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Mextures is the best app for applying dust and film grain, textures, light leaks and beautiful gradients to your images in seconds. No app is faster. And with our non-destructive workflow, you can make changes to your layers at any time during your editing process. Fine tune your edits with photo adjustments and then save and share your edit for future use. Included are over 200 beautiful formulas for 1-click editing created by some of the top iPhone photographers in the world.

Featured by Cosmopolitan Magazine, Men's Journal, Mashable, CNET, Uncrate, Cult of Mac, Fstoppers, AppAdvice and more.

You'll find analog light leaks, dusty film scans, tasteful grunge, artifacts, element textures, and perfectly tuned gradients. Effect too strong? Easily adjust the opacity. With 12 different blending modes, every new layer adds a dynamic range of possibilities.

Overcomplicated adjustments are for the birds. Adjust your photos with professional grade tools like Exposure, Contrast, Tint, White Balance, Fade, Black and White, Highlights/Shadows, Sharpness, and Saturation. Included are 30 film presets that emulate popular film stocks.

Unlike any other app, you can save your edits for future use with our Formula workflow. Save and share as many formulas as you’d like and evolve a style that’s completely yours. And new in Mextures 2.0, our formula manager allows you to import formulas from other users. With a tap of a button, you can also share your formulas with a simple code on any social network.

Stack a virtually unlimited number of layers for beautiful blending effects. You can change any edit you do at any time. Change the texture, blend mode, or rotation of a layer even if you added it 30 steps ago. Tweak each adjustment setting anytime during your editing process.

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Mextures App Description & Overview

The applications Mextures was published in the category Photo & Video on 2013-05-30 and was developed by MEREK DAVIS COM, LLC. The file size is 149.96 MB. The current version is 2.8.1 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

New Formula Pack: Mood Magic
- 24 new formulas that add a variety of unique color tones, subtle accents, and mood. You can find this pack in the Formulas Tab after importing an image.

iPad & iPhone Xs Max layout fixes.

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Mextures Reviews


Does not work at alll.  NeogenIsis  1 star

Does not work at all. Froze when I tried to choose filters to purchase. I can only swipe through 1 filter pack. Can’t purchase it nor get fix of the page it’s stuck on. I reloaded it tried to work, but still freezes when trying to purchase filters. I’m using an iPhone 10x plus


Terrible  *offtheback  1 star

Painfully slow when it chooses to actually open.Apple should remove this until it’s fixed.


SLOWWWWW...  Maskaluna  2 star

Hey! A new formula pack and still no fixing how slow it takes to start another photo. After I'm done uploading an edited photo, it takes the app 21 seconds to get out of the "Saved" notification. And another 10 seconds to "Start Over." I don't mind a little lag but this costs a lot of time, especially since I created my own formulas so I wouldn't have to waste time! This used to be my go-to app. I have other apps that work instantly so I know it's not my large photo collection slowing it down. Come on, Mextures. I'm a longtime fan and you're disappointing your loyal customers. Bout to say bye Felicia.


❤️Love Mextures❤️  BAR112  5 star

Recently revisited this app; it’s been around for many years. I don’t know whether to call it an overlay app or a filter app; however, it makes photos look great! You can improve your landscapes or go for a retro/grunge look. Well worth the inexpensive IAP’s to get all the packs. Not only can you add layers of overlays, there’s various blending modes—in addition to the regular photo edits. Only request would be to please make it in landscape mode; it’s a pain to turn my iPad Pro with attached keyboard on its side to use the app. And I will be using the app much more now!


Poor resolution  SuicideQueen  2 star

Why are the photos saved in such crap low resolution? Worthless!


Looks good BUT  Pms007  3 star

Looks good but not good on Xr purchase anything have to restart phone to get back to main screen come on guys sort it after paying 2.99

Quanta studio

Enjoying this App  Quanta studio  5 star

I have been using this app for a while, very powerful. I truly enjoy editing my pictures using this app. I am very happy with its editing capabilities. Nicely done guys!

luna noire

Newest update not allowing library import  luna noire  2 star

iPad Pro, latest iOS, and after updating app today, it will no longer import any of my library photos. I am only able to take a photo and then apply filters. Rebooted iPad and no luck. Please fix this bug!


Very impressed!  artsylace  5 star

The layers and textures in this app are really professional looking and fun to play with! I’m a photo editing snob and I’m very impressed!! Excited to keep making images with this app.


Can’t even use the app..  jessk900  1 star

Just bought this and it won’t even open. Can’t access any of my photos in my library. The only way to attempt to use the app is to take a photo within the app, and then it immediately crashes every time. Terrible waste of money. Disappointed.


5 stars if it supports iPhone X  PatrickRyan0117  4 star

Quite literally, it’s the only photo editing app you need on your phone. I used so many other editing apps but keep coming back to Mexture because it just does it’s work so brilliantly. However, it just seems dated and less elegant not supporting iPhone X’s screen ratio. I hope the developer is working on it.


Very sluggish the last two releases  Fedgrub  2 star

This app is great and I've used it for the past year or more but the last two or three builds have not fixed key issues with it. Applying formulas, loading images, saving etc all takes more than 5 seconds, sometimes 10 seconds. The app is a freezing mess whereas it used to be flawless.


radtastic  Fin99999  5 star

the new features for mextures add so much more! i use mextures all the time to add depth, atmosphere and something special to a picture [email protected]finnicle1


The only filter editing app I use.  Ehsjaw  5 star

This app is a must-have for completely revamping your photos or graphic art, or just making those small finishing touches. Extremely versatile, with lots of control yet easy to use. Increasingly better with the ongoing updates. Highly recommend!


Awesome  #ebenism  5 star

A must have app in the arsenal for any creative photographers and editors on the fly. I use this app to add the finishing touches in just about every edit I do. Would give it 6 stars if it would let me. Awesome but hey this is just my opinion. Get in there!


New version  Ellocofish  1 star

Somewhat disappointed with recent update, constantly crashing when either selecting a photo or later when trying to add a guest formula..


Love it  MisterISTJ  5 star

I use this app all the time. It's helped turn my iPhone into a hub of art and creativity. Love it!


You don't have to crop!  kazndave  5 star

Not sure about the review that said that you're forced to crop your photos - you're not! This is a very clever app that gives you lots of textures to apply to your photos and lots of flexibility in how those textured are applied. A great addition to any iPhone photographer's toolkit. Plus great support when I needed to ask a question.


Awesome app with 2 major limitations  Rollerbladingbaby  3 star

When it comes to adding filters and textures, this app is fabulous. There is an endless array of options. However, what limits it is, firstly, the fact that it only allows you to work with square photos. Given the major strength of the app is in editing landscapes, this is a significant failure in my opinion and clips its wings when it comes to combining it with other apps such as Vasco cam that enable multiple photo formats. The second drawback is the lack of a levelling tool. Also a major oversight given your propensity to use it with landscape shots. If it had both of these options I would give it 5 stars. Right now, it gets 3.

Hijacked Nerd

Mextures  Hijacked Nerd  5 star

I LOVE this app —it's very helpful! But, ever since the new update, the app has been really slow and it keeps crashing! For example, just as I click to save, it crashes and all the editing I've done is lost. Please fix this. Overall though, this is an amazing app.

K. Lee B

Overall Best Editing App  K. Lee B  5 star

UPDATE: Every update the Mextures team rolls out only makes this app better. Nothing negative to say about this app. After using Mextures for a while and getting familiar with it I realized this is basically the only editing app I need. You can do simple or radical edits. There are infinite possibilities.


Photographer  Emilyjoyphotos  5 star

The only app I've ever purchased, and I would've payed way more. I use this app daily for portrait editing. Every image I produce goes through mextures. Love love love


Dopest photo editing app!  LickDisco  5 star

Mextures Makes Magic! Awesome tools and features to help you create and enhance your photos. Love this app so much! You will too! Check it out and see for yourself!


BEST EDITING APP EVER!  Kryztynah79  5 star

Mextures is an amazing app! Been loving Mextures since the app came out! There are countless ways to edit your images in this app alone! It's truly one of the best apps on the market for photo editing!


Needs landscape view and higher resolution  pintofguinness  3 star

I like this app but it needs landscape view especially for use on an iPad Pro. I am disappointed that the resolution is not higher.


Besttttttt♥️  D🌸RSA  5 star

Best filter app... i love it👌🏻♥️


Best app  xxkaught  5 star

I've been using Mextures for years and it is still the best product available for photo editing! Gets better with every update!


Disappointing update  Techno-nut  2 star

2 months ago, I realized that the developer had reduced the output resolution, from full/original images resolution (24mp tested) to the hardware limiting 11.2mp. This is really a major disappointment for such a high quality app. I submitted a support ticket on February 11, got an immediate auto-response that I would hear back from someone in 48 hours, and it is now the March 29 and I have heard nothing. Very disappointing.


Does Not Work!  Bob124356271hdue  1 star

This app is a great idea. But after you build your image composite you are unable to save any of your changes to a final render. It's as the software only renders certain layers and FX. I've tried it on multiple iPads and the results are the same. Do not buy!

Emerald Lioness

Amazing  Emerald Lioness  5 star

Fantastic app.. works great. Can get very creative.


Brilliant App  garpublic  5 star

Mextures 2.0 has arrived and it's so good!!! So much more packed into this crazy cool little app! Excellent for adding some subtle touch ups or for the full on Mexture effect! Brilliant!

No nickname dude

Just another awful filter app.  No nickname dude  2 star

Decent scratch textures, the rest?.... Useless.


One of the best photo editing apps for your phone  Lucka1981  5 star

Great app, well designed with great functionalities and clear navigation. Looking forward to exploring the endless combinations and creating unique photos - fantastic app for anyone who's looking for something beyond Instagram options... The only thing I'm missing is being able to zoom out within the photograph to get out of the square crop... a landscape option would be great.. Well done on the app!

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