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Topps® KICK® 2018: Football Card Trader is the official digital card trading app of the Premier League, Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and Major League Soccer, with 70+ licensed clubs and over 700 players. Join fans from around the world for the KICK 2018 Season!

New Features!
• BEST XI - Collect, build, and play with your favorite football stars in KICK Best XI a new way to collect your favorite football stars in KICK 18. This brand new feature is a turn-based mini game that focuses on the tactics of moving the ball up and down the pitch and scoring goals.
• COLLECTION CHASE - Collecting gets on form in KICK 18! Chase your favorite players to work your way up the ladder, unlocking new sets and earning progressive rewards as you go. This new way to collect promises an experience which is both deeply engaging and highly rewarding for rookies and seasoned veterans alike.
• GOLDEN GOAL - Golden Goal is an all or nothing luck of the draw card game that allows you to win free coins and cards. Look for bigger coin rewards and collectible cards.

Classic Features!
• CONSISTENT RELEASE OF NEW CARDS: new series, artworks, and editions of cards released every week including limited cards that indicate the card circulation number.
• Get FREE CARDS AND COINS every day!
• LIVE CONTESTS: compete with other players to win rewards in contests that last from one match to an entire week. Our improved “flow of the game” scoring system allows users to predict momentum changes, swap cards in their starting XI, and feel the excitement of every touch, pass, tackle, shot, and goal.
• CARD EXCHANGE: trade in low-level cards for a higher boosted variant of the same player!
• STORE DESIGNS that hold unique offers and special packs. Collect nearly 100 different art styles and designs.
• Join the best community of football card collectors in the world! CHAT WITH PLAYERS around the world in the Fan Feed and propose trades!

KICK 2018 has the best football card collecting community in the world! Execute major trades between Premier League, Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and Major League Soccer.
Collect Messi, Ronaldo, Pogba, Neymar, Wayne Rooney, Sergio Agüero, Thomas Muller or David Villa!

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KICK: Football Card Trader App Description & Overview

The applications KICK: Football Card Trader was published in the category Sports on 2013-08-15 and was developed by The Topps Company, Inc.. The file size is 226.66 MB. The current version is 8.1.2 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes

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KICK: Football Card Trader Reviews


Terrible layout  Hondibam  1 star

The current update is simply horrible. It changed from the base layout used by the rest of the Topps apps. Trading card apps are fun, but this one is now just frustrating.


Kick 2018  curtdogg12  2 star

Disappointed in the new version! They have made it nearly impossible to collect cards without spending a bunch of money. If I'm gonna do that I may as well go to a card store buy them to have in real form.

David Scott Pearce

I Think Kick is Great!  David Scott Pearce  5 star

• October 28, 2017 • KICK Version 8.1.2 • iOS Version 11.0.3 I think this app is great! I’m just a new soccer fan. I got all the Topps card apps, BUNT, HUDDLE, & SKATE just to take my mind off that IDIOT in the White House. I’ve read the other reviews here, and frankly a lot seem like whining or just ignorant. Yes, you do pay real money for diamonds, although you can also cash in your coins for diamonds. I have bought a good deal of the MLS “Stadium Club” Chase, for example, scoring many valuable cards. But there comes a time when you have a lot of valuable duplicates. What to do, what to do?!! TRADE, people, TRADE! It’s a good way to make friends! I’ve made a couple of loyal trader friends, and it’s THE WAY to balance your collection, AND collect sold out cards or chases that you may have missed and are no longer available to buy with coins/diamonds. There has been a little bugginess in the game, I keep the cache emptied as they suggest, but far less problems than I experienced with BUNT earlier in the Baseball ⚾️ season. Right now, the only problem I have to contact Support to fix is three of my contests that have not awarded prizes, but announce “Contest not yet finished,” or something like that, when the Contest certainly IS INDEED finished. But I’ve found Support very helpful in rectifying problems and getting back to me quickly. I’m quite happy with the game. And I’m learning a heck of a lot about soccer around the world! I like it! ⚽️ 😎!


Can’t log in via Twitter  Spencer719  1 star

Still can’t log in from my linked twitter account. Has been 2 weeks now, is their a fix coming?


Diamonds ruined this app...  Mobsta4Life3778  1 star

I used to be a huge fan of this app until they implemented the two currency system. In my opinion, the new system is confusing and pointless. I also miss the old store. It’s now difficult to purchase cards. Not sure what they were thinking...


Disappointing  1Lakersss  1 star

Not what it used to be!


Won’t even let me log in.  Cobalt422  2 star

I’m trying to use twitter to log in and it won’t do anything

Curtis R. Shideler

Log In Again?!?!?  Curtis R. Shideler  1 star

Player: CURTNEEDSARIDE2 Why can't the app ever remember my user name and password?!? Well, latest update makes the app A LOT LESS fun. Don't like the set up. AND since I forgot I'm supposed to log in with Facebook, I selected Twitter and now I'm logged in with my SWCT login. Not worth the hassle anymore. Done with this app.


Junk  1star?coins!  1 star

Like I said, junk!


It went downhill  Yorugua1950  1 star

After they decided to change to the new format , everything changed for the worst, now it's impossible to collect cards. Well , at the end they did me a favor, not spending money on this app anymore. Thanks for ruining a good thing.


Has Problems  CRUMB5346  3 star

I have been playing the game on and off for the last 3 years and have never had problems wit it until now. I had been getting right back into the game for the start of this premier league season and yesterday the game stopped allowing me to send trades. So I thought the best option was to delete and re-download it. However I am now unable to log back into my account, not because I don't know username or password, it just tells me that I have signed into a similar device. If anybody knows of any way to fix this please let me know through a review on the game.


A little problem  Snooshe06  2 star

I played this game a while ago and it was really fun and one of my favourite games. I re downloaded it and now it does not let me sign into my old account. I kept on trying but it does not work. It said that the fan name and password were correct but it does not sign me in and instead says "you are already registered on a similar device".





Very disappointed  iamspambot27  1 star

It won't let me get past the part where you have to get a free pack for old school set I open the pack then my screen froze and I have to do it all again but it won't work


Amazing but improvements needed  hi🐵12468soccer  4 star

I love this app and I really want to play more but I am 11 so I can't sign up which makes it sad.I had amazing players like Neymar,aubameyang,David de gea, Alex Sanchez and so on.but I had to delete it because I was not that old enough to play.Topps can you fix this so people below 13 can play and have fun?


Needs Coin Update  Lpugf  1 star

This game is ok but definitely needs coin update because when I watch a video or receive daily reward it doesn't even update so I get no coins at all so please fix this in the next update.


The best!  MysticManEthanKo  5 star

This app is my social media I go on it everyday someone needs to help me!

Nico Curry

AMAZING  Nico Curry  5 star

F2 Freestylers if u are reading this thanks for inspiring me to this app and it is amazing

The cool kid 😈😂

My bum  The cool kid 😈😂  5 star

Game is amazing, please add bball


Tops kick  Lol"z  5 star

A fun game that has real potential 👍🤙


Awful since the update  Dre7x  1 star

So so bad now.


Needs an update...  Kskdjfissntfoskajdikz  1 star

When ever I try starting the app it says I need to update it even though I have the most recent update. I still get notifications about things but can't open it.

U motherz

Honestly  U motherz  1 star

If a could give this app anything less than 1 star, i would happily do it, ive saved up almost 1 million coins before this update, AND THEY RUINED THE APP, its completely different, its more complicated, how am i going to remember multiple paragraphs of how to play, ALL they needed to do was simply throw in EPL packs, Bundesliga,spanish, and the rest of the ordinary packs, cuz a few weeks before the update came, they removed almost ALL packs, WHY!?!?! This is so sad, i loved it when it was just save coins, open packs and dont stop until u get a messi or ronaldo, and now i have to delete the app😕good bye, and send me a message if u decide NOT to screw up the game


Great... until it crashed.  doronklemer  2 star

Super frustrating: I got to use the updated app for three days, the cards look great, and the new game play and training features were excellent. Now the app has crashed, and freezes mid-tutorial. Hoping Topps hurry up and get this fixed.


Topps at it again  Bhoward75  1 star

Trying to fix what is not broke just to make a buck. Pure poo is this update.

The Real JHat

Get rid of the forced demo  The Real JHat  1 star

I can't us the app because it keeps wanting to train me how to use the XI game. I just want to collect the cards, but there's no way to get around the training bit, and it takes forever!

Raul arechiga

Bug.  Raul arechiga  3 star

When I'm trying to open my last pack to complete the tutorial of the new update the game just freezes but I can do everything else, I'm not trying to do anything before I can complete it because I get a bad feeling, please fix it!

Jilly Bob

Crashes on IOS  Jilly Bob  1 star

Crashes out IOS. Both iPad andiPhone


Bad update  bmviana  1 star

Cant get past the tutorial after update.... fix this!


Typical from Topps  Assassin-4-hire  1 star

Another forced update with bugs still not worked out. Can't do anything. Forces tutorial keeps capturing me. Since I've already done it, the app freezes midway thru. Ugh.

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