RadioApp - A simple radio for iPhone and iPod touch

Easily tune in to local radio stations and to radio stations from all over the world, using a unique analog-like tuner.

• Internet Connection Required

• Unique analog-like FM/AM tuner
• Use remote control to seek stations
• Supports multiple countries at the same time
• Name of playing song when available
• Favorite stations
• Alarm clock
• Sleep timer

RadioApp - A simple radio for iPhone and iPod touch App Description & Overview

The applications RadioApp - A simple radio for iPhone and iPod touch was published in the category Music on 2013-09-18 and was developed by Tal Shrestha. The file size is 13.10 MB. The current version is 1.0.47 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- fixed crash when connecting headphones

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This is not a real radio station.  Tumanche  1 star

I paid for this app thinking that I will have a radio on my phone. The stations I needed weren't there. I'm trying to find a way to get a refund right now


Not happy  xochr  1 star

Purchased the app so we could use our phones at the drive thru a wireless speaker....didn't work.

Vorgan Haze

Amazing.  Vorgan Haze  5 star

Best radio app so far.


Didn't work  Brie234  1 star

I purchased the app when I was going to the movie drive ins, simply because you need a radio and we forgot one. It didn't even work and I'm upset I bought it for it to not work


I'm rating this full stars so people will see it  GunnerBodie138  5 star

If you don't have internet it won't work! WORST APP EVER!


Waste of money  mcbolin  1 star

Does not work in SC


Not worth the money  uwsppetey  1 star

I thought this would have everything local that I want, and it only has select few. Don't waste your money.


Save your $2.11  jaymay00001  1 star

I was hoping to use this app to hear the radio station that corresponded with the movie we were watching at the Drive In Theater. I tried tuning into the station several times, shutting the app down, adjusting my location setting, the proper station never came through. I'm not even sure what station was playing because it did not sound local. I had to rate this one star but if I could, I would not give it any stars. I want a refund. 👎🏻


Nice APP  Carolinahj  4 star

I just need to suggest the dials that are not in the app. I hope they will be available soon. Audio sounds great. Easy to manipulate. Sounds in the background


Love it  chiefbuff65  5 star

Great to be able to listen to music on a radio again.


AppToday AppToday 3 star

#iPhone #TopApps #78: RadioApp - A simple radio for iPhone and iPod touch -


AppToday AppToday 3 star

#iPhone #TopApps #64: RadioApp - A simple radio for iPhone and iPod touch -


A must have app for all phones to tune in FM/AM  Thyuikmmkhf  5 star

This app works really well and turns ones phone into digital fm and am stations that can be tuned precisely to hear local radio. It has a good memory feature that is easy to use and if you are curious about international FM/AM bands in foreign countries, it has that too. (You can listen to FM/AM in any U.S. city you program and literally in any country on the planet, not just your local FM/AM stations.) It's well worth two measly dollars. Five stars definitely!


I wish for a better station choice interface...  Gunflint999  5 star

...but it has been the best radio app I ever used. Had been looking for a TuneIn replacement for some time. I live in the middle of nowhere and listen to public radio all day long. I have my main router in the house and two extender routers covering my front and back yards. My problem is that when I move around my property, and drop a signal, TuneIn spends 3-5 minutes to automatically reconnect. RadioApp is less likely to lose the signal in the first place and spends only 5-10 SECONDS reconnecting. Yeah!!!


Sad  Faramawifouad  1 star

Bad, I didn't get what i needed.paid money for nothing. Some channels r not available.


Review  Aidan???  5 star

Simple, functional, does what is says. Great app.

B0B C00N

Clean & Simple  B0B C00N  5 star

This radio has a great interface, easy to use and I love the old school dial. Favorites are also easily created and used. The last station used comes on when you open the app, there's no fussing around or searching. I use it everyday.

AHH Rider

Amazing radio app  AHH Rider  5 star

I saw this app on a list of free apps of the day and almost passed on it thinking I'd not use it much. How wrong I was!! I have discovered so many great stations and listen daily. The sleep timer is great and I fall asleep to KDFC every night now, even though I'm out of broadcast range. I listen to the local community station much more now too since it is so easy!! The app is very smooth, very polished, and extremely intuitive.


Almost perfect  Lm.8  4 star

The timer makes for a great clock radio. However, after several tries, I have been unable to get the app to recognize any of the three FM frequencies that I listen to at home. True these are satellite stations, but then I do not live in a big city.


Great  Randysusan  5 star

Better than Tune-In.


Mr.  Mehog76  1 star

A lie. Does not pick up radio frequency stations.


Tune in dropped the ball  Dunno2326  5 star

Used to listen to the local station on TuneIn but it stopped working. Thank you Radio App.

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