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Super Snail Game Description & Overview

What is super snail app? Enter the Snailverse through an unusual idle RPG.

Control a snail summoned from a dystopian future. The Gods, deciding to save this world, have sent you on a mission.

With a divine purpose and what remains of civilization, you journey through the past to take down eight Demon Gods. To defeat their apostles and minions, you must collect a variety of items and explore every inch of the world. You will join hands with many bizarre beings in your quest to save the world.

Select one of five character attributes to develop, which will unlock quests as you explore different parts of the world. Every decision you make, from choosing a skill to interacting with other characters, will have an impact on your own personal adventure.

Do you even meme? Challenge yourself to find all the references across ridiculous dialogue! Our memes are so 2020? Let us know what dank memes you're dying to see in game!

Talk to the Hitmen coming after you. Flirt with the Partners that want to support you. Choose your responses and find out about their personalities! Unlock more characters through completing hidden tasks and by exploring the game. There is always another thing to discover!

Leave no stone unturned! Tap on absolutely every object your finger can reach! Easter eggs and secret events are scattered throughout the world, including your base! You might find some even before you start your adventure!

Discover over 400+ real world Relics that will empower you along your journey to save the world, as well as allow you to unlock hidden scenarios. Although you may not be able to equip everything all at once, the collectibles provide passive buffs wherever you go!
The timid may be tempted to flee in the face of evil and abandon a world that needs saving. However, the equipment you gain and the relationships you develop along the way will give you strength. For you were chosen by the Gods! If not you, then who will save us?


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App Name Super Snail
Category Games
Updated 19 September 2023, Tuesday
File Size 1.61 GB

Super Snail Comments & Reviews 2023

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A Top Player’s Perspective. This game, is the most fun gacha I have ever played, it takes patience to learn everything, but once you get into the game and start diving into it, you’ll soon realize there’s a lot of depth and strategy in this game, especially within the club wars. I was very lucky, and was able to build my club to the top and now this game gives my mind an outlet to think, to plan and strategize. I have not felt this way about any of the other mobile gachas I have ever played. If you’re looking at this game, you have to try it, get through the first week or so of consistent playing and I guarantee you that you won’t ever delete it.

Overwhelming, SO CONFUSING. I tried playing this for about an hour. I’m a fan of idle/ha ha games but man…I had no frickin idea what I was doing. I don’t know what any of the mechanics were supposed to do, the story was confusing, and I have know idea why I’m in Korea, WHERE DO I GET SNAILS? Am I even doing anything AT ALL?! I was stressed and overwhelmed and the battle screen is horrendous. 1/5 of the screen is the actual game while the rest looks like a dumb monopoly board. I didn’t even know what any currencies did, the tutorial was long and didn’t explain anything. Why did this game release so weird? Other idle games had a WAY better gameplay loop than this. Play AFK arena or Legend Of Slime. This isn’t a very good game, but I did like the graphics. D.N.R

The Perfect Game (A mix of RNG and Skill). People are critical of this game because they find it hard to gain power. in the beginning it’s slow but still very fun. For reference it took me 2 weeks to reach 1 million power without spending anything. Now i’m at 3.3 million and the game is still just as fun. This game balances having to grind and get lucky with drops, and the payout feels so good. Not to mention the fantastic story and great community. This game is nothing but perfect

Great game but tutorial needs some work. I’ve been playing this game for about a month now and it’s been great ive felt like there is a lot of content and that the game is very complex although the tutorial takes a very long time and also leaves you a bit confused since it does not introduce you to all of the features but altogether I have really enjoyed this game over the last month and think it’s definitely worth getting into

Amazing Game. There isn’t a whole lot negative to say about the game honestly. Yes it’s an idle game but there are tons of hidden things in the game; or things waiting to be unlocked when you purchase certain items from the vending machines. There’s a ton to find and actively do considering it’s an idle game. The story is chaotic and entertaining, there are tons of references that make you smile. My only complaint is that the shop prices seem a little high, but you really don’t need to buy anything to progress. The pace doesn’t really start to slow down until the 3rd world, and even still you have a lot different speed ups in the game that you earn naturally to help move things along.

Don’t listen to the tutorial reviews. Im telling u right now do not listen to these impatient people from what I’ve seen all they do complain about how long it is and that the game is to confusing. And i can tell you for sure that the game is not confusing at all if u just take a few minutes to learn almost everything don’t listen to the people and don’t miss out on the fun you will have while playing this extremely fun game.

Ad lied to me. Game is fun. Still playing but for how long? I downloaded the game through an ad on insta which said download THROUGH this ad I will get 100 free lottery pulls. I NEVER got them. I’ve tried to submit feedback but they make it way too hard with ID’s and server addresses needed and they aren’t easy to locate within the game so it’s like they don’t want feedback or make it a mission for you to give up. So I’ll just leave feedback here. So without getting help from devs support, it cautions me to use any real money on the game because if something goes wrong, I’m on my own and no support will be there from the game. As for the game, it is fun!! Wish it wasn’t p2w based but there are long road around. That’s why I say, I’ll play but for how long till it becomes necessary to pay to play which I mentioned I won’t without knowing there’s no support. I’m still MAD and salty for not getting my 100 free pulls which got me to download the game which I’ll NEVER do again. First time, share on you…there won’t be a second time. Good luck fellow gamers!!!!

LOVE IT. This game is absolutely hilarious all the way through and through, I didn’t stop laughing and cracking up for the first 15 minutes XD! I can see a lot of people would quit early not giving it a chance because the tutorial requires a Little bit of patience, but if you do give it just that chance it really is great! It’s more than any average even popular brain dead mobile games all alike, this one sets out from the rest. I will be supporting these developers buy making purchase. They aren’t sneaky or deceitful or manipulative, they’re straightforward and honest, with a huge splash of dumb humor, my kind of humor! Love the game guys, demon is my favorite form to focus on upgrading 😈 and I can upgrade vision a lot to boost my crit chance 😏 great game guys keep it up devs!

Club issues. Let me start with, I love this game. I’m consistently occupied and rewarded, huge dopamine release. The navigation between rooms are a little rough trying to find the right section you’re looking for. My biggest complaint is the club recruiting. I can’t promote my club even if I’m the president and then I wish there was a way to just click someone’s profile and “Add Member” second, me and my S/O can’t play together due to different servers, yes she can join my server but she has to restart and no one wants that. I love this game and hope too see it improve.

Would recommend. I definitely enjoyed this game more than I expected to. When looking at some of the reviews, I saw a lot of complaints about how long the intro is. But honestly it’s not that long or confusing, actually the game is pretty simple yet semi-challenging, which I like. The world chat can be kinda toxic, but there’s nothing the developers can really do about that. No matter what, people are just gonna be rude on the internet sometimes. I enjoyed that you don’t have to grind too much and it kept me entertained for a good while. Overall, this game is fun, unique, and something I recommend playing :)

Addictive and unique. There’s plenty I can say about this game but for the sake of time I’ll keep it short and sweet. I love the power scaling in this game like seriously. Every time you get something new, you’ll be able to do something you couldn’t do before. Leveling up feels natural and there are plenty of things to do when you think you’ve hit a plateau. Getting 100% on stuff is actually worth it for the most part. Nearly everything you do builds power in some way which I really like. I’ve never felt like there was nothing I could do at any given moment, but without spending money on the game, it’s best played in short bursts prioritizing daily logins. The best part about this game is that you could spend lots of time playing it in one sitting if you really wanted to. Honestly just a nice daily dopamine supplier which rewards patience.

glorified board game. This game had potential, it looked fun in the ads, but once you start going through the tutorial you quickly realize its just another game thats far different from the ads. The tutorial takes like 10 minutes to complete and its very confusing. All you do is press a button and your snail dashes forward until it finds a boss, then it dashes at the boss a few times to kill the boss?? There’s no special fighting effects or moves, snail just dashes. They don’t even allow you to interact with your own snail. Whats worse is that you can hardly see your snail, imagine a monopoly board and your snail is just the basic pawn. Anyway, the game is absolutely horrible. Wasted my time ok the tutorial that taught me nothing.

Super snail is the best idle game. If you like idle games super snail is really fun and has a really funny storyline. The art is good. I enjoy playing the game daily even though im not getting as strong as people who pay, thats how they all are and not as many at least provide me as much entertainment as this game. I may make small purchases in the future just to support the game knowing it wont give me much advantage but at least i know what im getting. If i had tons of spare cash i could definitely see myself spending if i only could lol. I give it 5 stars. Also another thing thats good is its not overloaded with advertisements and the ones available are optional and rewarding. Put it this way. I know ill hit a crawl at some point as a ftp player, but at least i can say i will enjoy the crawl.

Very good. There is a lot to do and it’s a little overwhelming at first but it’s fun learning how to play the game. I still have almost no idea what’s going on or how to play but I feel like I’m doing well. It’s also way more rewarding when when you accomplish something, not just because you did it yourself, but because you had to figure out how to do it yourself. Finally, I thought it would be much more pay to win. You start out how any other PTW game would: with a lot of stuff. And then you slowly deplete your skips on things that would thanks hours so that you can keep playing. You slowly spend your money because you have so much money. You spend it till it’s gone. At that point, about four days into the game, I thought, “Yep, here’s where it becomes pay to win. Guess it’s time to move on to another game.” But it gives you stuff. You don’t have to grind to succeed but it’s not just given to you. You don’t have to either give in and pay or grind for a week. You just have to grind for an hour. So it’s a lot better than expected.

My favorite idle game. This game is really good, and here are a few reasons why. There is no true winning in this game. Most of us in game agree that the objective of the game is to have fun. Yes, you can buy your way to the top of the leaderboards, but most that do so stop playing after a while because you don’t take in every aspect of this game. If you play this, make sure you don’t give up after the first day or two. It’s a lot to take in, but it’s definitely worth it once you understand all the various aspects of the game. Another cool part about this game is that there are a TON of Easter eggs. You can either find them out yourself or ask the chat (most servers are very helpful with the global chat). Although there are some false ads out there promising 100 tickets, you can get a good start using snail codes found on the wiki. Come join us!

So close to 5 stars…. I’ll start by saying this game is fun, has an amazing story and is very engaging. I’ve lived on this game for 2 weeks straight playing around 5’ish hours a day. Everything about this game is well made, EXCEPT servers. I like this game so much that I referred quite a few friends to it, but sadly the server’s get locked. There is no way for you to play or even invite your friends to a clan unless you both started playing at the same time. Our clan has 18 people in it. Half of them are now inactive accounts, with servers locked I don’t believe that number will ever go up, servers will soon die and only have dedication snailers on them. RIP Cheesborger 23 :(

It’s okay maybe not the game for me. I have been seeing this game all I’ve tiktok and insta and everywhere and so I decided whatever it looks good I’ll download it, I downloaded it and played but I just couldn’t get into the app, like I give them props for the designs and the amount of work that went into it which is why I gave them a 3 start but to me it’s not my kinda game it’s kinda slow with all the cut scenes. The intro just didn’t grab my attention and I got bored fairly quickly, if you’re into role play then sure give it s try but it just wasn’t for me.

Tutorial takes too long. It took me around 30 minutes just to complete the tutorial. Fell asleep for a minute. The tutorial doesn’t let you do anything else other than tap the button they tell you to tap, so it feels like a chore rather than a game. There are so many different components to the game which is what makes the tutorial so long, but I don’t even remember half of what I learned. It would’ve been better if the tutorial was spaced out and let us explore the game a little before teaching us something new. This way it actually feels like I’m playing a game instead of mindlessly tapping the next button. It just feels like they tried to pack everything into the tutorial all at once. Otherwise, the game does have a sense of humor which I appreciate.

5 stars. It’s a great game. Very rare to find a game with this much though and effort. It also seems like the devs try to connect with the community a lot, which is awesome. I’d say the only “bad” thing about Super snails is the length of the tutorial, (and how addicting it is) but that’s not a big deal. The game is a little difficult to understand anyways at the start but once you get the hang of it, it’s an absolute blast. This game is very generous and has many references. Good humor and community. Much props to the creators, their success is well deserved.

Free to play at its finest. This game is packed with so much stuff, it’s almost crazy and overwhelming, but in a good way. It’s a free to play rpg adventure about a snail. Is there in app purchases? Of course there are. Are they necessary to play and progress? NOT AT ALL. I hope the developers stay on this course and don’t deviate from where they’re at. They’ve got a loyal fan base, the community is awesome/not toxic and the game is a blast to play. 5/5 Everyone on your server is there to have fun, level up and help each other out. Very rare for a game these days.

Fun if you like management games. If you enjoy seeing numbers going up (or down) and like to manage 9 things at once to minmax everything, this game is definitely for you especially if you don’t mind something taking 8h to a day or 2 to finish like COC It’s not fun if you have to wait 8 or more hours for one resource you may or may not get, having to Learn new systems every few thousand power levels cause it just gets “bigger and bigger” and more often than not having a pop up for a purchase on your screen somewhere or the shop yelling at you to buy something or look when you’ve already looked at it 7 times and theirs still a check mark on it. Let’s say you bought something on the shop and came back a few hours to check your expo, the game will tell you to look at the shop for more “worthwhile items and time skips” like you didn’t just buy something. Long story short just try the game reviews only do so much

Stylish, but confusing.. First of all, the game looks great. There’s a lot of heart put into the aesthetic of the game. The graphics are super cute. The thing is, it’s so confusing. I did the tutorial (it wasn’t 30-45 minutes long, as some people exaggerated) but it did go on a little too long. The gist of the game is, you take your snail guy to explore on this game board type stage, you collect different types of currency, gear, items, etc. and use this stuff to become stronger. Like, I *GET* that much but it’s still a super confusing game. There’s tons of different menus, you never really know what everything does because it’s not explained to you in a simple manner.

maybe a bug or something please fix. after a exploration or even during some fight while exploring and you skip the battle I have more health then the enemy and when i skip the fight i sometimes will lose to the enemy and still have half my health while they have no health left after the fight. it’s not all the time but it’s every 1/6 explorations i have that it happens. other then that it was worth the wait and a very fun game to play i enjoy it!

Cute/different/fun. Weird looking snail rpg idle game. There’s barely no ads at all. There’s ads only if you choose to watch them but they give free ad tickets throughout the game and tbh I wish there was MORE ads for bonuses. (Weird huh) Game has lots to do. Can definitely be F2P. Obviously like with every game you’ll grow faster paying a little bit, but it’s not necessary. There’s a guide book in the game that helps you grow stronger without the need to pay, but if you do choose to they have a plan for the best to buy without being greedy for your dough. Anyway the graphics are unique and cute/there’s npc’s that come and greatly enhances your power, there’s LOTS of codes to use for more enhancements. Ik this is kinda long but basically it’s F2P, no ads, friendly people, fun to play and free to play. So download it. My name is XNYX server 7

Great and Smart game. I dont write reviews, but for Peter anything. I’m 36 father and a husband. It’s hard to find time to invest into gaming. This game has hooked me and allowed me a outlet of gaming, the mechanics keep getting deeper, the pay to win factor is there but selective, and it’s server based so they roll out servers and group them based on time, so though I started a few months later then others I’m 5th strongest in my server, so this incentives me to pay a little of my hard earned money to Devs, which I gladly do, it’s satirical and it’s art is just wonderful, soundtrack is pleasant, and the fact I’m always hoarding and pushing and scheming for what to do next keeps me hooked, bravo team y’all made a great game. Keep it up!!

Events. Oh man, I’m so sad to have discovered there is no way to continue competing in events without spending cash. Like others have said, not just unlikely to do well but quite literally impossible, you MUST buy. You are ONLY able to advance in events by spending money, it is a requirement. Not like most games where you have an advantage if you spend and get better prices/finish faster or play for free and do average in events. The game literally prevents you from continuing events unless you buy upgrades. I play A LOT of phone games and this is a first. So disappointing for a game that cracks jokes about spending money to win. It is pointless to do events. You can’t even use in game currency that you may have been saving to play. Only real cash allows you to even play past a few levels. Even if you do spend, you can only get to the last level before it tell you to spend money to continue.

Annoying, has potential. The games interesting and has a cool art style and uniqueness to it. The game has tons of menus and seperate rewards it feels like you're always claiming. Quest for clicking this, quest for tapping that. Every few taps gives you stuff you dont understand, since the tutorial aims on teaching you the gacha and how to buy stuff. These are common mobile game tropes. acceptable, all things considered. There is just one tragic flaw that got me to delete the game. Notification bubbles, little exclamation marks, appear all over the menus, letting you know whats waiting for you and where the rewards are. Except... they also appear on the packages and promotions everywhere... Alright, that's fine. I'll view the package and... it... doesn't go away. I cannot clear notifications unless I purchase this 99 dollar package. I ignored it for a few hours, but constantly navigating menus following notifications, which makes up a bulk of gameplay, is too irritating for me to want to continue playing.

it's good but i have a few complaints. the game itself is very well made and it looks like a lot of love has been put into it. i love the story and progression. But the jumps of power are jarring. Like the first Demon God you fight takes way too long to power up to, after all that you did before the fight it's sort of lackluster. And the rewards themselves are also lackluster, i don't feel much when i win something. It's like you spend all this time to defeat an enemy but you get a common tier item in return. Like i said, lackluster.

Lots to do!. First of all, wow…there is a LOT going on in this game. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like endless upgrading of materials and a million different menus, this might be a bit of a deterrent. However, it’s well-designed and looks great! The dialogue is cute and funny, and my snail looks like an absolute abomination right now with all the different evolutions he’s gone through. Started playing on launch day and it has run smoothly for the couple hours I’ve played thus far. I was initially worried this would be like a hundred other little battle games I’ve played, but it’s actually quite unique in my opinion. Also, I haven’t purchased anything in-game, and it’s been very generous with content regardless. Very fun, no complaints!

Finally came to US store!. I played the Chinese version (Called 最强蜗牛)of it a few years back and loved it. For those that are new, this game has tons of memes and Easter eggs from various movies etc (Star Wars, avengers, power rangers, Indiana jones etc). This is a semi idle game, and does take time to progress. I would say it is one of the top apps out there with tons of contents . I managed to got to pretty far in the Chinese version like tier 6 dragon snail and I lost my phone, so happy that it got release in the US App Store!

The game plays itself for 10 minutes. This games tutorial needs some work we don’t need a tutorial making us do 2 OF THE MAIN THREATS OF THE GAME! I understand a tutorial but oh my god when it’s that long you either don’t learn anything cause it’s a total info dump or you delete the game like I did in the words of saitama 15 words or less clearly I’m exaggerating with that but please a paragraph at most cause dear god 4 whole levels of doing the same thing with one small thing added to do a small tutorial on that one thing is so repetitive I will not redownload the game cause you had your chance and missed but I hope the devs take this into consideration and if not please just don’t bother it’s like if you had to do a level of a game but each time it shows you how you can forward backwards left and right it’s repetitive please put in a skip tutorial at least yo.

Love the game. Its honestly the best game since the game developers have started making games to the recent generations liking so thank you Peter for not doing the same On a side note I would like to suggest something Make a other worldly form for the snail that has health and defense stats higher than even dragon form but the other stats are the weakest among all forms and it would use both mutant and tech cells and to unlock it you would need to knock a ufo out of the sky with incense which gives things that upgrade your rocket to a less makeshift one and then you would have to get the gene sim unlocking items on a secret alien planet domain then once you complete the gene sim another polygon appears in you gene upgrades and snail menu which at that point you only have to buy the form for 7.5k wtads in the gene rewards shop thing Please do tell me what you think of this idea I can come up with a lot more ideas like it if you would like me to im usually good at this kinda if thing Anyway 😅 I talk to much don’t mind that tho please do consider this idea

really good foundation!!. This game off release is really good. the tutorial gives you all the beginning information, but there’s so much more to learn so it doesn’t give it all away. It is FAR from pay to win despite the common jokes in game of it being that way, it will give you a leg up, but there are plenty of ways to earn speed ups and better gear without money so it mainly just comes down to the player. There are SO MANY different things to do that there isn’t any “waiting” like with other games. There are even mini games that you can play to earn even more rewards which I love. This game is amazing, and I can’t wait to see what they add to make it even better!

First review. First review for this game, tbh it’s kinda mid Update to why it’s mid I’ll say the NPC lines can be kinda funny, but that’s abt it, I still give a 5 star in hopes the game can grow but I had too many problems with it, I’ll start with a basic list The tutorial is tooo Drawn out, maybe add a skip tutorial button so it’s not as painful The gameplay is lacking, its hardly an rpg, more an idle game, I use to be one of the top players on day one! In the #1 team! But the game is so unbearably boring I couldn’t keep up, or even keep playing it, not to mention how repetitive it gets, it’s the same exact fights, nothing changes The idea is cool, new, but I feel like it was just done wrong, don’t get me wrong the art is great! I like it, but I feel like it can grow from the criticism we give Overall, it’s fine, I would give it 2 stars, but I hope there can be a time where the 5 stars I give is fully deserved

A way to turn off world chat. The game is great is has great mechanics and it’s enjoyable to play to say the least. Great time killer buuuuuut and a big but, the games world chat is in the way/annoying. When I’m at base and I just see so many people saying things that shouldn’t be said or other particular jokes or something of that nature I want to delete it. I’m not going to just for the simple fact the game is genuinely fun and addicting in a different way. Manly want the production team to see this cause I feel like a lot of people would like the change and feel the same way about it. On my server a lot of people ask if they can and sadly they cannot.

DO NOT LISTEN TO THESE IMPATIENT REVIEWERS. I typically don’t play mobile games as besides Battle Cats which I rarely play nowadays, nothing really interested me. I often really joked about the stupidity of mobile games until I found this. Keep in mind, this is my first idle game!!! The people who say the tutorial is a bit long, I agree with. However, the e way they say its “CONFUSING” is just a really big LIE. The game is not confusing, the reviewers, for some reason, can’t even take a few minutes to take the time and learn the game as they play. For me, I completely understood the game after the tutorial. Also goes to show, the lack of attention span of these reviewers. I’m pretty sure if the reviewers who have so said that they have played a lot of idle games, they can spare a FEW MINUTES to just comprehend the game. It’s a fun game, and its honestly infuriating that people are disliking this game simply because they can’t even handle a tutorial and are just downright lazy to just learn. A pretty bad quality to have in life if you don’t take the time to learn.

I love this game SO MUCH!!!. Compared to every other idle games I have played, this is by far the best game their is. Its not ptw at all and not that grindy to advance further. Its very easy to get draws and items you need. This game is basically just free no need to pay a single penny for anything! You can easily get white tadpoles which is currency for alot of things easily. You also can progress the game faster with time skips. I dont wanna spoil anything from the game but if i can give more than a 5 star i would. Also the game is like ad free unless you wanna watch ads for items.

Finally a full game. Every app is the same. 5 minutes of gameplay, 3 minutes of ads and can’t continue without app purchases. NOT this game. It gives you the option to, but you don’t need to to actually enjoy/ play the game. No ads if you don’t want them! This game feels complete and the developers actually care. Great story, great mechanics, pretty funny commentary, and most importantly NOT a quick cash grab at all. The marketing I see on insta and such needs to be less gimmicky and lame but in my honest opinion, GREAT game.

Critical thinking game. This is an amazing game. The tutorial could use some work and was ALOT to digest and I was still confused. But after playing the game it’s amazing!!! They out a lot of hard work into this. I wish the fight screen was a bit bigger. But the whole game has an amazing storyline mixed with leveling up attributes, your dna and weapons. The only simple thing about this game is clicking through the fights. Everything else is about leveling different things to make you stronger. There’s relics, armor, dna, attributes, and you choose it all. The online chat is helpful and everyone’s really nice. The discord too. Lots of free codes to help you get more things. If you want an EASY game don’t download this. This is for people who like to be challenged and see great graphics. This game for sure has a target audience. It has ALOT that you can buy.. but there’s so many free codes and challenges that you don’t need to spend money unless you just want to support the game or are just impatient. Can’t wait for the update with club wars!!! I haven’t played another mobile game since this came out.

Just a clicker, dopamine generator. The game is basically just click to speed up your “exploration” and watch the game randomly land on some tiles where you get resources. You can evolve your snail, choose an attribute or skill that changes your appearance, and watch “battles”. Where battles are just each one colliding into the other on 10% of the screen. It’s basically all an auto battle game. Don’t know, maybe that’s intriguing to some people, but I don’t understand games where I don’t have to do anything. It’s just a ton of ways to trigger your dopamine response and it’s pretty scummy. The art is nice, but feels like a waste given that the game is a dopamine generator that requires no skill, forethought, or care at all. Just click, or buy speed ups so you don’t have to click but then there’s literally no gameplay at all, until your finger falls off or your brain numbs.

Amazing. If I could rate it 10 stars I would. It gets a little slow and grindy when you get pretty far, but when events pop up I can normally put a good 30 minutes in non-stop accepting rewards and doing challenges. Its so cute and fun and I love the fourth wall breaking with the development team, it makes me feel like they’re really working to make this as best as they possibly can. Keep up the work! -Derek

Wow. Found this game from an in-game ad one day before it officially released. I love how humorous and downright real and dirty this game can be. The tutorial is a litttttle excessive but the amount of features the game has is worth the long tutorial. I think the devs are quite brilliant. In particular, the notes and mini games are my favorite part. (If you want a cute ad free solitaire game download now!) The in game chat is also a huge plus. I seriously can’t get over how these guys thought of everything that makes a perfect online game into a community and shared experience. A+ game for sure with an interesting storyline that I’m excited to dig deeper in.

Read this review if any. This game should be played moreso for the story behind it as well as having fun upgrading your snail. There is no actual gameplay, just tapping. I can see why the game isn’t for everyone because of this, but this is certainly a great idle rpg game especially for those who are trying to get into them. For the people who find the game confusing, the dev put a guide IN THE GAME on better methods you should utilize to progress faster such as what to upgrade first and what pay to win packs are best to buy to get the most bang for your buck. Just play until you get to the guide, then read the guide. GL fellow snailers 🫡

Wow. I don’t usually leave reviews on apps or games but this one is an exception because leading up to its release on every other app gaming/social i was bombarded with ads telling me to download the game and play and the over saturation of ads led me to believe that it was another cash grab just doing whatever to get player engagement and downloads so i missed the first week of events but after a while i gave in and downloaded the game and let me say it’s been such an enjoyable experience. Haven’t spent a dime yet but the gameplay is good enough you don't have to spend money to get your times worth. That being said i plan to give the developers some money after all not for advancement in the game but to show my support. Thanks for making a good mobile game that takes me back to the days of flash games on computer.

Cut this tutorial. I've been trying to play this game for like 10 minutes but am unable to on account of being stuck in a tutorial that doesn't seem like it will end. I'm being ushered through what seems like the entire game all the while only being able to tap on the area of the screen that the game seems fit. It is horrible. I really only want to be able to change the sound settings so that I can listen to something else through my phone while playing the game, but alas, I must sit here and be handheld through a point and click adventure where the pointing is done for me. The mechanics of the game seem fine I am just fed up with this stupid tutorial. I may update my review after I'm done the tutorial, but I fear that day may not come. I might be sitting here clicking on whatever icon the game tells me for the rest of eternity. If I die before I finish this tutorial, tell my kids to finish it and report back to me in the afterlife. The game is actually pretty fun and the dev reply was nice so I redid my review but I like my writing here and think it’s funny while also being a good warning about the legitimately long tutorial.

Bad and long tutorial. Don’t waste your time.. It looks like developers tried to make something new. They did, their tutorial on the other hand is explaining old mechanics you get in all generic games, not only is it super long it’s also super boring, after 20 min into tutorial I wanted to uninstall this game, but I persisted just to see the game. Finally after a long time I reach the other shore, and the first thing I get greeted after tutorial is top up window. Really??? After torturing us with your tutorial you now wants our money before actually giving us anything of value. I am sure there is something new in this game. But pay to win aspect is still there.

Super Snail Online. Super snail is a sandbox-like RPG in which you create your own story, instead of following a laid out path, you explore a vast world consisting of different unique biomes. Everything you do has an impact on the world, as in the player-driven economy every piece of equipment is crafted by players from resources gathered from players. The equipment you wear defines what you are. Switching from snail Knight to snail magician is as easy as switching your armor and your weapon, or be a combination of the two. Venture into the world or into dungeons and face super snail’s inhabitants and wildlife. Go on expeditions to encounter even more challenges. Fight other snails in clashes. Fight over territory, or city control in tactical group battles. Relax by retreating to your personal shell. Build a shel, Grow snails. Raise snails. Join a guild! Everything is more fun when you work together. Leave your mark in the world. In super snail, every snail matters.

Best game I’ve played. A role playing game where your character starts out as a basic snail. It’s hard to explain game, but the art is great, the soundtrack and sound effects are perfect. It’s free to play, which is bonus… it’s not pay to win, but spending some cash will speed things up, and also support the dev team, which I’ve already done. I’ve been playing for about 3 weeks, so still a noob, snail-wise. Try it, you’ll like it!

Updated reaction. Jesus Christ this hand holding is horrible I was into it for the first part but now it’s like lemme just play the game already I wanna commit but I don’t need a parent sheesh ALRIGHT THIS IS THE UPDATE: After you finallyyyyyyy get past that tutorial, the game is FUNNNNN. Like real talk just power through that joint. Mannnnn you’ll at least be pleased if you like these kind of games. Like the snail changes and everything so you kinda feel like hmmmm let’s see where this thang can go. And they got some pretty cheeky comedy so you kinda wanna drop a dollar or two cause they funny with it.

Game is great. Honestly one of my favorite mobile games. The gameplay isn't too complex or difficult to understand, but at the same time there's a lot to do. I really love the mail system where you can obtain minions and buy items. My only REAL complaint is that the tutorial took ages to complete. Another thing I really love is that this game doesn't flood you with transactions or advertisements. All of the advertisements are totally optional to watch, and when you do watch ads you are awarded. The community in this game is very kind and helpful when it comes to asking questions about things you may not understand. 5/5 star!!

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Question.. how to give 6 star review???

Very fun game!. Love it!

10/10 Game!. I have played this game for maybe 10 minutes… I don’t really know time has escaped me. Its a pretty good game if you have Rick & Morty like humour! Anyway back to the game…

So good has been playing for the last 2 hours nonstop!. The game is really nice, I really enjoy the animation in between, good game play, good humor! One thing I would like to improve is the ability to ‘multi-evolve’ instead of doing it one by one. Overall really good game, thank you!

.. Boring

Great Game. 能不能加中文系统?

Game is good but….. Game is good but you won’t get full event rewards unless you spend money which is disappointing. Other than that I enjoy the game, just hate how it tries to force the shop on you, every opportunity it gets

long start but good. its cool

trash. i would rather clean my room than this, the tutorial is way too long and frustrating. i couldnt do anything for the first half of the game and it completely ruined my experience. for anyone who installs this again they have to go through that entire thing and it is so boring, not to mention how long the loading is. everything else is great but the tutorial is just horrible.

Yawn. I had to register with apple just to play, that was painful and off putting … then I got an award for completing a tutorial I didn’t complete so that was another annoying thing then I got bored watching the part I though I skipped and decided to go do the dishes. I don’t like doing the dishes. So that’s 8 minutes of my life down the drain and I feel I could have done something more productive with that time in my life. I suppose there is sone irony here snails are slow and boring and so was the game I tried to play for 8 minutes. I wasn’t sure about my star rating I wanted to give 2 stars because part of me imagined the poor person that spent countless hours making a game that wasted 8 minutes of my day. But empathy only goes so far and this review was about my experiences with the a game not the person or people that developed it. So after some significant reflection and internal debate I settled on 1 star and I’m comfortable with that decision. I think the straw that broke the camels back as far as the 1 star vs 2 star was the whole registering thing. It feels invasive and like I’m already making a serious commitment to a app that I haven’t even tried yet. Any way I hope this review provides the developers of the app that wasted 8 minutes of my day a keen insight into the typical phone users mind.

If you cant install whats the pt?. The game won’t even install? What is this? Poor testing and design?

Not fun gameplay. The gameplay was really bad

had this on auto download so i got it when it released. It’s downloading rn i hope it’s good, will leave a review later but the advertising team for this app is phenomenal

Snails Rule. Snails rule this game rulz, the story rulz, the fact it’s kinda like pachinko but an rpg rulz, the evolution rulz, 2007 rulz, ps2 rulz, my bro kody who I listen to Limp Bizkit with rulz. Is this a lucid dream?

I’m gonna see how it is first. First player :3

i cant play. help

I as here. First

Doesn’t download. It takes so long to download that my device just quits. I’m sure the game is great if you manage to download

I need help. This is not an review but from the videos I’ve saw it’s pretty good. Anyways when i try to play it’s just loading and when it’s finished it just says “something is wrong with your connection” and then I can’t play it happened times, so pls help I want to play

Tutorial is too long.. The tutorial is far too long, there should have been a skip button to skip the tutorial. You don’t have to go through every single thing in the goddamn game, we are humans who are capable of thinking, let us figure the game out ourselves sometimes.

coomer. bro he started slugging everywhere and then i started to slug and we were all slugging

Worlds Longest Tutorial. Man, I was clicking as fast as I could on everything they wanted you to touch, AKA all that you’re allowed to interact with until the tutorial is finished, and after like 10 solid minutes of having my hand held, I just couldn’t anymore. I threw in the towel and hit the delete button on my Home Screen for super snail. Please, for the love for Snail Jesus, add a skip tutorial button. I’d even be happy paying for no ads if there’s ads and it’s a cheap pack, but your tutorial is the first in history to make me delete the game due to how long and boring the tutorial is. Might even re-download and get a stopwatch out to see exactly how long a speedrun of the tutorial will take from your life. But please guys, it’s got potential, but my beard grew about four inches before I just straight up gave up and didn’t make it through the tutorial.

At long last an original game!. Original graphics, original setting, plenty of fun things to do. I’m hooked! Thanks to the devs!

Ok time sink but full of mobile dark patterns. Cool idler game but everything (I mean everything) trains you to click on red badges and funnels you towards the shop. These devs must be printing money

Cash grab. First off the game is a lot of fun once you get passed the tutorial however in the most recent event I’d you wanted to actually win you had to buy over $50 aud in packs to unlock the upgrade points which is bs I understand having lots of packs for materials and tadpoles but to complete an event isn’t fair

Stay away. This is an awful game Completely pay to win So many ads! Tutorial is over an hour and once that’s complete it is constantly putting notifications to buy gems!

Pls give me codes. I don’t know any codes for super snail please give me some codes

Snail. Snail good. Productivity bad

I would love it if you guys can create more enemies and more thing please. :)please do it

New game. Cute

Really good game. I really like this game, the aspect of story, exploration and relationships makes this a better idle rpg than most others. Nice game

Good game but languages please?. Can I please have Chinese (Simple & Traditional) languages version please?

This game is the best experience in my life. This game made me snail so hard I snailed all over the place saying “it’s snailing time” 10/10 would snail again

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Play this game NOW. No ads no glitches and it’s soo much fun and use this code called vip777 have a good day

Download this game. I played this game it’s super addictive but I don’t want to spoil it so the rest is up to you to find =)

Tutorial is AWFUL. I was excited to play this game but I couldn’t even make it through the tutorial is sooooooo long and it doesn’t let you skip it. There is no choice, you’re just forced to tap buttons over and over again. The game is simple to grasp but for some reason the tutorial makes you do the same thing over and over when it’s easy to learn the first time. I didn’t even finish the tutorial I just deleted the game.

VERY GOOD GAME. I recomend it because it doesn’t feed you ads unless you’re hungry. Same with the purchases. Rich lore and good gameplay and balanced dynamics. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️five stars -???

Worst game I’ve ever downloaded. I think this game is garbage it’s to easy game is for 2 year olds at the most it’s scammy and way too much adds and worst of all it has to plot u just click mindlessly it’s steals ur data so don’t even page ur credit card info anywhere on ur phone as long as u have this app and don’t bother using phub

First impression…. I’m intrigued: will keep on slipping and sliding for today!!!

Too big. 1.7 gigs for a mobile app game is way too big.

Need event for F2P. All the events are for P2W players and it’s hard for F2P players to progress.

Best game ever 😄. Nice funny game here just tale your time and relax 😌

cool game. I like game

Great Game. No ads, rewarding gameplay, and lots of content and progression. Probably one of the best mobile games I’ve played in a long while.

Awesome. It’s pretty fun. There’s some pay to win but overall it’s good! The devs did a good job making sure there was a wiki after the release so it’s not difficult to navigate the game.

Love it!. Loads of silly fun.

Honestly.. well done. It’s funny and way too enjoyable to be a phone game lol. No add pushing or micro transaction pushing. I got a reward for rating the game just by telling an NPC I liked it, didn’t even need to do this but it’s that enjoyable!

dope. sooooo fun love it love it guys very weird i never know when i’m supposed to be laughing but i love all my partners and the grind is *chefs kiss* delicious.

Snail. I’m not too much into phone games, let alone phone rpgs but this game is actually so much fun, it’s captivating from the second you launch it. 100% recommend this game!

omg I love this game. A lot of meme from all over the places. I really enjoy it

Honestly unique. It’s a really unique game, so many hidden stuff to get. So much story, just don’t start to spend money in it because you’ll never stop. Best point with this game is that there are always news things and a interesting way to battle efficiently that you need to read about to know by heart to be good!

Can’t do what I want too. I’ve been guided through whole game for the last 1.5hrs. If I wanted to be instructed through a whole game I’d watch play throughs and walkthroughs.

Alr. There is so much stuff it kind of makes my head hurt but I love that you can get baking wheel chair

Bad ads. Thirst ad made the game look cute, the second one displayed women’s cleavage.. I just don’t support that and it could have been avoided…

Good. Good game

:D. Nice game XD

Wont install please fix. I keep trying to download this game, but it won’t install on my iPhone 12 pro I will change my rating once I could install the game.

Really cute game!. Fun dialogue, the game tutorial is easy to understand, the game mechanics are easy to understand and the addiction starts immediately with tons of things to do right off the bat. Keep up the great work devs, I look forward to seeing what else you guys have up your sleeves creatively! ☺️

Best. Best snail related game of the year

Yawn. Honestly pretty boring and bland combat. Nice graphics though.

Bad. I just got home from work and downloaded this game but when i saw the tutorial i jumped out my window

Nothing interesting except of art style. There are many different recipes, resources, equipment in the game but you do not understand why you need all this. Because the main game is not at all interesting, you don’t have to do anything yourself, it looks like a slot machine. Just sit back and watch the snail collect some stupid resources, absolutely not addictive. Your activity is limited to scrolling between items on your hub and updating some things, and it's super boring. It is not interesting to understand, there is too much incomprehensible junk, which is not clear what influences and why it is necessary

Painful. About 2 years of painful tutorials

300k power. Pretty good for a little while, but now I’m at the point where I basically need to pay to increase my power.

This is a gambling format game. It has zero fun with gameplay, u less you get high off rolling for everything. The $ factor is obscene as well. I lasted an hour before being frustrated to the delete phase.

Fun. Great game, added 6 inches to my 🐓, it was either that or the pills I brought off of phub, either way great game

Hi. Hi

Bad Game. Every time I try to download this game, instead of it downloading, it just annoyingly resets the whole download while in the installing phase. I would never recommend using this game. Plus, I heard that there is an excruciatingly long tutorial that just teaches you how to mash buttons.

Game cant even download. I tried to download it about 6 time and the game once downloaded ask to be download again

This game is ointless garbage. The fact this trash was available for pre orderer is insane something tells me it’s just a game to data leak off devices don’t download china needs to keep there garbage off the App Store

Boring p2w.. Tutorial was extruciatingly long and unskippable, it was probably about 15 minutes straight of mindless tapping on buttons the tutorial wants you to tap without any room for choice, gameplay is nonexistent (everything is a stat based outcome), artwork is passable, if messy, however the colours are dull and objects of interest are scattered without much indication so its hard to find things that have use vs a part of the background, story isn’t charming enough to save it’s turbo ahh from becoming anything than a literal snail paced game. As a mostly f2p player, i dont see any reason to spend a penny on this garbage, especially considering the p2w starter chest is **500** white tadpoles, and 500 equals to about 12 dollars, so its laughable how the devs even acknowledge the game is trash and is only a p2w cash grab for basement dwellers with free time in the starter chests item description. I wouldnt be surprised if the game had a gacha feature to milk as much out of top 1 free game as possible, but as a gacha gambler, not even that would save my motivation to continue “playing” this game TLDR: Generic Pay to win garbage that has some of the least active gameplay i’ve ever seen for an idle game. Dont play this even if you’re bored, you’ll somehow become even more bored at the tutorial alone.

Pointless. This game is absolutely pointless. Can't believe I wasted the time, space, and energy in this ridiculous game. It's not even a game, it's basically a slot game that collects info from your other apps, by existing on your phone.

So good. I have been battling with cancer for 50 years now, thank you to the game for giving me the courage to stand up and jump out of window

Entertaining but slow to progress without spending.. Game is entertaining and fun and charming and offers lots of things to do. The game definitely is very very pay to win though, especially if you did not get the game on launch to obtain all the free goodies they gave out. It definitely will be a quite slow progression for those who plan to play f2p but I still recommend trying the game as it is entertaining and funny. The game does not force ads but it does offer you rewards for watching ads and it does actually make it worth it. Just an FYI if you are young or have a child you are downloading this for, keep in mind the chat in game tends to have lots of troublemakers who bypass swear filters and act like bigots and racists. They do get reported and muted eventually but just a warning for the young ones out there. Tldr: Funny and entertaining but super pay to win or stuck with slow progression (which still is fun it’s an idle game).

I can’t even download it. When it’s downloading it only gets to installing and then the download resets

Super addictive. This game is kinda confusing at the beginning, but if you keep playing and understand all the mechanics, this will genuinely be the best mobile game you will ever play.

Bad. Bad

Boring.. Too many elements for too little meaning.

Nice art but…. This game has really good art and is built around a good concept however gameplay wise you mostly just mindlessly tap around. I hate to be harsh but this game isn’t good. Have a nice day

Looks good. Super boring. Graphics are nice but it’s just click here when your told to click here. Repetitive with no choice, decision making or skill. I don’t know if the game evolves past this but I was way past boredom hoping for more when I deleted the app.

GAS.. Get it if you think I’m wrong meet me bout it

Great game. This is an amazing game! Great humour! Lots of different types of game play and a lot of Easter eggs. Best idle game I’ve played!

Good Art. Funny game and I love the art. No annoying ads so far.

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Too much of a good thing. The game makes me laugh. I do really like it, but at the same time, there is too much going on for my small mind to keep up with. Really I tried, but I am not sure how much longer I will be able to keep up with everything. The devs did a great job with this thing.

Kinda scummy. I’ve been playing the game for a while, really fun game once you get into it. Only complaint I have which has recently came up is buying anything in the game. You don’t have to pay for anything whatsoever, BUT if you choose to what the game says you’re paying is not what’s actually being spent. Have had several things cost way more than what it was saying it was. Won’t be spending anything else on this game.

This isn’t a game. Not even close.. At best, you could call this a mildly interactive book. There’s no action and there is no way to “accomplish” or “move on” in this product other than by clicking things and waiting for enough time to pass. For instance, when you enter a “fight” you can’t overpower the opponent by playing better, you simply have to have build up enough resources (which they loosely call stats) and then click and you win. You simply can’t win until enough time has passed and you have clicked enough things to build up these “stats.” The story is weird, but also mildly entertaining and mostly well localized. Anyhow this product should be moved from the games section and placed under the books section of the App Store. If it was there I would give it 3 stars. Here it gets one star because that is the minimum I can go but it is most definitely not a game.

The world chat is way too toxic. This game is one of the best mobile games I’ve ever played and I would give it a five star review. However, the world chat is just way too toxic. I highly doubt that there’s any way to fix this, however but due to the world champion way too toxic me getting reported twice just because I didn’t want to be bullied and me being bullied makes me lose a star and I would not recommend the game for kids because of the toxicity

Hello Devs!. I love playing this game, everything about it is so interesting and it has many mechanicsics that's you won't get bored of it. If I had to change one thing about it though, I would making you click while exploration would go faster without using speed up.

Make tutorial optional. For like 2 hours the game forces you to click only what they let you. It’s a long drawn out “tutorial” that is completely unskippable and acts as a frustrating start. Just let me play. But after the tutorial the game is amazing. Great art style, funny text and Easter eggs.

There’s a lot going for it. Overall I really like this game. There’s a lot to do and the mini games make it fun while waiting for tasks to complete. I’d 100% give it five stars if it weren’t for the fact that you can’t hide the chat. That seems like such a basic function that would make the game infinitely more awesome and the home base less cluttered. Otherwise it’s fun.

Another tap the red dot game. A humorous snail themed click adventure game with goal of getting better gear to beat tougher opponents and adventure further. However there are no combat mechanics, your snail can take 7hrs to complete one adventure unless you spend money, and every possible action is indicated with a red dot or exclamation, thus taking out the fun of exploration/self discovery. TLDR: If a 1 year old learned to tap on the color red, they would know how to play this game and also spend money on it.

I love snail. So much character and fun, I love it all between the goofy character and creative skits and mini movie clips and games in a game in a game. There’s so much to do for an idle game and things progress at a decent speed with new things to do or find or unlock. It’s just great and everyone should give it a chance. To those who made Super Snail you should be proud of this game! I know I have so much more to explore and enjoy and im looking forward to it! Thanks Peter jr

Awesome game however…. The game is super fun and full of life, and the jokes almost always land. However, the notifications can get very annoying, especially if you are trying to save resources for relics. if there was a way to turn off which relics you get notified about, that would be awesome. aside from that this game is fantastic.

Nothing really happens. I love idle games, I play all the greats. From idle miner, undead city, afk arena, cat cafe, etc etc. this game is just. Uneventful. The tutorial is WAY too long and too slow. It doesn’t suggest what you do it forces you to do things for waaaaay too long. Then when you get the freedom to do what you’d like, it’s all just the same. I was thinking “oh good now that I’m not on a rail so to speak, I’ll have some fun.” But no. It’s … it’s just bland. I hope people enjoy the game but I don’t think it’s for me because I pre ordered it and was all excited for a new idle rpg kind of game and yeah. No.

I like it. I was skeptical with all the adds they ran on social media , however for an idle game it’s not bad at all , it has a lot of fresh elements , you can be actively playing or legit idle . The artwork is funny and the little movie scenes and scenarios are entertaining. I like the exploring mechanism of almost a pachinko slot like feel.

A perfect game w a few things. I think overall the game and play is 5 stars, never been so excited about a mobile game. However, there are 2 BIG issues: 1. The servers are very unreliable. Even in a metropolitan area with Gigabit internet, sometimes things can bug and take time due to high server lag. 2. Wording is not clear. I “wasted” a significant ammount of money on an item (Angel Wings) thinking it would allow faster travel due to description (48hr, % speed of light). But this was a LIE, it is just a random crafting material and would have never spend irl money on it if I knew. (It is a complex game so I am kind of ok w tutorial even if it may be tweaked)

The G.O.A.T.. Honestly really fun game, there’s so much to do you can get stuck for awhile and there’s always something going on. Lots of freebies and you can actually progress at a good pace without a single purchase. I’ll be playing this game until the servers die or I do.

Time well spent. Love the game. The story is fresh, funny, and entertaining. Plenty of things to do while you wait. for time to go by. lots of waiting but its worth it because there are mini games you can play. Great game overall and will def recommend to anyone.

Annoying tutorial. I’ve been trying to go to the settings since the game started but it’s forcing me to tap buttons and it’s horribly annoying. Can I choose the “not a child” option? Really hate when games do this.

Great game but…. It is a good game but I think the combat aspect could be improved, for example maybe we could pick attacks instead of attacks just happening on their own and maybe it could be like a turn based rpg of sorts and maybe we could have other types of maps except for à monopoly map I guess and maybe the fighting screen could be bigger but otherwise it has great potential fun things to do and amazing graphics.

Monotonous. It starts off alright while you are unlocking new activities and it all seems special and unique. However this quickly devolves into just another idle game where you click on the same things and perform the same tasks over and over again. There is no real goal. You just gain “power” and get placed on a leaderboard where you can’t really improve unless you pay money. The interactions between clubs doesn’t even provide any entertainment, due to being an indirect war where you just watch simulated “battles” against computer enemies. It gets boring fast when the game is just a whole lot of nothing.

For dev. Please add more speed ups that are easily obtained( not spending 100’s of dollars). Ik it’s an idol game but like come on now if I wanna play for longer then 10-20 mins a day I need speed ups to progress and when you can only go through a lvl 1-2 times a day it’s really slow. On top of it say I spend 100$ on a bundle I might only get 2 days of speed ups, witch might seem like a lot but I can use those in 10 mins

Better than expected. I have been seeing advertisements for this game for probably almost a year before it even released and I had blocked it out as another corporate garbage game, although it seemed unique enough to at least try it, so I did. I cant speak to how the game progresses because im not that far yet, but I will say that it is extremely unique and fun in its own way, the only problem I have is that its quite confusing to know where everything is.

Long tutorial, didn't grasp it still. This seems to be a cute game by passionate people, but I had to point and click through multiple rounds of tutorial (no personal choices provided) and still didn't even realize what actual gameplay would be like. Felt like I was just pressing buttons. If they can condense that tutorial and improve the experience, I'm sure the game is fine. But I look to apps to relax and get absorbed. This wasn't it.

Just another micro transaction game. They try to get you hooked by playing the tutorial, then as soon as you’re done, they try to make you spend $1 (it’s 0.99, but we all know that’s just a sly way of pretending like you’re not just spending $1) on some rookie pack. This is another micro transaction game that will attempt to bleed you of as much money as they can to play their game. There are games you buy and own, forever, don’t feed sharks like this that want to nickel and dime you. If the developer replies, don’t fall for it, they just want you to spend money, not have a quality gaming experience.

Tutorial is rough. Tutorial takes way too long, wish you could explore during it. At one point I just stopped reading and started clicking whatever it wanted me to just to get through it. Only just finished it and it wants me to rate it so here I am, don’t have a real impression of the game yet just kind of annoyed at the tutorial

Very well designed. Great game. It is not difficult to learn. Just pay attention to the tutorial. It’s quick and painless. The more you play the game, the more you will understand what is going on. Unlike most idle games it doesn’t lead into long wait times and boredom. The Dev’s know what they’re doing. Well designed. Humorous. (Free to pay. Play to Win.) And tons of FUN. Treat yourself to a bit of quirky sci-fi and download.

HELP. Developers, the ads you put up for this game look phenomenal and u really wanna play it but when I try to download it it just restarts and downloads again and again, but it never lets me play the game. And if you do respond to this, don’t use one of those AI responses such as “thank you so much for the feedback! We will put our game devs on it right away.” Ok? Just fix it.

Good game but one issue. I just got this game and it has been a good time so far but there is one thing that I don’t think is right it’s the fact that you can’t report people who are doing and saying bad things unless you have enough game that’s like telling the people who see bad things and want to get rid of them that they aren’t popular enough to do that

Uhhhh, WHAT?. That’s the feeling you’re going to get the first 20 minutes of what seemed like an hour tutorial which ain’t really a tutorial. Just the game telling you what to press and the outcome of it . This game throws so many things at you with no explanation that you’re just stuck looking lost . Then when you are finally done the tutorial you realize it taught you absolutely nothing and you feel even more loss . Game tries too hard and packs on wayyyyy too much in the beginning with NO explanation

AMAZING. I got this game cause I saw so many ads and I thought it won’t hurt to try it out. I played for a day.. then the next… then the next… and i have kept playing since. The game is amazing!!! The gameplay is fair and easy and there is so much to do! Battle, Shop, Cry due to not having enough tadpoles to activate a relic or buy something important in the shop… it’s amazing

Amazing!. This is the perfect balance of F2P-P2W! On top of that, there are sooooo many pop culture and obscure references that keep you guessing and entertained. The amount of content and hidden gems in this game is mind boggling and the story is fantastic as well! Ever time you open the app, there’s something for you to do, even if you don’t know it yet! I rate this 7/9 stars!

Problem with pre-order. When you guys said that you 100 free draws if you pre-order. I did and never got it. That made really upset. If your working on getting everyone please. Because everyone really wants that 100 draws. Please fix this problem.

Tutorial is painful long. Break it down and let us do a few of our own clicks in between tutorials instead of one big long painful tutorial. I have tried to play twice now and the long tutorial is such a turn off. The game have good reviews, maybe I will try to play it another time.

Too Much. Far too much going on here. I understand not wanting a game to be overly simple or basic, but there is such as thing as too much. So much being shoved in your face in such a short time I can’t keep track of it all. Not to mention a very long forced tutorial that stops me from trying to slow down and figure the game out for myself. The core gameplay looks alright at a glance, but there’s no way I have the patience to try and get into this game.

Good game. Great game all around. The tutorial was a bit confusing, but once you get used to the mechanics it’s very fun. You’ll get sucked in and spend hours playing. The time speedup mechanics are nice and aren’t super intrusive to force you to spend money. The game is actually pretty funny and there are some fun jokes here and there to keep it entertaining.

Great Game!. I truly fell in love with this game. There is so much to do yet I still find myself waiting for stuff to happen which is good. I love a challenge. Honestly it would be 5 stars but recent updates have my game freezing after watching an ad or simply swiping. I understand it just needs a bug patch but I can get frustrating. However. I’d love a game like this but not this too. So I can juggle the two!

no instant access to settings is rude.. When do I get to play the game. I was led to believe I had to beat 3 missions in order to unlock the settings as the prompt states when you attempt to tap it before the gameplay, but I was very mistaken. My snail has evolved 5 times and I still can’t turn off the annoying sounds forced to play in silence until the game stops playing itself and give me control of the next step instead of circles guiding my every step. I’ll update you 🫡.

This game’s cool. This is an amazing game. I usually dont wrote game reviews but this game deserves it. Ads and things buyable by money aren’t forced onto you. This game is simplistic, it is easy and yet hard at the same time the game gives a lot of freebies and you get a great start however it doesnt just immediately become easy when you do get that great start unlike most other games.

Bait n switch. This game is nothing like the commercial. It’s very slow very boring.. the fight scenes even on the iPad. I have to squint and get real close just to see the action.. you don’t get to fight it does the fight for you. Reminds me of one of those 1990s toy cartoons were the kids are having an amazing time with action figures., then you buy it and it’s like what do I do?.. don’t download this game takes up too much space and it’s boring as a word puzzle, actually, a word puzzles more fun of this.

Way too much going on. That’s a weird complaint to make about a game, but there is genuinely way too much going on in this game. The tutorial never seemed to end, and I legit didn’t have any idea what I was doing or clicking, other than what it told me to do. Like a lot of similar phone games, this was not fun and was most likely a way to make money. I legit cannot tell you as it has one of the worst intros I’ve ever seen a game have. 15 minutes in, still on the tutorial (which I sped through), and I’m lost, confused, and bored. Uninstalled it. Graphics were nice though, I guess.

Was excited for this to release didn’t disappoint. Was waiting for this to come out looked awesome on the ads and game is exactly like that different from a typical mobile game fun and funny you can spend money if you want or not I typically do buy packs here and there would recommend

Incredibly fun and made with love. The animations and graphics are so fun, and best of all, NO ADS. The progression is smooth and I never feel pressure to spend real money. Dialogue is hilarious and I found myself laughing out loud a couple times. Would highly recommend to everyone and anyone.

Pretty original. A game with a simple upgrade system, also balances the idle and active side of the game fairly well. However it does have the issue with atleast where im currently at the choices you make are permanent, so try not to pick the wrong upgrades.

AAA Title. Iv played thousands of apps in my many years of gaming and THIS IS THE ONE! It literally has everything in such a small but explosively huge world! You’ll see what I mean I promise you that. Action packed combat to so many endless upgrades and not to mention the loot. It’s good! O and this is the first time Iv written a review about a video game if that says anything. It’s a must play

Great Game. Awesome game super addicting I’ve had a lot of fun although my only two stipulations about it are I wish you could hide the chat menu and I wish that you can add friends so that they can join your club easier without the game being in the same server

Best game I’ve ever played. I’ve always struggled finding a good mobile game. I saw this game on pre order, and I said why not. Forgot about it until it downloaded onto my phone and since then I play up to 4 hours a day. I love how the creators are so connected with their community. There is so much to do in this game, you will never have a dull moment. It’s a fast paced idle game, with a great story. Love you devs!!!

Good Game but the adds lied. So it is a really good game but I downloaded it from and add that Said “free 100 withdraws” and when I joined the game and got to the “withdraw” part thingy they hadn’t even given me 50 for free let alone 100! But other than this this game is wonderful and has either no ads or so little ads I forget they exist!

The biggest mess on the App store. This game is meant to confuse you with the ridiculous amount of excessiveness. Every action has 15 steps to follow. Want to explore? Well here’s 100+ unnecessary actions to make it as confusing as possible. Want to upgrade something? Here’s 100 more. It’s awful game design meant to add as much useless derails as possible so there’s more to spend your money on. I have 0 idea how this game is ranked as high as it is with its reviews. It’s a 1-2 star game at most that’s marketed to be a 4-5 star game. Save your time and wallet and go play something else

I have to give them this. I just tried using x10 lottery tickets and an NPC popped up stating there’s a lottery event happening in 1.5 days and they recommend saving tickets. First time I have ever seen a game do this for their user base. Instantly had to come here to rate it 5/5. Thank you devs for this fantastic game!

Developers need to learn math.. Fun game but not quite enough to do. Constantly find myself with nothing to do. Also developers are bad at math or don’t know how numbers function. I have 1.1 million power and I’ve lost to 700k power before. I have 40% more power, there’s no skill involved, so I guess their math just doesn’t work? Idk it’s annoying, they need to get it together cuz none of the numbers really mean anything in this game.

Finally. finally a game I can give 5 stars I wish I could give more stars a development team that actually care about there players I am very happy that this game doesn’t kill it with ads like most and better yet not pay too win too I truly hope the game stays this way because you game rocks

Awesome art style and story. This game has been a ton of fun, I really love the art style and writing. There is so much to do in the game, got addicted to a few of the minigames. The devs don't try to shove micro-transactions down your throat like is the norm for mobile gaming. Very refreshing to see this amount of care and detail put into a mobile game, great work devs. :)

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Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 1.7.3
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The application Super Snail was published in the category Games on 03 August 2023, Thursday and was developed by Qcplay Limited [Developer ID: 1044966397]. This program file size is 1.61 GB. This app has been rated by 19,290 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Super Snail - Games app posted on 19 September 2023, Tuesday current version is 1.7.3 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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Welcome to Snailverse! So, rumor has it that our tutorials are as long as they are, well, interesting. It's all because our quirky monkey devs are dead set on making sure you discover the Easter egg we've tucked away. Just stick with the newbie tutorial for a smidge, and mark my words, Super Snail is gonna blow your mind with gaming goodness! Get ready for a snail-tastic adventure!

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