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The much anticipated sequel to ‘The Room’, Apple’s Game of the Year 2012 and recipient of a BAFTA award, is here at last.
Follow a trail of cryptic letters from an enigmatic scientist known only as "AS" into a compelling world of mystery and exploration.


Included in Apple's Best of 2013 Awards.

“An intricately woven work of fiction perfectly suited to its format, this is the sort of game that it's worth sitting in the dark for.” - Pocketgamer

“A gorgeous-looking game offering larger locations with multiple interactive areas and puzzles. A perfect game for a cold winter's night.” – Eurogamer

“Leaves you thinking about how to solve its puzzles even when not playing; a sign of a classy game, which this most definitely is.” – 148Apps

“A superb sequel with stunning visuals, the level of complexity on display here is quite astounding. The Room Two should be on top of your gaming list.” - GSM Arena

“An exceptionally good puzzle game; if you liked The Room, be sure to download the sequel” – PadGadget

“One of the best experiences on the iPad. Not just a game, but an experience that is not to be missed, an absolute must buy.” – Apple ‘n’ Apps

“An incredibly compelling experience with clever puzzles, gorgeous visuals, and a spooky atmosphere; absolutely brimming with new ideas.” – The Verge


Easy to start, hard to put down, an entrancing mix of intriguing puzzles with a simple user interface

A tactile experience so natural you can almost feel the surface of each object

Immerse yourself in a variety of stunning environments which will challenge your puzzle solving prowess.

Pore over the intricate details of dozens of artifacts in search of their hidden secrets.

A haunting soundtrack and dynamic sound effects create a soundscape that reacts to your play.

Share your progress between multiple devices, and unlock the all-new achievements.

Available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish & Brazilian Portuguese.


Fireproof Games is a small independent studio based in Guildford in the United Kingdom.
Find out more at
Follow us @Fireproof_Games

The Room Two App Description & Overview

The applications The Room Two was published in the category Games on 2013-12-12 and was developed by Fireproof Games. The file size is 413.60 MB. The current version is 1.0.5 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

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Another amazing game!  tim05401  5 star

If you love puzzles, you should give this a shot. Beautiful, imaginative, atmospheric. The interface rarely if ever works against you, which is impressive given you’re essentially doing complex tasks in a real world situation through a 2d screen. Excellent! Absolutely worth the price and the time you’ll spend playing it.


Great Escape Room Practice  LikeNoLike  5 star

Great game, and sometimes really challenging. You have to be very observant or you’ll be scratching your head a lot.

Bojana Stefanovska

Why so dark!?!?!?  Bojana Stefanovska  4 star

Everything about it is gorgeous, even though it’s excruciatingly hard at times, but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make any subsequent versions just a bit lighter! It’s a killer on the eyes and I just about gave up on it for that reason!


Fantastic! Captivating!  ccpoul  5 star

The whole series is a universe of excellent puzzles, stunning graphics, and enthralling cut scenes. Challenging but not to the point of frustration - downright addictive! I’m not quick to spend more than $1 for an app, but after playing the first The Room I had no hesitation to pay more for the second.


Awesome!  MamaKittyMeowMeow  5 star

This game is perfectly challenging! Use the clues if needed, but try not to if you really want a challenge! Amazing graphics and puzzles!!!


I LOVE..LOVE....LOVE this game !!!  MAGACOLORADO  5 star

The graphics are incredible. I hope they develop more like The Room series !!!!


A wonderful, challenging experience!  Janelle37  5 star

This is such a great game! Manipulating the puzzle elements and playing with physics and metaphysics whiles away the time in a very challenging way. You can’t get too lost or frustrated as gentle hints are available when you get stuck. I loved Room 1 an Room 2. I’m happy I discovered the Room when several games in the series were already available.


Beautiful evolution  KamSoldier  5 star

First game was amazing and this managed to evolve on the concept and did it well.


Awesome!!!  njarn  5 star



Exceptional Room  SCOTT FREEZE  5 star

The Room was a nice surprise for me on my new IPad Pro, I wanted to play a game but wasn’t sure and was lucky enough to have followed my nose and see what good scores and reviews for this game. I enjoy very much puzzle games and have played them many times over the years, even RPG’s seem to be filled with puzzles so you may say that this territory is very large in games. So I was darn happy that The Room wasn’t too hard to do. Just some common sense and a little experimenting. I had all the cheat stuff ready but found that I really didn’t need the Walkthrough. The story is most interesting, as you open things up and begin to find that there is an Occult feel to things. I’m not one to shy away from the Dark, so this was very interesting. This first Room is a very good game. I came away well pleased with the opening of things and how the game ‘showed me the way’ to further adventures. You’d be wise to get this game, it’s 99 cents for goodness sake! Just try it, I think you’ll like it!


Captivating  09giraffe  5 star

The graphics and sound are fantastic, the puzzles interesting and challenging enough, quite addictive!


Awesome  Gail_g  5 star

I NEVER pay for apps but after reading about The Room I decide $1.49 wasn't much to pay out. So now I'm hooked and playing this one, already excited over the next ones!


Truly wonderful  fhrstygb*  5 star

I really enjoyed the puzzles and the journey...though it got a bit dark and odd there....

A bit Aussie

A compelling and intricate game  A bit Aussie  5 star

Beautifully designed and thought out, I was impressed by the beautiful graphics and the instantly compelling game play. I enjoyed this game right until the end. Definitely worth paying for. A far better puzzle game than any of the free options available.


Great fun and just a little challenging.  Moosie912000  5 star

I really enjoy the room series and would recommend them anyone that enjoys logic (or a little illogical at times!) puzzles. I great series.


As good as the first  CringeGinge666  5 star

As philosophical, deep, but most importantly, fun as the first game, The Room 2 is without a doubt in the top 4 games in AppStore, the other contenders being the other magnificent games in The Room series. Although some of the puzzles are borrowed from the original, new ideas that blend well thematically absolutely make this game worth the $2.99 AUD price tag. Thank you Fireproof Games!

orion 340

The Room 2  orion 340  5 star

Great puzzler but thank heavens for the hints. Look forward to no 3

Charlie chuckles.

Well that was fun.  Charlie chuckles.  4 star

As a player of Myst what back when I was getting a little bereft in finding something to ‘play’ while straining the brain to figure out how to play. Solitaire doesn’t do it and neither does majong and then I found “The Room” and then the second version Room Two. Loved the gameplay and the quizzes and, if I had an issue, it would be that they end too soon.


Amazing  IamCooper's23  5 star

This game is absolutely amazing, the graphics are spot on and it may be difficult but so enjoyable. 10/10 I can’t wait to play the next The Room. 🤩


Best game ever  Fanmerd  5 star

Blows me away how these games keep getting better,well done fireproof games


Still the best  Bedardjr8  5 star

Got bored and decided to have another go since it’s been a bit. Still a lot of fun and the best room escape game (I’m writing about all of them) out there. Worth the money.

lexxxx from thr DMV

Washington D.C  lexxxx from thr DMV  5 star

The game’s pretty fun and challenges your thinking. A lot of my friends/family have played a bit off my phone and they love it. I be playin’ this jont’ during class and I be killin’ the time. Y’all should buy the game, give it 5 stars, and call it a day. Lol Start with the first one though, y’all gotta play the first one to understand this one.


I’ve paid for all “The Room” games...  Hatenot  4 star

And the one, not complaint, but rather an observation I would like to write about is; the glitch in the Camera\Poker Table chapter. LOVE THE GAMES! But there’s the aforementioned glitch. I was able to gain entry into the roll top desk, before it was opened, and use the key on the lock. The lock that’s at the bottom of the far left diagonal wall of the desk. And couldn’t complete without restarting the chapter. Other than that, the game is magnificent. All of “The Room” games are well worth the money. And even with the little glitch, I would still have bought all of them.


Room two  tgfcvhbt  5 star

Omg what a great game. I’m so looking forward to play the next one. Hints are just right. So proud of myself when I could figure it out on my own. Love it.


Won’t sync to iPad  DeeDoubleYouuu  4 star

I tried The Room pocket version and really enjoyed it, so I purchased the game when given the option. The graphics, game play and puzzles are throughly enjoyable. My only issue is that when I purchased The Room 2, after playing it on my phone, I went ahead and downloaded it to my iPad. I wanted to play it on a bigger screen, but it will not sync at all. I keep getting a “ Failed to download saved data. Please check your internet connection” I am on my home network, on wifi. I restarted me iPad, deleted the game and reinstalled, then logged out of game center and logged back in. I played the game from the beginning on my iPad, and then went back to playing on my phone, and received the same error message on my phone this time. I tried everything. If it would just sync so I can play on a bigger screen, I would give it a solid 5 stars. It is still worth purchasing in my opinion because it is a really enjoyable game, and have just downloaded The Room 3 and The Room old sins because it is that addictive.


Best game I’ve ever played  nadelgado21  5 star

I loved this game I finished it in two days! It was great


It’s ok...  AshleyPassing  5 star

Just kidding! I have been a fan of the series since the first version of The Room came out. The attention to detail and great game play make this game ridiculously addictive. The sound in the background is creepy and fun and adds an extremely immersive experience. The only criticism that I can think of is the series eventually must come to an end! Have fun playing this amazing game and thank you to the developers for the experience!


How exciting!  pinksugar_diamond  5 star

Impressive! I love these types of games and The Room Two wasn’t just a continuation of captivating lure, it is, surprisingly, better than its original. I just finished it 5 minutes ago and can’t wait to start the next challenge. The visuals/graphics and story line are powerful. I have so much fun escaping! My only criticism is the hints divulge too much info. I hate using them but when I feel I need help I only want a little... makes me feel less guilty about using a hint.


Amazing!!!  DriverGirl80  5 star

I’ve been searching for a game like this and I’m so excited there are many chapters of this one! It’s supernatural meets goonies meets Indiana Jones meets outside of the box! Love love love this series!


Great graphics and good interactive logic  CLine215  5 star

I love these games. I am into PC mystery and puzzle games but this is best series of games that I have found for my phone. I try not to use the hints but I’m always glad they are there. Can’t wait for the next one!


Fascinating game  Schrecken  4 star

I loved the game and the rather creepy story around it. The graphics are even better than in the first version and it feels a lot bigger. Why I didn’t give five stars is because I think the hints were too easy to decipher and with that I often ended up relying on them rather than trying to figure it out myself. Which probably is why it felt like the game was finished too fast. I also miss a bit of a background what is happening there. And what happened after I escaped the house. What were my conclusions on that ? Could get a bit more detail on the story really. Still very likely to get part three as well. After a short break of a month or five 🤣


Amazing game  Chazzacon  5 star

The best games I have played yet, love the graphics and puzzles, please keep making more!!

i know. its my nickname

Stormin  i know. its my nickname  5 star

Brilliant game. Well done


Well done  Army2141  4 star

Good puzzle game with lots to like


Excellent, atmospheric puzzle game  alanmellerick  5 star

I really enjoyed Room Two - plenty of puzzles, very atmospheric. The story is a little loose, but given the game sells for less than €5 it's great value. Loved it.


delightful intricate graphic, UI can be improved  MAR<0  4 star

Very nice sequela of puzzles, some were solvable by adding attempts to deduction (without having always seen an hypothetical fully inequivocabile pathway, I didn’t like not to know if there could have been a way without attempts). UI Not very good, I was surprise to see -at least (up to) this version- that the interaction is not fluent: 1. Pinch only to exit scene detail view, but to exit detail view of an item of the inventory the pinch doesn't do the function, for that case there is instead a button that is not present in the other case. (Both pinch and button are fine, the bad is that the behavior is not persistent) 2. Often is necessary to switch between details, the navigation/interaction in some case is annoying (balestra, typewriter-cards) 3. the double touch to explore some object made me unintentionally miss some messages (why not to provide a messages history) Saying that the game is great, about the UI it's a picky criticism on something effective (but not essential) that I'm sure will be improved (if noticed) for an even better game play.


The room two  Corkiating  5 star

Exciting, thrilling, impossible to forget until you reach the end of the game. Excellent work with the challenges and riddles. The scenarios transport you to the world being portrait.


They did it again!  Stevencampbell01  5 star

Few games out there will suck you in and keep you enthralled for hours. This second instalment is a must have for any gamer, casual or otherwise


Incredibly atmospheric  Sylvenwood  5 star

If you like adventure/ puzzle games, then this one is for you. So far the best I've played on the iPad, incredibly atmospheric and with a huge amount of highly enjoyable puzzles to solve. Sometimes reminded me of Myst or Riven, though the scope is much smaller and you need to solve all the riddles in one room before you can enter the next. There's no rush and if you get stuck you can click on the hint-button to help you out. As I started with Room Two, I have to get myself Room One now - and reading from the other reviews, Room Three is out as well. Can't wait!


HOOKED!  ShivBud  5 star

Beautifully created, brilliant ingenuity. Every bit as amazing and the original. I've already bought the third in the series!!

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