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Auto-Tune Mobile [Music] App Description & Overview

Auto-Tune Mobile brings vocal pitch correction to vocal performance, using Antares' world-class Auto-Tune® technology. Now Antares' professional pitch correction recording studio technology is available for local performers to use live, on stage, or in recording apps on your iPhone / iPad.

The Auto-Tune Mobile app does not do anything until you sing through it. When you sing, Auto-Tune Mobile detects what note you are singing, and corrects the pitch of your notes, to the nearest valid note, from the ones you select on the screen. The corrected vocals go out through the speakers (when you turn on Audio Out); also Auto-Tune Mobile is compatible with other apps if you wish to record.

Connect Auto-Tune Mobile to your sound system between your microphone and your P.A. / speakers to use Auto-Tune Mobile in a live performance setting. Use a microphone audio interface device to connect the 1/8 inch jack to your microphone line and the headphone output to your sound system. Turn on Audio Out on the Auto-Tune Mobile app to get audio to pass through the system. If you turn on Audio Out without connecting to your sound system, you are likely to hear the internal feedback of the internal speaker to the internal mic. Adjust your mic and speakers so there is no feedback.

Vocals are corrected to the nearest pitch based on the key and scale of the song, or to a set of melody notes selected on the screen. Use the Chromatic scale when you don't know what key or scale a song is in. This is the easiest way to correct your voice to the nearest pitch.

The Retune speed is the time it takes for Auto-Tune to pitch correct your voice. The Normal Retune speed is a setting of 50 msecs -- this gives a natural humanized pitch correction effect. Normal Retune speed is appropriate for a moderate tempo song, for example a song at 120 bpm with a melody in eighth notes.

A funky or fast tempo tune, or a song requiring sixteenth note precision, will likely require a Fast Retune speed. The Fast Retune speed corrects notes within 25 msecs; this is better for faster notes. For slow songs or ballads featuring long held notes, the Slow Retune speed (75 msecs) may provide a more natural sound.

In addition to natural sounding pitch correction, you can also apply the iconic Auto-Tune effect. The Auto-Tune effect in essence retunes your pitch immediately (in 0 msecs). Ironically, if you sing really well, there is not much correction for Auto-Tune to do. The Auto-Tune effect is most noticeable when you are off key or you slide into a note. Also when you set the app to the Auto-Tune Effect setting, a meter appears at the top (red bouncing ball) that visually indicates whether you are singing sharp or flat.

The Bypass button is provided as a quick way to stop and start adding the effect as you sing.

Auto-Tune Mobile conforms to the Inter-App Audio (IAA) standard so you can use Auto-Tune with your other IAA apps. Notice when using with GarageBand that the Auto-Tune filter takes effect as you record the track. If you want to pitch correct a pre-existing vocal you will need to replay it outside of GarageBand and re-record it to a new track. Midi control of pitch correction is included, so you can connect a Midi keyboard and direct the vocals to sing on a particular melody or on a set of scale notes as pressed on the keyboard. Midi note presses will show up in red on the app.

Auto-Tune Mobile is Audiobus compatible, allowing Auto-Tune Mobile to work with your other iOS music apps. Auto-Tune Mobile acts as a filter in the “Effects” category, so you can apply pitch correction and the Auto-Tune effect to other Audiobus-compatible apps. (see

* Vocal real-time pitch correction designed for live performance
* Compatible with other IAA and Audiobus apps
* Built with Antares Audio Technologies' Auto-Tune® professional pitch correction
* Tested with Tascam iXZ and IK Multimedia's iRig microphone audio interfaces.
* Made for musicians.

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Auto-Tune Mobile Customer Service, Editor Notes:

This release saves and restores the last button settings when using the Audio Units (auv3) version of Auto-Tune Mobile.

Auto-Tune Mobile Comments & Reviews

- Can be great

The potential that this app has is great, especially with more creatives working on iOS now. This app should be revamped or at least add the option to change singer types and an addition of the humanize knob. This would be great especially for all of us who are creating on iOS devices and not the traditional MacBooks. I would hate to have to purchase another MacBook just for those functions. Please Antares do something soon.

- Not great...but not bad.

I’m not sure what everyone else is going through but this app works pretty solid for me. I don’t require too much of it so the parameters are perfect for quick and easy pitch correction. It’s great at giving the “pop Auto-Tune effect” that you hear in today’s music. It’s far from perfect tho. A humanize knob would be great as well as the ability to change formants. It occasionally misses notes which can be annoying but sometimes makes for some quirky melodies. I use it regularly on vocals and it hasn’t disappointed me yet. If we could get an AUV3 version it would make a lot of the small issues at least a little more bearable. It could use an update or two...but it’s a solid app!

- Awesome for only $5!!

As a person who has produced vocals for 10 plus years, this tool is not only affordable but work great!! I use GarageBand and it’s pretty good if you know what your doing. If your using GarageBand don’t use too much stock compression or it can distort with the Auto-Tune. I find it more easier and effective to use without the monitoring. Small setback but understandable since it’s a mobile version. Other than that works great! Hope to see more updates and features in the future!

- Version 4.4 is a big improvement!

The latest update has made this Auto-Tune much more smooth and natural sounding, while still getting your singing on key. Thanks to the developer for your updates and improvements on this app. I hope for continued updates, please consider adding features from Antares’ AVOX 4 collection of effects. Those features would put this app at the forefront of vocal apps.

- I'm going to trust the developer on this one

And give it 5 stars, which it easily deserves, even though some are reporting some technical issues. They'll fix it. This app is exactly as advertised. It's absolutely amazing, especially for people like me that have a lot of technical musical knowledge, but simply can't sing perfectly on pitch. The documentation could be a bit better, but it's pretty straightforward. For the people who don't think they are getting any effect, try hitting that huge green BYPASS button in the middle of the screen and see if that helps. So glad to see this app is still supported. It's an incredible tool in the Audiobus/iOS family of must have apps. Edit: August 17th, 2019. This app crashes constantly. I was WRONG to trust the developer. This app has become unusable garbage. DO BOT BUY. It crashes when you try to use it with Audiobus. Reply to developer. Nope, does not work with Audiobus using either option.

- WORST APP IN MY LIFE😡😡😡😡😡😡😱😱😱💔💔💔😡😡😡😡😡😡👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾

WORST APP EVER, HORRIBLE. I AM SO MAD AND I WAS SO EXITED TO GET AUTO TUNE FOR MY VOICE BECAUSE I MIGHT BE ON AGT IN A FEW YEARS AND I WANTED TO TEST OUT AUTOTUNE TO GET THE RIGHT PITCH AND EVERYTHING AND THEN NOT HAVE TO USE IT ANYMORE BY THE TIME I GO ON AGT, BUT ALL THIS APP DOES IS LETS YOU IN THE APP, CHARGES YOU BIG TIME $$$$$$ AND AFTER YOU PAY THE MONEY, IT THEN SAYS YOU CAN ONLY USE THE APP IF YOU HAVE A REAL $40,000 pro microphone with no warning they just tell you that after you pay and that is not right I tried everything to get the app to work and nothing. Pathetic app worst in my life please do NOT wast your time and money on this app. And yes, I checked all the updated versions, and still nothing. Very upstet👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾😡

- Good sound with a price besides money to pay

Its incredible. Makes you sound amazing if you know how to use it correctly. Unfortunately I do not but when I do ill be an incredible artist😂. I don’t know if it is my fault or not, but when i use this app i get a HIGH pitched squeaking sound.

- Great but at least one bug

Great improvements to the program. My bug is that it won’t load as an audio unit extension in AUM if I have an interface connected. It will load as an extension with the built in mic and no interface. If I load it and then plug in an interface it occasionally stays functional, but then eventually crashes. Five stars if it gets bug fixed!

- Can you add where we can like manually tune the vocal

i like to have more control of how much is being used in certain area instead of having every part of my vocal being affected by it. so like tuning on a piano roll or something like how it is on a computer would be nice

- Your vocals will glitch when exported

Hey! I downloaded this app when I saw you could record music on the GarageBand App and use this plug in. It works great, other than the crashes 1-3 times a week when the iPhone has to “optimize performance.” Once you get over that bug and the effect sounds good you go to export your song and......there’s little glitches in the vocals. If you take off auto-tune the glitches go away. Stay away. No wonder it’s only 5 dollars for the app.

- New update ruined latency and sound quality, why?

I’d like to revert to an old version of this app where the sound quality and latency were normal. With this new update, they added these new “sample rate” and “buffer size” options, and even when I change any of the options, it still lags a ton and the audio sounds phoned in. It didn’t used to be like this. The audio used to be crisp and there was barely any lag/latency. Why did you ruin the app?

- Developers please read this

Ok so this app has a problem. When I plug this in GarageBand, I can’t play my midi keyboard to change the notes on GarageBand but I can do it on the app itself. Please make it so we can use the midi keyboard on GarageBand as well. I need this.

- Not really sure why Antares would put there name this one.

I’ve had this app for years. It’s always been buggy to the point that it’s not really useful and I had hope they would work it out with updates. Now it won’t even open in GarageBand after updating to iPadOS 14.3. There are better alternatives in the AppStore.

- Works when it doesnt crash

This app works perfectly fine besides crashes. Fix the crashes. Its annoying to repeat a verse 15 times because the creators of this app lack basic knowledge on the app they create.

- I respect the finesse

I respect what you tried to do but this ain’t worth $5... I need that refund...3 stars for effort...

- Best Auto-Tune app by far

Love the app it’s really great for garage band just wish it had an instruction manual and maybe a little more options for fine tuning

- It’s works fine

This is a really helpful app for singing I got in last week it’s fine so far 😇

- GarageBand

Works well in GarageBand very simple to use but crashes sometimes on iPad 7gen. Def could use a couple more editing options.

- No updates ?

Like a lot of us do use this app that we paid for can u please update it so it would work better with Audiobus or GarageBand please this app is our only real Auto-Tune App please update or release a new one I can buy or something come on

- IOS Auto-Tune! Yes!

I’m just happy to see this app here! If you do a more advanced version in IOS, I will buy it!

- Could be great

I love the app use it all the time in GarageBand but can we get more customization for example a huminizer nob n whatever else the actual program on the computer contains . This would make it more intriguing n great

- Crashes on load every time

I just purchased auto-tune mobile to run on an iPad Air 3, and it crashes literally the second I click on the app - every time. It also doesn’t work via IAA in Cubasis 3. I want a refund if the developer can’t make it work.

- Thank you so much for this update

Five star!

- Great app

It’s a great app love the sound of it. But we definitely need a humanize knob to top the machine all off. If you guys could add that. That quote be amazing.

- Doesn’t load as an au

I hate to be so harsh, but I really can’t understand how Antares allows something this bad to be on the AppStore, like they have zero quality control or don’t care about their brand on this platform

- I can get a refund right

I’m not gonna say it’s bad but it’s just really complicated I would like to get my money back if that’s possible

- Amazing

I have been using this app for a long time it is AMAZING!

- The control menu does not appear

The control menu does not appear to me in the iPhone ten I bought the program and the menu does not appear

- Best auto tune app

This was the best app... needs another update now though because the cracklings are unbearable and that’s after only loading it one time…

- Not the best

Sounds great with the app itself but as soon as you open the plug-in into GarageBand it sounds totally different and very off key

- Refund

I really would like a refund I thought this app was going to be good but it has a lot of bugs....

- Mic Detection Malfunction

App does not detect internal microphone when non-microphone earplugs are used. App does not quit when closed and has no background audio or background app refresh options.

- Clicking

Clicks everytime I say something..

- Fr fr let use them

So I have one complaint I don’t have ear buds or a connector to my microphone I would like to use my blue tooth ear buds

- Update hot fix

Previous Bugs: 1. App wouldn’t start up or run in standalone, crashes, crashing on iPads and iPhones on multiple devices, but AUv3 instances worked (for me). But ⬇️ 2. App would have feedback issues and other sound distortions on tracking and your recording playback. Current Bugs: 1(2). App would have feedback issues and other sound distortions on tracking and your recording playback. And if you try record that sound for reference, sometimes it would not pick up the recorded sound while it’s in a effect slot or would just be dry vocals with distortion, sometimes both. I have tested this in multiple daws(MultitrackDaw, Auria(Pro), GarageBand, Aum), standalone and in Audiobus. This is just as big of a issue as the crashes/crashing bug that was fixed with this patch. But I have faith in this developer because of this crash hot fix and the fact the dev reached out to me so quickly to help fix the crashing issues. So my standing is a fair one right now with hopes that these 🐜 🐛s are ironed out with another quick update. Will update when fixed!

- Total Garbage

I’d give this zero stars if I could. Don’t waste your time or money on this app.

- Does Not Load in Cubasis 3

You will get the spinning circle of futility when you attempt to open this app as an AUV in Cubasis 3.

- Bugged on iPad Pro 2018

This adds unwanted noise to recordings when using it on my iPad Pro 2018.

- Best auto tune, but not for iPhone 6...

I've tried auto tune from garageband, voloco, bandlab, audio tune, and it if ask those I can 100% say that this auto tune has the better algorithms. Plus, this one has a keyboard so you can control the auto tuning. That said, I didn't actually come here to rave about how perfect this auto tuner is. Sadly, in here to report some problems. First, I'm on iphone 6. This app is supposed to support my device, so it says. But clearly, iPhone 6 is not powerful enough to run this. It wants to crackle or pop when I change keys, especially when I press a different key in the keyboard. This ruins the recording. I'm assuming it's cuz my phone isn't fast enough. But of course, is possible the app simply isn't buffering the audio enough. Sadly, there is no settings option in this app to adjust the buffer, so there's nothing really i can do to try to fix the issue. And secondly, when connecting this app into garageband, it does not receive any midi input anymore from my keyboard. Not sure if that's a bug or what. But if I link things up through Audiobus, then that problem goes away. Yes, I tried restarting everything, and even tried downloading some recording apps that were more lightweight than garageband, in the hopes that I could snag a successful recording without crackles, on my iPhone 6. But I couldn't. I suppose I should upgrade to a better iphone! But I think the dev should test their app with a minimal app setup necessary to record an audio and use an external keyboard, and see if an iPhone 6 can actually do it without crackling. And if they (the devs) can't do it, then I would ask them to please update the store listing so that it no longer shows that it can run on iphone 6. That said, if the app actually had a record button and a metronome (omg the epic unashamed hint!!!), then I wouldn't need any other apps running to make a recording, which would probably be enough to make it work without crackling, on my iPhone 6.

- Bad app

I would like to receive my cash back . It a very very bad app

- EFX + new update

We need EFX+ new update please

- Trash buggy waste of 😤🤬


- Dumb fr

It makes my voice hella like staticky and in n out😡

- Feedback

Really bad feedback

- weinerguy69

it doesn’t work for me someone help

- update

After the app updated it crashes everytime I use it.. it has always ran great with GarageBand and I have been using it for over 3 years with multiple iPhones, the iPhone 8 being my most recent one. I don’t know what went wrong but the app doesn’t fully load when I go to open it with garage band and it freezes...I was looking forward to the update thinking there would be new effects but instead it was the opposite.. like I said the app has always been great I’ve made money off music I make through the app but this new updates version needs a fix ASAPPP!! Pls and thank you

- Love this App but...

I love this app, it works just like the actual plug-in for the DAWs. My only problem is that I am not being able to get the sound to come through my wireless Powerbeats. As soon as I open the app, the sound starts being output through the speakers on my phone. Please help me fix this problem.. Other than that, I am very happy with this app, and it was well worth the $5 (as long as you know what you’re doing).

- Great app But..

This is an awesome app to have in my arsenal of Mobile Music Production apps. Only thing I can ask the developers of, is if they could update the UI with better graphics. Looks old on my iPhone 6sPlus running iOS 9.2.... Other than that, performance-wise.... Bravo 👏 I won't ask for vibrato and all those things. It's a steal to have this for a mere $5 bucks in my pocket. But dev-team, please update those graphics. Thanks.

- Good

Works well with GarageBand, you can listen to the instrumental while recording. I’d recommend using GarageBand with this, because you can go back and use other effects. Also you can learn a little more about producing and theory. If you go to a key and a scale it gives you all the notes you can play to make a melody for a beat. An effect that I’d recommend on all vocals is reverb. 🔥

- Basically Autotune EFX

The people leaving one star reviews don't know what they are doing. As an audiobus effect slot app, it's perfect. Works exactly like Autotune EFX (which I had wayyyy back when). If you've used that before you will be right at home. Pretty brilliant, it might not be the sexiest app but it does what it does very well and you can't ask for more.

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- Don't waste your money

Wish iTunes could give refunds

- Great! Not sure why the other reviews are so low

After seeing the other negative reviews I took a gamble purchasing this app - thankfully it works exactly as advertised! I was hoping to apply some pitch correction over the top a vocal loop that I had made in the 'Blocs Wave' app. I can now do this by using the 'Audiobus' app to send the vocal loop from Blocs Wave into Auto-Tune Mobile. By using the 'MIDI Wrench' app I can then send MIDI notes from a piano keyboard directly into Auto-Tune Mobile to control the pitch of the vocal loop, in real time! I seriously question what the other reviewers where expecting from this awesome app. This team has done a great job porting a highly sought after professional audio application to iOS! 5 stars, no complaints.

- Fast update. White noise fixed!! I love you people!!

The best auto tune app, by far!! I’ve used most and this has more notes than any other. Soooo good!!! Sing over your favourite songs just for fun or link it to other recording apps and record your self in auto tune in real time, no delays. Seriously so good. Great work!

- Almost pointless without the ability to import

This needs to be able to import tracks from your iPad music library. It would actually be extremely useful then. Please make that happen. You'll actually sell the app, it would be the only app that allows that.

- Do Not But

Terrible Waste of money, doesn't even work well

- Worst app not worth it

Hate it

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- iPhone 7 and Up

Not good for people with iPhone 7 and up as there is no Audio Jack port. App doesn’t having recording functionality so you’re forced to use it live, resulting in feedback if you have no earphones plugged in. Smart App idea.. Stupid execution... Disappointed...

- You have to use it inside daws

you have to open it as a plug-in inside your Daws..not bad for 8 dollars Do not open the app by itself... search the product up on YouTube for some tutorials... good luck

- App qui fonctionne très mal

Fait un bruit tout le temps. Complètement inutilisable. Devrait être retiré du app store!

- Not working at all!!

I spent 7 dollars on this and it doesn’t even work.try to record but no record button and it just emits a long whining noise. I would love to have my money back.

- Craig

Works well

- Just plain doesn’t work

I tried getting it to annoy people but ended up just annoying myself as I spent 7 dollars on something that is just feedback. All I will do is show which note I’m singing and isn’t changing anything at all, would give zero but that’s not a choice

- Great app still a lot of noise.

If you could find a way to get rid of the noise on live monitoring . That would be great.

- I hate this

I accidentally bought didn’t realize it needed money, my ears still hurt. Crap . Didn’t even know how to use instructions where unclear I want my money back if I could I would give 0 stars

- Needs a facelift.

People say it crashes for Them and I believe it. For me On an iPhone SE it's best used in AUM or Audiobus with measurement mode enabled. This reduced latenty and for some reason makes AT much more stable . This is the real thing by Antares anyone who denies that doesn't know their stuff.

- Ripoff

This app is not autotune

- Whats Happened? Please FiX this! :(

This app crashes instantly upon every attempt at opening. i have rebooted phone, deleted then re dl'd app - with no change in situation. it worked fine on my iphone 4... tried it today on my 5c and it fails every time. i thought it was great when using with iphone4, and i know it'LL be same with iphone5 once RePaiReD. To guy who did prev review, you'LL dig it if they fix this glitch. Zero... stars tiLL you peeps at Antares remedy this problem. ;) er...ONE star cause it made me do it b4 i could post this review...thats pretty sad u get even 1 star when i can't use it. 5, )if( you fix it.

- Disappointed

Crashes every time I open it, only app that I've ever had that's done that. Should not crash for paying for it. I would NOT recommend this app.

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Auto-Tune Mobile 4.4 Screenshots & Images

Auto-Tune Mobile iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Auto-Tune Mobile iphone images
Auto-Tune Mobile iphone images
Auto-Tune Mobile iphone images

Auto-Tune Mobile (Version 4.4) Install & Download

The applications Auto-Tune Mobile was published in the category Music on 2013-11-17 and was developed by Antares Audio Technologies, LLC [Developer ID: 1480455172]. This application file size is 5.96 MB. Auto-Tune Mobile - Music app posted on 2019-08-24 current version is 4.4 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.antares.AutoTune