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What is cloudbeats offline music app? EASIEST WAY TO STREAM & ORGANIZE YOUR MUSIC
Take control over your music and enhance your music listening experience with CloudBeats – cloud music player.

Whether you need an offline cloud music player listener, or a music cloud player to sync all your music albums and download mp3 songs on multiple devices, CloudBeats is the only app you need. It simply allows you to create your own music streaming service.

All you audiophiles and die-hard music fans finally have a simple app that will organize and play your vast music collection the way you want it. Anywhere. Anytime.

It’s time to easily upload, store and access your music on the cloud seamlessly with CloudBeats.

● Works with the popular cloud services for music streaming: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Box, pCloud, HiDrive. Personal clouds that support webDAV, including ownCloud and NextCloud. Network-Attached Servers (NAS) by Synology, QNAP, Western Digital (WD) and others that support webDAV protocol. These integrations make our cloud music internet song player one of the most versatile cloud music song organizers.

● Plays audio files in different formats: Our free local music player offline app allows you to play mp3, m4a, wav and lossless FLAC and ALAC audio. Meaning our music cloud player can play almost any song you have on your iPhone.

● Works online and offline: Want to enjoy cloud music with no wifi? Well our no wifi music cloud player allows you that. Simply swap between offline and cloud tabs. Also supports shuffle mode & CarPlay.

◉ Sync music libraries: The cloud music organizer app auto detects all the music on your phone and syncs all your music libraries. All songs are grouped by artist, album, genre.

◉ Create playlists: Want to organize your music and create cloud playlists? Add files and entire folders to playlists, change the order of the tracks in the Playlist section of our free music player.

◉ Organize & download music, audiobooks, podcasts: download, upload and sync any of your music across multiple devices on the cloud with this free cloud music organizer. Our intuitive song manager & song organizer will give amazing control and effectively organize your music the way you want it. It also supports audiobooks and podcast file formats so you can listen offline without wifi.

・Supports most cloud services, personal clouds and servers.
・Works without internet. Download albums, playlists, folders or files onto the device for playback in offline mode (Premium feature)
・Playlist maker.
・Sync your music library with connected network accounts. Sync manager will scan selected folders and add audio files to your music library.
・Supports mp3, wav and m4a, lossless FLAC & ALAC
・Advanced buffering technologies to provide smooth gapless playback
・Repeat all, repeat one and shuffle mode. Shuffle the entire library, a single folder, artist or album.
・Sleep timer to automatically stop music when the timer ends
・Playback speed control (tempo) within the 0.5x-3.0x range..
・Play offline–no internet or WiFi needed
・Add music to your favorite playlist
・no ads

Cloudbeats is free with unlimited streaming capabilities from a single cloud account. With a one-time purchase of Premium pack you get:

・ download albums, playlists, folders or files onto device for playback in offline mode without internet
・ connect multiple cloud sources
・ connect to Carplay

* Please note that the app cannot play drm protected files purchased on iTunes Store.
** 'Sync Multiple Devices' is an optional service to keep your Playlists and My Library database in sync between multiple devices.

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Find this site the customer service details of CloudBeats Offline Music. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

CloudBeats Offline Music Customer Service, Editor Notes:

CloudBeats Offline Music Version 2.52.603 May 2022

Fixed crash in playlists.

CloudBeats Offline Music Version 2.52.415 January 2022

Fixed several bugs and made few UI improvements Kindly remind you to update CloudBeats rating for this version too ! Every review and rating counts and is very much appreciated..

CloudBeats Offline Music Version 2.43.025 October 2021

Added mini-player on iPad to match iPhone version Fixed progress slider sensitivity on iPad Improved performance when adding thousands of files into playlist Improved import speed of large m3u files Added image extraction when scanning files on Onedrive.

CloudBeats Offline Music Comments & Reviews 2022

- Perfect!

I’ve been using the app from its early inception years ago when it only supported what was FKA SkyDrive to today where it supports MS OneDrive along with the other major clouds as well as personal clouds if one desires. The developer is responsive and has not lost interest in the initiative, not has he forced early adopters to purchase new “versions” to receive cloud add-ons, and that is greatly appreciated. That said, I’m not opposed to reasonable patronage since I get a lot of use from the app and there’s no other software I own where lifetime support and upgrades are offered. If the dev needs the revenue to incentivize his interest in the project by all means I’d rather do that than have this become abandonware like dozens of other quality apps that vanished. I’m not implying thoughts deviated after dealing with this abandonware issue earlier today. Get this app!

- Recommended for everyone

This app is awesome. Running out of space on your phone? Tried transferring your music to google drive to save space and then got annoyed because google drive doesn’t have an interface that’s easy to use like a music player? CloudBeats it’s the solution. Have all your music saved on cloud and experience it as if it’s on your phone. 5 stars. No question.

- Literally something I have been looking for months!

I love my song collection. I don’t like my limited iphone storage space! Being able to play .m4a and .flac files from Google Drive with metadata in a sleek interface is no small feat! This app has changed how I listen to music. Thank you so much!❤️ I would totally recommend this to anyone who stores music using Google Drive.

- Exactly what I needed and I didn’t even know it!

Perfect for listening to recordings from rehearsals without having to add it to my music library and clog up space on my phone. So far haven’t tested it on a data connection but absolutely no performance issues whatsoever on wifi which is incredible! Kudos to the engineering team, I wouldn’t have thought it was possible.

- Thank you

Well sovereignty far sovereignty great, able to log in and boom the music started playing for sure a top of the line; would because nice to because able to play all Library/Sheffield them. Nice to know the radio/number of songs of shown of this app to the songs I have logged .... Thank you so much double double thumbs up.

- Paid version MISSING some features of free...

Paid for the full app only to find the now playing UI has not been updated to the same extent - it still shows a rather old fashioned looking “music note” icon in the bottom right of the screen when music is playing. This is not clean and has been removed and updated on the free app. If I am paying for the app I expect at least the same aesthetic!

- Works perfectly!

Just finished setting up a personal nextCloud server, loaded it on the iPad only to find that it plays one song & quits, started the download & try process for 6 offline cloud players (they all had issues & too many ads). Gave up and Googled iPad nextCloud offline, Cloudbeats was #1 and by far the best app tried, worth the pro purchase!

- Way better than listening in the Dropbox app!

Listening to MP3s in the Dropbox app is the worst thing you can do for your music's fidelity because it will be transcoded and get that swirly sound on the high end. The reason I like this app over evermusic is because it gives true gapless playback

- Just what I needed

I’ve used other cloud players in the past, this is the better one by far. With an easy to use layout, I can spend more time listening instead of searching

- Family share

My spouse enjoys this app having music in one drive. We don’t know how to setup family share to share the same account and app without double paying for the app to download from AppStore. Would appreciate if this info is available anywhere. Doc says 6 accounts can be shared but no info on how to do it.

- I’m Really Impressed

My music are in Gsuite and I could only listen to playlist using laptop or desktop. Why, it’s the the only way it allows me to have playlist. Can’t do it in my iPhone nor my iPad. This app, the answer!

- Requires INSANE permissions

This app, when you connect it to drive, requires TOTAL access to your drive account. It can read, edit, and delete anything, as well as see anything that’s been shared with you or that you’ve been shared, as well as names and email addresses associated with shared files. Talk about an insane security vulnerability!! Who makes this app and how much do you trust them? Do you have anything private in your cloud folder? Bank info? Photos of documents? Why not allow user to specify one folder to allow the app to access? Don’t be a fool!! Whatever convenience this app offers isn’t worth your privacy. Use only with an account dedicated to the app, with no personal data associated.

- Excellent!

If you have mp3 files you want to listen to but you don’t have the space on your phone, this is the app for you. I think I’ll buy the full version soon.

- Can't get replay to work

After figuring out how to get the track I wanted on cloud beats, I cannot figure out how to make it replay over and over. I clicked on the symbol that means to replay, read the directions, of which there is no info on replay. Frustrating.

- Great!

I tried several apps to play my language lessons stored on my Google Drive. This was the only app that even recognized them, much less played them on the first try. Easy to use and seamless.

- Great for DJ mix albums

I was glad to find that I can point this app at a folder in my Google Drive and it will play all of the files continuously with no gap or pause between tracks. Very important for DJ mixes and themed albums!

- It just works

Have tried many other cloud music players without much success. This one plays well with online storage and can play back formats such as flac. Excellent.

- Finally.

After searching all over the place, this app plays from the gdrive perfectly with a timer and other controls. Great.

- The Cloud music streaming app you need

The best replacement for MS Groove for those whose music collection isn’t stuff they bought off iTunes but ripped from decades of CDs and vinyl. Good UI/UX and simple to connect to cloud drive folders, make playlists, etc.

- A great app

If you want to listen to audio you've got stored in Google Drive or any of the other storage services that integrate, you will not find a better app.

- Don’t buy the premium version

This version is very gimped and the design of the premium version is bad and there aren’t any options when it comes to audio playback or sorting. Do yourself a favor and try MusiCloud instead, it’s much better unless you’re using ALAC files (it handles FLAC files perfectly), MusiCloud can’t seem to read the ID tags properly but you can edit them to work using the app.

- Bye bye Groove

Since Groove is no longer an option for iOS, I stumbled upon this app and haven’t looked back. It’s the perfect replacement for Groove. Highly recommended. Works great with OneDrive. Props to the developer(s).

- Nearly Unusable, Only Can Play Forward.

I don't know if this only pertains to streaming from GOOGLE DRIVE but whenever a track suddenly pauses for buffering or if you try to fast forward or reverse, it will stop and skip to the next track. Really annoying. Fix this and it will be 5 stars.

- Essential app for music and audiobooks

Ive been using this app everyday for years - I don’t remember how much I paid for it... but it wasn’t enough.

- Great app

Excellent app. Pulled up the OneDrive music in a few seconds and it was streaming. Nicely developed. Great user interface. Would recommend to everyone.

- Great app, but how to turn on iCloud?

Loved this app since forever... would be the greatest of all time with iCloud support. Newest update says it has it... How in the world do I turn this feature on?

- It works

Plays my flacs from my google drive like they were local. No hiccups. Easy to set up. Great features.

- Easy to use, fast

Very impressed. I use with google drive. For me it would be a perfect app with an A-B repeat feature

- Cloud beats

Best app by far for playing off a cloud drive. Have to reset more than I’d like but it’s a great app overall

- Good, but needs work

Doesn't update album cover like grooves did. Hate having to pay for something that should be free. Overall, good app.

- Music app without next , forward button ?

I cannot use the previous and nex button from the control centre or lock screen . Both are greayed out and i have to open the app to change music everytime ! A music player without a next and previous button - wow !!!

- Wonderful !!

Very easy to use, simplistic navigation is done well. The results are awesome! Thank you

- Absolutely what I was looking for!

This app does EXACTLY what I want it to do - stream, not download music from a cloud folder. I am very happy!

- Totally worth it

I love this app it keeps all my mucus very easy to use and access

- Surprise app

Exactly what I needed. Works for Uber driver like me. Thanks for making a great app. Keep up the great work

- Great app except

I can’t view songs. Only can view albums, artists, and genres. It also doesn’t have an equalizer.

- Seamless.

Worked perfectly. Smooth app.

- A miracle!

Amazing! You have given my lifetime music back to me!

- No longer works at all

The app wants me to connect to an offline site and share info about me. I clicked cancel and now the app does not work at all so it’s trying to force me to share my info - thus, one star.

- Bad Play.

My music stops randomly after 3 songs. Maybe its a bug but other than that its a great app.

- Best music player

This is the best music player ever.

- Just review

Awesome! This is the one what i wanted.

- When it Works, It’s Great

The app is great when it actually works. Probably 80% of the time, I get a “track loading error” and I am unable to get it to play.

- Only limited tracks in the free version

I can’t play a whole folder from drive. It takes just the first dozen or so songs

- Bad.

Clunky interface, music suddenly stops playing.

- Dropbox login didn't work

Enter Dropbox login/password, tap sign in button, nothing happens. So that was unimpressive. Yes my iPad is turned on. Yes it's connected to the internet. Yes I have a Dropbox account.

- Latest version worthless

Unable to access Dropbox. I am going to use another APP. I will never use CloudBeats again!

- Terrible app

You have to drain the cache after an hour or so of playing music or otherwise it hangs. Garbage

- Just needs to support .ogg and .opus, then it would be perfect.


- Really thought I'd be impressed👎

I open the app and there is nothing. I search and nothing pops up!!!! Please fix immediately!

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- Simple Technology that works perfectly

Thanks for this app. It’s so simple to use yet so functional. It has simplified my listening so that I no longer use a server and player configuration for my music. I get on with listening to the music I like rather than being too often distracted with maintaining and troubleshooting server, player and app software. Well done!

- Satisfied

Very happy and relieved to find this programme- basic setting works very well with my one drive cloud storage and I-pad. Have no complaints whatsoever, Will be looking very closely at the premium system.

- Perfect app

This is a useful app especially if you want to access your music files on Dropbox. I would have still bought the app if that’s paid. Luckily it’s free

- Excellent

Would highly recommend

- Support doesn't support

Due to unknown reason some tracks are not shown by the app. Calls for support haven't been heard. Bad luck, overall this is a really nice app. That is to say, if something doesn't work for you, don't waste your time trying to contact authors.

- Best cloud music app

I host an ownCloud server and this is the only app that has worked with it with no issues.

- Top player for iPhone

Great music player with good cloud integration..

- Used to be awesome

Never had any issues worked smoothlessly.. now your ‘update to pro advert’ stops my music playing almost every hour! Time to uninstall and find another.. so annoying I won’t pay in case it does it there too!

- Awesome

As a windows user and a OneDrive user, this app works perfectly for my workflow.

- Used to be great

Used to work offline but now just says that I need the offline version, despite having already bought the offline version.

- Excellent

Works first time. Nice interface. No adverts.

- Excellent

Best player for cloud playback.

- Excellent

Robust and easy to use. A mac desktop app would be cool

- works well with one drive

connected to my one drive account with no problems. Streamed large music files and podcasts well.

- Me so confused

Me so confused y I have to do this to log on?

- Needs Serious Fixing

On a very fast cable broadband connection, this app is designed for streaming music and for the enjoyment of the music, but unless you enjoy the circle loading symbol and a ton of lagging, this is the app for you, but if your one a the rare music lovers who just wants to listen to music without the BS, look elsewhere, this app has potential, but it lacks the purpose it was created for.

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- Just gonna put it out here:

I love this app

- Great App!

I can finally play the music from the files in my phone! With no ads! I love it!!! 100% download right now!!

- very useful

It’s great to be able to export mixdowns to a onedrive folder on my desktop computer and know they will be available to stream on my iPhone later.

- Very helpful

My friend and I were sharing some clips of us singing, but my phone wouldn’t let me play the files because they were MP3 files and my Google Drive haven’t been working to play them either. I tried downloading this app and linked it to my Google drive and I was able to listen to the Files. It worked great and I will continue using it and enjoying it, thank you!

- Nice work - thank you

Does what it says it will go. Cool name and logo too. Please consider these upgrades: 1) multiple index marks for each song 2) iWatch app with book controls (back/forward 10-30 seconds) Thank you !

- A waste of time

Doesn’t work as advertised. Save your time

- Misleading!

You actually need to purchase the full version to actually download any songs and listen offline. This free version app was created to lure people into buying the full version. The app name and description is very misleading.

- Very useful app ever!!

Love this app, it’s a boom to iPhone users just simply download songs to google drive n just play music from this app giving all the music player benefits.. Very worth it!! Would recommend to everyone

- Best cloud player

This has everything I need. I love the radio feature. It designs your own playlist. All the album pictures are there, all the controls I’d need are there. This is the best app of its kind. Does exactly what I expected it to

- Dropbox

It works with Dropbox!! Yohoooo

- Perfect audio app

Love it!

- Great and easy to use

Exactly what I need it, thanks!

- Awesome thanks

What I was looking for 😁😁😁

- Awesome!

Download it, very useful!

- Needs a delete button for saved skips

There seems to be a problem deleting a saved tag/skip in music file. For each song there is a way to save a spot in music file where u can jump to that section of the song. The problem is that you can't delete it right away. There is no delete button. You have to exit the app and close it out completely (dbl tap home button on phone to close app) before u can delete the saved skip tag by pressing the save button again. Too many steps to get to deleting.

- A good start.

Any chance of implementing alphabetical jump list support? Probably a cloud API limitation. I have 1000s of artist folders. I really wish the lite version allowed the download of a few tracks so I could trial local library management before purchasing. 2 thumbs up for gapless playback!!!!!!!

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CloudBeats Offline Music 2.52.6 Screenshots & Images

CloudBeats Offline Music iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

CloudBeats Offline Music iphone images
CloudBeats Offline Music iphone images
CloudBeats Offline Music iphone images
CloudBeats Offline Music iphone images
CloudBeats Offline Music iphone images
CloudBeats Offline Music iphone images
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CloudBeats Offline Music (Version 2.52.6) Install & Download

The applications CloudBeats Offline Music was published in the category Music on 2013-08-09 and was developed by Roman Burda [Developer ID: 426901819]. This application file size is 50.42 MB. CloudBeats Offline Music - Music app posted on 2022-05-03 current version is 2.52.6 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: cloudbeats.lite