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Cachly is a simple and powerful Geocaching app for iOS that includes many advanced features that include the following:

- Geocaching account
Cachly uses the Geocaching Live API so that you can login with your account and see all of your information.

- FTF!
Show available FTFs on the map so you can be the first to grab the find!**

- Find Caches
Current location, coordinates, search for a location, or GC code. *Basic member restrictions apply. Some features only show for Premium users.

See all your blue frowns and turn those into smilies!

- Offline Vector Maps
Maps can be saved for offline use using powerful offline capabilities using OpenStreet vector maps.

- Offline caches
Save caches to offline lists for use anywhere!

- Offline filtering
Filter lists of caches by attributes and other cache data

- Bulk log upload
Upload all your pending logs at once!

- Translate
Translate cache descriptions, hints, and logs from any language to any language.

- Map Options
Choose from Apple Maps, Google Maps, Ordnance Survey and OpenStreet Map online or offline vector maps

- Import & Export GPX
Import GPX files from Dropbox, iTunes, email and other apps or export and share a GPX of any caches.

- Advanced Search
Search for user finds, hides, exclude your finds and hides and so much more.

- Advanced Sorting
Sort the found caches by type, container, size, trackables and many other sort types.

- Navigate to Cache
Find the directions and route to the cache using Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, Sygic, Navigon, Tom Tom, Gaia and Pocket Earth.

- Log Caches/Trackables now or later
Log them now or save them and send later.

- Log Keywords
Set default text for logs as well as use keyword replacements for common text such as cache code, date, etc.

- Souvenirs
See your user Souvenirs as well as other users.

- Trackables
Drop multiple trackables into a cache

- Multiple Image Upload
Upload multiple photos to logs

- Pocket Queries
Download and view Pocket Queries offline.

- Bookmark Lists
View your bookmark lists and add caches to them. View other users bookmarks as well!

- Waypoints
Create user waypoints as well as set a corrected coordinates.

- User Profiles
View Finds, Hides, Logs, User Gallery and much much more.

- More features
Cachly includes loads of other feature that make it the best Geocaching app out there!

*Basic members of geocaching are limited to returning only Traditional geocaches, Pocket Queries are not available, and Custom Search is limited. Basic members are also limited to loading 3 full caches per 24 hour period. This is not a restriction of Cachly, but of the Geocaching platform.

**Premium feature

Cachly - Simple and powerful Geocaching for iPhone App Description & Overview

The applications Cachly - Simple and powerful Geocaching for iPhone was published in the category Navigation on 2015-12-11 and was developed by Zed Said Studio LLC. The file size is 24.38 MB. The current version is 3.0.3 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Cachly 3.0.3 includes the following:


- FTF indicator! Shows caches that have not been found and are available for an FTF. - Premium feature
- New Found and DNF icons
- Owned Events can now post an Announcement log
- Export GPX options: include GSAK extensions, not include logs, hide personal info
- Trackable details refresh by pulling down on screen
- Trackables now show distance
- Smily and DNF icons also show corrected coordinate indicator
- New higher resolution log type icons
- Adding event to your calendar also includes URL
- Offline lists now have Export option under their options menu
- Lab cache GPX files are now supported!
- Pending Logs show more info, including if it is a Draft or is favorited
- Exported GPX includes GSAK corrected coordinate data
- Dropped pin now includes a "Navigate to" option
- Settings option to show current location indicator in front of cache pins

Bug fixes

- Bulk log upload was giving trackables incorrect date
- Importing GPX with images was not saving images or completing import
- Couldn't export and email GPX if name has accents
- Corrected coordinate indicator now shows on corner of map pin
- Coordinate project field needs to allow more characters for decimal places
- Activity indicator was not being hid sometimes when loading offline list
- Pocket Query downloads now keeps screen from locking
- Trackables not being sent in bulk upload if log was a Draft
- Refresh search icon sometimes dissapeared
- GPX imports had incorrect log sort order (requires re-import).
- Not Authorized error is friendlier with the option to wait to logout
- Offline list waypoints need to be sorted in ABC order
- Bulk log upload was not sending updated coordinates
- Export GPX incorrectly includes original coordinate waypoint
- Offline list with clustering now correctly centers on clusters and caches when loading map
- Export GPX sometimes had invalid unicode characters
- Highlight gets removed from offline cache when adding same cache again
- Navigate to Cache screen wasn't letting you tap the cache pin to show options
- Waypoints sometimes don't show coordinates on Waypoints list screen

If you have any questions or comments please contact [email protected]

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The Best  pwcinpc  5 star

Used for the first time today and was able to get 5 FTF along with 15 other finds. I love the filters that can be applied to the pocket queries.


Only GPS  Ss420  1 star

App only provides GPS coordinates and reviews of the cache. To see full details of the cache you must pay an additional $30.


Much better than the lame Geocaching app  xkitox  3 star

A little exspensive, but a farce better than the standard app. I would like it if they included an Apple Watch app with it though! Please consider :)


Very good caching app  bjahja  5 star

We like this app soooooo much more than the new app. Easy to use


Cachly  Netinator  5 star

I just love the cachly app. It is so similar to the old app and I can work my way through it with ease. I tell everyone about it. Great job at putting it together for us to use


Family Fun  GoWalburns  5 star

Love it! Such a fun and inexpensive way to spend a day, a couple of hours, or grab one here and there. Good, clean family adventures 👍🏼


Refund...NOW  ChaseRU2  1 star

Was not told ahead that I would have to create an account. Sorry, I don't need any more junk mail. Refund


Great App  ColtsFan252  5 star

My first time Geocaching and I'm so glad I got this app. Amazing


OnFleek👍  NEALOGISM  5 star



Great app  Evilraz  4 star

Great app just wish it had iPad support...


Ripoff  rand0monIOS  2 star

Exact same as the original Geocache app, it just has a different interface and doesn't show the ones you can access because you don't have premium. Want money back!!


Love it. Better than 'Geocaching' App  Jck204  5 star

Does everything I could ask for as a casual cached. Very happy. I tried competitive apps and was not impressed. Thanks!

Just me everyone

Nice.  Just me everyone  5 star

Much better than geocaching app.


Better than the official app!  eschdaddy  5 star

Not only is the company behind this one not greedy, but it has way more features than the official app! Would highly recommend. :)

Polka Joe

Best 3rd party app I've tried  Polka Joe  4 star

This Geosphere beat HANDS DOWN. But, I have a few personal things I really don't like. I wish user could customize what "pins" look like. Also, it would be nice to load all caches in real time as you moved (this is a limitation on the Geocache website, I know) but it still stinks. It would be nice to load a pic from the app as well. LOTS OF POSITIVES though. Can see trackable history on map (love that one). You can also preload a log as a default. Offers more easy to find choices of log types. Overall, this app is the best one going. Worth the money, no contest.

Can't think of a nickname 1000

It's good  Can't think of a nickname 1000  5 star

It says this is optional

Burnt II

Cool  Burnt II  5 star

This app is awesome, I love this app as much as I hate the new geocaching app...... THIS ONE ACTUALLY WORKS....


HIGHLIGHT feature  RefundPlz  4 star

This app is MUCH better than the new groundspeak app. Def worth the minimal cost. The HIGHLIGHT feature on a cache page doesn't stick in iOS. Highlighted caches disappear on map refresh. Would be handy for pre-planning MUST SEE caches if they stayed highlighted as map zoom level changes


Bait and switch  blogmom  1 star

Looks like my second review replaced my first. And I got a response from developer on 2nd. So, now I'm rewriting. The description and visuals make it seem like more is available than is. The description and hint are grayed out on the actual app unless you pay for a $30 per year premium subscription. You are allowed to get those for up to 3 caches per day, without paying. I wouldn't mind that for hint. But the app is useless if you can't look at descriptions to decide if cache seems worth pursuing. I wanted to try this activity out and was willing to pay five bucks to give it a shot. But this app was useless to me and so I had to rely on a free one anyway. So my $5 feels stolen. The developer responded to my bait and switch complaint: "No bait and switch here. Cachly does provide info for free Regular users, it is just limited. We are an official third-party partner of Groundspeak so we are bound by their terms and by the data their API returns for Regular users. These restrictions are NOT from Cachly but from the API. All free Geocaching apps will have this same restriction." But that is bull. I have a free app that gives basically no info on any premium sites. But it gives description and hint for all basic sites. Those same basic sites had no description available on cachely - except as I already described above.


It's okay  Cswis_24  3 star

I feel like you shouldn't have to upgrade to get others plus you don't get hints or description. It is basically like the free geocaching app but has a few more caches.

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