LIMBO [Games] App Description & Overview

Apple Design Award Winner.

What the press said:

“Limbo is as close to perfect at what it does as a game can get.”
10/10 – Destructoid

“The game is a masterpiece.”
5/5 – GiantBomb

“Limbo is genius. Freaky, weird genius. Disturbing, uncomfortable genius.”
5/5 – The Escapist

“Dark, disturbing, yet eerily beautiful, Limbo is a world that deserves to be explored.”
5/5 – Joystiq

Winner of more than 100 awards, including:

Gameinformer’s “Best Downloadable”
Gamespot’s “Best Puzzle Game”
Kotaku’s “The Best Indie Game”
GameReactor’s “Digital Game of the Year”
Spike TV’s “Best Independent Game”
X-Play’s “Best Downloadable Game”
IGN’s “Best Horror Game”

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Improvements and minor bug fixes.

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- Unravel: Morbid Edition

If you’ve played Unravel, you’ll notice a lot of similarities in Limbo; a cute character in an unknown world, solving puzzles to progress through the beautiful, dream-like landscape. The difference here is that Limbo takes it one step further and let’s you die. Now, I don’t mean die like “oops I messed up and have to go back to try again. I mean like, “caught in a bear trap with blood splattering” die. The thing is... it’s beautiful. It’s not red blood and gore, but you definitely have moments where you say, “oh wow.” I’ve only been playing for less than two hours, and I’m in love with the game. My ONLY complaint is that the controls feel too touchy. To move, you slightly drag your finger in the direction you want to move. But there are times when you need to get close to harmful items to move them, but you accidentally nudge too much and end up dying. I feel like an option to have a small directional pad in the corner of the screen would be easier. However, this is a minor annoyance rather than a game-breaker. I hope you enjoy the game as much as I am!

- It met my expectations, and then some...

I am a game developer myself and while I will acknowledge that some of the art and graphics of Limbo inspired some that in my first game “Rubberband Stan,” I never actually played Limbo. I read reviews about it saying that the controls were frustrating at times but I did not experience that. In fact, I felt the controls for the iOS mobile version were nearly flawless for what the game is. You could even use just one finger (or thumb) if you wanted to—though it’s easier to use two. I do expect that this game has a very narrow target market. Basically, if you enjoyed games like “Another World” (also called “Out of This World”) or perhaps the very first “Prince of Persia” on PC, then this game is for you!! There were certainly times that I felt “stuck” and I eventually “cheated” by watching bits of walkthrough videos, but it was at no fault of the developers of the game—I was really just too lazy and/or impatient to figure things out. Overall, Limbo was a great experience and exceeded my expectations, which were high to begin with!!!!

- Limbo is a reference in gaming, deservedly!

I felt compelled you write this after seeing the first review of the App Store competing the similarities between “Limbo” and “Unravel”. That’s clearly a review from a guy who for whatever reason played Unravel first. But let us be clear: Limbo isn’t “pushing Unravel further...” Limbo came out a full SIX years before Unravel! Which isn’t to say you shouldn’t play either game. They’re both great. And Limbo *continues* to be great after so many others that copied its beautiful and poetic visual style, the waltz of the sweet and the darkly violent elements that will shock you by its beauty, and horrify you through its poetry. Because really, there’s nothing there that’s truly graphically obscene, and there’s more violence in PG movies these days, one might argue. But the violence and dark elements of Limbo are a triumph exactly because it manages to remain poetic and tame enough to have wide appeal , but to also shock and terrify through its poetry; the shadows of what is suggested more creepy and brutal than what one actually clearly sees. And when you got that beauty and genre defining style in service of a very solid puzzler/platformer and story, you got yourself a treat you cannot miss. So if you haven’t yet had the pleasure of experiencing Limbo, do yourself a favor and start right now! You’ll be glad you did!

- Not my cup of tea

I gave this 4 stars because there is obviously a lot of effort and love that went into this game. The art is nice, though it’s kind of subtly gory. However, if don’t like the idea that the game’s physics and possibilities are never clear, and so you just end up jumping from puzzle to puzzle without knowing what you’re even supposed to do, then stay away from this game. There are no hints, and then new ways of interacting with the world are constantly being introduced. So instead of actually solving a puzzle logically, you just end up trying to figure out what the game wants your solution to be. There is only ever one solution to each puzzle even though logically you could think of multiple ways to solve it if you were the protagonist yourself in real life. That might not be a problem if the game didn’t try so hard to illicit an anthropomorphic response. So it gets kind of frustrating that instead of thinking the problem through you just end up guessing what the game expects of you.

- Puzzley Platformer

What a cool game! Other reviews said it was worth the money, and I’d have to say I agree. It was really refreshing to have such a nice blend of environmental puzzles and hand-eye coordination as a change of pace from the more traditional room-escape games (though “The Room” still holds a special place in my heart😬). The atmosphere was engrossingly stark, inducing a rather somber mood with occasional moments of panic while trying to avoid disaster, the disasters being horrifically “cute”. I absolutely recommend playing this game. Just be careful of sweaty fingers, as they tended to make my split-second decisions a little frustrating sometimes (the game can be really intense!). Looking forward to the second installment as well.

- Overrated

Wanted to love this game, but ended up deleting after about an hour of gameplay (before completion - no idea how long the game is). Here’s the deal: it’s gorgeous scenery and great concept, but really bad implementation. The puzzles are hard to solve without any clues or hints. It harkens back to Zack & Wiki model of try-and-die where you have to guess your way through these obstacles, jumps, pushing or pulling items you can’t even see, or else die trying and redo the whole thing over again. The controls could be fine, but lagginess means that you may or may not make that perfectly timed jump to move on. Further making things difficult are the random spikes and traps to kill you for no good reason. It’s pretty ruthless and not fun. That’s coming from a guy who loves puzzle and adventure games. Limbo is a huge miss for me. Totally overrated. Stick with Where’s my Water, King Rabbit or Plants vs Zombies.

- Beautifully Sad.

There are very few games out there that come even remotely close to successfully invoking as much raw emotion and imagination as Playdead's LIMBO produces. The way the developers were able to harness darkness and pain and transform it into something as beautiful as this is truly remarkable. The way the visuals are meticulously paired with the audio is also brilliant. This just further proves how much attention to detail was paid during the making of this masterpiece. The game mechanics are near flawless, with only minor issues when dealing with time sensitive obstacles. But, l've literally played the game so many times that at this point, they are not even noticeable. Worth every single cent.

- Perfect!

Honestly, at first I was hesitant to download this. I’ve never paid for an app before but this game has such high rating and it looked interesting. I had to try it, hoping I wouldn’t lose 4 dollars. I definitely didn’t. This game is so fun I couldn’t put it down for days! It really tests your mind at times! I wish there was a second version like a sequel! I’m sad to have finished it but also glad because I was dying to know how it ends. It was so satisfying to reach that last level. If you’re wondering if you should download this, just stop right there and buy it. You won’t regret the 4 dollars! I love this game, it’s so well made!

- Excellent Game. Sluggish Control .

I agree with many other reviewers: this is an excellent game. You are left to your own imagination to figure out what to do as you travel through Limbo. There are plenty of obstacles blocking your path. There are also optional ways available to get around them, if only you can discover them. This part is very enjoyable. Also, as others have mentioned, control is sluggish at times. Your finger on a touchscreen does not provide the positive control of a joystick, and there are many maneuvers that could benefit by that. I wish the gameplay was a little more forgiving because my finger's moisture level changes over time and I believe that affects the recognition of subtle inputs.

- really good

rare to find a game of this caliber. monument valley is the only other one that comes to mind. i didn't have a problem with the touch and drag interface that others complained about. it's not like you have to touch and drag directly on top of the the character. you can do it anywhere on the screen so it doesn't block your view, and i'm on an iPhone SE which is the same size as a 5. people on 6 or 7 should have nothing to complain about. the game itself is a beautifully designed. the physics of the game is also well thought out. loved playing it for a few weeks. sad it's over.

- Great game, horrible controls

Echoing the previous reviews that gripe about the controls - I'm on an iPhone 6s+, and there are many time sensitive and accuracy puzzles where I knew exactly what I needed to do, but had to retry dozens of times to get through because of the terrible interface. This is not challenging and fun as you develop hand-eye coordination, it's frustrating and dumb when the little guy gets stuck or stops running because the touch screen won't respond to small finger movements. And often if you have to switch directions you can't even see the kid until you lift your finger and reposition it. Replace the stupid touch-and-drag with left / right / jump buttons and this would be way more fun.

- Appreciated Game!

Seriously guys what wrong with all of you? The game is incredible and designed beautiful and scripted uniquely and you complain? I haven’t played a game in 15 Years! Yep you hear that right and Limbo Dazzled! Love it and this is my first review on App Store ever. I just wanna thank you guys for the incredible game as I wish there was more of it and would love to pay more to get more levels doesn’t matter as long as the game have the same script and same elements and design. Thank you! And I would highly recommend the game if anyone just ignore those reviews which doesn’t make any sense. Cheers to you all folks.

- Absolutely love it, except....

Brilliant game. I absolutely love it except I don't know if to a bug in the game or my iPad. I have to delete and reinstall the game every time I play it in order to get the sound back. The sound is great the whole time I'm playing. I go to another app or turn my iPad off, go back to Limbo and there's no sound. So far I haven't noticed any of my other apps losing their sound. It takes less than half a minute to delete and reinstall, but still. Even so, I think this game is worth every penny and much, much better than Monument Valley I or II. Wish there were more like this!

- This is what gives me faith in mobile games

Nowadays where the App Store is dominated by throwaway apps, very few games truly stand out as masterpieces. I have only encountered maybe 5-10 such games in the past 10 years of the iPhone's existence. This is one of them. This game is incredibly simplistic yet refreshingly complex. It represents a challenge well worth the effort it takes to complete it. The game is beautiful and actually has a storyline that adds a personal touch to the quest. One of the best games I've ever played for its content, design, purpose, and execution. There's a reason this is one of the essentials.

- Loving this game now

Don’t know why I had such a time getting to pull the metal elevator box left on the very first puzzle.. it works fine now.. but before the little guy would pull and pull and nothing! Creepy game gets harder as it goes but not too much harder. Think I will finish it same day maybe. Graphics are stellar. Animation and system of autonomous animation triggers is superb and very unnerving st times (creepy). The Shelob-like spider creature is way over the top! Arachnophobes be advised you will jump out of your skin at points if not smash your phone reflexively so better sit this one out.

- Loved it until I couldn’t finish it.

I loved this game, right up until I beat the last saw with the gravity trap and fell through the glass. After that, nothing happens, he just lays there dead while the game sounds keep going. Restarting the game does nothing. I’ve beaten it a half a dozen times by now, but I guess that’s just the end of the game: kid dies stupidly in limbo trying to find his sister. I read a lot of comments about the terrible controls on the iPhone and I’d also like to agree. There were sections that took way more time than they needed to because I had to swap between seeing the character and controlling the character.

- Very 2 Dimensional game

It’s so good at the end but I also think the boy is possibly alive Maybe he had to camp and when he slept all the campers besides Him all others where captured by the spider (arachnid) and webbed into cocoons when he woke he saw not a single one So he decided to go and search for them (this game is so so 2 dimensional thx for 2D! I love 2D games!) To playdead From RaineeWolf (Story of LIMBO.) We get the role of a young boy who awakens finding not a person around. His journey begins. He soon finds dangers amongst this Forest. Those with arachnophobia (Arachnophobia) Are Scared This game will keep you on the edge of your chair 🪑for good He finds a girl who seems to be digging for some object. Ok i know it’s a little strange But then. The forests and caves transform to man made industrial Things. He discovers a rundown hotel. He risks being electrocuted by this Hotel sign because. It’s neon to. so he Has to escape this LIMBO like world for Good all from the girl. She looks as if she is his sister same height (The boy’s name) Pity

- Creepy and Fun

I don’t normally do horror type games, but this is the best game I’ve ever played. I’m only halfway through it and I like how I have to do puzzles to get to the next level. It’s entertaining and it keeps me on the edge of my seat when I play it because there are speed runs in levels. Like the spider ones, that was fun and scary to me lol. I like how their are also like memory based puzzles. Over all this is a very fun game. 5 stars from me, it’s perfectly programmed and great gameplay also. I would highly recommend this to anybody who likes these kind of games.

- Best Smartphone Game I’ve Played

^Ok, that might not be saying much, since my game ‘catalogue’ consists mainly of Angry Birds, various other strategy games, and Blendoku...but this game had me from the very start. Pure magic to play, the music, sound design, b&w theme, and elegantly simple yet challenging puzzles pull you irreversibly into this mesmerizing story world. The only major drawback is that if you are persistent and clever enough to make it to the end, it only leaves you wanting more. Serious BRAVO to the designers—this game was a truly captivating experience and well worth the price, obviously deserving of its many awards.

- Twisted Masterpiece

LIMBO is a amazing twisted puzzle game. You take the role of a boy in the woods, not knowing why you are there. I currently have played the entirety of the game 2 times, since I enjoyed it so much. The game is even beer with it’s element of creepiness. For example, in one part of the game you are wrapped up by a spider, and you have to escape. And then it chases you! It has you wondering every second what will happen next and having wanting to play more. I definitely recommend this, especially to people who love horror or puzzle games.


This is my favorite game I have on my phone!!! I just don’t even know what to say!! Whenever you die, it’s not all gory and bloody. This game is very mysterious because if you hadn’t read the description, you don’t even know what you’re looking for. I have not gotten to the end yet bur I’m more than halfway.. I’m stuck on the level where you press a button and 2 boxes float up to the ceiling!! I know what I’m supposed to do but just not there yet! LOVE the game!! No complaints! Thanks for this amazing games that my friends and I enjoy! ❤️❤️❤️

- Masterclass, Masterpiece, Work of Art

PlayDead’s Limbo is an example of game development we rarely see anymore. They’ve taken gorgeous art and animation, coupled with some of the most heart pounding yet subtle sound effects you’ve ever heard - only surpassed by those few previous moments when the score amplifies the situation. An entire story told without a single word or facial expression- and it’s done by leaving it up to the player. Never before have you felt like you personally are truly the one on Limbo. A perfect game.

- Great game but spotty iPad control

I’ve completed Inside several times in both the original and the alternate endings on my iPad Pro and was quite pleased with the touchscreen response. I just found Limbo and started playing. I’m almost at the end and my complaint is with the controls. Considering the limited number of controls to move the figure and interact with objects, I find the controls very inconsistent throughout the game. Tapping and sliding often do nothing or make the figure do opposite of what I’m doing. I’ve quit playing several times through control frustration. Hopefully, I’ll get through the entire path.

- Outstanding

This game is truly a masterpiece in my eyes. The monochromatic coloring added to the unsettling world and gave it a darker tone than if it was colorful. The lack of dialogue or any easy to grasp story leaves the player pondering on what this world truly is. The puzzles are difficult but fun. If you get stuck, don't look up the solution, keep trying. The sense of accomplishment you get when solving a puzzle is always worth any amount of time spent figuring it out. Limbo should definitely not be missed.

- Great game, pulling mechanics need serious work

Excellent game, loved every part of it. The only thing that kept me from giving a full 5 stars was the pulling/grabbing mechanic which needs serious work. Even after I figured out how to do it, I can’t count how many times I died, or fell, or ended up pushing something when all I was trying to do was grab and pull it. Usually took me 3 or 4 tries before I could successfully grab and pull something. This became especially frustrating when you only had limited time to grab and pull something.

- I really want to like this, but...

As many people have pointed out, although the game is lovely to look at (in a dark way) the controls on this game make it frustrating. I found myself wishing for a mouse or controller. I stopped playing it a few weeks ago because, although I knew what my character had to do to move on, the touch screen controls on my iPad Air just weren’t accurate enough, and after probably 30-40 tries, I just gave up. I came back to it today, but after still getting the same result, gave up again. It’s too bad because it has such great potential.

- Great game except...

This game is great. I am not gonna lie I haven’t played a game that is so good for how silent and Erie. The fact that this game has a story you depict yourself is also something I never would have thought of. The controls are the only bad. It’s hard to pull things and there’s no way to know your successful on grabbing and pulling it is if you see it. If it was easier to do that and you didn’t have to sit for an hour trying to pull a cart then there will be a better game here. I still do like it I’m just stuck because of this mechanic.

- Thanks for the update

I bought the game a lot years ago when I first got my iPad Air 2. But never got a chance to finish it. Yesterday, I received my new iPad Air 4. I found it in my purchased list so downloaded again. I got a little disappointed when I saw the game was not in full screen on my new device and the most recent update was three years ago... However, today’s new update is just on time. This time, I will sit down and enjoy the game.

- Great game. Don’t play this here

I love this game. I enjoyed it until the ending. And yes, the controls messed this game up. I nearly beat the game and then having to deal with the terrible controls. I love Limbo and I totally recommend it. But, please don’t buy it here. Controls can ruin a game, and it ruined it on mobile. I recommend buying this game on a console. I don’t know if I could possibly beat Limbo after writing this review, but if I do, it’ll probably take at least a couple hundred times. I love Limbo and it’s amazing detail and sounds that make the game an amazing experience. But, please don’t buy this here.

- Great game

I had absolutely no problem playing this on my iPhone 6s. Sure, I would occasionally miss a jump, but I always felt it was more due to my finger moving in the wrong direction than a delay on the game's part. I think figuring the game out as you go along is the point. It's a puzzle game. It's not supposed to be easy or always point you in the right direction. I loved the challenging aspect of it and would highly recommend spending a couple dollars for it.

- Extremely clever puzzles

The game is very fun with a lot of unique puzzles and solutions that make you pay yourself on the back when you figure them out. It must have taken a lot of thought to put these together. I really appreciate how some developers can create a game and sell it for a few bucks, while providing hours of entertainment. This is particularly true in the new gaming world of micro-transactions. Thank you for a wonderful game at a very reasonable price.

- Best challenge course puzzle ever invented

What I love most about this game is that when you die, you only go back to the beginning of the current challenge - NOT the beginning of the level! Games have always bored me by taking me all the way back to the beginning of the level and making me repeat everything I had just been through just to conquer one little part in the challenge. This one you cannot get bored with.

- You all deserve a raise

This game is incredible, I didn't really know what to expect when first buying it but I'm glad I did. At times the game can be a little frustrating but that also forces you to think more outside of the box. I like how this game makes you feel alone but not in a creepy way, it just allows or makes you focus and I tend to tune out everything else around me and for a mobile game atleast for me that is a rarity. Great job

- A Sleeper

At first, I didn't get it and didn't understand what to do or what I could do and was about to stop. Am I glad I didn't. Amazing how they came up with this. I had to use walkthroughs for about 8 puzzles but they get more thought intensive as you go along. You die, you come back to life and try again, and once you pass a puzzle, you pick up where you left off. Graphics are really done well and such fine motor control.

- Still Five Stars.

This game was a lot of fun. I absolutely loved the animation and the general concept, which is a boy who seems to find himself in limbo and is progressing toward something, which we find in the story is a little girl. The puzzles are great - not too difficult, but also not too easy. There is a healthy progression of difficulty too, which makes the game even more fun. The only negative things I can say about the game is that it seems a little short (I really just wanted more!) and there was an aspect of the ending which I thought could have been better. SPOILER ALERT! When the boy seems to escape limbo, it would have been better if the world he awakes in and the one in which the girl is living has some natural color. It would make sense seeing as he was in limbo and somehow escaped.

- Cloud save for multiple devices

Absolutely love this game the developers have done a fantastic job. It’s unique and original and a pleasure to play! My only frustration is you cant play on one device and pick up from the same spot on another device....please consider cloud saves so the experience is seamless and I can continue progress on my phone or iPad. I’m playing 2 different games on my iPad and iPhone I wish they were synced! Thx!

- Not for people who don't like bugs

The game is amazing!! Really fun to play except for when you can't pull items which actually happened a lot for me but that was okay. When the spider came and kept coming I didn't really enjoy it because of my huge fear of spiders but the game was so fun and addicting that I kept playing but when the wasp came in chapter 25 I had to stop playing.. so if you have a big fear of bugs this game is probably not for you. Other than that it was an amazing game :)

- Love this game!!!

I would say this game is a must for any fan of puzzle platform games. The game does tell a story as you progress through atmosphere and music, no spoken or text narrative. Puzzles in this game start off light enough and progress to mind bending challenging toward the end (best part of the game!!😁) I played this game on my iPad with iPad controls and game controller. Definitely best played with a game controller. This was a great gaming experience, highly recommended!!

- Extremely challenging - too much

I played Playdead’s INSIDE which I found very challenging but in a good way - was able to beat it without any walkthroughs and the puzzles were tough but fair. LIMBO is weirdly difficult and not intuitive right from the start, and while I love the graphics, I’ve downloaded and deleted the game several times out of frustration with the extremely touchy controls (jumping is half of the way to survive the game and it only works half the time) and non-intuitive puzzles. I’d love a follow up to INSIDE, and wish this game scratched that itch.

- I love it but have a suggestion

This game has inspired me with so many new things! But one suggestion for the game is that he should be able to swim or at least float.I feel that it would at least give the player a bit more advantage when they fall in the water, and if they are able to swim there should be a depth level he can’t get past until he drowns

- Absolutely outstanding

This game is amazing! I love it so much, now I usually don’t do reviews, but this deserves one! But I really hope you guys make another game. I have so many questions!!! Like why is he trying to find his sister? Where is he? Even a dlc would be so perfect! Anyone wondering to get the game, it’s worth it! The puzzles are hard but fun. Definitely worth the money! Please make another game!😁

- Please more.... ❤️

This is one of the most changing and heart warming games ever, no joke. If you haven’t already bought this game you need to buy it and just know this game is completely worth it. I don’t really write reviews for games but I just want to tell the creators please make more! (There’s another one that they made called inside and that ones even better) 😁

- Pretty great.

The ambience and style of this game is great. The puzzles were fun and interesting, and the controls were intuitive. Why only four stars you ask? Overall, the main difficulty of the game is mastering the clunky controls. Were you playing this with a game pad, you might beat the game in under an hour (I think I spent two overall). I can't imagine getting any enjoyment from a replay of this game, simply because once you have a vague idea of what to do in the puzzle, the only challenge left is getting the boy to do what you want, instead of spastically jumping or climbing when you didn't expect it. I would recommend this game at $1, but anything more than that feels a bit much when compared to other games I have played.

- Games great

I admit, this game is pretty darn creepy, but I LOVE it. The concept design for this game is absolutely eerie and beautiful. This game (in my opinion) is in the top charts of best ges ever on the phone. The only small problem I have with this game is the way you move. I wish there was a small movement controller at the bottom so that you could control a bit better, but other than that this game is excellent

- Exceptional

This is by far my favourite mobile game. It’s dark, it’s challenging, and it’s constantly stumping me without frustrating me to the point where I’d want to stop playing. There’s no wait for game play or lives to worry about. No ads or pop ups to Bother my play time. And the imagery is fantastic! Easy to play for long or short periods of time. Truly my favourite game.

- Unbearable genius game!

Absolutely outstanding! This game made me cry (seriously- just the dark and eerie thoughts about the history of this boy...) this is the greatest adventure imaginable. The ending is so difficult, it will take weeks, but it is a freakshow and a honor all wrapped up into a nice crazy and brutally sad story. Absolutely the best ever made. Hands down. Can play this over and over for years to come.

- Neat if you can put up with the frustrating touch controls

It's a visually awesome game. The puzzles are clever, the atmosphere is creepy. But the controls are frustrating to the point of taking you out of the experience. In a game where timing matters, having controls that aren't always responsive cuts the enjoyment. It's one thing to be stuck on a puzzle because you're figuring it out still- that's rewarding. Being stuck because it's not registering a jump is not.

- It’s super good

This game was amazin! graphics, storyline, gameplay, it’s just the best, it may be complicated and so called “hard” but that’s what makes it fun. The searching what to do next and the feeling of accomplishment when completing a puzzle, it’s just an amazing game, the only problem I have with this game is that there isn’t a second part! MAKE A SECOND PART! SECOND GAME! Second game!

- love it.

It’s my first time to cry for a mobile phone game. When I control the boy meeting the girl, I hope to say “you never know what I experienced to see you. “ The primitives, spiders, traps reflect that the boy and girl had lived in forest for a while. The machines, electric saw, worm, flickering light shows that they were forced to work in a factory. The upside down world means the boys suffered in overwork, hunger, and illusion.

- Great game but controls are horrible

I’ve deleted and redownloaded this game 3 times now because I get so frustrated with the controls it drives me crazy and can’t take it anymore. I have an iPhone XR. The game itself is really good but you’ll be playing and then all of a sudden will take you back to the menu when you’re almost done with a level and have to start over. I’ve looked and there’s no instructions anywhere that says what game controls is causing it to do this. Please fix and will be great

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- Hauntingly beautiful

LIMBO is a game about a small boy, trying to find his sister, and his story is told through difficult puzzles and dark chilling graphics. It is definitely a game to be played with friends, for this is the sort of game you don’t want to be playing at night, in the dark, alone. Some scenes are terrifying, and you really want to get the poor guy away from the chainsaws, electrified boards, cunning murderers, huge spider, snares, mind-controlling worms and well, the uncountable amount of things that are trying to kill him. LIMBO was a surprisingly long game and I found it was more puzzle then thrill overall. It’s prequel, INSIDE, which I played before LIMBO, was definitely better in all aspects, but is less gory than LIMBO. But anyways, the game is incredible and was (and is) 100% one of my favourite games.

- Dark, forlorn and fun

Equal parts infuriating and fantastic, this game is really worth the coin. The film noir atmosphere and brutality draw one in to the the netherworld in which Limbo is set, while the gameplay is intuitive and cohesive. Good work to Play Dead, my only gripe is that their new release isn’t available for my device.

- Definitely worth the money

I spent so long playing this and I always looked forward to coming back and playing it. Such a great game that really draws you in and allows you to solve problems in an enthralling and enjoyable way.

- Amazing!

I spent a long time to finish all chapters, but it worth the money and time input. It's quite challenge, so I have to find walk-through online. Hope this developer will produce more games.

- A really cool update

On Limbo you should add a Level editor with All of the things Just like the ones in The main levels Please and also add upside down and down side up

- Amazing!

I enjoyed this so much, I have gone back to play through many times. The puzzles and gameplay are just fantastic.

- Exceptional

Just a beautiful game. One of the few that have totally justified its small cost. Hard to find a flaw with it at all. Hats off to the developers.

- it's litt

just finished the game ending with a happy note. Some challenging puzzles but i got through it , recommend anyone to play it and honestly deserves a five star

- Awesome game

Thanks for this amazing game. It kept me entertained for days, it was hard but in the end, that’s what made it to fun. Please make more levels or even more games.

- This is a great game.

ATMOSPHERE EVERYWHERE! Also, it runs on most devices. It shows some age because it's such an old game, but it still gets updates to this day.

- I got past the money without paying

Fix this

- Limbo

I like this game a lot I’m going to give it a five star as well but it would be nice to have more levels on the game please.

- Great Game

Controls are a little frustrating at times but overall a great game. Fun and unique puzzles. Had my heart racing in some bits!

- Thumbs up!

Felt sorry killing the little fella so many times, got there eventually

- In love

Such an amazing game, haunting yet calming animation and music. Really makes you think.

- One of the best games of AppStore ever!

This has to be one of the best games AppStore ever had!

- Amazing

The best IOS game I have ever downloaded

- Saaheelg

Nice Amazing game

- Bad operation method

Very bad operation method, very hard to is not a feature that good games have.

- Good

Good havent played but im assuming its good

- Interesting but AWESOME!

When I first found out about this game I read the reviews, lots of people said it was quite difficult, I didn't really think it could be too hard so I gave it a shot. This game is very difficult, I did not expect it to be this challenging. At first I noticed there was no tutorial, which I kind of liked, as it is interesting to find out the controls yourself but as I am still going through the game I still do not know the controls very well, I kind of just move my fingers around for a while until I do the action I want. Another thing I noticed about this game, is that you really need to watch were you step, you can't just walk as fast as you can because there are a lot of hidden traps. Before I said it was very difficult, it really is, It takes quite a while to figure out what you really need to do so if you want a challenge this is perfect. This game involves a lot of patients, thinking and watching. I gave this 5 stars because this is perfect for a person that wants a challenge, it has a lot of game time and is definitely worth $5 AUD.

- Phenomenal!

The attention to detail with all facets of the game is incredible. By far, one of the most original and astounding games in the App Store - easily in the top 5, definitely my favorite! A brief explanation of game controls would have been beneficial for starting out, however controls are simple, intuitive and so perfectly suited to touch based gaming. Although there are plenty of resources on the web which will provide step-by-step walk-throughs for each chapter, I encourage you to avoid reading them and instead discover the solutions for yourself. The effort required will be more then rewarded when you find your way through! Tip: If possible, play this game in a darkened room wearing a good set of headphones. The sound effects are awesome and the gameplay thoroughly immersive. You'll probably get a few scares along the way too!

- LIMBO Review (how low can YOU go?)

This game is not actually limbo, sorry fans who love limbo. This is a game. A very dark game, actually. You start up the game as a boy called 'Mysterious Shadow Boy Who Has No Background Whatsoever' but what we do know, is that he is trying to find his sister. Good luck tryin' to find her when you have to fight off giant spiders, cannibals and murderous tribesman. WHO THROW BOULDERS AT YOUR FACE! You go through tons of challenges, when most of the time, you will be stabbed, smothered and getting-hit-by-wreckingballs. It is tough and kind of unexpected most of the time. But this game shows a challenge to whoever plays it, especially experienced players. LIMBO is a joy to play, and doesn't feature any colour, so no, you won't be seeing any beautiful, colourful landscape. You'll be seeing plain old BLACK. But it draws you into the game's dialogue and ties in with the world he is living, which is, you guessed it, dark. This boy just doesn't get anytime off. I recommend this game for anyone who loves games, especially the puzzle and challenging genre. 4/5 stars (So yeah, not a limbo game, just clarifying that. Ok, cool, GOODBYE)

- Super scary I have goosebumps!!!

I love this game and the way the subtle black and white works wonders with the theme. I love how the little boy is black and his eyes are just glowing its genius! I am so scared right now though because I keep dying and things are popping out of no where! Hahahaha this game is amazing though. But I do have a complaint :( Im not very far along with the stages (stage 7) and I fail to see a story line. To me it is a boy running through the woods or as the game is titled 'Limbo'. To gain a better understanding of the game I researched what it is about and the boy is trying to find his sister which is really sweet but there is no text or instruction as to what he is doing which is confusing but the awesome gameplay makes up for it. I am debating whether or not to continue playing and keep freaking myself out or to pick it up again tomorrow... Awesome job amazing game!!

- Like this then play inside

I always wanted to play this but never could be bothered paying (yes I'm cheep) but then I played Inside playdead's pc game that's in the same universe as Limbo and all I can really say is it was one of the most mind blowing games I have ever played and I recommend to all who play pc games. Now to Limbo, I really enjoyed this iOS game very well put together great sound effects and nothing to hard or to easy very well balanced, the controls are pretty good but can be a little bit of a pain at times on a smaller screen like iPhone 5s but still very playable, I really do look forward to what PlayDead brings out next.

- Good Game

Limbo is a great game with a fantastic storyline, as it has come out as a downloadable app I decided to try it. I myself believe it has a very beautiful, creepy, vast gameplay and even though I have only played a small amount, I would love to play more... But this game does have a small problem of wanting to force close all the time, I don't know what causes this, maybe cause it's such a high def game , but it is starting to get annoying. I really do love this game. That's why I rated it 5 stars and I know I will keep trying to play no matter what :) I hope to see some repairs in the next update :D thanks for the excellent game :D

- Brilliant

This game is the best I have played on iPad. No instructions, just work it it out. But unlike other games it is quite logical to work out if you think about it. No unnecessary distractions to make you frustrated. Auto saves are good, when you die you don't have to go back too far. Beautiful dark theme and the sound effects compliment this game. It's quite creepy. Unlike other comments about the controls, I think they are very well designed. You can touch anywhere on the screen to go forward or back and swipe up to jump. It's simple. Beautifully crafted game. Well worth it.

- Never have I ever reviewed an app

But this one needs to be done. I have been on the hunt for some logical, figure-it-out-yourself kind of games ever since discovering monument valley. I found this and was a bit sceptical at first seeing as there was only a left-right-jump control, but my god was I in for an amazingly rude shock! This was one of the best games I have ever endured, the unsettling sound effects, the amazingly simple yet sinister art style, the constantly thickening plot, and the challenging obstacles you have to face! I will be on the lookout for more of PlayDead's games. Highly recommend if you're in the mood for sinister fun

- Very well thought out and executed!

This is a great game! Puzzles are challenging enough to keep this interesting. It's really dark! At first I didn't like that, but it really makes you concentrate on what you're doing. The graphics are simple but elegant and eerily beautiful. The controls are natural and there is no interference from "virtual" buttons (I hate those on touchscreen games! Developers should take advantage of the touchscreen display and rethink their controls, just like they have done with this game. Excellent work guys! I will check out your other work :-)

- Ten Stars

Even better on pad then it was on Mac! Ignore boneheads that rate apps low because they're too thick to understand the app, too dense to use controls, can't afford decent wifi and blame the app for not loading and/or dropping out or load it onto a device that is not compatible because they're too ignorant to read prior warnings cautioning this fact then rate the app one star instead of rating their own intelligence one star. A truly challenging game for individuals possessing IQ above 80.

- Doesn't work on iPod 5.

After waiting a few days for this to download ( I have terrible Internet) I was actually kind of excited when it had finished, so anyway I opened it, said loading, excitement was building, screen went black and it closed. Anyway, I thought it might have been a one off so I kept persisting, wifi on, wifi off, Bluetooth on, Bluetooth off, and no matter what I tried it wouldn't work. I can understand if it was an old app or something but no. It even says "compatible with iPod 5 or later" which I unfortunately believed. And the fact that I wasted good money on an app that doesn't even work. I recommend you guys hurry up and fix it because it looks like a good game but yeah. Extremely disappointed. ~Kneebone.

- Intriguing and Well-Made

This is such a great game. There are puzzles but they aren't so hard that you get frustrated and aren't so easy that you don't have to think. There is a lot of trial and error so you'll need to have a bit of patience and the controls can be a bit confusing and take time to work out but once you've figured out the controls it's great. This game is definitely worth the eight dollars. Highly recommend it.

- Incredibly sophisticated horror puzzle

So much care has been put into creating this game. The mood is eerie, sinister and tense. You genuinely care for the life of the little boy as you battle and think your way around the various life threatening puzzles. The graphics are obviously stunning, but the music & sound effects (often over looked by iPhone & iPad developers) are exquisite in there detail and subtlety. It would be 5 Stars if it was a kittle harder or more levels...hopefully there is more to come! Still, its easily worth the $5 price tag.

- Amazing game!

Limbo was a great puzzling game on PC, in terms of gameplay and puzzle design, as well as presentation and art style. This iOS port is perfect. A little bit of a tutorial or help section would have been good to help start it off, because for a while I didn't know how to control the boy. Now I've figured it out though, and it's very intuitive and easy to use. No digital buttons or virtual sticks get in the way which is excellent. Great work on this port of an amazing game!!

- Woah!

LIMBO is the most immersive and descriptive game I have ever played. It isn't very scary or disturbing so if that's what your worried about them don't worry because this game is incredibly genius. Maybe you could add small collectibles or bonus levels or features. Otherwise this game is amazing and should app of the year. I completely understand why Apple put on their essentials list! Play dead I hope for more to come because limbo was such an amazing triumph!

- Good but... THE CONTROLS!

Ok I played it before on the PS3 and didn't think twice before buying. Love the game and now I got it wherever I go😀 BUT... I go to jump to a rope and I end up running off of a tree, I go to drag some spikes and decide to jump on them, I go to get in my boat and then jump in the water, I go to climb a rope and jump off or even go to jump off a rope and end up climbing it some more. PLZ make a different type of controls and then It will be a 5/5 star game!

- Great game

At times extremely challenging. Lack of colour makes this game somewhat sinister and depressing - dying is particularly awful. Touch-screen controls often frustrating. Very little storyline. BUT... One of the best games I've ever bought on the AppStore. Kept me entertained for hours on end until I had to put it down after seeing myself die the same way 20 times over.

- Amazing

Iv'e only just began to play and it's amazing. I love the beginning just throws you in there and how it's pretty simple in where to go. It's plays tricks on your mind and gets you to really think which I love. The black and white contrast really add to the affect of the game. I'm only up to the spider part and I already love it. Can't wait for inside to come out on device's (yes I watch pewdiepie)

- Yes yes yes!

Love the game. Love the fact I have to figure things out (even though it's sometimes frustrating trying to figure it out!) Really simple, fun and a clever game. In saying that the only reason I didn't give it a perfect score is that even on maximize brightness on my iPad it's sometimes wayyyy to dark in the game play to see what's going on. I'd really love you to make it a bit lighter (without compromising the game play of course) keep it up!

- Terribly disappointing

I heard great things about this game so I bought it. It's quite expensive but I liked the idea and figured I would give it a go. I have never been so disappointed with an app before. I had no idea what to do as it launches straight into the game. Even when I worked it out I was bored within a few minutes. I figured I'd leave it an try it another time and now it no longer opens?! It starts loading and quits by itself. I've restarted the phone, closed all other apps and updated and it still won't work. I won't be buying another game from this creator again.

- Love this game

Omg I love this game soooo much I think you should make a second one and make it the girl and the boy trying to escape limbo together , that would be awesome and to make it easier u could play as the girl and the boy follows or play as the boy and the girl follows and then on some levels you have to use both of them, please read this 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

- Not compatible with iPhone 4???!!!!

But it's a great game. I love the physics and strategic platforming gameplay. I got to play it on my cousin's iPad 2 through purchases, but the problem is... Why isn't it compatible with iPhone 4? I've seen games like Infinity Blade 2 (with AMAZING graphics) being compatible with iPod 4th gen and iPhone 4, but not this?! Please, read your reviews, and take note of games like Infinity Blade 2. If CHAiR can do it, then you guys can do it.

- Creator=Genius

A game which starts without instructions on how to play. Just throws you in there and figure it out for yourself. Creepy background sounds and the black an white horror this as you try to lure yourself to sleep in a dark room and dawn shall come, eyes red for the night went by unnoticed. Talk about an immersive game. (Plays around with your heartbeat btw👍)

- Freaking creepy and Amazing!

When I downloaded limbo I had no idea about the amazing experience I was about to have. Limbo has an amazing creepy art style that I just love! And the spider...well that just gave me nightmares for a week. I totally recommend this beautiful game for all who wish to get that sense of being alone and scared. Such a great game.

- Original

Unspeakably amazing, controls aren't that hard? Only game I ever really liked on ios and I've tried a lot! (and when I say a lot that's thousands) Only bad ratings I can see are the odd occasion that your device crashes, never happened to me, it's pretty unlikely. Well worth the money, a definite replay!!

- Super awesome game

This game is one of the most awesome puzzle solving games and I'm not trying to boast but I'm really good at puzzle solving so this games for me it's amazing and I would recomend that every on should get it I've hade so much fun on it but I think it should have a tutorial of how to move for people who don't know how to but it's super good thanks playdead

- Best Puzzle Game

I remember first playing Limbo on my computer, and when I noticed it as an app I was so excited. I managed to finish the game, and it had the most mindboggling ending with so many questions unanswered. I have never played a puzzle game like this! (Infact, I don't usually enjoy games of this genre!) Keep up the good work, guys!

- Platform game comes of age

It's what you dreamt your 1980s platform games were, but in fact weren't. This game is immersive, gripping, challenging and perfectly suited to the iPad. What the game gives up in colour it adds in spades with detail, mood and quality. Excellent work, when are you bringing another out!

- Favourite game

This would probably have to be my favourite game I have ever played on the iPhone. It has easy controls, a great story line, basic and great graphics and just very unique and different in a good way. The best game and there Definitely definitely has to be a second one !

- Crashes

Bought this for iPad and haven't had any crashes, but I can't play it on my iPhone without it crashing. Also the controls are sometimes hard and temperamental. For e.g when I swipe sometimes it lets me jump high and sometimes it doesn't, so I keep having to do the level again and again. That said, it is a good game. Great concept and visuals, interesting puzzles.

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- Love it

I love Limbo but Inside is better

- EFF da negative reviews...GET THIS GAME!

My wife took a look at the newest game I was interested in and summed it up..."It looks like a modern spin in Mario Bros." Yes, but not at all!!! Yes, but, this game is elegant yet, creepy. It's artistically inspiring yet, morbid and almost too dark at times. It has a Mario Bros similarity, mixed with challenging mind obstacles along the way. It's eerie, yet...lovable and adorable. It's effing wicked! If you cannot work the controls, you are just not a good gamer and quick to judge. I LOVE THIS GAME.

- Amazing game

Graphics and the gloomy vibe are thrilling!!! But since I play on my phone, I think some of the « scenes » are harder to succeed because you have less control than you would normally have if played on PS... I’m forever stuck in limbo in the gear scene... 10 scenes to the finish line... :( Over all very nice. You should definitely get INSIDE if you you liked this one.

- Don’t buy for iPhone!!

Downloaded this after playing Inside - which is great on iPhone. Limbo is beautiful, eerie and intriguing. But it’s really bad on an iPhone. As you get further into the game, you can’t make the character respond quickly or accurately enough with the touch screen. Won’t work with arrows on a Bluetooth keyboard either. I ended up deleting this app angry and frustrated after a week of killing the kid trying to make the same jump and having to go back to the start of a sequence only to kill him again in the exact same place because you can’t get him to make the jump in time. There are no cheats to skip ahead. Lovely game for a different device but deducting stars for this reason. Highly recommend Inside though.

- Limbo is lame

After playing (and completing) INSIDE I was stoked to check out this earlier title, but about 25% of the way through got annoyed at how technically difficult one of the challenges was and after about 50 attempts gave up. INSIDE is more about using your mind to solve the problem, whereas LIMBO is about mastering ultra-precise feather-touches on the iPhone controls. Just isn’t the same kinda fun. Probably a much more rewarding experience on XBox

- Does not work on iPad air 4

I played this on PC a long time ago and I loved it. I purchased this to play on my iPad air 4 but it simply doesn't get past the title screen, hope I get a refund for this.

- There’s a Glitch in the Game

I recently purchased this game and have been enjoying it, but I’ve recently discovered a GLITCH in the game on my iPhone. At the 19th Checkpoint while climbing to the top of a ladder, waiting for water to rise and bring with it a floating platform to jump onto, then use to jump to the opposite ledge...with the white thing on my character’s head that turns him into an almost zombie-like barely moves to the right. I can jump onto the platform, then it freezes up, and then moves to the left on its own, and my character drowns...every time.

- Brilliant

Well written, well designed over all brilliant

- Good game, too short, too much money

Title says it all. It Should be like $1.99. Took me like 2 hours to beat the whole thing. I downloaded this after trying out their other free trial of Inside. I can’t see the game taking much longer to beat so I’m glad I went with this $5 game instead of $12 one

- Don’t buy. Much better games out there.

Glitchy, poor controls. Not worth the money.

- Hasn’t been updated for awhile

After years, there’s still no full resolution support for the iPad Pro 2018

- Controls reder the game useless

I wish I could get my money back. Got well into the game but ended up getting stuck just because the controls were too sluggish, and didn’t respond properly to the actions. The game would otherwise have been great. I finally just deleted it. What a frustration.

- Incredible!

What a game! The attention to detail is incredible, through every fine movement to the last blade of grass. What these artists did with black and white is truly amazing!

- Amazing

Truly amazing game, enjoyed every second of it. Very calming as well. I like the dark tone to it

- Amazing game

Graphics and puzzles to solve are top notch.

- Bonus level

The bonus level is horrible because it tells you NOTHING!!!!! It doesn't give you any special ending, NOTHING just a stupid achievement! But the overall game was awesome just you should change the ending

- Waste of 6 bucks

Frustrating and really not a lot of fun

- Stupid controls

This game is so player unfriendly. ABSOLUTELY NOT FOR AN iPad. I can’t tell you how many time I would try to move the character and nothing. This game dose not translate well to iPad so save your money. Let me put it this way as good a gam as Inside was this is how bad this is. I deleted it even though I paid for it. Nothing but frustration not an enjoyable experience in any way.

- DO NOT BUY IPAD version

The iPad versions controls are poor at best and some of the levels are very hard and will require you to repeat numerous times before success. I have finished this game on a computer many times and was quite disappointed in the poor controls set up on the iPad.

- A masterpiece of a game!!!

Limbo is one of the best games I’ve ever played. I love the puzzles, creativity, atmosphere, etc. I finished the game a couple of years ago and was just inspired to play it again after finishing Inside. I had almost forgotten how phenomenal this game is! Every detail is impressive. Not sure why some people complain about the controls though. I think the controls are easy and intuitive. Anyone who loves puzzles and logic games should try this! It really is a masterpiece!

- Great concept, Buggy Controls

Was really enjoying this game, but at about level 14 I had to delete it or throw my iPad through a window. Buggy controls about drove me crazy.. as game gets harder, you’re finding the little s.o.b. constantly refusing to jump. Was fun for an afternoon, now it’s done fir me.

- Amazing Game!

This game is the best game I’ve played in a long time! So hard to put down! The only complaint is it ended too soon! Please make more levels!

- Buggy and battery wasting

A black-on-black color scheme just means we’re all going to turn our brightness up to max and drain our batteries. The game relies on sound to know what to do (e.g. the trap falling out of the tree), but if you exit the app and come back, the sound no longer plays.

- Really amazing game!


- Amazing Game!

The graphics are incredible and gameplay is very creative! Those complaining about the controls are just not used to it yet.

- Mon avis

Ce jeux est vraiment cool je l'adore mais j'aurais aimé que les créateurs dû jeux fasse inside sur iPad merci

- A classic .

This game now it's a classic game....

- Good game, however...

You should not be advertising "Excellent touch-screen controls" because they are atrocious. Lack of pre-briefing on the subject and lack of quality and responsiveness really make this game difficult to play. Also, warn arachnophobes beforehand, please!

- Great game - poor controls

Just finished Limbo on iPad. Loved the game, the art and dark tone. Too bad that control is sluggish on iPad. Some puzzles are made harder by the poor precision of the control.

- Love it

On of the best games out there.

- Good game

I knew the xbox version, good game, but not long enough..

- Nice

Great game. Please bring us more levels

- Pure beauty!!!

Artistic, creepy, enjoyable game. Congrats folks! This is the most beautifull game i ever played.

- Best game I've ever played

Great atmosphere, great puzzles, made it till the end!

- Amazing!

It's amazing and so fun to play! I'm stuck on a part but it's so fun!! Worth even more than it is!

- Great! Except...

The controls can be extremely frustrating at times but you'll learn to cope. The ending is extremely unsatisfying and left me feeling super disappointed.

- Sucks

I know all the controls but I'm stuck on the spider each time I try to break its legs the third leg kills me.YOU NEED TO MAKE THE GAME MORE RESPONSIVE TO TOUCH!!!

- Lies

Doesn't work on iPhone 4 fix or money back!

- Just ok

Great game, awesome idea. But the controls are awful. Pushing and pulling items needs to be fixed. Otherwise this is a great game.

- so boss

best game ever that i have playd

- No sound?

No sound and no instructions to know what the controls are. Waste of money

- Best scary game ever😎

I love the game. It gives me a creepy, eery feeling that I just don't get in other games. I personally like to play the game in pitch black and with earbuds in.

- Silently Beautiful

This game is one of those quiet apps, where you are hesitant to buy it, but now you can't live without it. LIMBO is eerily remarkable, where the disturbing sounds and images are perfectly balanced by the ingenious problems and easy controls. This is a real review, and I really love LIMBO. Definitely worth the money.

- How the hell do you get past the spider!?

It was hard for me

- Awesome, awesome game!

Played this on PS Vita and Steam. Saw it on iOS and though, Yep. Although the controls take a hit on the touch screen, they have been implemented in a way that takes only a little away from the enjoyment of the game. Love it when a quality console/PC game is ported to iPhone!👍👍

- Beautiful game and story - absolutely worth every penny

I don't take the time to write reviews very often, when I do it's because I've been blown away by the experience. This game has a sinister mood that is well crafted and consistent. The story is told entirely without words and it adds to the ambiance of the game. The controls take some getting used to but I wouldn't consider reviewing it with one star less. Sure it would be much easier with a game pad but your buying an iOS game. So expect to use the touchscreen. Playing on an iPhone 6s the game ran smoothly. Sometimes it was tough to time the jumps just so but it was a blast to play regardless. Highly recommended! Well done guys!

- fantastic.

a side scroller which is quite original and intriguing, great puzzler. also, the ending....superb.

- Amazing app

I would recommend to anyone

- New update is awesome

Stop hating on it when I got the game it crashed 2 and that was it it worked perfectly fine after that :P


I absolutely love this game it is one of my favourite games ever!!!

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Joey Davies

@SibsMUFC @TheFamousCFC_V1 if the vaccines are as good as they're made out to be, then by April I'd expect us to be heading into a summer of relatively normality. But if we're still stuck in this limbo by the Euros then the government have both failed and lied


@OConnorColette @MikeDoy67601209 surprised the city didn't auction that property off......usually, they want the revenue........and do whatever to get that......surprised that's just in limbo there

Larry W. Brown

@KeithM_Photos @USPS That's insane. Mine is still in limbo as well.

Teaching Change Podcast

New story on NPR: COVID-19 Relief Aid Will Be On Its Way, Government Shutdown Avoided President Trump signed the coronavirus relief aid and government spending package after demanding last-minute changes that put the deal in limbo. Congress passed the legislation last week.h…


This weird limbo between Christmas and nye always makes me feel intensely lonely and sad. The silly season can be so triggering 😭

one of those shadow people

@RichardKobiers2 and Trump golfed 20% of his Presidency, including the most recent fiasco, where as 14 million Americans are in limbo. Just feel the racism coming out of this tweet

Ye Wise Olde Witch

@WickedVintageUK It's been a long Limbo of a year! Still Groundhog Day! But empty. And pointless! Apart from this! And I'm going to have a bath and then care! 😄💕

Antitürkische Aktion

There’s something deeply disturbing about finding yourself in extended periods of limbo


What's everyone up to today? It really is like a weird limbo - those few days between Christmas and new year! I've decided to clean out my stock room and organise it a bit better. I'm also photographing some great new stock for my shop which I can't wait to share with you all 💀

KJ Mulder - Worlds in Ink

Living in a limbo of unreality at the moment.

Al Sosa

NextAdvisor: New Unemployment Benefits and Stimulus Checks Are On the Way, Though Payment Is ‘In Limbo’. via @GoogleNews

Queer Vision

Stuck in Crimbo limbo and still gagging for more festive flicks? Check out @i_D 's recommendations for queer Christmas films 👉

⚫️ Brexit Inquisitor #FollowBackProEurope

@IanDunt From Crimbo - to Limbo - to New Year.

Alison Pailing

@GardenHomecraft For a minute there I misunderstood you because Limbo, to me, will always primarily mean the dance - I had an image of Santa trying to limbo under a flaming pole! Hope that image might make you smile too. 🙂

Benji 🎄

@itstacoooo I don’t even think when being in limbo counts for ur time so ye idk, I did play a lot of sb back then. Mainly just fishing and foraging 😂

LIMBO 1.1.22 Screenshots & Images

LIMBO iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

LIMBO iphone images
LIMBO iphone images
LIMBO iphone images
LIMBO iphone images
LIMBO iphone images
LIMBO iphone images
LIMBO iphone images
LIMBO iphone images
LIMBO iphone images
LIMBO iphone images

LIMBO (Version 1.1.22) Install & Download

The applications LIMBO was published in the category Games on 2013-07-03 and was developed by Playdead [Developer ID: 481629893]. This application file size is 127.23 MB. LIMBO - Games app posted on 2021-01-14 current version is 1.1.22 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.playdeadgames.limbo.ios

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