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Solitaire Blast – Fairway Card [Games] App Description & Overview

What is solitaire blast – fairway card app? Play the addicting solitaire puzzle game with over 10,000,000 downloads world-wide! Fairway Solitaire Blast challenges your brain with puzzling card layouts, fun power-ups, and three modes of game play for endless enjoyment. Play slow or play fast – either way, you’ll have a Blast!

What is Blast:

• Fun, free, and easy to learn!
• Standard solitaire rules apply: play one card up or down to clear the board!
• 3 game modes for endless fun: Daily, Main, and Tournament!
• Mini-golf theme with cute “Squinion” characters!

Features in Blast:

• Daily Challenges to play every day!
• Tournaments of varying difficulty for players of all types!
• Facebook sign-in for access to friends & saved progress!
• Earn achievements (Cheevos!) for sweet rewards!

More Levels, More Fun:

• 1500+ levels with more added regularly!
• Power-ups to strategize your gameplay!
• Leaderboards for the competitive players!
• Redeem collectable “Stick’ems” for prizes!
• Different challenges to complete on every hole!

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Solitaire Blast – Fairway Card Version 2.8.3302 January 2018

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. Blastimizations include: • Squashed bugs (no real bugs were harmed in said squashing) Thanks for the continued feedback and support, and happy gaming! If you like this game, please consider taking a moment to rate/review it..

Solitaire Blast – Fairway Card Comments & Reviews 2022

- Big Fish solitary one

What can I say this is listed as five stars make it 10 stars I love the game I never know what to say because it such a great great game First I didn't understand why I lost all my hearts and then I noticed I got a lot of coins lots of coins I still love this game and all the extra coins have helped I like the changes keep up the good work I have been playing this game for many years and it's getting better and better I love winning the tokens I love all the challenges keep up the game going The Game I love to play and it's getting better and better get to win tokens and I love all the challenges and even let my Great grandson play he loves the game too so keep it up keep making it a fun game to play It's best games every The games is a blast I like owning the extra tokens and the new challenges are a lot more fun I don't think I will ever get bored of this game the good work There is nothing about this game that I dislike I love this game the challenges even the commercials to win tokens this is my favorite games This game is a blast I like all the new changes and all the new challenges keep up the good work you're number one to me It's the best games every What can you say about a game that is so great to play. Well here we go again just when you think you can't do anything better to the game and make it a great game each and every time I spend too much money playing this game but I love the game what what can I say anymore than that

- Players aren’t really that stupid

Really enjoyed the game but noticed some underhanded things occasionally. I ignored for the most part and figured I was just mistaken or mis-remembered. Yesterday I “won” a great boost that was good for an hour. Was going to use it to get 3 stars on some difficult holes. So for the whole hour I found that those holes were now all but impossible to even finish. Next day, I noticed that boosts I had not used just magically disappeared! I don’t mind paying every so often to play and I have many times. But don’t “award” something, only to make it useless by changing the difficulty of the game while the boost is in use. It was painfully obvious on at least 10 different holes across different courses. And If a boost has an expiration date, then say so. I probably will uninstall the game and move on to something else even though there are things I really like about it. For now, I certainly won’t be purchasing anything. Depends on the response I receive here. Not expecting much. Making money from players is fine but you need to do it with integrity and realize that most players are not stupid and really can go play one of the thousands of other games.

- Solitaire Blast

This is a great game, however it kicks me out often I lose my score. I love the game though. It would be better if the scores you make on a course were your actual points instead of the puny points that you win. Not even enough for a power up. I love the concept and the game is great. I can never figure out why so many games are connected to FB not everyone want to be on Facebook to enjoy or play a game. Some of us have lives, or just don,t want to be on FB all of the time. I would love if when you win a booster, but, don't need to use it right away, that it stack up for future use instead of bouncing off the board. What then is the point of buying boosters. How many times can you text, email your friends for coins or boosters before they become annoyed. Can you do anything about any of this? Developers

- I have to limit how much I play due to the cost of playing. 😕

Sept 2017 - Not much to add. I've had mixed results in winning and losing. Some days I can play for a long time and not need to buy coins. Other days I'm done within 5 minutes due to lack of coins and no desire to buy more. Still fun on the winning days! June 2017 - Liking the added bonuses of "lost baggage" and earning more stamp collections. I'm able to play longer without having to buy anything (coins/helper cards). Still not happy with the amount of coins earned compared to the cost of boosts. Only 15 coins earned for viewing an ad, but the least expensive boost is 100 coins... Meh January 2017 - Still playing... But the amount of coins earned in games are still low compared to the cost of help/boosts. And the games are next to impossible to complete without help/boosts. Grrrrr October 2016 - Been playing a couple months now and still enjoying the game. I have to agree with others, it is a bit addictive and can be spendy when I get tired of losing game after game. I will have to try some of the tips listed by other players. Thanks! August 2016 - I just downloaded this game a couple days ago and it's been fun so far, but the jury is still out. I was playing Fairway Solitaire until it stopped loading (can't play at all) and will go back to it if the app is fixed. I'm just hoping this game doesn't have the same issues!

- I, too am downgrading my rating

At first I wrote, "This is a fun app. I would purchase it." However... I no longer recommend you download it and get into it. What I HATE about this is how after a certain number of levels you absolutely cannot go higher without shelling out money every level after that. You will find yourself stopped at the first or second level and be out of cards. It is rigged so that nothing works and no matter how good you play or how good you are at paying attention, you will lose and have to buy cards. One thing that’s really a rip-off is the part where you can watch a few videos to get extra power up cards. 90% of the time you will get a Critter Defuser. Stupidest power up ever. You may need it in 1 out of 1000 games. Useless. I amassed about 50 of them. Finally stopped watching the ads. I get it. App development isn’t cheap. I’m ok with a reasonable number of ads and in app purchases. But come on... I just finished a 3rd level of a No Mistakes hole. With one card left to go and none in the draw bucket, I used the "shoot'em" card to clear the deck. The app counted this as a mistake and I lost the hand for the 23rd effing time!!! Deleting app. This game nickels and dimes you to death. It has convinced me to never download a Big Fish app again. I don't trust them. **Even Vegas understands that players need to win once in awhile.** More better you sell the app and slow down the impossible to win hands... Big Fish got greedy. Thumbs down

- Addictive in a positive way!

This is such a fun game; plenty of different plays/events to keep a person interested. I also appreciate that this game offers plenty of rewards; clearly makes money, but also makes it possible to earn rewards and to play without paying...and so I have bought coins a time or two, I do admit. The extra tournaments are also fun, and a great way to earn power cards for free, which greatly helps when playing as many courses could not be passed without these cards. I think a lot of thought goes into naming the tournaments as well; which means nothing, I suppose, but I notice and smile. The new video option for a free power card is cool; love that the video is optional. I also enjoy that tournaments are one level only...just don't have the time to play three levels. Thx!

- Everything about this FUN:)

This is a great game ! So much fun and always keeps you entertained. Don’t think this is easy, just not that difficult when you first start but once you get to the higher levels it is a challenge. And I think it’s a bit addictive :))) can’t stop until I beat the level sometimes ! And it’s also a mind game as well, always keeps you thinking . I wish they’d expand this game with more prizes, levels and extras. You’ll love it , this game is really a lot of fun, has great backgrounds and many challenges along your journey through the game. Maybe new prize rewards should be a secret level where you actually get to play an awesome putt putt game :)

- Rating

I’ve played the game for years. It started locking up in the bonus area (Watchems) requiring the phone to be turned off/on to reboot the game. It continued to happen so I went to Support to help fix the problem. It suggested I save settings and uninstall/reinstall. It locked up my access to the game for several days and when finally reinstalled I had 0 of my 13,000+ bonus points. I messaged Support repeatedly with ZERO response. Yet I was relentless with messaging about the issue. My personal request to obtain points be returned. And finally after a week I think they may have fixed the problem with it freezing. I should delete it and move on because they give zero thought for the customer/gamer. I played the game nearly nonstop many hours a day and for years!! I’m trying now to find a game to replace it but I’ve not found it yet.

- Adorably addictive!

Love this rewarding game loop of variable difficulty levels, optional "tourneez", actually obtainable rewards that actually add something to the gameplay, and- best of all- I haven't had to spend a dime to continue progressing. This has quickly become my favorite game because of its well-balanced challenge/reward loop. And I was sooo annoyed by the numerous other games I'd played that quickly became virtually impossible to continue playing without having to pay ridiculous amounts of money for coins or power-ups or whatever. This game is great and I've recommended it to everyone I know. So far, everybody's liked it. Plus the critters and other graphics are so absurdly cute I giggle when I play.😆

- It's fun to play...

This is a good game to play to past the time but I would not recommend it to someone that has an addictive personality. While I like playing this game, I also noticed it is rigged to get you to spend tokens until you have one of two choices: lose or spend more. At times, I notice how the game entices you to spend. As if spending to gain another boost will get you the win but there is no guarantee that booster will get you the win so it becomes a gamble. A lot of the times, you don't because the game is set up for you to spend on boosters or lose. If you have an addictive personality you will spend to get to that win. So like I said, it's a great game to play but if you have an addictive personality, I suggest you find another game to play.

- Big fish games

I am so addicted the this game play it all the time. Blast is so much fun. Great wayu to pass time and have fun. Love the tournaments. Playing this game is a great way to relax. I have to admit I don't understand everything about this game but it's so much fun but watch out, you could spend a whole lot of money before you know it. Love the quick play tournaments. Discovering the farther you get (the more courses you finish) they get harder and harder. Still love to play. Still don’t know what the critter cards are for but love to play. Like the tournaments, but like the quick play best. I think you win more playing the reg. game than the tournaments. Still playing and enjoying.

- Wish you could keep daily challenge tally

This game is super fun and I play it (almost) daily. That said, I wish on the daily challenge that you were able to keep the tally I’ve amassed from years of playing. It’s frustrating to be up to like day 167 and then get busy and don’t play the game in the 24 hour period and get knocked back down to day one again. I get that’s why it’s called the “daily” challenge but it was neat to see how many challenges I’ve done and also the difficulty of more advanced challenges. (Maybe they aren’t more challenging but I’ll tell myself that.) That is all. Keep up the good work and, of course, I’ll continue to play.

- Fairway Blast

Very addicting game, my husband and I both play, it's fun competing with each other ...2021..this is an update, we’ve been playing this for almost 4 yrs, in 2021 I was 659 days straight, had over 1,300 lives.. all of a sudden, both my husband and I lost all our progress.. game took us back to day 1, and to the very beginning of the game... we deleted Blast, wasn’t going to play it again.. but, decided to try it again... and this is where we’re at ... hopefully this doesn’t happen AGAIN, because we absolutely love this game, and the competition between us... so sad, we lost both of our progress..

- Fairway solitaire blast

I like the game a lot except it forces me to play the same level over and over I end up using all of my lives and points because I have to buy more lives until I have no choice but to wait until it gives me lives only to go play the same hole like 30-35 times and I use all of my power ups and still stay on that level it’s getting very aggravating I’m truly ready delete this game and I would hate to do that because I really do like the game. I’m just so tired of being stuck at the same one then when I finally beat that level the next one does it again. I don’t know what u could do about it but it is getting rediculous. Play 15 black cards in a row. Then red cards. Spades n a row it’s just getting to b to much. Please try to fix it

- Mr Tom

Very enjoyable passes the time very well. Finally a game where you do not have to spend a single penny to progress. Truly a good free game. Been playing for sometime now and it's still a enjoyable game, and still free. One quirk has shown up though. In the tournament play section there are times when it is impossible to finish the intended task. The game will not give you the cards needed to win a hand. It forces you to either buy more cards with credits or use your wild cards to complete the task. It doesn't make sense to me at least to spend more than you will win just to advance up the leaderboard. Still it's by far best game of it's type out there.

- Great game!

I play this game every day to keep up with the daily challenge. I like that if I'm just persistent and patient, I can earn many coins just by playing. Yeah, you have to play a level many times before clearing all the stars, but that's the challenge, and it's a great payoff when you clear the course with all stars. I don't see tiring of this game any time soon. Update: I haven’t played this game for a while. It got me through a bad time when my dad was sick and passed away, and this game was a great escape. I’ve started playing again, and just wanted to say thanks for the challenge, the frustration, the distraction, and the satisfaction of this game.

- Fairway Solitaire Blast. Love it love it!!!!!!

Once I figured out how to play the game, I am having a blast playing BLAST.....Love this game ...why do I keep getting this same review...and then I don't get the power up...getting difficult ...again I must say love this game. Waiting for my power up.....still having a the new look to the game and still enjoying......still doing kinda good, some holes are really rough......still playing. Here we are in 2017 and the games are getting harder and harder. Almost always just play the tournaments and not the regular games. I keep on going on....a-ok....I'll say anything for a power up....good to go.......keeping on keeping it....a-ok....still having fun....slowing down a bit....

- GG.

No, really. No intrusive ads, lots of fun sections to play, fair objectives, fun power ups, fair heart rewards and achievement rewards and a great time that keeps me wanting to get 100% ❤️ edit, much later: Be aware you can't transfer game! (?) I had to replace my phone and even having connected to Facebook, I cannot reconnect with my new device now. It's sad to lose such progress and not be able to connect a new game to my Facebook either!! I will take this time to try other games by the dev, but this I will miss! edit edit, later later: realized I hadn't signed up via my email, and now I'm back where I was!

- Enjoy the challenges and tournament

If you enjoy solitaire, you will enjoy this game of solitaire with a twist. I reached a point with Fairway Solitaire where I just wasn’t enjoying it. I think the difficulty level became a little too hard. It required the use of too many boosts, which were not easy to get without paying for them. So far, this version with the tournaments and “watch em’s” allows you to acquire the boosts with out paying money for them. The difficulty level is becoming harder as I move forward, but I am enjoying an online game that doesn’t require you to keep buying items with real money just to keep going or to keep challenges.

- Awesome

I am really enjoying this game! I have been entertained for hours! Still enjoy Blast after months of playing. I love the tournaments, they add an extra level of fun. Solitaire extraordinaire! Hours of fun. Some of the holes are very challenging, but the bonus blasts are very helpful when they are difficult. I can’t wait to progress to higher courses. I like the added feature of being able to watch 3 ads a day to win power ups and coins. Somewhat frustrating when there’s no way to finish a hole with 3 stars even after several tries.

- Fun

I like the new tournee format. I still would like to see you add the ability to bank power up cards. If players cannot bank the cards, then there should be a score bonus for completing a level without needing them. Seems the power up cards show up less often as levels get harder. I enjoy this game. I agree that players should be able to keep unused power ups from hole to hole. It is possible to advance without buying power ups but some levels are definitely challenging. (I was stuck at 138 for weeks trying to get a streak of 24 cards. I finally bit the bullet and bought extra cards.)

- Great game

7/5/20. Lost progress again because I’m not on Facebook. Deleted game for good Love the game but lately I’m not getting any boosters after playing tourneez I get all the way through several times without losing a life, and no boosters. I love the game but this is the second time I’ve lost all my progress. I was up around 500 somewhere. Now they want to know my level, what power ups I had, and how many stars did I average on each hole. WOW. This is one of my favorite games now. It hasn’t frozen in a while. My only question is I’m really into hard levels now so I need to get help from the tourneez but !!! Once you finish one its sometimes days before you get a new one. Why !!! Still goes into slow motion sometimes. I have to get out of the game for a while I like this game but it took a month to get past this level. play this game constantly. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because once in a while it goes into slow motion. I am not on Facebook so can’t do anything about it.

- Great game but glitch in ad

I love this game but there is a glitch in the ads. You can watch an ad to earn tokens, power ups, hearts, etc. but most of the time after you watch the ad it goes to the big fish screen and freezes. You have to close the app and open it back up and when you open up you have not gotten the token you watched the ad to receive. Sometimes the ad will be on a loop and play over and over and over and you have to close the app in order to stop the ad from playing. It gets very frustrating. It’s a shame because it’s a great game.

- AWESOME but few tips

ok so i love this game I am on level 1000 and its not too hard but anyway here are tips that you might want to consider 1. avoid repetition of challenges from old courses I started noticing from course 10, it looks like they ran out of challenge ideas and started copying all goals from emerald links except maybe for streaks. try to make new challenging goals 2. change looks of courses starting from course 12, all the course looks from the previous ones are used again. EX: after alpine bluffs, it looks like it started from maple towers again but only names changes. try to make brand new looking courses 3. small bug with the ads so when I watch an ad after the ad it just gets stuck at a blue screen that shows the big fish logo and I have to restart the program so anyway that my suggestions hope you consider using them 8 love your game

- Best game ever!

I've had this game installed for years and I can tell you it has only gotten better and better to the point that now I'm obsessed. This application, by far, exceeds all others simply because it allows the user to continue playing without having to wait for lives to refill tokens to refill however, you have that opportunity as well. The stickies that you can earn and get goodies from, the tournaments are awesome, the ability to watch videos to earn free lives or tokens, wonderful. Keep up the great work!

- After Advertisement rewards, the title logo appeared?? I don’t get it right

I enjoyed free times on Fairway Solitaire game. I am in level 170 now. You know something when I pressed the advertisement reward button, I watched the videos one by one in 30-40 seconds. However, the title logo appeared. 🤷‍♀️😕🤭no matter how hard I tried to make it vanish; but it blocked at the screen in the middle of the game which I could’ve understood what’s going on..?😓😞will you make the title logo go away from me or my game screen?

- Used to love it

But now my finger hovers over the delete button! Game crashes constantly, usually when it owes card or $. Yesterday 10 times in a row. My other games are fine, so problem lies with the Squirrels. Love the game, but fix it or my finger will crash on the delete button. I am disappointed that Big Fish does not fix the crashing issue when so many are experiencing the same problem. I have played this game for a long time and loved it, but the frustration of being kicked off and trying to get back on 6 to 10 times spoiled it. Tried to delete and reload, now I'm kicked back to level 1. Oh well! Fix the bugs Big Fish; you are smart enough to do that; or are you?

- Blaster

Excellent game absolutely addictive!was in hospital several days and completely lost my game I was up to the 100'shole and completed at least level 6and now I am back at 1st level...... What happened? I still love the game but am a little disappointed. Sharon Blaster, I am finally out of the hospital, Still playing the game love itEven more but somewhat frustrating. It seems I don’t always get The bonuses I think I should but maybe I’m wrong. I don’t understand why if you’ve gone through a hole and say only got one star and re-played again and do it perfectly how come you only get two stars you don’t get the three stars?????? Sharon I am writing again because I didn’t really get an answer last time I reviewed this game. I don’t understand why if you play the game with no errors clear all cards do all challenges sometimes you only get one or two stars why? I love the game but Ned to understand what am I doing wrong? Sharon

- Fun, but balance is off & it costs $!

Really was having fun in the beginning. I like this faster version of Fairway Solitaire (which I have played for years). The problem is most games have a way for you to keep going with out spending tons of money. This one is ok for a while, but then it gets harder (I’m actually good at the game). Then easier, then harder. Which is good because it’s challenging and fun BUT at a certain point it’s almost impossible to keep going without spending ton of money. I wish the game had better balance. Oh well, looks like making money is the goal of this game. When that happens, I’m out. Too bad it was a good game.

- Fantastic Game!

I recently had a power outage that somehow canceled my game and I lost everything. I immediately contacted customer service and figured it would be weeks before I would get any help! Instead, I was contacted right away. Leslie worked on figuring out what had happened and I was able to retrieve my game! I was so impressed with her patience (I am a senior adult and not good with technology) and her very clear instructions. This is my very favorite game and I am so grateful to her! She deserves 10 stars! This game is amazing!

- Keeping the game going

I'm having a hard time keeping the game going. For instance if I want to get more coins or free games, it will do it, but then the screen won't go back to the game. I have to get out of the game, double click my button, swipe the game off and then go back into it again. Love the fame but getting very frustrated. If it keeps up, I'll delete the game and just not play at all. It's been going on for 6 months and I just put up with it. None of my other games do this. Can you please see if there are errors on your end or update the game so it operates correctly. Thanks.

- Fixed games

The game is impossible to beat because the deck is stacked against you unless you purchase special tokens. To the credit of the developers, if you play long enough (and this is occasionally about 50 times on some holes) they allow you a deck so you can advance (I guess they realized you would eventually give up and uninstall). It’s a fun game, but remember - if you seem stuck, it’s not that you aren’t making the wrong moves, it’s because they have rigged it so you have to either make a purchase or be persistent enough to advance.

- Frustrating

I have been playing Fairway Solitaire Blast for years and it had been one of my fave games, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten to the 80’s and 90’s for my Daily reward and it resets to Day 1 even though I haven’t missed a day! Big Fish is very good about resetting me to the last day played but it gets annoying to have to submit a request when I am diligent about daily play! I am always told “they are working on the bug”. I also find that every time I download the update, I get reset back to Day 1! Like I said, frustrating! I like Big Fish Games and will continue to play them but I’ll have to find another solitaire game. This is supposed to be fun.

- Disappoints more and more so I am done

I thought it was a low blow when, during a recent quick-play-face-cards-only tournee, I discovered after I lost the seventh hole that I had exactly four face cards which meant I would have had to play a Power-Up to win that hole. Then yesterday I opened the tournee to discover I had to rack up 55 medals if I wanted to win 100 tokens. Are you guys that hard up? I have watched the numbers of Jokers and Blastilizers able to be won during competition holes dwindle but you would almost have to play all nine tournee holes perfectly to end up with those measly 100 tokens. There are obviously players who do not mind and are probably racking up some game expenditures doing it, but I am finally done with this game.

- So much fun-

I don't know why, but this game is addicting. Sometimes, it can be frustrating, but keep on and you'll break through to higher ground. Getting all three stars for each hole is very beneficial, as you'll keep moving. Once every few holes, you need to go back and get that second or third star on a hole, that was played hap-hazardously. Because, if you don't, you won't be able to keep going. Hours of fun! I'm still playing this a year never gets old!

- 2 years since last update

love this game and have forever! but there are several glitches that are consistent-my stickies no longer show up, and when there are level-specific ones, i just get “error loading” message. tournament levels finish and message “you need to be connected to the internet for that” pops up. and no new levels in almost a year. says the last app update was 2+ YEARS ago. lets get those bugs squashed, and some new levels please!

- Fairway solitaire blast

I like playing this game it is very challenging. I always have trouble writing a review because my internet is so slow sometimes it doesn't go through hope it works this time" well I have written this review 4 times now but it is not going through need help on writing this review. I keep sending this review for the last 6 times. Ok I keep sending this review and I don't know if this is working? Can someone send me a message to tell me what I am doing wrong

- Tournaments and credits

There is supposed to be a blast running for tournaments for 30 days that gives a blaster and it stopped working during most of the tourneys. The tourneys had a glitch and it started on old tourneys and it didn’t give me all the credits I should gotten for being in a top tier. Also there was no blast and I had to use coins and personal cards to continue. Please correct. Now the 30 day blast is reflecting 7 days left and it started last week. It began as 30 days there’s no way the time elapsed that quickly

- Seriously?

I am all about fair play in all aspects of life. Game has too many freeze and non collecting issues. In daily challenges etc. Freeze and you do not collect. Is this so you have to buy coins, so your not giving in daily challenges gifts by freezing us out?? Bottom line— all of the comments on this— has no one responding to thi issue. We are continuing to play because the game is fun, but working 60 hour weeks and coming home to get frustrated is crap. Listen to your users and the issues we have and fix them. If we want to spend money on game we will. Don’t screw with the game(not giving what’s deserved )to get people upset after a long day. Step up to the plate and make it right.

- I absolutely love it

I often lose sleep because I’m up playing this game for hours. Not only are the critters adorable but the different challenges ensures the game never gets old. The only thing I don’t like is the cost involved to get boosts. It would be nice if you could earn more coins when completing the different courses so that you wouldn’t have to purchase coins as much but it’s I don’t mind because the game is so much fun and relaxing.

- Higher levels very hard!

Once you get up to level 600+, you can't just win. I just used two anti hazards( which cost 300 each), a blastizer(450 coins), needed 5 extra cards(170), and when you win the level, you only win a small amount( I think it's 150 coins).. it's kind of BS😩 Changed my review, ever since I downloaded the newest version of the Apple software, app keeps crashing. Like I restarted my phone four times, uninstalled and reinstalled app four times, and it’s still not working. Very disappointed.

- Really love the game, but...

Since the last update, I have had a huge problem with the game freezing. Every time the game goes to an ad, once the ad is over the Big Fish screen pops up and the screen is frozen. The music is still playing, but there is no way to get back to the game. I’ve deleted the game and reinstalled three times, but that was no help. I’m going to delete it again and wait a few weeks or so then try again. I hope this bug can be fixed; I really love the game and would give it five stars if this could be corrected. Thanks

- Great game!

I played the original Fairway game for a while but am SO glad I found this version! It's so much fun and there's usually always something to do. If you're out of lives and cannot play the main course, there's the daily challenge and usually always a tournament going on. A few of levels are extremely challenging, sometimes to the point of frustration because I believe they are just trying to get you to spend money. But for the most part the entirety of this game can be played for free.

- Bug found

So I like the game but I found a bug. When your first playing and all of the board notices come up (next level, tournament, achievements, etc), if you choose “next level” after completing a level, and one of the screens pops up, the level will still play, but if you chose the level again (with the cards still up) it will use hearts. It’s happened about twice. It’s more of an annoyance than anything, still like the game but please fix this issue.

- Enjoyable

I haven't spend any money to keep me going through the levels. The new graphics doesn't bother me which seem to bother a few. Pro- It has enough difficulty to keep you wanting to conquer the level yet not too much you lose interest. Con- you have to have enough star to go to the next level and I haven't been able to get any more stars that I already have. A good challenge to keep trying.

- Kami

Fun game. Very addictive. I like how you don't need a ridiculous amount of coins that are hard to get to play. But recently they updated it and now it's really hard to read anything. It's too small and I can see just fine. Also it's gotten really glitchy and freezes and it won't load the stickums. Fix it Big Fish! And my stickums have been frozen for over a week ! And you have no way to report issues.

- Fun game and challenging- new addiction

I used to be a Bubble Witch addict. Now that game is not being updated, I have found myself even more addicted to Fairway Solitaire Blast. I like games that take some strategy, more puzzles than arcade games. And I hate being stopped in the game progress because I can't pass a level. This game gives you lots of opportunities for rewards that help you pass a level to make it interesting and keep going.

- Donna I play this gam on a daily basis. It's great. ;)

Have been playing this game for a very long time and loved it up until recently. They give you chances or they did to watch videos to earn coins and things. But for whatever reason when you click on it you can watch but you get nothing and it goes back to the main screen and locks up and have to reboot the phone to get back in. 😢😢😢😢😢. If this gets fixed I would give it a 10 rating. Loved playing it. Not so much now. ;(

- Relaxing & Quick Varieties of Solitaire!

You won't want to spend any real money in this game because a dollar only pays for 3 minutes of gameplay. However, If you have an addictive personality, this game may not be for you because it's so fun! Hours go by before you realize you've spent them. I play many other games, but I check in with this one every day without fail. HAVE FUN!!!

- In App Purchase Games Stink

I wish that Big Fish would design a game without in app purchases. This game is fun but is designed like any other in app purchase game: to get you to a certain point and then keep you from advancing until you spend your money. After playing this and another Fairway game from Big Fish and reaching that level of frustration, I just deleted the apps all together. Too bad. I'd fork over $6-$10 to purchase for unlimited play but I really do hate being held captive.

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- A Super Time Filler

Have played this game for years, passed 300 levels. Just got a new iPad and have started again with the aim of gaining 3 stars on every hole! I can pick up and leave this game without any dramas. If I’m waiting for an appointment I play it to pass the time. You can always get through a level even if it takes a few tries. It’s entertaining and you can zone out if you need a few minutes to relax and get away from life stresses.

- Blast

I have loved playing this game for years but am now fed up. I have been told I need to take 15 steps to keep going. I have repeated the first 4 over and over again and yet each time I turn on the game it keeps telling me I need 15! Also I have just purchased 5 more cards but rather than receiving them I just keep being asked to buy more. Not happy Jan. Take 2- have just purchased more cards ,have done 13 in a row with no diamonds, not enough to finish, but rather than being able to finish, have been asked to buy more cards rather than using the ones I have already purchased. Again , very not happy Jan!

- A fave

This game has been a fave of mine for years. Apart from its addictive nature, what I love the most is that you can log in via email. I’m sick of being treated like a second class citizen by many apps because I choose not to have Facebook. It can be very disheartening to not be able to access game features without it, so this is a refreshing change.

- Well done

I've never liked golf at all but a passion for golf is not a requirement to like this game. I've nearly reached the 80th hole and not getting bored with it in the least. No demerit points, five stars.

- YoFs37

At the moment I’m loving this game & it’s fun because the challenges are achievable & you get great power ups to help you when you’re a little stuck. It’s great, it’s heaps of fun now, but sadly I’m cynically waiting (like with Candy Crush & Crazy Kitchen), for levels to get ridiculously difficult & the expectation is for you to buy power ups etc - then, like with those games I’ll delete.

- Could be better

Trying to clear all three levels is difficult when you get 30 cards and that’s all you get for three rounds. You need to give maybe 5 bonus cards for each round you clear. I just hope it’s not about greed and getting players to spend actual money.

- Horribly Rigged

I never purchase anything in this or any other of these types of games. Having played this one over the 3 years I know for certain that it is rigged towards forcing you to spend money on critter cards to get through each course, there is no way the cards are being dealt on chance, so like all gaming machines they are programmed to make the player think they have a winning chance LOL. Nice try devs but you ain’t getting any money out of me. Hahaha!!

- Fun

Have just started playing this game and it's really fun and quite addictive. Hope it continues and money is not needed to advance to higher levels.

- Very addictive game

Only played a little bit but it is addictive so far a lot better then the original solitare

- Great game

Addictive game. Algorithms don’t cheat as much as some other games. The only beef I have with this game is if the game is interrupted by an alert (eg low battery) the current game ends and you have to restart.

- Good game thanks

Sometimes I get frustrated when I’ve finished a level and have to replay to get more stars , but I enjoy just the same thanks

- Frustrating

I enjoy the game but it is very frustrating a lot better now you don’t have to wait to get more stars to move into the next course.

- Too random.

Good game, and it's very addictive, but it's too random at times, and seems designed too be purposely hard enough, that you have too spend token just too pass some stages.

- Jules

Have only just started playing this game as it was recommended. What a great game to make you think. Well done

- Love this game

Awesome game! Just came back after a few months of not playing and I’m addicted again.

- Solitaire Blast

Good game, makes you think about every move, keeps my brain active, good for my eye hand coordination.

- Not too bad

Would be better if you could build up your power ups etc though. Great if you want to waste abit of time

- Addictive

The biggest issue with this game is I can’t put it away!

- Good game

Lots of variety although it gets too hard later on

- one small glitch LEVEL 12

the screen freezes sometimes very addictive easy instructions cool graphics maybe too good lol

- What I think of this game! Leigh

I love this game. I like how there are tournaments to try and win. And one minute it's easy and next it's hard. So this game is awesome

- Blast

I have only just started, but it is a lot more enjoyable then what I thought it would be. The game keeps flowing smoothly which I like.

- Still good

Haven’t played for a while but still enjoy it.

- Disappointing re payments

I love this game but very disappointing paying $7.99 to progress to the next level and then still being behind 17 stars behind after finishing that level! For $7.99 it should catch you up! 😡

- Callie Deep

As a returning player I am glad to be back, this a great game. Addictive useful rewards that are worthwhile It is good to be back

- Blast

Amazing, really good game to play especially when ur bored and have nothing to do

- Fantastic and very addictive.

What a fantastic game. Challenging yet enjoyable. Very addictive but in app purchases are quite expensive.

- Fairway Blast

Love this game, but it keeps freezing mid game and then won’t reboot and stays like that until next over it! Still sooooo sick of it freezing! Come on...I want to play my fav game! Fave game when it’s working gets 5 moment NO’s frozen. I’ve deleted and rebooted once and lost ALLLLLLL my goodies and data!

- Eraser

Good fun sometimes unfair but it makes for a challenge and keeps things interesting. Hope you keep building the stages 👍

- So addictive!

Absolutely love it, can't stop playing..... and still going strong!

- Addictive

Totally addictive game, keeps you interested for hours

- A thinking game

It put my brain into thinking mode I really love the challenge

- Very addictive

I love this game, it is challenging,but not hard to understand, I now know why I suffer with insomnia.

- Great game

A favour that I return to time and time again

- Outstanding

Fantastic game big fish games have really outdone themselves

- Tigerb

I enjoy playing blast at times frustrating but that is part of the fun

- Fun

This game is great,better than the original

- Keeps me coming back

I return because I want to master this game. It’s relaxing and end entertain

- Great fun,good for the mind

It's a good game because it keeps your mind working.

- Enjoyable, but hard

Would be good if you got more coins

- Great game

I love this game! I can’t put it down!

- Awesome and addictive

This game is so addictive and awesome I can't stop playing it

- I'm Addicted

Just love this game, can't put it down!!

- Fun.

I’ve just started toplay this game , and I love it. Thanks.

- Great game

Thank you I’m having a great time play the game.

- Hannibal

Game is good except if you complete task you still may not get 3 stars.

- Loads of fun

Enjoy relaxing playing this amusing and fun game. Love the colours and design used.

- ...

Lvls are changeling but more would be great and more coins and power ups

- Solitaire Blast

Fantastic game, very addictive. Need more bonus’s though.

- Addictive

It has become addictive .. but enjoying the game.

Payoneer 💰

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- WOW!

I actually like this game than the regular Fairway Solitaire!

- Great game

Really fun, no annoying ads.

- Not happy

I had 89 lives and 3500 stars 300 days consecutive play all gone what happened it would not connect and said validation failed now I have only16 lives now 1600 stars and only 3 consecutive days

- Constant crashes

In game perks for watching short ads but most of the ads cause the game to crash. Waiting for the game to reload is a chore and ruins play.

- Review

Its a good card game

- Problems still Feb 28, 2022, not fixed yet, what’s up??

It keep getting stuck of the big fish logo, when I do the extras On the wheel. Commercial are seen and instead of a reward it flips to the Big Fish Logo. Please fix. I love this solitaire game and it most annoying. Thanks 😊

- Blast

Great game!!

- Cute

So cute, would like an opportunity to gain extra cards with ads, or fun cards with ads. Sometimes some levels are extremely challenging I quit for a few years. Just a suggestion

- Awesome

I really like this game I been playing it for a long time I got a lots of game this one is my favourite 👍

- Solitaire Blast

Déçu pourquoi vous me faites recommencer au tout début? J’aimais bien ce jeu. Dommage!,,,,,

- Good


- Fun fun fun

Love this game!

- Crash

Bonjour, Ça fait une semaine que mon jeu plante quand il y a la publicité Solitaire avec le poisson... Je perd non seulement ma partie, mes toutes les récompenses du jour... Est-ce que vous pourriez vérifier votre jeu svp... Merci.

- Amusant

J’aime bien joué, chaque trou est différend et c’est de la stratégie!!

- Toujours des problèmes

Salut je vais souvent sur l’application de votre jeu et je vais assez souvent et j’ai jamais eu de problème et depuis deux semaines l’application débarque souvent dommage car j’aime l’application mais si il y a trop de problème finis je ne reviens plus

- Love this game!!

Great game lots of fun an animations and no annoying adds🤗🎉🎉🎉

- A lot of fun

I’ve been playing this for years and it gets better and better. I love the gameplay, but also the whole package. The graphics are good and the language is so much fun, silly but not in a childish way as many other games are. The gameplay is simple, but they change the objectives so you have to think a bit. The tournaments add a different kind of challenge too.

- Lotsa fun

Enjoying this game very much.

- Lots of fun

Good game hours of fun

- Helen

Great game make s you think

- Honu

Wow what a great game

- Amazing

So much fun. No ads. Consistently enjoyable.

- Fairway blast


- Super jeu


- Blast away!

I’ve enjoyed playing this game but lately the Daily Challenge doesn’t come up to play. This is so annoying because this means that you’re returning to Day 1 every so often even though it’s your 24 th day in a row! Aaaggghh!

- Monotonous

Good to start you gain plenty of points. Higher levels repetitive and almost impossible to complete without using some kind of card aid. Repeat repeat repeat

- love this game

Pass away many entertaining hours on this game!

- Fun

Lots of fun

- So much fun

I’ve been playing this and the other version for quite some time and I absolutely love it! It’s been a must have on my device since it launched!

- Blast

This game will not let me get any free boxes because it out automatically shuts me out Karen Weston

- Love it!!!!!

So fun!!!!

- Good


- Blast123

Stuck on game 322. Have cleared it and then get 3 stars but will not give me new star. Need 9 stars to move to 433 and you are keeping me at 322 to gain the 9 stars. Too frustrating

- Jeu

Jeu très amusant

- Love

Love the game!

- Blast

Great app but does have glitches, at times closes in the midst of a game.

- Great game

I really like this game. Much better than the old version of Fairway. I don't have to buy, to progress. Very addictive.

- Super

Love it. Since 2012 i love it

- Awesome game

Love this game it’s great fun

- Addicting

Love this game

- Vraiment plaisant

Simple et très amusant

- Addictive and Fun

I love the game and the little sounds. Very fun and I recommend it!

- Yay!

Fun game! Addictive!

- Great game

Can’t stop playing. Love this game. I always come back to it.

- Great game

Love the variety of levels and extra tournaments and awards!

- Great game


- Cool

Very cool game! Lov it !

- Addictive...

Loads of fun...!

- Good game


- Fun

It's a good game!

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Solitaire Blast – Fairway Card 2.8.33 Screenshots & Images

Solitaire Blast – Fairway Card iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Solitaire Blast – Fairway Card iphone images
Solitaire Blast – Fairway Card iphone images
Solitaire Blast – Fairway Card iphone images
Solitaire Blast – Fairway Card iphone images
Solitaire Blast – Fairway Card iphone images
Solitaire Blast – Fairway Card Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Solitaire Blast – Fairway Card (Version 2.8.33) Install & Download

The applications Solitaire Blast – Fairway Card was published in the category Games on 2014-04-03 and was developed by Big Fish Games, Inc [Developer ID: 292594310]. This application file size is 124.1 MB. Solitaire Blast – Fairway Card - Games app posted on 2018-01-02 current version is 2.8.33 and works well on IOS 7.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.bigfishgames.fairwayrevengeappluniversalf2p