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The #1 hit app! Take a photo or choose from your photo gallery, then speak into the microphone to see your pet realistically speak back to you.

Share it as a video on Facebook, or email it as a special greeting to your friends and family.

Change the voice from big dog to little cat or anything in between...

Now with new features!

- Turn your real life pet into a digital personal assistant. See them come to life on your phone as a widget on the lock screen. Have them tell you the weather forecast, news headlines, or even get them to remind you of your appointments!

- iMessage integration, send your messages using your talking pet

- Improved animation, your pet looks around in 3D!

- Add text to your videos to make your own memes

My Talking Pet App Description & Overview

The applications My Talking Pet was published in the category Entertainment on 2013-06-21 and was developed by WOBA Media. The file size is 54.03 MB. The current version is 3.1 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

- Fixes to issues with sharing

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My Talking Pet Reviews


Where has this app been all my life?!  Debintex  5 star

Works good with people, too!! Sooooo funny!!!

Lena Mirani

Funny and works well  Lena Mirani  5 star

I love this app. I sent it to my friends and they always find it so hysterical. It’s really easy to use as well, they let you drag where his eyes, his mouth, the top of his head and his ears are. It works perfectly.


Easy and fun  Ambetterthanu  5 star

I use this all the time and never have a issue. I also use it with people !


Great app  Joy2u229  4 star

Having a lot of fun using this app. It took a couple of times to figure it out but now it is easy and fun to use

mis understood

Kinda fun  mis understood  4 star

Works good with stuffies, too. I like that you can turn the head movement off, but would like to be able to turn the facial movements off as well. That way all you see moving is the mouth. Just a thought. But this app is fun to play with. 6s, 10.3.3


This app is amazing  Goodiebadshoes  5 star

I just love this and use it to cheer up all my friends


Laughs and laughs and laughs...  loryjane  5 star

Love it!


Fun app  moniblueyes  5 star

Such a fun app - took a bit of getting used to in order to navigate app first couple of times but pretty simple once you get the hang of it. So much fun making my pups talk! Everyone loves getting a video!!


So fun!  Gmadebshippl  5 star

Love playing with this app.


Great app!  8rownie  5 star

Hilarious fun!!!!


Great app  ernee2002  5 star

This is such a good app. Works well on people also. Much fun can be had.



I love the app but ITS TOOOOO EXPENSIVE like $4.49 ಠ_ಠ seriously, I would pay happily $2 but $4.49 is crazy!


So funny  cott79  5 star

Hours of family entertainment, best app I’ve ever bought!


The best app ever  pawsandwhiskers  5 star



My Talking Pet  CarolAnneM  5 star

I love this app. Having such a lot of fun with it. It’s hilarious. Would be good if there were more choice of accessories ie seasonal items eg bunny ears for Easter, reindeer antlers, holly, mistletoe for Christmas.


So much fun  Mad-morris  5 star

We have been laughing for hours using this app. Brilliant fun.


Amazing  SimoneSVM  5 star

So amazing


GREAT FUN  Dabmol  4 star

This is really good fun. Best app ever😂😂😂

Jani's Girl

So much fun!  Jani's Girl  5 star

Great app! Creative and so much fun to use. I love having fun and making people laugh. This app is the perfect tool for achieving both. Have a go, but remember to 'play nice'! It's all about the laughs on both sides!!! Slayer Steph


Best $4.50 I have ever spent  Jordim1223  5 star

So much fun and kind of freaky. I annoy my husband who works away with talking clips of our pets now which is rad for me, not so much him. Only thing that would make it better is more vocal styles :)


Super fun!  KillashandraSingsOpera  4 star

I wish there were more points for shaping, and that the mouth area was a little more manipulatable, but it’s still really fun. Sent my mom a message from the dogs while she was on vacation and she loved it and showed it to all her friends.


Fun!  Grat2424  5 star

My Talking Pet is probably the most entertaining/ amusing app on my phone. Easy to use and much more fun than sending a plain old picture.

toni honey bee

Lol can’t stop laughing  toni honey bee  5 star

I love this app so does all my friends and family they think its hilarious! And with the few pics I had it was fun, then they kept sending me more pics! I said here’s the name of the app so you can do it but they said no that I was way more funnier then anything they can come up with to have their animals say. Sooooo l’m having a blast with it


What Fun!  Boonjak  5 star

My sister and I both have dogs, and we have the best time messaging each other through this app. Very easy to use, and I have a tiny chihuahua. It’s really hilarious - for pet lovers.

skeeter's review

Fun with my fuzzy friend  skeeter's review  5 star

I love sharing fun with my dog !!! Love this app !


Fun App  Marciaria  4 star

Agree with other reviews, the chin and mouth are a little more difficult. Some people think the app is creepy, some think it’s funny and want to know how do I do that.


Great app!  A1Woman  5 star

Great app & so much fun!!!


It’s fun wish their was more features But I like it I use it on people faces funny  Cjaacks  5 star



Upgrades are creepy,  DelendeCC  1 star

I really thought this was a fun app when it was new. Easy to use and so cute. The upgrades are not smooth and are very creepy. I am deleting it.


Entertaining  kinneygolfs  5 star

I have so much fun with this app. Send the grandkids greetings from the dog. Dog tells dad how much he misses him. Dog thanks friend for treats. Great entertainment. Sometimes hard to get mouth right but fun anyway!


Talkin animals fun fun fun  Kaz2012  5 star

Great fun everyone I show loves it


My Talking Pet👏🏼  belalegosi60  5 star

Great app...having a lot of fun choosing the pics and doing the voiceover 👍🏼🐶

Daddyjoe 1111

Daddyjoe  Daddyjoe 1111  5 star

Great app, having fun getting the animals to talk 😂😂


Brilliant  Bobmchammer  5 star

Such a fun app to use


Fun app  Scrumdiddly  5 star

Great for adding humour to the pet posts


Brilliant  Huneybeeeee  5 star

It's a super app I hope they add more items to it I have fallen around the place with it


We woof it  Donnyjonjo  5 star

My 3 year old niece thinks my dog can talk thanks to this app.....that alone is worth it !


Hours of fun  Klur12  5 star

Love this app, easy to use, hilarious


Great  PilotIre77  5 star

Loving it

Gen ai er lan

Talking apet  Gen ai er lan  4 star

Great fun!


Great fun  Avonbanjo  5 star

We really enjoy this app. My 7 year old grand daughter loved our German Shepherd wishing her happy birthday! Thank you.

Lucinda Anfield

Review  Lucinda Anfield  4 star

This app generated a lot of laughter when I posted my dog ‘talking’ on social media. Easy to use and effective.


Coolest app ever!!!  MsNiki  5 star

Enjoying it a lot!!!

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