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Discover millions of fitness classes, gym classes, local salon & spa treatments. Explore new workouts or book your favorite yoga, Pilates, HIIT workout, spin, CrossFit® classes, or local gym class today and start building your wellness community.

Easily search and book what makes you feel your best with the MINDBODY app.

We get it; the struggle is real. But finding & booking wellness services doesn’t have to be. There are no memberships or commitments so you can drop in at a nearby gym or try a new fitness class at a great price.

3 reasons you’ll love using MINDBODY:

1. Variety - Searching for something new? From barre, CrossFit® to pilates find a class that’s right for you
2. Value for money - MINDBODY’s Intro Offers and price flexibility option means you can save on the best in fitness, wellness and beauty
3. Verified reviews - Check reviews from other fitness fanatics and inform yourself before you try out classes

Filter classes by location, date and fitness category to ensure you find the best class for you. Or if you want to give your body some TLC search directly for local spas and salons.

Whether you want to jump into an intense HIIT workout, roll out your mat for a yoga class or pamper yourself with a relaxing massage, MINDBODY will do everything for you (well, apart from the workout bit).

Search, select and be inspired by how amazing your body is every time you try a new class.

Download MINDBODY today and let’s get you moving!

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* Flexible Pricing is available in the U.S. only.

* Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

MINDBODY: Gym, spa & wellness App Description & Overview

The applications MINDBODY: Gym, spa & wellness was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2013-08-30 and was developed by MINDBODY Inc.. The file size is 227.91 MB. The current version is 5.10.2 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Thank you for using the MINDBODY app! Included in this release are bug fixes and performance improvements.

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MINDBODY: Gym, spa & wellness Reviews

Robert Roman

Lagging and frozen  Robert Roman  3 star

Ever since last update app freezes when you select a class and book it freezes after you select the class have to exit close and restart several times


5stars except calendar sync  bethsouthloop  3 star

The calendar sync on my iCal was great but now it adds ghost entries “new event”. I booked a class today and the app made 8 appointments, 7 of which were “new event” that I can’t open or delete. One was correct.


So convenient  annster123  5 star

Easy to use! Also great if there is a cancellation of your class, the teacher knows you are coming and can contact you if need be to save you a trip. It’s also great to pay on the app earlier in the day, so if you’re running into class last minute, you don’t have to stop at the front desk.


Freezes and crashes  TheRealDoomBurger  1 star

This app now freezes and crashes when I try to use it. Even looking at the number of passes I have available causes it to freeze. Please fix. It’s basically unusable right now.


Was better before the last release  Sarahgfunk  1 star

The new update crashes my app!! Help!


Used to be great. Now it’s terrible.  smarie222  1 star

App no longer works. It takes me about 10 minutes to sign up for 3 classes at the same studio. The app continuously freezes and remains that way. I used to love the convenience of this app. If you can’t get this fixed, I’m going to complain to the studio and recommend that they find a new booking service. Your app used to be perfect. Now it’s a huge PITA.


What happened??? App is freezing!  ReadingAndAble  4 star

UPDATE App was stable again after deleting and reinstalling. I’ve been using the app for a couple years now. Never had a problem until last week when the app started freezing. I would clear the cache on my phone but this never resolved the issue. The app also crashed a couple times. I’m not sure what the developers did in May of 2019 but it’s not working for me. And just for reference I have an iPhone 8 Plus and it’s up to date.


Great when it works.  River29  2 star

For over a week now your App has turned into a brick. What is up? Fix it please.

SF Spanglish

Recent “upgrade” broke it all  SF Spanglish  1 star

It’s basically unusable now ( as of May 2019). I’m back to using desktop websites only ...


Too slow  Shinyday  2 star

It takes FOREVER to load! A real waste of time trying to check out and book classes. Most of times it fails to load and shows there are no classes available (when in fact it was just the beginning of the day). Disappointing.


Update 👎🏼  kcrossland  1 star

I updated my app recently and suddenly it is freezing every time I try to book a class or load classes. I have passes loaded in that I’m unable to use as the website doesn’t recognise passes when booking. Very frustrating development from an app I used to use almost every day 👎🏼


Was good, but now not working  Fd_orbits  2 star

Have used this app for over 2.5 years with no problems. Now it’s freezing when I try to book classes and not talking to the calendar on my phone. Very frustrating!


Was good, now having issues with freezing  gym_1234  1 star

This app used to be pretty good to book in my gym classes. As of a couple weeks now, it’s has lagged and frozen on multiple pages. I have had to resort to using a different to book my gym now. Really disappointing.


Love this app but it has started crashing and freezing  Manxey  5 star

Is there an update available?

Pool egghead

Needs big improvements  Pool egghead  2 star

While useful to book classes for various memberships, especially when traveling. The search function is seriously faulted and often returns false negatives. It does not work properly at all with my tennis club. When you get a new membership direct, it is a nightmare the link up sometimes and the support from MINDBODY via app is a generic cut and paste response (with missing info) that actually did not solve the problem & started with ‘thanks for chatting with me today’ ??? What???

Peste 31

Very good...  Peste 31  4 star

Overall very good. Minor possible improvements: in favorites, not too easy to get to the pricing section; the search function is not the best


A bit buggy  Molli987  3 star

Love the schedule and ability to save favourites. Don’t love how hard booking a class is- takes four times, with various ‘can’t save’ error messages received. Also don’t love how the ‘add to calendar button’ thinks it’s the ‘cancel class’ button and instead of adding to my calendar it’s trying to get rid of my booking.


Works for me  Everydaygals  4 star

I prefer this app over the one my gym has - shows classes already full, if you are wait listed or booked in. Shows your up coming schedule. Easy to use. A shame it says you can connect with the Apple Health but does not actually show the Apple Health results ie steps. Would be great to have.

lockness locksmiths

Keith Wilson  lockness locksmiths  5 star

Love the variety


Endless log in issues  NB_123  1 star

Constantly experiencing issues with login (and failures to authenticate) - regardless of method (touch id, email, facebook), just “something went wrong” Another very regular issue is passes not shown in pass tab, although i know i have them, favourite businesses are empty and you appointments (even past ones) are empty Fix the basics


Colleen - app used for River’s edge  clecolleen  4 star

Rivers edge is a truly wonderful place. They recently started using the mind body app. At first the app was confusing but they have made some improvements. I do wish that all of the programs at rivers edge were on the app & the calendar was easier to navigate!


Studio Stretch Shreveport  WT?!  5 star

I hadn’t done yoga since I was in my teens & early 20’s. Now, in my 50’s, here I am doing Gentle Yoga with Quin. She has such a kind & gentle spirit. I believe she is just the person to help me achieve my goals: relaxation, mindfulness of my body and spirit, improved range of motion, strengthening of my muscles, & basic yoga terms/positioning. I really look forward to our sessions❤️


What happened  sonofwes  1 star

Stopped doing yoga for 6 months - year and now starting again. I used to love MINDBODY to keep track of what classes I did, teachers I had, etc. Now it won’t show me past history at all other than to say I have done whatever number of classes. But it won’t even let me click on my classes to show me any info on the class at all. Also searching for studios is next to impossible now and brings up hair salons before it does studios in the area. TERRIBLE App. What happened here?


Be really careful of the waitlist  MachKing  2 star

There is a big bug here. Kept on sayin i was on the waitlist I canceled but said I was cleared and got charged !


New Update Has Bugs  ShadLinz  1 star

The app was great until the new update. Now it’s super slow and crashes all the time. Please fix this!


Not sure what’s up, but slow  LonghornKate  3 star

I can barely do anything as it keeps loading new feature call outs.


Unstable version  Rinarik  1 star

The previous version of the app was much better. Latest update: app doesn’t respond or crashes out. Please can you fix this? Crashing results from clicking on anything; upcoming schedule, search, profile.


Love the Updates  stephaniediane  5 star

I deleted the app because I was no longer going to the studio where I needed to book through the app. I was able to return to that studio, and re-downloaded the app. I was happy to see this now working with the apple health app! I seem to remember a few random bugs and those seem to have cleared up as well!:)


Great studio  ProfMartha  5 star

Great teaching. Beautiful space. Wonderful community of students. Come practice with us 😄


Great until the most recent update.  eelectronaut  1 star

Whatever was updated rendered the app virtually unusable. Attempted normal troubleshooting steps (restarting phone, reinstalling app) and nothing helped. Client side works fine online, but not through the app.


Incredible (when it works)  Khonk  2 star

When this app works as its supposed to it is perfect but I find it frequently won’t load various aspects, can’t find my location, passes or the locations of business/timetables.

william whopper !

Whopper !  william whopper !  5 star

It’s whopper !


Great service  GenFX303  5 star

Does exactly what it’s meant to with no hiccups. Covers a lot of different services and never gets an glitches, very reliable.


MINDBODY  Orlard  5 star

Great app. So easy to use and so convenient!


Dreadful app  sbro99  1 star

The web site is bad enough but this stinks...


Connection  aoifedev93  4 star

Overall very useful app. Would be great if there was an Apple Watch connection as well as a fit bit


Cost??  Onaek  1 star

Does this app cost money? I never saw a price on the screen? My sisters downloaded it and it was free for them, yet I was charged €1.98 have receipts and bank statements to prove this.


Crap  SARAHHI  1 star

I got the email straight away but the app won't allow me to book into any classes online... The whole point of the app was to be able to do this. Deleted it and downloaded it a few times and still won't work.


Review  Shivers91  2 star

I've had the app 12hrs and still no activation email!!

Khalid elmusharaf

😁  Khalid elmusharaf  3 star

Very slow for receiving activation email been waiting for 5 hours until it came very disappointed with that but other than that its okay

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