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Toca Builders [Education] App Description & Overview

What is toca builders app? If you can imagine it you can build it with the six Toca Builders!

Join your new builder friends on an island far away and create a whole new world with blocks. Jump, walk, roll and rotate the builders to use their unique skills, and they will help to build whatever you can imagine!

Toca Builders makes it fun to drop, spray, smash and lift blocks to construct new objects - may it be a house, lamp or maybe a banana?
Let's get started by putting down some blocks.


Blox: Great at dropping and smashing blocks
Cooper: A fantastic painter
Vex: Amazing at putting blocks in stacks
Stretch: Specialized at placing blocks anywhere
Connie: Enjoys lifting and moving blocks
Jum-Jum: Loves to spray paint

The builders will guarantee that you’re having a good time when you create your world! Toca Builders is a new way of creating and crafting things with blocks, that encourages both creativity and curiosity. With simple touch gestures and unique controls the builders come alive and help create a world only you can dream up!

To save your world, just tap the Back-button to go back to the main menu and everything you've made is saved. The snapshot feature makes it easy to take a photo of your construction to share with the world!


• 6 super builders
• Build whatever you want - drop, spray, lift and smash!
• Color each individual blocks as you want
• Unique controls of the builders - spin, roll, aim and move
• Autosave guarantees your progresses is saved
• Use the snapshot feature to take a photo of your creation
• Easy-to-use, kid-friendly interface with incredible creative possibilities
• Incredible creative possibilities
• Beautiful original graphics
• No rules, stress or time limits – play any way you want
• No third-party advertising
• No in-app purchases


At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 130 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at

Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:

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Toca Builders Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Toca Builders Version 2.211 March 2022

Bug Fixes :).

Toca Builders Version 2.121 January 2022

Bug fixes :).

Toca Builders Version 2.026 May 2021

Bug fixes.

Toca Builders Comments & Reviews 2022

- Kind of

I think there should be no limit for how tall the blocks can go. Right now the limit is 6 blocks. I also think there should be furniture. Sometimes younger kids don’t know how to make houses and buildings. So, to prevent this you can add the birth of date for your child and have pre-built homes. But it depends on the age. Thank you so much! I Really think you should change that. And one more thing. The characters should have elements and they have the same ones. They should be able to go on the water too. All the characters can make more land. AND 1 more thing. I think you should take a picture of a thing you want to copy so you don’t have to do it over again. And Toca Blocks has it too. Thank you! And LAST thing. I like that there is nothing to pay for. I hope these changes should be fixed soon

- Ok I love this but here me out

I’m obsessed with this game (I am writing this at the moment where I am redownloading it) but I would like to ask a question why are so many of you games not free some games I understand but others why? I love this company so much but my parents refuse to spend 3.99 for this game so could you make games like Toca school toca after school and maybe even toca hospital etc. and I want anybody who reads this to know this game is amazing and I have a hard time putting it down but I wouldn’t suggest it to kids over 12 because they may not like it (saying because my older cousin doesn’t like it) but this game is awesome and I hope you agree and if you read the critics then I’m sorry if they ruin it but please read this! (I don’t put many details about the game because this is my new device and I haven’t gotten it yet so it’s been a while since I played) but the characters are very fun and you can make names and shapes and letters so if your a parent you could maybe turn it into learning anyway love this game by!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🦄🦄🦄

- Decent mechanics but needs work

Got this app for 6 yr old daughter who loves to build things. First of all, for how complicated the game is (for the target audience- young kids) I'm shocked that it doesn't have any introduction to the characters or game at all. There isn't even an intro animation or video or sample pics of some ideas to get started. They should really include a ''game mode" which includes an intro to basic functions, tasks, achievements, or levels with the option to break off into free mode. Secondly, as most reviewers mention some mechanics need upgrading. The most pressing is to add ability to create something higher than 6 blocks which severely limits what you can build. The other is the addition of at least some blocks with simple patterns, brick, wood, metal, flower, window, door handle. water. These would seem to be obvious and relatively easy fixes from a programming perspective so seeing comments a year old with these suggestions makes me wonder if the are even continuing to develop this. In summary, a good idea with some fatal flaws that made this app not worth the $2.99 price tag.

- ik this sounds crazy, but plz UNFIX the old glitches and bugs!

There used to be a bug where you could go thru charecters but now you can’t. Plz leave this game bug-filled, and maybe even unfix old bugs you fixed. The glitches are the main reason I play the game, and not to build xD You’ll never see this message thingy, but stil, DONT FIX BUGS plz As the saying goes, “it’s not a bug, it’s a feature!”


So I got this app a while ago and was like okay cool whatever because it came in a pack with games I wanted. Then I started playing it and it's AWESOME! There's 6 characters that all do unique things so you can make anything! (I personally make houses for the characters.) There's even different terrains the world's can spawn! I got trees once- so cool! One complaint though: you can't move the chunky pink character that shoots paint. So it's kinda impossible to make him a house but other than that, great game!

- Amazingly awesome

I would give this game 100 stars if I could so awesome and it allowed me to build and create as much as I wanted. it was so fun to be able to build so many different things and I love that there are levels that are already built so you can build onto them and make it even more amazing !!!!!!!!!though I do not like that you can only go six Bricks high. other than that this game is amazing!!!!!!🙂😝😀😃😄😆😁😄😃

- Love it but can you add a few things?

So I do love this game but you can only build 6 blocks high. Can you add were the people can build as high as they want? Also can there be a Toca builder that can fly so it can be way easy to build? That would be cool. Can you also add animals that can move around? Well, I just now thought that maybe you can play with other people’s world. So, maybe you can name your world?

- this game is amazing

this is the bast game that I have ever played. My daughter asked me all week about this game and was so excited when it was downloading. I’m happy because of three things, 1: my daughter finally stops talking about it and 2:because she is creative and built a very long tower that had tipped over. 3:because when my daughter fell asleep I had seen that she built herself on the game. Once again this is the best game ever

- Creative and fun

I showed it to my 4yo and he played with the different characters and started building towers. Then he went to bed and I played for a few hours on my own, building all kinds of stuff. When I showed him what I had built, he wanted to know which characters I had used and how I had constructed various pieces. I think we'll spend a lot of time playing this game together. Well done!

- Frustrated Toca costumer

I would give this app/company zero stars if I could. We’ve purchased numerous apps in the two of them (Builders & Robot Lab) are not working. They will not open and it appears they haven’t been updated to the new OS. Another Toca app, the first Kitchen, disappeared altogether after I purchased it years ago. I am assuming they want me to pay for the newer version, Kitchen 2, and that’s just terrible business practice. My son has been trying different things for over an hour to try to use these apps and I am frustrated that paid apps are functioning so poorly on our iPad Pro.

- Super creative but

I think this game is overall an amazing game! To me it’s a creative version of mindcraft! But I feel like it’s kind of hard to remember what each charactar does! And I feel like the character that rolls on a ball to color is super satisfying but it’s really hard to use! And the other paint tool is hard too!

- Great app ever!

I love this game because I love to build stuff. I built a great world. But when I was on the App Store, there was this game that I thought that was a awesome game! And when I downloaded the game, it was useless. And I tried the game, but it was terrible. So l got the game and I saw the world wasn’t there! So there is one problem with the game 1 I just. Wish that it wasn’t deleted. By Anna

- Amazing!

This game is amazing! You can build what ever you want and are free to be creative. This is probably an outrageous request, but can you make it multiplayer? Me and my cousin love this game so much, and we would love to play together. It would also be great if you made the height limit a little bit higher. Thank you for making this game, love it so much! Please put some thought into my requests.

- Needs animals!

Love to build houses and worlds but can you PLEASE add the option to put ANIMALS in the app so they can live in the houses, barns, fences, etc that I build? Pretty PLEASE????🙏 😍 THAT WOULD MAKE MY DREAM COME TRUE! and I would never have to play Minecraft again! Please please please please??????? I recommend this app to alll my friends and we all feel the same way too! Thank you for listening!!

- Epic but here’s my opinion

When ever I build a house it’s always dark. so maybe you should add transparent block options and maybe even a light block option so there aren’t just big awkward holes in my houses

- Annoying

I’m an adult and I find this game way over complicated. Why do you need different robots to do diffident tasks? Switching through different modes for one robot would have been a lot easier. As it is, you have to move all the robots around each other and it’s just frustrating. Don’t even get me started on how you control their direction and walking! This game isn’t intuitive, is way too limited, and a complete waste of money. I generally like Toca apps, so I’m pretty disappointed.

- This game is the best!

This is a very fun and decent game and has mechanics for all ages to enjoy! You play as little builders and you can build whatever you want!...It’s familyShare option is awesome!Having gameplay with family and having fun on this grand adventure!With six unique characters with all different abilities!This is the best game...


This is an amazing game. It has almost all the qualities of MineCraft, except for erasing blacks, and a moving JumJum! I have nothing wrong with this game. I'm 9 and I've loved it since I was 5! Give this a big 5 stars for you! Keep making games like this, Toca Boca😍😍🤗🤗😃😃😊😊(Also, you don't need to give a developer response about this!)

- This game is great!!!

I was about 5 when I first got this game. And yes, ok I LOVED it. And now I’m like 10, and I reinstalled it and I already love it again. But 1 thing, I think you should be able to build higher than 6 blocks, because I build houses, and the crane/spider can’t fit, so I hope you fix that. Thanks!!!❤️

- Great game but needs more

There needs to be an infinite amount of blocks you can place upwards, make Jum-Jum able to move, and add more characters, one that can make elements(fire,water,acid,etc.),one that can make different types of blocks(round blocks,slopes,corners,etc.), and one that can erase paint from the ground

- One of the bets Toca Games.

One of the best Toca Games I have ever played from them. It's weird that I got this game for free, which makes it even more better. I would rate it 7/5 If I could. Best game ever. But I'd like for you to add different world themes. And like a raffle where you get different types of colours, paints, and characters.

- Needs more fun less boring

I give this game a 3 I don’t wanna be rood about what I am gonna about to say just it takes so long to build stuff I would rather play mine craft cause it’s kinda like this game but way easier to build and more design to it. I would love it if the blocks could have cool designs to them and build stuff way higher and lots more land space to build stuff.

- This game is awesome but please read! 😀

I love this game but the building guy with the Crain I think should be able to pick up the characters with his Crain and one last thing I think there should be furniture. I think this is a great game but please make those changes. 🤩

- Good but all games are the same

So I love your games but the good ones that look really fun to play are priced and I want those games but not allowed to so it makes me sad this game is good but the tools are not really that good for someone young like they not might be able to use it correctly or like that but over all I like your game and your other ones like the salon ones

- Hello!

I love this game! (I’m twelve btw🤣) I also have Minecraft. I prefer this game because it’s more ‘zen’. Also, can you add a character to remove paint and a character that can make water and lava etc... also, please add doors and extend the block limit! One last thing. MAKE JUM JUM MOOOOVE!

- Suggestions for future games

I love toca boca but I hate how only about 3 games are free. I understand that you need to make money and all but it would hurt if more games were free like maybe the school ect. Please think about this😫

- two things wrong.

don't get me wrong, this game is amazing. i think the way its complicated makes it more fun in a way. (if that makes sense) but the only things i dont like is that the character that builds cant jump. and the build height limit is six blocks. its a long shot but i think at least 20 blocks high should be the limit. maybe higher. but all that to the side, still, i love this game.

- Toca Builders Characters and Adventures

Jum Jum, Vex, Connie, Cooper, Stretch and Blox are my favorite! Want a castle? Do you wanna get lost in sea? Do you want to die of cancer? Or die from lava. Do you want to get hit by Elsa in her ice castle? Do you want to eat ice cream? Eating ice cream is the best! Like and subscribe! Thank you!

- Suggestion

You should add a new mode for friends to play. It should be local, or with friends from the Game Center. It would be a decent feature for Toca Builder. Otherwise, this game is great for kids!

- Homer Simpson

Toca boca this is your boss I want u to make a toca builders 2 with all the same characters that are in the first one but your going to add more characters and put lots more stuff in it and make the world bigger. 😘


I love this app! Just you should add a character that can change the design of blocks. Some designs I'd like are brick, smooth, water, door bottom, door top, and so much more!!! :D Please update this further

- It’s ok

I mean it’s ok I’m just saying but it takes a long time to make something i mean like it Took me 3 days to make a house but I like it and I lllllloooooovvvvvveeeee toca I mean im 9 im a bit out ground of it but I loke it

- Love This Game!

Ever since I got this I didn't stop playing! 5 Stars! Also,Can you make Toca Life:Vacation free for a limited time because 1.Its the 4th of July 2. It's Summer and 3. Everyone's counting on you to make it free!

- It’s good I guess

So it is pretty good bc I love building little homes for the characters. Also the floor should start off green, like grass. Bc whenever I start a new world, I usually spend hours trying to paint the floor green. Also u should be able to build higher! That’s all I wanted to say, byeeeee ~Sophie Elaine ♥️

- Maybe some fixes

Amazing game but so many bugs!! I hope them to be fixed soon!!

- I think this is a good idea

Please let us be able to put a boat in the water and ride in the water!

- Awesome and cute

Awesome and cute but could you maybe put more block types like doors and windows. Also maybe water buckets please and thank you.

- This game is awesome!!

I’m been playing since I was 4 years old and I’m 17 and still playing

- The girl cant move

Why cant the girl move around? I love thiss game my cousin plays it when he comes over

- Great game but needs this

I really like this game but I never got the ship world and I think that there should be a invisible block I don’t mind if you don’t want to do it but it would be cool if you did thank you 💩👍🏾🤷🏾‍♀️🐵

- Super cool!

Love it. I am 35 and can't stop playing. My kids love it too. Very smart, well designed and cute.

- Totally AWESOME!

This app is SO cool!In fact,why not you update it?Maybe the cool thing is that how about you add more characters to it?So PLZ make an update!I LOVE this game!

- Awesome game!

This give me much more building skills and I love it because it’s fun also it’s for anyone to play!

- Simply amazing

Cute, creative and amazingly well made. A must have!

- Great game but,

All there is blocks, I think they should push a little more effort to it, just like the game toca blocks update, love this game, but try adding a few more details👌

- Don’t waste your money!!

Honestly, I understand the concept, but it’s trash. The controls are odd and hard to get used to. This app is $3.99!! I also think there should be an adventure mode we’re things are already built. Come on, Toca Boca! Keep in mind, this is for 5 YEAR OLDS!! 🤬😡😤

- Worst Game Ever!

I got this game because someone said it was like minecraft. So untrue! This game has a very limited selection of blocks compared to minecraft, survivalcraft, terraria, etc. and a height limit of less than ten blocks. This game is by far the worst and most disappointing game I have ever played! DO NOT GET THIS GAME.


I love it so much my kids fight about who plays it I think it is really I give it a FIVE5 star rate


Ok lys this app is fun and silly yeah yeah. But it's kind hard to use. The characters are funny and stuff but it's so hard to control and stuff. So for those reasons it loses two stars sorry

- ~-~ why.

ok I’m a toca girl who likes the life games now because all the other toca games are making me cringe like the Santa hair salon Santa’s smile is creepy. Toca builders:I can’t build great wonders,my things look bad cause they’re not tall!!!! toca life games are better. I’ll give toca life games 5 donuts!

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- So good!

I really loved building tall monuments but there is a limit to the high blocks and I wanted to make the building taller. I really like pretending there is people there to go in the house but can you also add some people to come and enjoy the buildings? Well I really enjoy all the rest colours, blocks and characters I just wish for some movable humans that could be in the app and no limit to the height of blocks. Thank You😄

- This is great but just a few ideas

I love this game so much I think it one of the best toca Boca games but I think it would be even better if you added someone who could place furniture and also it would be great if you could like customise your own people that came into you’re building

- Awesome game!

This is like the best Toca game. It’s super fun but can there be a new character for the gang? Someone who can’t make blocks at all but can squash blocks. He would be so cool! He would get you more money and players! Btw best Toca game it’s awesome. In the Toca life’s everyone is wanting a zoo so please make that in Toca World or something. Thanks for making this the best Toca game! Bye from The Pokemon of this World

- Great game but some improvements needed

There is a limited hight of building the blocks and that means I can’t make my towers taller. It would be good if you could build a train in the game. Would also be cool if there was a survival mode. Lastly, it would be cool if there were rockets in the game. However, the rest of the game is awesome!

- ...I’m ... weird...

This is a good game for 3-7 year olds it’s kinda like minecraft but not ripping it off But I don’t get why kids and tweens yes tweens my age play toca boca games but at the same time why do I write reviews for these games also 70% of toca boca games cost like 6 Australian dollars 💵 uh what

- Add ons

This games amazing and I’ve played it for years but it could do with different shapes of blocks like slopes and make it so the crane man can retract his crane and maybe other characters to make it more lively other wise the games great so hate at all

- So fun⭐️😄

It's so fun to build stuff and it really inspires imagination. Just 1 thing would make it better though: make the pink guy that squirts paint movable, because he gets in the way of building stuff. Otherwise great game, well done Toca Boca

- Amazing ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I found this s game amazing is let's your imagination run wild it is absolutely fantastic i recommend it to everyone it will be the best game you have ever played .it the best game taco Boca has made you should get it

- UPDATE!!!!!!!!!

This is awesome but there needs to be more updates. Like in one update there could be multiplayer and different blocks. Blocks like glass, lights, etc, etc. Thanks!!! 👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾👏🏿

- Toca builders

We love this app - but suddenly it doesn’t start up. The Toca Boca welcome plays repeatedly - we are hoping there is a fix for this soon!

- ?

I think you should add more characters,I would say about 3.Thank you for making this great game!It is awesome Thank you!!!!!!!!

- Awesome!! Though I would like an update

Hello, I love this game! Although it would be awesome to have a switch to go on and off for others to join. Especially if they have siblings! Also if there were some more toca worlds like.... Towns and cities !! Also if you could download the top people's worlds!!! And if there was a character that could just wonder around. Who doesn't have to build then you could explore your creations As Well!! You could design the character boy or girl and choose its clothes. Then wonder around!! It would be AWESOME if there was a furniture person and he/she could place furniture like beds and couches and TVs that would show you kid safe toca learning videos!!

- Fun!!!

Really cool fun game different builders do different things lets small kids create

- Goood for younger people

This game would be cool for three year olds but prefer Minecraft

- Wrong description or a lie!

Downloaded in 215 countries??? I know theres only 195 countries and 2 nations, So the description in key features are either wrong or your lying!!!

- I'm fine with it

It's good but neeeeeeeeeed an update it's 2017 and never been updated 😔😔😔

- cool game

Im getting a surge of past me HELP MY HAND IS MOVING TO THE DOWNLOA-

- 🥇best game Evar

That’s games ias amassng pleyds ita sins i waz 2

- Great

I think this game is great! I'd give it 5 if the controls were a bit easier. And when you use the robot on the ball and you paint somewhere accidently you should be able to remove it. Or maybe I haven't found that out yet! Hehe! Highly recommended!

- Great learning tool

So much fun to use. I like how each builder does something different, and they all compliment each other. The detail in each character is really adorable. Lately we have been busting down the walls of the pre-built things to see what is inside them. My favourite app at the moment. I like how the pink paint splat builder doesn't move, as he is useful to use as an exploring tool; zoom right out and go scrolling. Can't wait for the next Toca Boca app.

- Amazingly well done. Brilliant

I've seen a lot of apps and try and find more worthwhile ones for my young child. Never written a review before but had to this time. This app is absolutely beautifully done. We've downloaded hundreds of children's apps (we only bother with the really good stuff) and this app meets the standards of any in the group. Congratulations to those responsible. Imagine a Lego building app but with different characters having different building roles - one creates bricks, one stacks, one carries, one paints etc. Brilliant - elegant - brilliant. PS The actions of all characters except those who can 'paint' are reversible - it would be good if the characters who paint could 'unpaint' (erase as opposed to changing from colour A to B).

- amazing game but

it's an awesome amazing game it would be more awesome if you could make it so we can move the big pink person that splats colours would be awesome and you can add characters in the the game like so if you build a house it would be awesome if you could create people for the house. I'm pretty much 12 and I love this game it's for all ages I say so buy it

- Toca Boca has outdone itself

Toca Boca realy outdid themselves with this great app! The kids have been building for hours..... After I thoroughly tested it first of course lol Its great for spatial awareness, fine motorskills and it requires the kids to use their imagination and thinking skills! I can see a few budding architects in the making :0) Thanks Toca Boca for making a wonderful app ones again!

- Toca Builders is awesome

Toca Boca you have done it again I love many of your games but this one is for sure the best. Beautifully created, just like minecraft but better. I wish reviews could have pictures because I could show everyone how good this app is and why they should get it!

- Awesome!

This game is Awesome! Can you make the block remover and the block maker move around like the others? And also, can you make the paint sprayer be able to move around because I always have to build around him.

- It's pretty good

It is a fun game to play but I think it should have a bit more things in it. Besides that it is a very fun game and I recommend that you should buy it to have a turn.

- Very good but who is who?

It's the best building game ever! But i don't know their names, well you explained it in the description but you could of introduced the characters and their abilities in the start of the game.

- Just needs one more thing

I love this game Soooo MUCH!😻😻😻😀😀😀 BUT!Just needs one more thing, I want an option so u could download or upload ur own maps to the game! I would really appreciate that STILL LOVING IT!!!!

- Awesome but...

This game is one of my favourite apps! But I think there should be instructions to the game because I got very confused when I played for the first time. But besides that its AWESOME!!

- A bit hard

It hard to control but it is still really good

- My review

It's a great app but could use more height space so you can make higher buildings 🏫🏢🏡🏠 and islands so you can make bridges and working parts eg, doors, real stairs and windows.

- Cool

Can you make it go up more And also make a special person who can make triangles

- Amazing!!!

This game is incredible. I loved it even from the intro screen. I am currently building a slender man map and so far it's great! 5 stars all around!!

- Toca builders

I just love this app and I'm 14 it's like minecraft for little kids love the little characters and there are random things in the world Ps. Could u make a paint eraser thx

- Love it

I thing this game is wonderful to play with and you can build any thing you want

- Amazing

I am 10 and love this game oh and btw I was looking at these comments and someone had my name lol but that has nothing to do with the game but download this game it's AMAZING

- Great app

It's a really great app if you're bored and looking for something to do! All I can tell you is get the app , it's fantastic!


I got this app for 1 dollar when it came out and they should really do it again

- Great Game

I'm a graphic designer and find this game a great creative outlet, but please let us build higher, and let all characters climb stairs!

- This is awesome

But I have a few ideas: - being able to choose world size - faster paint options - maybe designing of choosing colour of characters - being able to joint with other friends or family Thanks, thats all my ideas. P.S. every time I see a new toca boca app I'm always so happy

- Good and bad

I think it's way to hard to move around my child is always crying about it she also cries about putting the blocks down please fix that but apart from that the GAME IS GREAT!!!!

- Woohoo

What a great game! It's straight forward and a lot of fun, it is a slow paced game however and will require some patience.

- Toca builders

I think this game is a bit hard to control, the builders you have to use don't work very well. If I could go back, I wouldn't buy it again! It definitely should not be paid for.

- 5 out of 5

My kids love this little game and all the other Toca Boca apps. Keep up the good work! :)

- Awesome,

I love this game! You can build anything and the characters are so cute! Highly recommended!

- Loved at home & school

Like an EC Minecraft. Great as a trigger for discussions using positional language & developing basic problem solving & design concepts.

- Toca keeps getting better

Well thought out, great price, top quality! Great app toca.

- boring

it is boring and also i hate how people say this is better than Minecraft! how the hell is this better in any way?!

- Amazing

It's great and really fun even for me And I'm a ten year old. 😃😀 I love it its tons better then mine craft.

- The best

The best game eva eva eva !!!!! Love it i thought i was getting square eyes because i was playing for hours

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- Fella go

It's a great game but it's tough to move whatever builder you are on.

- Nice

I like it but make the controls a little easier please

- Love it

it is so peaceful so relaxing you could play this for ever

- Controls

In this I feel like my right hand is doing all the work and it gets very tiring so it would be better if you had the move button on the right or just have the option to do that, other than that the game is really fun and adorable

- Amazing

Amazing game but it could be better if u added people who could walk around on the island and make it so the robot that shoots paint can move


Il y a vraiment tout dans ce jeu en plus sa sauvegarde avec plein de personnage amusant et il y a 5 ou 6 personnages très amusant ou peut être genre 10 personnages acheter le jeu sa en vaux la peine aller jouer et se n’ai pas du gaspillage😉😉😉

- Refund

I got the game and I 1: hated the controls 2: was vary boring and 3: you can't build up 6 blocks up and just give me a refund

- No, sorry

Fun and frustrating... I downloaded it but notice it's pretty hard to control then It reset so I deleted It after a few months. I'm sorry I say it's not worth it, maybe add some tweaks to make it more interactive!!

- Piz

I love your games but I can not pay for all of them so Piz make them free

- Fun

Pretty good app

- J'adore ce jeu! :D

Ce jeu est très amusant et créatif. C'est mon jeu préféré et ces 99 cents en valent vraiment la peine! Achetez ce jeu, je vous le recommande fortement! 😃

- It's good but

Can you make it so every character can jump and move freely 🙏👌

- You can build house!!!😄

January 4 2015

- Awesome 😺

It's really cool how you make it not to be just one character that you play with, but six!

- Great apps

Kids LOVE it. Plus, like all your apps, language doesn´t matter and it´s a big + for french speaking kids. We´re fans here.

- too slow to color

Please make there be a faster way to color the whole ground! I was just making a thing and it took me like 40 minutes to color the entire ground!!!

- Make it more

All there is, is lots of options and choices which I love but there's a limit to everything like can u possibly make the world maybe bigger and way higher I tryed to make a 2 story house before but I got kind of disappointed. So plz

- More Stuff

Please add the following -Multiplayer -Creatures -Bigger Lands -Slants (So Your Bots can move up!)

- Seriously...AWESOME!!!

I love this game but plz add multiplayer like: theres a list of people thats playing and then you can like ask them to come or to go then u choose one of ur builders to go to the other players world exept for that plz ads water but im totally addicted to the game and my 3 sis are addicted so plz add that stuff cuz i think enought people said it already but take All the time u need cuz i know it takes time i invented a game myself its called (piano tiles dont touch the white tiles) so maybe u know it big thx to the creator so bye;)

- It's great but..

I love the game, me and my friend are addicted! The only thing that could be added it servers you can play! So then me and my friend can play together! :)

- Great game but needs multiplayer

It needs multi player but still a great game!

- Mincraft, but worse

It's awesome

- Toca builders

This game is awesome I love sister has it on her iPod and she doesn't get off the game at all!!

- Ok

This game is ok it is really hard for me to play I can not build a structure it is very advanced

- Minecraft for kids it is!

The builders are pretty awesome and simple to use.

- Ok

Votre jeu est trop chill je joue toujours

- Okay...

The controls are really hard to understand and use. Not recommended for anyone under the age of 9.

- Cool and fun

This is so sticking but it's worth it

- awesome :]

i like it alot since i got blocksworld it doesnt give me unlimited blocks like this app. but it would be better if i could build as high as i want because right now it seems as if there is some kind of limit to how high i can build.

- J aime

J aime bcp se jeu mais j aimerais encore plus si je pourrais faire les hauteurs de bâtiments que je veux vous pouvez mettre une limite mais mettez la plus genre 20 bloc au moin please ladies and gentlemen

- I love toca boca 😊

This app is amazing I think these games r fun😊😜

- Cute and fun

I recall like the app it has a lot of nice good colour selection and the characters are really CUTE!!

- Coolest game ever

Kind of addicted to it and can't stop playing. I think this is an awesome game. But in the next update please let us go higher than 6 bricks in height and more space and let us interact with other friends and their toca islands. And I think it should be improved and more characters and colors

- Very fun, but missing some things

This game is fun and creative but it needs more, like: water, a toca builder who specializes in furniture, bigger world. I'm sure more updates will come out, so when those are added I can give 5 stars.

- Awesome

This is awesome, it's like minecraft but minecraft is better, but this game is really fun! 5 stars!!!

- Super cool

This app is super cool even for ages 13 and lower! I would appreciate if they added an update so that the paint shooter can move☺️

- Multiplayer please

I love this game, but I also think that there should be multiplayer, and no talking....

- Awesome!

This is a really fun game but it would be great if you added multiplayer or if you can visit other players' worlds. Also it would be great if you made an update where you can move the paint squirter around because it's always in the way. Otherwise it's a creative and fantastic game. Keep up the good work! :D

- It's ok....

It's an ok app, but I do agree that it should have a multiplayer server with no swearing and easier controls although it is ok, with out the multiplayer and stuff, it gets 3 stars from me

- It fun but

The games fun but it gets boring you should be able to put people in and when your done building you could be player like you don't build anything you mess around and explore your world that you made and then you could also put cars in and be able to drive them and drive them Into buildings that you made and the would brake or something like that think of all the people who would love that

- Child Minecraft

It's like Minecraft for children :D Love it <3 Good game !

- Very creative but...

It deserves 5 stars because its really fun but I was playing and my IPod die and the progress I had erased, I would only wish you'd put a mutiplayer it'd be really cool😃.

- Dumb

Not worth downloading

- Love the game

I love the game.but maybe you should let us put the blocks higher because we can do more things like build a building or try to build the eiffel tower.

- It's ok

It's ok but I wish it had more space to build over all it was good

- Controls

Good graphics but horrible controls

- Minecraft pour petit

Excellent pour 4-5 ans, creatif, colorer et facile d'utilisation super app


This game is AWESOME because you can make anything you want with out killing yourself. Add water, add a person so you can walk a round with out using the basic robot and placing blocks a long the way.


Love love love love loveee it!

- Game crashed on me

I played the game for 1 hour and loved it but then it crashed on me please fix i want to play so bad!

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ruthie was lixsegg!


Toca Builders 2.2 Screenshots & Images

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Toca Builders iphone images
Toca Builders iphone images
Toca Builders iphone images
Toca Builders iphone images
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The applications Toca Builders was published in the category Education on 2013-06-19 and was developed by Toca Boca AB [Developer ID: 419103351]. This application file size is 94.57 MB. Toca Builders - Education app posted on 2022-03-11 current version is 2.2 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tocaboca.tocabuilders