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Love to add personality to your photo edits? With Rhonna Designs App, you’ve got all the tools right at your fingertips to uplift and inspire! Follow the creator of this award winning app on Instagram for tutorials, news, sneak peeks & FREE backgrounds! @rhonnafarrer THIS APP IS FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY!!

Video Tutorials: http://rhonnadesigns.com/apptutorials

Designed with your creativity in mind to add your own personality to your photos. Can be printed out up to 12x12 with great resolution! Perfect to creatively edit your photos with artist, Rhonna Farrer’s exclusive frames, masks, designs, fonts & filters right on your iPhone.

**for higher-resolution photo editing on your laptop or PC, the same design kits and fonts can be purchased at Rhonnadesigns.com
**Also comes with exclusive backgrounds to create inspirational word art, memes, poems or notes!

Features: Adjust transparency, color, shadows, outlines, size & angles as you create with the text & design features. Add masks to any photo using the various shaped designs; even has the feature of allowing you to add multiple designs/fonts to the mask!

Follow @rhonnafarrer in Instagram for occasional free designs

See what people are saying:
“I'm so happy to finally have an app that does it all, when it comes to iPhone photo editing! No more switching back and forth between different apps that apply one or two elements to my favorite photos. Rhonna Designs has neatly included everything you need for your editing needs, right in this one amazing app! Best money I've ever spent.”- Shelley Smith

“This was app was incredibly easy to use and so creative. I felt like I was an artist when I was using Rhonna's app with my simple pictures turning them into fun masterpieces!”
-Jamie Soucy

" I LOVE Rhonna Farrer's sweet new app because it is like having a a little studio in my pocket! Life can get so busy sometimes and I like the fact that I can have a little creative time anytime I want by snapping a picture with my iphone and then using Rhonna wonderful app. to be as whimsical as I want where ever I am! The fonts, applications & darling quotes are simply amazing!"- Susan Weckesser

“Love this app! I love that I can crop my photo, add layers upon layers of adorable designs and easily change them up without having to start over! There are so many options within the app, it is my #1 go to app!”- Nancy Wyatt

"From the moment I started using the rhonnadesigns app I was over the moon! It provides an innovative experience to creating beautiful and unique photos using her most inspiring quotes and sought after designs. It's ease of use has hands down made it my favorite app! Rhonna Designs you definitely knocked this one out of the ball park!" - Holly Pitcher

developed by FreshProduce (freshprod.co) @devpitcher

Rhonna Designs App Description & Overview

The applications Rhonna Designs was published in the category Photo & Video on 2013-07-06 and was developed by Rhonna Farrer. The file size is 269.13 MB. The current version is 2.44 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- new stickers from Rhonna, Tomi Ann Hill, & Alexa Zurcher
- new fonts from Rhonna

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Rhonna Designs Reviews

the little plum

Love this app!!  the little plum  5 star

It’s easy to create anything you may need in this app from a poster to an invite to a photo to be sent to print. I also love the fonts and graphics!


Memory keeping made easy!  Tomiannie  5 star

I have been using this app for years and it’s wonderful! I love adding all the cute graphics and text to my photos before posting them, so when I get my Instagram pics printed in books my job is done. It’s so easy to use. And I love that there is always fresh content to play with, too!


11x14 landscape?!  hurricane.heidi.  4 star

I LOVE this app but get so frustrated that 11x14 is only available in portrait. All the other sizes are offered in landscape too.

HS Photography

Great app  HS Photography  4 star

I love this app and have been using it for years. I use it for invites and announcements all the time. The one thing I would like to see is the ability to curve a text box: around a circle or like an arch style. I could this function a ton if it was available. I’m actually surprised they don’t already have this feature in the spacing tab section. But overall, a great app.


Easy and fun to be a designer.  Dmlew  5 star

I have a small farm and I have designed a label for myself. I have also designed some adorable eggs stamps. If I had to ask for anything more I would say more animals. Even clip art type black simple silhouettes would be great. Don’t forget the goats!! It’s hard to find little goats. I make all kinds of really fun designs other than for my farm sales as well. It’s my most used creative app. Keep it coming.


Was this free or no?  BTfanS  3 star

I downloaded this app because I thought it was good. Then now It said that this wasn't free and I have purchased it. Please give me back a respond because I'm very curious right now thank u.


Love it but can’t save anything  Ninaninazsdrf  3 star

I’ve been using this app for a long time now. And I absolutely love it. But the one thing that makes me angry and want to delete it sometimes, is I can’t save projects. Because of this, I can’t work on more than one at a time. And if I’m gone from a project for several days it no longer loads. So frustrating.


Request for transparent option!  FeeFeeRN  4 star

Is there anyway you can make it so that we can create designs with a TRANSPARENT background so that we can use it in other applications?


Forced review.  CiaoKelly  2 star

I’ve always liked this app. Easy to use, but today it wouldn’t let me use it unless I wrote a review! I feel like that’s shady.


Its amazing  ëfüñgïrł  4 star

I have been on Rhonns designs creating beautiful art. The In-App Purchases aren’t very expensive and this app is just amazing. A few suggestions... 1: Please add something like folders or some type of storage to save designs. Working on a piece you spent a lot of time on in the past, isn’t worth it. 2: Maybe add a little more backround options, for example roses or even a winter scene. The backrounds so far have gotten a little boring.


Not as expected  Madoori  1 star

The items are very limited in this app. You can’t start a design from scratch. For example if you need a banner, you have to use what is available. You can’t draw one! Plus You have to pay $1.50 for any other package I want, which is very frustrating. I didn’t like the app at all.


Unleash your creativity  Halez89  5 star

Love love love this app, so easy and loads of fun


Love this app!  MrsPyjamas  5 star

I have an iPhone 7+ and this app is my go-to for writing on photos. I love it! I've had it a few years now and recommend it to everyone.


Top Quality 😍  nodijodi  5 star

Best Font app I have ever and will use. Price is 100% worth its value


Love this APP  toptourist  5 star

I use the APP every day, to put together my Project Life 2016 Photo Journal, it's fantastic. The only issue I have is that periodically I get messages advising that new backgrounds or designs are available, but I can never work out how to get them . It's says double tap profile ......where is that ? However that would be nice to use new things but I love everything I can use its easy and varied so BRAVO RHONNA


Love this app!!!  Ozzygirl81  5 star

Fantastic app


👍🏼👍🏼 Love Rhonna Design  mamaJing  4 star

I live Rhonna design for creating FB business ads. Not much to improve, but have a few suggestions. I'd love the option to be able to change the background without having to start again, maybe include it within the Re-Crop edit. Also if there are most used fonts and stickers to save them to a favourites folder. And also a folder to save fav texts to be able to use in other designs without having to re-type/enter or re-create the same thing like logos. 😊😊😊 Keep up the great work. Hope this helps for future updates.


😔😔😔😔😔  dfgdhgdfhgdf  3 star

I am so upset. I use this app all the time and love it. It has never had a problem. Today I added a filter to a photo and when I pressed apply, the app crashed. I tried again 4 more times and the same thing continued happening. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the app and the same thing is happening.... Why!!!!!


Alright😐  Horselvr_1  2 star

Some features are great but to be honest... Waste of money...


😒App Doesn't Work😒  Pear82  1 star

I love the features of this app, but every time I try to use it the app freezes, so I have to restart the app only to have it freeze again. Considering I had to pay for it the app should work at least.


Best app  SiMPLYme808  5 star



Don't buy  shells7676  1 star

I'm kind of disappointed with this app seeing you can only you a small percentage of the fonts....


Problems  Dbgreisgrace  5 star

Your app is amazing! I love your work! I have your app for a few years already. But some old arts that I bought I can't use. Is there, but I need to download, and every time a tried it shows an error message. What should I do? Thank you!


Nice app  shepherdess7  5 star

Easy to maneuver


Great purchase!  Nixxy  5 star

I actually was pleasantly surprised at how much I loved the designs, after I played around with them.


❤️  _F00dbaby  5 star

Love the app and everything im able to create.


Love it!!!  ChrissieVee  5 star

Great app!


Couldn't do almost anything  Sixtalee  1 star

Somebody recommended this app for beautiful designs and text . I thought I was gonna have options to do my own, after paying for it. I couldn't do anything. I just gives you more options to buy and buy . Bummed


The most difficult app to use!  CherylnDesigns  1 star

In theory, this COULD be a fantastic bundle! However, it's the most complicated app I've ever tried to use! I re-download it from time to time, thinking that this time will be different, but it never is! Don't waste your money.


Cute but frustrating. NOT very USER FRIENDLY  Needsastool  2 star

I'm sorry, but even with how adorable this is, it's a pretty frustrating app. On the iPhone6, I cannot reopen projects after about a day or 2. So if I was working on a project and have to close out and done get in for a day or two, all the work is gone. Also, there's no way to save to the app and work on old projects. I use this app for the same purpose each time and would love to reopen old projects and just change a few details. On my phone, not possible. I've been very frustrated by the app and hope it gets updated.


Love it!!  InkedPixie  4 star

The only improvement I'd make is the ability to change the colour of the masks!! I absolutely love this app!!


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  KneeV  5 star

I was really impressed by this app. It is really cool way to make your pictures look great.


Great App  SuperDuper101  5 star

Fab, love it


Lovely :)  Olooooooooo  4 star

It's really nice some great effects :) mainly for nature and quotes tho

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