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Not *just* solitaire… Solitaire Deluxe® 2!

***** “This is by far the best solitaire game in the App Store. Hands down.” -Crazyeightyeight

***** ""It’s the only solitaire game I play now.” -Katieibond

***** “Best solitaire out there. So much fun, lots of games to pick from, Thanks.” -Imaklutz

***** “The best solitaire app! …none even compare to this one.” -Megaamy

***** “this is seriously the BEST solitaire game ever.” -Jackie Scott

***** ""Such an addictive game!!! Cannot stop playing it!!!"" -Leeschutte

***** ""Good fun, good value, easy to use."" -MadMeg2

***** ""I could get lost in this game for hours."" -DebBers1

From the most trusted brand in Solitaire, Solitaire Deluxe® 2 is the new, premium solitaire experience handcrafted for your iPad and iPhone.

Solitaire Deluxe® 2 is the only leading solitaire app to give you over 20 solitaire variations for free, including classic and all of the most popular forms, and simple tutorials to help you out.

Solitaire Deluxe® 2 now has the world’s most fun leaderboards! Play with your friends and neighbors on a team, or compare scores with other players from around the world.

The exclusive Currents feed in Solitaire Deluxe® 2 even lets you check Facebook while you play. See updates from friends, family, celebs, news channels and more… all while playing the 20 most popular types of Solitaire.

And it’s brought to you by Mobile Deluxe, the company specializing in mobile solitaire since 2003.


-Draw 1 and Draw 3 Klondike… plus 20 others like Spider, FreeCell, and Tri-Peaks!

-Exercise your brain: Best-in-class tutorials for all 20 solitaire variations.

-In-Game shop for exclusive cards & backgrounds.

-Winnable Deals – Thousands of guaranteed winnable deals for every game!

-Beautiful HD Graphics.

-Play with friends by signing in to Facebook, or play solo.
-Hundreds of stickers and ribbons to collect after winning your favorite games!

-Exclusive Easy Read™ cards.

-The world’s first Currents feed lets you check Facebook news while you play.

-Best-in-class customer care for any questions.

Solitaire Deluxe® 2 is the only leading solitaire game to offer Klondike (classic solitaire), along with the 20 other most popular solitaire variations in the world, including Spider, FreeCell, Tri-Peaks, Pyramid, Canfield, Golf and more. All of your solitaire favorites, and all with simple tutorials.

And now it’s social: Have fun playing with friends, or play solo. Use the Currents feed, Facebook and GameCenter to keep up with your friends, or challenge them to the exact same deal you just won.

Your mobile device has advanced… isn’t it time your solitaire did, too?

Solitaire Deluxe® 2 App Description & Overview

The applications Solitaire Deluxe® 2 was published in the category Games on 2013-10-29 and was developed by Mobile Deluxe. The file size is 155.26 MB. The current version is 4.3.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

What's new with Solitaire Deluxe® 2?:

- Customize your starting look with FREE starter themes!
- Super-fun new leaderboards!! Play on a team, play with friends, see how you stack up against the world… you’ll love it!
- Improved One-Touch functionality for Pyramid and Spider!
- Beautiful new animations!

And MUCH MORE! We hope you love it!

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Solitaire Deluxe® 2 Reviews

paul wil slap u

Deletes Random Apps and Programs wont open.  paul wil slap u  1 star

When I installed this, it was ok at first, until it started to mess up the mobile device.


Hm  DEKU IS THE BEST  5 star

How do you play solitar I’m just kidding grate game love the quality would tell other people about this app

Dman jhon

Nice  Dman jhon  5 star

I got this app and it is great so I give it a 5 star

anti repeats

Ads  anti repeats  4 star

‘Be seen the same ads at least 50 XX. If I wanted the games I would have tried them ,after 1 or 3 x’s, enough is enough!Mom


Ads  flsad  3 star

Unable to purchase the “remove ads” option. Otherwise I like love the games.


Good game  La.Angelo  5 star

Veryyyy good game


Game  Mommyofthree060912  1 star

This game sets you up for failure DO NO GET!!


Fun!  RABit-56  5 star

This is a well done game with the best graphics for solitaire!

dont get jebdbfjd

Ummmmm  dont get jebdbfjd  1 star

It’s only for verification and it doesn’t work rip off

Panda PunchYT

Hello  Panda PunchYT  5 star

Hi my name is Brennon Casto and I would just love to say that this is my favorite solitaire game this is just amazing *ads can get annoying though*


Card probs  yeetusmageetus  4 star

You have to use the first card first and that gets really annoying

Oz Shell

2 weeks for support ticket????  Oz Shell  2 star

I have now been waiting to hear back from support for two weeks. Can someone please respond to my ticket! Michelle Username Ozshell72


Solitaire  Doh1933  5 star

This is the best solitaire game I've played. It has everything, fast, the two little birds are cute, and I don't know if it is my mind but the look on the mans face when he says " I want you". I have never had any trouble with the app, it runs perfectly every time. Stella I have written the one above, my review is the same it is still the best solitaire I've played. I might add I'm an 84 year old and I'm easily pleased. Stella

I phyx

iPhix  I phyx  4 star

Great little app, a selection of card games with the ability to buy backgrounds with credit accred.


Good app with lots of games, but slow  denihines  4 star

Installed this app after putting up with a glitch on the non-social version for over a month causing severe battery drain. Same great selection of games but I find this one lags and is slower.


Great  Nomj  4 star

I think this is awesome - 2 things I would like are: 1. The option to have the sound affects without the music. I like card noises but not the music. 2. I can't seem to find how you get back to the tutorial if you initially say no? Otherwise - perfect!


Great game  Jaygee3333  4 star

Love solitaire and it is good to be able to challenge people

Wots in a name

Needs a Fix  Wots in a name  4 star

Continually crashes


Hopeless  Habizali  3 star

Seems the issue of the app freezing constantly has been cured (at this stage anyway). Some commands don't work but all in all a good time waster.


Stunning  joeanne29o  5 star

Love this game so much, I really love solitaire so this game is awesome


I demand you see this  Hhndfhvcckh  5 star

HIT OR MISS I GUESS THEY NEVER MISS HUH?! Thanks for letting me waste your time god bless❤️😂


lol  hcegsgfued  4 star


not secure

Can’t win without internet  not secure  3 star

I downloaded this app before a nine month deployment, but discovered it was built into the game to not allow a “winnable” hand without an internet connection. This BS is the reason I deleted the game. However, if the user has internet, the game is nice.


Woohoo the best!  ChrisKraf  5 star

There is absolutely nothing wrong, no adds, around this time Momo appears in adds so.... A+!

oh buddy boi

Good app  oh buddy boi  1 star

Kinda bad

hello how do ya do?

A question about maker  hello how do ya do?  1 star

They always say hello, on reviews it is like they are robots it scares me so if the developer keeps doing that ima sew


Awesome  Gi9876  5 star

This is absolutely the best Solitaire game ever and if I don’t feel like playing solitaire then I can play plenty other card games!! Definite 5/5 stars!!


No original solitaire  martinezflyer  2 star

Idk how you call yourself the best solitaire you don’t even have the original included


FREE ROBUX!!!XD  Dadedg  5 star

I used a free robux generator for this!!!XD


It’s AMAZING  Brynn1234567  5 star

It’s the best game ever, 5 out of 5, it’s also so addicting I find myself playing this at 4 In the morning, it’s just really great!!!

Solitaire Deluxe® 2 Comments

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