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Tile Busters Game Description & Overview

What is tile busters app? Playing just 10 minutes of Tile Busters every day will sharpen your mind. Prepare for challenges of daily life and keep your memory fresh. You will enjoy yourself for hours with this game!

Enjoy this tile matching game and clear the board by solving puzzles. The puzzles will relax your brain while boosting your intelligence. If you enjoy solving challenges like Match 3, sudoku or mahjong, you will love the calming effects of this game.

You will want to come back to solve the daily puzzles with varying mechanics and plenty of rewards. There are a variety of puzzles and many unique games that are updated daily.

Complete beautiful towns as you solve the unique and ever-changing puzzles and make sure to check out the beautiful paintings and elements.

• Tap to match 3 of the same tiles on the puzzle board
• Relax by Clearing the Board
• Use strategy to overcome Ice, Chain, Glue and Tile Maker blockers
• Compete against other players in Tournaments, Leagues and Car Race
• Race against yourself in Time Challenges
• Use 5 unique boosters and implement your tactics
• Challenge yourself and train your brain with thousands of evolving puzzles
• Build and explore different Towns with unique themes!

Increase your zen, train your brain and stay in the moment with this mindful puzzle game. Start Tile Busters today! It's perfect for whenever you get bored or need a break!

This game is much harder than it looks and absolutely addictive!!

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App Name Tile Busters
Category Games
Updated 06 October 2023, Friday
File Size 231.05 MB

Tile Busters Comments & Reviews 2023

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Be careful purchasing features/bugs. I’ve made many in-game purchases because I found it enjoyable. However, I recently purchased the Summer Journey feature that runs for 15 days. I had banked up over 4.3k gold coins (5 coins for each level). However, after the feature ended I should have been able to collect those coins but when the feature finished, it just disappeared and I could not collect the coins. I’m not sure what caused this. I did do a game update before opening the game and that is when the feature was gone. The timer ran out overnight while I was sleeping. Perhaps the update caused this. In any case, I contacted support and after 2 days was told their developers would look into and restore any coins I lost. That was 3 days ago and they will no longer respond. I paid for something I did not receive and while it isn’t that much money, it is frustrating. So instead of keeping a customer who would have made many more purchases I guess I’ll have to find a different game.

Love this game. I am addicted to this game and when I open the game it’s stuck on balloon race and doesn’t have an x in the top right corner to close it out. I just did the update thinking that might fix it but it didn’t. Does anyone have any suggestions?

A fun concept but a scam!. Unfortunately the developers of this app were thinking more about making money than gaining followers and positive reviews. You can only get so far in this game without dumping dollar after dollar into it to only be stuck on the same level. It’s impossible to pass certain levels without additional cheats, which cost money, or more lives, which also cost money. Great money maker for you but frustrating for us average folks.

Crashes every time. I loved playing this game but unfortunately can’t really play anymore because it crashes constantly. It specifically crashes when I open it and the pop up for the Bronze event comes up. I emailed seeking support but didn’t get a reply. Even when it worked, the amount of ads and pop ups when you open it was obnoxious, but I understand it’s to support the free version and it seemed worth it. But now I’m just frustrated and downloaded a similar game instead.

Fun game but do not purchase add-ons!. This is a very addicting game! I never spend money on games, but I decided to purchase a few extra coins and shuffle options, etc. for this one. I immediately regretted it because as soon as I tried to shuffle, the tiles stopped moving, so the only way to beat the level was by using all the moves I had just purchased. They should’ve lasted a long time but there was some glitch where spending money seemed to break the game. No response from developers when I opened a ticket. So, this game will be great as long as you don’t spend any money on it!

Add free my Aunt Fanny!. I was lured in by an actress on FB stating that this app was ad free unless you wanted to watch to get more points. That is a blatant lie!!! Just like so many other apps once you hit a certain level there is a lengthy add stream that you HAVE to watch to keep playing. So disappointed because I am hooked on this game and I didn’t see any ads unless I requested to watch them. Don’t believe everything you see on FB! 🤬

Beautiful graphics and animations. So, I saw an ad for this game that involved serving up food and beverages or something to customers. The objective was to serve the customers’ orders without error. I downloaded the game and have yet to see anything similar to the ad. What’s up with that?

Fun game but…….. I really enjoyed this game and basically played it most of the day and had fun. Now I have reached a point that you have to play fast before the bombs go off. That has completely taken the fun out of the game. Adds a level of stress and failure that no longer is relaxing. Please take those bombs out and let us keep enjoying this game!!

Starts of fun, then turns to luck. This is a fun game, and it’s right up my alley. I even paid to turn off the ads. However, as the levels progress it starts to get to a point where you have levels with tiles all stacked up on top of each other. In order to win these levels you have to rely on luck, or spending lives or power ups because if you guess wrong, your done for. I like logical puzzles, but when it turn to luck, I’m turned off quite a bit. If you can fix these levels to remove the “luck of the draw” mechanics, you will have a VERY good game on your hands!

Almost perfect, yet some issues. I absolutely adore the game itself. Could play the levels endlessly for hours. But my problem is that I HAVE done that, and now the levels are in the 2000s, and there’s no way to reset the game to the beginning, which is what I’d really like. At this point it takes like 50 levels to make any progress on building the towns, and the level of rewarding feelings from the game greatly diminishes, when it’s this tedious to make any progress, measured in the game by completing these towns. One other major thing I wish was different was that as much as I love building the towns, there’s no way to view towns you’ve already built once you’ve moved to the next. I’d love to look back on them. If these issues were fixed, this game would be absolutely perfect in my eyes.

Fun but….Ads are annoying. I love this game. I really do. It’s challenging enough without making me want to delete it, but instead making me think harder about solving the puzzle. Then they added the Calendar Puzzle, which I enjoy probably more than the main game. But having to watch a video every time you fail or miss a day is HORRIBLE. I would gladly pay to get rid of the ads or go back to charging 10 coins. But those ads are super annoying. If that gets fixed, this would easily be a 5 star game.

Stuck. I absolutely loved this game played at two or three times a day while I was recuperating from surgery. Then all of a sudden I got stuck on level 150 I’ve tried eight or nine different times to get past that level and I can’t. So right now I’m ready to just remove the app from my phone. Since I can’t get any further, I’ve lost interest, so I’m ready to just remove the app.

Love this game cont’d!. I have now FINALLY passed the level I was stuck on for so long. I had run myself out of coins and tools so could not even play the calendar games to finish July. Now that I’ve moved on and have coins again, I can not access July calendar to finish it. Oh well. I would still like to see awards given in sets of 2 or 3, or 5 like some other games. Or, the ability to earn more coins somehow. 10 coins for passing each game isn’t a lot when you look at the price of the better tools are 240 coins and up!

False Advertisement. While the game and its concept are fun (I’ve played the type before) I downloaded it through an ad that showed a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT tile game. Where you matched them as the tiles MOVED and had a risk of not doing so fast enough before they reached a certain line. Deleted after 4 levels since it wasn’t what I was lead to believe it was. Severely disappointed, not because it’s a bad game, but because they lied to me about what it was even about. Why not just show an accurate advertisement??

I enjoy this game, but…. I enjoy this game, but it’s near impossible to play without spending money. Either they don’t give you enough time so you have to use coins to extend the time, or they is no way to beat a level without using an item. This would be fine if they gave you more than 10 coins for beating a level. I’m okay with a game being hard, but it shouldn’t be impossible without spending money. I did pay to remove ads, which helps but only getting 10 coins is making the game less fun. Also, the cards are pointless because it’s incredibly hard to complete a set. Once you complete a set, the reward isn’t ready worth it.

Incredible until it froze. This quickly became my favorite game, until it froze a couple weeks ago. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times and have yet to get it to work again. I thought maybe it was just me, but then my girlfriend also started playing the game and got to about the same amount of progress before it froze hers too. I paid to not have any ads (I know, silly purchases, but this game genuinely was worth it) and now I can’t even play. I’m hoping a future update will fix it or that someone from their team will see this and help me out!! I keep wanting to play but it just won’t load!!

False Ad. I am like the others who say they watched an ad and were expecting the game to be the same. This is false advertising. I kept playing levels, thinking I would get to the ad of serving people that was advertised. Please don’t do that to people when advertising your game, if that’s not what the game includes. I was generous with 4 stars 🫤

Too many long ads!. I’m not paying to take the ads off, so I’m going to stick with the game Royal Match, no ads and you build points and extra time really fast. My other few games have no ads either. I’ll keep this one up only to see if they get rid of all the ads but won’t be playing till they do or I’ll just delete it. I’ve told others about the game because I do like it but also told them about all the ads and they won’t even open it now.

Fun game. I’ve been playing for a few months now, I really enjoy it. I especially like the Puzzle Calendar but unfortunately as of today it is not working. When I try to close it out (since I can no longer play it) I can’t hit the X to close, the whole game is froze and I have to close the app.

Frustrating. I bought a bonus pack for $1.99. Nothing happened. It said my purchase went through. When I tried to check for my purchase and click on the free bonuses that came with said purchase the whole screen reset like I hadn’t pressed purchased anything. I tried it again. I got the message saying the purchase went through. I realized that I neither got what I paid for or the freebies that came with it. Then for help it sends you the the SPYKE game careers page. Terrible game that steals money.

Other than constant push to buy coins…. They are constantly trying to get you to buy coins, but you can “X” off all of them. Sometimes it’s like “JUST LET ME PLAY! DANG!!!” They don’t make you watch ads for other games unless you want free lives. I do recommend this game/app. Highly addictive. I have it on my iPad and iPhone (2 different accounts) so I can keep playing on another device while lives are re-generating. A++++

Relaxing. I enjoy this puzzle so much. It relaxes my mind, body and soul. But the only thing that I don’t like about this puzzle is the ads which are being shown over and over again. At some levels the puzzles are very challenging. I just love challenges. Try it you will love it. I promise that you will.

Like The Idea. While I like the concept of the game, I’m a little frustrated by the Daily Puzzle calendar. It used to only make you play the day once to get credit for it, and now I have to play it 5 times before I get a check mark? Also, when it was already September 1st, in the game it still had the August calendar, but still let me do the first day of the challenge, yet they fixed they calendar the next day, and I then had to watch an ad to play the first level again. Small annoyances, but still annoyances nonetheless.

Not Quite Like Ad. The ad made it seem as though there would be customers in addition to making matches. This is not the case you are only making matches.

Gold Rush SCAM. UPDATE: support finally responded and said they had added the coins I was owed. the coins STILL have not been added, which I wrote back to inform them days ago… this game, while fun, is definitely out to SCAM you! there is a game within the game called Gold Pass. if a player pays $8 of *actual money*, the Gold Pass game keeps track of how many coins are earned during the promotional period, at the end of which the player is supposed to open a chest and receive the earned coins. THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN. the promotional period ends, the Gold Pass game disappears, and the player has been scammed out of $8. any attempts to get help from the game creators using the Support tab go unanswered. I sure wish this wasn’t the case because I have given the game creators HUNDREDS of actual dollars. so I guess the scam is working well enough that they don’t need to do right by their players. just be smarter than I was and DO NOT FALL FOR IT!

Advertisement Shows Screen Full of Dice to Match. Advertisement shows screen full of dice to match which was not in the game. Starts off matching like is shows in the screens for the game in App store. I wanted to play the screen full of dice. Played 20+ rounds hoping I would get to this level. I don’t know if it is a much higher level or in the game at all but THAT is what I downloaded to play so I was really disappointed. Ended up deleting because it’s not the game I thought it was. Please advertise the short play so people don’t get disappointed looking for the screen of dice immediately or change to game to the advertised dice play. Just my opinion.

Match three. It’s refreshing to be able to play a game all the way to the end without loud advertising popping in and interrupting your thought process. There is still advertising, which I don’t mind, it’s when they barge in on you in the middle of the game that I don’t like. I am enjoying this. Thank you

Too many pop ups. I don’t even just mean ads. I get that you can pay to remove ads, that’s standard for mobile games. What’s 1000x more obnoxious is all the non-ad pop ups. It takes minutes sometimes to close all the random windows that pop up when you open the app each time, the stupid collectible cards, duels, win streak promotions, asking you to buy the in game currency, etc. I’m like can I PLEASE just play the game??? Please?? I’m begging you I just wanted to bust all over these tiles.

Where’s the dice?? FRAUDULENT GAME. Like lots of others, I downloaded this game based on social media postings on the part of the developer advertising a completely different game. The game shown on both Instagram and Facebook is NOT the game linked in their posts. It’s a bait & switch and one that I’m sure they’re well aware of. It gets people talking & the algorithms keep bringing you back to it. They’re banking on the fact that you’ll download the game and play it hoping you’ll stick with it & forget that they baited & switched. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME IF YOURE LOOKING FOR THE DICE GAME. IT WILL NOT WORK!!!!

Not the ad but cool game. The ad that made me click the game was very misleading but it’s a cool game to play. I was looking for an easy strategy game to play when I’m tired of scrolling through social media. There’s also cool prizes and level ups for playing so I like that too

Mahjong meets kids. Pro: Tile play is fun and different. If you purchase the game, it says it will get rid of ads. Con: 1) If you accidentally trigger an ad, you can’t get out of it. In the timed races, that’s bad. 2) The activities between games encourages purchasing card packs to collect stuff, just to have it (or trade it). But winning cards is hard. 3) Winning levels gets you “hammers”, that let you hammer at town locations to reveal them. That isn’t gameplay any more than when (as a kid) you hammed pegs through holes. At a certain age, you expect more. 4) I passed level 100 and there was no game story to connect the cards to the hammered towns , or even to the player. All the extra stuff between tile levels made the game unenjoyable. I will be deleting.

REQUIRES JUST ENOUGH THOUGHT TO DISTRACT YOURSELF FROM YOUR THOUGHTS!. I was trying to decide why this game is so addicting for me. I think it’s because it occupies my mind just enough to be a distraction - but also doesn’t require toooo much thought. Great for a mental break. I paid for no ads. Look forward to the card trading that is coming. Sometimes it’s the little things - the little contests etc - that give me just the small break from real life that I am looking for. I really enjoy this game!

Need Puzzle Calendar as it’s own game!!!. There is a lot I really like about this game and a few annoying things too. I did pay for ad free and it was completely worth it. I also buy a few things here and there. The puzzles themselves are great. I do feel as I get to higher levels sometimes it’s easy to get stuck (oh those frogs!!!) and that’s OK, just enough though to make me frustrated to stop playing for a bit. My new favorite thing is the Puzzle Calendar and if I could find that as a game by itself that I could pay for NO ads on it I totally would!!! Please consider that. I love those puzzles in the calendar but the ads to play back days is quite annoying. Wished I could get rid of those. All in all it’s a very good game and I don’t even mind all the “shop” things as I know the developers just want to get paid for their creation. I never mind paying for quality.

Fun until it became impossible. This became my new favorite game and I even paid to remove the ads. I was able to win the streaks and it was so much fun to play. Now it’s almost impossible to complete certain levels. I’ve almost depleted my coins and it takes 2-3 boosters to complete levels. The tiles are the same if I try again on a level. It would be nice if they changed a bit. I’m going back to playing Royal Match because it’s fun to play, has no ads and the tiles change so I’m not stuck with nothing to play.

Great game but…. Love the game. Became instantly obsessed after my daughter had me play a level on her phone. I downloaded and was playing constantly in my free time. I even Paid for no ads. Then yesterday for seemingly no reason the game won’t let me play. It would load the main screen with none of the events on the sides. Wouldn’t let me click on the level or anything. Just like it was frozen. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Now it won’t even load. Just sits on the title screen saying “Loading” the entire time I have the app open. Would be 5 stars but I can’t play anymore now.

Nice. This is such a great game. The only problem is the ads and how they don’t give out enough free game time or barely any gifts. That’s what compels me to spend money is if they are giving something too. But if all you want is money for every single thing without giving something substantial back then you are like a thief. I never stay long with apps that operate like this but for the time being it is a really nice game.

Great game but…. This morning as I was getting into the game, I got stuck on the frog lily pad page and I don’t see a way back to the main game board. I go completely out and back in, it does the loading thing and switches to the correct board…for half a second then switches to the contest with other players frog lily pad page. It’s like it’s frozen on one page.

Friend functions. It was very exciting to see all the things you could do between friends. Only to get them same message everywhere. Coming soon.. hopefully it’s a part of the game that will be introduced sooner than later. Makes it feel like it’s half done, otherwise great game.

Where’s the boards it shows on all the adds. I like the game, however, I’d like to do the boards that all the apps on the games show who’s is not these ones. I am having issues with this for some reason the game won’t load at all it updated two days ago…it just thinks abt it forever.

Problem with the ballon race. Once you click to play the ballon race it locks up and there isn’t a return button to go back to the game. Also, you need to rethink the necessity on some levels to clear top before side. It seems like a money grab.

Stupid app!!!!!!!!. Just discovered and love it! Then the silly car race started crashing at he app and I can’t make it stop. Have deleted and reinstalled so many times. I’m already at level 145 and there is no way to reach support. When I click on support, it takes me directly to their career page. So frustrated with this app. Have looked everywhere online for support. What I have discovered is this seems to be a VERY REGULAR OCCURRENCE. Save yourself the frustration I am experiencing and move on past this garbage app that nobody is watching. Screw Spyke!

Stop timed levels. Update: REMOVE THE STUPID FROGS!!!! All they do is block moves until you fill up the blocks with other tiles until you lose. This doesn’t make it challenging in a fun way AT ALL!!! It’s the absolute worst addition to the game. Reducing stars for this for sure. I really enjoy playing but wish there was a way to bypass or stop timed levels. It turns an enjoyable game for me into a stressor and I hate them. Also as some others have stated, way too many extremely long ads. If this is what keeps the game free, I can deal with them but they shouldn’t have to last forever.

This game is really fun. I have really enjoyed this game. Part of what I enjoy is playing against other people. If you make a mistake a couple of times you have to buy more coins etc. I played another game like this and ended up deleting it because I was spending $30 per week. I have other games that I enjoy that don’t require constant buying. Too bad though. If you have a lot of cash on hand: Go for it!!!

Great game. I am loving this game soo much! My only complaint is that it takes FOREVER to get new lives and there’s no option to watch free ads or anything to obtain more. I rarely get the unlimited free lives booster but when I do, I can play as long as it lets me without losing interest. I wish there was more opportunities for free lives, option to not pay real money for more lives but instead watch an ad or something and that the time between getting a refill lives went quicker. I also feel like it’s hard to save enough money to buy the better boosters.

Hype. I appreciate the need for advertising. Everyone needs to get seen. This game is very similar to the ads that brought me here and similar to other games I have played but I don’t think advertising and bait and switch should be synonymous. As such tactics go, this is one of the least offensive, it still qualifies though. I am enjoying it but it would be better if it was properly labeled.

Not Enough Lives. This game is really fun and has brilliant pvp mini games that I really enjoy. I would give the app 5 stars but, if it weren’t for only giving you 5 lives and having to wait 20 min to get another I would enjoy the game more. At least put the time down you have to wait to get lives or give us more. I should be able to solve a puzzle without having to wait constantly to try again.

I enjoy the game but…. … when you get to a certain level you can play streaks. But if your phone dies or you turn it off while playing a level, it sends you all the way back to the first level. For example, I was on level 36 of streaks last night when my phone died. When I got up this morning to a fully charged phone I was back at level 1!!! What gives?!?!

Not enough coins for the win. This is a very addicting game. I played this everyday to sharpen my mind. The annoying part is (sometimes i even want to delete the game)… you need to spend more than triple the amount of coins than what you win just to be able to proceed with the next level or at least finish a daily game. Why can’t you give more coins for players to win and spend them just the right amount on how we can proceed to the next level?? Like for the daily games, i have to spend like 50 or 100 coins just to finish the level and then you only get 10 coins if you win?? Come on developers, don’t be too cheap on giving away more coins or at least make the next level cheaper!! So i can invite my friends to play this.

This is a scam. I’ve spent too much money on this game. We are rewarded 10 coins for ALL games no matter the level of difficulty. It cost 250 coins to continue a failed game. The math ain’t mathing. We earn stars that we can’t use. What good are they. Stars should be able to be used to continue games or to purchase life lines. It cost more coins to continue a game than it cost if you actually win a game. You are forced to spend real money when you are progressing in the beanstalk then they hit you with a really hard game or timed game and you loose all progress you made.

Completely fun mindless entertainment. I’m really enjoying this game and as it turns out, if you can count to 3, there’s not too much strategy involved. I play it at night before I go to sleep sometimes, instead of coloring or watching pimple popping videos. I find the repetition very soothing and I fall asleep usually after 2-3 games. If your just looking for something that’s easy and doesn’t require too much thought, this isn’t the perfect game for you. Like I said before, you just have to count to 3!

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Not bad, but way too many ads. The game started off okay, I was skeptical as many games advertise false gameplay. The levels are challenging but fun to play. However, once you start getting up in the levels the ads become far more frequent which is frustrating. So much so, I have now deleted the app, it’s not worth my time and energy to sit through those ads.

Tedious waits. Love this game …but once u run out of lives u have to wait 25 ish. Mins till u get another life unless of course u spend ur coins…no one wants to wait or has the time to wait 2 plus hours till all 5 lives are refilled …ur just really getting into this game and suddenly all lives are gone and then u wait…tedious and boring and takes the fun out of it …shorter wait times between lives !!

Vick_ee. So much fun good for mental health

Disappointing. Not even like the ad that came up advertising the game.

Adds. There are just too many ads, you lose your momentum. After seeing the Royal Match advertisement about 100 times I decided to download it, that game has no ads.

Relaxing. Relaxing and each level a new challenge

The game. Nice being able to play ADD FREE. Nice and colourful with some brain work 😎👍

My favorite game but. Sometimes the level is just too hard and i am not buying anymore points. I paid to subscribe so there should be no ad but sometimes it still tricks me so i can get more points. All in all happy with the games.

Love the game. Not like the ad but still really fun!

Promo ads to download game completely deceiving. It’s just a tile match game, not cooking for customers game as advertised.

Fun, but too many ads. A fun game, but ads increase in frequency as you level up to a point where you get an ad every second level. You have to pay $9.99 to get rid of the ads.

Forcing things on players is a bad idea.. Seriously!!! Forcing me to shut down up to 10 special offers including one forcing me to watch a video. Had to shut the game down and restart before the game would load without the offers. If this is where the developer is heading, l will delete the app. I initially downloaded it for a bit of fun. Not to be bombarded with offers l will not make use of & be forced to pay the devs.

Amazing and Super Fun. Tile busters is a Wonderful game it’s super fun,vibrant and engaging.Haven’t enjoyed an app game this much for a long time great job :)

Not happy. Just down loaded this game thought it looked interesting but I don’t want to have a face or name on display why do we have to do this to continue to play only played about two or three games then it wanted me to to pick a profile no not interested so I guess I will be deleting because I can not advance further

App nothing like the ad. The ad look fun like you have compete against the clock with customers. The game is just boring and easy matching tiles that are already in the right order. Time waster

Didn’t get all I paid for 😕. Purchased one of the promos. When it ended you’re supposed to get bonus coins based on your levels. Never received the bonus coins.

Ad is misleading. Are there any other boards? Like the ad showed a page of dice to match….if this game is only the same tiles every level then I’ll delete it. It’s boring! Your ad should show the actual game not show variations that are not available

False advertising. Nothing like the ad as I saw in another game. I actually wanted to play that game 😒

It’s good but…. I don’t like the feature where you have to lose a life to exit out of the game.

Won’t load keeps crashing. Thought this game looked interesting so I downloaded it but it won’t load. Keeps crashing.

Not worth playing, too many advertisements. The creators have allowed too many advertisements which makes this game not fun to play. You will loose tournaments due to ads taking up precious time. Royal Match is the main ad that I see, I would not ever play due to this fact!

Great work on this one. I have found this game exhilarating and rewarding

Ads 🤬. Ads will not turn off! Take fat too long. Freeze screen, have to shutdown ipad to get out. Would be a good game without all the extra animation, waste of time.

Why is the game different to what’s advertised on fb?. Downloaded this game based on what it shows on fb and yet the game is nothing like it shows. Why pretend it’s a totally different game?

Nothing like the ad. So the as had dice on it, with numbers not carrots etc. uninstalling because it’s a lie.

So fun. It is really fun but we need to use the cards and stars but anywho it is so much fun

Too many ads. Started off really good but far too many ads, like one every stage, which gets extremely annoying. The only way to make progress in this game is to spend heaps of real money. Forget it. DELETED

Great game. Gotta love this game!!!!!

Gifts. Hello , This game needs to give more lives in less time and more gifts to make it more enjoyable to play because when you loose your free lives it’s to long to wait for more .

Nope from me. The game is nothing like the ad. Too many ad. I’m done with all the ads

Df. It gets you thinking

Crashing. Game keeps crashing can’t play it anymore

Loads of Fun. Awesome game. Loads of fun. Good way to relax

stupid game. Don’t download this game. You can’t pass a level because they keep on asking you to pay real money. You can barely level up.

Too many ads. Don’t waste your time, riddled with ads.

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Video game add doesn’t show the real game. Fun game but the video game add where I saw the game doesn’t show the real game: on the add we were supposed to have moving plates of items to fill by selecting fruit instead of a kind of mahjong.

Crashing. It is crashing everytime for the last two days

Great game. Nice grafic, great to play. Very interactive. Recommend.

Adding bombs took away the relaxing part of the game. I have was enjoying the game very much but when I reached the level where random bombs were inserted, my pleasure in your game completely evaporated. I will be deleting it. Your add says it is a relaxing game. Not now! I was using it as a strategy game but the timed bombs took all the gun out of your game. I would have stayed if there was an option to turn off the bombs.

Honestly, I love the game but. I loved that I wasn’t bombarded by ads. As it is, they have have a ton of their own “ads” to encourage pay to win but once you hit level 100, you start to get ads for other games or the option to pay for ad free. I would’ve rather just know up front.

Way too many ads !!!!. Too many ads on this game

Where is the advertised game?. I downloaded the game because it showed a restaurant style game where you are filling people’s orders by matching tiles. I’m over level 50 and still have not seen this?

Too many ads, not compatible with latest IOS. Way to many ads and not working with the latest IOS update 😡

Publicité mensongère. J’avais téléchargé le jeu après en avoir vu la pub dans un autre jeu…. Et comme pour beaucoup malheureusement une fois téléchargé il s’est avéré que ça n’avais rien a voir avec les pubs…. Décevant au possible

Annoying. The game is fun but the pop ups for other games so frequently is just super annoying. Once the pop ups start, I shut down and move on. So annoying!

False advertising. Nothing annoys me more than a game that is advertised as something completely different than it plays. The ads are the reason I downloaded this game and it’s nothing like it was advertised. I thought I would be taking orders and trying to get them out in time. Not playing the same puzzles over and over

Amusing. Great game

Relaxing. I suffer from epileptic seizures and anxiety and this game helps relax me and take my mind of stressful things at times, it’s really helped me in many ways and during hospital stays


Not loading. For the past 3 days haven’t been able to get the game to load onto my tablet & open. Can anyone suggest what to do? I’ve already restarted my tablet several times. I’ve deleted the program and reinstalled but nothing seems to be working🤷‍♀️. I really enjoy this game….help please!

Ads once u get to 150. Once u hit a level like 150 tangos game becomes like all the others where a long ad comes up in between each round sucks. I enjoyed it while it lasted

Great game too many ads. The game itself is challenging and fun but too many ads. Gets frustrating so I don’t play as often.

Condescending ad. Your add is very condescending and is insulting. Calling the user a Loser and saying they’re doing it all wrong.

Ads. Too many ads that last very long

Terrible. Your ad is calling the player a loser over and over. What a terrible attitude. Wonder why kids have esteem issues. Do better.

review. the game is fun but there ads where it says “YOURE FIRED” are not very convincing to get someone to get the game

They stole my money. Charged me 20 times more. I made an in app purchase of 2.99 CAD and they charged me $55! And I just realized it’s the second time. Apple, how can you approve this app? I want my money back NOW

Interesting game but too much ads!. 2 ads every 2 levels to force your buy the no ad version. I don’t know others but I would not pay for it. There are tons of others games with way less games that I’m willing to pay for it.

!!. love this game i’m so addicted! only annoying thing is it doesn’t let me invite my friends, i invite them but then it never shows and it doesn’t let me have friends or give me the rewards for inviting friends even after they complete 10 levels

False Advertising. The game is not as shown. Why developers keep advertising games that are completely different than the one they actually have is beyond me. Apple should not allow this misleading practice.

Okay until the ads hit. Lulls you into a false sense of security by only having optional ads then, once you hit level 100, then it’s an ad after every single level.

Too many ads. Too many ads. Fun game but stop with the ads. Deleted app!

LOVE IT BUT GET RID OF THE FORCED ADS. Love playing this game but I cannot stand being forced to watch the ads. Please get rid of them

Not as advertised. I am on level 839 and there is still no dice game as to what was advertised. The trading card thing still isn’t available. The game is becoming boring with the same old tile and no dice. Also annoying that they pretty much force you to buy the no ads.

Fun game-pay to play. This is a fun game…. But If you are free to play you’re highly limited. They do not give good rewards for finishing things like events (10 coins for example) when their boosters are so expensive (to continue on is 250 coins, to undo a move is 60 coins, which is the best option honestly). I enjoy playing but I play until I have no more lives and put it away. Due to many events being timed or competitions, being unable to afford to continue on makes competing difficult. So play to enjoy and then wait for lives to regenerate. Don’t put too much stock into their events unless you can afford to buy coins/speedups/bonus-items daily/weekly.

too many ads. Nice game. However There are way too many ads and screens to get through between each level. I deleted this app as its way too frustrating

Amazing 🤩. 👍👍👍

Nothing like the ad. Basic game that is not like the advertised version.

Awesome game!. It’s really fun, I love that it’s not loaded with ads so you can actually enjoy the game. Don’t get me wrong, some really good games have ads but this game is choice!☺️

Ads even?. Way why so many ads

Dumb. This is another dumb game that we can do without. Secondly, you have the worst ads of all the crappy ads out there. It keeps calling the player stupid and loser… you and your app are brutal.

Honestly, Really Great.. I admit, the ad was misleading, but only slightly. This game is genuinely fun. And - I’ve been playing for about an hour already, and NO ADS! The game mechanics are pretty easy to pick up, with some challenging levels here and there. The music is upbeat and catchy, and it’s just overall a really great game. I’d really recommend it. :)

Fun. Ads are placed so not so annoying as other games. Good job designing!

Disappointed. I downloaded this game based on the as that showed a full page of dice to match. But when I started playing there was just animated blocks. Is there a way to switch this game to just have the dice? Disappointed

Fun game. It’s a relaxing and fun game at the same time. Although it wasn’t at all like the ad that I watched when I chose to download it… There is no lineup of customers to fill their trays with tiles…

Too many notifications. It takes too long to play because of the numerous annoying notifications about specials, events, contests and what not. If you just want to play the normal game, you have to hit “X” about ten times on every launch…

Question. I got this app so I could play the game shown in the ad, specifically the game show ing a page full of dominoes. Why am I having to go through so many farm type games with cartoon images? Where is the game I thought I downloaded?

Ads are obnoxious and offensive. I downloaded this game just so I could post a review saying the ads for this that pop up in a game I do play are obnoxious and offensive- thy don’t have much to do with the game but they show characters verbally abusing a food service person and calling them a loser when they are slow. And now that I’ve got that off my chest, I’m deleting their game , which I did play for about 3 minutes and seems as boring as most match games are.

Too many long ads. Ads appear after every game that are long and you’re forced to watch. End up spending more time watching ads than playing the game. Good game when you do have a chance to play.

To many ads. There way too many ads, ad almost after every level. So annoying.

Annoying ads. Played for a few months with ads only for bonus’s but now it’s after every level and it’s a waste of time and not even fun with so many videos you can’t skip. When I downloaded it was advertised as a game without ads and now it’s all ads.

Not at all like the ad.. What’s the point of advertising a lie?

Don’t Bother. Another plain, boring game unlike anything seen in ads

Good at First. For the beginning, it’s a super fun game, but once you get to a certain point, the forced ads start rolling in and makes it not worth it. They offer ads for bonuses, which I get and is completely awesome, but I’ll never give full stars for a game with forced ads

Too many ads. Eventually end up spending more time watching ads than playing. No thank you!

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Game issues. This game is fun I like it a lot but my only issue with this game is that I don’t get when they have different events for the game I don’t get them the only one event that I can I play is car race mode which I don’t understand why i have been playing car race mode since I downloaded the game

Paying for ad removal is pointless. In spite of paying the $4.99 to have ads removed, I am served up countless ads continually at every stage of the game. EDIT I restarted my device and the problem went away. Happy now.

Frozen. I got 2nd place in a challenge against others and it won’t give me the reward. When I reopen the app it goes to the challenge screen and is frozen. I can’t get out of the screen or play any other levels. This is my favorite game and now I can’t play

Love it except for Frogs. I really enjoy this game. I don’t have an issue with any of the “special” levels but absolutely hate the frogs. They are so stupid and those levels are unnecessary.

Feels fresh yet familiar. I love this game. I hate match 3 games. This is a match 3 game that’s done in such a way that it doesn’t feel like one. Well done. Seems to be plenty of room for more content, but fun as it is without having to pay.

Like it. I just started playing it 2 days ago and so far I like it. I loved that there weren’t any ads, but after a certain level there are ads now. I don’t mind ads if they aren’t played often or soon after each level. Space them out more please.

Love the App. I love this app however there is a bug on level 234. I have this app on two devices and experience the same issue on each device. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

Great Relaxation Game. I love to unwind to this game. Perfect stress relief to zone out to. Would have given 5 stars if more coins were given with accomplishments. I paid to have the adds removed so I could play without interruptions.

Not as advertised. Another game that doesn’t work the way it showed in previews. I thought the customers getting angry and yelling at you when you didn’t fill the orders right. But I have been playing daily for weeks and that isn’t something that ever happens. Combine that with the inappropriate adds that have been shown on this app, I’m deleting the game.

Lies. That is right. You send me a notification that said my lives have been refilled, but I go in and have no lives and you want me to pay 2.99 to play. No, what you get is deleted. Want a business ti? Don’t lie to people. I will be telling all my friends via Facebook about it. It is a shame because until then I liked and enjoyed playing. But I don’t like being lied to so you are gone.

Thank you. I couldn't sleep and downloaded this app. I played for dozens of levels without ads and I felt like this was a fair app. If I made a mistake, it was me. Some apps make it impossible for you to win a level.

Tile busters. Great game fun prizes and I love the fact that you don’t need wife to play and how many cities you can build is amazing I would definitely recommend you play this.

Sooo many ads. It’s a fun game to pass time but there’s so so so many ads and the ads are LONG. I understand they get paid through ads, blah blah blah, but this is excessive. Also, when I downloaded it it was because I seen it advertised on another game but it was supposed to be a dice puzzle game and this is absolutely not what was advertised at all.

Loved. This game is addictive and fair. I absolutely have no issues other than the fact that my hand burns every time I open the app. Why is this making my phone so hot?? Please fix this!

Gold Rush is a Scam. I have purchased the gold pass which allows you to collect coins for every level you play after passing all the levels. However I never get to open the chest once the challenge is done. Other games have similar functions and give you rewards even if you are mot in app to open the chest. Love the game but I will not be purchasing another gold pass.

Best game I’ve played in awhile. This game is great I don’t get Bombarded with ads after every level I don’t think I’ve gotten a ad since having the game I rlly like it

Time outs are too long. Fun game but when you attempt and lose too many times in a row it times you out up to 30 minutes. So frustrating!

Why did you change the game???. This was the best game. Since September 2023, it’s not the same and there are so many forced ads. I’m now forced to find another game :( I spent a lot of money on this game too, something I never do.

Review. This game is fun and relaxing but what I like about it is, as you level up on the levels it gets a little more challenging and makes you use you brain! Great job to the peeps that created it!

Too many, long running ads.. I really enjoyed the process of finding solutions but the ads are too many, too long, and you have to let them run through before you can close the window. Very annoying. It definitely had potential.

Josiejo. I’m loving this game, very relaxing to play. I just hope it doesn’t get too hard because this could potentially be a game I’d play for a long time.

Not like ads. I decided to try this game because of an ad I saw in another game. It is nothing like that ad. Luckily, I’m still enjoying it but it was really disappointing at first because I feel like I was lied to. Actual game should match the ad.

Where are the burgers?. I downloaded this game bc I saw the ad where you’re picking tiles of burgers, fries and drinks for customers. They kept hollering loser which I didn’t appreciate but loved the concept of getting food tiles for orders. I kept playing hoping there will be a level to reach the food and customers, but it’s just random fruit, leaf, fire, water, flower and honey tiles. Where are the burgers and fries? 😭

Problems with Game. In Petra and in Mexico, there are some glitches. In Petra, it Would not let me select a third piece and I guess some grass off to the side was supposed to be covering it. Also in Mexico, I had three spaces left, selected a tile to match two in my lineup and it gave me the ‘you’ve lost’ page. In order to continue I had to pay 250 to continue.

VERY UNHAPPY!!. The newest update/bonus game today freezes after EVERY LEVEL! At first if you force closed the game it would let you play the next level but now, even with uninstalling and reinstalling the game, it takes you right back to the treasure page. It looks like everyone else has this issue too because the other 9 players have all been in the same spots.

Really good game. I think it’s a nice Game because one it has no ads and you can build your own towns and very fun while you are in the car.

Disappointed and ripped off. I bought an in-game bonus item that malfunctioned, and I didn’t get what I paid for. I wrote to them three times and they ignored me. I don’t mind spending money on a game (and you’ll spend plenty on this one if you want to play it), but I hate being ripped off. About to delete this one and it’s a shame, because it really is fun.

Ads are unbearable. The ads make this game unplayable. After every single level you get the option to triple your the levels coins with a video or continue to the next level, but an ad pops by default no matter what option you select. It only take a minute to finish a level and the ads are as long as the actual game play. You have to play this game in airplane mode to do anything.

Total crock. I saw this game in an add. It took place in some kind of market or restaurant filling people’s orders and instead I get some fruit game. Like what is this. So I deleted but they suckered me in so they can add to their total download numbers. I am sure there are plenty like me that downloaded and deleted. Maybe I’ll have my friend that’s good with developing make the game like you ad so our game can crush you and then sue you for using our game in your ads lol

Can’t move passed. This game is designed only for you to spend money on it. I have tried every combination possible on 165 level and it doesn’t work was pleased with the game up until then but after trying all combinations (no extra help buttons left) still can not get it.

Responsive Team. My game had an issue, they replied here & I followed the steps to reach out to support. Got a response within a day & the issue was resolved. Fun game.

Would rate it higher except…. This is a great game and right up my alley. However; only earning 10 points for each game won is ridiculous! You need to give more coins. And why run out of lives? Why does it have to be this way? I have spent WAY too much money on this game to get not make it worth it.

Please help me understand. To whom this may concern. I enjoy to play this game 🙂🤌🏽 the spiny wheel says I may receive two free spins but after spinning the wheel just once it says I have to pay $1.99 for a second spin. And I’m also not receiving two free lives. 🥹😫 the level of enjoying have for this game is on the obsessive side. Please fix

Not like the ads…. False advertising. I’ve seen lots of ads for this game, and none are like the actual game. I’d love to just be able to choose the games I want to play like the ones I liked in the ads instead of having to start at level 1 and hope they get better with time. Played to level 15, didn’t get any better, deleting.

Not like the ads. The game is fine, but I downloaded this game because I saw it in an ad and it is nothing like the ad! The ad showed the player at a counter serving customers food by matching the food items the customer requested, but the actual game is just a simple mahjong style matching game. Disappointed!

False advertising again. Game was ok. As a person who likes this type of challenge for relaxing, thats what I want to do. Progressively get harder challenging games like the advertising showed. Instead there is too much noise and extra. Close to hundred levels in and NOTHING like advertising. Sad.

Loved the game way too many ads. I will be deleting this game after leaving a review. There need to be more games without ads or less ads. It doesn’t cost that much more to make a game without ads. I’m not paying your fees of watching ads because the developer is too cheap to make the game without ads. Soooo long I won’t be back.

MsNonstopDisco. I played the demo & right away liked this game. After downloading, I found there are different kinds of cool puzzles to play! I play for hours now!

Too many ads, game not as advertised.. I’m on day 3 of playing this game. Now I get an ad before every other level. The ads last longer than actual game play. Really annoying to be forced to watch ads just to play the game. The ad I saw that made me download was a match three game that filled “customer” orders. This game has none of that at all.

Tile Busters. I enjoy how your team gives me opportunities for success. I also like how the town reaches success also through the characters, buildings, etc. I also enjoy the travel features. Thank you!

Insults galore. After watching the ads, I thought I would see for myself. Why in the world would you want an app to tell you you’re a loser and you’re doing everything wrong. You can go out in the real world and hear that. How about an app that tells you that you’re doing great and keep keep up the good work and nice try. Sorry, nit sorry. I am deleting this app.

Love this game. This has become my new favorite game in just a couple of weeks since I’ve been playing it. I’m already on level 540 something and I just can’t get enough lol.

What Happened?!?. I saw an ad for this on another game and it was presented as “no ads”. However after I downloaded the game, I started seeing ads. A lot of them. I contacted support about this and have not gotten a response yet. I have seen the option to pay for no ads but $5.99 for a game like this is a bit much. Will probably delete!

different tiles?. I wish there were different packs you could unlock that had different designs for the tiles. I’m like 500 levels in and sick of looking at these ones. There could be a flower pack, a halloween pack, etc. that you could unlock with coins like the avatars.

3D Tile Match. This game is so much fun! There are so many pretty pictures on the tiles that you don’t see on the other tile matching games. This is a game that I usually play when I want to play a game that is relaxing and doesn’t take much brain power.

Bug needs fixed. Whenever I win a level, it never gives me the hammer to upgrade levels. I have been playing all the time and never and upgrade to the next world. Please fix this.

No ads buying. The game itself is nice, but way too many ads even after buying the no ads option! . Don't know if it's possible not to get ads . What's the point of paying and getting annoyed by ads!

“Tile Busters Game App Review“. This game app is five star worthy because it’s challenging, functions well, the music is nice, has an excellent setting, and the tournament is a nice plus green. Thank you for making this wonderful game. Please keep up the outstanding work.

Confusing rules. When tiles light up, you should be able to pick them. However, there’s a confusing rule that sometimes you are not supposed to and will lose a life and your progress for picking a lit tile before you pick other lit tiles. I am going to find a better game. This irritating rule ruined the game.

Fun, but problems with friends. I got addicted quickly to this game, but I wish you can do more with friends like request for lives. I tried trading cards but seems to always say coming soon.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 2.28.0
Play Store com.spyke.tilebusters
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

Tile Busters (Versiyon 2.28.0) Install & Download

The application Tile Busters was published in the category Games on 22 September 2022, Thursday and was developed by Spyke Games [Developer ID: 1556254491]. This program file size is 231.05 MB. This app has been rated by 23,125 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Tile Busters - Games app posted on 06 October 2023, Friday current version is 2.28.0 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.spyke.tilebusters. Languages supported by the app:

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Tile Busters Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thanks for playing Tile Busters! We are working hard to improve our game with every release. In this new version, there are lots of updates and improvements to enhance your play experience: * Bug fixes and performance improvements We hope you enjoy the game!

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