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Get help with our water tracker: WaterMinder® - an easy, intuitive app to track your water intake. Based on your body weight (or your personal goal), WaterMinder® will remind you to drink water to reach your daily goals. By seeing current water fill visually and in percents you will instantly know how well you are hydrated!

"A must have - I love this app!!! It reminds me to drink water all day with such a hectic schedule I forget sometimes and this is just a little reminder of how much water you're supposed to drink my skin looks better I feel better must have app!!!"

"Went beyond my expectations - Usually I download these apps and they hardly ever have long shelf life's, but this app is a keeper. The reminder really helps and motivates me to drink water. I also love how visual the accomplishment is. Definitely worth looking into and happily satisfied."

"PERFECT - I absolutely love this app!!!! It really helps if you have kidney problems. I was having bad kidney pains because I wasn't sure how much water to drink in a day so I was only getting about 1/2 if what I was supposed to be getting until now. To the creators., THANK YOU"

"Amazing App! - This is an amazing app. I'm someone who has trouble remembering to drink fluids during the day, I'm more of a snacker. But I found this really helpful since I'm generally dehydrated. I like that it has reminders & how you can see your progress."

"Awesome -Great for the breast feeding mom."

"Great app - Clean and simple!"

"Love this - Super simple and easy to use, FANTASTIC way to keep up with your hydration, which is oh so important. Plus cool facts to keep you informed and further motivated. Thanks guys!!!"

The only water tracker app you will need!

Keeping track of your daily water intake needs and making sure your body is well hydrated is not an easy task in todays busy world. Let WaterMinder® help you!

◆◆◆ Main Features ◆◆◆
• Cross platform water tracker
• Standalone Apple Watch app
• Dark Mode
• Today Widget
• Siri Shortcuts
• Apple Health Sync
• Clean visual view of your current water fill
• 50+ Characters to reflect your hydration*
• Ability to change your App Icon
• Alternative hydration progress ring layout
• Simple, quick and easy to use interface (just tap on 1 icon and a menu opens with your options to log/track your water intake)
• Pre-defined cups for quick hydration tracking
• Log and create other drink types than water
• Create custom cups (size, icon, color, drink type)
• Create custom water tracker reminders
• History and Graph, see your progress
• US oz, UK oz, L and ML units
• Earn and Share your Achievements
• iMessage Stickers
• Free guide to drinking water

Stay healthy, and drink more water - hydrate yourself!

*Tip required to unlock.
Optional auto-renewing Tip Jar subscription is available (price varies by territory) located in the app Settings page. Payments will be charged to your iTunes Account after confirmation. Subscription automatically renewed unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the subscription period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Subscriptions may be managed in your iTunes Account’s Settings after purchasing.

Privacy Policy: https://www.iubenda.com/privacy-policy/7803420
Terms of Use: https://waterminder.com/terms.html

Note: HealthKit integration is to capture weight, gender and date of birth as well as share Water data to Apple Health app.

NOTE: WaterMinder is not a medical app. Suggested water intake goal is just an estimate based on your weight. Please consult your health provider if you want to use it for medical purposes or to obtain specific hydration needs.

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WaterMinder® Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Widgets: added Water Log Warning feature to most small widgets • Added two app icons: pink background and small droplet Thank you for your feedback! Please stay tuned for more updates coming soon. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our support. Please stay hydrated!!

WaterMinder® Comments & Reviews

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- Apple watch dream!!

I normally forget about drinking water or to engrossed in my work. I've tried apps for reminders but my phone does not always get my attention. I got an apple watch last week to replace my Fitbit last week and stumbled across this app in looking for fitness apps that give the best apple watch experience and I love it. I've had a streak of meeting and exceeding my 100 oz goal since I've gotten it. The watch app gives me the needed reminders and makes it easy to register immediately. Also, the fact that all drinks count, not just water makes this so much better. It's easier to hit my goal, so I feel better about it, have greater consistency, and am more conscious of how much of my liquid consumption is not water. Looking at you coffee! The design is great. The quick adds are the best. The only criticism are the models you use for your character. Greater variety here would be awesome. Could even make a game or of it by having customization where options are unlocked. The badges have my attention (I will get them all), and I'm curious of what I could chase as a mini game over I have them. Fun is in the name of the company, let's have a bit more with this app! Highly recommended!!

- Does what it’s supposed to do but I wish it was more dynamic.

I can think of many things that can be done to make this app more dynamic and adaptable instead of just a simple app that acts as a log and sends you preset reminders. The most obvious one is to change your required daily intake based on your level of activity. iPhones and Apple Watches log your basic level of activity (distance walked, flights climbed, number of steps) and many people log their physical activity into the health app using different apps and activity trackers. Wouldn’t it be cool if the app accounted for that and upped your required water intake based on your level of activity each day? Other things the app can adapt for can be weight and body water % (I use a smart scale that automatically calibrates this info to my health app), weather (like a reminder to drink extra water on a hot day), and consumption of diuretic drinks as logged into the app. If the developers can incorporate these features into the app then they would really have a complete app that stands out from the rest.

- Something To Consider For The Next Update!

Despite the three stars, I actually use this app pretty often but particularly because I think it’s better than other options out there. None the less, a couple improvements that I think should be addressed are giving us more options to add drinks as our favorites to have quick easy access. And the biggest one for me is auto hydration! The concept of the app is great but unless it’s saved under my favorites and I manually adjust the hydration impact or whatever it’s called it’s inaccurate. For example, I have a goal of drinking 92oz of fluids to hydrate for the day and I have a 12oz beer it counts (without manual adjustment) as 12oz towards my hydration goal. Same with liquor, coffee and things that don’t exactly hydrate you. I think the developers behind this app should research and add how much of a hydration impact scientifically speaking each thing actually has. Then include them automatically in the next update or two. The alternatives are false information hydration wise or you have to change your favorites and adjust drinks as you go. Of course if you only drink four to five drinks ever in your life, guess this doesn’t apply to you and your settings will only need to be adjusted once. LoL

- Slowly, yet beautifully changing my life

The first thing usually I worry about is having an alarm that tells me what to do because that would seem very annoying, however with this app I find myself enjoying every time the water reminder tells me “hey ! Its time to drink water” - also - having the flexibility to choose the best time to remind me is key. realized that my water intake throughout the day is under the optimum level that works for me - it has just been a week and I have found out lots of changes with my taste pallets whereby the more water I drink the better I feel + the less sugary and salty food I crave. This app certainly is simple, efficient and does the job - I also love the animations they use and Apple Watch reminders, beautiful graphics. Being a bit greedy here - maybe more of those graphics ? Cuz they’r amazing - I’d be really really be happier with it.

- iPad app is virtually worthless

I have been using this app for a while and waited to review it. I am using all versions: iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. This may be the problem because it’s the syncing that doesn’t work well for me. The design itself is great, which is why I’ve put so much energy into trying to get it to work for me. It’s not the first water drinking app I’ve tried but when it works, it’s the best. I really like the ability to define my own beverages and it’s easy to use. But if I can’t use my watch to record when I’ve consumed a beverage and see the results accurately in the other devices it’s not useful. At first it synced fine with the phone and I was able to work around difficulties on the iPad by force-close and restarting it, but now nothing shows on the iPad, no matter what I do, and the iPhone is beginning to behave like the iPad did. I’ve even tried uninstalling and reinstalled without luck. If you don’t have a watch, this just might work for you, but it’s not how I want to use it. If they could get the apps to play well together it’s a five star app. As it is it’s very high maintenance.

- My 1+ Year Usage Review

I have been using this app for over a year now and it’s a very good app. However, it can be much better because anything consumed doesn’t always update the main screen. At this time, I need to tap History and tap Hydrate to see the updated totals. Next, how does one determine the hydration factor impact for soy milk because this doesn’t appear to be a standard option in the app? Furthermore, Reminders need to be simplified to something like every half hour, hour, and other value entered by the user. BTW, this could be similar to the Podcast app. Also, I should be able to receive these reminders only during certain interval during the day and the reminder should tell me how much to actually drink to meet my daily goal. It would be nice if I could say, ‘Hey Siri, log 8 oz of water’ or similar phrase but I know that Siri is very limited in its abilities to do anything at this time. In summary, this is a very good application for tracking my fluid intake per day but there are a few enhancements that I feel would make this app even better.

- Just get it - already.

Finally, an App that is dedicated to helping remind me to drink the 3 liters (100 oz) a day that I need (Women get 2 L). Graphic is excellent and is an instant seller when folks want to know what that sound is.... Put it on your watch to capture every time you are beyond arms length from your phone- it makes for a accurate counting of those ounces. I am on a Keto Diet and it essential that I get all of my 3 L in a day - or risk medical complications. I have tried counting the water bottles, buying a 2 L jug (but seriously- who wants to lug that around), even stacking my refrigerated water bottles on my desk just to have them come up to room temperature.... and am free of all that now. One glance of the icon on the corner of my watch dial and I know how much I drank and how much to go. Developer: my only ask is to not prompt me to drink more when you know that I had a drink moments ago. For such an awesome App it would rate a 5 if you put in logic to know when I last had a drink and prompt me again from that time. Deducted a star.

- Only logs water

If you just want to log water than this app is easy. However, it gives you the option to log any beverage but the glitch is it counts all beverages towards your water goal. It’s a “hydrate” total that includes soda, coffee, and even energy drinks as hydration and that is completely incorrect. I did not try alcohol but I suspect it would be included as was because the app doesn’t differentiate the kind of beverage logged in the correct categories. Obviously soda is not hydration and alcohol would be the opposite of hydration. So, the developers need to fix this glitch. The app Calory is by far more advanced and costs $15 a year for the complete premium subscription. You can log water and it only applies water to water; all other beverages are logged separate. It also bar scans your food so counting calories is so easy!!! Use the free version if all you want is a water logger. If this app was to develop into an app like Calory I would try it again because of the ease of use. But, currently it would have a long way to go to complete with Calory. So, if you just want to log water only and nothing else then it’s a great app and very easy to use.

- Awesome! (Especially if you have kidney stones!)

I was never a big water drinker. My grandmother always said I would be dehydrated. Well, that didn’t happen. But what DID happen was that due to my not drinking enough water, my kidneys were not able to eliminate the particles that build kidney stones. So two years ago I was hospitalized for kidney stones. To avoid it happening again, my doctor recommended drinking 1 gallon of water every single day. So this app is PERFECT for me! It’s so easy to enter your goals and log in your drinks. At a glance you can see how you’re doing. Anyway, I love it and I RELY on it. That kidney stone all but crippled me, limited my movement due to pain. I remember that pain and this app helps me keep it from happening again. So thanks to anyone who read my story about how much this app means to me, and many thanks and gratitude to those caring individuals who developed it.

- Dynamic reminders were a huge missed opp

App is slick and has a ton of configuration options to personalize the app, but the biggest feature I expected to find was dynamic reminders. I blindly trusted the app’s position on the health app leaderboard and bought it without researching it much, and that’s my fault. But the reminders are static, and I expected more from a $5 app. Having 50 icons to choose from for your water buttons is nice, but I’d rather have options with my reminder settings. I get plenty of notifications from my phone as it is. The default settings include 7 reminders throughout the day. I only want reminders if I’m falling behind and not trending toward 100%, but as it is, I’m going to get 7 reminders every day regardless of progress. I’d like to be able to set a reminder to trigger on certain criteria, for example if I haven’t logged anything in over 3 hours, or if it’s 2:00PM and I am not yet 30% of the way to my goal.

- Just what the Dr. (would have) ordered!

Best water app I could find!! Two expensive kidney stone procedures, and now I am VERY motivated to drink all my water every day! Kidney needs to clear 2 liters of water a day to stay healthy, so I figure if 2 is the minimum, go for 3, and if don’t quite make it I’m still likely to hit 2. 3 liters is 101 ounces, so setting goal to 100 ounces easily tells me exactly how many ounces I have left to drink via the percent indicator. Every time I resist drinking all my water, I remember being in the hospital, and I remember paying thousands of dollars. So, drink water when I don’t want to, or pay thousands of dollars out of pocket. Hmmm, tough choice... Thanks WaterMinder for keeping me present to my options!

- Good for tracking. Reminders need to be smarter

I use this app to track my water intake. You can also use it to track other hydration sources, like sports drinks. Difference being the percentage of the amount consumed counting toward your overall intake. Example, 100 ml of water will count 100% of that. 100 ml of a sports drink will count for a little over 100% and alcohol less than 100%. I don’t agree with counting alcohol consumption towards hydration, so I don’t use the app for those beverages. The reminders are the part of the app that are lacking. They simply remind you to drink water at specific times during the day. They do not take into account how much you have already consumed, when you consumed your last beverage, or how much you need to consume to reach your daily goal. This feature needs to be enhanced to consider those things. More than once I’ve been reminded to drink water after I just logged drinking 1 liter. :-(

- Wonderful App to Use

Easy to use, loads of customizable features. Best ones are ability to create different drinks and their water content, choice of time of day for reminders, and the intelligence to stop reminding you when you’ve hit your daily goal. Getting 4 stars because reminders do not respect your recent inputs. I will log 24 oz of water at 8:58 and a reminder to drink water at 9:00. Dumb. Should have intelligent system to suppress reminders if you’re ahead of your goal, if you’ve logged intake within x minutes, and adjust your goal to consume x amount by a certain time. For example if I want to make sure I hit 100% of my goal between 8am and 8pm, the intelligent reminders should remind me to consume at an intelligent rate. I’ve been told they’re working on this feature set for this summer, but we’re mid way through and I haven’t seen it yet. Good app though. Works great with Apple Watch.

- Hydration Impact is a Problem

So, I want to start off by saying that the app is really good other than this one issue. It’s very manageable and efficient. However, different drinks don’t impact your hydration level as much as others. If you look in the settings and go to “Hydration and Other Drink Types,” there is a chart at the bottom that tells the hydration impact of each type of drink. It would be really nice, but the values aren’t right. For example, in the app, the hydration impact of soda is the same as water. They’re both set at 1. Soda should have an impact of about .47 of what water has. Also, Juices should be at ~.55, not 1. Energy drinks should be at .4, not 1. Tea should be at ~.85, not 1. These things don’t hydrate you nearly as well as water does. That’s a pretty big issue in my opinion. I know that you can go through and add different drinks and change the coefficient of hydration of each one separately, but I shouldn’t have to do that or go and research the hydration impact of a particular type of drink every time I want to add something. I should be able to select the drink type and amount and the coefficient should be correct to begin with. Other than that, I love the app. It works great, looks great, and is very useful. If that one problem could be fixed it would be the perfect hydration app.

- What I would like to see

This app is great. Now that I’m drinking more water, I feel a lot better. Drinking more water to feel better is not a myth! There are some things I’d like to see though. I’d like to see the liquid that fills up the avatar be different colors according to whatever I’m drinking (like a brown section to indicate coffee). I feel like this can help users track what they are drinking from a glance. Not only that, but say a person drinks 80% soda for a day. This can be a wake up call! I’d also like the notifications to not be so static. If I drink a glass of water 2 minutes before a reminder, I’d like the app to not remind me to drink water. It’s quite silly to get notified right after I logged a drink. Maybe create a window of opportunity. Say I took a drink 20 min before a reminder. Don’t remind me. Or create an option for users to set that window limit.

- Good app, some improvements possible

In general, this is a great app for those of us who get busy during the day and forget to drink enough. I especially like that I can use it on the Apple watch. After using the app for a little over a week, I've noticed some things that could/should be improved on. 1. The reminders should be better timed. I keep getting mine right after I logged that I just had a glass of water. Obviously, that's the exact moment I don't need those reminders. 2. When I increase the temperature from cold to moderate, the app tells me to lower (yes, lower) my water intake. That doesn't make sense to me. 3. I wanted to see what the app would say if I drank an unhealthy amount and entered up to 9 liters (my recommended intake is 2.1l) and the app kept congratulating me on passing the recommendation. But overall: good app.

- Notifications and Reminders

I would have given this app a 5 star rating in a heartbeat, the design concept and functionality of the app is flawless. My only concern I have for this app is the notifications. I own an iPhone XS and Apple Watch 4 that I keep updated regularly, but for some reason the application fails to send me notifications properly, regardless of how many times I turn off notifications/reminder both in my Settings and inside the app itself. I have also shut down my phone and watch countless times to see if this would help, but it hasn’t sent me several notifications when I have them set as custom as well. If there was a way to improve this function it would be greatly appreciated and I would change my rating back to a 5 Star.

- Annoying notifications

I get that this app is meant to remind you to hydrate but even at 120% I don’t need reminders on the hour. I get them at random, even after I’ve drank an entire bottle of water so it’s really just an annoying notification spam after a while and not really based on hydration level. I couldn’t find any way to turn the notifications off either. No option via my phone or in app or anything. It was really frustrating and the notifications are even causing issues with my watch because there are so many. I enjoy the complication on my watch face and just tracking it in general, it’s very simplistic and easy to use, but the issue with notifications are causing severe lag on the watch (waterminder also opens at random, and I have the 5) and forcing me to have to delete the app which is also unfortunate considering I paid to use it.

- I love this app and highly recommend it!!

I have been using this app for 10 months and I have met my hydration goal every day. The reminders are great (I love the one that sounds like liquid pouring into a glass!!). My skin looks great and I feel fantastic. I have a spill-proof Contigo water bottle that I take with me everywhere (another high recommendation!). I start my day drinking 20 ounces of water before I get out of bed. It gives me a strong start. I knows it’s silly but I get a kick out of watching the water level raise throughout the day on the figure that illustrates my hydration level! The app developers did a fantastic job with this app. I wouldn’t change a thing. Highly recommended!!

- Lacking

Several features leave much to be desired. It helps remind you, and track, when you ingest liquid - yay! 3 stars for CRUD app. Let’s get it to 5 stars by fixing some lazily implemented features. If it’s 2 mins to the hour, I just recorded I drank something, and there’s a reminder set for the hour - do not remind me 2 mins later. There should be a “grace period” so I’m not flooded with needless reminders (reason I uninstalled the first time). Next, not all liquids are created equal. Diuretics and liquids that dehydrate the body should be weighted as such in the percentage toward goal. After all, I am concerned with my body’s hydration level, not ability to ingest liquid. Next, the slider on the phone app for changing ounces is annoying - MyFitnessPal took care of recording this better (take a look a their implementation). Good luck!

- People are always forgetting

Me personally, I always forget to dring enough water. This app perfectly matches what I was in need to. You make put your drinking goal per day, then it reminds you. Also the app supports Siri! Very nice simple design makes you to enjoy your experience with the app. First when I downloaded the app before several years, I didn’t listen to it’s notifications. Last week I had to call emergency ambulance because I had a deadly very strong pain resulting kidney stone! Then I am back to the app, not to suffer from that pain ever again. Thank you app team for making this brilliant app for keeping peoples healthy!

- “Water” nice app!

(The header’s a pun. It’s okay to grin.) I really like this app because it is an effective way for me to keep a fairly accurate record of my fluid intake. I also like that it works with my Apple Watch, which makes keeping track of how much water I’m drinking throughout the day much simpler, having set reminders to my watch. However, the reason I did not give a five star rating is because the greatest quantity of liquid that can be logged at one time is 36 oz, and my Hydro Flask is 1.1 L (40 oz), so I have to log two separate fluid entries at the completion of one bottle’s worth of water. It would be much simpler to use if there were the option to log greater values of fluid than limiting the users greatest intake to 36 oz.

- Watch App Rarely Works

Needed a good app that tracks water consumption. Friends recommended this. Ended up purchasing this $5 app. Ultimately the app is good on the phone, but the app on the watch is horrible. I’m looking for functionality, and this app continues to freeze when I need it to work. I have to open and close the app multiple times on my watch in order to actually get it to track water. Half the time I end up having to remember to just log it on my phone. Not worth it in my opinion, unless this issue gets fixed. Update: Developer reached out to ask me to delete and reinstall. The issue still persists. It keeps getting stuck and it’s time to move on to a different application to manage this. I don’t recommend this app if you use the Watch complication. It’s decent on the iPhone, but the watch app needs a lot of work.

- No longer works on Series 1 Watch

I loved this app since finding it last year. It was so easy to keep track of how much fluids I had had during the day. However, since June 13th, 2019, shortly after the WWDC, the complication no longer works on the Series 1 Watch. I can still add things in on my iPhone but it was so much more convenient on my Watch. I know the Series 1 is getting old but couldn’t the developers have made it compatible just a little longer? Oh well, maybe this is a hint that it’s time to upgrade. Update: Developer contacted me with instructions on how to fix this. And it works! Thanks Funn Media.

- A Stellar, Motivational App

WaterMinder is among the apps I use most both on my phone and my watch. Being able to log drink types other than water—and having their hydrating effect calculated automatically—is extremely helpful, as is the ability to log drinks on Apple Watch. WaterMinder comes the closest to achieving parity of core features between the watch and phone, and its complication has been on my watch face since the day I got an Apple Watch. The app’s support is also terrific—I found a minor bug in the app, contacted the developer, and less than three days later it was fixed. I highly recommend this app!

- Life Changer

For years, I was an individual who only drank water when I felt thirsty. Consequently, I have paid dearly by having to deal constantly with Kidney Stones. Women say having a baby is painful, apparently they've never passed a Kidney Stone!! LOL Ever since I've been using this program, my level of Hydration has increased 10 fold and I'm on the road to recovery. Definitely a life changer in my particular situation. However, the last update had messed up the visual display so that it doesn’t work correctly! Contacted the App support and they are extremely difficult to deal with. They want you to fix their problems!!!

- Great design

This app does two things really well that make it perfect for my use. 1) it fully integrates with HealthKit, so my other apps like LoseIt! can pull the water data. That means I don’t have to go into LoseIt! to enter any water I drink. 2) it operates effortlessly straight from a complication on the Apple Watch. This is big because honestly it solves the problem that so many apps have like LoseIt! Sure LoseIt! has an Apple Watch app, but it’s basically a glorified display. Almost not entry can be done from the Apple Watch side. Getting my phone out a few times a day to enter food is ok with me, but every time I drink is not. WaterMinder solves this!

- Best App Out There

I don’t leave many reviews but I can’t help but compliment the developers of this app! Besides the app being 100% functional and doing exactly what it’s meant for, the customization capabilities in the settings are phenomenal! I’ve never seen an app that went above and beyond the normal functionality like this one. You can tell the developers know what they are doing and are very professional. I cannot believe how you can customize the way the app icon and colors of everything look. The watch customizations and complications are the coolest thing! I highly recommend this app!! Keep up the great work!

- One of the only apps I use consistently!

I’ve tried so many habit apps and I absolutely love this one. I’ve found other apps to be way too detailed and inaccessible. WaterMinder is way more user friendly and it’s fun to use! As an added bonus, it has a complication for the Apple Watch which is very helpful. I began to realize that I don’t drink enough water throughout the day and this app really helps me keep my water intake in check. I use this app as much as I use instagram. I hope the creators make more useful and fun apps in the future! Happy drinking (ahem...drinking water to be exact) ;).

- Features and Fun to use

Apple Watch support. Siri Shortcuts. UI is customizable and aesthetically pleasing. I wish the Apple Watch iCons were identical to the iPhone quick menu icons. The images of the drinking glass, bottle and fruits is helpful. I think a “smart” reminder would be great. If you record a drink, the reminder should adjust and alert you 1-3 hours from that time. For example,If I drink some water 1-30 mins before my reminder, it should skip the that reminder. Another idea is to have interval reminders. So reminders will set 2 or more hours after I log a drink.

- Buggy for such a simple app

I love the app and as much as I hate to say this, for the level of complexity of what the app does, it should operate flawlessly. Yet it doesn’t. The bug that annoys me the most is logging and display of current intake. For example, when I press to log 8oz of water, I hear the sound but the app doesn’t display the increase unless pressed multiple times. It’s been the issue with probably past 3-4 updates and yet it’s still happening. I also agree with poor synchronization with Apple watch like other users mentioned. I’m about to install the app at this point. No offense, but the essence of the app is to remind user to drink, log and display intake accurately.

- Not syncing

The app on the phone doesn’t sync correctly with the Apple Watch, it takes hours to show it on the phone. Plus i need to open the app and keep refreshing it. Still same issue as before. Nothing is being fixed —————————————————————————————— So i have received a response regarding the issue of not syncing, which is not convenient at all. I have tried deleting the app and restarting the devices and all the things that have been mentioned. So when i ever have this issue the ideal step is to delete the app, restart the devices, reinstall it and wait for it to not sync again. Thanks for the response but that was not an issue way back in the early stages of this app, after the latest updates you guys keep pushing out that is causing the app to crash and not sync. Good luck

- When you’re ready to get serious...

I’ve tried a few apps to help me stay on track with keeping hydrated. WaterMinder just gets it! I’m able to customize the look of my cups, the color, type of liquids and the likes all geared at making entries seamless and hassle-free. The development team took a deep dive and allowed the users to determine the hours of intake, the daily goal and even offers various views to communicate that information at a glance. I appreciate this type of integration to my daily hustle and bustle so I remember to take care of me. Great job team!!

- Doing something Today My Future Self Would Be Proud of

I like this app so far, I saw the free apps that were similar but I’d chosen to pay for this one and I don’t regret it at all. Before this app I hardly drink any water at all but now I’m at 196oz a day, I’ve learned so much and I’m still learning. I’ve searched and what do you know my favorite Water App is being quoted, used or referenced and if that doesn’t show show me that I made the best choice by choosing it what else would. I’d recommend this app to anyone who’d like to also try and make their future self proud

- The fourth ring I have to close every day

My earlier complaint about syncing between watch and phone seems to be resolved (1. Delete app from watch, 2. Reboot watch and phone, 3. Reinstall watch app, 4. Open app on phone, 5. Open app on watch). So that will really help fixing entry errors I make on the watch (although lag on the watch is generally the cause of those errors, and fixing them on my watch would be even better). Also, I have enough different sized water bottles, cups, glasses, and drink types that I really need the Siri shortcuts at least to be unbound by the UI limitations of the watch and iPhone apps.

- Great app for reminding you to stay hydrated.

This app does a great job reminding me to stay hydrated. Since the human body can technically be dehydrated well before you start to notice, I’m grateful for every notification I receive. I also love how easy this app is to use from my Apple Watch. A simple tap of the compilation, or Siri command makes logging each drink easier. My only advice would be to add more options for beverages. Almond milk is nowhere to be found, even though it’s a popular alternative to dairy. I hope to see this one added soon.

- Very Good (and yet there’s ***this)

What are minder is an excellent, usually non-buggy, app with settings that are easy and intuitive to implement and customize for your water tracking goals, hydration habits or lack of. It has just about everything you need. *** Perhaps the only critical thing missing from WaterMinder is the ability to DEFINE what are the “active hours” that WaterMinder should track, for an individual. By default (and the only setting available) WaterMinder rolls over to a “new day” at Midnight. Yet what if you work night shifts? Or start your day later than the usual 9-5? Well, whatever tracking goals you had, well it’s likely you will not reach them. When WaterMinder resets by default at Midnight it makes a perfectly good app experience less than ideal with quite a bit of non-intuitive juggling of figures. How much water did I drink? Between “yesterday” and this new “today”? Why not let each user define what an actual “day” should mean?

- Actually using it

I always think the key to apps like this is usability — let’s face it, anything that slows me down or over complicates things is never going to become habit. So far this is great. Super fast and easy to log my usual drinks, and (maybe more importantly) almost as fast to add something out of the norm. Tracking my progress by watching my guy fill up with water is a fun touch — shows the attention to detail that makes me respect the developers. Nice work. One of the only “self help” apps I’ve looked at that I continue to use.

- Excellent, easy-to-use, and integrates with Health

This app is great. It's really easy-to-use, but it's also next meet customizable. I've been drinking a lot more water because of the app, honestly. Also, it's got a great design that makes it feel right at home on an iPhone (you can't say the same for a lot of other food-tracking apps). The Apple Watch app is also pretty useful, and the stickers are cute. My only suggestion would be to make sure that previous records aren't erased when you increase your daily goal.

- Please bring back icon badge

This is a great app for tracking hydration. It has good syncing with Apple health and other platforms. Great Apple Watch app. With any tracking app we are relying somewhat on the gamification of health data. The app used to have a badge to remind you either how much you had consumed or how much you still needed to hit your goal. For some reason that option is gone now. Not having the badge to remind you really takes away from the purpose of the app. It’s nice to have the badge rather than reminder banners every hour. Bring back the badge please.

- Helpful and simple.

I love this app. I rarely pay for apps but I think this app was worth a few bucks. And I like how it’s set up to be able to “tip” them. Your first tip gets rid of ads... and I expected that to be it. But honestly I have loved having this app and it’s been so helpful I e tipped it again. I set up custom reminders that pop up between classes that remind me to fill my bottle up. It’s convenient to use the app on my watch, too. Overall, I really like this app and recommend it if you’re trying to get healthier.

- Works perfect

I'm terrible at drinking water and can typically go a whole day with barely a drop. I work in physical therapy and I'm always stressing the importance of drinking water to my patients, yet find it hard to drink enough myself. This app calculates how much water you need everyday and then alerts you when you haven't taken a drink in awhile. You can easily keep track of your water intake by simply pushing the icon and selecting the oz. The app keeps track so you know how much you've drank and how much you have left.

- So close to perfection!

I heard about this app on a podcast and I had to download it. It does exactly what it says it does. I would get so wrapped up in work that I’d forget to hydrate and this keeps me on track. The only major miss... I need to be able to break down what percentage of my day did I drink soda, water, tea or even energy drinks. I see the percent to let you know how close you are to your goal but not a percentage for each category. This would be a huge feature for people like me that are trying to cut back on sugary drinks. It would be a five star review if it had this feature.

- Where is the today widget?

I really enjoy your app but I would love to have a today widget available. The App Store description mentions one but it is not available in my today widget edit page. I even tried leaving a tip to see if that unlocks it. Will you be including a today widget in the future? iOS 13.5 iPhone XS Max. Edit: support got back to me in less than a day and pointed out the Today Widget was named Current Hydration. So it was there all along and I just was looking under WaterMinder in the wrong section. 5 Stars.

- Notoriously dehydrated!

I’m notorious for being constantly behind in my water! Never got heat stroke but my husband has and he’s as bad as I am. I got this app when I bought my Apple Watch a couple of weeks ago and I haven’t missed a day hitting my water and fluid intake goals....and I’m bringing my husband right along with me! I especially like reading in the app about water/fluid intake and how important it is to our body. I appreciated knowing how much of the body is water and the impacts being dehydrated has on us. Thanks for the education!

- Data Lost!!

Just lost all of my data from March 4 to March 8. Is this related to the Daylight Savings Time Change? It shouldn’t be! Please fix this! When I spend my money on apps, I expect them to work, especially with many developers charging extraordinarily high fees for apps these days. I’m starting to delete apps and will rarely purchase anymore apps again. It’s not worth the hassle or the money. Developers need to be under more scrutiny from Apple. Response to Developer: I am quite aware of the financial aspects of your app. YOU didn’t even address my concerns about lost data or even offer a solution or an apology. Just for this fact alone, I will be deleting your app!! It’s quite clear you don’t care about your customers. Pathetic!!

- Awesome!

This app is great! Love the ability add water from my Apple Watch. Since I’ve used water minder I have noticed that I feel better and have more energy throughout the day. If I had one complaint it would that there’s not enough customizable water presets but it’s no biggie cause you can enter it manually by ounce. Note to the developer: in the future it would be cool if my water data synced with my health app and vice versa. And based off my activity data water minder would increase or lower my daily goal automatically.

- A must ...

When I downloaded this app I thought it was pointless. "Of course I get enough water each day", I was so so wrong!! I realized my water intake was approx 15-20 oz, I was dehydrated consistently & constantly. thank you for such a simple idea, That helps track the second most crucial Element my body requires! June 2018 update – Still using it, still amazing! correcting my water intake has helped with body aches & migraines. Getting enough water & keeping track of it so easily! Thanks so much for creating this app!

- Just needs a couple tweaks

There are just a few tweaks this app needs to be 5 stars. I’m not sure why if you want to add something outside of your favorites it measures to the 1/10 oz. Does anyone really need to be that specific? And the slider is awful and s little glitchy. I would much rather just type in a number, and that would be way faster than the current set up. Also, the Apple Watch app updates inconsistently and doesn’t seem to play well with the phone app when going back and forth. Other than that, I really like the app and the widget.

- very good at what it does

The only thing keeping me from rating this app a full 5 stars is that you can’t adjust your 24-hour period. I work overnight and most of my water intake happens during my shifts, but the day resets at midnight so I’m constantly having to go in and backdate entries to 11:59pm to make sure it counts toward my goal for the previous day. The ability to adjust my 24-hour period to turn over at 4am instead, for example, would make using this app infinitely more convenient, which to me is the whole purpose for having it installed.

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- The most balanced and solid water+all beverage tracker

I’ve tried a few water trackers over the years and there appear to be more contenders every time I look, but I keep coming back to Waterminder. It is the perfect balance of quirky personality (love the character choices and water sloshing effect) without compromising a beautifully clean and consistent design across iPhone/iPad and Watch. This is what keeps me wanting to revisit the app and check out my stats. What it’s most successful in is allowing you to get in and out quickly to track your water intake whether it’s with the: - in app quick presets - Apple Watch app - Siri shortcuts (just tell Siri while on the go) - Or as I was pleased to learn from the developer, there’s a ‘Current hydration’ dashboard widget that I otherwise missed! Many apps only track ‘water’ but WaterMinder adeptly approximates across almost ANY kind of beverage (custom ones coming), with easy to configure presets for your most common ones. Development has been consistent and the latest version immediately supports all iOS13 features (Dark more is gorgeous). With upcoming caffeine stats sharing to the Health app (maybe other statistics such as Alcohol, Sugar and Sodium?) it just keeps getting better and for a very generous tip or small subscription system model. Save yourself some time and look no further!

- Keeping me alive

App is brilliant in every way and I use it every day, it keeps me alive! Very disappointed however with the latest update that means I don’t see the app badges anymore due to App Store policy, thanks Apple. It was the saving factor that reminded me to drink and to log it. Will keep using the app! I just hope I remember to use it without seeing the badge number of remaining mL, it was an awesome feature.

- Bad onboarding and doesn’t work

Purchased on Apple Watch. Doesn’t load a complication - that’s the only reason I bought it. Then when you open phone app after setting up on watch you have to set it up again. Surely these apps should keep in sync! Plus, to make things worse, if you accidentally add water on the phone app (using this below average interface), there’s no way to undo or remove that water without some convoluted trek into the history tab. The aesthetic is ok, but the general user experience is very poorly designed. Edit The more I use this the more trash it appears. Restarted watch and got complication but it isn’t a progress bar as advertised. Just displays a text percentage. Also, the phone widget is highly unresponsive, and when you get it to work, there is a gross tick that appears. And again, you can’t undo from here. And also again, adding drink on watch is not in sync with phone. This app needs a lot of work for something that is apparently so highly rated. I definitely want a refund.

- So much love

I love this app so much. I’ve gone from struggling 1800ml a day to overachieving my 2000ml goal with ease. I still really wish I could flick back through the days/weeks/etc in the graph view, though! I’d also really love some more achievements - all thats really left are the super long term ones, and as much as I love them, I’d love some more fun ones for the meantime! I also think it would be cool to be able to add friends and ‘compete’ - see who can hit a goal first, or just check out the days leaderboard sort of thing. As it is though, I adore this app. I love that I can set three drinks in my widget as my common amounts, which makes everything so much quicker!! Thanks so much for all the hard work you’ve put into this.

- Not the best app

When I bought this app I was surprised at how sleek, modern and easy it was to use. I was looking forward to start recording the amount of water I was drinking, with and Apple Watch feature as well! Awesome! But then I discovered that the people behind the app forgot that the USA isn’t the only country in the world. And that other countries may actually be using different, more sophisticated units to measure their liquid. I just spent $4.49 on an app that I will never touch again... all because of US Oz...

- Often the simplest things are best

A generic reminder app essentially does the same thing, but there’s something about the theme and mechanics, and its integration with the Apple Watch, that makes ‘good hydration’ not only easy, but fun. Integration with other health apps is a bonus. All-round, WaterMinder does exactly what it’s designed to do—very well, and is great value for money.

- Water great app

Nice balance between simplicity and customisation. Super reliable sync between Watch and iPhone. Strong user interface with just the right amount of personality. The developers add new features all the time! Some areas for improvement: - could track caffeine intake for coffee, tea etc. and integrate with Health. - watch app should let you hide drinks you’ll never consume (recently added on the phone but it doesn’t seem to sync) - Watch app shows a two-week history; I’d prefer a one-day history that shows all logged items as I often forget to log water!

- Good but the volume of alerts is off

I like this app, but it annoys me that the volume of the buttons is mapped against the music/media player volume and not against the ringer volume, which means that unless you have your music app volume cranked, you can’t here the button sounds really at all. Dev, if you’re reading this, please switch the volume control back to the ringer volume in your next update.

- Well designed app

I recently started using this when Garmin site went down, and I like the simple way it works, very quick and easy to keep track of water. Now use this instead of Gamin. Highly recommended.

- Great App!

Love that I can update my water intake through my iWatch on the go. It keeps me accountable and helps me to reach daily goal of 2.2L. Easy to use and navigate. Very customisable and I love this. One of best apps I’ve got at the moment.

- Meh

I purchased for $7.99. I believe that it would send a notification to my Apple Watch at each notification time with and add button. Similar to the “breath” or “time to stand” feature the Apple Watch has build in. Bit disappoint that I don’t get this notification. It does go to my phone but my watch would have been better.

- Excellent

Was using waterlogged but after some issues and no response from the dev switched to this. Easy to use and setup. Reminders are flexible. Variety of beverages is handy. MyFitnessPal integration would be the cherry on top 👍🏻 and would earn an extra star from me 😀

- Can’t even get past setup

I have the new iPhone X. Just purchased this app for 4.99. Have gotten to the page where it asks for name, weight, age, climate. It will not let me move on until I enter my name, but every time I try to enter my name, the screen goes grey and I can’t enter anything even though they keyboard makes the noises. There is no way on the support page to ask a new question. I would like a refund please

- Rev.T

Very good helpful app. Thank you it does so much to help me keep my meds sorted and remind me as I was forgetting them so often. This app has solved so many problems for me so my health should improve too now

- Amazing app, keeps me on track

Love the options to choose different drink types and the ability to pair with Apple Watch. The interface is nice to look at too

- Such an awesome app

You always forget to have water but having this app has been perfect for me. I do drink a lot of water now but I feel super awesome! Highly recommend

- Perfect app!

This is a deceptively awesome app. It appears and is simple to use but its hydration tracking features are superior to any other app I’ve tried!

- Great app some bugs on the watch

I log water regularly and this is the best app I’ve come across. Unfortunately maybe due to Watch OS 4 release which may cause the app to crash a bit. Other then that very happy.

- So far so good

Only been using for a couple of days but it’s going well. It does remind me to drink more water, in fact I’m surprised as I thought I was pretty good at staying hydrated but now I’m even better!

- Essential heath app!

I use this app daily, it’s a great way to track not only your water consumption but also other liquids such as coffee and tea!

- Notifications Do Not Work!!!!!!!

Unbelievable, a paid “reminder” app that fails to do what it says, do not get any reminders on phone or watch. Have tried EVERYTHING (even turned off/on!!!) and still get nothing, can’t even contact support, all I get is a message saying set up mail account, ridiculous, please refund me

- Best app ever

I have used so many apps but this is the best one for water reminder.

- Disappointing upgrade

The recent update of this app has removed many features I used. This includes the value of how much water I need to drink to reach my goal. I now have to manually calculate this where I used to be able to glance and get the amount.

- Important and Easy!

This is an amazing app! A simple to use app to help me keep track of my hydration and water intake. The features like wing able to customise ‘cups’ with symbols and colours makes it so easy to want to use! The Notification Centre widget and Apple Watch App make it even greater! My only suggestions, personally, would be if you could add a symbol for a Protein Shaker Cup and an Iced Tea beverage option. Thanks for this App!

- Notifications don’t work

This app would be 5 stars if the notification feature actually worked with the Apple Watch 5. Sadly it does not. Running latest iOS on both iPhone and Watch as of the date of this review.

- Great app

Great app, just one thing missing is: when choosing coffee, as well as writing water amounts to the Apple Health app it would be good if it also wrote caffeine.

- Great

Easy to use and links with Apple Watch

- Won’t launch on Apple Watch

Hi guys. Have downloaded the app to my watch and phone. Seems to work on on my phone but won’t launch on my watch - Please help

- Great little app!

Great app - appreciate the notifications to hydrated throughout the day :)

- Apple Watch app crashes

I really want to love this app. It’s beautiful and simple. But it always takes twice to open the app on Apple Watch. I can only presume it crashes the first time. This really needs to be fixed.

- Water Minder

At last the perfect water tracker, Apple Watch complication works great.

- Great app

Good app thanks!

- Does What It Says

Nothing special... How the hell is it worth $7 😂😂

- Feel better in days

Admittedly the first few days of trying to drink enough water to meet my goal set by the app was hard, particularly given my wine and coffee consumption historically outweighed my water intake. Within days of using the app I felt so much better, in fact I've recently began drinking more water than the app goal had set for me...possibly the years of dehydration has finally caught up with me. I enjoyed the driving water challenge and seeing virtual me fill up with water, a cool visual way to see how much water I've drank. The reminders to drink water throughout the day with customised sound effects are helpful along with the percentage drank, option to change the measurements to ml and weight to stone and Lbs. Really cool app to stay healthy, refreshed and reap the benefits of H2O

- Apple Watch s5

This app is not working with my Apple Watch s5, I demand a full refund.

- Me

Good apps,Congratulation

- Very handy and makes you very aware of how much you don't drink

Fantastic app. One thing I would like is to be able to edit intake or add later for an earlier time. Sometimes logging it when I'm reminded on my phone/watch or when I'm out somewhere is not convenient so when I do log it later it seems like I've drunk a crazy amount of liquids within minutes when it may actually have happened an hour or two earlier. Great app though 😀

- Works well

Works well and was worth paying as the apple watch support is quite good. There are places it could be improved and i would like to see some active updates to make it better. Id like to be able to put in other drinks such as milk and soy milk as well as coffee and alcohol and have them affect my daily hydration level but that might be something for an update :)

- dont use icloud

I would have given this app 5 stares but now I would have prefered less than 2. I used this app for ages. was excellent. Then I foolishly turned on icloud. instead of backing up to icloud is synced. while ever icloud was on and in range, all data was there. as soon as turned icloud turned off data disappeared. There is no way to get the data perminatly back to the phone. I have asked support twice about this problem with no reply.

- Thanks for adding other drinks types

I thank you for needed improvement by adding other types of drinks, makes it easier to manage how much to drink. However how does the app quantify the amount of H2O in the coffee? The overall app now is awesome. May be the interface may be improved in the future updates. Thank you again.

- Flaky

Whilst using the app has certainly gamified drinking water - something I really needed - the phone and watch don't talk together reliably. Logging from both devices throughout the day, they will most often than not (almost always) be different at the end of the day. Iron out the bugs and it will be much better. Also, the ability to rearrange drink vessels would be great, as would being able to add glasses. I think it's always added as a bottle? Great start though.

- Great App.

We all need to drink more water. I love the notifications and was surprised on how little water I was drinking throughout the day. Now with this app I have got my water intake up and feeling healthier!!! Thanks heaps. The option to change to metric/kilos/litres is in the settings once you set the app up. Would be good if the metric option was in the initial setup screens though :)

- Extraordinary!

It does so much! It's completely customisable to make it easy and quick to use and it's made me healthier. This app actually helps and is a great idea and gives me motivation. I definitely would use other apps from this developer and I definitely suggest trying it for yourself

- Works for Aussies!

A previous reviewer stated it was imperial only. Not true. Once you get past the initial screen asking for your weight in pounds, you can go into settings and change to metric. You can then easily revise your weight. I like the app. Does its job well. Worth a buck if you need motivation to keep up your water intake.

- Easy, motivating, watch app needs a boost

After trying a few different apps to track water consumption, I've found this one works great for me. Customisable reminders throughout the day, customisable glass/bottle defaults, all adding together to make it easy to remember and track my water. Only downsides would be that the watch app is a bit sluggish in updating the water for the day, and that the app icon notification number (red dot on the icon) doesn't update unless you open the app (and because I normally update via the Notification widget, it can be a pain to have to open the app, just to update the app notification number). Overall: good app, happy I got it :)

- H2O can we live without it

Keeping up the body fluids is crucial and there is nothing better than a clean glass of water but the key is having enough and I think the app does a great deal of reminding us how much we are missing out on. Now I can at least drink half of my normal requirements. Great app :)

- Great reminder!

I am notorious for not drinking enough water but this app keeps me on track to meet my daily needs. They say we should get up from our desks every half hour just for a couple of minutes to maintain health. This app helps with that too... If you get my meaning! ;-)

- Great app

A really useful and easy to use app for those wanting to improve their hydration. The only reason I'm rating this as 4/5 is that you need to manually update the settings such as weight, temperature and activity level. If these could be automatically updated, I would have no hesitation giving this 5 stars.

- Great with ⌚️

Great app. Simple and useful plus with ⌚️ complications sits nicely next to the activity complication. It would be good if the "drink water" notifications were more intelligent. Rather than just at selected times during the day actually notified you haven't logged in so many mins/hours and stopped once you reached 100%.

- Ms

Great idea and its nearly there but I think it could still have a few upgrades. 1) there needs to be a delete ability. I put in 300mls and it logged 300oz and I couldn't delete it so I was locked out for the rest of the day. 2) it would improve the app if each day had its own screen and the table of water drunk was also a separate screen. Thanks

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- Great app

Excellent integration with Apple watch. Simple but full of features needed for hydration tracking. Highly recommend.

- Performance of watch app seriously degraded with watchos4

Used to be an awesome app quick to update. Since upgrading to watchos4, performance has degraded significantly. App freezes, crashes, takes up to 30 seconds to accurately refresh, even with background app refresh enabled. This used to be my water-minding go to app. I believe I will start looking for alternatives if stability isn’t attained in a very-near-future update.

- Excellent hydration app

This app reminds me when to rehydrate and with the widgets and Apple Watch support makes it much easier to stay hydrated! I would highly recommend this app!

- Widget

Great app. Widget has reverted back to old style. Is there a way to activate new widgets?

- Love the widgets for iOS 14!

The widgets are excellent. I love the easy access to log my water intake!

- Great app!

Very user-friendly and fun to use.

- Super

**Retour rapide et efficace. Merci beaucoup. Tout fonctionne à merveille!** Cela fait un certain nombre de mois que l’app bug. Il m’est impossible d’ajouter mes consommations d’eau à même la montre. L’app s’ouvre mais par la suite l’écran fige. Il fait que je passe par l’iphone pour ajouter mes consommations. Please fix it. Iphone 7 et Apple Watch 3. Merci.

- Not sync

Data on iPhone and Apple watch are different. I added a data on Apple watch but it didn't come to my iPhone.

- Transformed my health, but watch app laggy

Tracking my water intake has utterly transformed my health - thank you! I have two issues with the app. First, the reminders to drink water aren’t “smart” — they just go off at the prescribed time, even if you just downed 500ml. I’d love if they would remind me when I haven’t drank water in a while and I’m still behind my daily goal. Secondly, and more frustrating, is a lag in the corresponding watch app. The first tap of the day is quick, but subsequent taps often seem to freeze, and then I tap again thinking it didn’t register, only for it to “catch up” a few seconds later and double count my drink. This is also the only app I’ve ever had to force kill on the watch since it sometimes dies altogether. 3/5 stars primarily for the lagginess. Still the best available from what I can find.

- The best water intake tracker/reminder

I’ve used a bunch of these water reminder apps, trying to find my favourite. All the others had either monthly paid subscriptions, malfunctioning features, or poor support with infrequent updates. WaterMinder is fantastic, and worth the one-time price. The widget works, and is customizable. Siri Shortcuts work. All kinds of drinks besides water are included, which add to your hydration level appropriately (not just a 1:1 ratio with water, like some apps). It’s been around a long time, and updates are regular. Reminders are customizable, and include pleasant alert sounds. The customization options for the UI are useful, and there is a dark mode, which you can choose to toggle on permanently or automatically depending on the time. As an intersex person, the gender requirement is confusing, as I’m not sure what to choose, or what difference it makes. Perhaps a more specific option might be better, like a slider for metabolism (or whatever bodily function that’s actually being used for the gender option). An androgynous avatar in the default UI would be nice too, but the alternative UI doesn’t have an avatar, and it’s ultimately a very minor complaint. I’m very happy with this app!

- Beneficial

Seems like a dumb idea but it worked for me. Watch reminds me to drink and I do it. It is also true that it works with the other health apps.

- Reminder Feature

What sold me was the reminder feature and it also goes right to my Apple Watch.

- Great but not great for my watch

Th app works great, even with minor bugs. That being said, it kills the battery on my watch if I use it as a complication. I’ve done all the steps to fix it to no avail.

- Marvelous

It’s a very practical app

- Not worth the money

The app works ok; I haven’t experienced any bugs yet. But for what it does, it would be overpriced at $3. Really not worth $6.

- Great app

A lot of customization of drinks, your character, reminders etc. 👍🏻👍🏻 Really good way to remember to drink water 💦

- Great app but not perfect

I would definitely recommend this if you are wanting to drink more water on a regular basis. Overall the app on the phone and Apple Watch is great and what you would expect. Not a fan of the additional purchases on top of paying for the app. This business practice resembles the video game extra dlc type thing. Not cool at all but otherwise great app and I hope to see fun and interactive future free updates.

- Response slower than previous version

Clicked on plus sign to record the water taken. The result shows much slower than old version. I am on 11 Pro with latest iOS.

- Great!

This app is great to keep track of how much water you drink. Love how it connects to Apple Watch. Only thing is I wonder why, after spending $7 on the app, that we still have to pay MORE to unlock characters? I believe that $7 is a hefty app price as it is. Not sure if I would purchase again... probably would just stick to a free app since the extra fun options on this one cost more money.

- Too Top expensive

Too expensive.If I wanted to get reminders I have a FREE reminder app on my phone provided by apple

- Not worth $6.99

The function is limited. It worths no more than $1.99. I feels like I was scammed when I read through the review.

- Not great

Don’t like app. It adds coffee as hydration

- Great

I really like the app, the only problem is that the the Apple Watch version of it doesn’t update, in particular the value of water intake does not reset on a new day, so I’m still seeing the value from yesterday. Can you please fix this? Thanks UPDATE: it works actually, the complication updates when you open the phone app

- Works great with the Apple Watch

Excellent app works very well with the Apple Watch. You can customize the amounts you drink. Based on my body measurements it asks me to drink what seems like a ton of water. If I try to satisfy the recommended water intake dictated by the app I will constantly visit the the washroom. Other than that it is a very simple app which meshes well with the Apple Watch and health app.

- Great

Did not work initially as I wanted. E mailed support who responded immediately and explained and sorted all out. Great service Kriss !

- Great!

I always forget to drink water

- Data glitch with health app

Easy to use but it repeats the data in the health app multiple times. I’ll drink one cup and I can see that up to four entries are made in the health app.

- Edit a Drink in Your History? Can’t anymore

So the folks at WaterMinder updated their app! Nice... But to edit a drink in history used to be explained by them. No more; neither online nor the AppStore. Hello??!! You come out with a new car and don’t tell buyers that the gas pedal is on the left, the clutch pedal is in the middle and the break pedal is on the right?? Hello WaterMinder.... should you not have anticipated this? Whoever dropped the ball needs to spend a day in ‘propeller head’ jail. Thank you. Follow up: I was able to figure out how to edit history (swipe up on screen). Wish you had kept the line graph display instead of the new bar chart.

- Great way to get me to drink more water!

I have WaterMinder set as a complication on most of my Apple Watch faces so I can easily log and track my water intake. Easy to customize to include quick entries for smoothies, water bottle, etc.

- Improving

The last update seems to have solved the syncing issue I was having between the Apple Watch and iPhone, however, the watch’s complication still doesn’t match the app on either the watch or phone. For example, the complication will show 12% complete while the phone and watch app show 17% complete.

- Apple watch

Why not make it clear you need OS6 for watches to use? Now the app is useless and there goes my money. False advertisment.

- Worth it

It makes me drink water way more than normal. Having the challenge of drinking a minimum per day is great (based off your body weight) the metals you win make it fun aswell and you can simply tell Siri to log your water

- Excellent application

Fantastic app with great watch support!

- Fantastic!

Simple and easy to use, and I can see my history of what I drink. Highly recommend!

- Love the widget!

It’s the only app so far that has a widget to quick add drinks without even having to open the app! I also love the fact that there aren’t any annoying ads. This app will definitely be a keeper 👍

- Good but could be better

For a 6 dollar app it does leave a bit to be desired. Still cheaper then paying monthly for some of the other apps. Personally I wish you could just pre set cup sizes and not have to include a drink type. That way you can select your custom cup size then just select what ever beverage you had in that cup. For instance I drink water and juice out of the same cup size, but instead of having only one custom cup size I would need two to cover off both of these drinks. The custom cups are nice but they assume you only drink one type of beverage out of a single size of glass. I have probably 4-5 different cup sizes from which I drink a large variety of different beverages from. Essentially the custom cup size should be exactly that and not include type of beverage.

- Is not compatible with watchos4

I’ve been trying to get the app to work with my new Apple Watch but it won’t seem to work. Keeps on telling me to refresh on my iPhone app but it does not work. I have been reading reviews and forums and it seems a number of other users are having the same issues as me too.

- Great app with one minor hitch

Great app though as opposed to reminding me to drink water at set times it would be great if there was an option to remind me to drink if I haven’t logged water for a set period of time. I tend to be good at logging and find a relative reminder would be better as sometimes have an log a drink then get reminded 5 min later to drink. Otherwise a great app so far!

- Reminder

It’s great to be reminded to drink water 😜

- Can definitely work with this

This app has good information that is good helps for motivation and getting you started with a better lifestyle

- Very helpful!

I’m very stubborn so this has been very helpful. It has enough simple features in it that are super easy to use.

- Great app, needs iCloud support

I am assuming the purpose of the developers is to maintain constant water consumption from it’s users. Well I use both, the phone app and the Mac app. Sucks that they can’t communicate and I get overwhelmed with notifications. Quiet disappoint since I can tell the developers put a lot of work into the app. Please add this functionality.

- Yipeee

Loooove this app ... easy peasy

- Amazing but...

Amazing amazing app. Super helpful and useful. But it’ll be nice to customize my drink names on the widget (as currently it just shows the amount of the drink, not the name). Also, it would be great to see units like teaspoons, tablespoons and cups added the the app.

- Had high hopes

Had really high hopes but this app will not sync to my Apple Watch and I’ve tried everything.

- Great App, works great with Apple Watch!

Plain and simple; works well with Apple Watch. I’m using a series 3. All can be set from the iPhone app and works well with Apple Watch app.

- Works for me

This app works great for me. Nice gentle reminders to drink more water/coffee/tea. It has helped me stay hydrated as I normally do not drink enough. Very glad I got this app.

- Review

I’m disappointed that the badges no longer show how much water I’ve had, it was one of the best things about the app and now I’m considering deleting it since it’s not much use to me now.

- Good, but needs refinement

I would give 5 if there was a way to add the drinks I forgot to log from the night before...

- One suggestion

Love this app. Easy to see progress at a glance on the Apple Watch and you can quickly log your progress. One feature I would love to see is a white complication icon for the Watch. Most of my complications are white, while the WaterMinder icon stands out with its blue.

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- Awesome

This app is awesome for what it is. It constantly reminds me to hydrate, sometimes to the point it seems annoying but it all for my healths benefit. I got it on my series 3 Apple Watch as well and I love it’s color complication ring. If you use a watch face that displays color it looks amazing the app works flawlessly the only think that could make it better is if it could communicate with the apple health app or activity app on my watch so I could get all my health related info in 1 place. Still a great app

- Love the app!

App is sweet! Apple Watch version took a while to load on watchOS 4 but on watchOS 5 it loads in less than a second which makes quick logging easy! Only things I’d love to see are: 1) maybe some down the road feature of machine learning to help coach you better times when to drink (so I’m not drowning in water at 11pm!) 2) an auto adjusted amount of water needed based on when you wake up (like if you’re having a lazy weekend where you wake up late)

- Simple and easy to use

Lots of great features, very streamlined, and highly customizable. You can add a bunch of presets for drinks you consume most frequently, and can add one-off entries for anything else. The app lets you log not only water, but also coffee, tea, soda, juice, beer, wine, cocktails...the list goes on. One enhancement I’d love to see in the future is to have the app track/log caffeine along with water, so when you log x amount of coffee/tea/soda, it would also record an entry of the appropriate amount of caffeine to the Health Kit. It does a great job of tracking the water already!

- Bug: Cannot Refresh Connection from WaterMinder iPhone app to Apple Watch App.

I had to erase and restore my Apple Watch. When after restoring the watch from a backup to my iPhone, WaterMinder complains that a profile must be created or a connection to a previous profile on the phone must be refreshed. Their procedure for refreshing the connection was not only inaccurate but doesn’t work! To make the procedure excruciating, a couple of screens on the iPhone flipped upside down as I was trying to perform a procedure that wasn’t going to work. What a joke. Programmers, please!

- App is fine but...

Ok. The app works fine. No glitches, easy to use and navigate. Aesthetically pleasing to look at. I also like that the app is also available on my watch. However, I did not like that I had to pay extra money in order to get an avatar/character that looks like me. I get it, profits have to be made but why not offer standard characters in a diverse range and make the weird robot and animal emojis cost extra. Or...make a generic emoji and make EVERYONE pay extra to customize. Not just minorities, pleasantly plump people, and elderly people!

- Nice app, but missing few things ...

Application is really nicely done, it allows you to configure almost everything, it’s fast, pretty, shows nice statistics or give achievements. What I am missing a lot is that app cannot read data about me from health app. I had to manually configure my sex, weight and type of activity. All these information should be automatically read on regular bases from health app as they can change and in health app it will be automatically propagated ... (I am using scale for weight and watch for activity)

- Awesome App

It’s an awesome app to help you keep track of your water intake, it’s so easy to utilize that even your kids can operate it. I enjoy the reminders, it’s helpful when your day is hectic and you tend to forget your necessities, it’s motivating and reinforcing to see your progress to try and reach your goals, the Apple Watch companion app is awesome as well, as I’m on the go I can just tap to record and go. This is a must for those trying to up their water intake and fitness enthusiasts

- Well-designed and integrates w/ Apple Health

This app is an excellent way of keeping track of how much fluid you need to drink in a day. I do wish it had a few more beverage choices, but everyone I’ve talked to who uses it is surprised at how little they drink, and how much better they feel once hydrated. However, sometimes I end up lying to it, which is stupid because nobody else is looking at this data besides me. It’ll remind me to drink but I’m not thirsty so I’ll just push the “I had 8oz of water” button. But it helps when I use it right!

- Very good, better notifications would make it perfect

First the good: great design, very functional and efficient, Apple Watch app is incredible (especially the little touch like adding a complication). My only complaint is a big one: notifications are triggered on a preset basis, and aren’t emergent based on your actual hydration. So you might log a drink and get a reminder 5 min later, or you might forget to drink for 2 hours and not get notified because there’s not a notification scheduled. Fix that and this app is nearly perfect.

- One request

This is a great app, but I have a request. I’d like to see where I should be with my water intake. Not for the whole day but at any given time. Let’s say I have my setup between 7am and 7pm and have 60oz of water as my goal (example for easy math). That means each hour I should have 5oz water intake. So by 10am I should have 15oz. But if I’ve only had 12 then I’m behind schedule by 3oz. That could help me catch up over the next hour rather than put off my water intake until later in the day. Thanks for making a great app!

- Great app but blaring loud sound!

Edit I opened the app on my phone & now the app volume is operating according to normal phone volume as it should. I’m guessing they fixed it but I hadn’t opened the app on my iphone in a long time in order for that change to register. I know some update changes require that. Previous Review 2 years on iPhone SE & Apple Watch 2nd Ed. On verge of uninstalling due to my primary issue. But this app is among the best because of it’s customization options for buttons, cups, icons, etc. ISSUES 1. No matter what the iPhone volume is, the button sound volume is at max volume! It’s been like this for a long time. I’ve suspected it is oat ringer volume. 2. Rewards only work when viewing them. I drink 8-10 8oz cups of water a day. But I will never get any rewards unless I view them on my watch. Same for my phone. The app just doesn’t seem to be actively monitoring water intake.

- Fantastic

Great and very customizable. Easy to make usual drinks and the automatic conversion for hydration types is nice. The reminders are good to get, and you can set specific times of day. Nice to have quick logging as well w Siri Shortcuts and a simple Apple Watch all. Some small things I’d love to see next: better performance on Apple Watch 3 (laggy when it loads) and ability to change day cut-off (my day usually ends closer to 2am than midnight, so that splits my hydration for the day).

- Water only

There needs two be two rings on the iWatch. One for other drinks and one for water so it’s clear on how much water was consumed. I could drink one glass and the rest other drinks and it would say 120% and that’s misleading. Also the phone portion should only fill up when it’s water you are drinking. It’s not clear on both devices how much water I consumed for the day. Just thinking of ways to make a good app great. I love the ring feature and the easy controls on both devices. Look forward to a water update.

- Great app

I exercise for an hour at least every morning. So I wanted to be mindful of my fluid intake. I purchased a different water app and used it for a few months. Then I tried this one and it is amazing. I bought the premium package which I recommend to anyone to get the full functionality of the app. It really is a very well designed and fun to use app. Best of all it links directly to apple health. I am glad I bought this and I think you will be also.

- Life changing

As a very active person this app has been huge for me! When 3pm roles around and I’m feeling tired or hungry- I look at my app and 95% of the time I haven’t had enough water- and once I do I feel so much better. I feel better fueled for my workouts and overall healthier! I’ve recommended this app to at least 10 friends and they all love it too! Highly recommend adding a social feature and maybe syncing with other health apps!

- Easily 5 stars, 1 valid critique tho...

This is my favorite water app in the AppStore and easily the most fun. My critique is with logging drinks other than water. For example, if I woke up and just drank coffee all day, and logged all my cups of coffee, it shows up great in the water minder app as cups of coffee. However, Apple will show this as water intake in the health app.😣 Can you make it so that we can log all varieties of beverages all throughout the day in the app, but only have the Apple health integration show only the actual amount of water so that there is no confusion when viewing the Apple health app. I’m going to use the app either way, and keep my rating 5 stars, but I believe this should bother more people than just me. Especially for the detail oriented. Other than this, I love staying hydrated with your app.😋

- Very customizable and excellent watch app

I wanted something that would help me track and log my water intake. By default the app does a great job of reminding you, but I didn’t need that; I just wanted to track. Thankfully you can customize how and when you receive reminders (including turning them off completely). The watch app is super convenient. There’s a complication that shows you how you’re doing and makes it easy to log.

- I cannot believe it works for me

I don’t think it will works because I thought I will ignore it. But It works, I think it is because drink more water makes me feel good, so once it reminds me to drink, I will drink. I think the essential essence is that drinking water is not painful, maybe it is at the beginning, but when you get used to it, the process is so great and you will feel great. Since that you will insist the habit of drinking a lot of water.

- Pls bring back the Badge Count

I’m a longtime user and I’ve never had any issues with this app. My only complaint is due to the recent decision to remove the badge count. It made keeping track of my consumption super simple. All it took was a glance to see how much progress I’d made towards my goal. Yes, you can still see your progress (without opening the app) by hard pressing the icon, but it takes an extra step. Oh well. Maybe they’ll bring that functionality back in the future.

- Great app/Bug fixed

Developer is active at responding to big reports and fixing them. This is a great app, filling a gap in Apple’s health and fitness tracking. Overall, great. I highly recommend for tracking fluid intake. My one request at this point would be a timed check before reminders. If I entered data within the last few minutes (make it customizable) I don’t need the preset reminder going off ten minutes later.

- Obsessed - hydration is 🔑

Absolutely love this app! Easiest way to track your water intake in my opinion! And tracking it is the first step to improving it! And improving it leads to less mental fatigue, less appetite, etc. I’ve been using the paid version for well over a year now and love it. I’ve even reached out to the developers to talk about what the future for WaterMinder holds and make suggestions. I’m basically on their board at this point haha

- It was good until iOS 13 update

I used the history view a LOT on the pre-iOS-13 version of this app. I sometimes fat-finger, maybe I don’t drink all of something, things like that. It used to be TRIVIAL to fix those mistakes and to get the daily view of my hydration. Not anymore. The view defaults to week, and so in order to edit a mis-tap, instead I now have to do several taps, because even once day is selected, if you swipe down, (something I didn’t have to do before on a “Plus” iPhone,) your drinks aren’t listed historically, but by how much you drink that thing, and it’s not even limited to just the day, even in Day view, so I have to do even MORE tapping and swiping to get to the view I used to get to with one tap and a half-swipe. The bar graph is also less helpful than the previous line graph. Multiply that out times several times a day, it gets to be a hassle. I’m looking for a new app that doesn’t waste so much of my time, which is a shame since I have been using this app since 2015.

- It is impossible...

Really, it is impossible to describe the phenomenal beauty of this app in a short review! From the gracious layout to the limitless possibilities to customize, and personalize- this app is way above any similar ones . Yes, it comes at a cost. But after trying the “best” of Water Counting apps of the Free Group, I truly realized that $5.00 for this app is ,basically, a gift to us from the developers! In a few words: Easy, Sophisticated, Stable. To the Developer: Well done! Bravo!


At first, I downloaded a free app. Not much functionality and didn’t do the job. I seriously questioned whether I should pay for an app to help me drink water. But there is an old adage that you get what you pay for, so I decided to buy WaterMinder. It’s some of the best money I have ever spent on an app. The ability to customize, the wonderful way it renders on the Apple Watch, the options for different drinks, are just three of the reasons that make this app AWESOME!

- Apple Health Sync doesn’t work for Apple Watch

Apple Health Sync only works when you log drinks from the mobile app. It does not do anything when you log water with your Apple Watch which is 99% in my case. Also I faced some UI issues: sometimes an empty fifth tabbaritem appears and app crashes when you tap it. Sometimes water animation bottom edge is laid out incorrectly. UPDATE: now it works, it syncs with Apple Health but I haven’t changed anything and the app was not updated or reinstalled.

- Great app - need one tweak

Revising my previous review from 4 to 5 stars. Thanks for adding the daily log history to the Apple Watch. Now it’s perfect for me. Previous review: Easy to set up customized drinks and volumes. Easy to track via the iPhone or on my watch. The one tweak it needs to be perfect is to be able to see your daily drink history - each drink for the day - on the watch app like you can see on the iPhone app.

- Still room to improve, but lots of good. Worth trying

Another reviewer mentioned custom reminders if you haven't added water for awhile. Great idea! What I like is you can enter other beverages (milk, soda, etc.). What I love is the app has a chart showing relative hydration for different beverages, plus it explains a little about each beverage. It's buried but there. Some references, esp. academic would be nice. Note they have a tip jar. Making apps takes work!

- Good app, some glitches

I really like the app and it is already helping me. But the app keeps unsetting my Daily badge as if was never achieved. Also, as the weather chilled down, I changed the temp setting from hot to moderate, and it changed in the history graph as well. I am not sure whether this is a case you’d like to address, but I feel like the old line for hot weather goal should have stayed where it was and the new goal line should have started on the day of the change.

- Nice Little App!

This app helps ensure that I remain hydrated throughout the day without having to intermittently slam back large quantities of water to make up for gaps in drinking. Eventually, it’s become more and more habitual, and I find myself having a drink just before the reminder goes off. A couple of suggestions that’d improve functionality, in my opinion: 1) An “interval” setting, where one could simply set a start time and finish time then a value for elapsed time between reminders, e.g., 0800 with 30:00 minute intervals, ending at 1800 hrs. Easy-peasey. 2) The ability to enter hydration values from the lock screen would be great, though I have no idea if that’s even possible. It’d be super-convenient, though. That’s it — keep up the good work and thanks!

- Works as advertised... mostly

Good app... useful. Works as advertised... But... recent update introduced a minor graphic bug for my family’s devices (confirmed on multiple phones, watches and iPads). When you add drinks the graphic on the device does not show it update (though it actually does). You have to change to any other screen then go back to the main page and you’ll see the water graphic updated. Fix this for 5 stars again.

- Best $5 I’ve ever spent!

Thank you for not being greedy jerks! This app is so wonderful. I’m not one to write reviews, ever, but this was certainly worthy for me to write one! I love how I can customize each amount of liquid and change the colors! I use a dark blue for Smart Water, 20.3 fl oz. and a pink color for my filtered water, 9.5 fl oz (according to my personal glass). Love the custom features! Totally worth the money! Thank you! Just the app I’ve been literally dying for haha! <3

- Best App in store

I have been using this App since October 2018, consistently. This app works seamlessly with the Health App and Apple Watch. It is easy to customize to your personal settings with minimal effort. You will see copy cats in the App Store for free or not. This App is not free but it is cheap with the amount of accuracy and detail embedded in this product. Lastly, I would like to say that the developer actually returns emails and is open to further enhancements.

- Good but could be better

I like the app and especially the ability to add water intake using the Apple Watch, however, the reminders need improvement. It’s just a simple reminder at a specified time. I could set an alarm on my phone to do the same thing. The reminders should be specific to how much intake you’ve had throughout the day such as, “Half way there! Time to drink.” Also, I can get a reminder 30 seconds after adding intake...that shouldn’t happen. Otherwise I’ve enjoyed the app.

- Surprised how informative and useful

My doctor has been encouraging me to drink more water for a long time. This tool made it much easier to achieve that goal. It is a fun, not annoying, reminder during the day. What I quickly observed ... before I was only about 50 to 60% hydrated. The biggest deficit period was actually between lunch and dinner. Simple solution will be to keep a water of bottle near me during the day. Thanks.

- Powerful and positive app

This app is great. The only complaint I had was the notification sound. It was not distinctive and attention getting enough. I recently realized that the sound could be changed. I like the chime sound. This sound should be the default since it’s loud, distinctive, and it happens to work well with the sounds included within the app for opening the plus menu and adding a drink action.

- Such a good app

When I stick to using the app I can really see my water intake graphed out which I really like. The reminders motivate me to reach my personal goal each day, which in the long run makes me healthier! Who would of thought an app drastically improves quality of life! One suggestion I do have is for a dark mode! That would make this a perfect app. Or maybe even themes, idk. Good job team for creating this app.

- Love but miss badge icon

I love this app but am sad i can no longer see the badge icon showing the remaining ounces i need to drink. That always motivated me to drink more to get that icon to go away. The developer replied to me and said that they had to remove the badge icon “due to Apple Store guidelines”. This doesn’t make sense since i went back to Waterlogged and it still has the badge icon. If this feature could be brought back i would switch back to Water Minder. This is vital for me.

- Great way to stay hydrated

I have to make sure I'm in taking a lot of water for a medical condition and this is a great app on your phone and iWatch. This app helps with that a whole lot and there are plenty or ways to add different liquids. My only wish is that for certain liquid(wine, beer, etc.) it would subtract those as they do dehydrate the body from the alcohol. Just a neat feature that could be included later in the future.

- Great execution

Love this app. It’s simple with a nice user interface. I wish I could add in my own drinks. I drink almond milk and would like be able to track that as hydration. Additionally it’d be cool to see a graph or percentage or something showing me where my hydration comes from. Like 75% from water, 10% from tea, 10% from coffee etc. and show that as a different view in our history graph. Keep up the great work!

- Best Hydration App

This app is wonderful. I have 3 different autoimmune diseases and 2 other diseases that are very hard to control. I have to make sure that I am always paying attention to how much liquid I am consuming. This app has helped a great deal and I am beginning to even feel a bit better. Thank you so much to the creators of this app you really have changed my life for the better.

- Brilliant and intuitive

This app is simple in its goals, but one of the best designed apps I've ever seen. It's easy to use, has all the right options and charming illustrations. The soft bubbling sound is a gentle reminder to drink. There are places to customize and add your favorite glass or mug and its volume. I can't think of a single improvement or suggestion. Why can't more apps be designed like this one?

- Great app; here’s an idea

I love this app. It has encouraged me to be more hydrated everyday, especially in collaboration with my Apple Watch. However, I had an idea that I believe would vastly improve the app for Apple Watch users: use activity and motion data to calculate and suggest how much water one should drink that day. For example, on a day when I do a workout I set my in-app activity level to moderate, but on other days, I only have class and set my in-app activity level to sedentary. If the app could read my daily activity, motion, and workouts, it could automatically adjust to the amount of water my body needs every hour, or whatever. Other than that, this app is awesome and should be used by everyone. Four stars only because of lack of Apple Health integration. Cheers!

- New glitch

I like this app and it was working flawlessly until the last few days. Now, there is such a lag from the time I enter my water consumption to it showing up that I end up entering it two or three times. This is new. I have to enter the data, exit the app and then check to see if it finally registered. For a paid app this is irritating. Update: the app is once again working. Thank you.

- Good so far

I’ve been using the app for 3 days now and so far I am impressed. The graphics are good and the fact that you can customize them is kinda fun. The best part is the history that shows you when you consumed any liquids. If you are honest and you log all beverages , you can see how much water, coffee, beer or wine you drank at a certain day! Once I have a better view of this app, I will either go to 5 or down to 3-2-1 stars!

- Updates and updates

I’ve been using this app for a few years. It’s always been great with small issues here and there. But these past few updates still have problems. When I use my watch or widget it logs twice. I’m forced to go back in and delete one. I know the most recent updates are supposed to fix this but it’s still an issue for me. It’s something I can work around but after years of no issues it just annoying.

- Will not connect to my Apple 5 watch.

Bought this without fully investigating it. It works just fine on my phone It “will not work” on my Apple Watch 5. ALL the other app’s on my phone and watch are connected and transferring data as expected. Their customer support is no help whatsoever. Reset this, reset that, uninstall this, uninstall that, pair this, pair that......nothing! I can’t even get rid of the app on my watch without doing a reset to factory which is absolutely ridiculous. If you have $5.00 to burn please buy this app, if not....run don’t walk away from it. Unfortunately I can’t give it zero stars.

- Pricey

I do like this app. I am breastfeeding and forget to drink as much as I should. The reminders are nice. For the price I'd like to see more. Maybe instead of just water it can focus on other habits that the user can choose from. Again..good app but super pricey for what it does.. Update: you wrote and said you have an app called habitminder. That's also another 5 or so dollars for "all features" If you could wrap both into one that would be great 👍.

- Best there is!

Been using for years (after extensively researching apps because water is so important as I have health issues). This app is the best and it just keeps getting better!! Blows others out of the water! Works so well with my Apple Watch. Love that all liquids can be tracked (and customized) to count towards your daily goal. I hate drinking water and this makes it tolerable!

- Siri Shortcuts Makes everything so much quicker

This app is the bomb! Aside from the typical features you would expect from a water logging app, this one has Siri Shortcuts which makes it so much easier to use, even when driving (using Bluetooth or something similar of course) and also when working out. There’s no better app than this.

- Gotta drink your water

This App will change your life and compartmentalize the things that you are drinking and also the things that you are eating. Sometimes you don’t realize a lot of things that are going in your mouth but with this app you can document it and then you’ll actually see what’s going on. Get this App get organized and do it now!!!

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Daniel Stransky - That Jersey Gamer

I’m just now realizing that @WaterMinder_app has a dynamic shortcut for logging beverages. Better late than never I guess hahah. This is going to make my life so much easier.

cosme 🛸

Earned another achievement! #WaterMinder #hydrate

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Earned another achievement! #WaterMinder #hydrate

Yohann LIBOT

@jon_adair @weatherlineapp @WaterMinder_app @culturedcode @WidgetsmithApp @apolloreddit Nice one! ;)


@jon_adair @weatherlineapp @WaterMinder_app @culturedcode @WidgetsmithApp @apolloreddit This is a great idea!

Jon Adair

Trying out separate work and play homescreen to (hopefully) make it easier to switch off at weekends. Featuring @weatherlineapp @WaterMinder_app @culturedcode @WidgetsmithApp @apolloreddit #ios14homescreen #ios14 #ios14widgets

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@reneritchie Favorite widgets so far — Shortcuts, Waterminder, Drafts. The ones I want are Google Photos, Google Maps, Bear Notes, Overcast and ESPN.


@jon_adair @reneritchie Oh I like WaterMinder

Justin R. Skattum

Just reached 60% of my daily goal in #WaterMinder


One of the most underrated pieces of the personal health puzzle is hydration. Just started using @WaterMinder_app to help hold myself more accountable. Did some more research into just how important hydration is and here’s 5 learnings/tips I found 💡 Threddy Roosevelt 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Erika Ann

Earned another achievement! #WaterMinder #hydrate

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Just reached 31% of my daily goal in #WaterMinder

KK Tesla Model Y 🇨🇦 VIN 021xxx : 2020.36.11

@shibibala @jayanthvignesh @Shae_Lenae @Nikola_App @StatsTeslaApp @DriveTeslaca @TeslaGong @teslainvernon Stock ticker - stocks app complication. Water app is a siri shortcut that i created for the waterminder app. It allows u to choose from all ur shortcuts

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Earned another achievement! #WaterMinder #hydrate

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Earned another achievement! #WaterMinder #hydrate

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WaterMinder® (Version 4.2.2) Install & Download

The applications WaterMinder® was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2013-07-19 and was developed by Funn Media, LLC [Developer ID: 646811578]. This application file size is 275.14 MB. WaterMinder® - Health & Fitness posted on 2020-09-24 current version is 4.2.2 and works well on IOS 12.2 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.waterminder.waterminder

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