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You’re invited to take part in the best hunting app community out there! Share hunting experiences with like-minded sportsmen and women around the country, while gaining access to the best hunting tools on the market.

With hunting weather predictions, solunar calendars, GPS Maps and more; HuntWise is one hunting app with the ability to help you plan and prepare for the best hunting times to ensure that you don’t come home empty-handed. Whether you are deer hunting, duck hunting, or hunting for a wide range of other species, using HuntWise as your trusted hunt predictor will increase your chances of hitting the mark.


HuntCastTM Predictions and Hunting Forecast: Over 12M predictions have been made to date using an industry leading prediction and forecast tool. Trusted and tested by Hunters around the globe, HuntCast combines 8 tracked weather related variables to determine your species-specific peak kill times.

Determine the best hunting times for specific species including: white-tailed deer, waterfowl, turkey, upland game, wild boar, coyote, rabbit, squirrel, black bear, brown bear, black-tailed deer, moose, mule deer, and elk.


Turn your smartphone into a powerful GPS Hunt Mapping device and more!

1) Private Land Ownership Boundaries: Scout new hunting properties and identify private property boundaries.

2) Satellite + Topographic Imagery: Understand terrain with topographic contours, hillshade, and satellite imagery.

3) Custom Waypoints: Plot your stands, blinds, scrapes, rubs, and waypoints.

4) GPS Navigation: Navigate to any custom location in real time using your phone's built-in GPS.


HuntWise is now your one-stop shop for your favorite hunting gear. We have partnered with some of the best hunting brands in the world to make it even easier for you to access the essentials right from your phone. Connect with other hunters to discuss gear, ask questions, and read hundreds of reviews from sportsmen around the country.
1) Find Gear: Easily search through the best hunting gear brands

2) Read Reviews: Read authentic reviews from sportsmen around the country to hear what others are saying about specific gear.

3) Ask Questions: Chat with other professionals about the best gear for all of your hunting needs.


With Pro Membership, you will gain access to private land boundaries for the entire United States. This map layer will be displayed over your existing satellite map if enabled in the layer’s menu on the map tab. The Pro Membership costs $49.99/year. The subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. The payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period.


Join a community of hunters who understand what’s at the heart of hunting; who appreciate the patience and skill required to be successful, and who will celebrate with you when you get the big one. Share in thousands of photos and stories of hunters around the country.

1) Log your hunts- Each hunt is an opportunity to make memories. Record those prized moments and relive them for years to come.

2) Talk shop- Chat with hundreds of hunters across the country and share in the thrill of the sport.

3) Record Keeping- Record your harvest and sighting amounts along with other details for every hunting season.

Hunt more. Hunt Better. HuntWise.

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HuntWise: A Better Hunting App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

You spoke, we listened. HuntWise is designed to equip you for success in the field, and with the introduction of HuntCast 2.0, we are taking that commitment to the next level. With an improved algorithm offering better weather predictions and more data points to inform you on your hunt, HuntCast 2.0 is the most powerful deer prediction algorithm the market has ever seen. Key Updates: • HuntCast Alerts - Always be in-the-know when it comes to best hunting times for success. Set and customize alerts for specific species wherever you hunt. • Localized Rut Detection - We’ve identified at a county level when the rut will start in the area you hunt. We’ll notify you when the rut is heating up and this will be reflected in your HuntCast score. • 15-Day Forecast - Get the most powerful deer movement prediction tool in the world. With the HuntCast algorithm, you can plan your hunt with a 15-day forecast of peak movement times. • Whitetail Strategy 365 - Optimize your hunting season with access to important insights and events within the whitetail hunting calendar. From when to plant food plots to peak rut and opening dates, we keep you in the know, so you can focus on the hunt. • Various stability improvements

HuntWise: A Better Hunting App Comments & Reviews

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- Can’t beat it for the money

I use this app mainly for property lines and the mapping. Other apps are way more expensive a year for literally only one state worth of property lines. The 3D feature has to be the best thing about it, being able to look at a 3D map of the terrain in a hilly area really improves scouting. Only downfall is the map doesn’t show a lot of smaller creeks that are in the woods, but I can usually pull up google maps and it’ll show me if I’m really curious. I’ve never tried any of the weather stuff or go off of any of the “hunt predictions” so I can’t say anything about those. Truly if you want to know the weather check it on your phone and get out there in the woods regardless because it’s unpredictable. All in all tho it’s a very useful thing to have if you want to pay for the membership.

- So far not so good

I’ve had HuntWise on my iPhone for a few years. It was a free app when I started using it. It was also very easy to use and an almost perfect app for a hunter. I had 7 stands marked and could open the app and check all the stands for wind, moon phase, temp etc. in about three minutes. But all good things come to an end. HuntWise started to “improve” the app and wanted everyone to purchase the new one. So they started to take away from the free one. This month I gave up and upgraded to the Pro. So far not impressed at all. From the pics on the come-on’s to upgrade I thought I would be getting what used to be free. Wrong! So far it is amazingly difficult to use. My original stands are on the map but not listed. So the only way to get to the stand is use my finger to move the map to the stand. Once there all that is shown is the stand itself, no wind direction....nothing! Then when I try to get a prediction the app immediately defaults to my home. I’ll play with the app some more but I doubt that I’ll be a HuntWise costumer much longer. If they would get back to what they had when it was free, simple to use and very informative, I would gladly pay.

- Best mapping app!

We own 20 acres in Oregon and I have struggled with other apps to map our trails and camera locations until fortune smiled. On a recent vacation to Lake Norman in North Carolina My wife and I met a man and his family at a local restaurant and asked what line of work he was in. He said he worked at Sportsman Tracker and then went on to explain a little about what they did. Later that evening I downloaded the free HuntWise app and wow! Free app was great and on my return home to Oregon upgraded to Pro version which is way beyond what I expected. Also did a little research and found out the “employee” from Sportsman Tracker was Jeff Courter the CEO and founder of the company! Great product, great “employees” and humility. Will be checking out your fishing app as well. The Bakers

- Biggest advancement in hunting since guns

Explaining what I think could make it better is gonna be way shorter than my positive feedback. The ideal wind directions could be spilt into 10 degree increments or so to give a more specific range for each stand (or atleast down to N, NNE, NE, NEE etc.) Add when the moon is overhead and underfoot to the moonrise and moonset times. And make adjusting the time on the predictions a vertical slider or something, bit difficult with the new iPhone being without a Home Button and having to use gloves in cold weather. That is all I can think of. Literally wrote an IG and FB post to tell all my hunting buddies to download this and plug in their info ASAP. Great job guys 👍🏼👌🏼

- Don’t do the update!!!

I used Hunt Wise a lot & liked it a lot until they pushed the “better idea” with the update. So I updated the app even this I was satisfy with the app before updating it. After I updated it, I lost about 1/3 of my hunting markers on my phone. I will not update the app on my iPad at this point. Both my iPhone & iPad were hooked together before I updated my phone app. I contacted the customer service & they worked on my problem for several days & then they stopped contacting me about the problem they created. I contacted them back & they asked for more info to try & find my markers. I gave it to them & never heard any more from them. That has been about two weeks ago. At one time, it was a good app. Now it won’t hold water. I will finally delete it at some point cause there is another that’s real similar that I also use as a double check.

- Five Stars

I love the HuntWise app. The mapping tool helps me decide where to hunt on which day. It tells me wind direction and shows me which stand is best any given day and time. I also love the the tracking tool. I shot a buck on November 17 and was able to record our tracking path and mark blood. The app also shows land owner names and property lines which allowed me to know the owner of the neighboring property to call him and get permission to track. HuntWise is the ideal tool for any hunter. It makes scouting and preparing for the season easier, and helped me be successful in the 2018 hunting season. I recommend every hunter download it and start using it today!

- Unhappy

I’ve had this app for over a year now and I thought it was a great app to have for hunting. But now that I’m getting into full hunting mode this year and starting to use the app I’m finding that me pay $10 a month for the pro subscription is becoming pointless. For example, I’ve gone out and sat many times now based upon the movement predictions and times and honestly they a far from accurate especially since I just got done with an all day 12 hour sit and I saw absolutely nothing. I even talked with a few other hunters that hunt in the same public land that I hunt and they said they didn’t see anything at all either. Very unhappy with the app. Therefore I will be canceling my subscription and go back to hunting the way I used to by stepping outside and watching the weather.

- Great app that you don’t have to break the bank for.

Most apps, if not all, have asked me for $30+ just to get some simple info for hunting. So far this app gives you everything you need in the free/standard version, almost more than you would get while paying for other apps. I love how easy to use it is and gives you so much info, I can track my stands, paths, weather, everything. Don’t waste your time with the other apps, I’ve tried them all. I also love the social part of it, sharing your harvests, info, tips, it’s great, and the shop has some great prices.

- Huntwise Best App

This is absolutely the best app an outdoorsmen social media app an outdoorsman could ask for! First, the map features are absolutely great! Especially with the pro subscription! The community is absolutely wonderful and everyone is very supportive! The gear tab (where you can buy gear) is wonderful and useful! You can set a pin on the map for where certain things are such as stands, blinds, trailcams, etc. are at! One thing that would be nice is the ability to post video, but I still give this app five stars and a big thumbs up to all the people at Huntwise HQ!

- Great product

Pretty great and simple to use. Ita This is a feature request that is so simple and makes so much common sense that I thinkbit was just over looked. But On the feeds it would be amazing if everyone’s post included their geo location (state and county) and then I would want the ability to filter and search by those location. Some people do include their location but most do not. Personally, I am more interested in the hunts that have occurred around where I live, I don’t really care as much about seeing ppl who made kills in Texas when I live and hunt in Kentucky. I would rather see how the hunters around me are doing.

- Amazing app

I love this app I use it every day and the only thing I don’t like is all the options/features that I’m missing out on because of the pro deals. I want all of my friends and others to start hunting and to help them they should start by getting an app to help them ,but the pro membership limits almost everything on the app. I’m only 12 so I don’t want to spend $60 a month for an app I only use on the weekends or in the summer I only have $60 period.

- Used to love it

I used to love this app, over time they have continued to try and force the hand of the user to subscribe to their payment fees. Most recently they started blocking prediction info on certain days. So if you want to use this as a free app then you are now stuck hoping they don’t block the day you intend to hunt. I will keep this on my phone for a few more months to see if they correct this ridiculous update, otherwise I will utilize a number of other apps that provide the same info. I liked the layout of this app best but refuse to pay $4.17 a month to get a rough idea of weather/wind/barometric pressure when there are innumerable options that cost $0. Hope they return the access before next season.

- Review

This app was helpful without subscribing. I purchased the year membership and it is even more handy than I expected. The only thing I wish to see that I can think of is a fishing calendar and prediction, if that’s possible. Also I’d like to see different icons for tree stands. For example lock-ons and climbers. All in all it’s a great app through and through. I once used On X Hunt and HuntWise is by far superior. If your all’s cost continues at $50 a year then I’ll be a lifetime customer!

- Awesome app

This is honestly one of the best things to happen for hunting for me. It makes it super easy to pre scout an area and pre game where to put stands before you even see the property. The offline map feature is a life saver when hunting in areas without cell reception. Not to mention the property lines it shows and the owner of that property as well, no more asking every neighbor till you get it right, all that info is now at your fingertips. 5/5 will/would recommend

- Overpriced for bloat and doesn’t work as advertised.

I’m not wasting my time going into detail again as the appstore keeps deleting my review but this app charged me $120 when I clicked start 7 day trial and the pro layers don’t even work and the rest of the features are either available in free version or just extended (like the 15 day forecast instead of the free 2 day forecast). Greedy developers instead of hunters trying to help other hunters. Got to love corporate america, the indians sold their souls for casinos and Jeff and the rest of the hunters sold their souls to charge some unfortunately low mental capacity individuals $120 a year for something clunky that used to be free. The good reviews are from before the update. Beware!

- For the little people too

As a newer hunter wasn’t sure what to expect on our new small plot of land (less than 8 acres). Since using this app (summer 2019) I have located 5 bucks and really able to identify key hunting features bringing my game to the next level. Might only be 8 acres. It marking activity has changed my approach instead of crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. Love this app and it’s updates are always getting better.

- Improvements

Not a bad app would recommend. Hoping to see updates coming to the logging system. Wish you could log animals by Stand so you can keep track what was harvested and where on your property. Also wish it had an option so I could put where my feeders are located. As I hunt in Texas it is legal to use corn feeders. Basically if they could put in almost like a journal system so you can keep track of all the animals harvested by each stand or location on the property that would be great

- Just so so

I like many things about it, but there’s a few I don’t. First, I’ve set an alert for activity above 81%, and I’ve seen predictions at 100% and have yet to receive an alert. Second, I don’t like that the 15 day forecast changes every hour. If the hunt cast is at 5pm and the prediction is 0% at that time, it shows that entire day on the 15 day forecast as 0. If at 6pm the hunt cast updates and the 6pm prediction is movement at 70%, it will change the 15 day forecast to 70%. So, hour by hour the 15 day forecast changes. Inconvenient when you have to click on each individual day to see what’s really happening that day.

- Good idea but...

I find all of the tools in this app very interesting but it needs some serious adjusting. The forecast needs to be tuned because it says that my house in Southern California has about a 65% of having moose at 1pm. The maps are also not up to date and show locations that I know have changed like lakes that have receded and dried up. I checked and it showed that my high school football field was under construction when it was completed over three years ago. A more accurate map is very important for what this map is trying to do.

- This app and community has made me a better hunter

I would like to thank everyone at HuntWise for creating an atmosphere that has inspired me to become a better outdoorsman! From their algorithms that help me plan out my trips to utilizing the community to get recommendations and see others success. Whether you are a seasoned vet or starting out, having HuntWise is a must that will keep you active in your hunting lifestyle!

- Was great at Pro...

Really enjoyed all the features offered at Pro and for the price, it wasn’t bad but now there’s a new level to the pyramid “Elite” which cost considerably more. What happened to adding a couple new features and leaving the price where it was? Companies always have to 1-up themselves. All that being said, at pro level before the “elite” got dropped, I really enjoyed the app and the features. Mostly climate accurate and I really liked huntcast and the ability to download maps for offline use.

- Best Hunting app Available

This app is fast becoming my favorite go to hunting app. I love all the functions and options for scouting, and predicting weather. I only have one complaint, it seems that the satellite imagery is a little out of date. I hunt a place with a huge clear-cut that was cut about five years ago, and in the app it still shows it as being mature timber. Other than that, I love it!

- Field Test

I tried the free version during Archery and Rifle for Deer and found the Major & Minor peak times to be pretty close. There are other features in Pro I could probably use but it’s hard to justify for 2 months of use... maybe a 6 month membership would be better.. losing shared information during upgrades is tedious to say the least...

- Love it

Have had Huntwise and onX both for a couple seasons. Had to cut one out to help the budget. Went with Huntwise over onX. I like that I can get the phone numbers. The satellite image is more clear. I think I like the offline map from onX better but maybe I’m using it wrong. Love the wind predictions. Use that so much to decide where to hunt certain days. Thanks Huntwise! Awesome app. Recommend for sure

- Excellent tool A+++++

Excellent tool with up to date information. I’ve checked property lines and owners against state tax maps and huntwise was spot on. Even more impressive is they had a more up to date database on land ownership. All the bells and whistles for stand location wind direction hunt logs measuring tools the list goes on. I’ve acquired 3 new properties plus tons of unknown huntable state property because of this app.

- Tough a Trevor

Hunt wise is great service.I am extremely happy with this app. I have looked up and down for an app that will give me the lay of the land because I do not know how to read a topo map this app breaks it down and spend it around so that I can see the ups and the downs so that I can locate the travel Corredor’s ! I love it and a shout out to Whs! I love every video you produce as well.

- One week free trial

Gives you one week free trial. But charges you $50 after a week. I downloaded this app and ON THE X to try them both out. I liked the other better. I think ON THE X is better for waterfowl hunting. I got a notification through my bank that $50 had been charged. I contacted HuntWise. They were not helpful and told me it was apple that I had to contact for a refund. I was unable to get a refund from apple. HuntWise was unwillingly to make it right even though I caught the problem right away. It’s more expensive then other apps and less user friendly.

- Need more Location marks

I really do like this app so far, one of the better put together map interface, the only thing I see that this app really really really lacks compared to similar apps is the variety of types of points/mark you can put down, I use a different app for marking locations of sightings whether it be rubs or deer and Turkey sightings or whatever, if they can upgrade that this app is definitely worth it otherwise it’s kind of pointless.

- Great all around app!

I don’t do Facebook because this app has all the things in it that I really care about! I’d rather see posts made by hunters and people who just enjoy the out doors any day. Love the way you can compare wind direction for stands. It’s a must have, and I use it almost daily. The only ding is the monthly cost, but all around just fun and worth it!

- All the info you need

This is a very good app, it covers a lot of ground for a variety of species. You can customize it for multiple hunting locations in different state, if you hunt out of State like I have. Definitely worth trying it out. Like any app, if you want the better features you are going to have to pay for them.

- Love It but now I can’t use it!!!!

Love the app and use it a lot during hunting season. I’m sad now tho because since I did the latest update on my iPhone ISO13 the app will not work. It comes on shows the HuntWise deer and then says loading then automatically cuts off and goes out of app. Sure wish I could use again :(

- Satisfied!!

I have been using this App since it has began and each year I find it very helpful in my hunts. Specially when you guy the pro or elite package cause it helps on the maps and the hunt cast, they also have a fishing app that is very cool to. If you haven’t downloaded this app what are you waiting on.

- Out of date maps

I liked using the app even though the my location would be a little off from time to time. I even subscribed for the yearly fee but my biggest problem was the maps are more than 5 years old!!! I turned in tickets and all trying to get these updated and waited a month to no prevail. So I canceled my subscription and am going to try another app that’s more up to date.

- Very nice, poor map

I really enjoy being able to see a pretty accurate estimation of weather, wind, and barometric pressure for the day and its effective on various types of wildlife. On the other hand; the map is so small that I always have to open another app to get a decent view of the land. If I were able to move around the map and zoom out and had a 3D option, this would be a five star review

- Love the features but....

The features and ease of use are amazing. However, property owners and google images are not updated in certain areas. I feel like being charged monthly isn’t very fair considering OnX Hunt is the same way and only charges one fee. (And with them you can just log out and sign up again with a new email for unlimited trials to keep it free). Why are we paying for outdated information?

- Love the App - could use minor upgrades to make it easier

This app is fantastic, and the pro version is well worth the small money fee if you're and avid hunter. One of the things I wish it did - which I’m sure would be possible in an update - is the addition of an overlay for public / private land. So, public land might have an optional green shadow overlay and private an optional red.

- Not enough to be a good app.

This app has the potential to be awesome, but the settings do not work when you want to adjust them. It does not show Game units. It only shows property when you zoom in very close. Public land and private land show as the same color (As in white lines and that's it). Makes for a very confusing and timely process to plan a hunt. Otherwise, it has a solid platform to become a good app.

- Rick’s review

I’ve been using the HuntWise app for for deer and turkey hunting for several years. I’m not as pleased with the new Elite as I was the free app, I use prior. On the 80% to 100% the app says go hunt even when the wind is in the totally opposite and in the wrong direction! Wind direction is vital to a bow hunter. The free app took this into consideration. When the wind direction is blowing down the nostrils of a deer, regardless of the rut, just hunt from a different stand or stay home! HuntWise please work on this. Thank you for your time.

- Enjoy it

Its like the Facebook of hunting it has a wall almost where everyone posts their hunts and kills. Being able to map out your property is very cool as well. Also has a gear page and can give out forecasts. I enjoy it more than Facebook you can’t go wrong with it!

- Wind direction

I’m not a pro member, but I do like the app. It does seem accurate. Only issue I’m having is I set ideal wind direction, but it continues to say it’s not set. I set pins, have backed all the way out and reopened, it shows pins are set, when I open to see if my wind direction is set, it is, but on huntcast, then hourly predictions, it says not set. Is this reserved for pro membership only?

- Not sure about this one

I’m on my first month subscription, and while there appear to be interesting features, as others have said many of the maps I’ve looked at are very outdated. It’s admittedly difficult to keep up with property boundaries, but if you are offering that as a feature (and crossing some of those boundaries can be costly), then current maps are needed.

- Used to be good.

For the past couple of years I really enjoyed this app. I would use it for most types of hunting but when deer season came in I would buy the pro membership and use it for the couple months that deer season was in. I realize that the company makes more money if they bill it yearly but it makes no sense for me to buy a whole year when I really only need it for 3 months. Very disappointed they changed it. Used to be monthly now it is yearly. Too much money to only use it for 3 months.

- Great resource! Needs map update

I’ve found this app to be a great planning resource with information that’s spot on for several of my hunting locations. The only reason that it didn’t get 5 stars is because the aerial map is significantly out of date. An update to that information would be greatly appreciated and most helpful.

- Old Data is NOT worth the cost!

Maps for my area (Southeast Kansas) are over 4 years old (could be 5-6 years old). The implementation of the iOS photos app is piss-poor. Moments is nearly useless when trying to create and/or update your personal profile.

- This app has gone way downhill over the years (used for 5 years)

This used to be excellent in terms of understandability, usability, and predictions. However each year it undergoes a large update and each year every one of the things it used to be great at takes a major hit. This year I was forced to find a new app because it has gotten so bad at predictions. Right now I conditions are stellar (high pressure, cold front, wind etc) and it is showing 0.5 stars/deer for tonight’s hunt. Sad to see such a great innovative app go downhill.

- Pretty Good App

Overall pretty good had the land I hunt set up in 5 minutes love the stand comparison feature like the land sale feature though I dont like how there is not a property boarder outline but that may be behind the subscription overall good app sadly had several instances in which the app lagged out and I had to restart but it loads up fast so thats good

- Forecast

I love this app, I like how everything is set up except for the forecast which is one of the two main reasons I use it (mapping and forecast.) You’ll have to get premium if you want the next two days of weathers/peek hunt time predictions, it shows you day of predictions tho. It’s pretty great over all

- Maps Out of Date

For the price of the app you would think that the maps would be up to date. Planning your hunt based off of the maps here is a horrible idea. An area on he that showed was a clearing was literally a thick brushy vegetated area with mature trees. I took a look at my own property on here and it’s at least 8 years old or more. Only thing good about it is the property line feature but there are way cheaper apps out there that do the same thing. (Probably more). SAVE YOUR MONEY!

- Needs Work

It seems this revamped version was rushed to market. Several updates since I purchased the pro version a couplet months ago and still more times than not when I try to run HuntCast I get the big oops screen something went wrong. At this point, I wish I would have saved my money but hopefully they will get worked out before season is over. I’ll be using DeerCast until then.

- Nice, but lacking

I rate this app more by what it’s missing than by what it can do. No land owner information is provided for vast parts of the country - even simple demarcation of public lands and private would be a welcome feature for those areas. Additionally, thousands of miles of Forest Service roads are left unidentified, making planning very difficult. This one joins my list of tech products released before they were ready for market.

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- Not that great

Can never use it in the bush and doesn’t work without wifi .... always logging me off and ya it sucks would like my money back!!

- Awesome

App predicted 7am as best time in my area - bagged an 8 pointer at 7:11! Wind direction feature is a great feature.

- Sweet little app. But...

I can never look at hunt cast, when I need it it never works, any day I’m not planning on going out it works fine, anytime I really need it. Won’t load.

- Doesn’t work in Canada

Please add same features available in USA for Canadian hunters.

- Sucks since update

I used this app last year to try to learn more about patterns. It’s explained things very well. The new update has decimated that use altogether. You pay $30 a month and it still explains nothing. It’s fun to have to use to kill time in the field, but that’s about it. It didn’t accurately predict movement in my area at all, but it’s fun to look at the factors contributing to movement and see how it comes together. It’s just a cash grab app and weather apps can provide the same level of detail. I’m just stunned at the monthly charge for the quality it provides. I wouldn’t pay $30 for a lifetime subscription, that’s how little it offers. Paying $30 a month for sweet f all is ridiculous. Apple Music is a third of that and gives you access to almost every song ever. So for this overblown weather app a $1.37 monthly subscription price would be more approachable.

- Disappointed

It doesn’t seem to work up here in Canada and doesn’t show any maps. I changed the units to metric in the settings but they didn’t convert. I paid a lot for something that doesn’t work and now I’m stuck with it for a year. Really disappointed.

- Hunt wise reveiw

I have requested a satellite image a long time ago because theres a cloud in the way of my stand and it never got done other that that its pretty good

- Unhappy

Nothing canadian friendly with in app, 😡😡

- It's crap.

The old version was a lot better. Bring back the fishing side, colour base map, and add the ability to add and save tracks/trails to the map then this will be the ultimate outdoor app.

- Use this all the time.

A great app that is pretty accurate. Still have to play the weather. 😃👍

- Old layout better

I really liked the old layout. The new one is much less easy to use. I much prefer the old one. It would be great if it was reset to the old one.

- Locations

This is a good app It would be awesome if we could share saved locations with buddies New stands, blinds, deer sign etc.

- Very cool!

Great integration of mapping allows creating favourite hunting locations and tracking of hunting buddies.

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- Every outdoorsman should have HuntWise

This is the BEST APP for all outdoorsman. The mapping layers are far more superior to anything else offered. The 3D mapping feature is changing the game for E-Scouting. I love the ability to privately share our hunting property (with tree stands) with my family members who hunt.

- Trash

The app was way better when it was free. I already have on x hunt. Go back to the way it was when it was free. Super cool and easy to use. It was my go to app when it was free it would help me decide where I would hunt every sit. Now it's a trash app. Wont use it until they go back to the way it was set up before. Whoever thought this was a good idea should be fired immediately and should start selling hot dogs at Home Depot because I wouldn't trust them with anything else in this world.

- Need to know

I have loved this app for a few years. But this year it crashes when I’m hunting cause service isn’t so good. I even downloaded the map but if I can’t open the app it does me know good. Not sure if it’s al the stuff they added or what. It is a great app if you hunt somewhere there great service.

- Mapping is atrocious

I set a stand up in an area with great cell coverage, and it took me almost 90 minutes to find it with this useless app. Standing still, the GPS arrow floats randomly and points in all directions. Utterly useless app, you’re better off with regular phone maps, which is what I had to resort to. If you’re in the woods, and you don’t know where you are, I hope you don’t count on this to find your way home. You’re search party would agree.

- New and improved? Not so much

This hunting app was my go to app for hunting information and to store my personal hunting spots. I told all my hunting friends about it. Now since the so called improvements the app won’t even load on cellular data and only intermittent on Wi-Fi. It’s not just me a guy in the office came up and said what’s up with Hunt Wise it won’t load anymore. Don’t know what they did but my Daddy said if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, there is definitely some truth to that!!

- A hunter must

Great app out of all the ones I tried. I’d love to see the social media piece develop a little more, but the tools are excellent. Don’t 100% depend on the hunting forecasts. Nothing replaces good ole field knowledge. I 100% recommend any hunter to use the Pro version. It’s worth the money.

- Dissatisfied

I had this app for over a year and all of the sudden, today, they have started censoring the name of God. I know not everyone is a believer but I am and I like to give God the glory when I harvest one of His animals. Now, since Huntwise has deleted God, I have deleted Huntwise.

- PRO Version - Great Features

Although relatively new to hunting, the Pro Version was the best move for me. The additional information and features available makes a huge difference planning my hunt trips.

- Ok, BUT....

I have always loved HuntWise since I first got it. But recently upon getting a new phone and a new account, I have found that when I press “publish log” the app freezes for around 60 seconds, crashes the app, and doesn’t post the log. Please help me get this problem fixed HuntWise team, so I can get back to loving my favorite app. Thanks!

- Great app. One recommendation.

I love every aspect of this app except for the fact that in the hunt cast, you can’t zoom into the scent drift map. This makes it hard to see stand locations if you have multiple markers near it. Please update.

- Hunt club usefulness

Have just started utilizing on our hunt club. Love being able to have all stands located for safety. Quick response from developer when asking about updating current map in my area. When updated map is seen I will give 5 stars.

- App needs a lot of work

Tried this out for a couple days but it’s clearly a work in progress and certainly not worth what that are asking for in the subscription levels. Application is not designed very well and needs an overhaul. Land ownership info is about the only thing I found of value. I was a developer for 25 years and found the navigation within the application lacking and the help functions nearly non existent. Jeff does has some very informative free videos on utube worth watching though. Watch those and you’ll know what you need to. This app and the $500 online web course he now trying to sell in the middle of his videos are just a greedy attempt on someone’s part to line their pockets.

- Best hunting/mapping app

I love the Huntcast feature that comes with the free version. Better than HuntStand or onX. Still trying to figure everything out but it’s a great app. I use it more for the weather than mapping but mapping features are good too!

- 5 stars

I love HuntWise. Only problem with it is it won’t let you upload your pictures sometimes especially if you want to load more than one. Other than that great app!

- Excellent Hunting App with EVERYTHING you need!

Great Hunting App! This App has everything you need to help with a successful hunt. You will know where the property lines are which is amazing. I love this App and know you will as well! Love everything this App provides. Happy Hunting!!!

- HuntWise Family

Great app. It’s a great way to communicate and post photos. It is also a great way to meet people in your community who also hunt, fish, and trap. I’ve learned so many different ways to hunt fish and get some great cooking recipes.

- Needs work with feed posting

I have absolutely zero complaints as far as the property lines/gps goes. That part is spot on. For whatever reason though i can only post pictures to my log SOMETIMES. And if i select 5 it will only post 1 IF at all. I’m not sure why. Gets a bit aggravating

- So much potential ...

The features are almost all very nice- road overlays are not accurate or comprehensive. The big problem is that the app is basically unusable when a few layers are loaded. It uses so much memory that the page crashes safari and on my phone it eats so much battery that there’s no way I could use this in the woods. It takes just a few minutes to consume 25% of my battery.

- It’s the ghillie suit of all apps

HuntWise covers everything and provides an excellent abundance of useful tools for planning and executing your hunt! I love seeing how this App evolves from year to year becoming even more useful and keeping ahead of “the game”.

- Third hunting app

I like this app and I would give it 5 stars if I could dig out how to set prefer wind! Then it would be much more accurate. I’ve being using scoutlook for years and it’s good too. Also have Drury app. Also good.. so I guess it’s which one you can dig out how to use the best!

- Great at mapping out stands but map needs updating

The app is great i can map out stands pretty well but i cant get them exact because the map need to be updated on the property that i hunt there trails that have been turned into oil wells and timber that has been cut and timber that has grown sense

- 👎🏻👎🏻

Not a good app shows stuff that had been taken down and doesn’t show exactly where you are at it was about 100 yards from where you actually at and there maps need updated very bad because it shows bridges that were taken down and moved and houses that were built 5-7 years ago and still there aren’t there I don’t think it is A very good app for hunters if you are going to get a hunting app get onX hunt

- Logs

Been using this app for a couple years and all of a sudden things stopped working. I deleted and started over but now there is aFeed section in place of the Logs. What has happened?

- Worried

Have had this app for a few years . Upgraded to pro . Then upgraded to elite. Was charged for elite but still tells me to upgrade from pro to view things . Why ? Fix this ! Fix the maps , used to be able to zoom , now it’s not so good . If not fixed and/or money not refunded . You will have far less users than myself .

- Turkey king

Used the app on many hunts but the turkey option was right on target. As was my calling them up. Got my limit in two hunts, and the freezer is full. Great information all in one button!!

- Best Hunting App on the Market!

I’ve tried every hunting app on the AppStore and this is by far the best. Much simpler to operate, and there are tons of really helpful tools on here to help you scout for your hunts and plan your hunts properly. Way better than OnX! - Peyton

- The best!

I’ve used huntwise for years I downloaded onx as a secondary but there’s a ton of incorrect owner info on onx I like the feature that keeps track of ur path as ur walking but huntwise will get something like that and still be the best

- Not happy

My husband tried the free trial for a week. When the week was up he cancels it and they still charged us for a year. We tried to get a refund but no such luck. Then he downloads it again since we paid for it for a year and now it won’t let him log in. We’ve emailed with no response. We paid for it we might as well be able to use it. But he can’t even do that.

- A must have for any hunter.

This app has it all. Weather predictions, barometric pressure, wind direction, moon phase. Second year I have used it and love it. If you get the app and hunt a lot do the pro and you can see property lines and boundaries. Love it

- 👎🏻👎🏻

If you don’t pay for the app it’s no better than google maps onhunt gives more free options than this app and g.i.s info is a free public tool why would I pay you to show me free info same for onhunt pay for landlines and gps??? This app doesn’t even show you the public land and parks lines n info if you don’t have the premium but your app was quick to take all my Facebook info and friends list 👎🏻👎🏻

- Map

Man I loved this app until they changed the maps. I would use basic with contours and I could zoom in and see the terrain really well. Now it just looks like cartoon tree tops. Not very useful at this point. I’ll keep the rest of deer season but if not fixed will move on.

- Problem with PRO

I wish that when you were comparing two stands you didn’t have to have pro to get all the days of the week instead of it locking them up unless you have pro.

- Love this app

I use this app every time I hunt my pro membership went down was very upset I emailed them within 24 hours I was back online very easy to work with

- It barely ok

If you use this app for property marking and stand locations is fine. It you want to use it for wind direction you will certainly be disappointed. It is wrong more than 90% of the time and I’m not talking about friction winds I’m talking about the true direction. In many cases it has been as far as 180 degrees wrong. Also the hunt cast is some what of a joke.

- Great app if you pay $50/year

No mention of what the app contains without paying yearly fee. It appears it is a might be a good app if you live your life hunting. it has a GPS - accuracy unknown didn’t try it. It did show my phone 2 house away from my actual location. It has a weather app The public hunting grounds, private land property lines - the important aspect hunters seek if they hunt different areas are are all in the expensive in app fee. I hunt twice a year for elk and quail. Not worth the cost and I’m disappointed that I had to download to see the lack of data present without paying $50/YEAR. NOT $50 for app life use.

- Never use again.

The app had a glitch which caused it not to work and I removed it, hoping it would fix the issue, it did not. Told me the password I have always was wrong and would not let me reset it. Finally, the feeding times were always wrong. This I confirmed with my trail cameras set up. Overall a product which needs much work and better customer support.

- Social Media for Hunters

....great networking site for all of us that are devoted to hunting! You’ll find everything from upland hunting, deer hunting, big game, exotics, etc. and you’ll also find a very nice bunch of like-minded people!

- WAAAAY Outdated

Looking for something besides OnX but this isn’t it. In western Wa the satellite pics are essential to find hunting spots. The image of my house was took long before we lived here and we moved here over 4 years ago!! Also the grouse “best hunting times” is way off. Says Wednesday will be good for wild boar? No boars anywhere near here. Blacktail deer is locked. Guessing I have to pay extra for that? And it’s more expensive than the others. No thanks

- Great app

Really like the app!! Has up to date accurate info weather mainly wind direction; on feeding times and the times match up good with my pics on camera!

- Nice features, lots of bugs

The app has some great features however it has serious bugs that make it unusable. Saving pins to a map cause the app to exit. Several other functions also cause the app to exit without saving changes.

- Best hunt app

It helps you decide where you need to go hunt that day or the next day or even all week and gives you deep details about what day is gonna help you seal the deal

- Accurate

Very accurate not 100% but nothing never is when it comes to hunting, but definitely a tool I use !

- Share stand locations?

Love this app. But wondering how can I share multiple stand locations at one time with my buddies so I don’t have to share them one at a time?

- Logs

Your app has me stuck in the logs. Just a loading screen. Have all my duck holes in this app. And can’t get to any other screen. Anybody know what to do to get off the logs screen

- Extremely detailed

This app does everything it says it does. Pro membership is definitely worth the money.

- Charged without my consent

I downloaded this app to try it out. Poked around for a few minutes and that was it. About a week later I get a notice from Apple showing my receipt for a pro purchase. I never made the purchase! I’m admittedly not a young techie but would imagine there are a lot of hunters who aren’t. I don’t even plan to use this app. I feel like I was scammed out of my $60!

- Hunt wise

Helps in many different areas will take you right back to scraps and key marks as well as to your stand using very little light in the dark

- Best hunting app on the market

Become a pro! It’s worth it! If you want to get the big buck or call some song dogs in this app is perfect! Very well designed and easy to use!

- This app is the best you can find!!!

I just shot a deer and all the other times I have shot them this app has the exact time this app is perfect and it is my favorite.

- Hunt Wise

Great app overall. Not sure if the weather features are accurate, but I hope they are. The only thing I wish they would do is update the map more often. Thanks!

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HuntWise: A Better Hunting App 6.5.8 Screenshots & Images

HuntWise: A Better Hunting App iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

HuntWise: A Better Hunting App iphone images
HuntWise: A Better Hunting App iphone images
HuntWise: A Better Hunting App iphone images
HuntWise: A Better Hunting App iphone images
HuntWise: A Better Hunting App iphone images

HuntWise: A Better Hunting App (Version 6.5.8) Install & Download

The applications HuntWise: A Better Hunting App was published in the category Navigation on 2013-05-18 and was developed by Sportsman Tracker [Developer ID: 992854408]. This application file size is 327.38 MB. HuntWise: A Better Hunting App - Navigation app posted on 2020-11-07 current version is 6.5.8 and works well on IOS 10.3 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.buoy76.huntpredictor

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