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Note: We heard you and we care about you. Crash bug is fixed.

CoinVault for iPhone is the ultimate app for coin collectors. Coin collecting was never so simple. Lose that Excel spreadsheet and easily catalog your U.S. coin collection and carry it with you wherever you go! Easiest way of collecting coins.

With CoinVault you can:
•Look up stats on your PCGS slabbed coins
•Have your coins identified and appraised!
•Save up to 13 fields about each coin, including an image
•Now catalog your paper currency too!

Fields include:
-Graded By
-CAC endorsed

Check out our intuitive interface - almost no typing required. Save a coin in just seconds!

What our customers say :
"This app is "money " I finally don't have to remember all my coins if I'm not at home or don't have my book. Thank you. " -Axl1027

"Best app for Coin collectors" - Adamsmith13

CoinVault - Store Your Coin Collection App Description & Overview

The applications CoinVault - Store Your Coin Collection was published in the category Shopping on 2013-06-11 and was developed by Semal Dalasania. The file size is 25.14 MB. The current version is 1.5 and works well on 6.1 and high ios versions.

Crash Bug Fix

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Can’t document some coins.  wolfslayerios  3 star

I purchased this app around a week ago. I have been going through my coins trying to put them in. Is it possible to document these coins. I have a 1984 P quarter but I don’t think I can put it in. There are only 1984, 1984 D, and 1984 S. Do you think you can fix it. Also, is there a way to put in state quarters? I will give 5 stars if you can fix this.

I eat books

Broken unattended app  I eat books  1 star

Do not buy the appraisals. Nobody will ever respond to you.


Great app  G8r4evr  4 star

Great app to have when you can't remember what all coins you have. Would like to have entry areas for date of purchase and purchase price. Also would like to have a wish list. But great app.


Easy and Clear to use!  ShootStr8  5 star

Very happy I made this choice between apps!


Great app. Bugs fixed good to Go!  Falloncollect  5 star

This is the first time I've written a review For any app I've bought. It is that good I have gone to many events to see Morgan's and Peace dollars for sale, only Not to have the list of items I need to complete my sets. This app fills that need. I always have my iPhone in the pocket and with a push of the button, my list of coins in order are there. I also know what grades I have and with the pic option, can see if I can get a better grade coin. 5 stars. Also American Eagles are now included!!


Like the app but needs an update  LBTRIP23  3 star

Nice app. Easy to use just need to be updated to fix some bugs.


Good app but needs update  Neif83  3 star

I really like the idea of this app and it will make it a lot easier to see what I need and what's missing from my collection. It does need updAtes though. I collect United States coins a lot of which come from everyday circulation but I've noticed that the options are not complete. It looks like you can't log anything newer than 2013 also the 1982 penny has several variations you can't log. The 2009 penny had several different backs that you can't log. It needs to be updated at least for the newer years to be added. Maybe make an option to enter the year ourself if it's going to be several years between updates.


Nice  Bing-Bing007  5 star

New to coin collecting.. app seems ok..


Good stuff!!  Mpadilla911  5 star

Easy to use!!


Not working!  SweetSerenity87  1 star

Downloaded the app, excited by the review, just to find out it isn't working. It automatically says I have 8.20 in gold that I did not input and the overview tab won't update my collection price. It remains at $0.00 despite me adding coins. This is highly frustrating and I hope the issue is rectified.

Speedy 43

American coins only - forget the rest  Speedy 43  2 star

Forget adding in any other coins from outside the US and you cannot create/edit/delete the default lists in relation to denomination, states etc.


An alternative to a spreadsheet.  Endorfun86  5 star

I previously used an excel spreadsheet to track my coins, and it worked well. The problem with using a spreadsheet is that maintaining real order is difficult without using multiple pages or files. Coin Vault in its remarkable simplicity solves the issue of keeping order in its own unique way. What would make it fantastic would be an export capability of some sort.


The perfect app... If only it worked  uwmike  1 star

I was so excited to find this app and loaded it onto my new iphone. Everything was going fine as I loaded about 40 of my coins - pictures and all. Then the app began crashing. It now crashes every time - without fail - whenever I try to get back in to add more coins. At this point it is absolutely useless. Is there some update coming to address this? Or is Coinvault destined for a "delete"? Very disappointing.


Great App, crashes way too much  Malawiauwiwoapabvg  2 star

The app and the theory behind it, awesome. But I can barely use it with it crashing SO much. Please fix soon.


Coin Vault App. Failure:  Largecents  1 star

This App. is a good idea but does not allow me to make notations in the separate categories. When I attempt to write my information down it kicks me out of the App. and back to the main screen on my iPhone 5S. For me it's a situation of "epic failure" and will delete the App.


Great App  Loganator5612  5 star

This app is a great app to record your coin collection with. There are some bugs, but there will be an update sometime in the future debugging the app and one adding 2014 coins. *If the app crashes when going to coins, restart the app and go into settings, then it will not crash when you choose what coins you want to see.

I want music

Quality app  I want music  5 star

Very helpful and easy to use

Zombie lovers pizza

Needs a little work  Zombie lovers pizza  4 star

A. Need to add categories for mint sets, proof sets and commemorative sets. Right now it is coin by coin. B. It would be nice to have the ability to make a catagory or add a coin that is not currently in the app C. Needs to be updated for 2012 to 2014 coins D. Maybe a world coin category with ability in insert new items in the add section


Mr.  Deehill10  5 star



Great app  Michael12179  5 star

Very useful and comprehensive

Cowls brisk

Great app  Cowls brisk  5 star

Works great


Good app  Jwmnelson  4 star

Crashes when I try to see my inventory other than that it's a pretty good app hope u fix this soon!

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