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Find everything that matters to you, with Tile. Our Bluetooth-enabled devices and handy app make everything findable. Tile helps you locate everyday essentials during your daily routine, removing little inconveniences, and helping you stay organized so you can do your best and focus on what matters.

*Ring your things
Use the Tile app to ring your Tile if it's nearby. Just tap the ‘Find’ button.

*Find your phone
Double press the Tile button on your Tile to make your phone ring, even when it’s on silent.

*See it on a map
When your Tile is not nearby, you'll see the last time and place it was updated on a map so you can retrace your steps.

*Use community find
If your Tile is truly lost, select “Notify When Found.” When any user in Tile’s global network comes within range of your missing item, theTile app will notify you about its most recent location.

*Ask Your Smart Home
The easiest way to find is by using your voice. Set up Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri to find with Tile.

* The app utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to communicate with your Tiles. The maximum range is up to 400 ft with Tile Pro 2020.
* The app utilizes Location Services to record the last known location of your Tiles, based on your phone’s geolocation data.
* Continued use of GPS or Bluetooth running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
* Requires purchase of Tile-enabled device, Tile account registration, acceptance of Tile’s Terms of Service and acknowledgment of Tile’s Privacy Policy. For more details go to tile.com.

* By installing this app, you consent to its installation and the installation of updates or upgrades released through the platform. You can turn off automatic updates through your device settings, but if you do not update your app, you may experience reduced functionality. Some updates may change the way we record data or change data stored on your device. Any changes will be consistent with Tile’s Privacy Policy. You can withdraw your consent at any time by removing or disabling your app.

Tile Premium:

Upgrade to Tile Premium for personalized finding power and exclusive services. Tile Premium offers an enhanced finding experience with exclusive features like Smart Alerts, 30-Day Location History and Unlimited Sharing. All users are eligible for a free one-month trial. Afterwards, Premium is available for a monthly or annual subscription ($2.99/month or $29.99/year).

● You can subscribe monthly or annually.
● After your one-month free trial (new customers only), payment will be charged to your iTunes account. Your free trial will end, and your iTunes account will be charged, 30 days after you sign up for Tile Premium.
● Your subscription will automatically renew and your iTunes account will be charged at the subscription frequency you choose unless you decide to cancel at least 24 hours prior to your renewal date. You may cancel at any time by visiting [insert url to FAQ].
● Requires installation of the Tile application, ownership of a Tile-enabled device, Tile account registration, acceptance of Tile’s Terms of Service and acknowledgment of Tile’s Privacy Policy. For more details go to tile.com.
● Tax will be added based on billing postal code.
● Additional important conditions, terms and limitations included in the Tile Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Please review and agree prior to purchase.

● For EU, Russia and Turkey: The performance of your digital subscription content will begin immediately after purchase and therefore the right to withdraw will not apply.
● For Japan: No refunds or exchanges for convenience are permitted.
● For Korea and Quebec: Residents of Korea and Quebec’ first subscription fee will be charged in 30 days instead of a free trial.

Terms of service: https://www.thetileapp.com/en-us/terms-of-service
Privacy policy: https://www.thetileapp.com/en-us/privacy-policy

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Tile - Find lost keys & phone Customer Service, Editor Notes:

In this release, we’ve further improved the app, making it even easier to find all of the things that matter to you.

Tile - Find lost keys & phone Comments & Reviews

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- Excellcent support and features

I subscribed to the Premium account, less than $30 a year, because I wanted to see the complete history of the movements of my things with the tiles attached to them. But it turned out that it was the excellent tech support (comes with Premium subscription) that really saved the day for me. You can contact them by text (SMS) as well as email, and they respond almost instantly (night time and weekend included), analyze your case, really think about your report, and are extremely helpful. In my case, it turned out to be my is fault: I did not read the device compatibility list very carefully an d tried to use the tiles with outdated devices. They sort of worked anyway, and the first support engineer thought I had a defective tile. She sent me a replacement. Even before the replacement arrived, I ran more testing, and reported again, and based on my new findings, the next engineer told me to update the iOS system on my device. That solved the problem. I don’t know how they can be so responsive with so many tiles sold, but this is a true story. I am not associated with the company or indebted to it in any way. As for the features of the device, they are the best on the market. You can read about them and even find the complete manual online, and it is all accurate. All those features really work. I bought and am using the Pro model because for me the greater range and reliability are more important than the size of the tile. I highly recommend it.

- Tiles are a must have for a parent

Love my tiles!! My wife and I have one on each of our sets of keys and time and time again they’ve been a life saver. When my son was a young toddler he put my spare keys in our wine glass storage case and that’s where they remained until we decided to move and began packing. At that time tiles weren’t available. Not too long ago I spent 3 hours looking for my one and only set of keys to my current truck only to find out they were in my sons backpack at school! I immediately went and purchased a 4 pack of tiles after that morning which left me extremely late for work. I now have a 2 year old daughter who is obsessed with hiding things such as keys and I’ve never had to look for my keys for more than one minute! I will be purchasing some of the stick on tiles next for the things I’m left searching for the most and I couldn’t be more pleased with the price and dependability of the tile products. The key chain tiles have no down side. The only down side to the stick on is the fact that batteries can’t be replaced so you get about 2-3 years from them. There would be no way to change the sticker tiles in order to have a battery option unless it became bulky which would cause them to be less desirable and unable to use in many applications. Considering the great price of all of the tile products I’d say 2-3 years is well worth it. This product is a must have!

- Sooooo....

I’m going to make this kind of long because I know people are looking at Tile for their pets! I’ve read bad reviews, I’ve read good reviews. Here’s where I’m at: The batteries off the bat are working good! I don’t like how they hang on my cats collars, I’d rather them be smaller and have a way to slip them onto something. I glued a couple to the actual collars so they don’t hang but they’re still big. They are slim so that brings the score up a little. Now to how they work: Its kind of like hide and go seek. You have to walk around a little before the the Tile goes off. I can’t tell the distance but it can tell if a cat is right by the house if I’m inside. The Tile community is good if someone’s Tile catches something you’ve marked as lost. It’s good if your animals don’t stray far from your home but if they do you need something with better range. It is a good babysitter though, not if they come and go as they please and you don’t pay attention! If they’re outside and I have the app on and one of them goes out of range I know to go out and start looking! I purchased the once a year subscription for $39 for the premium for all 4, that’s doable for me but there are other options. Your best bet is, try it, you get 4 in a pack you can register! Worst case scenario you don’t like them for your pet you can use them for your keys and remotes because they make the noise so you can find them!

- UPS Was Amazed...

I left my keys in Phoenix on Easter weekend and had family ship them back to me by UPS overnight. Keychain had all the important keys and a tile! The keys were lost and a claim was opened so that UPS could begin the search. I was told that it may take several days to a week to locate them (if they were found at all). At the end of the first day I remembered I had a Tile on the keychain so I launched the app and pressed “lost” to initiate the alert to all Tile app users. It took about four hours to get an email alert that my keys were found at one of the UPS buildings near the Ontario California airport. The next morning, I followed the map directions in the Tile app and it took me literally to the security gate at a large secure building. I had to make several calls to reach an employee in that building who came out to meet me. I explained the Tile system and gave them my iPhone to take back into the building and it will guide them to my keys. In less than five minutes the UPS rep returned to my car with my keys! Following her were six other UPS employees who wanted to know how the system worked and where they could buy the Tile. I found my keys in less than fourteen hours and UPS likely would still be looking for them. Absolutely incredible. If you ship anything of value, consider attaching a Tile to it so YOU can locate it in case it is lost.

- TRY reaching this company!

I was an early adopter. I replaced my tile when the app told me to. I put the new tile on my keys. I didn’t misplace my keys for about a month, and when I did, the new tile didn’t work. I called the company (googled the name and found the phone number) The person I spoke with found my order and said she’d send a replacement. I never received it. I found a message saying it had been shipped. I got a loooong tracking no. for DHL. Turned out they said there was “no such number” so they gave it to USPS who gave me another tracking number before I found out it had been returned to sender. I wrote an angry email. Same day I got a robo message saying my order shipped (only with no order number on it this time). That was a month ago. Now I can’t find any phone number for them or even where their alleged chat feature is accessed. I hate them. They have my $30 and if I lose my keys the dead tile on them won’t help. Today I got two batteries in the mail! (This is about a year later). It was a pleasant surprise as I thought the whole tile would have to be replaced. I guess this is Tile 2.0 where the battery can be replaced instead of the whole Tile. Thanks!!

- Love having a tile!

As one who has a tendency to “misplace” my keys, IPad and IPhone I was delighted when about 16 months ago a clerk at BestBuys told me about Tile. She showed me hers and how it operated. I was sold on it! I immediately bought a Tile for my IPhone. Besides my iPhone and iPad, that was the best money that I have spent on electronics. It was definitely the least expensive. I cannot tell you how many times the Tile has kept me sane. I am not sure where I put my phone or if I even have it with me at times and I just press the Tile. Immediately I know if I have the phone with me or can use my iPad to get a general location for it. I gave up my landline four years ago and just have my cellphone, so I am up the creek without my phone. In addition, I no longer remember phone numbers or addresses, so I am lost without the phone. I have had to deal with Tile customer support electronically and have found them to be very helpful and respond immediately with a satisfactory resolution. I am one happy customer, wish I could say that about some other companies I have had to deal with!!!

- Still better than the pebble bee

My bf got me this last year for christmas. After about five months it stopped playing the song when I would try to find it, however, it still tells me the general location. Frustrating when they are not in a usual spot, but still, I know what room they are in. My dad had also bought me a pebble bee, which I stuck in my wallet. I never lose my wallet, so I haven’t had to use it. However it came with a second one. When I decided I would put both the pebble bee and the tile on my keys ( that I lose very often) I found out the the PB app had logged me out. When I tried contacting customer service they were of no help, and flat out ignored me after I told them I had already tried what they asked me to do. I don’t know how helpful the tile people are, mostly because I have had no issues with the tile. It says that the battery is running low now, and it needs to be replaced. You can buy a new one in the app. While I’m not worried about the expense, I AM worried about the environmental cost of throwing these away every year. I am definitely getting a new one of the tile, as it has helped me very much, and I will try to recycle my current one.

- If only sooner, I would have my keys and sunglasses...

I believe everything happens for a reason, including the loss of my one set of car keys and prescription sunglasses... with that being said, I neglected to buy Tile sooner due to some negative reviews. I got a great deal on a bundle during the holidays. I really do not understand the negative reviews, including the within-app notifications. Tile DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY if location services is not set to “always.” I realize this makes your battery go down faster. I, personally, only set it on “always” when leaving the house. The app itself it simple and easy to use for all. Tiles themselves can be expensive if not purchased on sale or in a bundle. You must also have keychains or stickies (which I bought on eBay for my older Tile models) to attach them to your items... unless you have the bulky-looking Tile Sticker. The item locations are not so precise as Apple’s Find My iPhone, in which one case located my phone in my car in the driveway. I love the ring feature of the Tiles for lost items or phone around the house. Again, for this to work, location services must be set to “always.” Give Tile and the simple app a try! :)

- New tile warning

I am not sure if the problem is with the tile or the app, but to me they are one in the same. Purchased a pair of tiles for my wife to track the cat, HoboJo. He likes to hide. To test the product before I set up for my wife I downloaded the app and set up the tile pros. Everything seems to work as expected except location info doesn’t seem accurate enough to find in the house without activating the sound, but that is not my biggest issue. I thought I would just log into my account on her phone and she would be set. NO!!! I had to set up an account for her and the when I went to reprogram the tiles to her account I found out there was no way to start the reprogram feature again without calling tile support. BAD THING IS THERE IS NO NUMBER TO CALL!!!!! now I am left with to useless chips until I am graced with contact from Tile. Yes I tried email/txt support and only received automated replies during business hours. I even dig through the trash to find the box, hoping there might be some contact info available. NO LUCK!! Seems like to me with such a sophisticated device the could add a not when pair that unpair this device will take hours of your time. ENSURE YOU PAIR THE TILE WITH THE CORRECT DEVICE UNPAIRING WILL BE DIFFICULT!!! or impossible. I am hopefully, but still have not resolved my pairing issue.

- Limited app

I have had this app to go with my wallet and keys the find function works great for in room stuff anything actually lost outside like in a park or on a bus somewhere will require you to have premium features that logs where you have been so you can use that to track down your lost item. It will not give you live GPS location movements like find my iphone will. So I use this pony to quickly find my misplaced items instead of lost items. As for the sms or text messages that you left something behind that never worked for me, I don't know if it was a gimmick or some false advertising but no matter what it didn't work yes I had the premium service and and had the smart alerts all on but it never told me that I left anything behind. This app is a great idea but when my premium expired I was going to purchase a full year but when I saw that the wallet tracker was not in the replacement with the premium I never bothered to renew. I will always have to buy new items as the battery dies and that's OK but for what the GPS claims to do its a bit expensive imo. If it was live GPS and the smart alerts actually worked I would say yes that 30 dollars a year price is fine.

- Does support even exist for this company!?

Hey guys so my issues is I’ve been trying to get a full refund on a set of the new Tiles but all these options online and instructions give you the run around and none of them really help you. You can’t call anyone in, the text in option through the app doesn’t even exist like it says, and they aren’t available on weekends?!? What large company doesn’t have customer support on weekends when people actually have time to do anything. Any how the app itself seems fine no issues with it for now except that you can’t hit a Go Back button on certain sections so you have to close the app completely and open it back up to get to the home section. My biggest complain about the NEW PRO TILES is that the sound goes off every other minute because the center button on the tile is so sensitive making these tiles more annoying than anything and a waste of money. It is also made of plastic which would easily be damaged if dropped hard enough which I feel was a major downgrade as I am used to the Sport version a harder shell with non-interchangeable battery that doesn’t go off every other minute because it’s easily activated by anything that even slightly runs up against it. Buyers do more research when planning on purchasing these tiles

- Love the Product! It keeps me sane.

My husband is a perpetual keys, wallet, and phone misplacer. I've had tile for years but eventually decided to drop a small penny and get him his own tiles. They've saved me from so much panicked house-searching and the app particularly is so helpful with their map and chiming functionality. One time my husband lost his keys after we put a tile on them and we couldn't find them for a few days (we weren't looking intently because I have my keys and we only had one car). After using the tile we found out they were in the car so he searched up and down the car with no luck. He then had the tile sing to him, only to find out that his keys were somehow underneath the windshield wipers. Apparently in the days prior he left his keys on the roof of the car and when we backed out, they slid down the front of the car and got stuck in the wiper blade pocket. We seriously never would have found them without tile. Thanks!

- I will be giving up Tile

I decided to give up my Tiles since they decided to FORCE you to allow them to track your location all the time. My iPhone keeps waking me that Tile requests my location about 200 times every 3 days. Even my iPhone finds it suspect. I would understand a little more if I was a premium user and I cared about tracking the location of my devices for a month but that’s not the case. I just occasionally need to find my keys or my phone. It used to work fine but now Tile provides you with a long explanation about why they need to track you. When you read through their lengthy explanation you realize it’s nonsense. They just expect that people will just opt in to rationalize the $30 they spent on the tile. If they put a warning on the box that says Tile requires 24 hour location tracking they probably wouldn’t sell as many as they do. We’ve all ready enough about what companies do with our data. Tile has zero justification for making you allow them to track you 24/7 just so you can find your keys once a month. Again, it used to work just fine several months ago but they now have a way to sell your data so they adjusted their technology. Not a lot of other options but I’d rather lose my keys. Tile... you know what you can do with it.

- Mostly an add for the premium service

The app seems to work. It can find/ring the tiles, tiles can ring it back and find my phone. The "free" (it's not free if you bought the tile hardware that only works with the app, is it?) experience isn't great though. On every screen the top half is dedicated to advertising the pro features. Instead of giving you easy access to things you can access for "free" you always have to scroll past pro features. The app also doesn't respect your privacy choices. I did not allow background updates for the app and I set the GPS use to only when using the app. I do understand it won't allow me to use all of tile's features, I'm fine with that, the app isn't. Every time I open the app it reminds me to always allow location acces, it's annoying and I'm not going to change the setting anyway, I like it this way. I thought iOS didn't allow repeated prompts from apps when it comes to any privacy settings/access but seems like I was wrong. I'd rate the app with 4 stars if it were to allow me to use just the limited set of features I want (locate a thing near by, I'm fine with last known location being outdated) and not put the premium features so in my face.

- Dies fast, not a wide range, expensive per year

I preordered the product when it was still in development. It took a long time to get, but I was very excited for what it could do. The ad showed someone losing a bike and finding it with their Tile. Unfortunately, that’s not even possible. The original ad was a lie. There are not enough Tile users in their network to make something like that happen. You need other users to connect to the app to find your lost items and they have to be right next to the item. Maybe the thief could help you find it if they connected to the app standing next to your item, but what are the odds of that? I have to be right next to my cloth purse in order for it to find my keys inside it. It works half of the time. The range isn’t even a few feet in a normal (not steel) house in the same room. I had to throw away 3 tiles I had never used (not cheap,) because they make them stop working after close to a year. It didn’t tell me that when I bought those ones. It’s a great idea in theory, but there are other similar products with better range or that work with better technologies. It can’t even find your car in your driveway if you’re standing right next to it, so it definitely can’t help you figure out where you parked. Very disappointing.

- The up-sells are super annoying

I bought four tiles and they’re fine. But the app is super annoying. They try to squeeze every penny out of you with in-app marketing and up-sell to try to get you to pay every month for more features. I wouldn’t mind static adverts, but it’s interruptive, with ads that are disguised as features or settings. Like there is a button for sharing your tile with someone else (for instance so your spouse or grandma can also find the kids’ stuff). But when you click on the button to share you get a pay prompt. I don’t mind it in a freemium product (company has to make money) but I already paid for this! Stop it! Put that stuff in an advanced features section or paid features section. It’s not “user first”. And then there are other things like every time I close the app I get a notification that if the app is closed it can’t track me so go to setting and enable always on location tracking. If I wanted to do that I would have done it after the first dozen notifications. Stop bugging me! And put that energy into making the core product better. Sometimes the finding capability doesn’t work even when the tile is just in the next room.

- Great App BUT:

The only issue I have dealt with so far is: The app should not have to run in the background at all times in order to find your phone! My kids play on the iPhone & habitually close apps, so they do not run the battery down. If they mistakenly close the app & we do not realize it, then lose our phone..We are not able to use the app to find it..☹️This is frustrating! If you keep the Bluetooth on, there should be a way not to have to keep the app open. This situation just happened to me. It still took 10 minutes to find my phone because I could not use the tile since someone closed the app! Other than that, it is an awesome app!! I have not used it to find out keys yet but I am sure we will, as my husband loses them all of the time! Hopefully you guys can find a way to make it work without the app running..In the meantime, we will spend more time using it & working with it/getting used to it. So, I will update my review once I get the hang of it.. I recommend this for anyone who loses their keys/phone! It does work well as long as the app is running..

- Now you can be irritated about your lost keys AND your useless Tile!

I was an ecstatic early Tile user. Having had some brain glitches that lead to memory issues, among other things, my Tiles literally helped me feel more normal when I no longer had to be stuck at home, after being ready to head out the door, because my keys/wallet/med bag were in the pantry/linen closet/back of the van from putting them there when I grabbed groceries to bring in. My Tiles made such a difference that I continued to receive them as loving gifts... without heart to say that Tiles have been useless 60% of the time for at least a year and a half. My 8-pack birthday gift this year was so sweet (as was the 8-pack one year ago)... but this is the fourth time I’ve tried to find my iPad today and the Tile app continues to tell me it’s out of range, until I find it under a pile of laundry/in my file cabinet/or on the seat of a chair we never use, pushed under the table. Yea. Go Tile. So good at letting me know my iPad has been found the second it’s in my hands. I’m in the same boat I was pre-Tile... only irritated by the many other things which would have been far more helpful in our lives. I’m off to resume the Day’s Search #4...

- It works great, but only when you’ve got it open:(

I love this app; I’m really prone to losing things so this app isnperfect for me and gives me the peace of mind that I’m not totally boned if I happen to lose whatever I’ve got a tile attached to (at the moment it’s my car keys.) However, since it runs down my battery pretty quickly and eats up data like crazy, I can’t keep it open, which is the only time when the app actually works! It would be perfect if you could find a way to make it work even when it’s not actively running on a phone or computer, but since I’d have to leave the app open whenever I’m out with my keys if I want any hope of finding them quickly after losing then, it hasnt been terribly useful to me since as I said before I can’t leave the app open, even in the background. Fix this issue and you’ve got a real winner on your hands, but as-is it’s still a great app that works exactly as it’s meant to! Due to that one issue I feel like I just can’t give it a five star rating, but literally everything else about the app is great!

- Extremely displeased

It really bothers me that I need to have the app open for this product to work. Previous version of this product did not require perpetual location services and operation of the app for it to work: if the tile was in range I could ring my phone from the tile regardless of if the app was open or not; and in that same token, I could open the app and find my lost item as long as said item was in range, regardless of it the app had been open prior to my misplacing my item. Also, I recently misplaced my keys. When I opened the app, it said the last place the app connected with them was at a Walgreens I had visited. However, I used my keys to gain entry to my house hours after the app last connected with my keys. I later found them in a city 45 mins away from the Walgreens where the app stated my keys were last known to be: this is extremely misleading and could have— in and of its self- caused me to assume my keys were lost entirely as the Walgreens staff said the did not have them, and could have lead me to actually lose my keys unnecessarily. Why do I use this product if it actually makes it more likely for me to lose an item. As opposed to less likely: the entire purpose of this products very existence.👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

- Smart alerts help

I love tile but i wish smart alerts worked better i know its in beta but the idea is just so good to have. It doesn't work some of the times. Only sometimes will i get a notification saying i’ve left my item or items. Sometimes it till tell me i forgot my item when i have it next to my in my car or at work which makes no sense. I would just love to have the beta fixed or updated i don’t know when a full version is coming out but would love to use it when it does. Also the maps location i don’t know if thats beta or not but, when i loose lets say my purse with said tile, when i track it with its location or last known location with maps it doesn't give me the exact location its in and it will send me to a random location or say my bag is 2 minutes away it will say its 250ft when its nowhere by me or my location. It Could just be me but thats what happens when i track something via the maps and its the main thing i find annoying. To me its like its not even tracking my lost item if its far away from my phone.

- Customer for life...

Even if the beautiful and appreciated improvement of the tiles with increased range and replaceable batteries had not occurred... the other day you guys won my business for LIFE. I’d set my wallet on the roof of the car and driven off... likely singing to the radio with some stupid grin on my face (Hey.. this is why I GOT the tile in the first place). But the wallet hung on like a champ.. for quite a while, actually. Somewhere miles from home on a very busy highway.. it let go. Meanwhile, at my destination, I shrugged at not having it.. must’ve left it home. I used Apple Pay and went on my way. The next DAY.... the Tile app directed me to just the right part of New Jersey Route 73 where I patiently waited for breaks in traffic, used the radar graphic and listened for my tile like... well, like a maniac in the median. After a few minutes, I found my wallet!!! The grass had been mowed and the wallet was well shredded, but every single item was there. ❤️😅 truly tears of joy.

- Tile Saves Time and Stress

In all seriousness I lose my keys, wallet and to a lesser degree, my phone all the time. I’m also pretty Type A/high strung. Nearly every morning buying before tile I would run late and freak out about my keys and now I just always use Tile and it solves the problem ASAP - no time, no stress. I also love the GPS functionality and the fact that I can ding my phone from my keys (had to do that a few times too). I’ve had Tiles for over 3 years now. Love their long battery and the fact that they offer you retile discounts and reminders. Will say that some of my older model ones will once in a blue moon not ring and just “buzzz” but overall couldn’t be happier. It’s loud enough to hear in a large house if you just walk around to find it. love love love - great product that I really use - can’t wait to upgrade to the newer sport models, once I do my next retile,and see if they’re even louder!

- 3 stars for the product

The tile itself is really great. I love it, and have many of them. I was excited when they introduced the one with replaceable batteries, so I don’t have to spend $25 each year to get a new one. But the app uses a ton of battery life. Way too much. The last few nights, I wake up and my phone is at 20-30%. I thought that this was because somebody bumped it off the wireless charger by accident or something. But this afternoon I looked at the battery usage on my phone and saw that it actually was plugged in the whole time, but for some reason the app was using so much battery that the charger couldn’t keep up. This doesn’t make any sense to me, it would have to be using a lot of power for that to be possible, but it happened. I understand that for the whole crowdsourcing thing to work, you need it to run in the background, but this is too much. I don’t know why all of a sudden it’s been using so much, but I turned off background app refresh and I suggest anyone reading this does the same.

- More than I bargained for!!

I am well known in my family for misplacing things, so one of my sons got me a few Tiles for Christmas 2015. They and the App have been helpful locating items around the house but then I lost my keys at Newark Penn Station on December 5, 2017. The App reported the last location and I went back and searched to no avail. I thought that was the end it, but then on January 4, 2018, the Tile App notified me that they were detected in Hoboken Terminal (a completely different train line and a place I would have never checked). It turns out that they were turned in to the terminal’s Lost & Found 2 days after I lost them and the day before I filed a Lost & Found report with the train line. (So much for the efficacy of their database!) We got the keys back because the Tile App detected my 2 year old Tile, even though it was long past its replacement date. I am very impressed!

- Love/hate

I have a love-hate relationship with my Tiles. I love them when they work and I hate it when they don’t. And unfortunately they don’t work quite often. I don’t get it. Sometimes they can connect superquick other times I have to push the button and push the button and push the button and push the button restart it and push the button and eventually it’ll connect. Sometimes the sound goes off. Sometimes the sound doesn’t go off. Seriously don’t get it, meaning not sure what the magic formula is for the dog gone thing to work but they seem to do this across-the-board on all my tiles and I have quite a few. Replacing the battery doesn’t help. UGGBut I won’t give them up because when they finally do connect I am super Duper excited to find my keys, wallet, or whatever else I got it connected to. I’m hoping the tile or somehow fix these issues and or Sumen will create a better tracking device. Because given as many times as I missplace my keys, I am their ideal customer. :)

- Very inconsistent

My husband and I loved Tile in the beginning (about 3 years ago)- we bought tiles for family members and got backups for ourselves. Luckily we never needed to actually use the find function-we never lost anything! But in the last year there has been a few occasions where we did have the need to locate keys, and using the green “find” button on the app for that particular item didn’t appear. We shut phones off and on. We deleted and reinstalled the app. We checked the batteries. Sometimes it would be successful and just as often was not. I have taken to testing the app-just seeing if the find buttons would appear on either of our phones. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. It’s like a disappearing act. And of course when we really needed to find, say, the keys- no “find” buttons would appear. It’s been frustrating to say the least. If one is panicking to find the keys and it seems like you should be able to rely on a simple push of a find button to have the Tile play its little tune, it is maddening that this investment in security would fail.

- It works GREAT

This app and tile are life savers! I have my tile hooked to my AirPods. One night I forgot that I had them on my lap and stood up to get out of the car to walk into a football game. They fell in the grass beside the car- I did not know they fell out so when I was half way home I wondered where they are thinking that they should be in the car... it turns out I could not ping them. I could not ping them so I looked on the map and it showed where I parked at the game so we drove all the way back there (it even will give you instructions if you need to find your way back there) sure enough when I got there there they lay the tile and all. So what Im trying to say by this whole story is the 20 dollar tile and free app is SO WORTH IT! Let’s just say 20 dollars saved me 175 dollars so if you are thinking about getting a tile I would go for it it could save you time and money!

- 'Notify when found' has never worked

I've used Tiles for quite a while. Despite being told there are over a thousand users in my area, in experiments where I've left tiles as "lost" in the hope that someone's phone would connect to them, I've never been notified of a tile. I've let 'Notify when found' run for hours with no joy. Before the numerous experiments I made sure that the tiles were connected and seen by the app on my phone. I've used different phones and different tiles. Tiles may be of use only if I lost a Tile and it was not moved from the place where its BT connection to my phone was lost. I have a tile in my wallet. If my wallet was dropped, hopefully it would be found by an honest person or it would still be where my Tile app recorded the location of the lost BT connection. Because even though there are over one thousand users in the area, my wallet would remain lost. Over a thousand users apps should "automatically and anonymously update the location". It's never happened. (Support could not provide an answer. My phone and the Tile app's settings are not the problem.

- Too much in-app selling

Bought a set of 4 Tiles to track family keys—even with a Black Friday discount, I spent $100. And what do I find at every turn within the app that manages these pricey little baubles? Relentless advertising for the premium service, on page after page. -Trying to familiarize myself with the app, I encountered ad pages and boxes littering the space, making it hard to find actual functions. - When I chose Dismiss on some top-of-page promotions, rather than Remind Me Later, the same promotion reappeared every time I returned to that page of the app. - Even on the Settings page, half of the first screen is filled with Premium options, rather than the settings I needed, which were shunted onto a second screen. This really turns me off. I paid no little sum for this bit of tech, and though I appreciate their need to promote their services, I am very annoyed at the heavy advertising hand that slows down and muddles my ability to use the tool I just paid for. After all, once you’ve set up your Tiles, you are only in the app at points of impatience and frustration. A month from now, when I’m looking for keys a teenager abandoned in a backpack somewhere in the house, I am not going to stop to pay a company $20-30 for...anything. Extra location tracking or extra usernames at that point will be beside the point—I will just want the bloody keys. An ad that gets in my way will just make me crazier.

- Don’t Buy

It’s always been a problem that the Tile batteries don’t last more than a year, if that long, can’t be replaced without purchasing new Tiles, and that the ones found in the stores are near the end of their lifespan. But now they have modified the app so that you must give them full time access to the microphone of your iPhone and iPad. Seriously? Why? It’s worked just fine without needing that intrusion. Now it’s not an option. A serious privacy overreach that’s totally unnecessary, as demonstrated by good past performance without it. What data are they trying to sell now? My response to the developer: I am more than capable of turning the microphone on and off; what of those who don’t? The app was quite capable of allowing me to find my iPhone with my iPad and vice versa previously without the microphone and your sales of user data is well known. My iPad is WIFI only, so it’s not “calling” anything when I use it to find my phone and vice versa. And if I want a phone to call my phone, I’ll just call it using my cell carrier. So, again, why have you changed the app to need the microphone?

- App won’t simultaneously connect to iPhone and iPad

I have used Tiles for 2 years and have been very pleased with its abilities to find tiles and cell phones. One month ago the tile app stopped working on my iPad and started working on my iPhone. As a result i could no longer find my keys using my iPad. Instead I had to use the iPhone app to find them. The Tile online support was clueless about how I could revert back to the iPad and could only suggest that I upgrade the Tile app. Tile Customer Care support via email solved the problem. The Bluetooth inside the Tiles can only communicate with one device at a time. All I needed to do was turn off my cell phone and then start the Tile app on my iPad. This allowed the tiles to disconnect from my cell phone and re-establish the iPad connection. Thank you, Tile, for all your help. I’m a happy customer again!

- Review for Tile app and hardware

Came here to update my review — pretty much nothing had changed. Currently I can’t find my keys. Going into the app and trying to figure out how in the world to get them to make a sound is ridiculous. Apple, if you can figure out how to do what this company is trying to do, you’s have the market cornered. I was so looking forward to receiving my Tiles. After many many months, it finally arrived. I downloaded the app. Set everything up. Then realized that this is a pretty useless service. The app is confusing (trying to find my keys in my apartment, figuring out how to get the Tile to produce a sound is extremely confusing). But more importantly, it so rarely locates the tiles it's pretty much unusable. I really am not sure how this could be helpful to anyone. I'm literally not sure where my keys are within my wifi enabled apartment. (The app says "Hint: it's probably a few steps away!" Thanks. I'm not interested in a scavenger hunt. Just have the Tile tell me where it is!) oh well. Maybe someday someone will realize the promise of this technology and deliver something that really works.

- Stops working when you actually need it

I’ve been a fan of tile for over 2 years with the original tile (now called Tile Mate) but this year decided to upgrade to the Pro series for the “better range” and “louder sound.” Both tiles work perfectly when I am testing them, even with the phone across the room, as long as I already know where it is. But now whenever I actually need them to work, to, you know, actually find my phone, I always get the sad beeps that mean my phone is supposedly out of range, when I know it isn’t. Tonight I lost my phone inside my car, and both my tiles couldn’t find it when pressing the logo button, when the phone was actually RIGHT there next to me. When I finally found my phone using Find My iPhone on my computer, I checked that the app was open and Bluetooth was on, still sad beeps. Of course now that I tested finding the tiles with my phone FIRSt, they are able to find my phone. But I need them to work the opposite way much more often and they keep letting me down. Big fat waste of money, save your money and use a better tracker.

- Battery drain

If you set this app to function the way it is intended expect a huge battery depletion. I accidentally left it open today and it drained 42% battery on my device in the background. What good is it to have tiles if my phone is dead when I go looking for them so I can’t ring them? I understand the desire to keep track of things but with how infrequently I use the app, I think it uses way to many resources. They should consider different throttling options to allow people the choice on how much it drains with transparency of how it will affect performance. Right now I have to limit location to just when using, Keep the app closed, and turn off background refresh, although I think it would be better to not have to shut it down completely, but have options in the app that maybe allow a range of how frequently it checks for connected tiles so that it can still do is job but not be a burden on the phone.

- *** BUYER BEWARE ***

The app and the tiles themselves are seriously flawed. The App: I have multiple devices and I loaded the app to my phone and my iPad. Don’t ask me why, but I have to use my phone to find the first tile and my iPad to find the second tile. They came together as a pack and I set them both up at the same time to my phone. When I signed into my account on the iPad later, they both worked fine but after an update or two they split. It was unbelievably annoying. The Tiles: I say *was* annoying because the tiles crapped out. I’ve had them about a year and used them about three times a month. It’s not the Bluetooth locator. That works fine. It’s the sound. You know those cheap birthday cards that play music when you open them but then when you look at them a year later nothing comes out at all? Those are the speakers they use. They’re incredibly cheap and for the amount of money I paid for these things, I expected something of a higher quality. They were great while they lasted but ultimately they’re a waste of time and money.

- App freeze? Update..see bottom

Writing this because cannot get to customer support through app. Tried getting new password, but app freezes when I tried to reset it...simply won't accept a pw. What's going on? Loved it when it worked, but it doesn't seem to update locations. Am confused as hell. Help! I looked online and found suggestion to reboot the device the app was running on, did so, and it worked, and has been ok since. So we're in business keeping track of the stuff my wife loses ALL the time. Love that one Saturday morning, when she was 100 miles away and left her address book/lifeline at a club, someone else's tile picked its location up, and I got an email at home saying the "pink book" was last located on Yacht Club Rd, in Xx, Ct. I texted her, and she was able to retrieve it before heading home.

- Disney

Left my phone somewhere at Disney. I must have dropped it during the excitement and chaos upon our arrival, I didn’t think about it. I was running solo (husband deployed) with our three young children. We grabbed something to eat and sat at different areas that I thought I put it down and someone picked it up, brought it to security, or who knows?? Tile Saved me from back tracking. I simply pressed the tile button, logged online and it located the phone in the parking lot of our hotel. I had left it in the car when we checked in and valet had swooped the car away before I could do my mommy check of ‘do I have everything?’. Rather than dragging my kids everywhere, I simply asked valet to have my car ready downstairs. I grabbed my phone and asked for him to re-park the car. I gave him a nice tip for saving me the hassle. We were able to enjoy Disney sooner than later. Thanks Tile!

- App nags and lies

While the product works well most of the time (it sometimes loses connection), the app ALWAYS tries to convince you to exchange the tile despite the fact that the new tiles have replaceable batteries. He first thing you see on the app screen is the nag because it’s more prominent than the item locator - you have to scroll for the key finder while the nag is on the top AND a persistent banner on the bottom. Naturally, when the connection is lost, you’re likely to start believing the nag while you can, in fact, either renew the connection or replace the battery. The only time the new tile needs replacement is when it gets wet or really fails, which is rare. Tile took a lot of heat for not offering replaceable batteries. Now that they have caved in and done so, it seems that they will do anything it maintain that old revenue stream. It’s a good product and works well, so it’s still a buy, but don’t believe this app when it recommends exchanging tiles.

- 💩FALSE Advertisement: Does NOT Find phone

One of the main features why I purchased this Tile BS is b’c it CLAIMS you can find your keys AND find your phone as well, by double clicking the button, it ONLY makes your phone ring with a tune if the App is OPEN! If you’re eye balls 👀 are not looking in the Tile App the Tile keeps beeping over and over, even if the App is running in the background I’m holding the phone in one hand and the Tile clicking it in the other. You literally have to have the phone in your hand with the App OPEN — why on earth would I need to find my phone if I’m holding it! Useless piece of crap 💩 Only does half of what it claims, then the price should ALSO BE HALF OF WHAT ITS IN THE MARKET that puts it at $15 or Less per Tile. I would not recommend UNLESS the Price Lowers for what you get. For reference I have the 3rd Gen Tile.

- Find button stopped working in App

I have a dead Tile Sticker - the button doesn't work at all. The "Find" button doesn't appear in the App. The Tile never said low battery. All other Tiles on my account work. The Tile Sticker stopped responding two months after purchase and activation and Tile Customer Service is practically insulting in their responses. I've now written Tile Support 4 separate times and they are clearly stalling and/or refusing to honor the advertised warranty. Tile Customer Service is using endless stall tactics such as repeatedly asking me for information already provided, requiring I check every other Tile on the account (which all work), insisting I reboot the phone, asking me to hold the Tile button, double press the Tile button, verify my Bluetooth is on, read multiple support articles which say the same thing, and make me wait days between the next batch of irrelevant questions which have already been answered by previous responses. There are many alternatives to Tile and I plan to explore one with better Customer Service.

- <100 feet is out of range

I have been using Tile since the beginning. At 2 am I decided I needed my wallet and the map showed my wallet over at my neighbor’s house. I was kind of disappointed, because I remember ling ago the app was more accurate than that. So I walked around the house trying to find my Tile. Maybe I have not used it in a while so I had no inclination to exit the map when I was within range and tell it to ring. When I finally saw I could ring it, my wallet was maybe 20 feet away from me. As in, I was in the living room and it was right there in my coat by the front door. It made me realize that the dream of the tile beeping if it ever got stolen is SLIM, because the thief would basically need their own Tile in order for this to work. I dont know if they changed the algorithm but for me, I am disappointed in the Tile.

- Tile is a Fabulous Device- I love it!!

I have 6 different tiles total and my daughter has 2 of them with her daily. I have an idea. We should be able to group devices together.(ex. my kids school provided tablet and her backpack) So if one leaves the school without the other than alerts goes off. Both device alerts go off. Which causes child to go back in the building or at least the child knows they left it in school. Child doesn’t have to panic because they think it is lost when they return home without it! The child simply hits the tile button on the backpack to shut off the alert. Of course parent already got the alert that the tablet is left at school and calls to tell the teacher. Second idea: A smaller device to be placed on smaller items. Such as the inside arm of glasses, hat, etc...

- Honest and informative review

This is an awesome idea. Not only can you find your wallet, keys, etc., but you can also use it to find your phone. You find your tile by activating the sound from your phone, and you find your phone by clicking on your tile. Also, if your phone is too far away from your tile to connect, as soon as you or someone else who uses tile walks in its vicinity, the app automatically alerts you that it has been found and shows you a rough area of where it might be. You then would simply just need to walk in the area until you establish a connection. The idea is amazing. However, I wish more people had the app so that if lost, the process of finding my tile would be a lot faster. So please buy a tile not only for you to find your own belongings, but to help me find my belongings!!

- Constant unwanted activation. Extremely annoying.

I’ve had tiles since they released the mate. They were great. I decided to upgrade to the pro, and it’s honestly been a nightmare. I carry my keys around in my pocket or on my belt clip at work. The center button is so sensitive, just sitting down can somehow trigger the button, which is supposed to only activate with a double press. They go off while I’m in class, while I’m with patients, while I’m turning on my car. I had reached out to customer support, and they took forever to respond and gave me some generic troubleshooting that I already went through online. They pretended like they hadn’t heard of this issue, despite the dozens of comments and online posts bringing this to their attention. It was all a waste of my time. I’m really disappointed because there’s so much potential with this product, but Tile needs to get their sh** together with their tech support and development team. I might be a returning customer in the future but I’ll have to see some big changes from these guys.

- I would not recommend purchasing a Tile

My first Tile was excellent. Then things went down hill. Pray you don't have issues because Tile does not support their products. My first Tile worked for Two years before a battery replacement was needed. A year ago, Tile stops your service and forces you to upgrade claiming you need a new battery. Not true! The range has gone down from my entire home to about 5 feet. So I end up waking around hoping my keys or wallet will come into range. Naturally Tile always tries to get me to upgrade to increase range. Nonesense! Tile is a money hungry company who doesn't care about customers. Mine broke and getting in touch with support was impossible! I finally received an email from support. Useless! They are one of those types of companies where you really end up not caring at all if they go out of business. In fact, they are so difficult, I wouldn't mind if they go under. Just a horrible company to deal with. Once my battery goes on this one I will never use another Tile again

- Great premise; shoddy execution.

Update: LOATHE! This app/service is sooooo much worse than it used to be. I upgraded my old tiles at a pretty decent discount hoping the new tiles with replaceable batteries would be worth it. WRONG. It requires always on location services (battery drain), background app refresh (more battery drain), microphone (why?), bluetooth (understandable but more battery) AND the app has to always be open. With ALLL of that, it still doesn’t work as well as it used to. It used to find my keys in the house pretty quickly. Now? Maybe it’ll find them. If you walk around and happen to stand next to them. When? WHO KNOWS! It’s not quick. And to top it all off, the app keeps pestering me to upgrade to “premium”. Hahahahahaha. For what appears to be a spendy data mining scheme, you have got to be out of your minds. I’m done. ********** Yes, I've found my keys. I've also lost battery life. This thing eats batteries. Not just my phone, but on the tiles themselves. There's no need to have this thing running location services 24/7. I don't pay you for you to crowdsource me and compile data. And THEN, as if to add insult to injury, you send me an email to remind me to buy more tiles at a ever-so-slightly discounted price. Are you kidding? You couldn't have made a product that took a watch battery or a CR2025 type battery? Nope, when this set dies, I guess I'll just have to look for my keys again. Btw, all of the fake reviews are completely obvious.

- One major annoyance

Works pretty well. I use Tile most often to quickly locate my keys when I need to rush out the door. It’s also useful for determining the last place I had them (e.g. the office) so I don’t waste time searching my home for something that’s not there. There’s one major annoyance that has me looking for an alternative to Tile. When the button on a tile is pushed, your phone rings, even if your phone is in silent mode. This is a feature that I’ve never used. But it happens accidentally all the time. My keys will be in my pocket, and if they shift around the wrong way my phone plays an annoying song that I have to turn off. Sometimes this happens during meetings or other inconvenient times. I’ve contacted Tile, and apparently there’s no way to turn the feature off. So the basic functionality is great, but I am equally as often annoyed as assisted by Tile.


If you decide to give Tile a try make sure you’re aware the support is dismal. You’re on your own. I had to text back and forth with an inept directing me to read online guides on how to reTile when I was stuck in the process. I’ve done it several times and I’m vey familiar with the process. The Tile was defective or the app itself had issues but I wasn’t able to replace it after all. I ended up throwing it out. I won’t buy Tile again. And of course, there will be a developer comment on this review which I won’t be able to reply to asking me to give them a chance to fix it. Well, you had your chance and you blew it! Your tech support is dismal and you know it. How come there’s no one to talk to over the phone?? Why do you have to make appointments to get help instead of getting immediate access to support??? And if you’re going to have a text support service make sure employ qualified people on it. And NO, it is not ok to make a customer jump through hoops to get help! DO NOT BUY A TILE

- Convenient

I lost my only key to a used pickup I had recently purchased and just couldn’t figure out where I’d put it. After two days, I finally found it. A friend recommended Tile so my wife and I got a pair of them to try. I mostly like it. When my keys aren’t in their bowl or basket, I just open the app and follow the noise. A couple of times, I’ve used my keys to find my phone. Great. The drawback is, (when I wasn’t allowing constant location use) sometimes it just won’t work. Even when both are in the house. Repeatedly. (Then I turned the setting to “always” and viola! It started working again.) Also, -every - single - time - you use it, they plug you an add for their expensive subscription service. Exhausting. I’ll never purchase the subscription service just because of that.

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- Great investment

The awesomeness of Tiles is kind of hidden. It’s the time you don’t waste looking for keys, the anxiety you don’t have to endure, the bad moods everyone else has to put up with and the unhelpful ‘help’ of ‘Where did you last have them?’ The reliability is excellent- I’ve never not gotten a connection with my phone when they were nearby - and I’ve used a tile to find my phone a couple of times. It also found my key in the car from inside the house. I’ve been quoted over $800 to replace a recode a fob (see you in hell Mitsubishi) so to know I won’t need to replace it because I lost it is a small victory every day.

- Almost perfect

As someone who constantly loses their keys this thing is a life saver, no more banging by head against the wall when I’m 30 min late for work because my keys are no where to be found. It’s one of those things where you can never go back to the way you use to get by, this thing is a must in my opinion. And worth what they’re asking for it. Granted it isn’t perfect, but it’s so close, only thing Tile needs is alerts/notifications for when you’re on the move and are out of range from your Tile because looking at the subscription as it stands now it’s not worth it, I have a billion of those batteries at home for me to consider subscribing and having one get sent out to me every so often and I can’t forget my keys at home as I can’t leave without them so that feature is worthless to me.

- Why are separation alerts so limited???

Dear Tile, Another 3 months have passed with no reply. “The silence is deafening”! Please also note the comments by “DJA_review”. Anything to fix the defect in progress??? Dear Tile, It’s been about a month since I made the below review..... please comment. The Tile concept is an excellent one. However, I am told by tile staff (verbal telephone conversation, June 8) that the separation alerts work only in one nominated location (at any one time)! This means that if you travel from home to taxi to airport(s) to conference centers to hotel to restaurant to hotel to shops to conference center etc. you need to keep remembering to change your “home” location every time!! Relatively pointless, as loss of items relates to busy people who occasionally forget things. Also if I lose something at home, I’m much more likely to eventually find it, compared with leaving it at one of the above locations. PLEASE, make the separation alerts work ANYWHERE, so long as the Bluetooth signal is appropriately detected (or not detected as the case may be). After all, my iPhone communicates with my car anywhere. Having lost an important item (obviously in an unknown location), the lack of the above feature is a real deal-breaker....... and I would have bought several.

- Limited separation alerts

Tile have added the functionality to buzz you if you leave home without your tile (as a subscription) - thanks for that but the real issue is leaving it behind at a restaurant or when you are out and about travelling with many connections - this doesn’t prevent it from being lost. What should happen is that when it loses Bluetooth connectivity - I should get a notification (if I have turned the setting on). Once you add the feature above (which your competitors have and which countless reviewers have been asking for in over a year) - I will sign up to the subscription and amend this review. Also - throwing out these tiles at the end of the year is not ideal at all. Also I don’t like that they say to replace the tile based on 365 days and not the actual battery level of the device. I understand their commercial model works but it’s very wasteful and I hope their subscription model goes well enough that they will add in the ability to charge a tile in future perhaps via wireless when available. Would appreciate them at least being less wasteful in the interim by not forcing replacement at the 365 day mark. This will be upgraded to a 5 star review when they add in proper separation alerts. Thanks!

- Does not respect the silent switch

I find this great and have been using Tile for many years. However, in more recent iterations of their product, they have added a feature that allows you to ring your phone from a tile. Sounds handy, but unfortunately this functionality is mandatory; you cannot turn it off. It can accidentally trigger easily if the tile is in your pocket (say, tracking a set of keys or a wallet). I've asked for years, but the makers will not add the option to disable this. It has meant that on more than one occasion where I've been in a situation where phones should be set to silent, my phone has rang loudly because I moved in my seat. So if you buy into tile, know that you won't be able to switch your device to silent anymore. In cinemas, interviews, libraries, anywhere. I find the product GREAT, and use it regularly, but I will have to give it one star until this half thought out feature is fixed. Incidentally, when contacting tile about this issue, they say they have no plans to offer users the choice of turning it off, and suggest I turn off Bluetooth to fix it (which would of course disable use of my Watch, headphones, Tiles themselves, and many other Bluetooth devices I use regularly).

- Long time user

I’ve been using Tile’s since the only way to get them was to import them and there was 12 local users. I’ve retiled 4 or 5 times. Now over the yrs the the tiles have improved and there’s 1000s of local users. I use my tile to find my phone and phone or Google assistant or Siri to find my Bike or House or Car keys daily it saves me so much time and more importantly STRESS. I’ve not even tried the advanced ongoing app services but would love to try. I’m still yet to try the new tiny tiles and again I hope I can soon.

- Getting Better, Thank You

Finally, replaceable batteries. I’m very pleased this step forward for the environment has been implemented. Sincere thanks. As noted by others, improvements to the app are good; less bloat, and importantly far less battery drain. Approaching three years as a Tile user, I’ve been watching this with interest. Again, thank you for putting in effort to actually improve the base product. I have to explain to many people that the app and product design does not make a Tile specifically visible to anyone with Bluetooth on, and the “community” tracking process is anonymous. Perhaps there is a way this can be more simply laid out on your web pages to allay some fears. Plus! Consider a laminated back on the Tile so it can be lightly engraved to reveal the different colour layer underneath. Whether for ID or artwork, it’s worth trying. One of mine is also a pet tag (my hardest working Tile, this one!) and such a feature would be good to avoid needing a separate disc.

- Great for anyone with a bad memory

So who hasn’t lost their keys/wallet/handbag at some point in their lives? Tiles certainly don’t guarantee finding them again, but it hugely increases the odds! Tiles are simple to setup up and use. And while the separation alerts could always be improved, that’s really a secondary feature for me (so I don’t bother paying the extra for it. Being able to ping your phone from the tile is a nice extra too, but is easily disabled from within the app if you don’t like it.

- Privacy issues

I wanted to use this Bluetooth device exclusively at home, so have no need for my phone’s GPS location to be tracked or to view a map overlay. Unfortunately, this app will not let you disable GPS tracking - on the contrary, it will nag you INCESSANTLY to turn location tracking on, presumably for no reason other than to harvest your personal data. People who don’t understand that the app does not actually need your location data for this scenario, and that the tag does not have its own GPS, will probably just relent. Second issue is that the Tile started humming loudly and continuously 5 days after I bought it. Upon opening the battery compartment, discovered that the battery had leaked, corroding the circuit board.

- Pretty great system

Tile has saved us a few times - my husband once left his keys in a deli counter at the shops which we would never have figured out without a precise location as he’d been in a few shops! Now you can replace the battery, which is also great as you can keep spares at home and it’s not quite as bad environmentally as swapping the whole thing. My only wish is that the slim wallet tiles also had replaceable batteries... but maybe I just need to carry the bank card on the back of my phone and then both can be found at once.

- I never review apps

I never review apps but have felt a strong desire to after losing my keys at the beach today. I looked everywhere, spoke to the life guards, retraced my steps with no success. I remembered I had the tile app installed I thought I should give it a go. When I retraced my steps from the car to the spot I was sitting at the beach the app signaled the keys were close. After a bit of searching I found them and would never have been able to without the app. Thank you tile app!!

- Fraudulent practices.

Be aware that they send a message at about a year telling you that you need a replacement tile due to low battery, and with that you'll notice the function diminishes. But there's actually nothing wrong with the battery. I opened up my tile, tested the battery with a voltmeter and found it to be fully charged at 3volts. It's bad enough that they send a fraudulent message to sell more product, and tamper with the device, but they also have the audacity to claim to be environmentally friendly as the tiles are 99% recyclable. Now that is rubbish - 99% recyclable? Not 98% or 97%?Recyclable is not sustainable for it still requires energy. And why am I paying $25 for a replacement battery worth about $3, when there's nothing wrong with it?

- From best in class to opposite

Used to be absolute best thing ever made for someone who loses their keys. But with their last update and perhaps a move to a subscription based model (which though unlikely) the app just doesn’t work half as effective anymore. The tile could be in front the of you and it wouldn’t find it. It could perhaps be a result of some new Bluetooth connection protocol they have applied. But whatever it is. It doesn’t work anymore as of now.

- I love it!

I used to misplace my keys daily and panic because of it. My fiancé got my a Tile and it’s taken so much stress out of my morning while I’m out the door to work! I’ll definitely get one for my wallet soon too :) There is another review that complains about the Find Phone feature of Tile, but I’ve never had this problem. You have to click your Tile twice to enable it. Plus, I like that I can find my phone with it even if my phone is on silent.

- Location History fails

I’ve bought 2 tiles. To test the Location History I left my phone at my work desk, then walked around the Sydney CBD for an hour with a tile in my pocket, among thousands of people. When I returned to my desk I was dismayed to see not a single “connection” had been made and the Location History was as if I had had lunch at my desk. Maybe nobody has bought tiles and their entire community find feature is a big lie. If there really are thousands of people running tile apps on their phones, why didn’t a single one of them “find” my tile as I walked around? Sorry but this product seems to only work when you’re nearby to your own tile. Which makes it useless.

- Bluetooth Separation Alert

I recently bought a Tile Pro and regret it. Please do not even consider buying a Tile until they update the app to include an optional bluetooth separation alert - unless you only want to locate something lost nearby in a relatively secure location, such as inside your home. Without this commonsense alert you could be a long way away from your item before realising it is missing. The separation alert would notify you within a short distance after leaving the item behind - and the sooner you know it is missing the less chance it has to be stolen, and the less time and expense to return to where it was left behind.

- Quietly waiting to save the day

Tile is the kind of app that you don’t open most days but is right there ready to help during a small crisis such as loosing the cars when already late for work. Thank you tile! Also makes you look like a hero when you find those keys while everyone is running round in panic.

- Only appropriate for your keys, don’t use on pet collars

(Update: still missing in metropolitan Melbourne, 100 days later) Doesn’t work unless you buy everyone in your suburb a tile. Unfortunately I bought the tile before I realised I’d need people in the area to have the product too. The tile only notifies me of anything, after I find it. Devastated as I bought the tile to protect my most precious bud, my dog. May be worth it if you always misplace your items near you and within RANGE OF YOUR OWN PHONE. You can’t rely on the tile if it isn’t near your own device. Update: has still yet to be located over a month later. Giving up on money wasted.

- Product great, until is fails..

I purchased two tile Pro’s here in Australia in October 2019. In June 2020, they failed. But because I didn’t purchase them from a “preferred retailer” or something to them, they could only offer me a 20% discount off new ones. Also, don’t bother with the premium app options, it rarely works and has been in Beta forever. If that doesn’t work, they won’t refund that either, you’ll have to ask Apple. Tile will take your money, but won’t fix any issues with any sort of genuine care. But when they work, they’re pretty cool. Shame hey.

- Overall good, but Intermittent issues

Only seems to work about 70% of the time. Using my tile on my keys, it often does not find my iPhone... even if I am hold my keys in one hand and phone in the other. I very much like the last position/communication feature (with my keys or wallet) so I can see where I may have left them if I leave the house (in car, or work, or at home). Pity only intermittently works to find my iPhone using the tile. My wife experiences the same issues with hers.

- Need a real Separation Alert

Please add a real out-of-range/separation alert feature not only when leaving a single place (with the notification popping up 1km away from the place...). We should be able to enable notification as soon as the tile is out of Bluetooth range. Then you know as soon as possible that your wallet key have been lost/stolen and take appropriate action (block credit card or so). That is almost the only thing Tile is missing but it’s a big gap compared to other the other solution on the market (TrackR, Orbit)

- Great but battery can be changed

I would have give it 5 star if it wasn’t for the little detail that the 220€ investment I made with the Tiles combo will have to be trashed in the bin once the battery are finished. Battery can last up to 2 year (if you are very lucky and don’t play too much with your tiles). On the other hand I have to say the community seems to be big, which should make easier to reach your belongings...lets see how it goes with my trip overseas now

- The last app update broke my app access!!

Please fix this! When I go to reset my password, the password resets fine but when I try to sign back into the app (which I haven’t had to do in 3 years), i get a message saying “the user is not allowed to perform this request” Please fix this

- Useful but annoying and intrusive.

The tile itself is useful but the app and company is not. I hate being badgered to upgrade to whatever premium is ( other than more of my money for them) and if there’s a pro tile, what’s the amateur one? I can’t seem to disappear all the old tiles with flat batteries so I’m trying a new account. The ‘discount’ replacements they offer are more expensive than getting a tile from a shop. While I found my keys once using tile, the sound was too quiet to hear.

- Very handy and great customer service

The Tile products are just fantastic. They’ve saved my bacon more than once. They are extremely easy to set up and maintain, the app really makes sense (unlike some), and if you do happen to get yourself into trouble - their customer service is top notch.

- Worst app ever

This is the biggest rip-off ever. When I first purchased my tile I set it up and had it working fine. Now some months later, when I need to use it, I have to pay for a subscription,.. and my tile hasn’t updated for 41 days, so the app can’t find my tile anyway. I’m told it’s out of range. So I reluctantly paid for the subscription, but still my tile can’t be located. Now I’m trying to get my money back but the company won’t give it to me, even though they had a 30 day free trial. Don’t get his app, you will regret it. Such a scam!

- Best app in history, before that rock wrecked the dinosaurs.

Best app you’ll ever use that saves the time wasted finding your things and takes the “where the f%&k did I put it?!?!” Out of your life and allows you to spend time doing things you enjoy, like not looking for s#$t. Highly recommended. 👍

- App size too big

Edit: The developers listened and responded. App footprint down to 82MB. Thank you and great work. -Original- Tile’s app size has become excessive and unacceptable. With the latest update it’s gone from a 128MB footprint to 456MB. Customers want the basic functionality delivered with minimal impact on their device’s resources. ‘Bloat and inefficiency’ seems to be Tile’s developer motto of the week.

- Great when they work

Absolute life savers on several occasions. One of my tiles, however, just disconnected and now I can’t find it.... it wasn’t a battery issue and I have to find the thing before I can reset it.. Other than this small hiccup, they are awesome!

- What kind of tracker uses Bluetooth?!

What an absolute joke. 5 minutes in to using it and I can’t even locate my wallet when it is 15m away! What is the point of a tracker when you cannot even track your most important possession!? I purchased this thinking that if someone stole my wallet, I could easily go onto my app and track where it was, but NO! It literally has to be BY YOUR SIDE to be able to locate it! What a load of garbage and a waste of money! The worst $30 I have ever spent in my entire life!

- Awesome

Tile has already saved me twice. I loose my keys and my phone all the time but not any more. My keys ring my phone and my phone rings my keys and I can find my keys on a map so I know if I've left them somewhere along the way. Tile is simply awesome. Easy to set up and easy to use.

- Customer support not supporting

I have had many tiles over the past three or four years, recently purchased new phone and needed to transfer tiles to new phone. Found that password kept for App no longer working- needed to restore password- requested on web - no restore emails arrived in inbox - not in junk - sent request for help - email arrived! No chat room answers to queries? No further contact Very disappointed!!!

- Anywhere alerts need A LOT of work

Tile is a great concept, however it’s premium requires a lot of tinkering to even be worth half the money. The anytime alert system is just not reliable, and while it says it will notify you once the tile is more than 100 meters away, it just simply doesn’t, and waits until you are literally kilometres away. I love the tile, but if you’re thinking of premium, then prepare to be disappointed

- Tile Slim

I’m forever misplacing my wallet at home. Haven’t had the Tileslim for long, however works well so face. Probably about the thickness of two credit cards. Recommend for those like me that’s constantly misplacing your wallet.

- I would definitely choose to have one.

My issues come from it not being able to show last location, or being out of range. Also when the battery runs out there is no signal to my phone or a particular ringing on the tile that I noticed to tell me of the fact.

- It only works half of the times

I bought tiles twice and it always seems to happen the same. Basically it only works 4 out of ten times, even when the object you are looking for is less than 3 meters away. Honestly i would recommend any cheaper alternative as it will most likely be the same thing probably with a less nice packaging but may be more reliable when you need it the most. 👎🏾

- Great product and fantastic after sales service

The Tile product is handy, easy to use, resilient and has an ever growing product suite. The Customer Care team at Tile are second to none. When my local mail carrier messed up delivery of a new tile...no problem the Tile Customer Care team had a new one out the next day. If any product develops a defect during warranty, there’s no issues with getting it replaced ASAP. I use it for my keys and wallet....and it’s been a life saver! Well done to all at TILE

- Purchasing a tile doesn’t give full access to the app

I find it a bit rich that in order to use the whole functionality of the Tile we are not only required to purchase the unit, but also required to pay a subscription. I wish I had of known at the outset and I would have purchased a unit from one of you many other competitors who are not trying to squeeze every penny possible out of their users.

- Not a fan of subscription

Let’s face it - the tile is expensive and then being asked to buy a subscription is poor form. The features not great anyway. Also app insists on battery draining location setting to always on. Even with that on the community finding of a tile is infrequent at best and recently the last known location does not update and save. Work to do folks!

- Tile Sport failed after <3months. No reply to email support

I tried a Sport as a retile. I (surface) swam 2 times at the beach and it died around that time (3 June 2018 recorded missing even though I physically had it). Complained by email but no response. So NO effective warranty. Poor device, app is ok. I have 5 other tile devices and wonder whether I will bother retiling again.

- Good for oldies

My memory used to be flawless, but in growing older my short-term memory has deteriorated somewhat. With help from my computer-savy son I can now easily access Tile and therefore where my wallet, keys or phone are located. Therefore, Tile for me is invaluable!

- Fantastic

Priceless! I use it equally for both functions to find keys and phones. I love the fact your phone will still ring when on silent. Especially great when your toddler gets a hold of the keys!


Tile has helped me soooooo much because I lose my keys all the time I don’t sit at home for 3 hours trying to find them before school. I have the tile mate but I recommend the sport series because the white gets kinda dirty.

- Happy to recommend these tile gadgets.

I lose stuff all the time mostly just in my house so I only bought eight. I need to purchase the slim line one so my wallet is not so thick but for my keys, tool boxes and kids bags, these are absolutely great.

- Slow burn

You can go months without using it and now seeing the value. But when you do need to find your belongings, you’re so grateful you have Tile and want to buy more. TILES ON EVERYTHING!

- Good app, destroys battery life since iOS 11

Excellent app and have loved the tiles. However since updating to the newest iOS it has been destroying my battery life. I checked it in the afternoon, and it had used 35% of my battery while on idle. I use a Garmin watch connected to Bluetooth which used 3%. This needs to be fixed as it’s basically unusable at the moment.

- Tule.

One time by mistake I drove off with my wife’s car keys. After searching the house she used tile find keys. They told her exactly where I was working which was about 10 km (6 miles) away and our daughter came and got them. Problem solved.

- Great product!

You'll never know when you need it. When you do, you'd be glad you bought it. It locates your item with your phone and vice-versa. Brilliant!

- Keys, Wallet, etc. -- All the things I lose around the house

** The updated interface is not as helpful or functional **. Please bring back the list format, or at least offer it as an option. I now have to scroll down to see what is connected, and where it is. I use the app to find a specific object, so a list us *much* more functional I infrequently but annoyingly lose key things, usually when I need them in a hurry to leave the house. This is perfect for this. Tried other systems in the past, but this is neater and works more reliably.

- You have to pay extra

Shame that most good functionality requires an upgrade of account type to paid account I’ll just use the free functions thanks

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- Where are my keys...

*presses tile* *Finds keys* Ahhhh. 🙂

- It is pretty good

Aside from trying to link my skull candy earbuds, it’s pretty easy to use, and allows me to find my them if I mid place them

- Seriously, we have to pay for a premium version to get basic features ;-(

Your technology products are nice and I recommanded it to many friends. Some features were missing such as being notified when you forget your keys at home. But adding this feature only with a paid premium subscribtion is really not fair. With such marketing strategy you loose me as a customer once my tile batteries will go down. Really disapointed ;-(

- If only the battery was replaceable

The one thing preventing it from getting a perfect review. I've tried TrackR before and I didn't like the audio quality on that. The fact that I can clearly hear the tone from the Tile out weighs the cost of not being able to replace the battery.

- Slim pro

Garbage product. Range is terrible and it’s not loud enough and 99% of the time when I try to use it , it doesn’t work. Wouldn’t spend the money ever again

- Asks for feedback

I hate when apps ask for approval. This app is probably fine, I hate being prompted to review. One star.

- Connection

I have three tiles and they very rarely all work. Rig my now none of them are in range. Batteries are new, I have tried resetting. Customer service is very unhelpful if you don’t have your receipt from purchase. Can’t find a phone number to call and talk to someone. One of my tiles isn’t even a year old and it already doesn’t connect to my phone. Very upsetting.

- useless

I lost my wallet today and I went in to the app thinking I could find it. but no the app went and disconnected my tiles on me thanks useless garbage

- Wtf?

You have to pay for a premium to use all the other features 😂😂😂😂 YOU PAY LIKE 70$ FOR THE DAMN PRODUCT!!!

- I order a tile replacement

After 10 days and nothing has arrived YET!!!

- Money grabbers! -Feeling ripped off

Why am I purchasing expensive tracking devices if I need to pay an expensive monthly fee for basics features?!?!? There are cheaper trackers on the market who include Tiles’ “premium pay” features for free with purchase. Worst enough the tiles I bought only last one year, have non replaceable batteries and are expensive. Don’t bother! Do your research and purchase different trackers!

- Great concept ruined by greed

Bought several Tile Pro’s because of the replaceable batteries and it’s a neat little device. BUT... it requires the usage of your phone (this app) which would be completely okay if it didn’t cost a subscription to access most of the important features... The cost of these little devices is significant enough for what it is, the fact the company is withholding features and expecting the consumer to pay more afterwards is criminal.

- Tile slim wallet

Several times a day, I sit on my wallet (in back pocket) and it inadvertently activates the “find phone” feature. Which is obviously a nuisance if you’re not trying to find your phone. Where’s the option to turn this off? As per tile customer support, this option does not exist, and - stroke of genius - instead I should consider not sitting on my wallet. Come on guys... put a toggle that can enable/disable this feature.

- Keeps uninstalling

I have three or four tiles, but IOS keeps uninstalling the app so it’s never available when I’m actually looking for my keys.

- Great gift

Absolutely love it would recommend to anyone

- does not work


- Stop trying to sell meMore stuff

I don’t want tile premium. I just want to find my keys. Why do I have to click away from this every time I open the app?

- Awesome

Great product

- Barely adequate

Constantly drops the connection between keys and phone. Constantly pesters with ads for upgrades and such that can’t be disabled. Maybe the latest generation works better.

- WoW

Excellent bidule de recherche!!!

- Love it!!

My husband got me this because I was always misplacing my keys... best gift ever!!!

- Unreliable

The tiles will disconnect when right next to your phone.

- Tilt mode

Can you please open the tilt mode so we can put the ipad side ways and be able to use the app. Right now the Ipad as to be in stand mode

- Super handy!

Great gadget to find keys & your phone!

- Wont pair

Purchased a “new” tile but it seems it’s been expired(2018) Doesn’t connect.

- Thanks so much!

I don’t know what I did before my Tile❤️ Gives me great confidence in knowing I can locate misplaced keys or phone. I am truly amazed and impressed by how efficient the order process is . I knew where the package was via email and it was delivered with no issues Thanks to staff travelling to make this happen and to Tile . Super job Mary 👍👍👍

- Very handy

I just used it. I often put my keys down in a random spot. Most of the time I usually find them but having this app helps to find them quickly when I briefly misplace them.

- Merci

Je relaxe je trouve mes clés en 10 secondes au lieu de 30 minutes

- Saves my sanity

I misplace my stuff ALL the time. I regularly use the locate feature at home. It was also helpful when I forgot my wallet at a friend’s house.

- Joke

Another company that used to have something and have transformed into a parody of life with a product that does everything ACCEPT locate when you need to find it. 100% of the time for me when I need this service, I open tha app and it won’t connect with the tile that’s 5 feet away. Useless.

- Asking helps

I have had my Tile for two years. I actually have a set of three. I wrote about a problem and within 12 hours someone wrote me back a long note which solved my problem! It was totally unexpected. I had one tile that I threw out because I thought it was water damaged.I wish I had contacted them for assistance. Thank you Tile!

- Ordered4

1 of 3 just doesn’t work. Not a battery problem. Just doesn’t work.

- Could not get app to work.

When I set it up I did not remember which email I used , so I kept trying to work the find button but know tiles showed up. Finally thought of trying the other email & from them on in all worked just fine.

- Awesome

I have a tile in my wallet and briefcase Works awesome if I leave my wallet at home I can always double check on my phone that’s it’s there less stressful than worrying that I’ve lost it somewhere

- Best thing I ever bought

I literally use this every other day to either find my phone or keys. This is going to be my main shopping gift this year.

- Absolute trash

If I knew how awful the app was before buying a tile I would never have purchased. Very annoying pop ups for premium service. Constantly having to close crap that wants you to pay them. Is complicated interface. Slow to react. Pure trash. Avoid buying this product.

- I hate this thing

I had to get it on my phone and my iPad is the worst thing to deal with I would Haidet never buy this thing it will ruin your child’s life never Buy it 😡

- Amazing

Yo this thing is amaaazing!! Highly recommend for forgetful people like me haha. Great job tile!

- Tile

Doesn’t work to find my cell phone.

- Don’t panic

That’s what this product gives you.The peace of mind that if you lose your keys or your wallet you calmly grab your act and have it beep rather than look around in an uncontrolled panic.

- Wonderful product

This product helped us to locate our keys which were on the side of a highway. Amazing!

- Not impressed

Updated and now the app opens and remains frozen. Can’t do anything.

- App not free

Annoying they have to spend 100+ dollars for a tile and the app the full app doesn’t even come for free

- Tile

Excellent produit pour retrouver ses clefs ou son téléphone. Cependant ça ne dure pas plus d’un an et la batterie ne se change pas. C’est du gaspille pour la planete

- Update your app!

The app is very buggy, sometimes I would have my keys right next to my iPhone or iPad and I would try to find my keys and it doesn’t work! Also update your app so it looks in landscape mode on the iPad, Seems like they are just concerned about Apple releasing there own product then they seem on improving there own app.

- Disconnect

The idea of the tile is fantastic. In practice it is flawed. It is quite common to be looking at your keys and discover “they are not in range” the connection has been lost. This is very common. The two times my keys were misplaced the tile app failed to work.

- Tile

Thank you .. awesome

- Info

Bogue dans la méthode de détection. On indique d’appuyer 1 fois sur le tile alors que c’est 2 fois rapidement. De pkus, le menu n’est pas assez intuitif. Vous auriez besoin d’un bon pilote sistème comme moi 😊.

- Great concept marred by design flaw

Love the Tile idea... but in a pocket full of stiff it is WAY to easy to set off your tiles alert on your phone

- Ok, but imperfect

I frequently have to reset my tiles as it shows them not in range when they are right there with me.

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- Amazing application. Found my wallet through community find!

I lost my wallet about 3 weeks ago, left it on the top of my car and it fell off while driving. I searched for 3 weeks near my community, activated ‘lost mode’ on tile ap, asked at the leasing office, and registered a police complaint hoping someone would return my wallet to the city police. No luck! I actually gave the cops a call to check status and they said they do not have a way of finding my wallet even if it was returned to a police officer on the street. Meanwhile, I locked my debit card to prevent transactions and kept my credit card open to see if there was a transaction so I could make sure my wallet was stolen. Having no transaction for 3 weeks was a good sign, but I didn’t see anyway I could find my wallet back. So I renewed my license yesterday. I received a notification today that my tile was found by the community. I ran to the location, there was a lost and found section at the mall, and they had my wallet!! I had no hope of finding it again, I was getting ready to replace some of my pricey ids, and tile just saved me 500$+ money and the hassle of going through it!!

- Waste of time and money!

Prepare to be very disappointed after a while. It won’t work much for things lost out in public and what it can do won’t last as long (“Tile says a year or longer”) as it should. After a few months the Tile on my wife’s keychain started to work only one way. It could make her phone ring to find to find the phone but the tile wouldn’t make any noise when you try to find it from you phone (app). Then after 6 months the tile on my keychain quit working all together. It disappeared from the list of our tiles on the app screen and couldn’t be paired back with the app again. As for finding your things with a tile attached, you have to be within Bluetooth range to activate it. The app will tell you it’s last known location from the last time it was in Bluetooth range of your phone or someone else’s with the app was, but if it was moved any distance from that spot l, it’s location won’t be updated unless some one else with the app comes within Bluetooth range. There simply aren’t enough people with the app to make that likely. Even in high population areas like the one I live in. I could still live with those limitations because I mostly used it in my house to faster find where, In my house l, I had laid my phone keys or wallet. But since the actual tiles didn’t last very long, it has been an even bigger disappointment and waste of time and money.

- Tile dropped the ball

Unfortunately Tile seems to have dropped the ball at the worst time. The fact that Apple is preparing to release its own tag, that will include the features that we have to pay for with Tile “Premium”, says a lot. That alone will hurt Tile big time in the near future. The problem that I have with this app is that it now frequently prompts you to keep it running in the background, which isn’t how it used to before how it should be. It was so much better when you could just open the app when you needed to find something, and then close it when you did. The new Tile also doesn’t connect as well as it used to. It seems like this company tried to take advantage of the monopoly they had right when that time was about to end, which isn’t a good idea. Tile needs to do more for its customers and fix these issues before they lose them. Apple Tags is right around the corner.

- Battery Drain and Unsolicited calls

The Tile app is typically the largest battery drain on my phone. This is rather surprising considering I almost never use it but I do use several other apps like Facebook many times a day. The Tile app doesn't have a way to turn off the "find my phone" feature present on the Tile Mate. This Tile Mate feature was poorly engineered and if used on a keychain in your pocket the Mate will inadvertently call your phone rather often. The only way to avoid this is to uninstall the Tile app. Simply shutting it down doesn't work. Both of these are huge issues and until they can be fixed, you are best off installing the app, setting things up, then uninstalling the app. Then, when you need to find your keys you install the app, call the keys, and uninstall the app. This process works but if you are wanting to use the key finding feature often you are going to be rather annoyed.

- Its good i guess

The tile works like its supposed to... most of the time. If I misplaced my phone or my wallet and I know what room its in or the general area where I lost it the Tile helps me find it easily. But it stops working when you really need it. I lost a 200 dollar jacket with a tile in it because when the app only bothered to tell me I needed to replace my Tile when I opened it and specifically searched for my jacket. Now I have lost my wallet and the Tile app isn't allowing me to play a sound from the Tile in my wallet and it also isn't saying its out of battery. The app says the last known location is at my house but it is unable to connect to it and it doesnt even seem to try. The only reason I use Tile is because there is nothing else I can find on the market right now. Tile works per say, but dont think you can reliably use this to find any item u might misplace.

- Not worthwhile as it only works when it feels like it.

My tiles are sometimes connected to my phone, often not. I do keep bluetooth, location, WiFi, cellular on at all times so I have no clue what the problem is. Another part of the app I find incredibly stupid, and frustrating, is that I can’t get it to work on my iPhone and iPad together. If I use my tile to try and find my phone it’ll often make my iPad ring instead. It’s so stupid! I did find my lost wallet once with the app. However, it took an hour or so for the location to become accurately updated. I ended up riding my bike around like a crazy person for an hour looking for it, until it finally showed on the app as appearing very near where I started that bike ride... I’m glad it was on the side of a rural road, had it been in a city someone definitely would’ve noticed it and stole it while my tile sent me to the wrong place for an hour.

- Bothersome reminders

This review has less to do with the app than with Tile’s annoying practice of pestering you like a debt collector to buy new Tiles. It would be one thing to keep reminding me, but the emails come in like past due notices for my credit card. I got an email today with the subject line “**Final Tile Expiration Notice**”. First off, the Tiles last way longer than the company claims, so their dire warnings of my Tile dying are dubious at best. They’re obviously trying to just sell more products. But what is that notice anyway? Final? Really? Like, I can’t buy a new one whenever I please? Maybe I don’t want another one because it’s not worth the godawful reminders! You’ve most likely already purchased a Tile if you’re looking to download this app, so this is more a warning than a review. The devices work great, and they add a valuable measure of convenience to my life. Just be prepared to be treated like a past-due debtor if you don’t immediately buy more Tiles on the company’s command.

- Averted disaster

I have had a tile mate on my wallet for a while now when my mother bought a 4 pack and had one left over. Love it. I lose my stuff all the time. But today tile helped out enormously. I recently bought a tile sticker for my AirPods. They are too expensive to lose. I was shopping at JC Penny’s today, and as I was about to check out, I realized my AirPods were missing from my coat pocket!! I looked at the Tile map and the Find My app, which both said that my AirPods were in the store. Though, I would not have been able to find them without the ringing of the Tile sticker! They were tucked behind a bench. It must have fallen out of my pocket when I was trying on shoes!!! So thankful. I’d be out of $150 if it weren’t for Tile.


I love tile! I have for awhile and I tell all of my friends how wonderful the little things are. I love being able to locate where an item is! I have even used it to ring my keys when the valet lost my keys in the box! They were all shocked and loved how useful ringing the tile was. (Thus the 3 stars) (Deduction of 2 stars): HOWEVER. Do NOT get the SUBSCRIPTION. I did the free trial and I thought I signed up for the the monthly subscription (to give it a fair trial period) only to find out it charged me the yearly cost instead! And it's through the the apple subscription so they won't give me any money back! The subscription is USELESS. It very rarely alerts me when I've left something behind and when it does the notification is no longer relevant. It's a neat idea and I'm sure the tile team will improve it but I'm very frustrated and don't want anyone else to be tricked! So DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY. DON'T GET THE SUBSCRIPTION. Tile is already expensive, don't waste any more money. Thank you.

- Missed a simple feature that would make it awesome.

So the phone knows when you go away from the tile. If you want proof, watch the app as you walk away. It immediately shows the tile disconnecting and the location and 1 min (the time it’s been out of reach.....1 min must be the shortest reported time). SO, why doesn’t the app alert you with a sound immediately? This way you are walking out of a restaurant and you immediately know to go back and get your wallet/keys whatever. Instead it relies on you realizing you don’t have it and looking at the app to see where it was when you were last near it. If you think it would be annoying, make it an option you could turn off. It just seems silly that the app knows you are leaving the tile behind but waits for you to realize your stuff is missing before it can help you.

- Stubborn and unhelpful

Don’t get me wrong, I love my tile but the support team should be more willing to help you out more. The customer is always right sort of thing. I didn’t realize my trial had come to an end. That was my fault. But when I contacted customer support they would not cancel my subscription the day of renewal or change my subscription to a monthly rate and reimburse me either way. They just simply said NO. They could not help me and I could t do anything about it. It’s been a few minutes since it went through. And they seriously can’t help me out. Never had this problem before with any other company. They also ignored my request to speak to a supervisor. All I wanted was some help since at the moment I really can’t afford to have that extra charge. We’re on a tight budget and now I have to rethink my budget in general for this month. So unhappy with customer support right now. They really seemed like they just wanted the conversation to end.

- Just let me find my device

My fear in buying Tile has become a reality. You buy this device for the somewhat rare occasion in which something may be misplaced. When that happens, you simply want to ring the item and find it. It is simple. Unfortunately, the people at Tile changed the app and I can’t figure out how to do what it is designed to do. Dear Tile, the goal of your app to use it as little as possible. If someone is losing their keys every day, they are not bright enough to hold a job that would allow them to purchase a frivolous item to find lost trinkets. They are not your target demographic. You are supporting customers that are going to rarely use your app, so make it SUPER simple. One icon to ring the Tile is all I need. There are many icons, but I can’t find one to make the Tile beep. I own one Tile and will not buy another. Awful.

- Tile is OK but premium is not worth the money

Having the sound available for tracking lost keys is beneficial, but I tried the tile premium thinking it would be even better! The location history map is SO confusing to read. It’s not laid out in a user friendly way to show users the history of their tile locations. It’s jumbled, unorganized and logs random locations (like a stop light) while you’re driving. How is this helpful? I don’t need to see places I’ve driven by, so why add it to the tile location history just making everything confusing in the long run? Not to mention, I experimented with the location tracking and noticed it doesn’t pick up on some of the last known locations (where it’s been for 8 hours). It’s not all that accurate.. The idea is there, but I don’t think they’ve quite got a handle on it yet.

- Marginally better than nothing.

The last set I bought were not all that. Out of three only one worked all the time. One constantly disconnected and the phone can’t find it, yet when I find them on my own and press its button my phone chimes. Another just stopped showing up on my phone altogether. The ability to track your keys if lost outside the home relies heavily on other users who have to be running the app near your keys. I haven’t lost them away from home so uncertain how efficient they are. Now they want to charge you $30 a year for an utterly useless feature: telling you you left without your keys. Well I usually realize that when I get to the car, I don’t need to pay for this feature, I get this information from my wife for free. Still as I said marginally better than nothing, so I order more.

- It’s a life saver

I use several tiles for several different things around the house (my keys, wallet, tv remotes) and it saves you a lot of time and hassle when you need to find something. It also works both ways so you can use the tile on your household object to find your lost phone. My wallet frequently switches between my purse, work bag, gym bag, and diaper bag, so I definitely get a good amount of use out of it. My only complaint is that sometimes it blatantly won’t pick up the signal to a tile you’re trying to find. Example: I’ll eventually find my wallet while searching for it and I’ll be holding it directly next to my phone and my tile app will still say “tile is not in range, well let you know when we find it” 😓. Overall, though, this is an excellent product!

- Nice. When it works, which is rarely

I got my Tile Pro four-pack for Christmas last year. I asked for it because I often can’t remember where I placed my things. The problem is that whenever I these the devices when I know where they are, or works wonderfully. But when I actually need the device to find something, it rarely works. For instance, tonight I could not find my iPhone. Now, I know it was in my house somewhere because I’d used it to make a call earlier. I simply laid it down some where and forgot where. I tried to ping it from my other devices and from the online app. Nothing. Finally, I picked up my landline and called my iPhone. I followed the ringing and found it under a blanket. 75% charge, volume on high, and within 20 feet of my other tile devices. This is not the first, or even fifth time this has happened. What good is this device, when in time of need, it will not work?

- “Find Phone” feature keeps re-enabling itself

I probably would have given this 4 or 5 stars, but after disabling the ‘find my phone’ feature (activated by pressing the button on the tile), it somehow gets re-enabled. This is bad enough when it goes off accidentally because I sat on my keys or sat on the TV remote, but it’s terrible when you’re using your phone to read sheet music — because you are playing live and in front of people — and it goes off. In my case the piano was loud enough to drown it out. Like most “find my” features it does not respect “silent mode”, nor should it. “Find my ...” is useless if it doesn’t beep in silent mode. Nope, the fix is to make the toggles keep their state properly across updates. To not be able to rely on settings in the software is not a good thing — I’m not sure what toggles it back on, but it could be something as simple as each update.

- Works but…

Why can’t Tile figure out how to keep Bluetooth running in the background on smartphones? I primarily needed this to be able to find my phone that I tend to loose around the house, usually just before I have to leave for an appointment! If I remembered to leave the app open no problem, but most of the time I’ve cleared my apps (long time habit) and Tile just doesn’t work unless it’s open!! Then I have to do it the hard way: start my laptop, go to web, launch the “Find My iPhone”, wait a minute or two till it’s located, play the sound, hunt it down. – I really thought Tile would eliminate the need to use this method, but until the developers can figure out a way to lock the app open, or something that keeps it connected to Bluetooth, I’m faced with it only working if I’m hyper-vigilant about keeping the app open manually.

- Great Product

I bought Tiles for myself and my wife as a quick way to find our phones/keys/wallets around the house. I’m so glad I did. My wife mistakenly dropped her keys in an Uber. She did not notice until later in the day that the keys were not in her purse. She had traveled to several locations since the Uber ride so the keys could have been multiple places. Thankfully, the Tile attached to the keys provided live gps tracking. We knew within moments that they were still in the Uber, contacted the driver and got the keys back in about one hour from realizing they were missing. Having the Tile changed a stressful and potentially time consuming problem into a fairly easy fix. Very glad to be a customer.


Great app and product no issues buuuut TILE DEVELOPERS When you click on one of your tiles the first thing that should come up is a map with the last/current location of your tile, not your TIPS menu. Fix this! Also if I’m a tile premium and I share out one of mike tiles to someone, they should have access to the 30 day location history instead of just the current/last location. Also if I subscribe to premium, the free battery replacement is nice but give us an additional discount on new tiles or replacement tiles for the ones we can’t replace the batteries for. The features for premium are alright but this would seal the deal for continued membership. Tile should also have a community feature that could allow you to share a general location of users/apps or at-least share location with friends and family who also have the app. It would be kinda neat to use for lets say tracking friends at an amusement park or concert or on a trip. Finally, I’m into analytics and love data, allow us to keep the entire location history of our tiles, not just the last 30 days.

- Beware

Tile without their Premium subscription is an mediocre product which, if you’re lucky, will help you find your lost items if they are less than 5 feet away, but most of the time not even then, especially if the Tiles’ batteries are starting to run low (not close to depleted). Sometimes, my keys can be next to my phone and it will take a minute for the gadget to ring. If my keys or wallet are under a piece of clothing or inside a drawer, the regular Tile service will not work. I want to warn people that, though the Premium service, when it works is very good, if there is any glitch with the account, the only way to get a refund for the subscription through Tile is through a Paypal account. And it takes forever for them to go back and forth and try to help you. It’s like Tile has really shoddy technology when it comes to restoring Premium service. Just the fact that they only use PayPal, already bestows a degree of shadiness onto them.

- Lost my car /house keys for three weeks

I drove home with my extra key but I can’t find my original car/house keys for the past three weeks! Suddenly remembered that I have TILE attached with my lost keys. I get on the TILE APP and the app said my lost keys was at the HONDA where I have my car serviced. I called my service guy he said he hasn’t seen it. I told him the TILE device telling me that my keys are there. I told him I will be there and will using TILE app to find my keys. When I got there he still said I haven’t see the keys. When I tapped on the TILE app. Then I just followed the sound and my keys were in his supervisor office draw:). He was very impressed and said he definitely will get his wife one:). Tile save me 250 dollars.

- Life Changer

As a lifetime sufferer of ADD symptoms, I’ve found difficulty with keeping track of my most important items, regardless of any technique or other device I’ve ever attempted to use. In fact, opening the package and reading “together we find” almost brought me to tears, thinking that finally, a way to not misplace my keys, wallet, phone and avoid the embarrassing moments that happen when I’m constantly late for everything because I couldn’t find one of these things. Love this app, love this product, did lots of research and tried dozens of other devices that didn’t work-if I was on my own, like clockwork I misplace whatever important thing I need. Thank God for this! Changed my life!

- Useful, not consistent

I've been using the Tile app for a few years now. I've also upgraded old Tiles to new versions and enacted the warranty on Tiles that failed before their expected expiration date. The company and app has done a great job handling these situations. From a usability standpoint I've become an unsatisfied user. Over the course of my time with Tile I have found myself cursing when my phone indicates a Tile is ringing while I sit there and stare directly at it. Other times in the past a Tile decided to ring but at a volume that is so low it is unhelpful. I'm not sure what causes the issues nor as a user do I really care. It's a fundamental feature of this tool and in times when I've needed it to work it doesn't. When it does work I'm very pleased. Unfortunately it's just not consistent enough to rely on.

- Breaks AirPods and other BT headsets

For nearly a year, I have been having issues with my BT headset, and later with my AirPods, where it would take FOREVER for them to connect to my phone, to switch to them during a call, etc. At first I thought it was the AirPods themselves (I got a very early unit). However, I then noticed the exact same issue with another BT headset. I then thought it was my iPhone, but after moving from a 7+ to a 8, the same issue remained. It was then that I realized it must be software. After various Google searches did not yield a smoking gun issue within iOS itself, I looked at each app I have that uses BT, and quickly suspected the Tile app. With that in hand, a quick google yielded pay dirt — a twitter feed with others complaining about the same issue. Summary version: the tile app breaks bluetooth. Turn off background app and turn off Bluetooth in the settings for this app if you have issues.

- I cannot speak more highly of this app

It takes some getting used to because it doesn’t function like you’re typical Find My Phone experience that Apple offers- but there is a reason for that and in order to deliver real-time pin-point accuracy, you would need a cellular data plan as well as a much bigger battery. What it does do: IS WORK. It will show you that last known location and then you have to go there. Aa long as it has some battery life, it will play a tune when you are in range. I can see how some people stressed trying to find your Tile in a loud atmosphere like a night club, but it gets the job done under normal circumstances. 9/10

- Not as easy as it sounds.

I rarely misplace my keys. I usually misplace my phone so I’m always using “find my phone” on my iPad, which works well. Trying to use the tile isn’t that straightforward. I set my keys somewhere in my house. I opened tile and found adds that blocked the full screen on my phone. I pushed my key tile (the only tile I have) and nothing happened. It said it was nearby but then nothing happened. Presumably it will make a noise, but nothing. I got it for Christmas and have used it once successfully but this time no sound came. And there isn’t much information on the screen to tell you what to do or to give instruction. The only institution tells me to update to premium—not helpful. The idea is great, but I don’t find it intuitive and I don’t find the tile helpful, and I don’t find my keys—I’ve been looking for them all morning. Not impressed.

- Useful sometimes

I lose my keys on a daily basis, so I was very excited on I got tile. Unfortunately I am not very impressed. I have had tile for about a month now. I have found that if my keys are not directly next to me phone the app cannot fine them, ie- if my keys are in my car and I am inside it cannot find them. I have to walk around. I would say that tile only finds my keys at 20% of the time. The app and the tile disconnect on a regular basis and I have to re-sync to my phone. Very disappointed with the product and app. Update: after working with the tile team, it has been determined that I had a defective tile. They sent me a new one and it works perfectly. No more lost keys!!

- Love it but...

Love tile but why isn't there a geofence feature or some variant of this that notifys you when your out of Bluetooth range with your tile? This could help solve a lot of the stress that users face when recovering lost items in the first place. If I forget my wallet at a restaurant I'd much rather be made aware of this the minute I get out of a certain ranfe of the restaurant (maybe the parking lot or driving off) rather than getting home realizing I don't have my wallet then opening up tile to try and find my wallet. This seems like it's an easy feature to have so I'm surprised you guys don't have it? You have some logic already in place that alerts me when I turn off my Bluetooth so I'm sure a similar logic could be used to figure out when I'm out of range to ring my tile? Please add!!!!!!

- Quit working

I first bought tiles over two years ago and they mostly worked helping me find my keys many times and then reverse used my keys to find my phone. I bought the ones where you can change the battery out this time and I’ve had them for over a year. 11 days ago the app lost contact with all of my tiles at the same time. I have four tiles so I knew it couldn’t be all four tiles simultaneously. I updated the app. I updated my phone. Both were actually already updated so that was a waste of time but I was desperate. I deleted and reinstalled the app. I reset the tiles. Nothing. This is extremely disappointing and it sounds like many other people are experiencing the same problem. I’ve recommended this product many times but I won’t be doing so in the future unless these problems are resolved and the company gets very transparent about what’s going on.

- Tile = Savior

This thing is a savior!!!! I always lose my keys and my phone and it drives me crazy. It’s been great in finding my phone. I lost my keys for the past day and didn’t even realize even though I’ve had it a month that my phone can also find my keys. So I go on the app to see if there’s at least a map that can show me where the tile is since it is connected to my keys. Lo and behold, I press “Find” and all the sudden I hear my keys ringing!!! I was so excited, now my phone can find my keys and my keys can find my phone. I feel like all my (small) problems in life are solved. Thank you tile!! If there isn’t a patent on this I hope there is at least one pending!

- Does not work after a year

Today my son lost his trumpet at school (kids playing a prank or some kid mistook his for their trumpet and accidentally took it) and I whipped my phone out in style to save the day because I had hidden a tile pro in it. Guess what, the app showed it was somewhere near but the tile would not ring. It took us 2 hours to locate it and then when I took the tile out it would not work. I called customer service and they said well you have to hold the logo for 10 seconds and release to reboot. They said you have to do this frequently as the tile will not work otherwise. Looks like it goes out of sync. SO I WONDER, what is the point in having tile if I need something else to find the tile so that I can reboot it for it to work. I won’t be buying any more of these until the engineers fix all such bugs. Clearly they pushed this product too early to market before it was ready

- Great tool for semi irresponsible ppl

I love this app, and the shared community that you automatically become a part of. This is a great tool for the somewhat person or persons in your life or that you know have silly tendencies to loose keys and other important items. In this day and age tile is a life saver and I have a better habit of not losing things due to my amazing tile. The battery life is almost up to a full years worth considering it needs blue tooth connectivity almost constantly but... so does your smart watch/ headphones-pods, or something like that so you get what you pay for. Don’t sweat over lost keys or purses/wallets and luggage now that you have tile. They even come in fancy stylish design or rugged And slim, tile is a forgetful persons best friend.

- it’s okay half of the time

I’m just going to get straight to the annoying parts about this tile and not tell a story, so the tile it’s self is just a little to big so it’s really noticeable and it doesn’t stick on silicone well, also when i’m looking for my thing i’ll try to ring it but then it says it couldn’t find where the tile was. which is really annoying bc when i really need to find my keys or something it can’t find it and i’ll get nervous thinking i left them somewhere. so it’s really helpful when ur in ur house when u can hear the sound but the map isn’t too accurate bc sometimes it will say their at the place i was at 15 min ago even though the keys are in my hand, so it’s not exactly reliable in terms of be accurate 100% of the time

- Great when it works.

I have ten tiles in my house, half are the new and improved version and and other are old versions and I can say that the chances of tile doing its job are 60% (on a good day), they are so inconsistent that my wife refuses to use them due to the frustration of you counting on it working and nothing happening! Using the tile to find your phone is even worse and not to mention that the volume OF THE PHONE/APP when you’re trying to locate your phone is 2/10 and trying to get help how to make it louder results in customer service rep sending you a generic response on how to increase the volumeON THE TILE and closing the case afterwards (over the 4+ years I’ve been their customer I’ve tried getting an answer thrice). It’s a great idea but the execution is not so great!

- Inconsistent

I had pretty good luck using 4 tiles in 2017 - they usually worked, and saved me valuable time looking for things. When the batteries in my original four tiles gave out in early 2018 I replaced the tiles out of a set of 8 I received as a Christmas gift. The newer tiles have performed inconsistently, often not able to communicate with my iPhone, either to find a tile with my phone app or to find my phone with a tile, even when they are within 10 feet of each other. I am not getting any low-battery messages so I don’t think that is the problem. After about 3 months I started replacing the new tiles with the extras in the set of eight - performance improved for a while but now becoming inconsistent again. I don’t know if the pack of eight is defective or what....

- Unreliable and designed with some major flaws

I’ve used Tiles and this app for a year now on multiple key sets and my wallet. Sometimes it takes several minutes for the app and the Tile to ‘communicate’ so that I can find the Tile—even when it turns out I’ve been in the same room with both. My biggest problem, and this drives me crazy, is that the Tile Slim that I use for my wallet rings my phone if I ever sit on the wallet (when it’s in my back pocket and the button on the Tile is pressed under my weight). This can create an embarrassing situation while I’m trying to get into my phone and the app to make it stop. If there’s a way to prevent this, I would LOVE to know, but if not, then my two-star rating stands. About 50% of the time it works as is expected, but it wouldn’t take much to get me to use a different product.

- Close Call

My sister came to pick up my kids for a 3 week vaca 800 miles away, I had never been away from my kids that long, I was a bit scattered to say the least. Sister started to drive away when I realized I couldn’t find my keys. I stopped my sister and by using the tile app on my phone, I was able to locate my keys which had somehow fell under my kids car seat when I was buckling it in. My keys almost drove away but with the tile I was able to find my keys quickly and my sister was able to leave and not miss her flight. Close Call. Sooo thankful my other sister talked me into getting this awesome little life saver!!! Go sisters! Go TILE! 😅

- Used to be decent. Now a privacy trap

Last year the app would allow you to just use the Bluetooth feature to find your keys at home - or use your keys to find your phone at home. Now you have to change setting to allow Tile to access your location always or the Bluetooth function doesn't work. They say this is so the "community function" can work. That's fine but I paid money for the Tile and should be able to opt out of that feature and still use the device. It's a privacy concern and I don't care what they "say" about protecting privacy. My phone constantly gives me warning saying how many dozen times the app has used my location in the past few days. When the battery dies on this one I will NOT be buying another one. I'll find a more reasonable alternative.

- Tile is worthless

This product is worthless with this 2.56 update. I used to be able to use it with it not running all the time. Now it insists on running all the time. But now one of the main feathers was to press the button on the tile and you could find your phone now it doesn’t work anymore. They insist my batteries are dead in each tile ,when they all are brand new. All at the same time to isn't that odd this company's been doing this for year to get you to buy there overpriced batterys usually right at the end of the year at the same time. Don't get me wrong I liked the old version but you only find things in bluetooth range. This company is clearly all about the Money and is going down hill with there over priced Bluetooth range trackers. Now there updates focus on the worst parts of there product good job. Do yourself a favor buy another product.

- App is intermittent at best

Personal experience with over 10 tiles is that like so much consumer tech the product and the app don't live up to the advertising hype. Mapping location is intermittent and inaccurate at times, and new Tiles must be purchased at the end of the 1-yr non-replaceable battery life. Tile device too large to use for small dog collar tracking. I am not planning on replacing my Tiles at the end-of-life cycle. My recommendation is buy one and try it before you commit to multiple devices and also estimate the cost over 5 years if you plan to keep using your Tile trackers long term. The app won't report properly if Tiles are in range of multiple BT devices even when shared with another user. One one positive side, the Tile internal alert sound is loud enough to hear when looking for a lost item that is within Bluetooth range.

- Constantly making my phone go off

I’ve had 2 tiles for almost a year now. 1 slim one in my wallet and another on my keys. A majority of my experience with these devices is accidentally pressing the button on them, making my phone ring regardless wether it is on silent on not. The keys get pressed against the tile while I’m carrying something, or I sit down with my wallet in my back pocket, and then the phone starts ringing when I didn’t want it to. There needs to be a way to disable this. As an Apple Watch owner, this find-my-phone feature is from tile is redundant anyway. I asked Tile on Twitter if there was a way to disable it and they said there is not. That was almost a year ago no and still no word about an update. Until I see that this feature can be disabled I will not be replacing my tiles when I’m the batteries die.

- I was able to find my phone AND tile!

I’m known for losing my phone at least once a week. It ends up being a dramatic manhunt. To remedy this, my husband bought me a tile for Christmas. Within 48 hours I had already put it to use twice because I’m the worst. Flash forward to this morning. I can’t find my phone...no biggie I’ll just get the tile from my purse. But it’s not there. I dump out my purse. Nothing. Queue a full fledged panic. How am I gonna find the tile?! It’s tiny and could be anywhere! Then I remembered this app. I downloaded it on my iPad and within 10 minutes I had my phone and tile. I rarely write reviews but I had to with this. This app is a lifesaver.

- Tile saved my dog’s life today

My wife and I moved to a home recently with no backyard fence. We purchased tile and attached them to both of our dog’s collars. One of our dogs disappeared for about ten minutes after letting them out to potty. My wife used the “walking” feature to locate our dog. She found him in another backyard with no fence. He had fallen into their pool and was hanging on the edge of the coping desperately clinging on for dear life. It was in the low 40’s this morning. If it hadn’t had been for tile we’re certain he would have drowned. We’re so very grateful. Thank you TILE for keeping our beloved family pet alive long enough for us to rescue him. Eternally grateful

- Helpful But

I have a phone which uses my location if I need to find it. I can use another device to do so. Why can’t Tiles be recharged the way I would recharge my iPhone? Previous Entries: 2 of 2 In response to the developer: My device is no longer supported by the Tile app. Therefore, my device has been blocked, or cut off entirely, from using the app. I can not use the app anymore because it's blocked. The phone is covered with a notice that my device is no longer supported. The notice stays on the phone until I swipe it away. And then I start over again. I hope this explanation suffices. To clarify, I can use the Tile app on my new phone, but I can no longer use it on my old phone because it’s blocked due to an older iOS version on the older phone. 1 of 2 Can not use Tile app because it's no longer supported on iPhone 5s with older iOS version. Tile is literally blocking me from using the app. I have other old apps that aren't supported which I can use with no problems so far. I can't understand why I can't use this one. I'm not happy about being blocked. Negativity is not good, especially when it comes down to helping another human being.

- It’s great but...

The tile itself is great. The big flaw that I see is the constant nagging on behalf of the company to get a new tile. I don’t need a new one yet, when I do maybe I’ll get one. I use it to find my keys once every 4 months. Other than that, bluetooth is off to conserve battery power. Thus making my tile last longer. I get that you want to tell me the battery will soon die, great, but the everyday notifications I get on my phone is too much. “Special deal $15 new tiles!” I don’t care. I really don’t. When it becomes an issue I will handle it, until then I don’t owe you my money. I have to have notifications on otherwise it won’t work, so the whole “you’re just complaining about them trying to help you” argument doesn’t really work.

- Running in the background...

Overall, the app is very easy to use and set up. Once you simply set up your new tiles, the app is pretty straight forward. This is all fine and dandy, until I realized that the app HAS to be running all the time. For example, I am someone who regularly likes to clean out and save battery by closing all the apps I am no longer using, but this app won’t allow that. I also have problems sharing my tile with my fiancé (which was a big reason we bought these). We cannot find each other’s tiles like we read online. As long as you have either your tile or phone, you will be able to the simple function of finding them. I would give 5 out of 5 if those two problems were fixed.

- Terrible customer service and dysfunctional Premium app

I tried Tile Premium and it was terrible - it doesn’t do anything it says it’s supposed to do. It’s the same as having the free Tile app. Don’t buy it! Then, when I forgot to cancel the 30 day free trial until 2 days after I was automatically charged the yearly subscription fee (the day after Christmas), I reached out to their “premium support” through a text. I explained that the premium app doesn’t do what it says it’s supposed to and they said “30 days is enough to see if the app works for you or not”. WHAT? Works for you or NOT? Then they proceeded to shame me - “why didn’t you unsubscribe as soon as you saw it didn’t work?” They refused to refund my money even though my payment hadn’t even been fully processed yet. This company does not stand by their premium product or their customers - don’t purchase the premium app!

- Poor App, Poor Support.

This app fails to give alerts soon enough and some times not at all when a tile is left behind. Sometime not receiving an alert for over 20 minutes or when I’m over 15 miles away. I have had this app and tile for almost 3 months without a resolution. Customer support has had me verify all the setting multiple time, delete the app and reinstall, I’ve upgraded to all the latest versions, sent screenshots of all the settings, and had the tile replaced without any of this fixing the problem. The free trial period has expired and I have paid for two months and still no solution. The last hope was upgrading the phone, nope didn’t fix it either. Customer service has sent me a link several times to submit suggested upgrades and capabilities. None of them have been implemented and no one has contacted me.

- Worked great until my cat lost his collar

This worked great to call my cat to come back inside. I got it so whenever I'd ring for him he'd come to the backdoor and I could let him in. Surprisingly, it worked rather well for a couple of months. Unfortunately, at some point he lost his breakaway collar along with the Tile. I have yet to find the Tile for months now. I never seem to be in range but it will come up as last seen in unusual spots and when I'd go to check for it it'd never be there. It used to tell me my cat was over at the post office a couple blocks down the street when he was actually in the yard with me! So I'm not sure what to think about it. I would love to retrieve the collar and Tile even after months of being lost but considering its still giving me weird and inaccurate "last seen" readings I'm not sure I'll ever buy another one again. For my cat or keys.

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Tile - Find lost keys & phone 2.75.1 Screenshots & Images

Tile - Find lost keys & phone iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Tile - Find lost keys & phone iphone images
Tile - Find lost keys & phone iphone images
Tile - Find lost keys & phone iphone images
Tile - Find lost keys & phone iphone images
Tile - Find lost keys & phone iphone images
Tile - Find lost keys & phone iphone images
Tile - Find lost keys & phone iphone images

Tile - Find lost keys & phone (Version 2.75.1) Install & Download

The applications Tile - Find lost keys & phone was published in the category Lifestyle on 2014-05-14 and was developed by Tile, Inc. [Developer ID: 664939916]. This application file size is 142.74 MB. Tile - Find lost keys & phone - Lifestyle app posted on 2020-12-09 current version is 2.75.1 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.thetileapp.tile

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