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DoubleTune is an advanced tuning app created by professional musicians. It’s suitable for tuning a range of string musical instruments, learning new chords and refreshing your memory of already-learned ones. Competitive educational games are equally useful for beginners and mastered guitar players. One way or another, DoubleTune is a must-have app for any musician.

Made by experienced guitarists, it is simple, fast, intuitive and accurate. It’s perfect for tuning acoustic, electric and bass guitars, along with ukulele, banjo, violin and cello.

- Choose between a range of tuning presets and modes:
- Tune Guard™;
- Standard and Popular tunings (6 and 12 strings);
- Drop and Double Drop;
- Open, Modal and Lower;
- Ukulele tunings;
- Bass guitar tunings;
- Chromatic tuner;
- Auto and Manual modes;

Tune Guard™ is a smart feature that helps you tune safely. It warns you with both visual red signal and string highlighting when this string is too tight and is about to break. The mode is designed to help beginners and inexperienced musicians save their strings, time and money.

You can easily tune:
- Electric and Acoustic guitars;
- Western and Classic guitars;
- Bass 4 and 5 strings;
- Ukulele;
- Violin;
- Cello;
- Mandolin;
- Viola;
- Balalaika;
- Banjo;
- And any other string instruments.

Get the most out of DoubleTune games:
- Learn chords! Hone your skills and get familiar with many of common chords. These entertaining games focus on chords and chord diagrams. You can easily transfer this experience to real guitar playing!
- Ear training. Learn basics of guitar music theory in a fun way. Master your musical hearing and chord recognition ability with the help of quizzes.
- Stay competitive and try to get the best score in less time!

Great for professional and beginner guitarists! Enjoy tuning your instruments at the astoundingly high level.

The app contains the following subscription options:
- Weekly, monthly & annual*
- Free trial subscription is automatically renewed unless cancelled 24 hours before the renewal
- Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication
- Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase
- Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase
- You can subscribe for unlimited access to our PRO services:
* Tune Guard™ for safe tuning;
* all instruments;
* all games.

Privacy Policy:
Terms of Service:

*Price are equal to the value that "Apple's App Store Matrix" determines is the equivalent of the subscription price in $USD.

* Tune Guard™ feature does not guarantee 100% safely tuning. Gismart Ltd. takes no responsibility for causing any damage to your strings.

Guitar Tuner - Ukulele & Bass App Description & Overview

The applications Guitar Tuner - Ukulele & Bass was published in the category Music on 2013-07-07 and was developed by Gismart. The file size is 192.07 MB. The current version is 4.1.4 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

We hope you’re enjoying the app! Please, keep it regularly updated to always have our greatest features and latest improvements.
- Performance and stability improvements

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Guitar Tuner - Ukulele & Bass Reviews

wow im glad i downloaded this

Absolutely bull crap  wow im glad i downloaded this  1 star

This is false advertisement at its best thanks for wasting my time to download your crap then get stopped at the end for a free four day trial. Why don’t you let people know that. Good job. Your getting one star cause I want you to be able to read comments from the people you have wasted their time.


Stupid app  wserwwww  1 star

The word “get”obviously means it’s “free”. So why are you telling us to pay 5 BUCKS when this app is “FREE”?! Let us bypass the intro!!! I will keep this app for 2 weeks if there is no comment on my review then I am done with this app FOREVER and I will tell everybody I know who needs ukulele tuning which is a lot (206 at my school) and their friends in other grades and so on BYEE P.S I rated your app worse than 1 STAR I reported your app to the apple store

sucker no mo

DONT BUY THIS APP  sucker no mo  1 star

This stupid app billed me $8 per week for months and months until I caught it and reported these creeps to the Apple Store. Stupid stupid stupid. Don’t do it.

eden mazzola

Don’t download if you’re not willing to pay  eden mazzola  1 star

Downloaded it. Doesn’t let you do anything if you don’t sign up for a free trail period. Complete scam. Offers you nothing without signing up for a trial period. Apps like this should be banned

Boo boo 🤗🍀

Frustrating  Boo boo 🤗🍀  1 star

If I could give you less then a star I would, this app hasn’t changed they make you click premium to use the app and then you have to go through the whole mess of unsubscribing to them and they should just have the option in the app to cancel it and its completely ridiculous. I won’t be using this app till one of you people get your act together and stop scamming people. Also ! They make you pay for things and they don’t tell you it cost anything you’ll just get a thing from Apple saying you didn’t pay them yet ... well excuse me I thought the app was free but I guess you can’t use anything in the app without paying absolutely ridiculous. Don’t buy the app because it’s free it ends up costing more then just buying one of the other apps that cost something. Sorry guys but you screwed up on this one ...


Slow and doesn’t work  MightyQ713  1 star

Pricey app that lags and not worth your time.

Sleepy Feet

Why do I have to pay to use this?  Sleepy Feet  1 star

There are plenty of apps that allow me to tune my instruments, and those apps let me do it for free. Monthly payment plans for an app that is used for less than 5 minutes? That’s a big F.


415 bucks a year? Great job scamming people  Schameeigh  1 star



No option to unsubscribe  AddieJR  1 star

I have deleted this app 2 times already and I am still being charged for subscription. There is no option to unsubscribe anywhere in the app or under subscription in App Store....very frustrating!!!


These losers  toejam5606  1 star

Horrible app, said yes to what I thought was a free app and in turn was charged $10 for a app that I used once to try and tune a ukulele cause I forgot my mini tuner. They have a sneaky way of charging when thinking that it’s a free app. Don’t agree to any use of this site cause you’ll get ripped off


Didn’t realise how expensive it is  Xolo1974  1 star

I downloaded the wrong version and meant to download the limited version. But the cost is incredible and now I am signed up for 12 months. Good app but the price is ridiculous


Top app real cool  Nagunnoblu  5 star

Top app


This app tricked me into subscribing for $11.49 per week  Mysticspiralbamby  1 star

This app is a disgrace. Quickly clicking through the menu after opening the app for the first time in a while and I able to accidentally subscribe to an $11.49 per week subscription for something that was previously free. That is almost $600 per year. I am disgusted at this kind of dishonest behaviour and I hope this review serves as a warning to other users who are thinking about downloading this app. If you did accidentally subscribe, you will have 7 days to cancel before your credit card is charged.


Watch out  nogoodtuner  1 star

This app has an expensive monthly fee after a 1 month trial.


Not for violin!  KimoByrono  1 star

It says it’s for violin but doesn’t contain the option to choose violin to tune. Currently trying to work out how to unsubscribe before getting charged a rediculous fee of $12 per week!!!


Warning, not free, it will cost a lot.  Bobo2617  1 star

You cannot proceed with out committing to pay after the free trial. You have to remember to cancel or delete. A tad dodgy. OK if you are happy to pay.


Dodgy!  __Pat  1 star

Not very clear that I had subscribed to a premium version costing $12.49 per week. Avoid.

hangman o'leary

Excellent BUT far too expensive  hangman o'leary  3 star

Excellent app. Easy to use. Accurate tunings. Wide alternate tunings. Only drawback is the prohibitively expensive unlock price, which is literally 5X what it should be. I would have rated this app five stars if the price was reasonable. It is literally far cheaper to buy a hardware tuner than unlocking this app for a few months. Twelve months of subscription could buy a new guitar with a tuner onboard.


Not free. Unusable without sign up  Spectoral  1 star

Scammy app. Avoid. There are ten thousand free pitch tuners.


Worst App ever  pD5679  1 star

I downloaded the app and without even using the app once ; it asks for subscription ! Didn’t even find out what was it about


SCAM  Raqflystyle  1 star

Charges you and give you nothing can’t cancel.


Just a scam. No free functionality.  Hamoth123  1 star

This app uses dark patterns to try to trick you into paying a monthly fee...for a tuner. Absurd. There is no way to bypass their subscription signup, so this is improperly listed as a free app. Total greed and lies. I agree with the other 1 star reviews i have seem here.


Hehdhdjdhrhheejfjdjdjdurudururjrjrirjr  ddbfjt  5 star


thick jackson

Supa  thick jackson  5 star



Why make me pay?  Kp96tm  1 star

Ok, a one time purchase makes sense. But I’ve had this app for years and now they want to charge me WEEKLY for a tuner I can just buy at any music store? No thanks. Farewell my previously recommended app.

not haley

TERRIBLE  not haley  1 star

Downloaded this FREE app Later to find out it charged me $7.99 EVERY MONTH! Even after deleting it! Never gave permission to take my money! Absolutely terrible.


Once Great App - now pay-only  MemeFiend  1 star

Update: Now a pay-only app. Uninstalled immediately. $7.99 per week?!?! For a one trick pony?!? Are you crazy?!?! RIP I'm using other tuners. ----------- Update: why did you change the once beautiful interface?!! It was gorgeous and impressive. Now it looks like other boring apps. ---------------.


Double check your account after canceling membership  Asvjeddxx  1 star

I turned off my subscription after seeing that I was being charged weekly a few days ago. Then I go to check my account a few days later and I see that they are trying to charge me again for the weekly trial!!!!!!!!!


Useful but annoying.  Perktimus  4 star

The different tunings and instruments are great! When you have tuned all the strings, a loud sound and “congrats!!!!!1!!!” screen appear, which is actually kind if annoying, because sometimes you want to go back and fine-tune strings. What is considered in tune by the app can be quite noticably off.


Stupid trial  emgaming445  2 star

I’m disappointed in this app because u have to pay a LOT of money. I just want to enjoy life and play my instrument but I have to pay just to tune it!¡


Free app with a subscription  Www1246742  1 star

Makes you sign up for a subscription within 2 minutes of starting the app, considering this is supposed to be a free app, this is a disgrace


Best tuner  Derekwalton  5 star

I have tested dozens, both free and purchased and this is the best that I have used.


Simple, effective  Emma79984  5 star

Really easy to use, great choice of different tunings


e String broke  Seanmurphy3828163747489194  1 star

This app I find is off key and it got me to tighten my e string until it snapped.


Excellent app  Hevynev  5 star

Does everything you need, I sing into the pitch checker feature when I'm trying to get the song in my head onto the fretboard! I really like this app :)


Bad tuner  Thomas445m22  1 star

Every time I try the ukulele tuner it says every string is string c and I now can't play my ukulele because it is out of tune completely

Fee Fontana

Good  Fee Fontana  5 star

Very Good!


Broke a guitar string using this app  TickleLittleGummyBears  1 star

It should say which way to move, broke a guitar string because of it


Nice app. Works well  Alan_2006  4 star

Good tuner with an understandable interface. Recommended. The tuning fork would be more useful if you could select by note rather than frequency.


Good interface  murney  4 star

Decent app, with good interface, among many SHITE ones. Thanks.

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