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Auto-Tune Mobile brings vocal pitch correction to vocal performance, using Antares' world-class Auto-Tune® technology. Now Antares' professional pitch correction recording studio technology is available for local performers to use live, on stage, or in recording apps on your iPhone / iPad.

The Auto-Tune Mobile app does not do anything until you sing through it. When you sing, Auto-Tune Mobile detects what note you are singing, and corrects the pitch of your notes, to the nearest valid note, from the ones you select on the screen. The corrected vocals go out through the speakers (when you turn on Audio Out); also Auto-Tune Mobile is compatible with other apps if you wish to record.

Connect Auto-Tune Mobile to your sound system between your microphone and your P.A. / speakers to use Auto-Tune Mobile in a live performance setting. Use a microphone audio interface device to connect the 1/8 inch jack to your microphone line and the headphone output to your sound system. Turn on Audio Out on the Auto-Tune Mobile app to get audio to pass through the system. If you turn on Audio Out without connecting to your sound system, you are likely to hear the internal feedback of the internal speaker to the internal mic. Adjust your mic and speakers so there is no feedback.

Vocals are corrected to the nearest pitch based on the key and scale of the song, or to a set of melody notes selected on the screen. Use the Chromatic scale when you don't know what key or scale a song is in. This is the easiest way to correct your voice to the nearest pitch.

The Retune speed is the time it takes for Auto-Tune to pitch correct your voice. The Normal Retune speed is a setting of 50 msecs -- this gives a natural humanized pitch correction effect. Normal Retune speed is appropriate for a moderate tempo song, for example a song at 120 bpm with a melody in eighth notes.

A funky or fast tempo tune, or a song requiring sixteenth note precision, will likely require a Fast Retune speed. The Fast Retune speed corrects notes within 25 msecs; this is better for faster notes. For slow songs or ballads featuring long held notes, the Slow Retune speed (75 msecs) may provide a more natural sound.

In addition to natural sounding pitch correction, you can also apply the iconic Auto-Tune effect. The Auto-Tune effect in essence retunes your pitch immediately (in 0 msecs). Ironically, if you sing really well, there is not much correction for Auto-Tune to do. The Auto-Tune effect is most noticeable when you are off key or you slide into a note. Also when you set the app to the Auto-Tune Effect setting, a meter appears at the top (red bouncing ball) that visually indicates whether you are singing sharp or flat.

The Bypass button is provided as a quick way to stop and start adding the effect as you sing.

Auto-Tune Mobile conforms to the Inter-App Audio (IAA) standard so you can use Auto-Tune with your other IAA apps. Notice when using with GarageBand that the Auto-Tune filter takes effect as you record the track. If you want to pitch correct a pre-existing vocal you will need to replay it outside of GarageBand and re-record it to a new track. Midi control of pitch correction is included, so you can connect a Midi keyboard and direct the vocals to sing on a particular melody or on a set of scale notes as pressed on the keyboard. Midi note presses will show up in red on the app.

Auto-Tune Mobile is Audiobus compatible, allowing Auto-Tune Mobile to work with your other iOS music apps. Auto-Tune Mobile acts as a filter in the “Effects” category, so you can apply pitch correction and the Auto-Tune effect to other Audiobus-compatible apps. (see

* Vocal real-time pitch correction designed for live performance
* Compatible with other IAA and Audiobus apps
* Built with Antares Audio Technologies' Auto-Tune® professional pitch correction
* Tested with Tascam iXZ and IK Multimedia's iRig microphone audio interfaces.
* Made for musicians.

Auto-Tune Mobile App Description & Overview

The applications Auto-Tune Mobile was published in the category Music on 2013-11-17 and was developed by Susan Marvin. The file size is 17.06 MB. The current version is 3.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- Fix for a problem in IAA: Auto-Tune Mobile would not start from a host like GarageBand unless Auto-Tune Mobile was started first. This is now corrected.
- Lowered the default frame size to 128 (from 256) and added a latency measurement tool (look for the icon at the bottom) with the capability to go down to 64 samples per frame. If you have a fast modern device you may be able to use the frame size of 64 for live low latency use.
- Updated the Audiobus SDK to v2.3.2b6 which fixes a known crashing problem for filters with process blocks, like this one.
- Updated The Amazing Audio Engine (TAAE) SDK to v1.5.1.
- Built with MidiBus Library v1.35 from Audeonic

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Auto-Tune Mobile Reviews


Buzzing Sound  gekyume79xxxx  3 star

While using Auto-Tune it makes a buzzing sound for people with an iPhone X


TRASH  donewiththebullshit  1 star

I have to give it one star... this needs to go in the trash can!!! Now! Not the recycling bin, the trash can. I want a refund. This is the stupidest $5 I’ve ever spent.


I love you but ...  cjfrzk  5 star

Best effect app period! BUT why oh why do you quit and totally drop out while Recording on GB??? u guys are awesome


I like this app  poobears  5 star

It’s easy to use and I’ve had no issues with recording. I think it works very well. I haven’t used the pitch correction or effect to the point where I need more. I was going to buy the better version but I don’t see it. That’s a bummer😢


I would like a refund  Davidivo  1 star

Not good at all I need my money back

Madyson O'Briant

Help  Madyson O'Briant  1 star

How do I record on it...?


REFUND  mazilife  1 star

I bought the app and It doesn’t work on my iPhone 5s and I would like a refund

iPhone User 1 million

Can’t Record in Garage band  iPhone User 1 million  1 star

Constantly crashes when you hit record. Needs improvement for recording.


Having problems  Flexboioo  3 star

Every time I record and sing on the right note it stops playing back the beat but still records which makes stop in between of hitting a note and it very frustrating please fix this.


Someone Help  GodBodyCash  1 star

Hey so I’ve purchased this App already and after a data overload it’s saying I need to repurchase.That is not fair and someone needs to assist me ASAP.Theres not even a number to call or even a proper email.Someone needs to fix this


Do Not But  Mario_O1  1 star

Terrible Waste of money, doesn't even work well

AU Dan

Don't waste your money  AU Dan  1 star

Wish iTunes could give refunds


Almost pointless without the ability to import  Tylawesome  4 star

This needs to be able to import tracks from your iPad music library. It would actually be extremely useful then. Please make that happen. You'll actually sell the app, it would be the only app that allows that.


Worst app not worth it  Gheydriana  1 star

Hate it


Development has long since ceased  Captainsbandana  2 star

Missing a bunch of features, buggy, dev no longer responds.


Auto-Tune Mobile  DCinOly  1 star

Useless. Invasive to other audio apps. Save your money for singing lessons, this ain't gonna help.


You might have something  Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa  1 star

Make it easy to load a track from Dropbox or Audioshare, record it auto tuned and share it back to Dropbox or Audioshare and you might have something


Great App!  WenKirk  5 star

This app is the perfect effect to use with IAA if you need to correct your pitch problems or add the Auto-Tune effect to your vocals. Works great on iPhone 6!


Just crashes and crashes  JonWes  1 star

This won't even open, and I have an iPad I purchased just last year.


I give up  Strizbiz  1 star

Still crashes when using it via Inter App Audio inside Auria, apparently the developer either does not read the reviews or does not care, I give up and completely wash my hands on this app.

Julian B.

App wont launch  Julian B.  1 star

I would rate this app 5 stars but I just realized its suddenly crashing every time I launch it. Hope this gets a fix soon, I was really looking forward to recording with this.


Doesn't poem on iPad Air with iOS 7  GuitaristFret  1 star

Won't open at all. Crashes immediately on iOS 7 on iPad Air . Will review again once it's working.

Chuck cove

Doesn't open  Chuck cove  1 star

App worked fine when first downloaded. Now it starts to open and crashes. Apple says to contact the developer but the only way I see to do that is on Facebook which I do not use. Hopefully this issue gets resolved since Apple says it's too late to get a refund and as of now it looks like I spent mone for nothing.


Wont open at all  BeeZee95  1 star

when i had first seen this app i was excited to actualy find a amazing app like this, but right after i bought it then installed it the app immediately crashes 😕 i hade so much hope in this app that i even tryed downgrading (wich didnt work) i guess i need a refund or sompthing considering i paid over a dollar for this app :/

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