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- Shop your favourite sneakers. Find your Grails.
- Most downloaded Release Calendar app.
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- Price guide and interactive charts.
- Set reminders, win Free Kicks & Social Share!

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Our mission is to provide an accessible information platform for the sneaker community and tools to facilitate the shopping experience for any footwear consumer.

Whether you're looking for a release date, price or the sneaker itself, we're here to help! We cover most brands such as Adidas, Air Jordan, New Balance, Nike, Puma, Reebok, Supra, Under Armour, Vans and more.

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- Great for everything sneaker related

For like many people sneakers have always I influenced my life. Growing up having fire kicks was huge. The better your shoes the better life was. I was always jealous when seeing others with shoes I had no idea even released. It was so hard getting into shoes before I downloaded this app. I spent years doing my own research coming up with little to nothing. I had the drive to buy highly lucrative shoes but never had the right information. It became so hard I remember stopping for a long time. I finally found this app and it completely changed the sneaker game for me. I had access to so much valuable information because of this app. It game me real time dates on shoes releasing and prices and chances to even get the shoes. I now have a collection of shoes well over 3k. I’m not a reselling just a guy who likes shoes. This app was easy to navigate and not at all intimidating. Being a guy who just gets shoes he likes this app was perfect for me. This gives us little guys who appreciates shoes an advantage over the game being completely over run by resellers. I would recommend this app to anyone who is interested in shoes and needs real time information on drops. Kicks on fire saved my sneaker game forsure👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

- Best & Most Knowledgable shoe app there is!

I LOVE this app. This is my “go-to” for sneaker news in respect to ALL brands. At first, I used to rely on what I refer to as “native-brand” apps i.e. Nike app for Nike shoes, Adidas app for Adidas shoes, etc., but this app serves as a great one-stop-shop. If you’re into the sneaker resale market, not only does this app gives you a great description of the shoe and color-way, but it gives you a reading of how hot the shoe is in the current market by the number of likes (just like liking a pic on social media platforms). All in all, if you’re looking to buy/sell/learn about upcoming and past shoes... look no further, your “Sneaker-ary” (library) is all right here in this app. I have already and will continue to recommend this app to everyone!!

- I wish they would just delete the app!!!

The app is good for keeping up with releases but other than that don’t order from them. I ordered a pair of Jordan 4s. I already had a pair but wanted a extra size pair. I saw KicksOnFire had a pair for $275 and went ahead and ordered (I should have read the reviews first). After ordering I noticed all the bad reviews and got extremely nervous about my pair. So I called my bank because I saw a lot of people say that they were not able to get in contact with them. So my bank refunded me my money ASAP. So right after I get my money back I get a confirmation that the shoes would be here by that Friday. So Friday comes and the shoes show up. Remember that i got my money back and they still sent the shoes. So I opened it and didn’t notice anything different from the pair I got from footlocker until I noticed that they’re no size chart on the inside of the shoe. The insoles were two different colors. And the Air Jordan that’s on the tongue was stitched incorrectly. They really tried with the fakes because they look like the originals but you really have to pay attention to details. I’m not upset though because I never paid for the shoes. Who doesn’t like free shoes. I would advise people who order from them and have a problem getting in touch with them just let your bank know and you will get your money back and possible a free pair of shoes.


I’ve been using this app for years and had no problem with it till now. I purchased a pair of jordans size 6 because all of my jordans are a size 6. Once i got my package i tried on the shoes and they were a bit small on me so all i wanted to do was change the size to a 6.5. I checked on the app and both the sizes are the same price so i don’t see why it would be a problem. I contacted the help center and they said they don’t do exchanges and that all shoes are final which i wasn’t even informed about when i purchased my shoe. Which makes no sense because you can’t even try on the shoes before buying it because they only sell through the app. They also said that they would “see and ask” what i can do and i never got a response back after that. Absolutely dissatisfied with my first purchase from this app and the company. This is horrible business and don’t do everything that they can to help their customers. Do yourself a favor and don’t bother buying anything from this app and use other shoe apps that are way better such as grailed, stockx and goat. This app is very sketchy and sometimes they don’t even send you the shoes that you purchase or send you fake ones. Btw they also put in fake reviews to make them seem good.

- app is definitely worth the download

I’ve been rocking heavy with kicks on fire since 2013 I remember when I was a freshman in highschool in my young sneaker head days scrolling through KicksOnFire’s feeds in class while everybody else around me was finishing their work, I was tryna see what new drops I was gonna be camping out for💀! I really miss those days now seeing how much the game has changed when it comes to getting your hands on a pair of sneakers the only thing I would suggest as a fan is to bring back when you guys used to drop like KicksOnFire Tshirts that matched the latest Jordan drops colorways I believe the shirts where even free I think you just had to pay maybe a couple bucks on shipping && it was first come first serve once they were sold out they were gone but it was nice to rep that KicksOnFire Merch & to see & interact with the community irl & know we were tapped in while rocking that merch & the latest heat🔥yesssirrr🔥🤌🏽🤌🏽

- Didn’t receive product

I order two pairs of foamposites, the crimson for me and a pair of obsidian kicks for my girlfriend. Her sneakers were supposed to arrive before mine. My sneakers came quickly. The service was excellent. DHL said the information was received, I thought this was awesome. 12 days later and they still did not receive the package. I’m not in the business of giving away money. At this point I would much rather have my money back and shop somewhere more reliable. $258 for a pair of 6 1/2 female sneakers is a lot of money. If the product is nit in stock, don’t list it as being available. I could have spent my money on something else. It would not have been a problem if I was told about a delay or the item nit being in stock and offered the chance to pick something else of the same value for her. This will definitely be my last pair of sneakers from this application. The no return/no refund policy is convenient especially when you never receive you package. Now I have to get my girlfriend another gift because the original gift is God knows where.


My girlfriend ordered a pair of dark grey 12’s from this app for my 23rd birthday and after the 50$ shipping fee she ended up paying $300 for the shoes only to be sold one fake shoe and one real one. This not only amazed me that they would stoop this low but surprised me that they thought nobody would notice. She only ordered through this site because she thought it was a reputable company,as did I but that clearly is not the case. We hope to get this issue resolved but have not heard back from them yet. Update-It’s been almost a week and no response back from their customer service, this app has a lot of fake reviews obviously and if you don’t feel like getting ripped off don’t even waste your time with this phony app and company. Update- the issue has been resolved and they sent me a new pair of authentic shoes. Very glad they got back to me and resolved the issue but after waiting nine months for a response am still uneasy about spending more money with this site.

- These people are criminals

Beside sneaker these ppl are crooks. And should be held accountable. I prepaid for a pair jordans on the first day kicks on fire put them available for preorder. Which was week before they even came out. The original price they sold them to me for was 308 dollars. And that my estimated delivery was from 15th to 19th A week later the shoes come out. I get no information on when my shoes would be sent. I contact company on the 17th. They said my shoes would be sent in a couple days. Two days later still nothing. Then they cancel my order. But they are still selling the shoes on the site. So when I ask what happen. Trying find information. They couldnt tell me anything. But tell me im welcome purchase them again. But this the shoe prices went up almost 100 dollars. And they would not adjust the price. Even though I purchased the shoes a week early for 308. They are unprofessional. I will shop here again. They ruined my experience. And I missed the release of the shoes I really wanted.

- A disappointment!

My first and last time ordering from here. I ordered on December 4. I log on to track and it says they are coming from Hong Kong! I thought they KicksOnFire was in California. No tracking update or help from their customer service. I believe the customer service is just computer responses based on keywords; nothing I asked was really answered. Last update was December 9th, it says at facility in Hong Kong. You can’t cancel or get a refund so I am stuck with shoes that I have yet to receive and I am not feeling to great on the authenticity of the shoe. What a let down. Disappointed and aggravated! Do NOT buy from them. I ordered in Dec 2, still haven’t got shoes. Tracking last updated on Dec 9 and says they are at a facility in Hong Kong! Customer service has been nothing but copy and past answers until the last one when they come at me telling me “Almost a month, you ordered on Dec 2!” Yes, I did and today is the 17th! I have reported to PayPal, Better Business Bureau and Internet Fraud and contacted my bank. At this point I don’t need the shoes. I needed them by Monday. I can almost guarantee they will be fake. Looking at reviews it seems many have had that issue. My mistake, I should have read reviews before hand. Look at their app reviews and the reviews on here regarding fake shoes or shoe that never arrive. Do NOT make the mistake I did! Not a great company. Not willing to come to a resolution. SMH


Most accurate shoe app there is out not only can you order shoes off there they put shoes up early enough so you can plan to get them if you don’t have the money right away. Which i really love because i have to work for money so being able to see when the shoes comes out and how much they will cost in advance is a really step forward to helping me get these shoes. Also they give customers a chance to win free shoes like what i’m trying to do now. i’ve wanted those zebra yeezys for the LONGEST and everytime there sold out or too expensive or don’t have my size. Getting those shoes would really be a blessing to me and i hope i win them. This is a 5-star shoe app and must have for all shoes heads. TRUST ME


I love this app! It shows so many shoes from other brands other than Nike and Jordan that are getting ready to release. I love being able to to view the most popular shoes and the past releases that I missed. My favorite feature of them all is the picture quality. What good is a shoe if you can’t judge the style and looks? The pictures are amazing and my “want” list is full! My second favorite feature this app allows, is purchases. It tells you the retail price and can take you to websites that have the shoe in-stock if you are looking to buy them then and there. Some shoes are rare and can be a little pricey. This app overall is just great. Even the app name is golden!

- Best sneaker app to use

I got introduced to KicksOnFire from my dad, he told me this was the go to app back when he used to collect sneakers. I’ve been using this app ever since I got into sneakers a couple years back. They never disappoint and have reasonable prices. This is the only app/company that doesn’t over due their prices. Anyone who’s starting to get into sneakers and needs guidance should definitely use this. Not only do they have reasonable prices, they also have up to date releases from this year and even heads up on next year!! 👏🏽‼️ from my personal experience I’ve had no complaints, shipping takes about 2 weeks maybe less and the purchasing process is fast and easy!

- Only app you should have about sneaker releases

This app is always keeping you updated , up TO date , obviously tells you when their coming out , for how much , they have features on the app some probably even forgot about or don’t even know about cause they just want the release day and other basic info , they have a section to even check how it’s doing on the market , really good for a reseller and everyone else , they know what to go for and what not to if they want or don’t want, they offer “coins” which is used to buy and or enter in raffles for free kicks!!! , they even sell shoes ON the app , it’s really a must-have app if your into sneakers. 🤩

- I love kick on fire best app

Every time from the time send high school days I always use to be on the KicksOnFire to see the new up coming shoes where come out before they where out I always recommend to people that you can found out sneakers before they come on this site and u can also trust the site to buy new sneakers on release dates man I’m just happy you guys are still around make me feel good knowing that every time I go back on the app or website memories come right back of the days when I was a new sneaker head to the game of being a sneaker head lol ..... best app and company I would recommend with my highest level of love to you guys man ..👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

- Best app for upcoming sneaker releases

I've been using this app for years and it's my go to for all sneaker releases. Unlike SNKR's, Adidas and other sneaker apps, KicksOnFire has a pretty all inclusive list of releases including brands by Jordan, Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok and even sneaker collabs with Off-White and more. I have yet to buy anything from them but I would be confident that they would be legit if I were to in the future. Very user friendly, pictures and dates of upcoming releases are always pretty accurate despite releases being far out into the calendar year. They also update frequently and include past releases so you never have to wonder if you missed anything. I highly recommend. Ig - ensupreme

- Great App

I have been using this app for almost 10 years, and since then I have never missed a release. They even show love to their members with free giveaways of : shirts, pins, stickers, etc. If you want an accurate release calendar look no further, and on top of that it gives you the option to buy the shoes as well. It is a definite 5 star app and worth the download, and after you download create a login to get set up for their emailing list where they send opportunities for their free giveaways. If you are a true sneaker head who loves shoes, knowing when things come out and their backstories come and join the KicksOnFire family, you will not regret it!!

- Best app for sneakers out here

I love your app tells me the release dates of all the new sneakers and all different brands all the best selling sneakers prices and all stuff u can get for sale search up whatever u like I like this cause I’m always buying sneakers for my self shows different price ranges u can get the sneakers for gives me reminders about every new sneaker that comes out I can make my own account and scroll through popular sneakers,news about the shoes the best sneakers of the year that came out best ones in the week as well hope there’s more new things 🙃I recommend this app if u wanna get ur sneakers or order them from there 🔥 apppppp

- Fire Kicks Has Changed My Life

I was only 13 years old when I started having an interest in shoes. I went to a performing artists school just 10 minutes from Atlanta and had just moved from Hawaii the previous year, so you can only image where my drip was at the time. Soon after my arrival to my new school I made friends that I still am in touch with today (8years later) and they kind of molded my foundation of fashion and art appreciation. One of my peers one day referred me to this app and I haven’t gone back since. Thank you kicks on fife for what you guys do, it helped a little black boy from Hawaii find himself.


The best app that u can possibly view new fire kicks coming out for your collection. It’s not just an app it’s a place u can go to on your phone and relieve some stress by looking at some of the best sneakers for Christmas shopping when you are stuck and just don’t no what is a perfect gift. Kicks on fire is my empire especially when I need some knew heat. So just remember when some when asks you what is kicks on fire the answer will always be the what is kicks on fire not. Best app to shop at hands down. I will always recommend kicks on fire to my friends and family. So what if I don’t have don’t have the number 1 review I no I gave kicks on fire my all about this app!!!!

- Good Info. About upcoming shoes (yeezy giveaway app review)

Honestly, I’ve bee using this app for a couple of years now and it’s been really good to me. Like it shows the upcoming shoes and a little background information about the shoe. Which I thought was neat. The fact that you could “heart” the shoes is crazy useful. I’ve have a couple of shoes that I’m planning on getting and I could always go back and buy them. There’s also News about rumors about what shoe is coming like the “bel air 5s” (Grape 5s without the laces). Overall the app gives a lot of useful info about any shoe that you want to buy from what they have in stock.


THIS WEBSITE IS A COMPLETE SCAM!. I payed over 300 dollars for shoes that NEVER ARRIVED and still have not been issued a refund. They have absolutely no way to contact them. The directions they give u don’t even exist in the app. There is absolutely no way to cancel an order nor go back to an order. It’s now almost a week later and I still have not heard back from anyone after countless emails. At this point I’m going to take legal action because I’m not the only person they have done this to. I hope they shut this company down because in no way shape or form is it okay to take peoples money the way they do and the communication is non existent. I’ve spoke to a lot of people that have even received fake Jordan’s from this company. They will definitely be hearing from my lawyer. That one star is not deserved they deserve to be taken out of App Store.

- Yeezy wave runner review size 10.5

I have been using this app for over 5 years now and it is great for me sense I am a sneaker head. It is a great app to get up with all the new hype on the streets. I tend to share the links with my friends on the kicks that I want to see if they want to do raffles or camp out with me. One suggestion i do have is having the locations of where the shoe is being released. Also maybe have the quantity of the shoes being released. Those would be game changers. I’m not sure if that is practical but if so, it would be great. Thanks for being such a reliable app whenever I need it!

- Legit!!! Air Jordan 3 red cement

I ordered a pair of sneakers from kicks on fire shop and I got skeptical when I noticed the withdraw on my card came from a shop in China, I then read the reviews for the app and noticed everyone saying they received fake sneakers. I got scared and tried to get a refund but it was too late because my shoes where already shipped. I reached out to the kicks on fire support team and they’re replied to me right away so I decided to wait for the sneakers so I could just return them and get my refund but the sneakers arrived and they’re legit. Couldn’t be more happy!! Thanks guys!!

- This is great

This is a great app overall . The feature that I love is the one where you get to see what shoe is coming out next. It’s let’s you know ahead of time so you can save money or do whatever you have or do so the shoe doesn’t just drop and you don’t know. Another thing is you can save what you like. The saving what you like helps you to find exactly what you want and keep track of it because you know there is constantly new shoes updating. Out of all the sneaker apps that I tried this one is so straight foreword and easy to use. Best sneaker app ever.

- This app is FIRE!! 🔥🔥

I love this app! I would say that I’m in the beginning stages of becoming a sneaker head. This app is great for keeping track of popular sneakers! My favorite feature is the sneaker calendar because it shows you when all the new kicks are gonna drop! It even allows you to add notifications on shoes you’re interested in. I also love being able to see how other people style their sneakers. It definitely gives me outfit ideas and has helped me step up my game! Overall, this app is FIRE and I would highly recommend!! 🔥🔥

- Exceptional App for Sneakers

This app is great for when great sneakers are released and they do not let down when it comes to giving you the right release date for each shoe and the correct shoe for it. KicksOnFire has always been a great app ever since I started using it since 2018 when I started getting into sneakers. I have never done a review with any app and I wanna be transparent with the people on here that I have not complained to the business in which I have not had any problems so I do not know how they respond if you do have a problem.


the people who run this app do a great job of telling information abt the sneakers and i love that they do sneaker news and updates for sneakers. however, DO NOT AND I MEAN DO NOT buy ANYTHING from this app. I ordered a pair of shattered backboard ones for my gf for christmas and they cost me $670 ( i had a little help from friends and family to get the money to order them) and they were scheduled to come on december the 12th. they came on the 27th. and not only that, THEY WERE FAKE. yes, i spent 670 dollars on shoes that came almost 3 weeks late and turned out to be fake. absolutely ridiculous. don’t buy from this app. use goat or stockx if ur looking to buy sneakers but if ur interested at looking at the sneakers, definitely recommend this app. just don’t buy

- Best Sneaker Release app like the best the best!!!!🥰

Nah for real for real tho, this app is rlly the best, I always get the new pairs every a week or so kuz I keep on track. All my friends be asking me “How you got those so quickly” and I be telling them that it’s the KOF app and once they got on it, they couldn’t stop buying!the best part is that they tell you the price and always update their news feed to keep up updated on the new releases, they never hold back on us! This app for real changed my life kuz now I get limited sneakers on time and not once they sold out!

- First and last time I buy from KicksOnFire

Ordered a pair of Jordan 3 black cement as a gift and I received it defective. The elephant print on the back side of the shoe looks like it got messed up during manufacturing. There’s a straight line going through the print 🤬 I honestly can’t believe KicksOnFire would actually let these sneakers leave their site. Any customer that pays $200+ for these shoes should expect to receive an up to standard pair of shoes. I sent their customer service a message for a refund on their app and I have yet to hear back with any reply. The shoes themselves are beautiful, I bought a pair from a different store and it was perfect. KICKSONFIRE IS A DISAPPOINTMENT FOR SELLING SNEAKERS THAT AREN’T UP TO PART. Which only makes me think that these just might be fake. Honestly, take your money elsewhere.

- The most reliable sneaker release application

I’ve been using the app since 2015, and 6 years later KicksOnFire continues to provide the most accurate release dates, pictures, and descriptions on upcoming releases. One exciting innovative feature to incorporate would be a link feature where it would direct you to the site or page where the should would be releasing. Some people may not know all the reliable stores and online retailers to purchase shoes, so supporting a link feature to sites would be helpful. Overall, great app I still use weekly to check sneaker drops.

- Love kicks on fire

If i need to know what’s coming out in a month or even a year KicksOnFire does it best in shoes previews of all the upcoming shoes. Also with KicksOnFire you get the option to use the website or even download the app which is what i use daily. But the best part about this app/website is the not only can you see the shoe but you can also order from them as well just the best of both worlds for my opinion. Thanks for all the less hard work i have to do to get a pair of good shoes.

- This app 🔥🔥

Like there are a lot of shoe apps out there, but if you want the most accurate release drops and gallery of your favorite kicks this is the app to go too. I think it would be better if the app sent you to links of where shoes are dropping especially since due to the COVID-19 pandemic a lot of shoe stores are closed. And a lot of people especially ones new to the culture do not know every spot to hit up to get their new kicks. Better Quality Pictures of the shoe model would be nice as well, I hate looking to see what a shoe looks like and it’s a bootleg pic of some old cop.

- Terrible for ordering

I ordered the gym red Jordan 12’s which were supposed to arrive before an event I planned to wear them too. Two days AFTER they were supposed to arrive I received a refund with no notification that they weren’t coming. Luckily I checked my bank statement and realized the deposit. I reordered them (of course the price went up $10) and I’m still waiting. They were supposed to be here 9 days ago and I still haven’t received the shoes or my money back. I wrote customer service 4 times requesting an update and finally got a response that they reached out to their fulfillment center and thanks for my patience. That was 2 days ago. It’s good for keeping up with new releases but I’ll never order another shoe from this app.

- KicksonFire

Always putting me on to all upcoming releases from the most exclusive to a simple streetwear cop! They are so fast to upload new release dates it’s insane! I literally check this app multiple times a day to see what’s new! As one who has used this app for almost 10 years, i can say that they will never let you down.I recommend this app to everyone! You don’t have to be a sneakerhead to enjoy exclusive news of to hottest sneakers that have yet to release 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 now go download now!!! And it’s It’s free🤷🏽‍♀️😂

- Kicks on fire review

Kicks on fire is an amazing app with up to date information on sneakers and releases for public view. Kicks on fire has great deals to take advantage of and even sells personal branded merchandise of high quality. All together kicks on fire is a great app to have to stay on top of your shoe game. I would recommend to any and all individuals who are interested in the show game. The kicks on fire app has never let me down, and I will continue to use it for ever encounter with upcoming releases and deals.

- Amazing Quality Year After Year

I’ve been using the Kicks On Fire app for roughly 3-5 years and it’s been my go to sneaker release app. 23 is back was great but it’s not as detailed as this one here. The attention to detail and the fact that sneaker news is readily available in its own section of the app is a great feature and place to read about upcoming sneaker releases, early access, and pricing details. I’ve had my fill enjoying this app and I hope every can see the beauty in this app!

- Honest And Heartfelt

I’ve been using the KicksOnFire app for quite some time now and I must say it doesn’t disappoint. Getting important information and first looks on the latest footwear by the biggest sneaker companies in the world is valuable in more ways than one. The entire layout of the app is user friendly which I appreciate because it took little too no time to get used to. I would without a shadow of a doubt recommend this app for new and veteran sneaker heads alike it’s that great of a app!

- Always up to date!

I’ve been using this app for YEARS and they’ve always been up to date for when sneakers are coming out. Whenever I want to see if a sneaker was actually dropping I always check this app because they never miss a release. The feature they added where you can buy sneakers directly from here made it 100% better. I recommend any sneaker head use this app if they are serious about their kicks like me.

- KicksOnFires review for yeezys

This is one of the best apps I have personally used for looking up recent shoes, upcoming shoes, and shoes from previous releases. Especially having options such as this opportunity, being able to put your appreciation for this app to get a pair of shoes that one may not be able to afford at current re-seller prices or one that just missed it by a day and wants a chance to get the chance to get what he thought he once missed out on

- KicksOnFire App

Over the the years the I have witnessed the transformation of KicksOnFire’s blog for over 10 years now, (your old collage website background was my phone background for many years. I’ve seen major improvements and noticed how the GUIs became more interactive. The app still needs more tinkering to bring out that old blog feel but you guys are moving in the right direction. I wish it could give me notifications on the latest drops

- kicks on fire are on fire

This is a good shoe app it doesnt give you any trouble well i haven’t experience none and ive been usinh this app for like 4 years. And not only do they let you know when shoes are released, you can also buy shoes off the app new or old .. get discounts, apply to win free shoes and all that 😄 bro you can beat this stop playing and download this app so your feet could have the best kicks .. its free anyways so get the clicking and download this wonderful app !!

- Kicksonfire is an amazing app

You will never miss an release date with kicks on fire they show you the retail price , pictures & accurate dates on the sneaker your looking for . You can also heart it if you want to come back & look at the shoe . Im 15, and have been using the KOF app for 4 years ive always been a big sneaker head , the love 4 sneakers was inherited to me by my father i always had the newest jordans on my feet !! But Yes it would be great to get a chance to win the Yeezy Boost 700!!!

- Never got my shoes!!

Be careful before you order shoes on here. I ordered some shoes and never got them. Also there help team takes several days to respond back if they even decide to message you back. The sad thing is once your order is placed you can’t even get a refund. Smh I looked up so highly to this app and KicksOnFire until this happened. One thing I know is I won’t be using there app anymore or KicksOnFire anymore if this doesn’t get fixed.

- App Review

I love the way this app reminds me when the next sneakers are coming out because I will most definitely forget. They have all the up to date sneakers and the sneakers that will be coming out. They make sure to keep us updated on any new sneakers. I love the way that the prices are not high to buy when we miss the release date. I bought so much sneakers off this app & I will most definitely continue to buy more!!!!!

- Top of the LINE!!

I love KicksOnFire sooo much. I think it’s really dope that I can get a scoop on every shoe that’s coming out even if it’s not in all stores and they also give you a way to buy them. I gave them 4 stars because they’re prices aren’t really competitive with all shoe sites, there usually higher. Which I guess is kind of understandable but that’s the only reason. I’ve never had a problem with KICKSONFIRE. I love the app and no matter what new apps I find I will never delete KICKSONFIRE!!!

- Amazing App

This app shows you everything. Sneaker releases, best selling shoes, past releases, and even news on shoes. You can buy shoes on the app early, on the release date, and after. They have a shoe stock section where you can see price ratio on shoes and also you can post your own pictures of your own shoes on the app. You can create an account and best of all they give you prizes and gifts. There is a wide range of things for you to do on this app dealing with shoes.

- Kicks On Fire

I really enjoy this app in so many different ways because it shows me the date shoes come out and also shows me the preview of the shoe in variety of ways. Also I can say this app also gives me a great opportunity to know what type of shoe I am looking for. Overall I can say this is one good shoe app for people that love shoes and will like to know when the shoe come out, how it looks, and will like to know a brief description of the shoe.


The app is great. I love it. The reason why I gave the app 4 stars and not 5 stars is because from time to time there are errors which occur. For instance there will be a double upload of the same shoe or the wrong color way (mock up/not accurate) picture upload to an post. Other than that i really like the app it is really helpful. 99% accurate on dates. They always say nothing’s perfect. But the app is the next best thing for anyone trying to resell (don’t like you resellers) to people trynna get a release to cop.

- Kicks are definitely on fire

Love the app! I’m fairly new to the sneaker head world and using the app but it’s real easy to use. The site is very straight forward in getting you where you need to go. One of my personal favorite things about the app is the option it gives you to show your styling of your shoes off to others. Would recommend to anyone looking to purchase exclusive and quality sneakers/shoes.

- Rate over Kicks on fire

I love kicks on fire so much. It helps me keep up with so many of the new different types of shoes coming out. I love how when you tap on the shoes it gives you a bigger perspective over the shoe and even adds the date to your phone calendar. The app shows you so much even the past shoes that came out. You can even buy the shoe off the app. I just enjoy this app very much and very happy to rate it ! thank you 🖤

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- Great Info and Latest News

Always up to date with newest kicks and helpful with buying online with the links

- God like

It’s soo good because I bought a lot of shoes from here and it works and keeps you up to date when new shoes come out like LeBron 17 red carpets

- Go to app for sneaker news

Best way to keep up to date with all news on sneaker release

- Kicks

Very good app, found out when new sneakers are dropping and very soon to update

- Kicks on Fire is Fire!

The best app in the world for staying up to date on new and upcoming releases and for doing research on all shoes! Love it

- Dustin

One dope App 🙌 Use it every day to keep track of the latest and up coming drops 💪

- Very good app

Always on point with prices and when sneakers r dropping very good platform

- Great app for shoe lovers

I love the calendar. It let's me stay up to date with all the upcoming releases.

- Great app

Great app but sometimes very laggy and could use better user interface

- KicksOnFire

Really good app always up to date on releases never disappoints

- Yeezy entry

Use this app everyday to keep track of the realse dates of sneakers. The best sneaker app ever and cheap prices

- Great App

Great app, very handy for me as a reseller to see when sneakers are dropping

- Yeezy entry

Man this app is great!! Shows us the real releases. This is mad

- Worst service ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve been waiting nearly 3 weeks for my order, they never respond to emails.... still left in the dark🤮🤬

- 🔥

Tbh best app layout for release cals out there + great interface in general.

- Amazing app

This app let me follow all shoes, so good!!!

- Good

Very good app

- Good app!

Very good app!

- great shoes

easy to find good shoes

- Cool

Very good app

- RohanOnIpadYT


- Cool

Great app

- Review - Green Glow

Great app, keeps me up to date with the latest news in the kicks world.

- Great app but....

Love the KoF app but the prizes are only limited to U.S citizens? If that's the case why allow people from other countries to buy coins like I did? I bought 1000 coins only to realize prizes are only limited to U,S?? What about Australian sneaker heads etc?? What a scam.. I want a refund!!

- Good app

The app is real good, I see what I want to see and everything is there and all. All is missing is a rotate to landscape option for iPad.

- Great app

Great app

- Dope

Awesome shoes wanna shout us a pair ;)

- best sneaker info provider

best sneaker info provider

- Solid info

Great for info but within app ads suck

- Greenglow

Nice app really helps.many things about sneakers..thanks kick on fire more power..

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- Amazing

I love the release date section of the app. It has past and upcoming release dates and prices. Perfect app

- FIRE!!!

I like the app there so much cool shoes that I can’t find in other sites

- Love it

Great stuff

- Canada

Is this App Canadian friendly any hiden fees or extra charges?

- Yeezy

This is a very informative app for sharing news and updates regarding on the hype sneakers in the market. I love it.

- Great app

Solid app, I’ve used it for a while. Great information and I love having a list of all the new shoes and their release dates along with prices!

- Drop dates

Great help with letting me know when the newest drop is coming

- 🔥

This my jam

- Great site.

Was able to order shoes from your site and it was very easy and organized and it was reasonably priced too

- Fireee🔥🔥

Always on point

- Winner winner chicken dinner

Your guys are the best

- Great source

Been using the release calendar app for a while now. For even just browsing and trying to grab some kicks for retail. Always a great source when does a shoe drops.

- Awesome App!

Super easy to use

- Yeezy zebra

Informative app!! I deserve this shoe been using this app for 2 years now

- Yeezy

Please pick me to win

- Awesome app!

I'm always updated with the new releases!


all the best shoes with the right dates what more can u ask for

- Nice app

I love using the release date calendar.

- Review

Great app!! Always keeping up to date with the upcoming release!

- Fire

Fire asl

- Wishlist


- Plug talk

Shoe gods 🔌

- Sneaker clutch

The app comes in clutch with sneaker releases

- Yeezys size 12

10/10 app

- 🔥🔥🔥

Keeps me up to date on all my sneakers

- Good


- Great app

I love the fact that you can check the release days

- good


- Yeezy contest

Great app for all your latest info n the dopest kicks

- Marc Smalls

Tells you the exact dates of releases. Wish they told you told you if a release was North American or Asia only releases. But I follow this app to a T

- Sneaker heads

Nice app always up to date!

- Review

This is a very helpful app !!

- Review

Sick app, unreal shoe selection!

- Great app!

Love the fact that i can find kicks on here w/o struggling

- KicksOnFire is the best!

Always knows the price and when its dropping 💯

- Awsome

Everything is amazing

- App

Great app to explore shoes

- 🔥

Finally a app to find sneakers easily

- Dope App

It’s one of the ones I always go too when it comes to updates and release dates truly a good one I have you used for many years always update and will always recommend it

- Win Free Yeezy’s!!!

I can’t even lie. I don’t own a pair of Yeezy’s but it would be very appreciative if I won a Pair of Blue Tints in Size 11

- Best sneaker app

This app is great, keeps you updated with all the latest sneaker drops and prices!

- Great App!

This app is really helpful for release dates and purchasing shoes. I use it all the time and would definitely recommend!!

- Convenient App

KicksOnFire can always support sneakershead with great sneakers news, price review and some good features!

- KicksOnFire is a great app

Great app I would definitely recommend any sneaker head to check out this app if they are interested when the next particular shoe drop is and where they could purchase it.

- Good App

Good for release dates and news

- My go to for release Info

Always up to date

- In love

This app helps me so much when trying to figure out which shoe is dropping or when I need help authenticating

- Jordan

I love this app !! Keeps me informed about newest drops I recommended the app to all my friends and their friends and family and they all installed the app and use it also . Great app!! Keep up the good work !!

- Kicks on fire

Kicks on fire is a really great website it tells me when my favourite sneakers will be dropping so it gives me a heads up so I can save my money

- Really good


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KicksOnFire - Shop Sneakers 4.1.0 Screenshots & Images

KicksOnFire - Shop Sneakers iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

KicksOnFire - Shop Sneakers iphone images
KicksOnFire - Shop Sneakers iphone images
KicksOnFire - Shop Sneakers iphone images
KicksOnFire - Shop Sneakers iphone images
KicksOnFire - Shop Sneakers iphone images

KicksOnFire - Shop Sneakers (Version 4.1.0) Install & Download

The applications KicksOnFire - Shop Sneakers was published in the category Sports on 2013-06-07 and was developed by KicksOnFire [Developer ID: 647074446]. This application file size is 46.83 MB. KicksOnFire - Shop Sneakers - Sports app posted on 2021-06-08 current version is 4.1.0 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.kicksonfire.kicksonfire