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Note: We heard you and we care about you. Crash bug is fixed.

CoinVault for iPhone is the ultimate app for coin collectors. Coin collecting was never so simple. Lose that Excel spreadsheet and easily catalog your U.S. coin collection and carry it with you wherever you go! Easiest way of collecting coins.

With CoinVault you can:
•Look up stats on your PCGS slabbed coins
•Have your coins identified and appraised!
•Save up to 13 fields about each coin, including an image
•Now catalog your paper currency too!

Fields include:
-Graded By
-CAC endorsed

Check out our intuitive interface - almost no typing required. Save a coin in just seconds!

What our customers say :
"This app is "money " I finally don't have to remember all my coins if I'm not at home or don't have my book. Thank you. " -Axl1027

"Best app for Coin collectors" - Adamsmith13

CoinVault - Store Your Coin Collection App Description & Overview

The applications CoinVault - Store Your Coin Collection was published in the category Catalogs on 2013-06-11 and was developed by Semal Dalasania. The file size is 25.14 MB. The current version is 1.5 and works well on 6.1 and high ios versions.

Crash Bug Fix

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Yeah!  Pj3628  5 star



Great app  Jimmy379  5 star

Easy to use.

Mykal Harlow

Excellent!  Mykal Harlow  5 star

Great app for new coin collectors or old!


Not worth the money  J120981  1 star

It's a great way to keep track of your collection, but don't waste time or money on appraisals. They never respond!

Maestro SprinkleKava

Terrible!  Maestro SprinkleKava  1 star

This app would be 1,000 times better if the child work with PCGS, ANACS, NC and the likes then you would know the value of your collection at anytime!


Broken out of box  iCreme  1 star

App doesn't work, can't even add a coin. I want my money back.


Doesn't work, too many bugs  JustAGame  1 star

If I could get my money back I would. DON'T BUY. Only 0.99, but not even worth that. The appearance is very nice, but nothing works. Try adding a coin, and it doesn't recognize that you made a selection. No way to go back to try and select again. Useless. The review button works great! But nothing else.


Outdated  Alchemist608  1 star

Is a decent app for keeping track of your coin collection. Unless you have any newer than 2013. I am unable to add. My newest coins to have a complete digital record. Glad I kept my spreadsheet in excel. If they updated the app it would deserve 5 stars.


Perfect Digital Archive For the Digital Age  brodie7301  5 star

Every collector/investor should invest in this app to always have a dial on your current collection and it's appraised value. It's a lot easier to carry your collection on your iPhone whilst strolling an auction or coin show. For insurance purposes as well you've got a visual record of all certified coins, their every detail and atleast book value. Excellent idea not only for cataloging purposes but again insurance purposes as well. Keep up the great work!


Needs updating!  Iiianbl  2 star

The app only goes up to 2013!! So if you have a coin that's 2014,15,16 your out of luck! & I contacted customer service A couple days ago & still NO RESPONSE , I asked about when or if there's a patch or some Kind of update in the works & once I hear back from them ( IF) I hear back from them then my stars would change to 5 stars if they update it to cover the dates not in the app & from what I can see it's only good for PCgs & not Ngc ECT But does work great to keep inventory of older coins & there appraisals are cheap but I can't say that I have used it yet. I'm hoping they update it soon & I'll make it 5 stars provided that customer service actually emails me back!


Mr.Kyle  Ky627  5 star

Good App


Nice Application  manuelmontesino  5 star

Interesting and really nice designed app. Keep it on. Maybe add automatic values based on coin grade

Chance the Soccer Star

It's alright  Chance the Soccer Star  3 star

It still has a few missing key components. When adding in mass coins, it should save where you last left off, instead of having to go in , choose penny, choose wheat, scroll way down to find the date. Also, for pennies at least, the app leaves out the 1982 and variants, the 2009 variants and it classifies post 09 as memorial when it is shield. Not a bad app but could be amazing with some fixes.


By me  andrewpol99  5 star

I like this


Awesome  Dragongoddess96  5 star

Fun app


Pretty good  Rtmhunter  2 star

Nice for storage but locks up when you try to update saved coins. App is in desperate need of updates.


No proof or mint set options  Jvoirin  3 star

It's a cool app, but it just supports coins and currency - not proof or mint sets. Also it would be cool to have the automated value of current prices. Add these options and I will give 5 stars.


Great app  Wstoddard  5 star



50/50  Jaldri  2 star

Well it appears to be a good app and I really like using it until I started entering coins with pictures now some percent of the time anytime I login to look at something that closes contacted the maker via email answer him a video of what was going on when I open it up I have all the required updates as well as iOS on my system it still doesn't work for me I don't works great for others I just wish it would work for me.

Prince Joseph G

Hmm..  Prince Joseph G  1 star

Totally not what I thought.. The description made it look like it was so much more.. It's not worth .99

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