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The #1 hit app! Bring photos of your pet to life. Make them speak realistically and share it as a video on Facebook, or email it as a special greeting to your friends and family.

Packed full of features!

- Lots of animals to choose from even if you don't have your own pet

- Record your own voice or choose from hundreds of hilarious pre-recorded clips

- Change the voice from big dog to little cat or anything in between

- Add hats, glasses, moustaches and more to your pet

- Turn your pet into a digital personal assistant. Have them tell you the weather forecast , news headlines , or even get them to remind you of your appointments

- iMessage integration, send your messages using your talking pet

- Advanced animation, your pet looks around in 3D

- Add text to make your own memes

My Talking Pet Pro App Description & Overview

The applications My Talking Pet Pro was published in the category Entertainment on 2013-06-21 and was developed by Sharemob Ltd. The file size is 252.00 MB. The current version is 6.3 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

- NEW easy access to photo albums (thanks for your feedback!)
- Lots of other small improvements

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My Talking Pet Pro Reviews

mis understood

Uh oh  mis understood  3 star

This newest update isn't working well for me. Lots of little things- one time you create the video, the voice sounds one way. Play it back later, another. I used a tree picture to alter because it had shadows on the tree that made it look like a face. I went to put a hat on it, and the top of the app cut off most of the hat. Couldn't lower the hat or readjust it, either, because the app automatically places it for you. So I replaced it with a bow. An the mustache... the app automatically places that for you, too. So I removed it. I suspect if I moved the dots for where the eyes, forehead, etc were located, that it would automatically relocate the hat or mustache, but then the mouth n such would be out of place. Not so much fun anymore... sorry... 6s, IOS 12.2


Fun!  snucjerdoodle  5 star

This app is so easy and fun... Always puts a smile on recepient’s face!!


LOL  sherlock0703  5 star

First heard about this app from Halle Berry in a TV interview, had to have it, it’s hilarious!


I really don’t like your new app  DABHOCEANGIRL  1 star

I’m all for improvements and learning new things, but the original app was effortless to use. I could find my photos easily, I could add verbiage and choose birthdays and Christmas etc. and now it’s absolutely tedious so I’m going to just delete the app

did do done

Great app  did do done  5 star

First edit your photo in your photos to center head or face.... then carefully place facial points in talking pet app ( especially the mouth points ) Practice your speech... with animals it seems to help to add ooooohs and stretch vowel sounds ....”I’m gonna geeeeet that raaaaabbit!” What fun!


Easy, fun, and hilarious!  Electronlinda  5 star

Best app ever. I didn’t need any assistance to figure it out which is amazing. Within 15 minutes, I created one video with my dog’s photo and one with the stock raccoon photo. A million uses!


Love!  waldorfgirl  5 star

I’ve been using My Talking Pet for years and each time I use it, they do something to enhance the experience and make it better!

Texas Lantana

I love this!  Texas Lantana  5 star

It's so fun you should try it


Funny as H$&!  Scan93  5 star

This is so cool


Adorable!  Carmenntia  5 star

This is so cute.


Worth every penny  Annierannnnnn  5 star

Best app money can buy! Highly recommend!


Important things you should know  BusyWAMom  4 star

I absolutely love this app and I think it’s perfect for all pet owners, but I have one complaint and I think you (the designers of the app) should get rid of. I got the update a while back that gives you “example” things for your pet to say by tapping on its face. The audio of a random person saying a popular phrase will play. I liked it because of the Star Wars quotes that my hamster was saying. But I played some random ones and I started noticing what they were saying in them. They use really bad language for kids! I don’t want to specifically list them because I obviously don’t like curse words, and because some kids read these reviews. I’m really upset because I love this app so much! Please remove the phrases with curse words in them immediately! Or at least remove the curses from the phrase and replace them with a better word. I still personally rank this app number one “Pet video maker” and recommend this to friends. Thank you for reading this review, I hope this helps other people out there who need information about this app before purchasing. 🐹🐶🐱

Running Gramz dog sitter

Live this app  Running Gramz dog sitter  5 star

I just love the talking pet app. I use it to confirm my appointments for dog sitting and my people love it.


Update  Phillyguydude  5 star

The old version was better they should not have changed it


Talking Pets  Liloybesn  5 star

Love this app and have had fun with friends and family and our pets.


Cannot contact developer directly  WontShutUp  2 star

So I’m pasting my letter to them here. Note: I normally do not answer these emails… I reply to reviews. But today is different. I want my cat, and dogs, to have the voice that goes with their personality. Having the little icons, cat, bird, dog… ?, and the ability to use the sliders for those are very cool. 😎👍 But if you want to give options, having those, cat, dog, bird, turtle(?) with the slider, and then the option with [just] the slider… like in the beginning, would be a great idea. And the unfriendly voices aren’t the worst idea.... but they need to [not] interfere with the rest of the app. Tapping is so not working. People want uniqueness because every pet is unique. We like to think that they have their own little minds… Because they do. But once I accidentally tapped on the picture, I could not get the voice back to what was even close to right. And the pre-recorded voices really are, well?... they’re jerks. Seriously, there were two of us here just shaking our heads. My dogs are not jerks. (Well, Stormtrooper is sometimes, but he’s got stuff to conquer... and defend himself against cat. He’s only a foot tall.) The cat can be a little bossy, but she’s got to smack down 3 dogs. They’re all unique family members.... that’s what I’m trying to point out. They need to speak with their own voices. If you can keep doing that… this rocks! I love to post my cat on the Internet... with, “Translation by, My Talking Pet.” in the title. Yup I sure do! Yet people still ask… “What app is that?” It’s a very good app... it’s one of those joy spreaders! And that’s cool. And seriously, I think you can charge even more money for the app if it has options that do not interfere with each other. I want to see this app around for a long time. The Earth could use a little lift.


So fun there have but some very annoying bugs in the app recently but I think there all fixed  Spipek  5 star

I’ve had so much fun with this app. My dog has been able to personalized birthday and get well wishes. He’s a mini Facebook star with all my friends

KC, New York

Record length  KC, New York  4 star

Your last update before this new one increased the recording length to 3 minutes. Does this newest version have that capability or has it reverted to the one minute length which doesn't work for my purpose in using your app?

firewire diver

Personalized fun for your pets  firewire diver  5 star

Ever wonder what your pets could say if we could translate their barks-meow-squeaks-sqawcks-chirps -brays(etc). Well this app allows just that. My friends actually tell me they look forward to my creativity. The key is to get a clear head on photo of your pet. Then talk away or use the auto speak which has some movie quotes. Adjust the tone and the speed and voila. Personalized pet videos. Love it

Gamster 5.0

Best. App. Ever  Gamster 5.0  5 star

Every time I send something like birthday greetings I laugh my head off. Such a fabulous app. Worth every penny.


Super fun and high-quality  Fxbutt  5 star

This is one of the best ever fun voice over you can get


My talking pet  Cluelesspooh  5 star

If ever you find yourself in a wicked mood, download this! Never mind the pet ! Its great fun to use all of your familie and friend Mwhahahaha ( evil laugh) Also very easy to do ! But looks like you spend ages with great expertise


Great fun  Blockhead3  4 star

I would like to give this app 5 stars but I want to leave room for improvement. It’s great fun.


Great fun!  Cherrygarth  4 star

This app is great fun & brings a smile to everybody when I use it. Great for sending birthday greetings or just tocsay hello. Jo.

Pascal DOR

Best app  Pascal DOR  5 star

Having a great time with this app, I have friends sending me photos and asking me to do the voice overs and then send them back with the finished product


Hilarious  Pippin111  5 star

Hilarious fun for all ages! And not just for let Photos 🤣


Brilliant  realview19  5 star

Such a fun app to use


Fun app  Scrumdiddly  5 star

Great for adding humour to the pet posts


Brilliant  Huneybeeeee  5 star

It's a super app I hope they add more items to it I have fallen around the place with it


We woof it  Donnyjonjo  5 star

My 3 year old niece thinks my dog can talk thanks to this app.....that alone is worth it !

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