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You've found the authentic Word Swag™ app! Word Swag magically turns your words into beautiful photo text designs!

"It's like having a graphic designer in your pocket" -MoCoLoco
"Express emotions and ideas with artistic elegance" -AppAdvice
"Stellar" -Modern iPhoneographer

Create amazing text layouts that would normally take minutes - or even hours in Photoshop - with just a tap. Only Word Swag has the exclusive Typomatic™ type engine that makes this possible.

Watch it in action here: http://wordswag.co

Use Word Swag to:
1. Make your own stylish quotes
2. Make beautiful graphics for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr
3. Make graphics for your blog
4. Caption your photos
5. Create announcements and flyers
6. Give your words a designer look!

Our graphic artists hand-pick the freshest font and layout combinations so you don't have to worry about looking good. (These aren't templates. Word Swag generates new designs every time you use it.)

• Never be at a loss for words - includes hundreds of captions to inspire you
• Impress your friends with your designs
• Gold foil, stamped, and watercolor text effects
• Easily share your designs on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & Tumblr
• Includes 48 graphic font styles hand designed by world-class graphic designers (with more regularly added!)
• 590,000 completely free backgrounds from Pixabay
• 22 image filters engineered to look great with text

"The design possibilities are endless" -Business Insider
"Why didn't I think of this?" -Digital Times
"A perfect tool for bloggers!" -Lovelyish

1. Select your picture (Word Swag also includes 590,000+ free backgrounds!)
2. Edit your text (you can also choose from hundreds of captions and quotes)
3. Select one of 48 text styles (more being added all the time!). Word Swag automatically generates a fresh & beautiful design for your text.
4. Don't like that design? Select another one of 5 options. Or want to see even more options? Tap the dice button for endless choices.
5. It's that simple! Now you're ready to save or share your creative design on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.

Thanks for all the support! Your feedback is hugely important and we're working hard on adding new super font styles plus other goodies! I love your feedback - send me an email at [email protected] anytime!

Check out what our users have been making by searching for #WordSwagApp on Instagram! Get inspired with our "best of" gallery by finding us @WordSwag on Instagram.

~~ NEED HELP? ~~
I can't contact you through your review so please reach me at [email protected] - I'll do my best to help you with your issue!

Screenshots include lovely #WordSwagApp edits by Instagram users ryankam, bleulips, bassi81, djpeppers, elliotbrockelbank, pr_fresh, dandyherdanto, jaytherecordman, johnkass, saidsamim, & he_is_my_strength

Word Swag - Cool fonts & typography generator App Description & Overview

The applications Word Swag - Cool fonts & typography generator was published in the category Photo & Video on 2013-05-27 and was developed by Oringe Inc.. The file size is 107.62 MB. The current version is 2.1.5 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

2.1.5: Crop options & minor tweaks
More updates coming soon! In the meantime enjoy this update :)
- Crop options: Perfectly sized for Facebook, Twitter, and more
- Custom text colors w/ the new hex code input (go to the color picker and tap on the "#")
- Choose JPEG or PNG output: Save space or get maximum quality
- Startup sound on/off option (finally!)
- Font tweaks & refinements
- Refreshed backgrounds
- Refined UI
I hope you enjoy this latest update! Follow us @wordswag on Instagram for ideas and inspiration!

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M4nd4 M4rie 19

Needs more options  M4nd4 M4rie 19  2 star

Not worth $5- it may be if you could mix the fonts like to a cursive style and then under that to a plain print font but it's not very customizable... if I could I'd return it lol


I'm a poet  Gabita1717  5 star

I use this pretty often for fb, i love it



Very user friendly. Still learning it but great so far!


Very User friendly!!  #momlife  5 star

Love it!! So easy to use!


Cuts off your pics after MUCH hard work  20Sunshine02  3 star

I create graphics for my business. Some take a lot of work. This app is proving over and over again that it is not worth $5. After spending A LOT of time on one graphic because you can’t add multiple texts in one shot...you have to constantly reswag...the image that it saves has managed to zoom itself and cutoff. This happens on both my phone and iPad. And I was hoping it meant an update was coming, but I’ve been waiting for a month. Right now, this app causes me to have to spend 4 times the amount of time I can do on some free apps, just for a better font? No thanks. Until they can get it right, keep your money.


Latest update is terrible!!!  MNB24502  1 star

I have loved using word swag for my business! However whatever you did in this last update just completely messed up all of my layouts that I’m used to! The way the fonts are displayed it’s like my designs are one long sentence and just jumbled together. Please fix! So frustrated!


Live it!  mandyrtardif  5 star

I love everything about this app!

Michele whaley

WordSwag rocks  Michele whaley  5 star

What a fun tool to mix up your inspirational posts super easy to use!


Love love love!  N777BROWN  5 star

Awesome app.

Stratman dolphin

Just one thing 😬... love it  Stratman dolphin  4 star

Great but one thing It doesn't have that thing you get tired really fast it should have like levels you could save get other people to play together and the best one wins in one minute and can put it like on your Facebook page even if you don't win unless you don't want to it wood be fun get me you know 🤤 please then I will put a five thanks ................😫 PLEASE do it make anthem pls anyway make another game like this one thanks


AppToday AppToday 3 star

#iPhone #TopApps #36: Word Swag - Cool fonts & typography generator -


AppToday AppToday 3 star

#iPhone #TopApps #53: Word Swag - Cool fonts & typography generator -


AppToday AppToday 3 star

#iPhone #TopApps #46: Word Swag - Cool fonts & typography generator -


Awesome!!  TLizzle15  5 star

Tons of options & easy to use. I've never done any type of graphic design or publishing and yet this made me feel confident to make clean and sharp graphics for use on social media. Highly recommend!

Rachel Terry

Very Helpful  Rachel Terry  5 star

It would take me forever to come up with all these designs. Love it!


Nice app  jlon7  4 star

I am liking this app so far. I would really love it if you could put your own photo on one of their backgrounds though. Let's say I have a picture of a hat on a white faux wood background, I would like to be able to change the faux wood to a dark wood or solid color or beach scene (not really, lol) or something.


Love the app!  Jb0786  4 star

This app is so easy to use and I love it! I use it for business all the time, and I can make a really nice looking graphic in about three minutes. It is totally worth the price tag, and personally, if they got rid of some of the glitches I would pay even more. Sometimes I have issues with words cutting off. Also I just updated to iOS 11, and I am having some problems with the app now. It won’t switch between font styles sometimes, which really slows down the process of making the graphic. I am eager for this to be fixed! Some of the great things about this app: - easy to find a great picture to use - easy to crop to size you want - easy to type in the words - really fast cycling through different font styles and word arrangements - making custom graphics is super fast and looks professional every time


I love it!  2bdebtfree  5 star

Quick & Easy to use and has been one of my go to apps for posting


Great tool  HappyLady1977  4 star

I use this app a lot to make social media flyers for my business. Great app and easy use. My wish list would be additional fonts and ability to change the text. Currently words land where they land. If a word is at the end of a line you can't just move it to the next line etc. Otherwise great app!

Frustrated in Italy

Love it!!!  Frustrated in Italy  5 star



AWSOME  Joeehara  5 star

Perfect for my business ❤️💋


We should be able to download fonts !  Iiuhbbj  4 star

I use an app called Phonto which is free. You have the ability to download fonts from websites and use them in the app. Word Swag is pretty great but I honestly bought it because of the color choices and layouts of text. It’d be perfect if I could use my own fonts and do as I please within the font layouts you have given.


Business social media  bmdcc  5 star

Love this app. Great for business social media postings

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