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Did you accidentally shoot a video sideways? Want to flip your video upside down or left to right? Use this app to rotate and flip your video while you watch it. Then export straight to your iPhone's Photos app. Plus, with the included app extension, you can edit your videos right within the Photos app!

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The applications Video Rotate And Flip was published in the category Photo & Video on 2013-06-12 and was developed by Wander Bit LLC - Photo & Video Editor Apps and More. The file size is 3.07 MB. The current version is 1.6.1 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

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Perfect  Colbymommy  5 star

Couldn’t be easier. Thanks!


Easy to use!!  aliciaNsam  5 star

This was so easy to use to rotate my videos! Click on upper left icon, select video, click on bottom left icon until desired angle. Then click on upper right icon to save to your library. Easy peasy!!


Easy and useful  Meeeeeeeeeee57535  5 star

Solves the very irritating problem of a video being recorded in the wrong orientation. Highly recommend!


Few dollars well spent  MrOakenshield  5 star

I’m glad this app exists! Easy to use, and does things iOS should have provided a long time ago. Pro Tip: Want to edit your videos in vertical format? Load them in iMovie, rotate them sideways, edit and export your movie sideways, then use this app to rotate back. Annoying, but thanks to this app: possible. Thanks!


Total scam  Sunbuddha  1 star

DON’T BUY!!!! I bought this for a dollar and then I imported a video to rotate, but once it was imported and rotated the app added a border to the top and the bottom, which I wanted to trim off, but then they charge you another dollar to add that feature. What a ridiculous scam, this sort of business behavior needs to be banned from the Apple store. Don’t do it!


User friendly.😺  Normama  5 star

I’m a 69 year old chick. I need to figure out technology on my own. This worked so well. I airdropped a video and it landed upside down. That video is precious to me so 99 pennies is well worth it.


Good App But It Always Says Error With Longer Videos  Omg_osh8988  3 star

i can easily flip short videos but with longer videos it doesn’t work please fix this


Doesn’t work.  MohamadAtallah  1 star

This app can’t see your videos despite you giving it permission. Don’t let them steal from you.


Doesn’t work.  drkms  1 star

Horrible. Just installed the app. Will flip video but won’t save it. Stops mid save. Have tried several times.


Not worth it  KamilBendingUnit  1 star

I bought it and when I tried to rotate my video they said I couldn’t do it because I needed an upgrade so then they charged me an additional .99 for an app I’d literally just bought.


Simple and elegant  Smudgyqwerty  4 star

I notice it reduces the file size a little and removes metadata, but it seems to keep the quality and is extremely easy and quick to use. This is a good, simple solution to video portrait issues.


Love it, great AP  Needsmorework!  5 star

Works great first time, super easy to use unlike some we download. Didn't even need to read instructions it was so simple and intuitive to use, saves brilliantly to photos as well.


Excellent for flipping (mirroring) videos  HDGS47  5 star

I needed an app to flip videos left-to-right videos, ie mirroring, and this inexpensive app does it very well. Recommended.


Does what it says - easy to use!  Neurogenii  5 star



So Easy  456eec  5 star

Very simple to use which is great for a technophobe like me.


Error  Hwfhebrbejdi  1 star

I bought this to rotate a video, but every time I try to save the video I get an error. Will try and get my money back...


Does what it says on the tin  phoenixfeet  5 star

Very simple, very useful little utility app. Highly recommended if you need to flip video.


awesome app!  Thuaners  5 star

so simple to use, just what i needed! i can rotate my videos easily. love it


Doesn't do as said  OliiiiBabyy  1 star

I want to flip a photo not a video it won't allow me to do this waste of money do not buy.

Red Blur

Error  Red Blur  1 star

Doesn't save the videos trying to export.

Maine Coon Kat

In app saves file with original date  Maine Coon Kat  5 star

I like this app over iMovie because after rotating the clip it saves the file with the same date. iMovie saves the new file with the current date.


Missing videos  Katewilliams82  1 star

When I try to select my video it doesn't show up. Waste of money.


Not All That  Motoman2011  3 star

I purchased this App to be able to flip my phone videos, which were taken while using my phone in a vertical position. When I transfer those videos to my PC, they play sideways. I was hoping this APP could fix this problem as I don't always take videos while holding my phone in a horizontal fashion? The APP will only rotate or flip items while on your phone and not help resolve my issue. It is simple to use and does what it says for items still on your phone , yet there are other APPs which do the same thing for free...


It delivers  Kit546  5 star

It rotates and flips both video and still image. That's it. That's all it does. But it does it well.


Easy and worth $0.99  Lizzybshea  5 star

Quick. Done. Thanks!

Joe in wilmington

Bad experience do not use  Joe in wilmington  1 star

Took a movie which played upside down on PC. App appeared to work on iphone as advertised. However transferring flipped movie to PC transferred only audio (no video). Also for a 6 gig movie app ate over 50GIGS of my 128gig iphone 6 which I can no longer seem to recover. What the.....???


Does the job!  mrjuanchoCA  5 star

This app does exactly what it needs to do. Just follow the simple steps and you'll have no issues. Not sure how anyone can review this app poorly as it works just as it should.

Pre-hiatus fan

"Cocoa" Error?  Pre-hiatus fan  1 star

Just paid a buck and downloaded the app. Keep getting a "cocoa" error that keeps me from saving anything. What the hell.

Alberta's Phone

Easy  Alberta's Phone  4 star

Great app


Great  jbellrmr  5 star

This app takes your video and rotates any orientation you want turning each frame 90 at each tap. When done, one tap to save- fast and simple!

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