Dream Town Island Game Reviews


Dream Town Island Game Description & Overview

What is dream town island app? Give free reign to your creativity in this inventive town sim!

Unlock new stores and facilities, help your residents find love, or cash in on the stock market!

If you founded a new town on an uninhabited island, what would you build there? Restaurants? Convenience Stores? Movie theaters? Make your choices and create a town that everyone will want to move to!

As you develop your town further, you'll unlock new stores and facilities, helping you attract new citizens.

Residents of your town can spend their whole lives there - they can find jobs, get married, and even have kids. How many generations can you support?

Walking isn't the only way to get around town - residents can travel in style using cars, bikes, and even UFOs!

There's also a wide variety of pets available, including staples like cats and dogs as well as more out-there options. Ever wanted an elephant in your backyard? We've got you covered.

No space to build more stuff? No problem! Reclaim land off the coast, then customize the terrain's height and design it to create a region that perfectly fits your tastes!

Get started building the city of your dreams today!

Supports drag to scroll and pinch to zoom.

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App Name Dream Town Island
Category Games
Updated 24 June 2023, Saturday
File Size 80.35 MB

Dream Town Island Comments & Reviews 2023

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Awesome !. Love it even more than the zoo one just released!! Great all around game !

Another banger. So addicting..

cannot unlock sally prin. I achieved all 4 star achievements and still didn't unlock sally prin, is that a bug?

Add a third save file.. Please add a third save file so we can use all three maps!

Another winner from Kairosoft. Hot Spring Sotry 2 is my favorite but dream town is a close second. Less waiting, more activities. Not as tedious as Zoo story

Amazing game. Love it! so fun!

5 stars!. I don’t think there has ever been a Kairosoft game I haven’t enjoyed but this one is fast becoming one of my favorites! There’s so much to do and discover, never a dull, slow moment

So much fun!. Kairosoft delivers again!! I’ve been waiting so long for a new Kairosoft game and am enjoying it a lot. Great game play

awesome game. refreshing game and so much more to do and replay ability is good

Awesome game. Best kariosoft game I have played in a long time! Great work guys!

Love this game. I always love Kairosoft games but I love how this one is a mixture of some of their previous games. I think it’s well-rounded.

Obsessed❤️❤️❤️. By far the best Kairosoft game ever! Just in time for summer. I love this game is so much to do and keep track of.

Another great game. So far I’m enjoying this game. I’ve been all their games since game dev. 💖 this one is quite fun. I don’t know how they manage to keep making great games.

Great simple city builder.. 🦖

Elements of other releases present. I love Kairosoft! New releases are always fun and if you’ve played other games by Kairosoft, you start seeing all the features that’s incorporated from their other games. This is the case with Dream Island Story. It has elements of other games. I would say this is like an updated Venture Town Story if comparing to another Kairosoft release. But just like their other games, addicting and fun.

超级喜欢开罗的游戏!. 每一款我都买了!我都玩了!喜欢的不得了!希望能出更多的游戏!!!

I love this game. This game is amazing! You guys did it again! Please keep making games!

Fun that is all. Always love kairosoft games ❤️

Good Kariosoft game, but a bit complicated.. Kairosoft always makes games of pretty high quality, so I will give them the five stars they deserve. Unfortunately, this is not a beginner-friendly game. There are so many things calling for one’s attention and resources that I have turned off the game multiple times to take a break from the game I am playing to take a break. This game is fun if you are already familiar with other entries in the series and know what you need to do. If you are new to Kairosoft games, I would not recommend this entry, but if you are a veteran of the franchise, this is a pretty solid game, and I would recommend it.

fabulous. lots of innovation but still need to be more innovative and fancy.

Very fun!. Well worth the purchase

dream island review. the graphics could be better or the price could be cheaper than $5.99, but I’m not complaining. it’s a good “keep-busy” game. if you’re an office worker, it’ll help you stay organized as well.

Good as always. It’s a Kairosoft game, fully polished and great as ever

Kairosoft has done it again!. I have purchased every Kairosoft game that has been released in English. Most have been hits and only a few misses for me. But this one is for sure a hit! Love it. Highly recommend if you like Kairosoft games.

Pretty good. I like the game , it’s worth the money

Amazing. I love this developer. I play only their games on my phone. I played all the free ones and bought this one and I am glad I did.

Lots of details. Great game. Lots of details to keep track of. Earning money to build isnt a problem so it’s fun right from the start, no waiting forever to start making money

Fun. Nothing new just fun

好玩. 好玩

More please. I really like the game.

Very pleased with this one!. I love kairosoft games so much! I was worried this was going to be just another dream town copy paste but it’s definitely different. I am really pleased and am greatly enjoying this addition!

Love It. Just like all the other Kairosoft games, I love this!!

Fun!. Multiple layers of playing this game - one of Kairosoft’s best ones! Looking forward to more!

so addicting!. i got recommended this game through Dream Town Story and i was curious enough to pay for it (so worth it!). there’s no micro-transactions in this game, which can allow you to play this game for hours with no restrictions/worries about paying for in-game items/money. i literally stayed up until 5 AM playing this game because it was so fun and there’s endless things you can do. i’m so excited to see how this game develops over time! this is so much better than Dream Town Story (imo). thank you for making amazing games!!

Really cute very addictive. I love the game it’s cute and simple

It’s like crack. I need rehab

Amazing. Amazing as all ways! Really fun in-depth pocket town sim. Like sim city, but instead of scaled out, you’re very scaled in. Great graphics, music, and vibe. Worth the money for no adds and micro transaction nonsense.

Very fun! Highly recommended. Very fun! One of the greatest kairosoft games

Another hit. Great game from a wonderful company.

Another great game. Though I didn’t enjoy the last game, the zoo one, this one is so fun to play. It’s a great game to pass the time. I’ve been playing Kairosoft games for years now and can’t wait for the next game to be released in English.

The best one yet. I LOVE Kariosoft, I play every game obsessively but I’m pretty sure this is my fave. Feels like a huge step up.

Another winner from Kairosoft. This is a city sim, a city builder. It’s SO much I’ve been playing for about a week and I have a town of about 28 people plus kids with dozens of stores and tourist establishments. A wedding chapel for citizens to get married and start family’s. It is 100% a winner. I highly suggest it.

Fun game. It was a relaxing and fun game. Very similar to there other games

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Another great game. I see you guys are adding new elements to new games, i love it, it is exciting

I love Kairo game. This is the game company I followed a decade ago. And now 2023 I am still looking forward to it. I love Kairo!!

Another addictive Kairo masterpiece. Love it

Another winner. Such a fun and detailed game from Kairosoft. Controls a little clunky but with the exception of that a wonderful game.

So much fun. This game is by far the most enjoyable city building game from kairosoft, I’m loving it!

So happy for another indepth city game!. Thank you so much Kairosoft for another city game that has the depth like your older games. I find newer games in the past 2 years to lack the complexity and depth that Kairosoft’s older games had :( Most new games were too plain, repetitive, too easy and quick to clear. But this game is different! It has the depth and complexity that require more brain power to plan the city. In this game I get the excitement from unlocking various facilities and characters similar to the older games that I miss and enjoy so much! I try to not finish it too quickly and really hope I still have a long way to go. Kairosoft please continue to make indepth and complex games like this we will always support you!

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Awesome game!. I love how easy this game is to get into and it’s not difficult like some of the earlier town based games like Dream town story. I love how each resident has their own family tree.

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I love it. I enjoy this game

Always great.. Kairosoft is my go to bed time game studio. Calms me down and frees up my mind.

Gooood. always love kairosoft

Won’t run on my iphone 11. I have an iphone 11 with ios 16.5. It keeps crashing and won’t open up! 😞😞😞😞😞

Very fun! Highly recommended. Very fun! One of the greatest kairosoft games

Great game. 5 Stars All Around

Good as always. It’s a Kairosoft game, fully polished and great as ever

Similar to all the other games. It’s 2023, Japanese people are still bigoted and don’t have any remotely tan skinned or darker NPCs in their games.

Love It. Just like all the other Kairosoft games, I love this!!

Another awesome game from Kairosoft!. I’ve been playing games from Kairosoft since 2014 when they only had one game. I’m so proud of where the studio is now! I am leaving a review because I’ve been waiting for a similar game to Kairosoft’s other game, Dream House. This is it, however, I have lots of feedback. And unfortunately, after a game is released, Kairosoft rarely takes feedback from app store reviews. Pros: - Long-term playing with family tree spanning multiple generations. I love the micromanagement and seeing families + pets in their little homes. - Awesome visuals—I love the housing and greenery - Game encourages lots of decorations and plants, and has multiple types of greenery. - Business aspect is interesting and allows you to feel like the mayor of your town. - Terraforming of land and water allows you to build unique towns. - Villagers choose pets randomly—it’s a cute surprise to see what pet they buy. Cons: - Hard to play on mobile, better on tablet - Not enough starting characters for you to choose from. Cannot change the appearance of your first character into someone unique. - Lots of visually “boring” villagers who join your town. I want to build the entire Haikyuu cast in my town, but I keep getting villagers with similar appearances. - Unable to choose a villager’s hobby. - Unable to have female/female or male/male relationships. Every villager is basically forced to be straight AND have children. Lack of choice. - Able to change a villager’s job if you have a certain item, but there’s no job growth or job ladder. - Lack of choice on what kind of car/bike villagers will get. - Game should have a tutorial on what building types allows villagers to build charm, talent, stamina, etc. There are icons for the trash can, but there’s no guide or legend as to what it refers to. Not all the icons are intuitive.

awesome game. refreshing game and so much more to do and replay ability is good

Fun. Nothing new just fun

Awesome game. Best kariosoft game I have played in a long time! Great work guys!

Awesome game!. It’s a fun game and it’s easy to pick up where you left off.

I love kairosoft. It’s really nice slowly developing my own little town!

LOVE THIS. I LOVE THIS GAME SM, bought it the other day and i haven’t put it down in almost 24 hours !

Peaceful and cute. Easy intuitive peaceful game! I love kairosoft

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Another hit!!! Add it to the collection!!! ❤️ Thank you — keep them comin’ please!!!!

Love. It’s so addicting.

Great simple city builder.. 🦖

Can’t put it down. Love the game

5star. As always the best games on da market

Very fun!. Well worth the purchase

👍🏾👍🏾 good game. Repetitive but good game and graphics

Another great game by this company!. Love all of their games, this one is no exception.

Awesome !. Love it even more than the zoo one just released!! Great all around game !

Great game. It gets repetitive but it’s still a great revamp from the previous game! Dream House Days should be next!!!!

I love this game. This game is amazing! You guys did it again! Please keep making games!

Awesome towns. A new spin on my favorite town building franchise!

Like it but. Add the guide for compatible stores

More please. I really like the game.

Love this game!. I really enjoy all their games and this one is one of my favorites

Another hit. Great game from a wonderful company.

It’s like crack. I need rehab

Another banger. So addicting..

Fun game. It was a relaxing and fun game. Very similar to there other games

Fun that is all. Always love kairosoft games ❤️

Amazing. Obsessed

Fun Game!. Lots of fun, very well done.

Extremely cute. Love this game it’s so cute

fabulous. lots of innovation but still need to be more innovative and fancy.

Amazing! I’m addicted. Once again Kairosoft hits it out of the park. Amazing work.

Great game. Love all these game this company makes! Please make an American football game PLEASE!!!

Really cute very addictive. I love the game it’s cute and simple

Pretty good. I like the game , it’s worth the money

Great game. Very fun and addicting

Great!. Great game this game is great if you are a fan of city sims, or other Kiarosoft games!

I love this game. Very addictive ❤️😍

G. Fun game didn’t think it was going to be so fun

Fun Game. Great game! Really enjoying playing and building my town! Addicting.

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Language English
Price $5.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.26
Play Store net.kairosoft.iOS.towns
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

Dream Town Island (Versiyon 1.26) Install & Download

The application Dream Town Island was published in the category Games on 02 June 2023, Friday and was developed by Kairosoft Co.,Ltd [Developer ID: 381477233]. This program file size is 80.35 MB. This app has been rated by 274 users and has a rating of 4.9 out of 5. Dream Town Island - Games app posted on 24 June 2023, Saturday current version is 1.26 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: net.kairosoft.iOS.towns. Languages supported by the app:

EN JA KO ZH ZH Download & Install Now!
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Dream Town Island Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Now available in English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Korean!

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