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onX Hunt has been featured in Field and Stream, Outdoor Life and American Hunter as the best hunting app, hiking app, and GPS app for any outdoorsman or hunter. Used by millions of US hunters.

Know where you stand with the most trusted and accurate map data. Use onX Hunt as a fully functioning free GPS on your phone. View private and public land ownership maps, Hunting Units, roads and all trails, US topographic maps and more! Turn your phone into the best free hunting app with offline maps, location tracking GPS for hunting, and more!


• Web Map for scouting at home and syncing data to your mobile
• Aerial view maps and 24K Topographical Maps with GPS Navigation
• Hunting Units or Game Management Units (GMU) for multiple species (such as Antelope, Bighorn Sheep, Bison, Black Bear, Elk, Moose, Mountain Lion, Mule Deer, Mountain Goat, Wolf, Whitetail Deer, and Turkey hunting)
•The onX Hunt App is a hunting GPS with tracks & custom waypoints: mark waypoints with icons to navigate back to your vehicle, camp, or hunt stand
• Easily measure distances between treestands hunt stands and blinds
• Mark Custom Waypoints: Camp, Truck, Trail Cam, Deer, Elk, etc.
• Measure acreage with the Shape Tool to easily measure food plots
• Track the distance, duration, and speed of your hunt with our GPS Hunting Tracker
• Topographical quad maps
• Points of Interest & Geographic Feature
• DNR maps


Turns your phone into the best GPS for outdoor GPS functionality by using the GPS tracker built into your phone, or tablet, to display your location on the map. Cellular network coverage is NOT needed, as our technology allows you to save basemaps and layers for offline maps.


While onX Hunt& many of its features are free, you will also start a free Premium State Membership trial when you install the App. This allows you to try a full-featured Premium State Membership for 7 days.


With a Premium State Membership, you gain access to our proprietary hunting GPS maps developed by our GIS team. A Premium State Membership costs $29.99/year. Get the same great features of onX Hunt but with the additional benefits of:

• Public land like Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management (BLM maps), Wildlife Management Areas, County and State land hunting maps, Timber Lands, and more!
• Landowner names with property line maps and boundaries in available counties*
• Search by landowner name or hunting property landowner boundaries to scout and look for new areas to hunt
• Save private, or public hunting land maps for use when you are out of cell phone coverage.
• GMUs or Hunting Units for multiple species (such as Antelope, Bighorn Sheep, Bison, Black Bear, Elk, Moose, Mountain Lion, Mule Deer, Mountain Goat, Wolf, White Tailed Deer, and Turkey Hunting)
• Possible Access Lands, Walk-In areas, Block Management Areas and private lands open to the public for hunting and recreation
• The largest database of nationwide Roads and Trails ever built
• 3D Maps
* Private landownership maps may not be available for all counties


With an Elite Membership, you gain access to our proprietary maps for all 50 states. Easily scout and plan hunts in any state now for one membership price. Available for $99.99/year or $14.99/month.

•Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your iTunes account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, & identify the cost of the renewal.
•Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of Purchase.
•Visit the following URL for full terms of use: http://www.onxmaps.com/tou
•Turn off auto-renewal via the main Settings app: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202039


Having a problem, or want to request new features please contact us at

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onX Hunt: #1 GPS Hunting Map Customer Service, Editor Notes:

onX Hunt friends and fans, we thank you for being loyal to the #1 GPS hunting app in the App Store! In this update: • We've added Crop Layers to our ever growing mix! This layer allows you to better optimize your hunting plans and stay ahead of the game. • We've added New private land boundaries and ownership data. • We've fixed bugs that were interfering with your app experience. If you love the onX Hunt App, please leave us a review!

onX Hunt: #1 GPS Hunting Map Comments & Reviews

- Best Phone mapping app in existence

Now I will add to my review, that after posting this initial review I received an email response instructing me how to perform a task I didn’t know was possible. And I noticed a newsletter email detailing the same information. It is obvious the OnX company is devoted to doing their best work. Thanks OnX, please never go away. This app eliminates the necessity of a handheld unit for a lot of people. And the ability to share everything is tremendous. I can send tracks & waypoints to a guide who has never been to my ranch before and trust they’ll find their way. The OnX company constantly looks for ways to improve and innovate. I thank y’all very much for this. This app has allowed me to do my job more efficiently and to explain things to existing and new landowners more thoroughly. Thank you. My only request at this point is to have a desktop version. But I understand that’s not really what this app was built for. Anyhow thanks for the great product. Please keep up the good work. Seriously recommend for anyone wanting to setup a hunting ranch, or use for their own hunting or adventures. VERY IMPORTANT! Some people believe Google Earth is better. I have used Google Earth for 14 years. I still am forced to use it for some of my work. However Hands down OnX has changed the game. GOOGLE EARTH’s app never works half as good and doesn’t have near as good location capability.

- Best Hunt Mapping App

The features available on OnX are better than any other hunting and mapping app I have used in the past. Excellent array of mapping layers to select from, even including NOAA nautical charts, logging and burn data and federal land. Very good property ownership data, though I wonder how often it is updated, as I have noticed some parcels that are currently labeled incorrectly just based on knowing the current owner. The vast selection of possible waypoint markers, the ability to track your movement and save the path, and the ability to share those data points with other users of the app is great. They recently updated the satellite imagery to more recent imagery, which has been helpful in many cases, but therein lies my only complaint I can think of at this time. I would like the ability to choose between a small number of satellite imagery layers from different dates to display the map in. I often use OnX to e-scout for waterfowl hunting and the satellite imagery from before the update was taken in the winter, allowing me to better see creeks and marshes which flow under tree canopies. The latest imagery makes it harder to see into those possible duck holes. The ability to switch between winter and summer imagery would be very beneficial for that purpose and many other hunting and angling pursuits. Overall, love the app and all of the available features.

- Great product, great customer support

I have been using the onXmaps program on my iPhone for over a year here in Montana. It has become an indispensable tool for me. As in many states, Montana can have some very confusing land ownership patterns. There are places where the fences and mix of private and public land are so confusing that I refused to hunt them. Now I can go there with confidence. I had an issue recently with my saved for offline use maps. It was probably my fault. Still, I couldn't resolve it so I contacted onXmaps support. Right away I got an email with step by step instructions for resolving the issue which worked. So, great product, great customer support. I have told everyone that I know about this great product. If you hike, fish, hunt, backpack, you should buy this. Update: I have been an enthusiastic user of the hunt app for years now. The app just keeps getting better and my uses for it continue to expand. I and my hunting partners have used the app to scout new areas among many other uses. This last season, we hunted a private ranch that had been broken into units on which the public could hunt in limited numbers. Before we hunted there, we put the boundaries of the partitioned ranch on our offline maps. We hunted that place with confidence. This is a great product and a great company.

- Best hunt map app! Easy to use!

I’ve used a couple other apps in the recent past that were recommended by friends, but none of them were really user friendly or had all of the options that I was looking for. Then I found OnX. SO much easier to use than the other apps. It’s now my go-to-app when I’m at home looking at my maps or in the field marking game sign and scouting new areas for stands or blinds. I’m sold for life; OnX is perfect for my hunting map needs. Highly recommended! **Update after 4 months of use** The onX app continues to be one of the most useful hunting tools in my arsenal! I have completed mapping our 1200 acres of private hunting land using onX, including mapping all of the trails and marking locations of more than 110 tree stands. Throughout the process, I have learned more about the land that we hunt than I ever could’ve imagined. Thanks to onX, learning the (complete) lay of the land was so much easier than I thought it would be. I’ll definitely have the app open every time I go in the woods! Being able to share way points with friends has been super helpful. If you’re considering trying out onX, do it with confidence! The app is great!!

- Most useful app I have

I was hesitant to try this app after some other ones came up very short, but after a few friends recommended it I tried the free trial. I was hooked the first time I used it! For once there is an app that actually does what it advertises. Just today it was well worth the yearly subscription, I had hiked about 7 miles into the woods along a game trail and it was getting very hot and I was very tired, I decided to open OnX to see how much further I had to go if I stayed on the trail to intersect the road, when I opened the app I saw that I had just started paralleling the road but the intersection was another two miles away, but as the crow flies I was only a half mile from the road, so I just hiked the half mile and was back on the road I had parked on saving me probably a couple hours. Also customer support is great! I was having an issue with the app when off grid sometimes, I emailed them about it and they responded quickly stating they were aware of the issue and it had already been fixed in the update that got released that same day, I updated the app and it has been flawless ever since! Best app ever

- Solid Conservationist App

The versatility of this App is second to none in regards to the realm of conservationists. Being able to see all public, private, leases, wilderness areas, weather reports, etc. all from one app AND being able to ping places you’ve hunted so you can remember them for the next time is just too handy. That paired with the unbelievably reasonable subscriptions there truly isn’t anything to complain about, a service like this I was expecting to pay $$$/ month. The customer service is beyond exceptional. I originally got signed up in Texas and use only the Texas OnX maps, I am now moving to Wyoming and when reaching out to support to see if I could get my states changed over there was no hassle. No, “well we can’t really do that” no, “well you have to pay a fee” no nonsense. I asked if that was something they could do and within 5 minutes they emailed me back politely letting me know that my request had been completed. Every conservationist in my family uses this, I would and do recommend this app to every conservationist I come across. Thanks for the awesome service OnX!

- Definitely a Fan

I have been using the app now for approx. 3 years now. I have had a number of Garmin GPS units which helped to keep me on track in unfamiliar territory. None provided the amount of info that OnXmaps delivers and I was always having to work through bugs with them. I found myself using OnXmaps more and more and eventually only carried the GPS in the holder on my Ranger. Last year I found myself in a dispute on some land that was listed as US government trust land but was apparently being leased to an unnamed Native American tribe. The told me I couldn’t hunt on the land and called law is enforcement. Law Enforcement upheld my position and said that they also use OnXmaps. The only thing that kept me from giving it 5 stars is that it only works in the vertical position on my IPad and doesn’t rotate. Yes, I admit that all of the landowner info isn’t up to the minute accurate, but last time I checked I’m not right 100% of the time either. If there is a piece of property I want to hunt on that’s private, I don’t take it for granted that it’s okay to hunt on, I try to contact them. If I can’t contact the landowner, I hunt somewhere else. Simple enough. Highly recommend. Good luck in your adventures.

- Best app I have ever used

This is my first review. Ever. I have been using OnX Hunt for a few years now. I cannot stop recommending this app to everyone I talk hunting with. I mark everything. Trails, tracks, rubs, scrapes, roosts, kills, sightings, treestands, blinds, trail cameras.... everything. At first I used it to keep inventory of my gear and where it was left. Now I share a few hunting spots and hunt some friends ground as well. They are now able to see where the trail cameras, stands and blinds are and can hang theirs accordingly. If I need or want them to check a cam? No problem. I can show them exactly where it is. From satellite and topo maps I am able to scout a lot from the air before I ever step foot on the property. And having landowner info is AWESOME when bow season is over and we change gears and start predator hunting. I measure, figure areas, scout, drop waypoints for everything. Best. App. Period. I will continue to pay for this app and will continue to recommend it to anyone that truly takes their hunting seriously. Thank you for creating an app that is, in my opinion, one of the best tools a hunter can have in his pocket.

- The BEST Outdoor Map and UI Experience!

Almost a year ago I had the opportunity to try OnX at a reduced rate annual subscription and figured that as an avid outdoor enthusiast I could not go wrong. Since then, I have made OnX my premier map interface solution for ANYTHING outdoors. Whether I am hiking or driving, OnX allows me to chart the path, or if I am feeling bold, explore new territory which complete confidence of where I am and who owns the property I am on. Setting up waypoints and tracking my travel could not be easier or more customizable than what OnX offers. I am able to share my information with others to allow for geolocate tools or cross-reference to finer detail in Google Earth. What makes OnX really shine is the ability to download areas directly to your phone for non-service use. All smartphones have built-in GPS that allows for satellite (not daw tower) usage to continue tracking your location. This is critical when you are in areas where service is unavailable. In addition to this are overlays unique to your area based on a plethora of data sources. This could be fire history, drought history, etc.. The layers are nearly endless, but each add a unique value that can be toggled on or off. There are dozens of incredible features and functionality that surely one person couldn’t even take full advantage of in one year. I am still learning more and more about the app through their Live Q&A sessions. You do not want to pass on this one!

- Not good offline and having to constantly re-download

Same story different version of the app. The offline maps take forever to download, they don’t download at the same quality. I have major issues when I can scout from my phone or computer but download the map section (yes at the highest quality) and all I see in the field I blurry objects. It takes a lot of time and energy to download large portions of maps for offline storage and half the updates ONX comes out with deletes the saved maps you have stored. You have to turn on every layer to actually download that data which i guess isn’t the end of the world and maybe some guys don’t download all data to save room on their device? Not sure just make a button to click to download all available layers so you know your covered. I have always liked and used ONX but I could be so much better. They do a lot for land access and certainly have made a good name for themselves. Hopefully someone like basemap can put out a functional offline mapping version so those of us who utilize the offline version especially across multiple states and/ large portions of states for different species can easily download and access the data later.

- Property Ownership Updates Slow

Based on my direct experience using the app as well as providing correct land owner information to OnX, they are very slow to update land ownership changes. I would venture to say that the land ownership is one of the most if not the most important map layer that hunters want to see. For the price that users pay for this subscription, this is the information that needs to be as current as possible, especially when the app is showing a property as open to the public when it is actually privately owned. I own property that was shown on the app as open to the public when I purchased it nearly a year ago. The app showed the property that was previously owned by a University Foundation as open to the public even though the foundation had it posted as private. I alerted OnX to this error and provided them all of the information they requested but the error still remains today. This land was never open to the public. If this is the speed at which the company handles a critical map error, as a user I would not pay the extra for “elite” membership. Just my personal opinion as a hunter and subscriber.

- Amazing hunting app

Best hunting map by far. I really love the app the only problem I have is when saving maps offline the icons stay big and you can not see pass them. This is the only reason why I gave 4 stars I will change my rating when fixed. Update. After messing around with the layers on the map I figured out the problem. The problem is one of the layers as soon as you take it off it will make the problem go away. So you have to delete the layer with the trail and recreations. Then re add them. Solved the problem and hasn’t happened anymore. I must admit customer service is amazing and fast but they couldn’t figure out the problem. But A+ customer service. They did offer some solutions but none of them worked but greatly appreciated. Overall this is the hunting map to get. It’s great for trying to figure out where property line start so you won’t trespass. I would highly recommend to any hunter. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ App

- Great app, lacking in a few places

I love this app so far, but one gripe. The downloadable maps should be more customizable, or at least give me more options. I’m locked into low/medium/high res maps for offline use. The high and medium res maps have amazing detail, too much for my uses, and only lets me download a certain size (5 or 10 mile wide) plot at a time. If I wanted to download a 100 mile square I would have to download 10 different maps. Not the hardest thing in the world to do, but tedious when compared to other offline gps app like Gaia(onxhunt and Gaia are very different, Gaia/off-roading navigation and onxhunt I use for hunting). The low res covers practically all of Colorado, and is close to detailed enough, but not quite. If they could make an offline map download option that was in between the low and medium res options, this app would be everything I could hope for. I could download 4-8 maps and cover the entire state, and never have to worry about not having service when I want to check my location.

- Great app for hunters and cops

Honestly the app is great. It takes a little time to figure out some things, like adding layers so that the user can view private land ownership. I really feel that this should be a default layer that you shouldn’t have to hunt for and add since it’s one of the most important features for determining whether customers purchase it or not. Once you figure out how to add it though, things are great. I had to contact customer service twice but fortunately those guys are on top of their game and helped me very quickly: once to figure out how to add the private land layer and once because I was just a dummy and tried to log in with the wrong email address. Overall, I’m really satisfied with the app. It’s useful for more than just hunting season too. I work in law enforcement and frequently have to contact land owners. This app makes traveling to or calling the county appraisal district obsolete. It’s really been a handy tool.

- Slow with blank spots

So far I do like the app. I’m only in the trail period, but so far it’s been a little slow to respond and their are a lot of times their has been blank spots, in other words white spot blocks all over my map when I move in or out. Sometimes they go away after a very long time or they stay and I don’t know what is behind them. The layers have been ok, sometimes a little hard to follow. I wish the whole app would rotate, not just the map. I’m more the likely to get the app. But before I do I will be taking it out and doing some of my testing. But the biggest thing I’m worried about is the slow loading and big areas of white spots. I’m using the app on my iPad. Update: the white spots have improved a lot. Still a little slow in loading. Now it’s the speed it’s way off or it freezes. It mostly shows the speed faster then I’m going or it’s why below what I’m going. I still would like to see the whole app rotate. I like my iPad in landscape. It’s much easier for me to see it.

- Life saver

If you hunt public land, big country, national forest, or if you just want to look and mark things on your own property this app os perfect! I downloaded a map of national forest and me and a buddy took it to the mountains (Miles and miles away from service) and we hiked 10 miles after we left the truck and came to a rock cliff. On the way back down we wanted to avoid the rock cliff in the dark so we swung right and accidentally went 2 draws over and started down the wrong hollow. Pulled out my phone (still no service) and looked at my downloaded map and walked to the truck which i had marked. Not only that but i was able to mark specific sign and leave notes on the map to remind me whats going on for next season to have a game plan. Highly recommend this app to everyone! Only downfall is i wish you could pay for more than 1 state, but not pay for 50 states when you might only need 1-4 states.

- Why I cancelled

I was initially excited when I purchased OnX two years ago and found the app helpful. However I will be canceling my membership and going with another service after many failed attempts to have issues corrected. I own a large parcel of land that is used primarily for hunting and fishing and often invite friends and family to hunt. I noticed the property lines on my land had switched to outdated lines from years ago. Also the land owner information was incorrect and displayed the previous owners information. I attempted to contact OnX and tried to tag the land with the updated ownership many times over the last year. It is very frustrating that after a year I have not got any response from OnX. I’m not paying for an outdated app and non existent customer service. I have found other apps that have the correct boundary lines and land owner information so I will be taking my business elsewhere. I will also be canceling the five other accounts I pay for that family and friends use. I am disappointed and frustrated that I have to start over with another app but I can’t justify paying for a service that isn’t correct.

- Essential Hunting Tool

I've used the one state app as a Premium user for my home state of Oregon for a few years. Recently, I upgraded to the Elite package and have used the Offline feature extensively on several out of state hunts this year. Backcountry is one thing but I may be searching out access near private lands close to town where suddenly I lose service and have found I am saving these maps no matter where I hunt. It could be me, but the opacity/transparency is darkened many times making it difficult to see my layers. That's my only issue. I suggest watching podcasts featuring the OnX guys to glean more info on getting the most from the app. After seeing one such episode, I learned about the layers for wildfires and timber harvests where you can see what year and whether it was a thinning or clearcut. This is vital info for hunters in the logging country of the PNW. Overall, this app has become an essential tool for all of my hunts.

- Great Hunting App!

I have used this app for the past two years on multiple hunts, in multiple states. Not only has it been great for learning boundaries and a good overall picture of my my various hunting areas, it’s also great for the areas that I’ve hunted for years. OnXMaps is useful for everything from planning my hunts to using it in the field. The tracking feature has worked great, pin pointing waypoints and marking my location have been super valuable. Even the off-grid maps without internet work great. Before this app there were questions as to where property boundaries were. This has made that much more clear and makes hunting new areas more comfortable. They are constantly adding new features and improving on existing ones. The guys in customer service have always responded quickly with helpful information. Great app! Keep up the good work!

- Needs work still

Old version worked well. Newer version has been problematic. Can’t import google earth waypoints (yet)... old version would. Layer transparency has been a big issue. Can’t control the roadless layer transparency offline so you can’t see the dang map underneath. Can’t even turn the layer off which caused a lot of headaches 2 weeks ago in Montana. Hopefully fixed now. Would like to be able to download larger blocks off high detail or custom shape of high detail maps for offline use. Downloads in 5-mile blocks are a PITA and take all day for large areas. Downloads should include all data layers and give user control over layers offline. Instead, if it’s not on when you download you don’t have it. Bottom line is that the new version was released prematurely before bugs were worked out and functionality was verified. And it was released right before bow season... nice timing. It’s a fantastic app when it works right yet incredibly frustrating when you’re depending on it and it doesn’t. Please keep working on it. I know you will get it dialed in soon.

- Great app.

Love the app for knowing where you are at and staying on the right property or public land. I sold my Garmin and bought a charge pack for my phone and haven't regretted it. Just a few ideas for developers if they read this. 1st please at a "navigation to" function. It's useable to navigate as is but it would be awesome to navigate to your truck for example and it would keep track of how far and what direction it was. And secondly, would be the ability to just measure a distance from your current location instead of having to mark two location. Also the ability to change units of measure (to yards for example). There have been a few times I've ranged an animal near an unmarked boundary and having to do the math to figure out what side of the boundary it is on is tough in the moment. Both of those are improvements and don't detract from the fundamental purpose. A few small improvements would make it 5 star.

- Excellent Customer Service

I had an issue with a map layer covering the Satellite view on my maps as I zoomed in. It prevented me from seeing the landowner layer and land view details. I could figure out why I could see the satellite view when zoomed out - but lost it as I zoomed in. I searched the FAQ page, no help there. So I contacted Customer Service. They responded within minutes with the suggestion that I turn off the Forest Visitor Map layer. So, I did. It worked instantly. My maps went back to working to working as I had expected. I was afraid my problem description was too vague for them to diagnose the problem. Not so. The Customer Service agent knew exactly how to fix the issue and responded much quicker than I had expected. Well trained and experienced Customer Service agents are hard to find. But OnX has done a great job preparing its team. I really appreciate the team at OnX.

- Best land map on the market!

onXmaps is hands down the best map on the market! I have used it for much more than hunting and have been thrilled with the experience. The App is completely customizable with numerous layers, to fit whatever needs you may haveI have. I have vast experience in land navigation in the outdoors as a professional on many fronts; athlete, fire fighter, hunter, and overall recreation enthusiast. This App has given me confidence and security when venturing out into the great outdoors! I highly recommend this App to anyone that may need a great land navigation/ land ownership map. My moto use to be, “A paper map and a good compass is all you need”. Now my map and compass stay in my pack, as onXmaps has provided me with an all-in-one tool to get the job done. P.S. Also, a great company with great people! Thanks onXmaps! Can’t wait to see what you roll out next in the outdoor industry.

- OnX Hunt is great!

I don’t like to waste money so i downloaded the trial version of the app on my Colorado Elk Hunt last week. It is fantastic! I used it on my iPhone and my iPad. It is very user friendly and with multiple map modes, Topo, Sat and Hydrid (Topo/Sat combo) it is great for pre-scouting potential target areas, up close and personal, with high resolution photos. The private land function is spot on. I stood on a private fence line high in the mountains with the locator dot on the map exactly where it was supposed to be. The GPS function is very accurate and fast. I left my old GPS in the truck. I bought the Elite package after 2 days!! Customer Service was quick to respond by email when I couldn’t figure out a layering issue, my technically challenged issue, not theirs. P.S. One word of warning, carry an external battery pack for your device because you will be using this app. A LOT!

- Waypoints not accurate

I subscribed to onX hunt for the last three years. In this time, the app has been a rollercoaster, sometimes good and sometimes not very reliable. Several times I have had to close and reopen the app because it freezes. Last year, they discontinued the “landscape” view that I used on my iPad, and upon contacting them, they assured me that it would be restored at a later date, but never was. Most recently, the last straw was on my archery elk hunt. I loaded offline maps before I left home, when I opened the app, it would show I was about 60 miles from where I actually was. I put an arrow in an elk, and immediately marked my position where I stood, and where I found first blood. I started tracking blood spots, and then went to backtrack to find my arrow and where first blood was, only to find that my waypoint was not accurate, and I never did locate the first blood spot. There are better gps apps available, do you’re research before subscribing, I will not be paying for this service anymore.

- Let you're glass so the walking

I'm old school, ok not that old, but I believe in letting your glass do the walking for you. OnXmaps has done the incredible by incorporating every desirable aspect of mapping into you're portable device. The ability to easily find public lands and determine where they begin and end is a invaluable tool at home. You can check out the terrain features in detail along with the real time topographic cursor you can see where elevation changes are and more importantly see what you're getting into. Downloading maps on you're device to navigate offline while keeping your location by god is awesome and you can still zoom in and out. The program is incredible and will save you fuel, time and multiply your quality of time spent in the field. It's a must for every outdoors enthusiast, hiker and hunter. Get it now!

- Outstanding

My dad uses this app for hunting and recommended it to me for hot spring hunting. Most of the locations I go to are in extremely rural areas that require traveling for miles on dirt roads with no cell phone service. A lot like hunting, lol. So the ability to select an area and download a surprisingly high resolution offline map is worth the annual cost of this app alone. But I can then use the various map layers to show me trails, public vs. private land, recreation sites, and so much more. You can use the tracker to drop bread crumbs to see exactly what route you have come from, and I use the line distance tool to determine how far I’d need to hike to a hot spring, how far a hot spring is from the road, etc. So this app is useful for far more than hunting, and has really upped my hot spring game. I am stoked to finally track down some hidden gems.

- Indispensable

I’m a licensed falconer in the state of Iowa. We have very little public land locally compared to most of the western states. Getting a wide range of permissions with varied habitat is key to successful hunting from year to year. Finding who owns particular properties and gaining permission to hunt is, without a doubt, the first step to success. OnX is the quickest, most dependable method I’ve found for tracking elusive property owners. In the first month after downloading the onX app I went from approximately 300 acres of permissions to well over 1000 acres. A year later I have over 2000 acres of permissions within a 50 mile radius of home. That alone is worth the price but when you consider the map tools, such as waypoints and area calculator... I couldn’t go back to a time without it. The app has functioned without a single glitch. Thanks, onX!

- Idaho Legislature made this app a requirement

It's a great app, but the Idaho legislature, having been heavily influenced by our Of state billionaires, made it so we have to know where private property is in the back country versus private owners having to post their land. Now hunters pay $30 annually just to be sure they make legal kills on public property. To me, if you can afford hundreds of thousands of acres, you either should pay to post your property or you simply own too much land to restrict hunting on it (parcel it up and post), this state's history of public access is too important for this corrupt special interest BS. Having that been said, this is a good app, now it's a must have to stay legal as a sportsman in Idaho. That's too bad, I feel sad for the older sportsman who are not in possession of advanced technology. Vote them out.

- Worth Every Penny

I hunt in an area that runs against two different WMAs and National Forest and I was finding that some of the boundaries were marked in contradictory way. I needed a solid way to keep track of National Forest Boundaries and WMA boundaries. In wanting to know for certain what hunting regulation to follow I spoke with DNR, a game warden, and different offices within the forestry services, the maps I was given were not the same as what was marked on the trees. Long story short, I came to learn that OnX actually had some of the most accurate maps to date and also appreciated have a source that I could use accurate GPS coordinates to keep things straight. Highly recommend for keeping property lines straight. Also the weather and tracking capabilities are extremely beneficial to have all in one app.

- Game-Changer

When I started using a smartphone, I always said it’ll be great if someday my GPS could be a part of it... many apps have come along, but all have come up short Until onXhunt! I downloaded the app in September 2018… In October we took a great elk and mule deer on a traveling hunt to unknown units in Utah. OnXhunt was spot on. It is essential in navigating the maze of public and private lands and the off grid feature is most useful. It’s saved us time money and helped put us on animals. At home in Alaska, as my son has said, it is a “Game-Changer”... it is opening up many new spots in areas we have hunted our whole lives… Being able to pre-plan and in field navigate has made for many successful hunts. We have also used it to navigate in cities we have traveled to. Keep up the great work onX team.

- Great hunting application and great company

I have been using onX maps for the past few years and absolutely love it. It has all but eliminated the need for carrying multiple units and maps in the field. I will say just make sure you download maps of the area you intend to scout or hunt prior to heading into the field so that you can use the “offline” map feature. The app is super easy to use, Is very accurate, provides a lot of information and details for the areas that I hunt, hike, camp or backpack. I will say that onX has always been easy to work with and have been very responsive to questions or helping with any issue that I have had. They seem to be truly invested in their products while trying to provide the best customer service they can. Thanks.

- This app really is that good.

Yes the price doesn’t come cheap, I am a Premium subscriber, but this absolutely expanded my hunting terrain. The amount of information made available to your fingertips is without exaggeration, a game changer. That’s not to say that there are not areas where improvement can’t be made, there are. But, I took it upon my self to make a recommendation on user interface, and I was congratulated that it was a good tip and may just be incorporated on the update (getting the save and undo buttons moved away from the place marker spot for the Line Distance tool). Also be a little cautious on the listing of public roads; sometimes this app does want to tell you it’s a public lane, but in reality, it is not. Beyond, I probably spend more time using this app than I should be.

- Love this App!

Even way up here in Alaska this app comes in real handy. I often use it in my work to find out who owns the property around where I’m doing research. I’ve shared the app/info with several realtors who wondered how I found out everyone’s name in the neighborhood so fast. Out in the mountains the ability to take offline maps with me to pinpoint my location is very handy, especially when I can pre-establish waypoints in the event that the weather turns foul. However, I have noticed that within Boroughs and Cities, owners are generally available, but State of Alaska / BLM subdivisions usually are not. For instance, there are several privately owned parcels on the east side of Paxton Lake, but info is unavailable. It would be very nice to see who owns some of these remote parcels.

- Lacks features

Is ok only for finding private vs public land. lack of on screen lat/long or grid is very frustrating and i am struggling to find more use for it other than that. used a competitor for a while and figured i would try this for the season since the pro or tv hunters all push it. So far i am not a fan. I liked the competitors map layers more and that it showed my my location real time. With out having to go into a sub menu. Also while out scouting the competitor worked with apple car play. Not useful for back country hunting but was a feature i found useful for small game hunting or scouting access routes. 3 month of use so far. Will most likely swap back to the other company for next season. Update for the developers after contact from them: its that i cant have my location show on the MAIN screen that i dont like i did contact customer support and was told that that feature was removed.

- Tool location on Right Side of Screen

I have really used this tool this season. This is my first year with onX and I absolutely love it. It has saved me time and headaches hunting in the Midwest of my home state of Missouri. I have pre scouted lands with the app and found new public ground. I have scouted a lot from the comfort of home. My biggest complaint is the location of the tools along the right side of screen. It never fails you select the location button with your finger or part of your finger when pinching and rolling and scrolling through the map which brings you back to your location. I wish they would move the on screen tools to fix this and make it more users friendly. If my friends don’t have onx I make sure they get it. I love this app but they could make it better by changing this.

- Was an amazing tool, keyword was!

I've been using this app to find landowner and property lines and it's been amazing until this most recent update that reworked the offline maps and now it is horrible. Offline maps used to be smaller and more manageable on a phone now you might get 1 whole map on your phone which is absolutely horrible compared to the dozen I had saved before and still had room for more. I don't understand why they have tried to fix something that wasn't broken, the new layout seems nice but the offline maps are ruined and that is what I rely on since I don't always have phone service, I may need to look at another mapping app. Update: Thanks but they didn't help either, also if you used the old USA topos in the past that is not an option anymore, now it's just the topo lines over a white page and that's it, you don't get the land cover coloring that should be on there. And again nothing has changed with the new updates

- Dependable Hunting-GPS App!

I’ve used onX for a couple of years now on my Garmin, but this past year was the first I used it in my phone. I was impressed with the ease of use and the app's ability to get and show my location while offline. The off grid feature is key in this type of application, of course. It works well and the off grid maps are not huge in file size so they don't take up too much space on your device. I have yet to have the app crash or lock up on me either which makes it very dependable. As a bonus, onX is working with groups like Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to add helpful layers in the map using great data that RMEF and biologists have gathered. Overall, I enjoy using this app and recommend it to other hunters out there.

- So out dated

These maps or so completely out dated it's not even funny. None of the owners of properties are correct the property boundaries are 25 feet off of actual boundaries they do not have the correct boundaries for hunting zones they're off about 190 yards and I know that's because I got a huge fine from fishing game because I was 90 yards in a different zone this is the worst app for hunting it's going to get you tickets and thrown in jail then it's gonna do any good for you and on top of that they don't even allow you to go past the seven day free trial without charging $30 to your iTunes account shutting everything down because you're is no credit card attached to that iTunes account to pay the $30 I did not want to pay them in the first place. I even went in and made sure that auto renew was shut off and when I went back it was turned back on by Apple themselves just so they can shut my account down from being able to update any of my other apps.

- Awesome app, could use one added feature!

Very handy app, the tax address makes contacting land owners much easier. There are really only two complaints I have. 1) The landowners displayed on this app are 2-3 years behind on the fields that recently changed owners. Otherwise it works great. 2) One other thing that would be sweet is if they could have land parcels be highlighted/shaded green and red based on either the owner or individual parcel (similar to how the public land is highlighted) so it was easier to keep track of where you have hunting permission over large areas, I use two colors of waypoint pins but that gets very cluttered and messy. When you click on a parcel and the information window pops up, if they could just add a “green”, “red” or “none” shading button so you could easily distinguish whether or not you have permission on a section or individual parcel and where the property lines are from a wide point of view. (We have a lot of small parcels that make up 1 sq/mi sections so for coyote hunting it can get hard to remember what is a go and what is not especially if certain members of the group aren’t familiar with the area) If those two things could be updated/added this would definitely be a 5 star app!

- New Update....BAD!

I wouldn’t write a review if it wasn’t for the fact on how disappointed I am with the new updates for the phone app and desktop. Before the recent updates I loved the app and was telling other friends and family that hunt public land here in Texas about it. I really don’t understand why they chose this new satellite image where it looks like it’s not clear at all (grayish) until your dang near zoom all the way in before it clears up. They also took away the feature where the last zoom ( on older versions) you can see the change of terrain i.e. pines trees vs oaks trees. Here in Texas that feature is really crucial because knowing where specific areas that have oaks eliminates excess hours of useless scouting in the pine areas or areas of no interest. I really hope I’m not the only one dealing with this and that it becomes a bad enough issue they go back to how it was. It’s still a good app as a whole but those missing features are really irritating.

- Best customer service

I had an issue with my 3D map update and left an email for customer service. I expected because of Covid it would take a week or two before I heard anything back. LITERALLY the next morning I received an email with some trouble shooting. All it needed was an update and for me to be hooked into my WiFi and bam I had 3D maps. OnX customer service in my opinion is the best. I have never received such a quick response like I did during this weird year. Thank you to the technician who reached out. I’ve recommended this app to family and friends and your will continue to do so. All your tips the past 2 years have paid off, I’m no longer a bow hiker because I know the terrain to look for. Thanks again!

- Love this app!!

I’d be lost without it...LITERALLY!! I went out for an archery hunt after work one night. I wasn’t going to go far, but I turned the tracker on anyway. Luckily I did. I stayed out till legal shooting light and that led to a hike out well after sun down. Everything was going fine while I was on the trail, but then I hit an opening and it wasn’t clear we’re the trail went from there. I circled the meadow a couple of times without being able to find an opening for the trail. Starting to panic, I remembered onX Maps and the track I started at the beginning of my hunt. I became calm again. The path showing my hike was so accurate, that I found the trailhead in seconds. I back to my truck in no time. I will never go into the wood without onX!

- Hunter friendly

I love Onx whether in app or the chip in my gps. I use both because I have a lot of different hunting areas with zero chance of cell service. I love the ability to download maps for offline use. Ran into a problem where my directional beacon would point opposite of where I was facing making the map backwards. I messaged Onx through the app when I got back to cell range. They responded immediately and tried to solve the problem right away. Not sure what was done to fix it but I have not had a problem since. Everything that is loaded with tech will have issues. Onx is no exception but their customer service is top notch and they handled my problem immediately. I will always renew my subscription

- More hunting opportunities

I have lived in my area all my life and have driven by so many huntable locations in the past because I had no idea it was public lands. This has increased my areas I am able to hunt 10 fold. Awesome app, great features, and the layer options are great. We have spotty coverage in many areas and the offline map coverage is a great asset. So far I am using the app from the time I leave home until I return. I haven’t bagged an elk, deer, or antelope yet with my bow since I’ve had the app but I have chased all three in locations I usually would have checked them out and headed down the road. Thanks for a good useful product! Can’t wait to use it for trapping and trap locate waypoints, I’m sure I won’t be disappointed...

- Great product and product support

While I have only used this product for less than a year, it has fulfilled all I was looking for. Being able to download maps and map layers to my iPhone enabling use in areas where cell service is not available has allowed me to use this while hunting in many different backcountry areas. Plus, whenever I have had questions, the product support has always been there. Recently, while in an area where I did not have subscription coverage, I called product support fully intending to buy a several day temporary subscription. However, I was allowed use in the area for several days without charge! Now THAT is what earns customer loyalty and praise!

- Favorite Hunting, Hiking and Camping App

I’ve been using the app for a few years and have really enjoyed it in all aspects of my outdoor life. It started out great, but continually evolves to be even better. It’s obvious that the guys and gals working on it also use it. I recently had a glitch and requested customer service. In very short order I had an email with a solution waiting for me. There was additional follow up to ensure my problem had been resolved. I couldn’t ask for anything better. Thanks for creating my favorite hunting tool. If you guys get bored, figure out how to give the Garmin Rinos a run for their money. I would love to be able to keep track of my hunting party via satellite on your app instead of dragging my Rino around too.

- Great App

Use this app to remember where I placed all of my trail cameras, over a dozen of them scattered thru my property. I have also used it to contact neighboring land owners after I shot a deer last opening day and needed to get their permission to enter their private property before going on their land. I’ve also used it to scout infill routes and exfil routes to and from my hunting areas, marking various Stand locations, determining distances, land navigation while I have no service due to downloading the map to my phone so I can use it while off the grid, and I’ve used it to determine whether or not I want to put an offer on more acreage and who to contact to let them know I was interested if the land ever comes up for sale. Great app

- Awesome one stop shop app

This app is great. I have downloaded several before it and out of 15 or so this is the only one that is actually practical to pull out in a regular basis while scouting hunting land. Not only that you can save locations, add logs to those saved location, see how the weather and wind will affect your hunt there and so much more. You can then add pictures for references and measure distance and land area. It will track your path and the gps is spot on within 5 yards at most. Also doesn’t drain your battery. Very important. You can even save locations to view offline and share with others that you might want to share with. Much more good things it does. Seriously must try this app.

- Some many issues this hunting season.

OnX has been an important part of my hunting prep, planning and hunting for the past 3 seasons. This year I had scouted all summer with it with no issues until the week before season. I get into the backcountry and all my saved maps didn’t work. The next weekend they fixed the issue so all the maps now showed again but now everyone in my elk camp with an iPhone couldn’t see topo just the imagery .... this has been the case for the last 10 days. Almost worthless when trying to navigate without lines all week and extremely frustrating when you put some much effort preparing for season to be left with an app that won’t work. I am confused on how I have had no issues the past two seasons but the season even the basics for navigation would not work. :(

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- Australian user

App is great, maps are up to date but would be better if the town and road names in Australia were included. Worth a try at minimum.

- Australian User

This app is amazing. Don’t need a gps if you download maps prior to heading out. Work in Australia but doesn’t have any road names or town names etc. Can’t wait for this to cover Australia fully. Game Changer.

- Australian access

Seriously need this set up for Australians! Very good idea

- Great but would be better if you could navigate/track a route

Damn good it’s replaced my Garmin. Love being able to use photo real maps off line. And planning on the pc and syncing to my phone is great. Would be be better if you could navigate to s waypoint or follow s route, but you sort of do it manually following a track anyway.

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- Would be 5 Stars if worked in Canada

Works great for the 1 offline ore-downloaded map. But if you want to save anymore you have to upgrade but no Canadian option

- No Canada

No Canada

- We The North

Just a heads up to On X...Canada is part of North America. App is useless until you add Canadian maps.

- USA ONLY not North America

App should say “USA Only” the term North America is misleading marketing. There is awesome hunting in Canada but not enough market to map it. Thanks guys.

- A few things missing in Canada

I’ve been using OnX for a few years now. Many complains about the app not having “Canadian maps”; which is not completely true. Every GPS features are fully functional; this is the way I’ve been using it since day 1. But a few things are missing north of the border (in more that half of North America you know) : 1. Cities and roads is a must. It would be so much easier to find our way when eScouting a new area. Scanning satellite imagery is painfully and requires using another map tool on the side to locate an area on the satellite maps… The hybrid view is useless until roads are available! 2. TOPO maps! This is to me even more important than the new “trendy” 3D imagery available in other outdoors GPS apps. 3. Share areas/waypoints/tracks with my hunting partners one item at the time is painful and conter-intuitive. Even for someone with an IT background like me. 4. Fix the unit setting! The weather unit are inconsistently display throughout the app even when the setting is set to Metric. Until then, I’ll keep using the app all year long, but can score more than 3 stars…

- Doesn’t work in Canada

Why is this even in the Canadian store?

- Need this to work for canadians too

We have alot of nice territory here too and many hunters! Even meat eater comes hunting up north Plz make this available for canadian maps too

- No Canada option!!

How long do Canadians have to wait for this “North American app” to be fully functional in Canada? Ridiculous

- Canada eh!

This app does not show you any information pertaining to public or private land in Canada. I have been using it on private land to mark trails tracks and scrapes and it seems to work great.

- Doesn’t work in Canada

Can’t choose a Canadian province. Should tell it before downloading and registering !

- Use it in Canada

Wish it had the offline maps for Canada. Works fine for online hunting areas though and I am using it just fine with it’s many features.

- OnX

Needs to be made available in Canada

- No Canada

Wish it had the public and private land for Canada.

- Doesn’t include Canada at all. So it’s no good.

Too bad it doesn’t include canada maps. Strongly suggest they include it so we can download it.

- Needs a Canadian Version

It’s to bad that all we have for a Canadian hunter app is iHunter. Wish this app would focus some attention to Canadians.

- No Canadian support

Looks like one hell of a great app. To bad there’s no Canadian support as usual.

- Not for Canadians

Apparently you have to be American to be considered part of “North America” because this app doesn’t support Canadian hunters or land maps. Pretty much useless in the great white north.

- Doesn’t support Canadian hunters

Title says it all.

- Not for Canadians

Does not work in Canada! Wish it did.

- No Canada eh?

I used it in Montana and loved it only to find out it doesn’t work in Canada

- Only works in USA

So it’s in the Canada App Store but does not work outside the US. Looks like a great app but not for Canadians.

- No Canada ?

Was pretty disappointed to find out this app isn’t available in Canada, what’s up with that ?

- OnX

No Canada? Have to update that... the app looks great lots of features! Would love to be able to use this app up here in the great white north!


Lots of us Canadians waiting for this app eh

- Needs Canada

I hunt out of Canada so it doesn’t help much until Canada is covered under North America

- Canada?

The great white north isn’t part of North America?

- Not worth it

Not worth anything

- Sucks

If your in Canada don’t waste your time with this app

- Great app

Used it lots. It’s getting better and easier to use even for the computer illiterate like me. New features were hard to figure out. One email to support services and it showed me the tip. Fantastic features

- Canada?

This would be so cool in Canada looks like it would be handy

- Canada is not part of North America?

App is 100% useless for Canadians. Someone needs to make something like this for Canada...

- What about Canada?...

Unfortunately I can’t review this app accurately because I can’t use it. It was marketed as covering “North America”... last time I checked, Canada was in North America. Sigh. Hopefully they move up at some point. It looks awesome.

- No maps in Canada?

About to buy the app and so we’re 3 of my other hunting buddies but couldn’t find anything saying there is Canadian maps? Please make this for Canadian moose and white tail hunters

- Canada?

Hurry up and add maps for Canada before another company does!

- Canadian maps

What’s the hold up? Where’s the Canadian maps?

- Really wish this worked in Canada

Great for the states but but not Canada

- Using it now as we speak in Wyoming!

Being from Arkansas I haven’t had much opportunity to scout Wyoming before coming up here to hunt antelope. I would be blind without this product. It is far and away better than anything else on the market. I’m hoping in future updates we might be able to spin the map to the direction user is moving, have a live compass with elevation, and maybe one day Apple Watch capability. Until then I will keep using it to help me harvest big game across North America and do it legally!

- Americans hunt in Canada... yet no Canada maps?!

Would be STELLAR if they had a Canadian option... (this is coming from a Canadian!) It really pisses me off, mainly because MANY Americans choose to come up to Canada to hunt, so if this app is truly used by ‘US Hunters’, they’d have mapping in Canada laid out as well. Don’t be so greedy, ‘Murcia. Share your passion for the outdoors with us Canadians! We share our land with you, and you share your land with us. Sooo why not mapping on this app? Just sayin’.

- Canadian hunter in Wyoming

I find this AP extremely valuable and recommend it to any hunter. AP just needs to work in Canada for American and Canadian hunters.

- Geoff in Canada

This is my go to app when I am traveling in the US. Tells me all the basic information I want to know about farm properties that I may be interested in.

- What about Canada eh?

Was so excited when I saw this App advertisement in North America White Tail magazine. I guess North America doesn't include Canada!


America Sucks Zero use in Canada No maps for Canada

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onX Hunt: #1 GPS Hunting Map 21.33.1 Screenshots & Images

onX Hunt: #1 GPS Hunting Map iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

onX Hunt: #1 GPS Hunting Map iphone images
onX Hunt: #1 GPS Hunting Map iphone images
onX Hunt: #1 GPS Hunting Map iphone images
onX Hunt: #1 GPS Hunting Map iphone images
onX Hunt: #1 GPS Hunting Map iphone images
onX Hunt: #1 GPS Hunting Map iphone images
onX Hunt: #1 GPS Hunting Map iphone images
onX Hunt: #1 GPS Hunting Map iphone images

onX Hunt: #1 GPS Hunting Map (Version 21.33.1) Install & Download

The applications onX Hunt: #1 GPS Hunting Map was published in the category Navigation on 2013-08-07 and was developed by onXmaps, Inc. [Developer ID: 636558832]. This application file size is 156 MB. onX Hunt: #1 GPS Hunting Map - Navigation app posted on 2021-08-29 current version is 21.33.1 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.mtmapping.onxhunt