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what3words is an easy way to identify precise locations. Every 3m square has been given a unique combination of three words: a what3words address. Now you can find, share and navigate to precise locations using three simple words.

Use what3words to:
- Help emergency services know exactly where to find you
- Plan exact meet-up locations
- Tell car breakdown services where you are
- Navigate to any destination easily
- Save your favourite memorable spots – a viewpoint, waterfall or proposal location
- Save key work locations, from incident reporting to delivery entrances
- Help people find your business or Airbnb
- Guide people to accessible entrances.

what3words addresses are accepted by over 80% of UK emergency services as well as the AA, and many UK delivery companies. Businesses and hotels display what3words on their contact pages, and booking confirmations – anywhere you would normally find location information.

Popular features:
- Find your current what3words address offline
- Compatible with navigation apps including Apple Maps and Google Maps
- Save your favourite locations and categorise them into lists
- AutoSuggest prompts you with intelligent suggestions
- Available in over 40 languages
- Navigate offline with compass mode
- Add a what3words address to a photo

If you experience any problems or have any questions, email us at support@what3words.com

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what3words Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Switch to map view directly from a list - Photo mode has been moved to a new home under the app menu

what3words Comments & Reviews

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- Critically Important App

I just told my family members to download and install what3words. Everybody should have it. This app can save lives. Don't get stuck in a situation where you can't communicate your exact location except in the most circumstantial fashion, by numerical coordinates, or by saying what you see around you, or by walking to find the mile marker while other drivers are zooming by at 65mph. What if you are trapped in earthquake debris, or are on a rooftop in a flood, or have lost your way walking in the Pine Barrens like Paulie and Chris in The Sopranos, or had a bad fall while hiking? Three words is all it takes for people to locate you with a precision of a 3x3m square.

- Great potential, but.......

This app has great potential to get to a much more accurate location than normal GPS, but it has a couple of shortcomings that need to be addressed. First, if you decide to save more than a few locations you will have a hard time finding the one you want since there isn’t any way to sort them. They are just listed in the order you saved them. Until app makers like Apple add 3words to their contact app this is a problem. 3words could at least list them in alphabetical order using the name you set for the location. Second, the voice recognition is useless. I set 3 words to US English and it never locates the correct address. It always finds addresses that aren’t even in the US and the street numbers and names aren’t even close to what I am saying. One other small thing is when I copy an address from Contacts that includes an apartment number or suite number, 3words isn’t smart enough to parse out the apt or suite info so it can’t find the address. I have to edit it out myself manually. Since voice recognition doesn’t work, the app is kind of useless if you are in a hurry. It will also be much more useful if Apple and others add support to recognize the /// as a link so you don’t have to copy and paste the location.

- Needs improvements

This is a very good idea and concept. The app though needs some improvements: 1) A way to actually copy the three words without all the extra text copied with it. Maybe this is in the settings maybe this is a separate ‘copy’ selection. 2) A way to pronounce the three words. Yes there’s a microphone to listen for input but there is no output. 3) selecting neighboring squares around your Geo location is very clunky. The app should have accessed all of the neighboring square data. It should be much quicker than it is. 4) when absolute precision is not necessary, it would be great to have a list of the three words surrounding you. That way it would be easy to find an easy, pronounceable, & fun three word combination. This would be useful for finding a word selection for your house or business when it is acceptable to be off a little bit.


Seriously, go download it already, tell the family and friend to do it too. This is going to change how we deal with the world forever. AND ITS FUN, the word combos can just sound plain silly, I just go on sometimes and click the squares around where I am and always get a good laugh or 2. NONE of the words are profanity or inappropriate, just common everyday words in a sometimes funny 3word combination. IT ONLY WORKS if we all use it and will be the location pinpoint overhaul the delivery industry has needed since GPS&CPUs changed everything. Why are you still reading, go tell it on the mountain!!!

- All you need is the “network effect”

Thing is: this is such a great idea. Extremely well thought out, in spite of some comments of people who don’t get it. But I hope this can gradually gather steam (you really need some publicity!), as the most serious problem is that people who tend to understand *why* this is a good idea don’t need it as much as those who don’t know how hard it is to locate a place and communicate that accurately. As more and more people use it, however, hopefully the network effect will amplify its relevance. My brother drives for Lyft, and really wishes they used it.

- Great app. Suggestions for the future

There are so many possibilities for what could be done with this app. What if you could connect it to social media and publicly share locations. Or you could look at the map and turn a filter on to view popular saved locations that are represented by different colors based on how many people have saved them. You could learn the popular places at a state park and go there without having to do tons of research! Keep adding on to this, you’ve got something good here.

- Another “disruptive” technology

An immensely important app that everyone should download. This has the capability of being another “disruptive,” game-changing technology. This simplifies a desired address to a 3x3 meter square. This could improve navigation for regular commuting, ride sharing, delivery services, search and rescue.... The possibilities are endless. My only recommendation to the developers would be to allow the app to access your Contacts List to search those addresses for their 3 words. Otherwise, wonderful work! Kudos!

- Everyone should use this, especially realtors!

Have you ever looked at a real estate listing, especially for rural land, to find the address vague? No matter how hard you try, you can’t find the property using an online map. How great would it be if realtors used this app to locate the entrance to the property so precisely! I have recommended this app to so many people for so many reasons, not the least, 911 call centers! Download it today! You will not be disappointed.

- Still useless, only map app that only runs in Portrait mode

Seriously, how hard can it be to make What3Words run in Landscape mode? This is coding 101 stuff, but apparently not for this app. A Map app that doesn’t rotate is not a map app at all. I have a 12.9” iPad Pro with attached keyboard that I normally use in Landscape mode. Since the app only runs in Portrait mode, I either have to use it sideways with my head tilted 90% left (causing great pain), or unplug my keyboard, physically rotate the screen to Portrait mode, and replug/re-rotate when done, no thanks! If it ran in Landscape mode would be a great app, really - how hard can that be??? Please recognize that some of us run apps in Landscape mode, as this app is truly painful for iPad with keyboard

- New and innovative approach

I like the idea and can imagine so many uses for this mapping approach. I like being able to save the locations. I would like to change the order of my saved locations. So far I cannot see how to change the order of saved locations. It appears to be sorted based on the last location saved is top of the list. Great idea with vast potential, great job!

- Location finding is not reliable

The concept of this app is fantastic! Every 9 square meter area of the planet has a unique three word combination. Very useful to find precise locations, EXCEPT.... it can never quite find me. It’s the only map-related app I’ve used that keeps bouncing around to try and find me. I don’t know why this problem exists. Until it’s fixed, I have to find my desired location on the map myself and choose it. I can’t rely on the app to do it. So until then, three stars.

- Travel woes

A year or two ago I was in Costa Rica looking for an Airbnb I had booked in a super sketchy neighborhood. Everyone had tall gates and walls around their houses. The directions had an address and “ we are the house with a pink door and a tall flag pole. I drove around that super sketch neighborhood for almost an hour before saying screw this and going to a hotel. What 3 words could have saved me $$ and a lot of headache I love the concept.

- Graph paper representation instead of map is useless!

I was excited to learn about this app and tried it out on my home address, but was presented with something like graph paper where I could see the street names, but the houses were so unclearly marked that I didn’t know what “square” to click on. Click on one of the thousands of squares of the graph “paper”? This, in spite of having allowed the app to access my location. If this were the wilderness and I was lost, I suppose the 3 words might get rescuers to within a reasonable distance to find me, but this first experience leaves me utterly unimpressed. One star because “no star” is not permitted.

- Great app with a big flaw

I love the idea of this app and they have done well implementing it. HOWEVER, it is useless without cellular data (which I suspect is the case in many, if not most, areas that do not have street addresses). I tried using the app in several national parks ( which have spotty or no cell service) over the last couple of weeks. The app ‘works’, giving a 3 word address based on the GPS but there is no map. It sorely needs downloadable maps similar to the way the HERE WeGo app works.

- Huge leap forward for safety

Imagine being able to describe exactly where you are, anywhere you are, to emergency services by saying 3 words. For instance, if you’re in the middle of the woods, or in an unfamiliar place. It’s an amazingly simple and powerful tool. Every parent should have it, and every emergency service should integrate with it.

- Sounds useful but

Marketing convinced me. Apple downloaded for me. Tried to sign up with email account. Took all the steps. Tried to input a country other than the first in the alohabet-Albania- but could not see the country names. Page where they should appear was just white. I can hear the countries scrolling but there are no names appearing. I scrolled ahead several times to try to get to my country but gave up at Ireland. It is not a simple process to keep trying this way. I prefer not to create new accounts with Google sign in and do jot use Facebook at all. So I cannot create an account.

- Fun toy, mostly worthless

Requires robust internet connection. No pattern to the words - is ‘robust,internet, connection’ nearby, or far away? Is it even valid? If you receive a 3 word location, and it isn’t valid, what’s the problem - spelling or a misunderstood word, or even 2 misunderstood words? Requires secondary app to get directions - not a show stopper, but a pain to switch. A solution in search of a problem already solved better by LAT/LONG. Sure, you could say nobody knows their LAT/LONG off the top of their head, but you can find it on a paper map. 3 words needs an electronic device and a connection.

- OMG!!! Great app

I’ll tell you one thing, get this app on a stand-alone GPS device and you’ll put TomTom and Garmin out of business. I’m going to try this app on my iPad mini 2 for my part time job driving for Uber. I think this is not only the coolest idea but if it works out for my part time work with Uber and Lyft I’ll buy a new bigger iPad for 1 and I’ll tell all my friends and family to get this for 2. Thanks for the great app

- Love this app as a hiker

Often, there is no address for hikes and so this is a great app to track all of the trails that I love. And also great to direct my friends to meet me there. However. I seem to have hit a limit on the number of places that I can save. I would like to have more ability to save more locations. Thanks!

- Not bad but not disability friendly

I like the idea of this app but did noticed a couple of problems. My husband is blind and when the bus lets him off at the wrong spot I need to know where to go pick him up. While the words themselves work with voiceover the map does not. It provides no fees back at all beyond error beeps. The next problem is I clicked my location 3 or 4 times and it gave me different locations each time, one time it even showed me in my neighbors kitchen. Not overly accurate if you ask me. If I am waiting for the emergency responders and it shows me 15 squares from where I am it could be troublesome I really like the idea of this app and I will update as I play with it

- So easy

It is the fastest way I know of to give a specific location to anyone, on any platform. Everyone should have this on their device, and be able to help family members download it onto theirs so that they can be found in case of emergency, or just a social meet up. So easy to use.

- Dictated by a Likable User

I have always loved the idea of 3words, and I have used it with glee sometimes. However, I have been quite saddened with the inability to save locations. Well, hot-freaking-dog! Wait no longer, because my wish has become reality! Thank you for making this app immensely easier to use on a day to day basis.

- Useful app

Very useful and helpful app, though I do wish it would have the option to stay on- I use it while driving to report potholes and find I have to keep touching the screen often to keep the phone from going into lock mode.

- Awesome

It’s amazing to be able to save people’s lives. What would make this app even better if it was able to be data free. Just Incase you were somewhere you don’t have a signal. If there was an emergency situation. If you had a satellite phone. You could save anyone world wide.

- Very useful (make a SOS quick button for emergency situations)

I love this app. It is very useful in so many ways. I was thinking that a “SOS” button should be incorporated to the app. Say a child gets kidnapped and could quickly send out a location to Pre-determined people in their contact list. Love the app!

- This is amazing!

There are certain things that are true game changers. This is one. You can now tell anyone exactly where in the world you are (including EMS) using only three words. Now even your child can know his address by the time they go to kindergarten.

- App consistently 2 squares off

Tried this app at home after I downloaded and it consistently showed my location 2 squares off from where I was. Not too far off granted, though it was a little unnerving when I went upstairs and the blue location dot placed me up in a tree in the park next to my house.

- The Future of navigation is here!

The concept is brilliant and the implementation is flawless. I've never had so much fun looking up random places on a map! And the use cases are endless. I'd love a journaling or travel blogging app that used this technology.

- Languages

This is a great idea! The problem that I ran into is that once you install one language, the app doesn’t recognize others. I use it in English, but let’s say someone uses it in Russia and sends me a Russian 3-word address because that’s the language that they use the app in. It won’t recognize is.

- Outstanding!

Not only is the math fun and cool the concept is fabulous! We’ve not only had great success navigating with it, but we’ve had a blast just playing with it! Great way to get kids interested in orienteering and navigation too!

- W3W the humane way of identifying location

I have been using What3Words for about two years and continue to love it. It is so much easier for the elderly to remember 3 words than trying to memorize two strings of of eight to to ten digits in length.

- Creative, Innovative, & Amazing

This app is amazing! I can find any 3x3 Meyer square in the world and allow others to find it as well. It's easy to use and is even fun to see the addresses of places you frequent. Overall, I love it so much.

- Me And My Family Have Downloaded It

Me And My Family Have Downloaded It , And It Helps Out Most Of The Times , whenever we don’t know the Name Of a street , We Just Click on a Block , and we know where they are. SUPER HELPFUL 10/10 ⭐️?

- Game changer!

I wish everyone would start using this app! What3words revolutionizes the way we think of locations and finding things. What an awesome idea and the implementation is fantastic. Please give it a try!

- Wow!

This is remarkable! It’s so accurate! I have no idea how you did it but you did a splendid job. Everyone should have this app. I heard about it on the news this morning and glad to have it

- Amazing but suggestion

Hope you as soon as possible connect this great app in most of the famous websites and delivery companies around the whole word. This will give a great success for this creative app. Thanks!

- This is fabulous, but you hope you never see r need it

Saw this on CBS his Morning. This can be a life saving app. I want to share it with family and friends.

- Innovative!

I can’t help but believe this world wide addressing method is our future. In Seattle, we have 5 streets with 145 in the name, and at least 2 of them actually cross. I wish we had this app then ?

- Wonderful App

Thank you for making this available and available at no cost. You will save lives.

- Good, but don’t like the idea of someone decide 3Words for my address

I match this with Internet DNS , Great easy to remember. But I want to decide my address 3Words. Some auto assign words like danger not ok to me. Next, other language support is crucial though. Take this review in good way , no hot feeling

- What3words

This is the app to locate friends or have them locate you—EXACTLY. No more mixups about which entrance they’re at in a large building or complex. Every one needs this app. Get it now!


This is one of those “wish I would of thought of that" ideas! Feature request: Folders for favorites that can also be shared

- Truly amazing

This app will definitely be revolutionary in providing GPS locations down to the exact location with something as easy to remember as a 3 word phrase.

- Amazing

This is truly revolutionary. I suspect over time it will become the standard for how to navigate from one place to the next. I am fascinated by the whole concept.

- Great app

As a long time geocacher I use this app to verify cache locations. It is dead on. I tell every one who has any interest to get on board. Thanks for a fabulous application.

- What a great way to locate yourself!

This is really an amazing App. It's much easier to remember 3 common word to locate where you are than a really long string of numbers.

- Mutes audio when you type in search box

This app mutes the audio so you can speak the words. While this can be a good accessibility feature, it is quite annoying. I also cannot find an option to turn off the microphone access. I will change my rating if they fix this to make it optional.

- Thank you!

Hey! This is a fantabulous app! And I rarely say that word for anything. Terrific user interface, incredible idea... just love it! Thank you so much for making this app a reality!

- Great Fun

Make a list of words for some significant places/experiences you have lived. Write your life’s story. Try one for possible places in your future.

- UPS should use this...

I remember reading about this in The Economist years ago. It is smooth , well developed , and more useful than I first imagined.

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- A good & simple way to address things

GPS co-ordinates and map grid references can be confusing and difficult to remember/transcribe at the best of times, and this is where what3words comes to the fore - it has a simple 3-word address for every 3m X 3m square on the earth’s surface. 3-word addresses will never replace GPS co-ordinates or map grid references - they are not designed to. But they are designed to provide a simple addressing system for places that can’t be easily addressed by existing systems, such as: Where to meet your friends when going to a football match or picnic in the park, Which track to turn at when walking or 4WDing in the bush, Where emergency services can find you when you injure yourself on the beach. You can also have fun with the app by setting up treasure hunts, car rallies, etc.

- Much easier than coordinates

A brilliant app which allows the pin-pointing of a location. Use it to identify where you are at a concert, when camping or even to have items delivered. So simple even youngsters can use it. So accurate that it can easily be used to locate lost or injured people or broken down vehicles. A real winner!

- Brilliant idea

Now way possible to remember those coordinates, using a 3 word address with integration with google maps is a elegant easy to use alternative. ....and I can sign on using Apple security

- what3words is AMAZING!

This is the best innovation in addressing and location accuracy ever! I love it ♥️ Navigate “down to the spot”, not the “near enough” you get from traditional addresses. Highly recommended. Also try the 3WordPhoto App; it is awesome!

- Sharon

So much potential. Amazing concept to change the lives of so many, to give them what a lot of us take for granted, an address and what that can deliver.

- Wow

What a great concept works amazing. Able to now pinpoint a location in the middle of field in simple language if needed. Thanks fir dreaming this up and rolling it out. Game changer term us overused but not this timr

- Genius

This changes everything

- Needs landscape mode

The lack of landscape mode is a major problem for two reasons: a) some people may wish to use this on an iPad; and b) it is often more convenient to view a map in landscape mode.

- Elegant, simple, clever, useful

What a great system. Congratulations on the concept and making it a reality. Not sure how it works for other cultures/alphabets/characters

- So useful

So helpful! I use it all the time and share frequently thanks for a brilliant idea and use of technology

- Outstanding concept !

Still reeling at the possibilities of this, please send me share option form !!

- Good app but has some problems to address.

Well done for coming up with the initial idea and all the work put into the app thus far. The developers need to address a couple of issues. That’s being able to do; 1. Contact address searches; and 2. GPS coordinates searches within the app. That will make the app “brilliant”

- Amazing.

A game changer. Needs a greater take up by Australian businesses and services, but that will come.

- The future

This will be the way all Mail is delivered

- A...MAZ...ING!!!

Learn to use this amazing app in about 10 seconds. It may be the most useful app you will ever download.

- Peter

Just downloaded this app, looks great but still working on it.

- Great app

The three words need to be bigger though.

- Super fantastic

Such a great idea. I wish more people used this app

- It seems like a good idea.

Most suitable for remote areas.

- Tutorial completely useless

Tutorial completely useless for someone who knows a 3 word address and wants to go there. Application provides no assistance as to how use the 3 words to find an address. Remarkable!!

- Brilliant

I love how this app saves me time and the frustration of locating places with ease.

- Acceptance

I hope the emergency services in Australia come on board with this brilliant app.

- Way to go in Central Australia’s Outback!

Most good things are simple yet elegant

- words for the world

I love living in so many words. Mimi

- Thank you

This app will be a lifesaver.

- A bad idea..

It seems to be an attempt to take over and profit from Geo location. The system is not compatible with any other open mapping system.

- New way of seeing the new world

W3W is a remarkable reinvention of mapping and navigating - love it!

- Very useful.

Who needs GPS? 101 uses. Love it.

- Home

Home sweet home

- Pointless to say the least

Totally worthless app. Just an overlay of Google Maps.

- Revisioning Maps

Instead of having to explain to someone a full address, I just give them 3 simple words. Better than any location address! And a great and simple app just makes the concept that much better.

- What an app!

This is the most brilliant app! No more Lat and Long for me. My letter box now has it's own easy-to-remember address. Congratulations on a great concept!

- Brilliant idea

Hope this takes off, cool idea!

- Great Idea

It's a great way for finding and communicating locations. Would be good if there was a voice recognition feature for entering your three words.

- OMG the best!!!

This is the best app I’ve ever encountered. I mean the location thing is probably helpful af but even if it isn’t it doesn’t matter because it never gets old finding out that you’re currently in moon barter box or respect none boat or some other bizarre ass place ‘name’. Highly recommend. Get it. Now. I promise you it’s insanity brilliance

- I'm hooked!

I've been using this app for about 5 minutes now and I'm hooked. I'm a landscape photographer and I can see this becoming extremely useful for sharing locations with other photographers. This app is genius! himself.landlords.jest

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- Saved me

This app is amazing and is incredibly easy to use. Today my wife called me saying she was on the side of the road and that the car was smoking. Once I made sure she had pulled over and that she and our child were out of the car (and that the car was not on fire), I asked her where she was. She wasn’t sure. I then remembered that we had just downloaded this app (but had never used it before). All I had to say was, “Send me your What3words then hangup and call CAA for a tow-truck - I’m on my way.” Having never used the app and despite being flustered and not the most tech-savvy person, my wife sent me a message (it’s integrated into the app), which opened on my What3words app and I hit ‘navigate here’ and it popped open in Google Maps (what I like to use). Download this app and have your friends and family download it - you never know when you’ll need it like I did. To the developers: thank you.

- Brilliant

Love the logic - 3 words what more do you need?

- Fire services excited to see this app

To have access to this app will greatly assist with locating persons in distress in remote areas , or open water. Kudos to the developers for such a great tool Now to spread the word to download the app for personal safety Richard Fire Chief

- Probably good

Downloaded the app, found a couple of places I’m familiar with so that works, and then tried to create an account but the app did not have a means to accept the policies and terms, even when pressing the OK button. Result-no account created. Only good if it all works, not just a part.

- What3Words review

When typing in my address it automatically put me at the street house number and street in another city. Need away to edit the app, or did I miss it .

- Never lost

Peace of mind

- Helpful App

Really accurate app

- TheBrow

Had this app for a long time, and now finally discovering how it will be useful to me and millions of people just like me. As I progress, I will write many more reviews and seriously considering answering an offer to support the crowd funding campaign.

- Incredibly useful!

This app is so useful! I turn to it several times a week to direct people to locations that are otherwise complicated to find using standard methods or descriptions. It’s great for both personal and work needs. I simply can’t recommend it enough.

- Great app, wish I’d found it sooner!!

We live in the country and people have a hard time to find us, now they’ll arrive before dinner is cold! Great for hiking and biking, no worries for the meetup or directions. Awesome app ???, going to be sharing this one ?

- Brilliant!

I predict this will be one of the next apps to be bought out by Google for millions. Awesome app that overcomes the shortcomings of conventional addressing, particularly in rural areas.

- No high rise apartment information .

This app does not seem to locate an apartment or basement suite. It only locates the view from above. So if I live in the top floor of a house and a tenant lives in the basement suite directly underneath, we both have the same address. Also, different languages are used depending on which language you log in. So it becomes difficult to identify exactly what three words are used to describe your location. Why not use numbers or combination of numbers or letters from various alphabets to describe locations?

- Amazing app

The most amazing and most useful navigation app I have ever had. Easy and fun to use. I put my what3words on my glass case at work. Lost my glasses and in about 2 days my glasses showed up in my bus on the seat. Thank you what3words!

- Why is the app so big?

Why is it 124 MB? It literally just shows a map and some words on the screen. This app should be all of 30MB. Why is this app so bloated? It seems like a waste of space on my device for an app I only ever use once in a blue moon. Please work to reduce the app size and remove unnecessary SDKs, etc.

- Just awesome !!!

It’s really efficient. This app works even in the poorest country in North America I mean Haiti.

- I don’t understand

What is the purpose of this app. Why does labeling locations help me. None of my friends or family have this app. It’s cool but not useful, at least to me.

- Awful

The sheer stupidity of this app hurts my soul

- work.work.work

Leads to a graveyard. LOL

- YAAAAAS! Everyone needs to get on board

Every delivery place, emergency service, car service needs to be using this!!!

- Sad surprise

It was close to my location but it was like 6-10 boxes away, kind of disappointed

- Where’s Waldo?

Now it’s easy to direct people who also have the app. It seamlessly works with gps map apps as well. Nice job!

- Use

I use this app all the time and have loved it every time. I have absolutely no complaints.

- I love this app

Thank you for making this great app

- 3words


- Accurate Addresses!

Really liking this app! I have requested the ability to sort by my saved custom description. Let’s see if the developers respond.

- Better than GPS

I have been using this app from the time it came out. It would be nice if you could sync it with infotainment systems but that will happen eventually. I have fun while I am driving to other provinces.

- Brilliant

This system gets in your blood and makes navigating so easy

- Three words

To fuggin creepy

- Fixed - Save function working

And now it’s easy to save W3W addresses, export them, add them to photos using the related photos app - now if only we can convince Google Maps and all car nav systems to use it....

- It’s the Future

For anyone who has ever driven round hopelessly following directions to find a rural location this app is your answer. Install it, use it, and get your clients and customers and visitors to use it too. It’s SO EASY!

- Great tool

A great tool to let friends know where the good hiking trails begin. Lots of interest when explaining to others just how to use What 3 Words

- Great concept!

I'm sure this will come in handy next time I need to communicate my location at a festival amongst a large crowd!

- Amazing and genius!

This app and entire concept is amazing. This is going to change the world!

- Doesn't Work on iPhone4S

Can't even sign up. Definitely needs work. Good concept, but should have been tested before release. NOT RECOMMENDED

- Pretty amazing

I've only used it for a few minutes but it's obvious that it will be very useful. It might be nice to add this to new Geocaches too. Getting started wasn't quite as easy as I'd hoped. When you sign up and log in you can't do anything but modify your details. You actually need to back up one step (to the filled in log in blanks) in order to get the three small horizontal bars on the top left, that let you access the app feature. Looking forward to using this in the backwoods where no easy location identification is possible.

- Great

For Fishing

- Brilliant, extraordinary, simple, very useful.

Identify or find any precise location in the world with just three understandable and easy to pronounce words.

- Very very perfect

Very very good

- Doesn't start

The app loads, very slowly, and then flashes a request to send alerts , and then quits.

- App crashes

App won't load - keeps crashing

- Insta-crash

App crashes immediately on iphone 5.

- Cannot run on iPhone 4

Sadly, this app immediately crashes when I attempt to start it on my iPhone 4.

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- Easiest address ever

Complex addresses are hard to get a direction, but with this app it’s wonderful and easy to use with there three words.

- Great idea!

This is one of the best things I have seen for navigation. The developers of this app have created a lifesaving tool like no other.

- Get ready!

This location App is going to change the world. Saving photo locations offline, check. Pinpoint location down to the meter, check. Finding unmarked urban or remote addresses, check. Marking beautiful spots that caught your eye along the hiking trail, check. This is one of the most groundbreaking technologies I’ve experienced in the last 5 years.

- Excellent

The more you use this app. the more uses you fine for it. The best ideas / inventions are always the simplest. This app. is sublime

- My gate or front door

Great idea. Seems fun now. BUT for my house on a city lot I wonder which square I should use. The one at the front door? Or the one at the gate? Does the app direct the pizza driver thru the garden to the front door? I look forward to learning more.

- Just....wow!

I just downloaded this on the advice of a friend and I am already impressed beyond measure! I pray I never need it but, if I do, I won’t hesitate to pull it up.

- Excellent

What an App !! Thanks for the excellent work , hope you implement a google maps navigation inside it

- Amazing

Just saw this app on a CBS news story! Could save your life or others simply amazing thanks!!!

- Doesn’t work on iPhone 7 Plus

Needs a fix, app doesn’t even launch...

- Buggy doesn’t always work when sharing

Buggy Link for location only rarely works on the receiving end... on testing I once received location of some unknown person... then retry received correct location of my Mom. Dudes that’s close to a security breach... My 85 YO mother purchased this app... I tested it out... FAIL!

- Ok but needs fixing

So I was trying to get an Uber to my correct location, but my beacon for “where I was standing” was moving around everywhere and I couldn’t see exactly where I was

- Crash

It’s crashing when I open the application It’s not opening

- I liked the old UI where the highlighted square is centered and you drag the map around

I liked the old UI where the highlighted square is centered and you drag the map around. Otherwise good app.

- Wow. Just wow

This is an amazing App that has endless potential. Unfortunately now all the edges and dark corners of the map have been defined.

- More features

Maybe to see your S/O on the map. With their permission. Like in Google maps.

- Works well

I currently live In Texas, USA and this app was invented in the UK so when it try’s to pull up my exact location it shows me constantly moving even though I’m sittings perfectly still.

- The Ultimate Geo-Marker

Fantastically simple app to identify special places in the wild, remember a great fishing spot or inventory a big tree off the marked trail. A perfect companion for the great outdoors, the urban grazer, or to mark a private rendezvous spot.

- Great addressing soon

Can be used to tell someone where to find you in an emergency situation.

- A lifesaver

Anything that can get medical personnel to an emergency location the quickest possible way is a lifesaver.

- Brilliant but useless for the average person

Say you’re stranded in the desert, or at a house with no address, or in the middle of the ocean, or a forest. Then you may find this useful. But how many of us are ever in this predicament? So I downloaded it. And it sat unused for months. So I deleted it.

- GPS Error

Considering the poor resolution of a phone's GPS and given other reviews here, how can we expect the app to choose the right 3m square when such info is drifting unreliably?

- Super clever idea

Hours of fun and fascination; looking forward to see future business, government, National Parks use.

- Love that idea!

I love the app and idea laying under it. I’ll use it to build decentralized p2p shipping platform. Delivery in any point on a map.

- Great Idea!

Add Siri Shortcuts support so we can share our location easily in an emergency.

- DNS service for your app

If only you would let us choose our words. That would make your app explode and everyone would use it.

- Great idea for mapping, navigating and finding

I hope the idea spreads because is simple, yet genius.

- Prof Emeritus Geology

I am 91 years old and very fortunate that w38w technology not only exists, but that a nonagenarian can actually use it!

- This is the future!!

Easy to use, this is the future!

- Early Review

Just started using this. Seems very straightforward. So far I like its simplicity.

- Just plain brilliant!

Thank you for this wonderful app – it is just plain brilliant!

- This only needs one word


- Love it

Still trying to integrate into my other services effectively. But absolutely love it!

- Brilliant idea!

Love the app and that the application solves real problems for real people. The Swedish and English version works equally well. Love it!

- So easy!

Beats the heck out of section, township, range, quarter! Much easier than sharing a Lat/Lon coordinate too!

- Fantastic App

This is a fantastic app, always knowing where you are located.

- easy to use. why didn’t apple think of this?

easy to find friends at the beach or concert. just give them your address and they can find you even with no street address.

- Square up your travels

With What3words it’s fast , convenient, and exact ....

- I’m flabbergasted

I’m amazed at the precision, and I wonder whether it will work so I can locate my AirPod cases.

- Navigation

Apparently I am off to a good start.

- Really useful

Great thinking guys. I hope this revolutionizes GPS use

- Simpler addresses for all!

An easy way to refer to anywhere on earth!

- Fun

Not sure why we need a new navigation tool, but it’s fun to play around with.

- Easy yet powerful!!!

Simple next gen locating service with unlimited p o t e n t i a l !

- A positive in 2020

This is such a great idea. Thank you for coming up with this app.

- Love. This.

Simple and superfast. Goodbye, impossible-to-use-google-maps-pins !

- Fun way to know where you are.

Easy to use and fun.

- NJuser

Just downloaded and have been playing with the app. Seems good, but doesn’t have Hebrew Language.

- Great app

Great way to find anyone anywhere

- New

Great way to enhance location

- Doesn’t work anymore

Since ios12 or a recent update the map shows, the grid shows, but no three words show for anywhere.

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Devil’s Crayon

@GregBroadhurst ///flaking.doses.aliens 53.242548, -1.996824 53°14'33.1728"N, 1°59'48.5664"W This 3 word address refers to an exact 3m x 3m location. Tap the link or enter the 3 words into the free what3words app to find it.

Martin White

///remainder.acquaint.patching 24.12.20 #WhatLiesUnderfoot

Craig Atkinson

@simongerman600 Then you may be interested in this:

what3words 4.7.2 Screenshots & Images

what3words iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

what3words iphone images
what3words iphone images
what3words iphone images
what3words iphone images
what3words iphone images
what3words iphone images
what3words iphone images
what3words iphone images

what3words (Version 4.7.2) Install & Download

The applications what3words was published in the category Navigation on 2013-07-01 and was developed by what3words Ltd. [Developer ID: 657878533]. This application file size is 245.3 MB. what3words - Navigation app posted on 2020-12-14 current version is 4.7.2 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.what3words.ios.what3words

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