Desmos Graphing Calculator

Desmos Graphing Calculator [Education] App Description & Overview

Explore math with the fast and powerful Desmos Graphing Calculator. Plot any equation, from lines and parabolas to derivatives and Fourier series. Add sliders to demonstrate function transformations, create tables to input and plot data, animate your graphs, and more—all for free.


Graphing: Plot polar, cartesian, or parametric graphs. There’s no limit to how many expressions you can graph at one time—and you don’t even need to enter expressions in y= form!

Sliders: Adjust values interactively to build intuition, or animate any parameter to visualize its effect on the graph.

Tables: Input and plot data, or create an input-output table for any function.

Statistics: Find best-fit lines, parabolas, and more.

Zooming: Scale the axes independently or at the same time with the pinch of two fingers, or edit the window size manually to get the perfect window.

Points of Interest: Touch a curve to show maximums, minimums, and points of intersection. Tap the gray points of interest to see their coordinates. Hold and drag along a curve to see the coordinates change under your finger.

Scientific Calculator: Just type in any equation you want to solve and Desmos will show you the answer. It can handle square roots, logs, absolute value, and more.

Inequalities: Plot Cartesian and polar inequalities.
Accessibility: Read and edit math using a screen reader or a refreshable Braille display, and use audio trace to explore graphs and data through sound.
Offline: No internet access required.

Visit to learn more and to see the free browser version of our calculator.

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Desmos Graphing Calculator Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bug fixes and localization improvements.

Desmos Graphing Calculator Comments & Reviews

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- Great but could use one extra feature

I’ve frequently used this app all through high school and college, and found it pretty useful save for one relatively minor flaw. When using it on an iPad Pro, I’d rather be able to use a Smart Keyboard than the in-app keyboard to type stuff in, especially since I don’t have to switch modes somehow to type letters instead of numbers. Hopefully a later version can account for this.

- Wonderful for school and understanding how formulas work

This app is wonderful and a large part of why I don’t hate math and now actually understand what I’m doing. I can check my answers agents the original problem to check my solution and through messing around changing signs in an equation I am been able to visualize equations that would otherwise be as number soup to me. I can’t wait for possible future updates it would be useful to be able to have an option to see the center points of conic figures as well as the foci. This is a great app and well made and I hope to see future improvements such as this.

- Awesome but needs additional features

This is the best graphing app on the store however updates containing new features are scarce. I think support for more greek letters as variables would be great, as well as an option to whether, for example, π or e are treated as constants or variables. The Lambert W Function would be awesome (F⁻¹(xe^x)) and also the Riemann Zeta Function (convergence of sum of 1/n^x from n=0 to infinity). The ability to put minuses and plusses in subscript. The addition of the gamma constant ~0.577 and the omega constant which is the principle solution to 1 = xe^x.

- The greatest there is

I’m a university math student and as such, I’ve had a deep appreciation for Desmos since I downloaded it in high school. The incredible amount of functionality in this app is truly what sets it apart from anything else I’ve ever used. From implicit curves to parametric equations, from multi variable integrals to combinations/permutations. As it is, Desmos registers f(x,y)=g(x,y) as an implicit curve and even r=f(θ) as a polar curve. The one thing that would make this app unstoppable would be the ambitious feat of registering complex numbers. If this is ever accomplished, I think I may die.

- Amazing, plus, here’s a lil’ tip

This app is amazing, I use it all the time and its pure calculating power along with its saving graphs feature is why I’ve never even thought of deleting it ever. But here’s a small tip for all of you reading this: It may seem that there is no antiderivative feature, but that’s actually wrong. To be fair, you’ve got to know a bit of calculus to know this one, but it’s a simple trick. To get antiderivatives, you’ll need to utilize the first fundamental theorem of calculus, which says: ₓ ∫f(x)dx=∫f(t)dt ᵃ Where a can be any constant. So if ya need indefinite integrals of functions, use that format. Don’t worry about the value of a. Remember that a +C is added at the end of each antiderivative because it is not needed to calculate regular derivatives.

- Amazingly practical

Disclaimer: not an expert. Using a graphical calculator first time in my life. For all I care, I carry functionality with me in the same device I use to browse the web, text, call and communicate with others. As far as I can tell the functionality is super intuitive and seems to be working along with my exercises in the college level book I am reading. Terrific tool indeed!

- Just what I needed

After trying all the different graphing calculator apps available here I finally ran into Desmos this week. I can’t believe it, this app is awesome for my calculus work, better than any of the paid calculators here. My only suggestion would be a floating input panel, because when using on an iPad in portrait view, the input is at the very bottom and very small.

- It could be nearly perfect by adding a camera

We all know typing big problems takes forever and if the app creators can add a camera to scan the problem it would save sooooo much time. Other than that the app is amazing. It automatically changes from degrees to radians which is always appreciated.

- Can’t find intercepts!

I love Desmos. I really do. It’s hard to find a replacement that allows you to graph multiple functions. Right now, as I am preparing for my AP exam, I am so incredibly frustrated that I can’t hold down on the screen to identify a point of interception. In the past, this feature worked without a flaw, and now, I have to zoom very close into the graph to find the intercept myself. Please, amazing desmos engineers, fix this feature! And I will love the app unconditionally once more :)

- Desmo review

This app is fantastic for algebra students who don’t have a graphing calculator. I just wish it had or more simple look and give the user a quick tutorial on how to use the app to better understand it. Just to make it easier for beginners in algebra or difficult mathematics in general.

- A Fantastic Helper in Understanding Math

It is a great app for graphing. I had searched a lot and tried so many apps until I found this one. I have been using it for a few years now, and it has always been handy. It helps me to get a better understanding of functions. I also have it on my iPad!

- Great, but could use one small addition.

The app works very well and I am quite satisfied with it, but if it could include an open spot where a function is undefined, that would be nice. The graph will show that it exists, but if you hover over the value, it shows that it does not exist.

- An absolute joy to use

Everything about this calculator is wonderful. It’s one the most powerful 2D calculators i’ve seen. The UI is intuitive and easy to use. The only feature i’d recommend is the ability to enter polar equations in more than just r= form.

- Great!

My math teacher LOVES Desmos, and it’s a huge help in class. Regular graphing calculators are kind of a pain for finding maxes, mins, intersections, or really any points, but desmos makes it super easy! My only thing is it would be super helpful if the graph included a point for the point of inflection. But seriously, great app!

- Good, but

The app is great, and I would highly recommend it. That being said, it would be great to have an option to change the keyboard size. Right now it is almost unusable small.

- Great app, but missing advanced math features

First of, it really makes me mad how they just made 2 black strips on top and bottom for iPhone X. Next, I’m very disappointed it offers no support for complex numbers. It is missing many other important things in advanced math, like vectors.

- This is a great graphing calculator

This is one of the best graphing systems there is on the app store right now. Most of the other calculators either are absurdly complicated or just don’t have a user friendly interface. This graphing system is really amazing.

- Super

I’ve been trying various graphing calculator apps. This is the best one I’ve found. The online tutorials are great. There is so much functionality built in that I would highly recommend reviewing the tutorials. My search for a Calc is over.

- Awesome, but some slight issues

Formatting can be kind of annoying to understand sometimes. Could use some more tutorials. Also, DO NOT SIGN IN!!! Signing in breaks the app! If you sign in, you can only press one button and then the app becomes unresponsive. Absolutely ruinous bug.

- Great app

It is leagues beyond traditional calculators in schools, TI-73, TI-84, TI-83 are all nothing compared to this FREE phone app. It can make and hold simple variables, graph almost anything, and has easy to understand messages to show errors. It is the only calculator I trust to make and manage phone calls.

- Yeah sure

This app works pretty great considering my middle school math teacher told me to get it. I only know how to do a couple of things tho, since I’m only in algebra 1 advanced, so idk if some higher level things work or not.

- Polar Graphs

I love Desmos. It truly is the best graphing calculator around. However, the inability to make a function out of a polar equation really takes away from the experience, as it makes putting in input values for polar graphs impossible.

- Desmos is hella useful

I have used this so much and it has been incredibly helpful for me in my exploration of math. My only issue and why I didn’t give it five stars is that I wish I didn’t have to sign in again every time I opened the app.

- It’s just great

This is a great app. It’s good at doing graphing, it’s good at doing math, and oh boy is it good at entertaining. There are so many equations that look normal and then just go in insane directions. My personal favorites are y = sin(xy) and y = sin(√y**√x**√y)x. The latter gets a bit messy(** means power).

- It's pretty good

Maybe I'm incompetent, but when you're dividing things in the app and it's in a decimal form there's no option to turn it into a fraction like on the website. It's a little irritating, but other than that it works great.

- Jug

Yes yes but it was the first day of school and then come home and I have a good night I love Minecraft is my birthday I am so sad to have a baby I am going home now I am so sad to have to do you wanna was a really nice night I love Minecraft you know!

- Glitching recently

Whenever I use this app, go to another without closing this one, then come back to this one, the app is almost guaranteed to freeze. Then, when I close and reopen the app, any functions that I have graphed are gone. I'm only giving this two stars because this wasn't a problem until recently.

- Amazing.

This is an excellent app. Help you all the time and you can see the points in the graphic, really helps when you are looking how many zeros there are in the equations.

- Frustrating

The fact that if you insert a division symbol into an equation it automatically makes the denominator a blank box is ridiculous. I need to be able to place an in-line division symbol, so I don’t have to retype everything in the box.... and I seem not to be able to copy or paste things in the app for some reason

- The best. One small suggestion/request!

Everyone I know I’m the math department uses Desmos. It’s incredibly user friendly and versatile😀 I was stoked to download it on the iPad. One small request- please put in a theta key (for polar equations)!

- Amazing

I always used to use the website to help with graphs, and the app promises all of the features of the website and works beautifully!!

- Play all the time!!!

So basically, my friend Ryan and I always play this game when we are bored. It’s really fun to just put in some wacky equations and see the outcome!!!! I love you Desmos! Marry me please (lowkey tho). ❤️

- Absolutely Phenominal

This app has saved my grades hundreds of times over the past few years.

- I love this app

Currently, I am procrastinating my AP calculus homework to write this, but I wouldn’t be able to it without Desmos because I don’t have a fancy calculator at home.

- Great App

This is my favorite graphing calculator but the one thing i think it needs is a button to save the settings that i change for future use.

- Matt teacher approved

This is the only calculator I have my students use in class. Love it!! Super user friendly and does almost as much as the expensive TI calculators.

- Easy To Use

Fantastic utility; I’ve been using the desktop version for years, I strongly appreciate the simplicity and ease of use.

- Works Great But...

The app works great and graphs lines flawlessly but on my iPhone X the top and bottom of the display are cut off so if that could be fixed in a later update that would be great

- Logs me out every time I close the app

Signed in with Google in the app, but after closing the app, the app will forget who I am. I have long account log in credibility, so please don't do this to me!

- It’s Desmos.

Wish I could use the standard phone keyboard for inputs since I’m used to the desktop version, but otherwise the same Desmos we’ve come to love.

- Love Desmos, but terrible for iPhone

I think Desmos is fantastic, and works so well on the iPad or computer. Just don’t bother using it for an iPhone. The buttons are so small that it isn’t worth your time and there is no landscape mode. Not really their fault but I would love to see a port with those features

- Love it, but I have suggestions

The app is great, it’s user friendly, simple, and functional, but there some things that could be added to make it even better Phi: could you add the number ϕ for the golden ratio so you don’t have to put g=(1+√5)÷2in order to get it Could you add the ± and ≈ symbols for more “ambiguous” functions Could you add Boolean function symbols like ¬(not), &(and), ∨(or), and ⊻(xor)

- Desmos is amazing

This app is so great and has been a staple for a long time, though the desktop website is better. Desmos is #1.

- It wont save

I’ll admit, demos is a great app. But when I graph a picture and press save It doesn’t actually save. When I press save and go out of the app, the next day everything that I “saved” is literally gone.

- Cool

This app is helpful and amazing. I just think we should be able to draw lines or connect points with a line. That would be the best. That’s all.

- Spectacular

This app is fantastic and does everything I wanted it to. Thank you for the simple graphing calculator!

- Flawless

This application works so flawlessly, I cannot wait to see what is next!

- I love this app

I love this app it makes algebra so much easier with this app I just about use it everyday in math

- Great app but…

Whenever I try to get I to the app, it either crashes, or doesn’t let me in. I use des is on the computer all the time, but when I needed a relient portable calculator, the app didn’t do much.

- Where’s the yellow?

I tried to make a rainbow graph but there was no yellow and therefore I couldn’t. The best solution is a color wheel selection tool so graphs can be whatever color people want them to be. I gave this 2 stars though because the domain tool is nice.

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- App specific feature requests

This app has a very intuitive and quick user interface. It is very easy to input variable names due to the automatic subscript of numbers. However, there are a few simple improvements I believe would add convenience and usability. 1. Copy-paste functionality. There are many times where we have to use parts of equations which aren’t defined as functions. Copy pasting would make much more sense then retyping everything. I also can't figure out how to put an expression under a square root, I have to retype everything in order to put it under a square root. 2. Ability to scroll left and right in large inputs, to view long equations without having to resize the input area. 3. Multiple colours for lists. Currently, if you use lists like in the curve stitching example, all the generated outputs will be the same colour.

- Great app but could be even better if...

As a student I use this app every day. Its functionality is great however I have found that if the graph is zoomed in far enough, it crashes the app. Also, as the round brackets option creates a set of brackets, why list them individually? If they were grouped there would be more space to put other important functions. The braces could be put in the location of the second bracket. Also it is currently difficult to create an nth root, a button could be added for that. Finally, there seems to be no golden ratio, or am I missing something? The τ option seems to be 2π. Overall, great app, and would be even better if you could save it to your Desmos account.

- Excellent App!

Does everything I need and more! Graphs everything from exponentials to logarithms! Lovely interface too

- Get this app lads

Brother,,, is it LOOP time yet?

- Try it


- Great app, but could be better

With the ability to save like the web version, and the ability to use imaginary numbers, desmos would be the most amazing app ever.

- Don' t use Desmos, DISCOVER Desmos!

I love that Desmos is not just a graphing calculator! Desmos teaches students and teachers how to discover the power of mathematical relationships through play, experimentation, and ultimately through making connections through an iterative, failure and improvement process. Desmos empowers curiosity, asking questions, persistence, precision, resilience differentiation, and a growth mindset- everything a mathematics educator strives for. Desmos makes learning and teaching FUN, through a platform that is mathematically and technically relevant and appropriate for a school setting and accessible to many ages.


This app works amazingly. Though one small issue the interface can be a bit better cause when editing for example a definite integral it's very hard to edit a and b on the integration sign. Please make fix that thanks!!!!

- Awesome for Engineering

Great app!! I'm studying Elec Eng and is great for math functions and equations. Only downside is it isn't linked to the account online so I can't save or access my plots. Hopefully we will see this in a soon-to-be update.

- If you teach or study maths, you'd be crazy to skip this.

Über powerful graphing in a clear interface. The more you use it, the more you see you can use it. Awesome.

- Brilliant app - and you can print from the phone if you have a wireless printer

I have a CAS calculator I am still learning to use but this beats usability hands down!

- great free app

It's easy to use and it makes explanation of regression to students so much better. Thanks for the app! Is it possible to make the entered data or file exportable?

- Best Maths App

This is the most versatile app for almost all aspects of high school mathematics. Extremely intuitive interface too.

- Magnificent!!!

Log in and save your work. Go online and find awesome activities for your class!!!

- Simply Awesome

This app has no flaws, it has made extension maths even better than it already was.

- Perfect on 1 point

Perfect, works like a machine, but would like to see support for split screen. Would be awesome to have this app work besides my school workbook!

- Saddened

I must say this is an amazing app. It is versatile, and covers everything I need graphically. However, it is almost unusable as it crashes whenever I try to resize a graph, or zoom in or out. If this could be fixed, this app would be the best graphing app I've ever used.

- Ms

Thanks! It's the least annoying and useless, I give it to it- it's really really good. Leaves the others for dead. Def the best. Thanks !! iPhone, iPad.

- It's good but...

Demos is good in picture but in Practice it doesn't work so well, they don't have the space bar you can't plot graphs either I recommend this app but it really desmos needs to iron it out

- Happy

Great app guys, but my only suggestion would be to add account support so I can use my graphs from the browser, but aside from that very happy

- Best graphing app on the App Store

Even in VCE methods I find this to be easier than my CAS calculator, does everything beautifully.

- Desmos app

Used the desmos on line and has absolute value, down loaded app and can't find it. Just annoying to have to go on the internet to keep using calculator


Dial 'A' for AIDS. It is that bad. It will give you AIDS. Don't think it won't. It won't give you Ebola, as the other very smart person said. It will give you AIDS. Na jk it is ebola

- Excellent

Love it. I use it in my classroom all the time, and recommend it to all of my students

- Best maths app . . ever!

This has to be the best maths app for high school I've seen. My colleagues have been blown away by its flexibility and power.

- Perfect

Everything I need at a year 11 extension mathematics level. Just perfect!

- The best graphing calculator

I found it the best in the App Store try it you won't be dissapointed

- Perfect!

Amazing app with everything I need! and free too. Thank you!!

- I love this

It satisfies all my graphing needs. Way better that the ti calculators

- Graphing app

This graphing app is great it can graph pretty much anything, very happy with it.

- Perfect for me

This is the most stylish graphing calculator out

- Nice app

Really really nice app, download it and develop it more Trust me

- Great app

I love love it!!! This is the best app. Highly recommended

- Disappointing

Would be great EXCEPT for a glaring problem - any work or collection of graphs and equations CANNOT be saved, forcing users to repeat typing in equations every time the app is opened.

- Best app ever

Absolutely good.

- Hope this works


- Amaaazing

Thz itz ammaaazing hp very1 iz liking it

- A gem!

Free, no ads, unrestricted, does scientific calculations and graphs. Perfect for my year 12 specialist maths course!

- Amazing

The best....

- SirSpookleton

Very good, very good indeed

- Meh


- Nice app

Nice app

- Do not download

My kids thought this game was very confusing. I am mad cause now all they wanna do is say what is 2x576034+856239. Doo doo app in mine and my wife’s opinion

- Beautiful, free maths

Beautiful, free maths

- Smells

It's smells like maths

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- Best Graphing App

As a student, I used this app often for quadratics optimization. It is completely free with all the important features, and works across all devices. The only technical complaint is that it logs you out every time you reboot your device. Additionally, while it is not entirely its fault, I failed my quadratic regression unit test because I used ‘=‘ instead of ‘~’. If only it showed me what went wrong like a spell check...

- Great app but needs one (maybe 2) thing(s)

I’ve been using this app on my iPad for a while now but forgot it at home today so I had to it one my phone and signed in. It works fine, would recommend for math classes, easy to use (the only thing I had troubles with was getting the number to be negative, but figured it out quickly). The only thing I want is to make it possible to turn into landscape mode by rotating the device (like in the calculator app on Apple devices) It would make things easier and more comfortable Another thing I think would be nice is the ability to keep the square zoom thing on. (Like how when you zoom in or out, and put your fingers on the x or y axis and it stops being a square graph and the boxes are rectangles) I would like to have the ability to turn off this annoying setting without going into the settings and pressing ‘Zoom Square’ every time I zoom in/out

- Yes

I like it😫🍆💦

- Yes

I like it 😩🍆💦

- Musty app

This app is on something how tf x=5 go on 3.5 and not 5 where 3.5 come from mf 🤨🤨 pushed my pet fish off the stairs too rip Deshawn 😔💔

- Amazing

I have used Desmos since Grade 9, and absolutely love it. From being able to map out reciprocal functions to derivatives, it helps me understand the concepts so much better. I would definitely recommend.

- Latest update ruined it.

I'm sure I'm not the only one that still holds an iPhone 5, the update made it no longer support my device, what am I supposed to use for math class now?

- Qllo

Me likey🍑

- I have an OCD now

This makes math actually fun

- Best Graphing App Ever!!!

What can I say? It's the best graphing app in past, present and even in future!!!

- Amazing to use

I’m only in grade 9 and I’m already finding this great. I can’t imagine how much more this will help me later. Right now I’m just using it for finding the intersecting point. Thanks for such a great app

- Accessible!!

I just installed this but haven’t used it much yet but was soooo excited to see that it is accessible! Kudos to the developers for thinking of visually impaired students when designing this. I am so impressed!!!!!!

- Great

I poo every time

- It’s aight

I think it’s fine

- Mmm yess bb


- Lit

Best school app ever made

- 😍


- Awesome

What a app so good love it I can’t stop using it it’s that good 🤬🙏

- Sharing graphs

Is it possible to share my graph on mobile? I can’t find a way to do it anywhere on my iPhone.

- Worst app ever

Why do we ave to download it for school and waste our storage for it🙄🙄🤦🏽‍♀️

- Not working

Ever since the latest update the app does not graph anything properly

- Dissapointed

I failed my math exam from this

- Update for iPhone X

DEVELOPERS PLEASE READ. Don’t get me wrong, this app is FANTASTIC. I give a big thumbs up to the developers 👍🏼. I am prepared to give a 5-star rating as soon as it is updated for iPhone X. It may not seem to be a big problem from the point of view of non-iPhone X users, but I assure you, it is a great inconvenience for an iPhone X user like myself. Every time I open the app, I am greeted by quite large and noticeable black bars on the top and bottom of the display, that’s a lot of neglected real estate! I will change my review to a 5-star as soon as the app is updated for iPhone X.

- No longer Compatible

I've been using the app for school, but now I can't update it because the software is no longer compatible with my Ipod gen 5


Boring app

- Color

They don’t have the color yellow they NEED IT

- Amazing

I 💗 desmos

- review

great app! highly recommend! there are also no hidden paid features

- Allo

Bonjour la 309! Loool

- Grrrrrr

Desmond sucks ughhhhhh!!! I hate desmos

- Bad app

This app is horrible.

- Good

I can acc check my math answers👌

- Incredible

Thank you so much. I’m a high school teacher. The ease and power of your software has made very difficult concepts very accessible to my students. A must have app for any Ontario grades 9 to 12 math student!

- Excellent

Awesome but i wish there was a 3D plotting mode

- iPhone X Support?

The app is horrible to use on the X without the support. Please update.

- Uhhhhh

This app is dumb. I struggle with many life problems and trying to use this app adds to those problems. My teacher is great and should give me full marks for trying my best😉, but this is a waste of space on my phone.

- Wow

This really gives me a better understanding of this

- Densos- started from the bottom

Started at the minimum now we’re at the x ayeee

- Great job

This is well made. It is definitely better than not having a Graphing Calculator in class. I'm in grade 11 and this can do most of the problems I encounter. Thumbs up!

- One of the most important app!

It's an excellent app!

- I can't thank the developers enough for making this app

Recently I finished grade 11 and for my grade 12 year I picked it with classes related to my upcoming history degree. I was on the verge of failing precalculus 11 however my teacher let us use Desmos during the final exam and it is the read n I passed. If I hadn't passed my university path would have hit a major problem but it did not, all thanks to Desmos

- garbage app

this thing doesnt work for the life of me

- Review

I'm using it in my Applied math class, and I highly recommend it to anyone who may not be able to afford a graphing calculator. It works more or less identically to the graphing functions on TI calculator, and it's very accurate. I find scroll/pinch zoom very convenient when working with larger graphs.

- Nice app

Very useful

- RGB Lighting

This is absolutely amazing, the compatibility of these apps with my keyboard is outstanding! Somehow the graph that I make, gets graphed on my keyboard with 16.8 million different colours! Good job!

- Yeh boi

Yes please this is so good because of all the characters and special abilities! GG PHAT PIGS!

- Lit

God bless Madame Riopel🙏

- School App

This app is great, the best! Its functions are tremendous!

- This app needs to do

Be able to solve complicated single-variable equations!!!

- Best App Ever

Simple, stylish and functional.

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- Great app

I use this app all the time for school. Would be great if I could share the app as a pdf or png on an iPad or iPhone however.

- Best All Time Math App

This is my favorite math app of all time. Love how it allows for math exploration, visualization, and discovery in a beautiful user friendly environment.

- Perfection

The desktop site was INSANELY useful in my calculus course, and now it’s an app. AMAZING. Definitely recommend for upper-level math classes.

- Camelback High School

Highly Recommended all Students to use it for trigonometry class!

- I found glitch

If you zoom way out and then zoom in, your creation is stretched

- Excellent

Five stars for being free and having a massive amount of features.

- Very Helpful

Incredibly useful. Pretty much what got me through my freshman year Algebra course.

- Gr8

Way easier to graph on than my TI84 calculator. The shading effect is also useful.

- Please add fractions

This app is very helpful but it would be more if y’all could put fractions to be used

- Horrible

This is probably the worst thing I have ever used on the App Store

- This app is great

I love this app because i use this for school and it helps with graphing

- Garbage

I found this and felt relieved that I could find the answers to difficult graph questions but all this did was waste my time and give me nothing. It couldn’t even jot down points and the equations I wanted solve weren’t solved. Don’t download.

- Decent app

Decent app, really love desmos, but doesn’t have iPhone X support, only for the older resolutions.

- Besides the lack of 3d and an ugly icon

this is a fantastic math app, it replaces my calculator as well

- Amazing graphing calculator!

Love this graphing calculator, never have any problems with it

- So fun and easy

I’m in algebra in the 8th grade and I have found that app helpful and easy- GREAT APP

- Perfect

Easy and powerful Helped me a lot🌷

- Great app...but please fix issue

When you plot : Y= (x+2)(x-3)/(x-3) The “hole” on x=3 is not shown. This function is not continuous at x=3. Please fix that, this app is perfect !!

- Play all day

My friend jace and I play all the time

- Great

This app is super awesome I highly recommend it

- Life

Best app to have on your starting Sophomore honors math throughout college.

- It won’t open

Whenever I try to open it, it just keeps on loading forever. I can’t use it at all.

- Export image deleted

I really liked it in the past but I can no longer use the graph’s export image which renders it useless for my homework and classwork

- Amazing so great

This app is so brilliant and perfect. So great so thankful for this app!!!

- Great graphing calculator

Great graphing calculator I use it everyday.

- Trash

Every time I add any value into the x or y axis and back out, it changes to some crazy high random number. I despise whoever created this app

- Great!

Best app for graphing and teaching others!

- Don't waste you time look somewhere else

Tried my best, as worthless as worthless could be

- Perfect

Exactly what I needed.

- 6/5

This is the best free graphing calculator. Period.

- Best graphing calculator on the App Store

Best graphing calculator on the App Store

- It’s a calculator.

It’s just a calculator

- Eh

The app... GREAT. But I’m doing a project and I’m so sick and tired of looking at this app. IM ANGRY. Nothing against desmos but like... cmon make it fun

- Mr silva!

Mr silvas class rocks with this brand new tool. Totally tubular dude!

- Really helpful


- Blazing fast

Desmos is bae

- App doesn’t work

Doesn’t work

- Great app!!!

OMG it is the best graphing app!!!

- Goodness

Very good

- Poosaucy


- ????

the latest update says “now with ios 9 support” but it ain’t mf 2015

- Dear

Congrats desmos

- Best Graphing Calculator

TI 🤮 Desmos 😍

- Best of the best


- Lol

Nice dark mode

- Garbage

Honestly it’s garbage

- Great App

My 8th grade algebra teacher recomended this graphing calculator to us, and this one is by far the best graphing calculators I've ever used. It can be a little slow at times and should be more features such as a 3D option among other things as well, but overall, it's an easy app to get used to and it has helped me when it comes to understanding graphing. I especially like the premade graphs because they teach you about certain subjects in mathematics in a way you can easily understand them. I'm only in 9th grade so far, and I have already learned quite a bit of trigonometry and am just starting to learn differential and integral calculus thanks partially to this app. I give my thanks to the creators of this app and my 8th grade math teacher.

- Garbage

Absolute garbage

- Best Graphing & Regression calculator for iPad

I have my students use Desmos when they need a graphing calculator. I have really come to appreciate the calculator. The use of sliders is very simple but powerful. It also does implicit plots. I read earlier this fall that regression was in the works. Last week I was pleased to note that an update to Desmos included regression. At first I was not too excited about having to enter the equation, until I realized that there is not just a specific set of regression equations. I tried Gaussian model, logistic growth, hyperbolic cosines, amongst others. They all work perfectly! I actually like the enter your own regression equation idea better than a specific set of regression models. To the Desmos team, I say you guys Rock!

- Great!

My math teacher said he "strongly encouraged" we buy a TI-84 or even better spend "only" $30 more on TInspire. I see that as a useless investment but none the less needed something to help with homework. My teacher also told us about the site for desmos and said it was very useful if you didn't have your own graphing calculator. I'd have to agree. It's not complicated like some other things I've used, plus having an additional mobile app makes it easy to access from my iPhone which is very convenient. It's way simpler than any if those expensive calculators I think, and it does just what I need. If I don't need the features of a $120 calculator then why waste my money? Just use desmos!

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Patrick ❌🧢

@skulItrooper desmos graphing calculator and mathway app works great by the way 😀

young iowwa 🌾🧀🤠

whoever puts a version of desmos on a graphing calculator can have my firstborn

Steve Phelps

@Fouss @seewins @Desmos I have been doing this in a graphing calculator...

Desmos Graphing Calculator 6.4.3 Screenshots & Images

Desmos Graphing Calculator iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Desmos Graphing Calculator iphone images
Desmos Graphing Calculator iphone images
Desmos Graphing Calculator iphone images
Desmos Graphing Calculator iphone images
Desmos Graphing Calculator iphone images
Desmos Graphing Calculator iphone images

Desmos Graphing Calculator (Version 6.4.3) Install & Download

The applications Desmos Graphing Calculator was published in the category Education on 2013-06-18 and was developed by Desmos [Developer ID: 653517543]. This application file size is 10.3 MB. Desmos Graphing Calculator - Education app posted on 2020-11-12 current version is 6.4.3 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.desmos.Desmos

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