LIMBO download

Uncertain of his sister's fate, a boy enters LIMBO.

What the press said:

“Limbo is as close to perfect at what it does as a game can get.”
10/10 – Destructoid

“The game is a masterpiece.”
5/5 – GiantBomb

“Limbo is genius. Freaky, weird genius. Disturbing, uncomfortable genius.”
5/5 – The Escapist

“Dark, disturbing, yet eerily beautiful, Limbo is a world that deserves to be explored.”
5/5 – Joystiq

Winner of more than 100 awards, including:

Gameinformer’s “Best Downloadable”
Gamespot’s “Best Puzzle Game”
Kotaku’s “The Best Indie Game”
GameReactor’s “Digital Game of the Year”
Spike TV’s “Best Independent Game”
X-Play’s “Best Downloadable Game”
IGN’s “Best Horror Game”

LIMBO App Description & Overview

The applications LIMBO was published in the category Games on 2013-07-03 and was developed by Playdead. This application file size is 129.71 MB. LIMBO current version is 1.1.19 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Improvements and minor bug fixes.

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LIMBO Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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Milad0116   5 star

Not optimized for iPad Pro. Why is this amazing game not optimized for iPad Pro??????

M.i.C.Hster   3 star

Too short. I payed for it yesterday and within around 10 hours I was able to complete it. It wasn’t the hardest game in the world but it wasn’t necessarily easy either, I enjoyed the game I was simply upset it was over so fast

Tuckero23   1 star

Bad controls. The controls for movement are absolutely terrible and ruins the game!

Jr1960   3 star

Need a joystick. This is probably a great game, but don’t have a joystick on my computer and iPad controls are not sensitive enough. So I’ve wasted my money twice.

aimmaster   5 star

Best game ever. Honestly this is the greatest iPhone game I’ve ever played. I remember downloading it when it first came out, and I just recently downloaded it again. Still after a year, I completely love everything about this game. It flows smoothly, and it’s challenge yet simplistic. Overall just great.

vermez   5 star

AWESOME. This game is one of the best games I’ve ever played I love it it’s worth the price and is just a really good game there’s a bunch of thinking and problem solving I highly recommend getting the game.

Drixex   5 star

It’s all about the music. Thank you Martin Stig for complimenting this game with a magical soundtrack!

whyismarko   2 star

Touch controls are MADDENING. Visually stunning game, for sure. Just wish it could be played without the character constantly dying, over and over and over again only because the movement controls are so impossible. This would have been so easy to avoid.

Anthony213546   5 star

Extremely clever puzzles. The game is very fun with a lot of unique puzzles and solutions that make you pay yourself on the back when you figure them out. It must have taken a lot of thought to put these together. I really appreciate how some developers can create a game and sell it for a few bucks, while providing hours of entertainment. This is particularly true in the new gaming world of micro-transactions. Thank you for a wonderful game at a very reasonable price.

sinesciuris   4 star

Great game, pulling mechanics need serious work. Excellent game, loved every part of it. The only thing that kept me from giving a full 5 stars was the pulling/grabbing mechanic which needs serious work. Even after I figured out how to do it, I can’t count how many times I died, or fell, or ended up pushing something when all I was trying to do was grab and pull it. Usually took me 3 or 4 tries before I could successfully grab and pull something. This became especially frustrating when you only had limited time to grab and pull something.

vcvyvvgvgnhbhbgfrdev5   1 star

Worst game I’ve ever played. I hate this game and it’s the worst.So guess what one star.

ok0912   3 star

5 for gameplay 3 for control. Fun game but the control is extremely annoying.

Alan Sweeney   3 star

Bad control. The game requires fine control, but the it provides coarse control at best. I spend 50% of the time dying figuring out the game, 50% of the time I’m dying because the control decides to turn something on, or throw something away for me.

RigoTheCEO   5 star

Amazing game. The dark elegance & simplicity of the game is amazing. No main menus, tutorials, settings or anything. Just straight gameplay. The background sound was so unreal & gave you chills when playing the game. The amount of chapters compared to other games was great too. I can’t wait to see what else this studio creates!

Lancemations   5 star

Genuinely Terrifying. Oh boy did this give me them nightmares

manie 😜   4 star

Why can’t he swim. I love this game but it’s so annoying the that he can’t swim I could of be so much easier if he could

Cup1899   5 star

Best. Ever. Bro.. Got this game on my phone, switch as well. Games awesome short and fun.

mooneyhd   2 star

Great game but controls are horrible. I’ve deleted and redownloaded this game 3 times now because I get so frustrated with the controls it drives me crazy and can’t take it anymore. I have an iPhone XR. The game itself is really good but you’ll be playing and then all of a sudden will take you back to the menu when you’re almost done with a level and have to start over. I’ve looked and there’s no instructions anywhere that says what game controls is causing it to do this. Please fix and will be great

uncle fat sak   3 star

Good game. It was a good game just not many levels as I expected it to be

LimeNLemona   5 star

Please more.... ❤️. This is one of the most changing and heart warming games ever, no joke. If you haven’t already bought this game you need to buy it and just know this game is completely worth it. I don’t really write reviews for games but I just want to tell the creators please make more! (There’s another one that they made called inside and that ones even better) 😁

yaymiris   3 star

Needs fixing. It doesn’t have a control so every time you try to grab something you end up running or jumping at the thing. It’s not a bad game it just needs to fix that problem.

i love dogs261   5 star

Really hard. Really hard but the secrets are even harder but still great

Tobytrb   1 star

Dark And Hard To Control. Title says it all. It’s a strain just to play the game and the touch control is hit or miss. The game has become a game of chance rather than puzzle solving. The puzzles are easy. Getting the character to move correctly with touch is really the game. Too annoying for me to continue any longer. Next......

mtt101905   5 star

Wow. This is a great play and definitely worth the price, the ending almost made me cry

JGTi3g3r   5 star

Unbearable genius game!. Absolutely outstanding! This game made me cry (seriously- just the dark and eerie thoughts about the history of this boy...) this is the greatest adventure imaginable. The ending is so difficult, it will take weeks, but it is a freakshow and a honor all wrapped up into a nice crazy and brutally sad story. Absolutely the best ever made. Hands down. Can play this over and over for years to come.

Jewel5326   5 star

Confused. I love this game ! It’s so much fun and very addictive. But what are you supposed to do if you get stuck ? Because I’m stuck and i don’t know what to do. But overall a great game

Roberto030988   5 star

BRING US LIMBO 2!!. On of best game thinking

tronyq   5 star

Brilliant. Just finished the game. Wow! Fun puzzler, I wish there were more games like this.

Czech-it-out!   5 star

Puzzley Platformer. What a cool game! Other reviews said it was worth the money, and I’d have to say I agree. It was really refreshing to have such a nice blend of environmental puzzles and hand-eye coordination as a change of pace from the more traditional room-escape games (though “The Room” still holds a special place in my heart😬). The atmosphere was engrossingly stark, inducing a rather somber mood with occasional moments of panic while trying to avoid disaster, the disasters being horrifically “cute”. I absolutely recommend playing this game. Just be careful of sweaty fingers, as they tended to make my split-second decisions a little frustrating sometimes (the game can be really intense!). Looking forward to the second installment as well.

KG6EAR   5 star

Loving this game now. Don’t know why I had such a time getting to pull the metal elevator box left on the very first puzzle.. it works fine now.. but before the little guy would pull and pull and nothing! Creepy game gets harder as it goes but not too much harder. Think I will finish it same day maybe. Graphics are stellar. Animation and system of autonomous animation triggers is superb and very unnerving st times (creepy). The Shelob-like spider creature is way over the top! Arachnophobes be advised you will jump out of your skin at points if not smash your phone reflexively so better sit this one out.

Advertorial    5 star

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Torrecelli   1 star

Hasn’t been updated for awhile. After years, there’s still no full resolution support for the iPad Pro 2018

Froginopolis   1 star

Controls reder the game useless. I wish I could get my money back. Got well into the game but ended up getting stuck just because the controls were too sluggish, and didn’t respond properly to the actions. The game would otherwise have been great. I finally just deleted it. What a frustration.

frenchfrankie   5 star

Incredible!. What a game! The attention to detail is incredible, through every fine movement to the last blade of grass. What these artists did with black and white is truly amazing!

MoonlightStar57   5 star

Amazing. Truly amazing game, enjoyed every second of it. Very calming as well. I like the dark tone to it

Canadian Helicopter Pilot   5 star

Amazing game. Graphics and puzzles to solve are top notch.

Mason D D D D   4 star

Love it. I love Limbo but Inside is better

Spotify>Google   4 star

Good game, too short, too much money. Title says it all. It Should be like $1.99. Took me like 2 hours to beat the whole thing. I downloaded this after trying out their other free trial of Inside. I can’t see the game taking much longer to beat so I’m glad I went with this $5 game instead of $12 one

farMir71   2 star

Waste of 6 bucks. Frustrating and really not a lot of fun

Bressan1000   1 star

Stupid controls. This game is so player unfriendly. ABSOLUTELY NOT FOR AN iPad. I can’t tell you how many time I would try to move the character and nothing. This game dose not translate well to iPad so save your money. Let me put it this way as good a gam as Inside was this is how bad this is. I deleted it even though I paid for it. Nothing but frustration not an enjoyable experience in any way.

Thor77666789   1 star

DO NOT BUY IPAD version. The iPad versions controls are poor at best and some of the levels are very hard and will require you to repeat numerous times before success. I have finished this game on a computer many times and was quite disappointed in the poor controls set up on the iPad.

Qclan3   5 star

A masterpiece of a game!!!. Limbo is one of the best games I’ve ever played. I love the puzzles, creativity, atmosphere, etc. I finished the game a couple of years ago and was just inspired to play it again after finishing Inside. I had almost forgotten how phenomenal this game is! Every detail is impressive. Not sure why some people complain about the controls though. I think the controls are easy and intuitive. Anyone who loves puzzles and logic games should try this! It really is a masterpiece!

Roblaw2b   2 star

Great concept, Buggy Controls. Was really enjoying this game, but at about level 14 I had to delete it or throw my iPad through a window. Buggy controls about drove me crazy.. as game gets harder, you’re finding the little s.o.b. constantly refusing to jump. Was fun for an afternoon, now it’s done fir me.

SiKsNoT   5 star

Amazing Game!. This game is the best game I’ve played in a long time! So hard to put down! The only complaint is it ended too soon! Please make more levels!

Homagetogorto   2 star

Buggy and battery wasting. A black-on-black color scheme just means we’re all going to turn our brightness up to max and drain our batteries. The game relies on sound to know what to do (e.g. the trap falling out of the tree), but if you exit the app and come back, the sound no longer plays.

Zwiggles   5 star

Really amazing game!. Beautiful!

Uioplkjhgf   5 star

Amazing Game!. The graphics are incredible and gameplay is very creative! Those complaining about the controls are just not used to it yet.

Kemister   3 star

Works fine for me. This game should be good on a iPhone 4 b cuz I played and beat this game on a iPod 5 and I got in 2012 and today is 2017 and it worked flawlessly also greAt game get addictive and I wish inside could be on iOS to.

Lelecool2😜   5 star

Mon avis. Ce jeux est vraiment cool je l'adore mais j'aurais aimé que les créateurs dû jeux fasse inside sur iPad merci

Corelation   5 star

EFF da negative reviews...GET THIS GAME!. My wife took a look at the newest game I was interested in and summed it up..."It looks like a modern spin in Mario Bros." Yes, but not at all!!! Yes, but, this game is elegant yet, creepy. It's artistically inspiring yet, morbid and almost too dark at times. It has a Mario Bros similarity, mixed with challenging mind obstacles along the way. It's eerie, yet...lovable and adorable. It's effing wicked! If you cannot work the controls, you are just not a good gamer and quick to judge. I LOVE THIS GAME.

Walagher   5 star

A classic .. This game now it's a classic game....

WoofingtonVonBarkshire   3 star

Good game, however.... You should not be advertising "Excellent touch-screen controls" because they are atrocious. Lack of pre-briefing on the subject and lack of quality and responsiveness really make this game difficult to play. Also, warn arachnophobes beforehand, please!

Asdf coolness 2738   4 star

Bonus level. The bonus level is horrible because it tells you NOTHING!!!!! It doesn't give you any special ending, NOTHING just a stupid achievement! But the overall game was awesome just you should change the ending

Chickenhawked   5 star

Love it. On of the best games out there.

**gizmo22**   4 star

Great game - poor controls. Just finished Limbo on iPad. Loved the game, the art and dark tone. Too bad that control is sluggish on iPad. Some puzzles are made harder by the poor precision of the control.

Xxalr   5 star

Nice. Great game. Please bring us more levels

patdubois   5 star

Pure beauty!!!. Artistic, creepy, enjoyable game. Congrats folks! This is the most beautifull game i ever played.

Danaylo   5 star

Best game I've ever played. Great atmosphere, great puzzles, made it till the end!

jalapeño ahahaha   5 star

Amazing!. It's amazing and so fun to play! I'm stuck on a part but it's so fun!! Worth even more than it is!

captainboots   3 star

Great! Except.... The controls can be extremely frustrating at times but you'll learn to cope. The ending is extremely unsatisfying and left me feeling super disappointed.

Quertybert   1 star

Sucks. I know all the controls but I'm stuck on the spider each time I try to break its legs the third leg kills me.YOU NEED TO MAKE THE GAME MORE RESPONSIVE TO TOUCH!!!

Advertorial    5 star

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The Disappointed Reviewer   5 star

Hauntingly beautiful. LIMBO is a game about a small boy, trying to find his sister, and his story is told through difficult puzzles and dark chilling graphics. It is definitely a game to be played with friends, for this is the sort of game you don’t want to be playing at night, in the dark, alone. Some scenes are terrifying, and you really want to get the poor guy away from the chainsaws, electrified boards, cunning murderers, huge spider, snares, mind-controlling worms and well, the uncountable amount of things that are trying to kill him. LIMBO was a surprisingly long game and I found it was more puzzle then thrill overall. It’s prequel, INSIDE, which I played before LIMBO, was definitely better in all aspects, but is less gory than LIMBO. But anyways, the game is incredible and was (and is) 100% one of my favourite games.

BassDrop_Scopez   5 star

Limbo. I like this game a lot I’m going to give it a five star as well but it would be nice to have more levels on the game please.

honestlysir   5 star

Best game ever. I recently completed this game and it is so good, it’s definitely worth the money and I definitely recommend it to anyone who thinks about getting this game. Subscribe to me on YouTube coz I finished the game (it’s Adnakaw) btw

Philby's ghost   5 star

Dark, forlorn and fun. Equal parts infuriating and fantastic, this game is really worth the coin. The film noir atmosphere and brutality draw one in to the the netherworld in which Limbo is set, while the gameplay is intuitive and cohesive. Good work to Play Dead, my only gripe is that their new release isn’t available for my device.

MoneBianco   5 star

Awesome game. Thanks for this amazing game. It kept me entertained for days, it was hard but in the end, that’s what made it to fun. Please make more levels or even more games.

Berryambers   5 star

A really cool update. On Limbo you should add a Level editor with All of the things Just like the ones in The main levels Please and also add upside down and down side up

cr142857   1 star

Bad operation method. Very bad operation method, very hard to is not a feature that good games have.

Nelsonkai   4 star

Good. Good havent played but im assuming its good

imbpau   5 star

One of the best games of AppStore ever!. This has to be one of the best games AppStore ever had!

Repow_tascot   5 star

Definitely worth the money. I spent so long playing this and I always looked forward to coming back and playing it. Such a great game that really draws you in and allows you to solve problems in an enthralling and enjoyable way.

MC492   5 star

Exceptional. Just a beautiful game. One of the few that have totally justified its small cost. Hard to find a flaw with it at all. Hats off to the developers.

KMAaus   5 star

Amazing!. I enjoyed this so much, I have gone back to play through many times. The puzzles and gameplay are just fantastic.

Ris1111   5 star

Amazing!. I spent a long time to finish all chapters, but it worth the money and time input. It's quite challenge, so I have to find walk-through online. Hope this developer will produce more games.

Indog002   5 star

Thumbs up!. Felt sorry killing the little fella so many times, got there eventually

Cozz03   5 star

Amazing. The best IOS game I have ever downloaded

Polsonb   5 star

In love. Such an amazing game, haunting yet calming animation and music. Really makes you think.

Razmaroxxx   5 star

it's litt. just finished the game ending with a happy note. Some challenging puzzles but i got through it , recommend anyone to play it and honestly deserves a five star

AYK Neme   5 star

Saaheelg. Nice Amazing game

Enderdude2002   5 star

This is a great game.. ATMOSPHERE EVERYWHERE! Also, it runs on most devices. It shows some age because it's such an old game, but it still gets updates to this day.

Paddy :D   5 star

Recommend it. I love this game beacause the puzzles aren't to easy that you can just do but they also aren't to hard that you spend forever just getting frustrated stuck on one part. I also like how you have to work everything out yourself without getting to buy clues or getting upgrades to make it easier. One of my favourite games I ever played Definitely recommend it

p3tcha   5 star

Incredible game!. Easy to learn, but challenging at the same time. The overall look and feel of this game is incredible. It is creepy and lots of fun!

LiSuper1   5 star

Intriguing and Well-Made. This is such a great game. There are puzzles but they aren't so hard that you get frustrated and aren't so easy that you don't have to think. There is a lot of trial and error so you'll need to have a bit of patience and the controls can be a bit confusing and take time to work out but once you've figured out the controls it's great. This game is definitely worth the eight dollars. Highly recommend it.

I'm the bearer   5 star

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO. Don't listen to all the IDIOTS saying that this game is bad because they are wrong!!!! This is the best game I have played in a very long time and I congratulate you, Arnt

Swindzz   5 star

Amazing. It's tricky and well worth the play

Aidan6800   5 star

Favourite game. This would probably have to be my favourite game I have ever played on the iPhone. It has easy controls, a great story line, basic and great graphics and just very unique and different in a good way. The best game and there Definitely definitely has to be a second one !

Little_Man99   5 star

Never have I ever reviewed an app. But this one needs to be done. I have been on the hunt for some logical, figure-it-out-yourself kind of games ever since discovering monument valley. I found this and was a bit sceptical at first seeing as there was only a left-right-jump control, but my god was I in for an amazingly rude shock! This was one of the best games I have ever endured, the unsettling sound effects, the amazingly simple yet sinister art style, the constantly thickening plot, and the challenging obstacles you have to face! I will be on the lookout for more of PlayDead's games. Highly recommend if you're in the mood for sinister fun

Jckdxjdbddj   5 star

Brilliant. Such a beautiful and brilliant game

GET THIS BOUS!!!!   5 star

AMAZING CUZ. This game I utterly adore it's amazing lots of hours of entertainment 5 stars

GamePlayMadBros.   5 star


Terrence202   1 star

Terrible. Don't waste your money on this pointless game!

ErinCali   3 star

great puzzles and design, terrible gameplay. Absolutely gorgeous design. The puzzles are clever and creepy and good dark fun, but the controls are nowhere near sensitive enough to get through them. The challenges require precise timing and angles, and the controls just can’t keep up.


Pisses me off. This game seriously pisses me off. Either it’s my phone or the game developers. Either way, this game has insanely hard levels that are close to impossible. Why do you have to make it so annoyingly hard?! It’s good but you’re close to making me want to put my fist through the screen.

stan_alexander   1 star

Horrible game. This game is made by people who seem to hate children as a lot of their titles involve horrific dismemberment of a boy. Horrible game made by horrible hateful people. Don’t get it!

dragonsandme   4 star

So good except for close to the end. So I got close to the end, but there must be a bug or glitch or something, because I looked at a YouTube video on the game and it was different

Robloxian 2024   4 star

I NEED HELP. Hi, I recently purchased your game and I have to say it’s great. However, it is gory and I’m not allowed to play gory games. Could you please help me redeem this app and get my money back, please!

Jfn123   3 star

B+ for creativity. B- for difficulty. For ‘non gamers’, this one was extremely difficult, which took a lot of the enjoyment out of playing. For me. IMHO. I am about 90% of the way done and it just isn’t fun anymore so I quit. With INSIDE it was hard but fun the whole way through because discovery was the main element. Anyway, make more games and thank you!

Khaled Rawashdeh   5 star

Puzzles are insanely creative. At first you think the possibilities of black and white Mario game concept are limited but the creators just keep surprise you with new ideas of puzzles that fit into this simple concept and controls. Aside from everything I want to give credit to the brilliance of puzzles creativity.

BobMahlstedt   2 star

Feeling pretty stupid. Can’t get past bear traps 2 minutes into game...don’t see any hints to help. Going to attempt to get money back.

Vtrchris   1 star

Great concept terrible execution. I see the concept, but the controls aren’t good enough to execute. Certain moves and jumps work sometimes but not others. Frustrating beyond belief.

chloej919   1 star

Controls make game unplayable.. I can’t even do the first jump in the game. I’m stuck in front of something I can’t get past because of the horrible controls. It’s upsetting to have paid for the game just for it to have controls that don’t work.

Pan Robert   5 star

Pleease make Apple TV version. Please make Apple TV version.

Geekedupgaming review group   5 star

Don’t bother reading any other review. Limbo is a great game and a great Ming Bender. I love playing puzzle games with a twitst. I remember seeing limbo as a try it app demo. Not knowing what it was, I downloaded it and fell in love!! I’ve played limbo since launch and will now be bringing it to my twitch channel this winter!! Follow and let’s play together!!!

Ramin baran   2 star

Great game No Objetive. The design is outstanding and unique but the game has no storyline whatsoever and at the end it just finishes without any explanation like the designers have suddenly felt like they are tired and don’t want to do any more so lets just stop it here! The ending makes the whole awesome game worth nothing to me 😒😒😒

Tatianamv12   5 star

Perfect!. Honestly, at first I was hesitant to download this. I’ve never paid for an app before but this game has such high rating and it looked interesting. I had to try it, hoping I wouldn’t lose 4 dollars. I definitely didn’t. This game is so fun I couldn’t put it down for days! It really tests your mind at times! I wish there was a second version like a sequel! I’m sad to have finished it but also glad because I was dying to know how it ends. It was so satisfying to reach that last level. If you’re wondering if you should download this, just stop right there and buy it. You won’t regret the 4 dollars! I love this game, it’s so well made!

ihadafarm   5 star

Good. Itzz Gud bruh.

userrnxme   5 star

DONT MISS. It would be sooooo good if you made a new quest every other month . That would be dope . Please do it . This game would be so much better if you added new journeys every months . PLEASE do this 🙂

j-jubyu   5 star

Limbo is incredible. Best mobile game I’ve ever played, as far as suspense and fear go very top notch, very much like it’s spiritual sister game inside, but much darker in many ways, so worth $3.99.

Kung Foo Boy   2 star

No Sound!. I love everything about this game and would give 5 stars but,the only way to get audio to work is either to uninstall/reinstall or turn off/on?? I have new iPad Pro,all other games/apps have sound working perfectly,very frustrating,do not like playing this game with no sound,it ruins the whole experience.Should work on iPad Pro,....Bug fix?,Help/Feedback Please!

mmmmsjee   5 star

Great game but. You should add more levels or make a limbo 2 I love the gameplay

hogi5maddy   5 star

Won without a single death. praise me I need outside validation for my mediocre video game accomplishments that most likely anyone could achieve given enough time and practice. On the real tho beautiful and fun game with amazing atmosphere. One of the faves.

D pooly   5 star

So good and beautiful. I am playin on a iPhone X and the graphics are beautiful and the game end is so amazing and depressing ate the same time it could have better controls but overall it deserves 5/5

saundbe   5 star

Beautiful. Such a great game, just throws you in and lets you figure it out yourself. Love the puzzles.

Nsdsfnoodlsgejsniaa1   1 star

Cannot delete completely. The app gets very annoying. It stuck in my iPhone. I tried many ways to delete it, but it just did not disappear. The game does not seem interesting to me. I regretted my purchase.

RoseGoldHeart   5 star

Exceptional. This is by far my favourite mobile game. It’s dark, it’s challenging, and it’s constantly stumping me without frustrating me to the point where I’d want to stop playing. There’s no wait for game play or lives to worry about. No ads or pop ups to Bother my play time. And the imagery is fantastic! Easy to play for long or short periods of time. Truly my favourite game.

Jossybossy27   2 star

Horrible controls. The controls are horrible... can’t get past some levels because of the horrible controls. Do not waste your 3.99 for this game, wish to get money back...

App reviews 99   4 star

Idk. I liked it a lot but it was so short

Placid Anarchy   2 star

Fantastic game. Poor implementation for touch screen. I love, love, love this game. I’ve played it for year on Xbox...however, the controls have GOT to be revamped. It’s a total luck shot to grab and push/drag the bear traps. Needs a grab button or for the controls to be adjusted. I’ve been trying to kill the spider legs for like 10 minutes (not a difficult puzzle by any stretch) but can’t get the kid to grab the trap and pull into place. please fix the controls!!!

504    4 star

Syncing. Only wish is that the app syncs between iPad and iPhone.

Pane kudkshcuue   5 star

Creepy and Fun. I don’t normally do horror type games, but this is the best game I’ve ever played. I’m only halfway through it and I like how I have to do puzzles to get to the next level. It’s entertaining and it keeps me on the edge of my seat when I play it because there are speed runs in levels. Like the spider ones, that was fun and scary to me lol. I like how their are also like memory based puzzles. Over all this is a very fun game. 5 stars from me, it’s perfectly programmed and great gameplay also. I would highly recommend this to anybody who likes these kind of games.

Larryrags   3 star

One huge issue. I love the game; it’s great, but the controls are so bad that they almost make it unplayable. At least add a joystick

Epic-monkey   1 star

ios6?!!. When its says that you need ios6 make it work for ios6 it was a waist of my money!!! One of the most dumbest things ever!! Its a 5/5 star game but i am only gunna give one star just because i lost my money!!

mathsb   1 star

badly explained. frustrating and badly explained, there are no option or tutorial.

Zoom zoom ya   5 star

Darkly spooky fun. This game is so quietly creepy, an absolutely well done game.The spider is so hauntingly beautiful.awesome game🕸😬

Mama Joehas   5 star

Got this game for FREE. Go onto And you download apps to get points buying you ANY paid apps!!! All together this specific app is great. For a game that I got for free it meets my standards. Yet for a paid app it still needs some work. Odd world is still better in my opinion!

Ryan_toronto   3 star

Controls.... Make an option for on screen buttons with multi-touch support. Awesome game but the controls soil a perfect score. A separate button for grabbing/interacting is what this needs!

Hfhfjdjjd   5 star

This game is mind blowing. This game just blew me away

Mr_sammer   1 star


DrBlip   5 star

Awesome game!. Don't let the negative review about the "control" stop you from buying this. The control is fine and the game is well worth the money!!!

Shawn519   5 star

Awesome game. Fun and challenging Good job

Biummore   5 star

Amazing game!. This is a fun and challenging game and I'd recommend it. Five starz

Nflder2013   5 star

Haters shut up he's working on a update. Haters shut up its the best game ever on iPad history

rsimmen   5 star

AWESOME.. Just completed the game - so bad a s s. I'm reading allot about control issues, I had no problems and loved every minute. Very smart game, DO IT!

clairabell0709   4 star

I loved it. Although some levels were tricky, I enjoyed the challenge. Great graphics and incredible sound. If you like figuring puzzles out without having hints or instructions, this is the game for you. Also if you liked Monument Valley, BADLANDS, Alto's adventure, Last Voyage, or Leo's fortune this is a similar game. I recommend it.

Makai.E   1 star

Give me my money back prik. or update!

MegsandMelody   1 star

Crashes on load screen. I want my money back. It crashes before it can even load the game :(

Ivanator85   3 star

Cute. If only the controls weren't so messed up!! Trying to hold on to something to pull it backward is what is killing me!! Not the actual problem solving! Annoying as he'll!

Dio-sama18   1 star

It keeps crashing!. Please fix this I really want to play it but it crashes while it's loading the title

Wyatt Roulston   3 star

Pretty, smart, awkward. Not the first one to say this, but great game. Huge issues with the touchscreen controls however. I don't have an issue with learning them as I go, but the timing and response is so inconsistent that it's not player skill as much as luck in some places that overcomes a challenge. That makes the game the wrong kind of frustrating.


Keeps Crashing. Crashes as soon as I open it please fix or money back please

kellydick   4 star

Controls are the only criticism. The touch screen controls make this game more challenging than the original game, which used the gamepad. On some of the more timing is critical sections, the lack of responsiveness will be frustrating, but not impossible.

BlackJack+11   1 star

I want my money back!!!!. I can't even play the game

DeadHawkarmy   3 star

CRASHES. The game crashes about every two seconds and I'm using I pod 5 gen. kind of a waste of money.also it doesn't tell the controls and their hard to figure out.

Caymon   5 star

Best game ever.. The title says it all.

dwegowy   5 star

True original. Excellent puzzle game, right out of the subconscious. Beautiful style and sound. Not for the impatient.

Famousringo   2 star

I don't understand the appeal. The biggest challenge in this game finding something to like. Atmospheric, but the atmosphere is dull and monotonous. The gameplay is sluggish and unexciting. The only challenge to the puzzles is spotting a trap in the gloom before you hit it and there's really no action to speak of.

Jokesonyouu   5 star

FIX THE CRASHING. When ever I open the app it crashes right away, please fix its my favourite game!

JoLtwde   4 star

Awesome. Good design , good game. It seems easy but challenging . Hope it will have episode 2

Science4lyfe647   5 star

A lot of fun. Really unique game. Worth the money and tons of fun. Neat to ay with headphones in because it is really creepy at time

heimpra   1 star

:(. I know that this game is really cool but it won't open on my phone 💸

Gumdrop 23   4 star

Please read.. I'm loving this game so far. A majority of the other people that are complaining about it not working didn't realize it wasn't compatible with their device, make sure you do research before you invest your money on a game. Anyways. This app is AMAZING, the only reason I did not give you five stars, is When I first got the app it constantly crashed for no reason. I waited a day and the next time I opened the app it started to work. And the other reason I did not give you five stars is because I simply haven't finished the game yet, but I will write another review when I do. I have not come across any bugs with the gameplay itself which is quite amazing because it is quite a long play and is designed beautifully. You can definitely tell there was a lot of work put into this. The controls are a bit weird and hard to handle at times, but I don't think they can get any more amazing than they already are. Thanks for reading this :) I hope you can improve the game in some way. Even if you don't it's still simply amazing -Alli

Wooddawgaaaa   5 star

Brilliant. This game is the best I have played on iPad. No instructions, just work it it out. But unlike other games it is quite logical to work out if you think about it. No unnecessary distractions to make you frustrated. Auto saves are good, when you die you don't have to go back too far. Beautiful dark theme and the sound effects compliment this game. It's quite creepy. Unlike other comments about the controls, I think they are very well designed. You can touch anywhere on the screen to go forward or back and swipe up to jump. It's simple. Beautifully crafted game. Well worth it.

Lea_laa_   1 star

Eh. When I got the game I was expecting something amazing BUT as soon as I go into the game is crashes after 5 seconds. Please make an update to fix it😕😕😕

ChrisD.Australia!   5 star

Great simple puzzler game. Great simple puzzler game With excellent graphics Very smooth animations. Wish it had more background music.

MrTJKleaner   5 star

Great!. What a GREAT game!!M

Razamakaz   1 star

NOT GOOD FOR IPAD2. I love this game, the haunting atmosphere is great. BUT, I can't play it , when I presses the app it will said "loading" like normal then 5 seconds later it crashes?? maybe make an update idk.. But please fix this and that one star rating could be a five :)

purkaboo   1 star

this makes my iPod smell. this is Sh!t

Ann0n1mus.   1 star

I CANT PLAY. I just downloaded this game and I can't play it because whenever I press the app it loads for 3 seconds then crashes I don't know what to do!

Bad terrible rubbish   5 star

Make more. You should make a series of limbo like Mario Or at lest make limbo 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm replaying random levels it's great non stop limbo love it. I know controls can be a trouble but black and white is awesome with this game

Zodiac6573   3 star

Not great for the iPad. I like this game for the haunting atmosphere, the dark graphics and the gameplay. However, it is somewhat difficult to control the character using your fingers dragged across an iPad screen. This game is great, but is better suited to a games console or PC. Otherwise, the experience can be really frustrating.

Keith b Morris   3 star

Pretty good. Game is fun Very challenging in the mind but after a bit of time can soon work out what to do Finished game very easily Definitely not worth over $6

Dk acperiance   1 star

It keeps crashing. Limbo keeps crashing I have an ipad2 and it won't work!

Jaspaorange   5 star

Freaking creepy and Amazing!. When I downloaded limbo I had no idea about the amazing experience I was about to have. Limbo has an amazing creepy art style that I just love! And the spider...well that just gave me nightmares for a week. I totally recommend this beautiful game for all who wish to get that sense of being alone and scared. Such a great game.

Mr 😃 gamer   5 star

Woah!. LIMBO is the most immersive and descriptive game I have ever played. It isn't very scary or disturbing so if that's what your worried about them don't worry because this game is incredibly genius. Maybe you could add small collectibles or bonus levels or features. Otherwise this game is amazing and should app of the year. I completely understand why Apple put on their essentials list! Play dead I hope for more to come because limbo was such an amazing triumph!

DANG3RMAN - 05   2 star

CONTROLS SUCK!!!!. The title says it all.. Is it so hard to put left & right buttons + jump & pull on the screen. Spoils the whole game for me, will be deleting after this review...

Lolofet   4 star

So arty for a platform game. Really nice graphics and a good variety of challenges to keep you going. Thought the ending was a little disappointing and abrupt though. It's kinda violent, even if in black and white, I wouldn't let young ones play it.

Ray is rad   5 star

Best game ever. This is the best game ever on the App Store really good graphics and it doesn't waste much credit at all I really hope there's a limbo 2💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀😐😐😐😐😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😶😮😬😐😶😶👷👮😏😈😯😧😶😵😵😲👷😬😶😬😬😰😎😎😎😎😋

DrewDew78   5 star

Platform game comes of age. It's what you dreamt your 1980s platform games were, but in fact weren't. This game is immersive, gripping, challenging and perfectly suited to the iPad. What the game gives up in colour it adds in spades with detail, mood and quality. Excellent work, when are you bringing another out!

All1 5t5   5 star

Brilliant. Creepy atmosphere, no instructions, brain will work but all can be solved, story unfolds as it should where is the sequel? I want it!!

Ehhhhh4444   5 star

Great game. At times extremely challenging. Lack of colour makes this game somewhat sinister and depressing - dying is particularly awful. Touch-screen controls often frustrating. Very little storyline. BUT... One of the best games I've ever bought on the AppStore. Kept me entertained for hours on end until I had to put it down after seeing myself die the same way 20 times over.

La Vida twerker   5 star

Creator=Genius. A game which starts without instructions on how to play. Just throws you in there and figure it out for yourself. Creepy background sounds and the black an white horror this as you try to lure yourself to sleep in a dark room and dawn shall come, eyes red for the night went by unnoticed. Talk about an immersive game. (Plays around with your heartbeat btw👍)

Fekuar   5 star

Love it!. So refreshing to find an excellent game without in app purchases to ruin in. Other developers take note - this is how you gain loyal customers.

haemolysis   5 star

Amazing but NOT for iOS!. This game is awesome, but playing it on a touch screen is so impossible! Enough said. Buy it for PC, Xbox, PS whatever.. don't bother with iOS... Unless you want constant frustration.

Sammy13312   4 star

Won't let me open!!. I love this game, I played it on my friends phone and it was amazing! So I thought I would buy it but it crashes on the "limbo" title and I can never get any further!! Please fix this

Unknown the original   4 star

The BEST PUZZLE GAME EVER. Simply this is the best game ever it cost BUT ITS WORTH EVERY POUND

3than.m   5 star

Good but... THE CONTROLS!. Ok I played it before on the PS3 and didn't think twice before buying. Love the game and now I got it wherever I go😀 BUT... I go to jump to a rope and I end up running off of a tree, I go to drag some spikes and decide to jump on them, I go to get in my boat and then jump in the water, I go to climb a rope and jump off or even go to jump off a rope and end up climbing it some more. PLZ make a different type of controls and then It will be a 5/5 star game!

perthartoffightingfan   1 star

Self-importance overload. This game tries so hard to be abstract and different, that it goes past the point of playability. It's so incredibly frustrating to have to swipe almost the entire screen for the character to take a single step. Yes, we get it, you want to be mysterious and blow our minds with how arty you are. Hey kids! Gabbo is coming!

mobile4u   5 star

So cool~~. Really good, love this game.

The Reviewer_12   4 star

Interesting indeed.. A very intriguing game in terms of play style. The artwork is fabulous and draws attention to the new and various locations. Definitely holds an original concept.

djvj udj   1 star

Poor. Crashes constantly, cant even start it up

Lauren001!   4 star

LIMBO Review (how low can YOU go?). This game is not actually limbo, sorry fans who love limbo. This is a game. A very dark game, actually. You start up the game as a boy called 'Mysterious Shadow Boy Who Has No Background Whatsoever' but what we do know, is that he is trying to find his sister. Good luck tryin' to find her when you have to fight off giant spiders, cannibals and murderous tribesman. WHO THROW BOULDERS AT YOUR FACE! You go through tons of challenges, when most of the time, you will be stabbed, smothered and getting-hit-by-wreckingballs. It is tough and kind of unexpected most of the time. But this game shows a challenge to whoever plays it, especially experienced players. LIMBO is a joy to play, and doesn't feature any colour, so no, you won't be seeing any beautiful, colourful landscape. You'll be seeing plain old BLACK. But it draws you into the game's dialogue and ties in with the world he is living, which is, you guessed it, dark. This boy just doesn't get anytime off. I recommend this game for anyone who loves games, especially the puzzle and challenging genre. 4/5 stars (So yeah, not a limbo game, just clarifying that. Ok, cool, GOODBYE)

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