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One of the most downloaded exercise apps, with 36 million users in over 160 countries.
App Store “App of the Day” pick in Health & Fitness category.

“As gym memberships can get pricey, Freeletics uses workouts that require no equipment, allowing you to train anywhere.“ - The Sun

“Freeletics is a fitness training app that requires no equipment. The global fitness app market, which includes everything from FitBit to ClassPass…” - Fast Company

Lose weight, get strong or just improve your fitness level with the Freeletics digital coach and tracker. Personalized plans let you exercise anywhere - no gym required. Set your goals, do powerful HIIT exercises and develop a better body in weeks.

▶ A community of 36 million users and proven results.
▶ Hundreds of bodyweight and HIIT workouts, customized for you.
▶ Adaptive coaching, tracking keep your body challenged.
▶ 24 hour fitness: train at home or anywhere, anytime.

Hiit training & fast results:
▶ Get your sweat on, blast fat and achieve a beachbody using just your bodyweight. Abs, arms, butt & legs - our plans covers all muscle groups.

Customized coaching:
▶ 10-30 minute workouts adaptable to your schedule, level and goals.

Flexible activity:
▶ Say goodbye to classes and gym sessions. Get fit at home or anywhere.

Community & knowledge:
▶ Deepen your interest in health, sports and nutrition with hundreds of Freeletics Blog articles - from weight loss and diet myths to weightlifting tips.
▶ Connect with other athletes, join local Freeletics groups & train together.

Premium – the Coach:
Get to work on your abs, legs, butt & arms with a fitness planner. Subscribe for personalized tracking and advanced features:
▶ Take a detailed fitness test for a better coaching experience.
▶ Choose your availability - 2,3,4 or 5 sessions per week. Adapt daily workouts to your changing needs.
▶ Get a weekly plan tailored to your level & schedule.
▶ Receive feedback to track your performance.
▶ Give feedback to the Coach to adjust your training plan.
▶ Access all Freeletics Training Coaches - Bodyweight, Running and Gym, for one price.

Freeletics is a leading brand in the digital fitness scene that has revolutionized the industry since its launch in 2013. Our mission is to make a fit body and healthy lifestyle available to everyone, free of limits. Today, 36 million users across the world train with Freeletics apps on sports grounds, in parks, at home or in the gym.

If you have questions or need any assistance, please contact our Customer Engagement team at [email protected]

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The download and usage of Freeletics Bodyweight is free of charge. Access your personal training plan and further features with the Coach, available in the app with a subscription. Your subscription gives you access to all 3 Freeletics Training Coaches - Bodyweight, Gym and Running, at no extra cost. In order to use your 2 other training systems, download the Freeletics Running and Freeletics Gym Apps on the AppStore.

The subscription automatically renews if you do not cancel it at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your account will be charged for the next subscription period up to 24 hours prior to the current subscription’s expiration. You can manage your subscription and disable the automatic renewal function at any time by adjusting your Apple account settings. You have the right to withdraw from your initial subscription within 14 days of starting it. By purchasing, you accept our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Freeletics - Workout & Fitness App Description & Overview

The applications Freeletics - Workout & Fitness was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2013-06-26 and was developed by Freeletics GmbH. The file size is 184.56 MB. The current version is 5.25.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

We squashed some bugs. Let us know if you find more. Our developers will fix them faster than you can do an Aphrodite.

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Freeletics - Workout & Fitness Reviews


Changed my lifestyle!  Flysesshadoww  5 star

I honestly swear by this app, during freshman year I gained a lot of weight and doing a plan of my choice really helped me lose the weight and get shredded! This app is very efficient and very personalized to whomever is using it. You can leave feedback for workouts which I think is amazing and the overall setup is very accessible. I’d recommend this to anyone! The food plan also really helped.


Excercises are good but app is poor  Makemelifht  2 star

The feedback should be per exercise not per train. I have some difficult to perform some exercises and need more time for others but the platform doesn’t learn that. Really poor tech


Fix your app  unabletodisablesprints  1 star

The app will not let me disable runs/sprints because the button is layered underneath the start now button. So frustrating.

An Enraged Customer

Stole my money  An Enraged Customer  1 star

I paid 35 dollars for a subscription but when I try to use the app it just keeps telling me to buy a subscription no matter what I do! I feel scammed 😡


Challenging but doable  BBearette  5 star

Have been exercising by myself for a while mainly doing bodyweight exercises. Was looking for something challenging but doable. This definitely meets the ticket. Love that you can give feedback about whether the experience is too easy or difficult or just right. I cannot recommend this more highly. Wish that I had started this sooner instead of just being stuck in the same old rut!

شاب مسلم

Great app but......  شاب مسلم  3 star

Why do I need to download each video clip for each exercise? Why not stream those videos! It would be a much faster experience


Awesome Platform, help with surfing.  rayray6405  5 star

This has helped me in so many ways in and out of the water!! I’d recommend this to anyone wanting to better there selves.


best app ever - never had such a body before 😊  RaphaSh  5 star

I downloaded it first time more than 2 years ago, never took it serious because I thought “it can’t work without weights”. Now I’m using it every day since 7 months - never wanna miss it. I feel much more satisfied in my whole life and have the best body I ever had - I’m 38 years old. Big compliments from my side also to the freeletics team also for a permanently improvement of the app 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼


Very Good App  JTinCA  5 star

The app is organized and easy to use, and the workouts are nice. A wide variety of the workouts are available, even without purchasing a subscription. It’s nice how if you cannot perform an exercise in a workout, the app can tell you what exercise to replace it with.


It’s a waste of time  manuelov94  1 star

The worst app I ever try. Don’t waste your money it is make non sense to buy this.


Poor sign up process  G.Bear_121980  1 star

I tried to sign up for 12 month subscription with a voucher code, accidentally pressed 6 months and the payment immediately got processed. I have tried to get Apple to change my subscription or to refund so I can start afresh and their automatic responses just tell me I am not eligible for the refund or changes. Not happy. Plus to cancel the subscription is way too difficult- comes across like the cash is more important to them than actually contributing to their clients living healthier lives


So boring, rip off  clurpark  1 star

Not a fun way to train, there are way better apps. Need verbal guidance on the exercises, you aren’t going to bother looking them up before you exercise. Little variation of exercises, just high reps. Shoot me now They also don’t warn you when they are about to take your money. I stopped using this app after a couple of sessions, tried to cancel my subscription (which you can’t do on your phone you have to go to the website) , forgot about it and now they’ve taken my money and won’t refund it.


Misleading name.  cacrus123  1 star

I was so excited thinking someone finally made a free app to help people who don’t make that much money. I got to the end of creating my plan to be asked to pay $130 to continue! Deleted the app straight away. So disappointed.


Amazing  JasonT07  5 star

It’s cheaper than a gym membership and totally worth it if you actually do the workouts.


Terrible & inconsiderate service.  tricianvdp  1 star

I have used this app ever since it was still free and I have mentioned it to friends and have liked it for years now. I bought the 3 month program at its full price on the 1st of april but haven’t had the chance to even start the program. Haven’t even pressed the ‘continue’ button at the start page. I then received an email at the 17th of may telling me that my subscription will expire on the 30th of June. Now, I was surprised cause I haven’t started the program and was never informed that it starts upon paying. If I had known, I could have started right away. I emailed them asking if I could have my subscription moved since I’ve never even used it and so I could have my money’s worth but they wouldn’t let me unless I had a medical certificate. I just feel like I’ve been scammed now because they won’t even consider. I think its only fair that I am to get what I paid for.


Can’t log in  Markvd_linden  1 star

I have just paid for a subscription and on the second day of the app wouldn’t open up to my program. I logged off and reinstalled the app and now I can’t log in at all. There is no where for me to contact you? Can u please me please??????

hsha efauv

Horrible  hsha efauv  1 star

Name is extremely misleading I couldn’t access any workouts or plans for free. No free section is available nor is trial. It’s deceiving.

free userss

Needs wifi to get anything done.  free userss  3 star

With Freeletics they keep requiring me to get wifi


Not one free exercise  Ghostrider7au  1 star

Guys, why is there not even one free exercise to try out this App? Asking someone to pay $179.99 up front for 12 months without seeing a single workout is crazy. At least allow people to experience ‘something’ before asking for money.

kostas hallo

Thanks guys! Great app.  kostas hallo  5 star

Please stop the clapping at the end? Or at least give the option to disable it?


Good programs great design  Andrewjmark  5 star

It just the best. The layout is very strait forward. Small edits that I would like for them to have added have been included in the last two versions. The subscription isn’t cheap but I think it’s worth it, especially if you don’t pay for a gym subscription and use it every week.


Has changed my life and body  Organ1685  5 star

This app has been the perfect addition to my busy lifestyle. It pushes you to the limit, but the results are real and lasting. No gain without pain.


Great with some small issues  joshtidsbury  4 star

Really love the app, and the workouts have been fun and challenging so far. But there are some minor tweaks that would make it a lot better: - My calories and move metrics seem to be getting double counted. Not sure why. This doesn’t happen with other apps that write to Health - The app on the watch doesn’t fire up automatically when the workout starts on the phone. I know this can be done, as other workout apps do it, and it’s much more convenient - When moving from an exercise that is rep based to one that is time based, it would be very helpful to have a brief countdown before starting the timer. For example, pull up holds are impossible to start at the same time as you press the start button. Overall, great app, and excited to work through the first 12 week program!

Five Fngr DP

Incredible App and training product  Five Fngr DP  5 star

Incredibly tough work outs for each level of training. I used to be an avid weightlifter but have completely changed and am addicted to body weight training. Great Product!! Get the coach for sure!!

U2 rocks - get it on Adam!!!

Easy to use  U2 rocks - get it on Adam!!!  5 star

Well thought user experience. Can modify easily (e.g travel may alter available equipment so you need to modify that workout) to accommodate circumstances


Really tough, quality workouts BUT...  Sirladytron  2 star

The calories burnt approximation seems high? I use this app while wearing my Apple Watch and the calories burnt on my watch seems astronomically high. I hit my 710 daily move goal almost instantly. When I used the Nike training club app, a longer 45 min workout would maybe max out at 400 calories burnt, and the remaining calories I would burn moving around during the day... A 30 min workout with Freeletics awards me upward of 500-800 for a simple core conditioning workout. It doesn’t make sense and I think it’s artificially inflating my activity stats.


Misleading app name - by design?  AsiaValue  1 star

Thought it was a freemium site based on app name but no way to test it out first and in the meantime it has obtained user information.

Joseph Washburn

Beware of this company scam  Joseph Washburn  1 star

I purchased the yearly membership last year feb 2018. Decided the app wasn't for me in July and canceled the app. Feb 10th 2019 another charge for a year came out of my account. Now company isn't willing to refund the money. Would rate 0 stars if it would let me.

Jelly destroyer

Still learning how to use it  Jelly destroyer  4 star

Very good app. Finally coach is starting to circle back my feedback. It would be nice add non planned exercises, like a weekly 5k or 10k run or 2h of alpine sky practice, to the the training plan. There is a Freeletics “run” app. No idea on run link both apps. The learning curve is not so obvious.


No Good Free Material  BurtFatkins  1 star

This app is misleading and frustrating. There is nothing of value within the app that is free - if you want to get anything out of it you’ll have to pay. Hardly “Freemium”.


‘FREEletics’  Sniperxredfire  1 star

I love the way it’s called ‘freeletics’ when it actually isn't free at all,exept for a few exercises and a timer which is basically on most apps, i would advise people to use the apps p4p (passion4profession) as they have alot more variety and just generally better


Looks good but deceptive & hacked  Scruffy54  1 star

Looks great, lovely visuals but within 45seconds of using you’re prompted to sign up with payment for actual personalized plans. Otherwise it’s just some videos showing exercises that you probably already know, oh, with a timer. Worst thing was after verifying email address I started getting spam spam spam and more spam within 1 hour. 52 emails in 24hrs after verifying email address. Mostly telling me how to lose 50lbs by drinking a manic potion type rubbish. Seems this company either sell your email address or their data base has been hacked.

Johan De Ru

A must have workout app  Johan De Ru  5 star

Great workout program. Really brings you to a point that you just can't wait to exercise.

Shane Mitchell

Great  Shane Mitchell  5 star

Great app

HA Gugagix

Great free Bodyweight training routines !  HA Gugagix  5 star

A great service for absolutely free ! I am benefitting from this app and haven't payed a dime . Definitely the best free bodyweight training I have used to date .


The BMW of fitness apps  Juan&Owen  4 star

The original Bodyweight fitness app, now in a suite of three, is still the better one of the trio. I'll hold one star back for when they give the user more control for viewing performance improvements, exporting workouts, or restarts after long absences.

Claire T D

Perfect for No Gym Training  Claire T D  5 star

Love this app!


PerryThePlatapus  CookieinaCup  1 star

App keeps crashing every time I try to get started either by fb or by email


With out a bought the very best.  ryansheepcoote  5 star

It really makes working out and feeling good about yourself easy.!


From day one 5*  kraxzq  5 star


Freeletics - Workout & Fitness Comments

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