsophisticated. Satellites last update was 2014, getting a little stale.

- Please update for iOS 11

This is a perfect app for finding satellites. I keep getting the message that it's going to not work in iOS 11. I know Skyview shows some of the same information but I can't get the view of the Earth with the satellites orbiting it. Skyview only shows the augmented reality view.

- Just an incredible app

The way this app invisibly places a wealth of magic data and imagery into your palms is unbelievable. Out of the park, just incredible. I downloaded this app a year ago and am still floored. Everyone I show this app to is amazed. Really shows you the amount of metal floating around our home. Bravo.

- Good but could be better

It is a great app and all but it could use some more detail. It would be better if the earth had more detail and the debris was more detailed. Though the same animation design was used for a few times for different satellites. Over all it's great!

- Missing a KEY feature

As others have mentioned, it s a great app with lots of content, BUT it falls somewhat flat on a key scenario - AR view. As user, here’s what I expect. I tap AR view and all satellites that I could possibly see are vIsible / highlighted in AR view. Often I see something that might be a satellite and I want to see which satellite it is, quickly. Unfortunately, to check all satellites possible, I need to flip between like 8 different categories in AR view (communications, navigation, etc) making this scenario extremely painful. The app also hasn’t noticeably changed or improved in years, so 3 stars. But I’d love to give it 5 stars if it can handle this use case!

- Fantastic App

I'm cheep but did paid for the extra features of this app. Been using it to track satellites for HAM radio contacts. This app has a lot of them but not all. So far it has been vary accurate. Note to app developers: Please add more amateur satellites. Especially those that support VHF & UHF FM.

- Get This App

All I can say is "WOW" These people make some of the best apps. Love Skyview, When you open one of these apps they just pull you right in and it's as if your on a wonderful tour. And the price is fantastic." Thank You " for making these apps. Please keep on doing what your doing.

- Bad update!!!

So before, you used to be able to see the entire earth and scroll around to see the satellites in the sky. Now you CAN’T! Please fix this. You can only get a view from only where you stand and you have to move your phone around to find stuff. Very annoying. All there was is a simple button that changed from a personal view to an earth view. The button is gone! Please update it and add it back!!!

- Please Add

Would like to see a way to add a feature to automatically tell the time where you are at when passing features appear. Also a direction of the satellite travel and approx degree of height. Otherwise 5 stars plus

- Very confusing, no directions on how to use this app

I got this hoping to point it at the satellites I see in the night sky and be able to find out what they are. It does not seem to work that way. Such a waste of money, I can’t get it to give me any information unless I already know what type of satellites I want to see??? Such a waste, it really should come with specific instructions on how to get it to work. Looking for a refund.👎

- This is a must have

Finally, an app that has everything I've been looking for. Satellite tracking, good calibration, and extensive information on what you're observing. I've spotted dozens of objects within a week of having it, it works great.


The level of detail in this app is astounding! I've used websites and other apps to track sats and nothing else comes close. I took one look at this app and then bought another copy as a gift. My friend will certainly be blown away as well. Awesome awesome awesome!!

- Very Enlightening

It's wonderful to have such a versatile and informative tool to enable awareness of all the various metal objects and business/government interests that exist directly over our heads. Please update the app to comply with current Apple technology though so I don't lose it!

- Very nice app!

Great design, very easy to figure out after a few minutes of working with it. Only problem I have is that there's no iPad (Universal) version of this app, I love using the big screen. Otherwise, great work!

- Please update to iOS 11

Apples nazi gestapo regimen requires you to push forward. Your app no longer works since the recent brainwashing update. Look forward to seeing it in action again.

- Awesome!

Love it. Yeah sure, the textures could be a higher quality, but the visuals are not what makes this a 5 star, it's the wealth of information included. Well done!! Can tell the developers were dedicated to make this happen.

- So much fun

I love this app, it makes the sky so much fun. I'm just so disappointed that when I update to iOS 11, it will no longer work. I sincerely hope that somebody will update it. We'll all be so grateful.

- Wow- abysmal...

What happened? No longer do I have a view of the earth , showing the map of the satellites and their paths across its view. This renders this app nearly useless. Just frustrating now. That’s all it is. One single essential button now missing. Perhaps it is only a bug affecting SE iPhones... if that is the case I can only pray you do an patch that resolves it. If it is a new “feature “ then the app is no longer of any use.

- Simple, awesome

This is a wonderful app. Easy to use and helps me find what I'm looking for. Well worth the $3.99. Also, their opening logo looks really slick and makes me feel like I'm logging into a starship database, so that's nifty.

- Fantastic!

Spotted a satellite the same night I downloaded this app! Only complaint is that when looking up satellite data is that it seems to lock up quite a bit.

- Great app

I like the ease of controls for this app, in particular the breakdown of Excellent, good, and fair sightings. --------------------- I've been looking for a satellite app and this has the features you want and need to track down what's flying overhead

- Not so good

I was really hoping this app would help locate satellites at night time. For starters, it couldn’t find my location manually, and location services was enabled. Then it didn’t find my location automatically. The closest it came was Central Florida and only one satellite was visible, and I’m in NE area. There should’ve been thousands of satellites visible.

- Well with the $

Awesome app, I use it for tracking amateur radio sats. I do wish there was a way to isolate them as the only visible sats, I think if some more filtering or tiers were introduced it would help.

- This app totally blows..

Makes no sense just like sky view. Look for something else to view sky items. Again shouldn’t be this sucky I think a first grader wrote it. Again to reiterate this piece of crap app isn’t worth the software it’s written on. I can see things in the sky obviously some type of satellite and yet ur crap of an app shows nothing. Look for another better app.

- Sky view satallites

This app is a must have if you have the sky view app. It lists everything that orbits our planet and so much more. If your into astrology and the solar system then you will love it.

- Total rip off !

This app does not work on the iPhone 5s. I doubt it works for any phone. It will always fail / crash saying the compass has interference, but the compass works on all oft other apps. If could give a negative rating I would !! Total and utter waste of $4.00. Buy a latte instead and use the money for something worthwhile. There other apps are trash too. You can get better stuff for free.

- Great app

Can’t stop looking for new satellites, there is just to many to count! I would of rated it a five star, but I would have liked it if I could have looked at satellite and taken it into AR and seen it in my house

- Just... wow

The most amazing use of the iPhone that I've ever seen. This changed every night I've spent with the family wondering at the night sky.

- Great database, but crashes constantly

The app contains a huge database of man made space objects, and a very nice user interface. Sadly, the app tends to lockup and crash if you go into the full description on objects. This lockup/crash annoyance greatly takes away from the apps potential.

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- My son is fascinated with this app, so am I

We saw and identified the hubble space telescope within minutes of getting it. Really cool. My only critique would be an option to tick all or multiple types of satellites at the same time. This may actually be an option. If so I'm a gumby and would love to know how to do it. I would then give it five stars.

- Overdue for an update

Great app but is lacking iOS 9.1 support; Apple Watch OS 2.0 support and iPhone 6s/ 6s Plus

- Missing feature

My device is iPhone 5 SE 128 Gb. I have just updated the app and I don’t like the ‘new’ version of Satellites as I like the old display of the earth with approaching satellites easy to see. This new update (in my opinion) makes this good app nearly useless to locate approaching satellites. With this edition the only way I can see to locate approaching satellites is to actually point your device at the object. Please bring back the global view with orbiting satellites - even as an optional choice of view to existing. I don’t see me enjoying or even using this app until it regains it’s ease of use. It is getting hard to chose a nickname that is not “used” Try it yourselves. Unhappy User Steve

- Excellent!!

Great to show me where to look to see satellites with just my eyes/which satellites will be the brightest and at what time

- Great app

Makes it so much easier to find Thuraya. 😊

- Please fix GPS issue (very disappointing)

I though that if you’re charging for an app, it would be 100% functional. The GPS setup doesn’t work in automatic or in manual.

- Amazing demonstration of mathematics and physics!

Was expecting the Starlink satellites to be included though.

- Mode Planet Off

Where is the mode Planet?

- great brillant

best app ever for star gazers fabulous love it

- New update removes worldview

Want my money back

- !!!! PLEASE UPDATE !!!!

Will not run with IOS 11. Update long overdue. 5 star app otherwise.

- Beautiful App

Amazingly crisp renders of satellites, with a really well executed AR mode. Grab it!

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- I can’t download it

I updated my phone 2 weeks ago to iPhone 7 Plus and I cant download it why is this happening

- Fantastic educational app!

Really enjoy this app for its forecasting and tracking. It greatly aids in the finding of objects like the International Space Station. Keeps the kids involved. Makes looking up at the night sky fun and full of wonder. We are there. We are there. We are there.

- So close to being 5 Stars

Honestly it looks amazing. And is very useful if you want to see where a particular satellite is in the sky in real time. Unfortunately the search by text function seems not actually search satellites. Even with that deficiency it would get 5 stars from me if you could just set up multiple favourite categories. Better yet if it could let you browse satellite constellations like Argos which is made up of satellites with very different names. When you read the description it does say whether a satellite is Argos, but the link takes you to an unrelated satellite by the same name. I think this deserves more than 3 stars and I do not regret the purchase but these issues should be fairly easy to fix and vastly improve the app for anyone who really needs to know satellite location in real time. Footprint would be a good addition as well for anyone doing satellite communication. That combined with more sophisticated satellite management could justify a higher price “pro” version. It is cool to see all the satellites I’m not specifically interested in, but I would rather choose between favourite groups I choose than categories of hundreds or thousands of satellites at a time.

- Incomprehensible

No directions given, there's a tutorial but all I could manage was to reset it, not view it. Strange

- Lots of potential

I got this app while star gazing with my wife. Wanted to know what each satellite was that we could see zooming above. Unfortunately it does not do that. You have to try and guess what category of 8 the satellite might be. Military, communication, weather, etc. And then search the sky. Most of the time we could not find it because by the time we got to the right category it would be gone. This app is great for finding and learning about a specific satellite. But is frustrating for identifying that moving dot across the night sky.

- Space x

The only satellites I want to see are the ones Elon musk is putting up there. NO STARLINK? Come on

- Still does not work with iOS 11

Waste of money and time. Keep up or get out of the business of app development.

- Up grade for i phone

Please upgrade to the new ios11 thanks

- App no longer works

Please update this app so it will work on newer updates.

- Review

Good and educational but update is needed

- Missing this app.

I really miss this app since I updated to iOS 11. I hope you have plans on making it compatible soon.

- Fun for the price

This is pretty cool. Now if only if it could clear the night sky so I could actually see some of these things! lol

- Please Update

This is one of my favourite apps. I've been using it for 4 years. Please update it to 64-bit so we don't lose one of our favourite apps!

- Used to be good, but no longer updated.

This was a great app, but it hasn't been updated in years (thus, missing tons of data, and the data that is there is outdated, so app no longer accurate). While the app continued to work, as of iOS 10, you'll get a system warning that the app will cause your iPhone to slow down and the developer need to update the app. Long story short, don't waste your money on this app.

- Informative

Very educational for the curious.

- Fun App

This is great for those of you who wonder about what's in the sky


While in AR mode the azimuth is frozen to north and will not rotate. Elevation works. Both azimuth and elevation is functioning in Skyview but not in Satellite guide. *** 2 months later and bugs still haven't been fixed. *** DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY***

- Not good

Don't buy this one if you have the other one this was just a waste of money

- Fantastic

How do they do it? Hours of entertainment and knowledge from this winner

- Doesn't work

Can't tap things in globe view, screen doesn't rotate in AR view. Don't waste your money on this abandoned app.

- SkyView

Wonderfull program You can see everything

- Fun and intriguing. Great app.

I spend hours just staring at the stars from my basement. How awesome is that!! With light pollution blocking my way it is difficult to enjoy the real thing. I think this app is truly worth what I paid.

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- Pretty Cool!

A really neat app but kind of cumbersome. In future updates I would love to see an option for satellites nearby and an ability to set up dates for sightings as you view a satellite in the AR. Overall a very fun app!

- Misses way too many.

I spend about 2-3 nights per week outside for an hour or so every week and I love spotting satellites. I would say that around 90% of the satellites I spot, this app has no clue about. Yes, I scroll through all of the categories. Generally, the app is more frustrating than helpful.

- 100% Accurate

I jumped outside at 5:30am and was able to pickoff 2 satellites and one piece of space debris, exactly as this app predicted. The projected path trajectory was exceedingly helpful, in finding the objects in the sky.

- Doesn't show all satellites at once.

This app is well designed except for one fatal flaw: you can only show one type of satellites at once. This unnecessary design limitation makes it hard to use on the field as you must switch between the 10 categories.

- Incredible

This app seriously is amazing. Dead-on accurate when viewing the ISS using augmented reality at night. Love the view of Earth too. Just get it!

- Great app

I've been using this for a while. It works great and is easy to use. I've got all the apps like this and this one is a favorite.

- Satellite Fun

I have used this app. To aim Direct TV dishes and had great success also great fun entertainment and very educational... Also pointing my Sirius XM antenna... Nothing bad at all to say ... Also Sky View is extremely NeatO...

- iOS 11 support

Love this app. Would even pay a yearly subscription for it but when will we see iOS 11 support?

- I like it

Used it for two years. No problems with it.

- Gorgeous UI

What a wonderful and intuitive app to have as a supplement to the Sky View app. It is truly a "must have" addition to my collection.

- Fun educational app

It works great. My only suggestion would be to have a built in log so that you could keep track of your sightings.

- location services

this app need a third choice in Location services of "while using" I don't need this running in the back ground. Its a pain to have to manually change if I want to use app.

- First class applications

So impressive. You will not feel you wasted your money on these apps.

- Awesome

Best app. Don't waste your time with others. This is all you will need. This is the one app that hasn't disappointed

- Update

Please update app for iOS 11. I loved using this app, but now it’s not usable at all on the latest iOS software.

- I never knew there was so much space junk

Really fun app! Super cool to see all the stuff flying above Earth - who should be fined for all that litter?

- Views from space station

Enjoy watching is great way to see the earth, and just relax

- Updated and working again!!!

Thank you for updating this app!!

- Nice - but could be better

I do not find the UI to be as intuitive as I would have liked it to be. Generally good app, though!

- Great app, but are we getting a 64bit upgrade?

I like this app, but it still is 32bit, it will not work on iOS 11!! Please update!

- Awesome App

Perfect way to understand everything happening around our planet

- Great app from Terminal Eleven.

Fabulous app!! Accuracy is spot on and very easy to navigate. SkyView is also a great app. Anything developed by Terminal Eleven is worth the cost of admission. Great job!

- Great graphics!

Very informative information for each satellite.

- Needs and update badly

While this app is great for beginner, it badly needs an update to track "new" (read as "satellites launched in 2015 or after") satellites. I was going to use this for AMsat but have found it useless. Some of the missing satellites include commonly used ones such as LilacSat-2 and Fox-1A. Will not be recommending to radio friends.

- Not so accurate

I've only ever located 1 out of 10 satellites using this app, that is, satellites that were listed here. Any others I found were incidental?! Even the ISS was a miss 3 out of 5 times??

- Almost great.

Just got the App and it seems good but I am Disappointed there is not a quick select tab for Amateur Radio Sats.

- Updates?

I really like this app but will it ever be updated? Would love to see the Starlink satellites that are being deployed like you can see on other satellite viewing apps.

- Great app

Finally an open view of space near earth.

- Incredible

This app is surreal. Anyone interested in looking up should consider this. Thorough compilation of all our satellites - fricken love this!

- Updates?

I loved this app and now I seeI can no longer use it with iOS 11 wish for uptates.

- Does not work with iOS 11

Enjoyed this app until the new iOS 11 update. It’s pretty much worthless now since it won’t even open. Shouldn’t take this long to update, thousands of apps were functional right after update

- Hacking attempt immediately after purchase

I purchased the bundle, and shortly after I got a notification on my iPhone that someone was trying to sign in to my account in India. Just seems fishy. Otherwise the app is cool, but the situation freaks me out too much.

- Do not buy until they update it

Was a great app until ios11 broke it. They still haven’t updated it so if you have iOS 11 it won’t work. Hope they fix it someday

- I need a refund!

Awful! I went to download it and got a message to upgrade my phone so I did then I downloaded it. Now when I try to open it I get a message that the app needs to update because it won’t work with iOS 11. What a rip off!!😡

- Fantastic

I love this app. Easy to use and so much fun and educational. Highly recommended.

- Amazing but not Universal

For 3$ I was expecting a high quality app but unfortunately it's not Universal and objects are not in high quality, Otherwise I love it. Please make it universal...

- Works well and fun to use.

I use it mainly to spot the International Space Station.

- Perfect

Love this app. No other app gives you so much so easily.

- Nice

This app gives you a good reason to go out and stare at the sky

- Cool app for a newbie to space junk

Love this as a newbie to all that is above me in the night sky!


We need a view all option, then you will get your 5 stars.

- Not supported by IOS 11

Love it and would live it more if the author would update it as the IOS Versions change.

- Good SkyView

A decent app for free. I love it, can find stars, planets and constellations. Good app to locate space station an satellites and debris

- Not good

Latest update turns what was an easy to use app into a difficult to use app. Right out of apples’ playbook. Just what is wrong with simplicity and ease of use? Can’t give it the “no stars” it deserves, have to give it one star. Male bovine feces.

- Works like a 2nd Lt with a compass...

This compass isn't even close, even after resetting. It just sticks to the direction and goes no where. Using an iPhone SE btw and the free Apple compass works great, so I'm curious as to why this is so glitchy after paying four bucks.

- Nice and accurate.

Allowed me to preview the track of a satellite (once above the horizon) to view an Iridium Flare. Very accurate.

- Very cool. Hope they update to remain compatible


- Please Fix!

Would you PLEASE let the app use the last current location when opening? Why do I have to use location services every time?? What’s the big deal? PLEASE!!!!! FIX!!!!! Thank you!!

- Not very good

As of 18 Apr 2017 Doesn't list the OCO-2 oR TanSat LEO satellites. Really? Can't select more than one satellite at a time for adding to watchlist Can't watch only those objects on watchlist Can't manually enter one's location.

- Used to be great

Loved this app. Used it at work for quickly locating satellites for sanity checking antenna pointing. Now compass does not work. Does not matter where I'm looking the screen only shows satellites to the north and will not rotate with me. iPhone 6s Plus

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SkyView® Satellite Guide 1.3.2 Screenshots & Images

SkyView® Satellite Guide iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

SkyView® Satellite Guide iphone images
SkyView® Satellite Guide iphone images
SkyView® Satellite Guide iphone images
SkyView® Satellite Guide iphone images
SkyView® Satellite Guide iphone images

SkyView® Satellite Guide (Version 1.3.2) Install & Download

The applications SkyView® Satellite Guide was published in the category Reference on 2013-09-07 and was developed by Terminal Eleven LLC [Developer ID: 378238417]. This application file size is 80.7 MB. SkyView® Satellite Guide - Reference app posted on 2020-02-04 current version is 1.3.2 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.t11.satellites

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