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Get help with WaterMinder®, an easy, intuitive app to track your water intake. Based on your body weight (or your personal goal), WaterMinder® will remind you to drink water to reach your daily goals. By seeing current water fill visually and in percents you will instantly know how well you are hydrated!

"A must have - I love this app!!! It reminds me to drink water all day with such a hectic schedule I forget sometimes and this is just a little reminder of how much water you're supposed to drink my skin looks better I feel better must have app!!!"

"Went beyond my expectations - Usually I download these apps and they hardly ever have long shelf life's, but this app is a keeper. The reminder really helps and motivates me to drink water. I also love how visual the accomplishment is. Definitely worth looking into and happily satisfied."

"PERFECT - I absolutely love this app!!!! It really helps if you have kidney problems. I was having bad kidney pains because I wasn't sure how much water to drink in a day so I was only getting about 1/2 if what I was supposed to be getting until now. To the creators., THANK YOU"

"Amazing App! - This is an amazing app. I'm someone who has trouble remembering to drink fluids during the day, I'm more of a snacker. But I found this really helpful since I'm generally dehydrated. I like that it has reminders & how you can see your progress."

"Awesome -Great for the breast feeding mom."

"Great app - Clean and simple!"

"Love this - Super simple and easy to use, FANTASTIC way to keep up with your hydration, which is oh so important. Plus cool facts to keep you informed and further motivated. Thanks guys!!!"

Keeping track of your daily water intake needs and making sure your body is well hydrated is not an easy task in todays busy world. Let WaterMinder® help you!

◆◆◆ Main Features ◆◆◆
• Standalone Apple Watch app
• Dark Mode
• Today Widget
• Siri Shortcuts
• Apple Health Sync
• Clean visual view of your current water fill
• 50+ Characters to reflect your hydration
• Ability to change your App Icon
• Alternative hydration progress ring layout
• Simple, quick and easy to use interface (just tap on 1 icon and a menu opens with your options to log/track your water intake)
• Pre-defined cups for quick hydration tracking
• Log other drink types than water
• Create custom cups (size, icon, color, drink type)
• Create custom reminders
• History and Graph, see your progress
• US oz, UK oz, L and ML units
• Earn and Share your Achievements
• iMessage Stickers
• Free guide to drinking water

Stay healthy, and drink more water - hydrate yourself!

Optional auto-renewing Tip Jar subscription is available for $0.49 per month (price varies by territory) located in the app Settings page. Payments will be charged to your iTunes Account after confirmation. Subscription automatically renewed unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the subscription period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Subscriptions may be managed in your iTunes Account’s Settings after purchasing.

Privacy Policy: https://www.iubenda.com/privacy-policy/7803420
Terms of Use: https://waterminder.com/terms.html

Note: HealthKit integration is to capture weight, gender and date of birth as well as share Water data to Apple Health app.

NOTE: WaterMinder is not a medical app. Suggested water intake goal is just an estimate based on your weight. Please consult your health provider if you want to use it for medical purposes or to obtain specific hydration needs.

WaterMinder® App Description & Overview

The applications WaterMinder® was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2013-07-19 and was developed by Funn Media, LLC. This application file size is 342.83 MB. WaterMinder® current version is 4.0.4 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

Squashed a rare bug causing a crash on app launch.
Thanks for using our app and stay hydrated!

WaterMinder® App Tips, Tricks and Rules

WaterMinder® Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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BMJF   5 star

Great app/Bug fixed. Developer is active at responding to big reports and fixing them. This is a great app, filling a gap in Apple’s health and fitness tracking. Overall, great. I highly recommend for tracking fluid intake. My one request at this point would be a timed check before reminders. If I entered data within the last few minutes (make it customizable) I don’t need the preset reminder going off ten minutes later.

Daisey Bell   5 star

Love getting the reminders!. This app really works to encourage more drinking!!

Baldntan   5 star

Neug. Love this app! It has some education about beverage intake. it contains goal setting, and has a pretty cool intake tracker. This app has also been useful for helping me help my family increase their water intake in a fun way!

EliteEthos   3 star

Apple Watch app. Complication still doesn’t refresh to zero at the start of each day. Needs fixing. I’ve got the most recent update... same problem. The app needs to be uninstalled from watch and re-installed to reach zero again. This is not a connectivity issue. The company gets your money upfront, so why should they care?

iggynutwood   4 star

Simple and easy to use. Lots of great features, very streamlined, and highly customizable. You can add a bunch of presets for drinks you consume most frequently, and can add one-off entries for anything else. The app lets you log not only water, but also coffee, tea, soda, juice, beer, wine, cocktails...the list goes on. One enhancement I’d love to see in the future is to have the app track/log caffeine along with water, so when you log x amount of coffee/tea/soda, it would also record an entry of the appropriate amount of caffeine to the Health Kit. It does a great job of tracking the water already!

Majo guri   1 star

No sincroniza con Apple Watch. Se toma mucho tiempo para sincronizar con los registros en mi Apple Watch, muchas veces ni siquiera se sincroniza en absoluto.

Ezmerelda the Sleep Queen   5 star

Big help. This app is really helping me remember to stay hydrated. I forget when I’m busy, which is always!

IssacYoung   4 star

why my app on apple watch stop notifying me?. its good but i don't know why it's stop reminding me, how to fix this?

Another dancing machine   3 star

Notifications are not consistent. My ONLY issue with this app is the notifications are not consistent in reminding you when they are supposed to. Some days they are consistent.......and some days they are not!

6cats   5 star

Great idea!. So happy I have a way to keep me faithful to drinking water. I have kidney disease and this is very important to me. I told my doctor what I was doing. He was not aware this was available.

Hummamz   1 star

No notification. I paid 5 dollars for an app that i need to manually input everything and the notifications don't work. I hoped it was more interactive

MMcCrazy   5 star

The best and most flexible water tracker I’ve tried. My main goal was to use my Apple Watch to track my water intake. I have two different water bottles I use depending on whether i’m at work or at home, and WaterMinder allows me to save my different water and tea sizes. I’ve also set up a Siri shortcut when I say “log bottle of water” as an option if I’m drinking (water) while driving and don’t want to forget to input at the moment.

30 rock fan   5 star

Updated review—- changes work well. I love this app again!! Thanks to the developers for listening and fixing. —————- I used to love this app! It kept me hydrated when traveling and in extreme environments. I have an iPhone X and iWatch 4. And this app doesn’t work like it did. I think the latest update causes the watch app to freeze or simply lost capability. The watch also failed to mirror what the phone app showed. The phone app works well so I gave it 3 stars. I used to give it 5 stars. The update was a fail.

rasind   4 star

Water app.. Needs to include 1 and 2 percent milk.

Askverozn   2 star

Doesn’t instantly log water on watch. Hello, For some reason, whenever i get a drink water alert on the watch app, I click 8oz. Etc and then it takes me to the circle where it *should* add that 8oz. However the screen freezes at this point and I have to exit and reopen the watch app on my watch to record. You would get 5 stars if it truly was a seamless one click solution - idk why it freezes (I am on the latest os across devices and have the latest purchased version of waterminder) Please address this issue immediately. Thank you.

iJSantiago   5 star

A tomar agua todos los días. Una app realmente útil y esencial en la vida para deshidratar el cuerpo y consumir bastante agua, si la recomiendo.

Paleo Schnauzer   1 star

Change Ruins Apps. I really really hate it when I search for an app with an easy to use interface only to have the developer change it and ruin the experience. Previously water consumption was tracked on a easy to read horizontal graph where it was easy to see if you’d met your goal (above the line) or fell short. This was replaced by some bizarre series of columns with no correlation to percentage of goal but just a weird bunch of random numbers. I just deleted the app and now I’m looking for another way to track water in Apple health.

Fern.Square   5 star

This app has kept me on track and initially showed me how behind I’ve been for so long.. The reminders are super helpful, especially the watch version.

jefarrell50   5 star

Pay only once to buy. I downloaded a number of water-tracking apps for comparison. Most require monthly or annual fees to enable audio notification. This app can be customized for amounts and types pf beverages as well as for notifications. AND it’s a one-time charge.

0xChampion   3 star

Updates and updates. I’ve been using this app for a few years. It’s always been great with small issues here and there. But these past few updates still have problems. When I use my watch or widget it logs twice. I’m forced to go back in and delete one. I know the most recent updates are supposed to fix this but it’s still an issue for me. It’s something I can work around but after years of no issues it just annoying.

BJ Shobe   5 star

Big help !. I do usually drink water on a regular bases, and I thought I drank plenty but this app is helping me to drink more consistent and track the amount. PS: I wasn’t drinking as much as I thought🙀

Anatigger   2 star

Money Hungry App. I’m sorry but the reason this wonderful app receives 2 stars from me is because after paying to download the app they have the nerve to charge a subscription fee on top of that?!?! Make buying the app a one time fee and maybe I’ll adjust my review.

Blrhcky   5 star

Actually using it. I always think the key to apps like this is usability — let’s face it, anything that slows me down or over complicates things is never going to become habit. So far this is great. Super fast and easy to log my usual drinks, and (maybe more importantly) almost as fast to add something out of the norm. Tracking my progress by watching my guy fill up with water is a fun touch — shows the attention to detail that makes me respect the developers. Nice work. One of the only “self help” apps I’ve looked at that I continue to use.

Titanic Rocky   5 star

Very good! *Updated. Oct 19 2019 review: Watch sync is working fine for me with the newest update: IPhone XR, Apple Watch 2. Thank you for fixing this! —-OLD Review Almost no complaints- my phone doesn’t pick up the quantities that are submitted to it by watch. So only my watch shows the correct quantities. ——

The1MacGyVer   1 star

Will not connect to my Apple 5 watch.. Bought this without fully investigating it. It works just fine on my phone It “will not work” on my Apple Watch 5. ALL the other app’s on my phone and watch are connected and transferring data as expected. Their customer support is no help whatsoever. Reset this, reset that, uninstall this, uninstall that, pair this, pair that......nothing! I can’t even get rid of the app on my watch without doing a reset to factory which is absolutely ridiculous. If you have $5.00 to burn please buy this app, if not....run don’t walk away from it. Unfortunately I can’t give it zero stars.

Steven Conte   5 star

Last update broke it. Used to be the best drinking registering app, but the last update simply made it useless. Doesn’t even open the second time.

Major Schitze   1 star

Big crash. Every time i open the app. It comes out immedietly. I use iphone X last update softwae and apple watch series 3 last update

Someone7777skakdjdjdk   4 star

I can't open the app. The new update was working fine but as soon as I upgraded to iOS 13 the application won't open at all. Update, response to developer: I did that shortly after this issue and now I can use the app again, thanks anyway.

SRS724   4 star

Please add Kombucha!. I love this app, but would love even more if kombucha were added as a drink option!

Tinmarhar   2 star

Update isn’t as good. Update isn’t as good. You can’t edit entries, and the daily/weekly/monthly views of your consumption are minimal in providing info. I don’t like it at all

Advertorial    5 star

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Fabeeo79   5 star

Great. I really like the app, the only problem is that the the Apple Watch version of it doesn’t update, in particular the value of water intake does not reset on a new day, so I’m still seeing the value from yesterday. Can you please fix this? Thanks UPDATE: it works actually, the complication updates when you open the phone app

M4573RMZD   5 star

Works great with the Apple Watch. Excellent app works very well with the Apple Watch. You can customize the amounts you drink. Based on my body measurements it asks me to drink what seems like a ton of water. If I try to satisfy the recommended water intake dictated by the app I will constantly visit the the washroom. Other than that it is a very simple app which meshes well with the Apple Watch and health app.

YosephBarrett   5 star

Great. Did not work initially as I wanted. E mailed support who responded immediately and explained and sorted all out. Great service Kriss !

𝗚𝗶𝗼𝗺   1 star

Duplicate records. Unreliable as the app creates duplicate records from time to time. And deleting a duplicate record from the history tab does not always delete the same in the Health app, which end up making the two apps out of sync. And after deleting all data in both the Health app and the WaterMinder app, old records are still showing in the history tab of the Apple Watch. Good UI but unreliable!

CanGib   3 star

Data glitch with health app. Easy to use but it repeats the data in the health app multiple times. I’ll drink one cup and I can see that up to four entries are made in the health app.

please add clock   4 star

Edit a Drink in Your History? Can’t anymore. So the folks at WaterMinder updated their app! Nice... But to edit a drink in history used to be explained by them. No more; neither online nor the AppStore. Hello??!! You come out with a new car and don’t tell buyers that the gas pedal is on the left, the clutch pedal is in the middle and the break pedal is on the right?? Hello WaterMinder.... should you not have anticipated this? Whoever dropped the ball needs to spend a day in ‘propeller head’ jail. Thank you. Follow up: I was able to figure out how to edit history (swipe up on screen). Wish you had kept the line graph display instead of the new bar chart.

FlavioD4   5 star

Great!. I always forget to drink water

G the B   3 star

Improving. The last update seems to have solved the syncing issue I was having between the Apple Watch and iPhone, however, the watch’s complication still doesn’t match the app on either the watch or phone. For example, the complication will show 12% complete while the phone and watch app show 17% complete.

StillNotRinnerz   1 star

Apple watch. Why not make it clear you need OS6 for watches to use? Now the app is useless and there goes my money. False advertisment.

Boscherx   5 star

Works great. Beautifully written app for iPhone and Apple Watch. I drink more water and on a regular schedule because of the reminders.

MikePid   5 star

Great way to get me to drink more water!. I have WaterMinder set as a complication on most of my Apple Watch faces so I can easily log and track my water intake. Easy to customize to include quick entries for smoothies, water bottle, etc.

R5ofourheros   5 star

Worth it. It makes me drink water way more than normal. Having the challenge of drinking a minimum per day is great (based off your body weight) the metals you win make it fun aswell and you can simply tell Siri to log your water

Charliewonderpug   5 star

Excellent application. Fantastic app with great watch support!

Punstoppable   5 star

Fantastic!. Simple and easy to use, and I can see my history of what I drink. Highly recommend!

Daki2   5 star

Great app. Excellent integration with Apple watch. Simple but full of features needed for hydration tracking. Highly recommend.

j doerksen   3 star

Good but could be better. For a 6 dollar app it does leave a bit to be desired. Still cheaper then paying monthly for some of the other apps. Personally I wish you could just pre set cup sizes and not have to include a drink type. That way you can select your custom cup size then just select what ever beverage you had in that cup. For instance I drink water and juice out of the same cup size, but instead of having only one custom cup size I would need two to cover off both of these drinks. The custom cups are nice but they assume you only drink one type of beverage out of a single size of glass. I have probably 4-5 different cup sizes from which I drink a large variety of different beverages from. Essentially the custom cup size should be exactly that and not include type of beverage.

Unhappy user126   1 star

Is not compatible with watchos4. I’ve been trying to get the app to work with my new Apple Watch but it won’t seem to work. Keeps on telling me to refresh on my iPhone app but it does not work. I have been reading reviews and forums and it seems a number of other users are having the same issues as me too.

BlueJellyBean2360   5 star

Love the widget!. It’s the only app so far that has a widget to quick add drinks without even having to open the app! I also love the fact that there aren’t any annoying ads. This app will definitely be a keeper 👍

oprimak   5 star

Great app with one minor hitch. Great app though as opposed to reminding me to drink water at set times it would be great if there was an option to remind me to drink if I haven’t logged water for a set period of time. I tend to be good at logging and find a relative reminder would be better as sometimes have an log a drink then get reminded 5 min later to drink. Otherwise a great app so far!

Nana kiwi   5 star

Reminder. It’s great to be reminded to drink water 😜

Jordyn m Jordyn m   5 star

Can definitely work with this. This app has good information that is good helps for motivation and getting you started with a better lifestyle

MarcoAntonioA   4 star

Great app, needs iCloud support. I am assuming the purpose of the developers is to maintain constant water consumption from it’s users. Well I use both, the phone app and the Mac app. Sucks that they can’t communicate and I get overwhelmed with notifications. Quiet disappoint since I can tell the developers put a lot of work into the app. Please add this functionality.

iDimple_MacBook   5 star

Very helpful!. I’m very stubborn so this has been very helpful. It has enough simple features in it that are super easy to use.

MJtheGAMESPro   4 star

Amazing but.... Amazing amazing app. Super helpful and useful. But it’ll be nice to customize my drink names on the widget (as currently it just shows the amount of the drink, not the name). Also, it would be great to see units like teaspoons, tablespoons and cups added the the app.

fitgal-992   1 star

Had high hopes. Had really high hopes but this app will not sync to my Apple Watch and I’ve tried everything.

Cathylicious   5 star

Yipeee. Loooove this app ... easy peasy

9Ch3ech0   5 star

Great App, works great with Apple Watch!. Plain and simple; works well with Apple Watch. I’m using a series 3. All can be set from the iPhone app and works well with Apple Watch app.

catkem   2 star

Review. I’m disappointed that the badges no longer show how much water I’ve had, it was one of the best things about the app and now I’m considering deleting it since it’s not much use to me now.

omsielka   4 star

Good, but needs refinement. I would give 5 if there was a way to add the drinks I forgot to log from the night before...

Althorpe   5 star

Works for me. This app works great for me. Nice gentle reminders to drink more water/coffee/tea. It has helped me stay hydrated as I normally do not drink enough. Very glad I got this app.

Advertorial    5 star

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King Disgruntled VIII   1 star

Notifications don’t work. This app would be 5 stars if the notification feature actually worked with the Apple Watch 5. Sadly it does not. Running latest iOS on both iPhone and Watch as of the date of this review.

bobble1318   5 star

Great app. Apple Watch input works great with plenty of options to track a variety of drinks.

Mandronicus   1 star

Bad onboarding and doesn’t work. Purchased on Apple Watch. Doesn’t load a complication - that’s the only reason I bought it. Then when you open phone app after setting up on watch you have to set it up again. Surely these apps should keep in sync! Plus, to make things worse, if you accidentally add water on the phone app (using this below average interface), there’s no way to undo or remove that water without some convoluted trek into the history tab. The aesthetic is ok, but the general user experience is very poorly designed. Edit The more I use this the more trash it appears. Restarted watch and got complication but it isn’t a progress bar as advertised. Just displays a text percentage. Also, the phone widget is highly unresponsive, and when you get it to work, there is a gross tick that appears. And again, you can’t undo from here. And also again, adding drink on watch is not in sync with phone. This app needs a lot of work for something that is apparently so highly rated. I definitely want a refund.

Dehydrated & Thirsty   1 star

Notifications Do Not Work!!!!!!!. Unbelievable, a paid “reminder” app that fails to do what it says, do not get any reminders on phone or watch. Have tried EVERYTHING (even turned off/on!!!) and still get nothing, can’t even contact support, all I get is a message saying set up mail account, ridiculous, please refund me

SirShanksalot   5 star

The most balanced and solid water+all beverage tracker. I’ve tried a few water trackers over the years and there appear to be more contenders every time I look, but I keep coming back to Waterminder. It is the perfect balance of quirky personality (love the character choices and water sloshing effect) without compromising a beautifully clean and consistent design across iPhone/iPad and Watch. This is what keeps me wanting to revisit the app and check out my stats. What it’s most successful in is allowing you to get in and out quickly to track your water intake whether it’s with the: - in app quick presets - Apple Watch app - Siri shortcuts (just tell Siri while on the go) - Or as I was pleased to learn from the developer, there’s a ‘Current hydration’ dashboard widget that I otherwise missed! Many apps only track ‘water’ but WaterMinder adeptly approximates across almost ANY kind of beverage (custom ones coming), with easy to configure presets for your most common ones. Development has been consistent and the latest version immediately supports all iOS13 features (Dark more is gorgeous). With upcoming caffeine stats sharing to the Health app (maybe other statistics such as Alcohol, Sugar and Sodium?) it just keeps getting better and for a very generous tip or small subscription system model. Save yourself some time and look no further!

ArseClown218   4 star

Does What It Says. Nothing special... How the hell is it worth $7 😂😂

melkcrate   4 star

Great app. Great app, just one thing missing is: when choosing coffee, as well as writing water amounts to the Apple Health app it would be good if it also wrote caffeine.

gappygooster   5 star

Water Minder. At last the perfect water tracker, Apple Watch complication works great.

Worm - suckmyworm   3 star

Meh. I purchased for $7.99. I believe that it would send a notification to my Apple Watch at each notification time with and add button. Similar to the “breath” or “time to stand” feature the Apple Watch has build in. Bit disappoint that I don’t get this notification. It does go to my phone but my watch would have been better.

AG_Bear   5 star

Water great app. Nice balance between simplicity and customisation. Super reliable sync between Watch and iPhone. Strong user interface with just the right amount of personality. Some areas for improvement: - could track caffeine intake for coffee, tea etc. - should let you hide drinks you’ll never consume (e.g. I don’t eat dairy). - Watch app shows a two-week history; I’d prefer a one-day history that shows all logged items as I often forget to log water!

ctfams   4 star

Almost 5 stars.... Hi WM, love the app, have told fam/friends about it. Only thing missing is the ability to set reminders according to percentage of goal reached, rather than just time. Many other water apps have this option, so was expecting it with this app. With this feature, would be 5 stars. TMB

Blackshapes   5 star

Perfect app!. This is a deceptively awesome app. It appears and is simple to use but its hydration tracking features are superior to any other app I’ve tried!

Hoplite-hero   5 star

Often the simplest things are best. A generic reminder app essentially does the same thing, but there’s something about the theme and mechanics, and its integration with the Apple Watch, that makes ‘good hydration’ not only easy, but fun. Integration with other health apps is a bonus. All-round, WaterMinder does exactly what it’s designed to do—very well, and is great value for money.

Nasx316   5 star

Such an awesome app. You always forget to have water but having this app has been perfect for me. I do drink a lot of water now but I feel super awesome! Highly recommend

The_Giant_Cookie   4 star

Not the best app. When I bought this app I was surprised at how sleek, modern and easy it was to use. I was looking forward to start recording the amount of water I was drinking, with and Apple Watch feature as well! Awesome! But then I discovered that the people behind the app forgot that the USA isn’t the only country in the world. And that other countries may actually be using different, more sophisticated units to measure their liquid. I just spent $4.49 on an app that I will never touch again... all because of US Oz...

Max LW   3 star

Good but the volume of alerts is off. I like this app, but it annoys me that the volume of the buttons is mapped against the music/media player volume and not against the ringer volume, which means that unless you have your music app volume cranked, you can’t here the button sounds really at all. Dev, if you’re reading this, please switch the volume control back to the ringer volume in your next update.

baa76   4 star

Excellent. Was using waterlogged but after some issues and no response from the dev switched to this. Easy to use and setup. Reminders are flexible. Variety of beverages is handy. MyFitnessPal integration would be the cherry on top 👍🏻 and would earn an extra star from me 😀

Leebee53   2 star

Disappointing upgrade. The recent update of this app has removed many features I used. This includes the value of how much water I need to drink to reach my goal. I now have to manually calculate this where I used to be able to glance and get the amount.

Griggzy   5 star

Keeping me alive. App is brilliant in every way and I use it every day, it keeps me alive! Very disappointed however with the latest update that means I don’t see the app badges anymore due to App Store policy, thanks Apple. It was the saving factor that reminded me to drink and to log it. Will keep using the app! I just hope I remember to use it without seeing the badge number of remaining mL, it was an awesome feature.

sunshineandbeaches   1 star

Can’t even get past setup. I have the new iPhone X. Just purchased this app for 4.99. Have gotten to the page where it asks for name, weight, age, climate. It will not let me move on until I enter my name, but every time I try to enter my name, the screen goes grey and I can’t enter anything even though they keyboard makes the noises. There is no way on the support page to ask a new question. I would like a refund please

iBlairS   5 star

Essential heath app!. I use this app daily, it’s a great way to track not only your water consumption but also other liquids such as coffee and tea!

Sazinata   4 star

So much love. I love this app so much. I’ve gone from struggling 1800ml a day to overachieving my 2000ml goal with ease. I still really wish I could flick back through the days/weeks/etc in the graph view, though! I’d also really love some more achievements - all thats really left are the super long term ones, and as much as I love them, I’d love some more fun ones for the meantime! I also think it would be cool to be able to add friends and ‘compete’ - see who can hit a goal first, or just check out the days leaderboard sort of thing. As it is though, I adore this app. I love that I can set three drinks in my widget as my common amounts, which makes everything so much quicker!! Thanks so much for all the hard work you’ve put into this.

Foey :-)   4 star

So far so good. Only been using for a couple of days but it’s going well. It does remind me to drink more water, in fact I’m surprised as I thought I was pretty good at staying hydrated but now I’m even better!

B big boy   4 star

Me. Good apps,Congratulation

Vintagelover92   5 star

Great. Easy to use and links with Apple Watch

Pardeep Sareen   5 star

Best app ever. I have used so many apps but this is the best one for water reminder.

George mihailovski   1 star

Apple Watch app crashes. I really want to love this app. It’s beautiful and simple. But it always takes twice to open the app on Apple Watch. I can only presume it crashes the first time. This really needs to be fixed.

mrExp3rtplus   4 star

Important and Easy!. This is an amazing app! A simple to use app to help me keep track of my hydration and water intake. The features like wing able to customise ‘cups’ with symbols and colours makes it so easy to want to use! The Notification Centre widget and Apple Watch App make it even greater! My only suggestions, personally, would be if you could add a symbol for a Protein Shaker Cup and an Iced Tea beverage option. Thanks for this App!

Wayan Denver   4 star

Great app some bugs on the watch. I log water regularly and this is the best app I’ve come across. Unfortunately maybe due to Watch OS 4 release which may cause the app to crash a bit. Other then that very happy.

Chris/49   5 star

Great little app!. Great app - appreciate the notifications to hydrated throughout the day :)

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