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Drumtune PRO is the only drum tuner app you'll ever need. The optimized drum tuner algorithm is more powerful than ever! Enjoy a fully revamped drum tuning interface and loads of new features and improvements. Drum tuning made fast & easy! Tune your full drum kit to intervals like a PRO. Maximize your sound. Store your drum tuning presets. Recall your signature sound whenever, wherever! Enjoy accurate pitch analysis and precise tone calculation. Experience usability through clear navigation, instant tuning feedback and animated design. You will never need your ears again. Oww yeah!

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○○○ EASY TO USE ○○○
Tune by intuition.The intuitive interface makes tuning your drums easy, fast and fun! Experience a pixel perfect interface to tailor your drum sound! Usability in a sleek jacket.

Use our kit interval calculator to tune all drums in a kit to customized intervals. Define sustain and find head pitch for each drum to create your own voice. Design your ‘signature drum sound’ to express your unique style. Professional sound became affordable just now!

Check the difference between target pitch and detected pitch on an intuitive, clear scale to know if a tensioning bolt has to be tuned up or down. Maximize your drum sound within minutes!

Lug tuner mode assists you with tuning your lugs in the correct order and pattern! Keep track of lug pitch differences. Check which bolts have to be tuned up or down. Match lug pitches to obtain equal overtones and even head tension. Tune on the fly.

Drumtune PRO displays fundamental tone and batter/resonant head pitches in Note and Hz. Pitch differences are clearly shown to ease tuning to the key of the song you're recording!

Design your signature drum sound with Drumtune PRO. Define fundamental notes and experiment with sustain. Create tuning presets for gig or studio needs. Whatever style or kit you play, you will sound perfectly tuned.

Save your tuning settings as tuning presets in your own library. Create as many custom tuning presets as you like. Easy to recall! Recreate your signature drum sound. Whenever. Wherever.

Build custom drum kits. Arm your kits with snares, kicks, toms or floor toms and add them to your personal library. Own as many custom builts as you like and carry them all in your pocket! The library stores your arsenal of tuning presets.

With earphones plugged in, Drumtune PRO outputs the target pitch directly to your ears as an audible tuning reference. Compare your drum's pitch with the reference pitch you're hearing. Train your ears like a pro! (COMING SOON)

◘ Recommended Devices: Microphone equipped iOS device and iOS 8 or later is required
◘ Designed for: iPhone 5 and up, works on iPhone 5 and newer
◘ Will not work on : iPhone 4S and older, iPads and iPods.

•Manufacturer product selection (Evans, Remo, Aquarian)

•Fundamental drum tone (Note/Hz)
•Batter head pitch
•Resonant head pitch
•Sustain indicator (max, long, med, short)

•Automatic display of preset lug amount (#5>#10)
•Pitch difference display per lug
•Active lug selection
•Automatic tuning pattern guidance
•Switch between lug tuner mode and needle display mode
•Lug focus mode

•Tune to target notes/pitches (Hz/Note)
•Accurate pitch difference detection (Cents/Hz)
•Needle & scale display-type
•Responsive tune up or down indication
•Instant & powerful tuning algorithms
•Tuning range approx. 30Hz-385Hz
NOTE drums with a fundamental above 247Hz (B3) may have lug pitches above 385-400 Hz, so these exceed the tuning range.

Drumtune PRO | Drum Tuner App Description & Overview

The applications Drumtune PRO | Drum Tuner was published in the category Music on 2013-06-06 and was developed by Bram Van den Broeck. The file size is 136.31 MB. The current version is 2.0.7 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Drummers, enjoy tuning your drums with v 2.0.7! :D
A big thumbs up for all users that have provided input for v 2.0.7! Your input and support has been of great help. Thanks for generously sharing your drum tuning experience with us!
If you like the new drum tuner improvements, please share your love in an App Store review. Thanks!
If you have a question, need help or have a suggestion: [email protected] Please contact us before writing negative reviews, often we can provide support!

We'll keep on perfecting Drumtune PRO based upon your feedback, so should you have any improvement suggestion or bug issue: simply shake your iPhone, report it to us and we'll be on it. :)

>> WORKS ON: iPhone 5 and newer iPhones.
>> WARNING: iPhone 4S or older devices, iPods and iPads are NOT supported.

°°°°° What is new for version 2.0.7 ? °°°°

>> Added predefined presets. More predefined presets will be added over time.
>> Added Wessel Armando Kuit and Nate Wood as featured artists.
>> Added new brands & series.
>> Added push notifications.
>> Added updates for the drum head packs of the REMO, EVANS, AQUARIAN.
>> Added haptic feedback to head selections.
>> Added predefined presets. More predefined presets will be added over time.
>> A variety of minor improvements were applied, based upon bug reports & feedback from fellow drummers.

°°°°° What was new for version 2.0.6 ? °°°°

>> Fixed a bug that caused a seldom crash in a few models of phones.
>> Added Charlie Engen, Jordi Geuens and Mikkel Villingshoj as featured artists.
>> Added new brands & series.
>> Added push notifications.
>> Added aquarian drum head pack.
>> Added haptic feedback to head selections.
>> Added structure for predefined presets. Predefined presets will be added over time.
>> A variety of minor improvements were applied, based upon bug reports & feedback from fellow drummers.

°°°°° What was new in version 2.0.5 ? °°°°

>> Fixed a bug that caused some models of iPhone 7 Plus to freeze in the tuning screen
>> Fixed a bug that caused some models of iPhones to freeze when returning from the lug tuner mode
>> A variety of minor improvements were applied, based upon bug reports & feedback from fellow drummers

Keep on sharing your feedback with us, we'll listen and improve with your input and support.
We did the tweaking and took Drumtune PRO to the next level, now the drum tuning is yours to do!

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Drumtune PRO | Drum Tuner Reviews


Great app!!  TRC1234567890  5 star

Ok, first of all, you really should spend an hour or so learning how to use this app by reading the tips in the app and definitely watch the tutorial videos on YouTube! There are many really well made videos on there by the app developer that tells you exactly what you need to know to use it properly. The couple of bad reviews on here are from people who simply didn’t learn how to use it which is unfortunate. With that out of the way, my previous experience with something similar but a ton more expensive is a Tune-bot. The process is very similar but the layout of this app is more intuitive and easier to setup kits and whatnot so you can save exactly all of your settings for each drum - head pitches, which heads from which manufacturers you used, etc. You can even export your settings if you want. The app also looks really great too - very clean and professional. It’s cool that it has extras like features like interval charts and stuff. Very handy. It has artist info but I do wish there was gear information and tuning settings for each artist. Not a big deal but I’m always curious about that sort of thing. All in all this is an amazingly good app for those of us willing to take a small amount of time to educate ourselves on its use. A real bargain. I’m very happy with it and looking forward to additional features in future updates. My drums have never sounded better. Big thanks to the dev!!


Waste of money.  braden.nicoson  1 star

Do not waste your money on this app. I bought it (with little expectations) and it failed even the smallest expectations I had. Made my drums sound absolutely horrible. Please don’t waste your money on this crap!


Great App  Blynsol  5 star

I have been searching for a way to fine tune my drums and this fits the bill nicely. The interface is great and the app looks nice too. A lot has gone into this app to function at its best. I am a happy buyer. It is a great deal and I feel confident enough to recommend it to others. Thank you for your hard work on such a well thought out app.


Best app ever  bryanvmorel  5 star

Easy to use if you really know about drums


I am blown away  R-dog.  5 star

I got this app pretty skeptical as to how well it would work with iPhone microphones. I was incredibly impressed with this app's performance. I am a music student in school and have always struggled getting perfectly tuned drums but this has helped significantly! There are still a few bugs but overall, once you get a drum pretty close to what you would think is tuned, this app will help you tune with precision to get the sound you want!


Garbage  AliensSleepAbove  1 star

Figured I'd download this to speed up tuning. Complete waste. I would get completely different readings hitting the same spot over and over. No real app support, I don't know where the other reviewers got it from. Just learn to listen to your drum.


A work in progress  trick001  3 star

The tuner itself works great and it looks like it will eventually have a bunch of cool features. When you sign up they allow you to download expansion packs but there seems to be no way to use the different drum head brands, etc. I can't seem to find any tuning presets available at all, except ones I create myself. As a straight up tuner it works great but it seems to have a good ways to go feature wise. Might be better to not offer these additional features until they are available so people do not think the app is functioning incorrectly. Definitely recommend for straight up tuning.


Top Notch!!  C_9737_s  5 star

I have been playing drums for nearly 30 years. I have tried many of the other "tools" out there to tune my drums. This by far takes the cake! Super easy to use and many helpful extras! You cannot continue trying other products unless this one is next. I promise you, it will be the last one you'll ever need! Great product!


Excellent!  comp1521  5 star

I was skeptical buying this as it seems fairly new, but the team seems to be concerned about the app when you pay the developers have more to put back into the app. To use this you have to be in a quiet room and hit the drum in the same area with steady pressure, but not really different from normally tuning methods. My favorite part is the frequency range and notes given as I like to tune this way. Find a sound you like in the drum head and then use this to even things out. Don't normally write reviews, but really impressed guys! Look forward to future updates

Kitten Poop

Perfect concept  Kitten Poop  5 star

But needs updates, lets get to work guys. I would be willing to pay if the app had all its features in place


AMAZING DRUM TUNING APP  camboss91  5 star

I bought this app after getting a mapex armory 6 piece having no idea about tuning drums. I tried to learn the app but didn't hesitate to ask for some help. I facebook messaged Drumtune PRO and Bram was extremely helpful in so many ways. I gave him my drum sizes and explained how I wanted it to sound then he helped me with a preset that I'm amazed with. There are many other drum kits sounds to choose from too. Highly recommend this app. Honestly.

Steve Hyson

It's a great app  Steve Hyson  5 star

There's no doubt about his being an awesome app. Of all the reviews I have seen, this is just an awesome app. Only thing is that I need to learn how to use it. Do you by chance have any tips on how to use it properly. Thanks Other than that it's a super app. It picks up the tone really well. Recommend it to every drummer


Finally, a great app that works..!  Hhgggcfgfg  5 star

My kit has never sounded this good, once you get the hang of it, makes tuning so much quicker and ACCURATE, when tuning the snare had to baffle the resonant head, also a great feature are the presets always there when you need them. Looking forward to add ons. Recommend to every drummer. Well done guys.


Drummer's best friend  chrismccaig  5 star

Very nice app. Handy for storing your settings for multiple kits. Tuning function works really well and support is fantastic. Keep up the great work guys!


Best app for on the go drummer  GBH73  5 star

Been using it for a while now. Took a little bit to get my head around it but would have to say it's one of the best apps I've used. Seen more expensive apps and gadgets that don't do the same or less than this. Very very happy. The back up support is some of the best I've had would totally recommend.

Chuck Brockman

Excellent App  Chuck Brockman  5 star

This is a fantastic app I found it works really well after you get a basic tone in the range that suits the style of music you are playing and then using the app to fine tune your kit. It was also really good for fine tuning top to bottom head overtones. For a 1st time user you need to have a clear starting point for what tone you are locking into especially with the sound between top and bottom heads as you don't need to isolate the heads for the app to work correctly. I have my bottom head slightly looser than my top head on my toms so it Definitely helped to get an accurate reading and the result was a really clear tone. Also I received the best support from the app designer. I had a few issues to start with and he took the time to troubleshoot my problems.


Thank you, very happy!!!  J-spec69  5 star

When looking at this app I was a bit skeptical but for the price I decided to give it a go. Wow... After getting some tuning information from "overtones" I was able to effectively tune and teach myself to tune my drum kit. For someone who is not a professional drummer (such as myself) it is overwhelming when you start learning how to set up your kit as there is no "standard" way to archive a base setup. If you are like me, get this app. Google overtones and set you kit up in this app to the recommend notes/frequencies. Then tune away. I have learned so much about tuning with this app and give it a big thumbs up. Rock on! Play loud and sound awesome doing it. Thank you Drumtune Pro!!! Jaddon

The Yettie

Amazing  The Yettie  5 star

I can't believe I never thought to do this in the past with smarrt software. This just works, plenty of options with head choice, size and lug configurations, I had a 14" floor tom that I could never get right, with the help of this app it now sounds amazing, I wish I had found this app months ago.


Great app!  groverjones  5 star

Does what it should, allows you to tune drums wherever you are, with heaps of options for drums size, lug numbers, different heads and tuning combinations.

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