Hangouts [Social Networking] App Description & Overview

Use Hangouts to keep in touch. Message friends, start free video or voice calls, and hop on a conversation with one person or a group. Say more with photos, stickers, and emoji.

• Include all your friends with group chats for up to 150 people.
• Say more with status messages, photos, emoji, stickers, and animated GIFs.
• Turn any conversation into a free group video call with up to 10 friends.
• Call any phone number in the world (and all calls to other Hangouts users are free!).
• Connect your Google Voice account for phone number, SMS, and voicemail integration.
• Keep in touch with friends across all your devices.
• Message friends anytime, even if they're offline.
• Manage mobile app remotely with Google Cloud.

Note: Mobile carrier and ISP charges may apply. Calls to Hangouts users are free, but other calls might be charged.

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Minor bug fixes.

Hangouts Comments & Reviews

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- Very good :) some minor issues

Google hangouts is a very good app and I use it all the time. I talk to my friends and work on projects for school. I love using the app and there aren’t many issues I have to face with. Other than just a few minor issues (some may be due to my knowledge on how to use the app) for me the worst thing on hangouts is when you have hangouts calls. They are very glitchy and it makes it hard to hear what people are saying. So , I tried fixing my WiFi but that didn’t help either. Many of my friends also told me about this problem before so we just use google meet. Which is actually really good and I get a crisp sound. I also have a problem with calling on hangouts for some reason on my phone the volume is very low and if I call on my iPad it’s normal. Idk if it’s a problem with my phone but every time I use the call on my phone that happens. But I get over it. Otherwise I definitely recommend getting hangouts. It’s a very good app and has many good uses.

- Needs work but good

I don’t like the fact that you cannot delete contacts from your Hangouts. For example if you no longer talking to this person/Company there’s no way of deleting their name phone number from Hangouts. So they stay there forever. Which I cannot stand. There has to be a way that Google can add the option to remove contacts from hang out. Another pet peeve that I have is deletingSomething you sent by accident, maybe it was a typo in there but there’s no way of deleting something that you are ready send, or even deleting a picture that you no longer want there. The only option they give you is to archive and I don’t want to archive things I want to be able to delete things. So Google has a little bit of work to do with this great app that I think it is. Sometimes it calls won’t go through when you’re calling overseas sometimes the calls are not even clear because of maybe the condition of the weather or whatever is going on they still have to work on that, but overall it’s a good app. So that’s why I gave it three stars for now until they update and work on those issues. One more thing if you block somebody and they try to call you it comes through as unknown hang out caller, and there’s no way finding out who is trying to call you. There should be a way of knowing who is calling you.

- Hangouts

Hangouts is cool and you can add a lot of people to chat with! But there is a just a teeny little problem, we can call each other but still chat in the call not go into the hangouts app just staying at the call and not leaving to go chat in the normal place. You have to go try on the computer to do it and sometimes you can’t hear your friends voice sometimes. But I love it still no matter how good or bad it is! And you can log into any account but at the beginning you have to use gmail. But my friends at school have been sending invites in my school account and i didn’t know i could make another account and that i didn’t know my school email would work! That’s why hangouts is still good and it will always be forever! At least it is bad and PLEASE DON’T GET RID OF THIS. I say that because i don’t have every friend i can talk to on messages and that’s why i also use hangouts so i can talk with other friends! So if you do get rid of this i am going to help raise this level. ( i love is so I’m still giving it a 5 star rating because even with teeny problems, you have to ignore then to help go do the right thing and don’t do the bad !)

- Hangouts

Hangouts is cool and you can add a lot of people to chat with! But there is a just a teeny little problem, we can call each other but still chat in the call not go into the hangouts app just staying at the call and not leaving to go chat in the normal place. You have to go try on the computer to do it and sometimes you can't hear your friends voice sometimes. But I love it still no matter how good or bad it is! And you can log into any account but at the beginning you have to use gmail. But my friends at school have been sending invites in my school account and i didn't know i could make another account and that i didn't know my school email would work! That's why hangouts is still good and it will always be forever! At least it is bad and PLEASE DON'T GET RID OF THIS. I say that because i don't have every friend i can talk to on messages and that's why i also use hangouts so i can talk with other friends! So if you do get rid of this i am going to help raise this level. (i love is so l'm still giving it a 5 star rating because even with teeny problems, you have to ignore then to help go do the right thing and don't do the bad !)

- So far, so good! Finally, one that actually works for free!

Having lost my income, and Congress failing to act on a new unemployment stimulus, I’ve lost my car, my phones, and my internet. With two immune compromised babies at home- not having a phone is a dangerous risk. I’ve tried all the calling apps and they’re great for the first day- until you need to make any important phone calls. Then you’ll find out why the app is “free” which is only free if you don’t need it for anything remotely important. So imagine my surprise when I finally decide to try “hangouts”. I though it was just like a video chat kind of app, like a Google version of Messenger kind of think. I suppose in many ways it is, but much better. I’ve been able to call ANY number I need, no issues, no insane survey lists that never truly end and never give a single reward. No monthly fee requests to upgrade (YET lol). The ONLY issue so far is that I don’t appear to have a phone number when I call people, so they are not able to call me back. But as an introvert, I support I could think of much worse things to happen in life. So far, so good. Will update if anything changes.

- Hangouts - College Buds from all parts of the Country- still best friends

So... I graduated college in 2009 from University of Oklahoma. I had a group of 8 guys that were best of friends. We all moved to various parts of the country afterwards for jobs, girls, etc. We were out of touch for a few years - except for the occasional Fantasy Football trash talking during 4 months/yr. We joined Hangouts in 2012 and have been chatting on this daily (yes... daily) since then. Marriages, kids & all of life’s struggles & achievements have been chronicled since. There may only be a few short chats a day or entire pages & pages of back & forth. Google Hangouts has been the one place that has kept us guys connected and best of friends since college. Also, probably the reason we could never run for office one day if we but that’s neither here nor there. Highly recommend this chatting app and hope it never goes away. Lastly, one of the only apps I know that offers Video Chat for up to 10 people at once. We’ve played fantasy football bets & drinking games on more than a few occasions with all 8 of us on the video chat. Super Cool.

- Not private

This platform has so many problems it is pathetic for one it is not private I know for a fact that my conversations have been hacked into also what is up with your messages centipedeing all over the place when you are trying to type or dictate a full message, why don't you have the capability to make corrections after the message has posted and the hacker has hacked up the message to where it doesn't make any sense you should be able to delete that message before the person it was intended for have time to read it, that is what I mean someone is able to hack this platform and completely ruin your day. Why are you not allowed to change the type size to make the print smaller or larger, the hacker has that capability because they keep changing my print size from normal to very small and to very large. Why can't you control the volume on the notifications to something that you could hear instead of just that one little ding I want to be able to put my own notification sound on it not what hangouts allows me to have and it should have a tone to let you know a new message has just arrived. I have come to the conclusion that anything that Google has anything to do with can be spied on by them and they do and also by hackers so don't think that your conversations are private.

- Thank you Google!

Hai google! Some of my friends aren’t old enough to have a phone number, so they use Google Hangouts to talk to me! You can FaceTime, Voice call, send pictures and more. I do have one complaint, if a friend updates there google name or profile picture I have to update the app!! Very frustrating... if you do have a phone number you can make a new contact, add a friends email, and then change the name to whatever you want it to be! You then have to update the app. That’s just a trick I picked up :) If your an adult and ate thinking about downloading this app for them I have a few things to say.. you can be texted by any person who has your email, but before they can chat with you, you have to accept there request. On Google Hangouts there is no access to the internet, unless somebody sends you a link. I love this app! Oh!! I almost forgot!! You can make a group chat and video call them all, and if you don’t wanna show your face you can mute yourself and turn off your camera. I’m running out of space so I'm gonna stop writing. Shine on Google Hangouts!! ⭐️💝

- Hangouts features/flexibility beat Duo

Is a laugh to read all the fake reviews and nonsense that kids are writing to hype Duo. Hangouts is obviously a full-featured, all-around cross-platform app, while Duo is little more than a one-trick pony (OK... let's give it the two-trick benefit-of-doubt here.) Hangouts allows voice calls with all mobile and landline voice numbers, with no Hangouts app needed by the other parties. Hangouts supports texting between any phone numbers that allow texting - again without a Hangouts app needed by the others. Hangouts ONLY requires using the app or website to do video calls with others. The quality of Duo video IS generally better than Hangouts video, but that alone certainly doesn't make up for Duo's major limitation of no connectivity of any kind, to most phone numbers. (Duo uses phone numbers only for identifying which Duo apps to connect together.) ALL parties must be using a Duo app or the website. You definitely won't be calling all phone numbers with the very limited Duo app.

- Having issues

I really like the app for the fact that it allows me to stay in contact with my girlfriend while she is deployed overseas to some less than desirable locations. What I don’t like is that the only way I get message notifications is if I have the phone unlocked and the app open. Otherwise, I have no idea when she sends a message. I’ve checked my notification settings many times. I’ve even deleted and reinstalled the app a couple times. Another minor annoyance is the refresh time. Most evenings I open the app on the phone and iPad both so we can have something close to a real-time conversation. I have to continually exit out of and re-enter the app on both devices in order to get the latest messages in a timely manner. If not, there may be a 30-90 second delay between when it shows up on one until it shows up on the other. For us this is a big issue because we have a very limited amount of time together when we get to chat. Maximizing the time available is quite important. Other than that, I think it’s pretty good.

- Pretty cool.

I’ve been using this app for three years now and it works pretty good. There are times when it glitches out (the screen freezes, the keyboard disappears, messages won’t send etc) but those glitches are less common now. When it comes to video chatting in large groups, sometimes it overloads it and everyone freezes but that can be fixed by everyone (except for one person) hanging up and re-joining. There was one time when the video chatting system barely worked but that was a while ago. Overall, it’s a really useful app for people who can’t afford phones or data because it can be used on almost any device. Half the time I forget I’m using an app and just feel like I’m texting instead. Oh, and the screen will show who is there in the chat with you, when a message was wrote, and if someone is typing or deleting something in a message. I always found that to be a fun and useful feature.

- Hangouts Positives and Negatives

I love how hangouts is a very useful texting and communicating app, so I will recommend this to nearly everyone. Because of its usefulness, quick sending, and how my friends also enjoy this. However there a couple of problems with this app. First is that the app only allows you to use gmail accounts. Now I am not saying that iCloud or anything is better then gmail, but the fact that some people may not be able to use this is really sad just because the email didn’t work out. Another problem is, is that sometimes when I or my friend sends messages myself and my friend can not see the text messages unless we log out and then back in. This fact is very disturbing that I am not able to read the message until I log out. But anyway besides these facts that I hope will be considered and used in the next update I think that this is an AMAZING app! I hope you enjoy this app and have fun texting your friends! :D

- Amazing app! Just some minor issues...

This app works great! It has every single bit of necessary functions that the desktop version has, and it works great! (Well, I haven’t tried to use the video call feature, sorry!) Anyways, it works great, it actually syncs the chats very well and it actually does everything the desktop version does! And it’s not like some crappy port of the desktop app, it actually works! But here’s my issue, and this is for anyone using an iPad, I wish this app would have multitasking support because as of right now, when I try to use multitasking, it doesn’t work. I want to try and experiment with this feature so when I need to do something else at the same time, and chat with others, I would probably need it, but since I don’t chat a lot on it, I don’t really care. Overall, it works great and looks great! Good job, Google. Oh, and 1 more thing. Please add Dark Mode support, it would be much appreciated.

- Great, but why are you killing it in 2020?

I use this app to chat with my buddies informally. Your new apps, Chat and Meet, split hangouts for no apparent reason, into a video app and a text app. Why...? I am completely baffled. Please explain why these new professional apps are better than the tried-and-true hangouts. What split into two apps anyway? You did this with Drive, Docs, Slides, etc as well. Also, my friend (the one I talk via hangouts with) is trying to get me to move to Discord. Just saying, a lot of people will move to different apps when you kill it. And they won’t be your two new ones. Also: the bugs are racking up. It’s been saying that several messages (around 10) send since yesterday are “sending” despite my friend already having seen and responded to them. And the sendrates are getting slower. Please, just kill it quickly if you have to, instead of letting it bleed out slowly from the bugs and lags.

- Love it

I’ve been using hangouts for about five years now and I love it. It for sure works better on Samsung or LG products than I phone products, but there isn’t a huge difference. Sometimes it just takes a little longer to load. I like that I’m able to use it on my phone and on my laptop. I love pretty much everything about it except the new emojis. The new emojis are scary looking, I prefer the old ones. I’ve made new friends through this outlet. I even eventually met my boyfriend through this huge group chat I had started with people I knew. Those people added some people they knew and I just remember laughing a lot. I’m also able to keep in touch with a friend I met from Switzerland. My whole immediate family uses it too, we have a family group chat! If the app creators are ever looking to improve it though, they should revert back to the old emojis and maybe add some gifs. I highly recommend this app!

- Solid Video Conferencing App

We’ve recently switched to Hangouts for our virtual music lessons. I love the no-nonsense layout, and as long as you have headphones, the audio quality is comparable to other video conferencing platforms. Here’s the good: - user friendly, especially for youth. It’s a familiar layout and easy to navigate. Especially for those with limited app/tech experience - very responsive (with good internet) and for teaching, it’s nice to be in a live chat and also have the ability to send photos and files in the messaging system. - the ability to make groups is awesome - works great across all devices - unlike some other platforms, you do not have to send a “chat link” by email. Just a message within the app itself. The bad: - having a new contact go to your “invites” tab instead of your messages tab is confusing and led to a lot of lost calls in the beginning. - does not seem to play well with Safari on a computer. People trying to call through Safari tend to get a white screen and have to either switch web browsers (Chrome or Firefox) or dig around their permissions to allow Hangouts increased functionality. - sometimes the incoming call only shows up as an active gray bar within the chat itself. Misleading to new users. This only happens if the app is currently open and the chat is open. Not the end of the world, just easy to miss the call. Hope this helps!

- Suggested!

I dearly love this google app. It’s basically the only texting program I use! It’s fairly useful, being able to create several different group chats for you and your friends, and unlike messages on apple devices, it doesn’t toggle the ability to change the name or add more people depending on the device. I once made a group chat on apple messages, and I was trying to add my whole class, though, because not everyone had apple devices, every time I needed to add a new person I had to make a whole new group chat. Sticks, right? On hangouts, I’m able to do everything apple does, but in one app. It’s a really good app! Though, I would like to add that it does have it downsides. Between me and my friends, despite how loud we are in the vid, never have any volume. Not a rustle of papers turning, not nada. I really hope you work on that, but otherwise a amazing app! Sincerely, Thestorm_fin (they/them <3)

- Perfect if you have no phone

This app is perfect if your phone got cut off or if you have no money to get service. I'm able to send and receive text messages and make and receive calls without having a phone carrier. And in my book, that's wicked awesome. So far I haven't had any technical issues with the app, it's never crashed or froze on me. And I've had a Google voice number since they first came out, I highly recommend getting one. You have to have a working number to set it up with tho but after that it stays on even if your phone gets cut off. And you can call your number from another number and then make an outgoing call that will show up as your number on the receiving phone. So that's really cool. All in all I've just been very pleased with my Google voice and Hangouts experience. Thanks Google! You have saved me from being cut off from communication!

- Data Only Cell Phone Plan?

So I’ve been using Google Hangouts (with Google Voice integration) as my primary phone number for texts and calls. I got use Ting as my cell phone provider. I pay for what I use. My cell phone bill has been $9/mo. I turned off texts and calls through my ACTUAL cell phone # and only use the Google Voice/Google Hangouts #. So I only pay for data. I have WiFi pretty much everywhere I go. So texts and calls are received on WiFi through this app. It’s worked well enough...not perfect. But more than I could ask for of any other service or app. This one is definitely the best in its class for this type of thing. But the main issues were: * Phone often doesn’t ring when someone is calling you. * Call history is super messed up. For some reason it only recorded outgoing calls made from that device. So the iPad says something different than my iPhone. * Can’t add a new contact within the app. Must copy the number, go to native contacts app, create new contact, paste the number. * Call quality was good on WiFi, but unreliable call quality when relying on my data to make a call through this app. Which MIGHT have been more the fault of my cell phone provider? Not sure... Some of these things might be fixed in soon-to-release updates. These issues weren’t enough to make me resist $9/mo WiFi.

- Best App!

I absolutely love using Google Hangouts! Since 2016, I’ve been using this app and have gotten countless peers to download and use it as well! As a university student, it has allowed me to effectively communicate with the many groups I’ve had to work with throughout the semesters. It makes group meetings a breeze, as you can track who is in the conversation, it eliminates the need for keeping minutes as the conversations are saved in their entirety until you decide to leave the group chat, and the voice and video call features are easy to use. I love that you can participate with only voice in the video option! Overall, Google Hangouts is by far my number one chat app! If you don’t have it, or think “Yeah okay, it’s just like messenger, or all the rest,” you’re wrong! You should definitely download and use this app regularly!! I’d give it 10 stars if I could!

- Worked great until it didn't, repetitively messed up my phone, can't uninstall

It worked great for a while, but it often didn't notify me of new messages. Then it just straight-up wouldn't work and constantly messed up my phone. It would freeze up and the only way to get it to work again was to wait Multiple Days for my phone to die. Sometimes I couldn't open the app (a lot of the time, actually). Sometimes I'd open it just to have it crash. So I uninstalled it. Only to find that every time I power my phone back on or connect to wifi or renew my phone service it reinstalls. Meanwhile, it Still says I have the app in my settings, no matter how many times I click 'delete app' as soon as I go back to the manage storage page it's listed again. I DON'T WANT THIS APP ON MY PHONE ANYMORE!! IT MESSES IT UP AND NEVER WORKS!!! Tell me google, why can't I remove your apps? What are you doing to my phone? How do I know you're not stealing my information? I mean, of course you do, that's how you make your money, but I mean off-Google stealing info. You have no idea how much it bothers me that I can't remove this app...

- Meh

Do not use with strangers they will have your email if you do. Beware of scammers (anyone you don’t know) asking to message you through hangouts. It is good for staying connected especially with groups. I wish there was a way to just react to a message without actually responding like I can do with my texts on my phone or the “like” feature on other social apps. Also you cannot flip through pictures in the group using iOS you have to open each picture then close before opening the next. Also you cannot message a gif straight from the app in iOS, I have to copy and paste. It would also be great to be able to search within a thread like when we are planning an event, or just to remember a detail about something that was said. Basically it isn’t the best for being social, but is more for just staying connected through quick texts in a separate app that doesn’t have to bother individuals in a group that hate being bombarded with group texts on their phone. It is pretty good with video chats. Easy for many people to use and less interruptions than Skype, less reliable than FaceTime or Zoom though. But I can use it with people that don’t have apple and the time isn’t limited. It really is free and you can use it across all devices or computers. Some glitches and bugs, but they usually fix it fairly quickly or I am able to reset things and it works it out on its own (just slightly inconvenient).

- Never stop supporting it!!!

I've been using Google Hangouts since 2013 as one of my main forms of communication. I've liked the interface for all the years I've used it and all of the improvements from sending multiple photos to sending your location to your friend(s), to even the animated emoji gumdrop gifs that you could send dubbed "stickers" (which are still cute as hell)! It's basically a triple threat app that needs to still be relevant if Google expects to compete with Apple in any way. It has FaceTime, Phone, and iMessage all in one and it's taken for granted every single day as it loses support for the newer apps like Allo and Duo. It's frustrating to see Allo and Duo catch on when they're two separate apps that can do what Hangouts has been doing for years. Keep it around, update it, don't let it die! Update: On iOS 11.0.3, it seems it’s having some issues with photos? Whenever I try to go to my photos directly inside the app and share a photo, it won’t let me. It’ll tell me to Cancel or Choose, and when I tap Choose, it slide over and shows the photo with no way to go back to typing or viewing my conversation. I have to forcibly close the app. Another issue would be that it won’t let me share my gifs via the share extension. It does allow me to share, but it freezes the gifs in place, making them a still. I hope you guys resolve this problem. It’s a great app that still deserves support.

- Good for the most part except...

Sometimes hangouts will just decide that they aren’t going to deliver any of my messages to a particular contact. And I cannot send messages to them on hangouts from my phone unless I delete the app and redownload it. It usually starts when I try to send the message when I don’t have great service. Instead of just holding onto it and sending it when I get in service, or showing “message send fail” it actually just says “sending....” into perpetuity. It never sends it. And it never marks as send fail. This has happened 3-4 times, and don’t understand why. It doesn’t change when I do a full restart of the phone. And yet, when I message the person from my desktop/gmail website, it not only sends, but the sent message appears on my hangouts app in real time. I just can’t respond from the app. Please fix this bug!

- Good overall, but horrible problems

I’ve been using this app three years, and until a few days ago I have had no complaints. But three days ago, I opened hangouts and found I had been locked out of the account I use for %90 of my conversations (it is a school account which I use because the school gives everyone an email address and most of my friends just use that email and don’t have a personal one). This has happened before, so I immediately went to the “add account” option. After completing the process it sent me back to the home screen with a little message reading “unable to add account”. I went through this process multiple times on both of the devices I use hangouts on, and found that it won’t let me add any other emails. I have tried to find helpful videos and websites and haven’t had luck, and I would vastly appreciate advice and explanation from the Hangouts team.

- Great but one irritating problem..

This app is very nice to communicate to people who don’t have numbers and only emails. There is an option to show if we are online or offline. Most of my contacts in Hangouts have that feature on. But, one person has two accounts synced to one email (Or one email synced to two accounts I think it’s both the same) and it NEVER gives me an accurate answer if she’s active or not. Sometimes, the icon of her profile picture fades and comes back repeatedly even with a chat bubble saying she’s typing, I don’t get a reply. And when I check, it says she’s active, I check AGAIN 20 minutes later.. it says she’s active! Then an hour later, it says she was active 2 hours ago. And I don’t understand why. I’m not saying that Hangouts is a bad app, I’m just saying they need to fix the inaccurate information.

- nope

this app is crap compared to messenger and that is really saying something. on iphone6 it is nearly impossible to even see the messages due to the tiny strip of screen which remains when one has the keyboard up to type (the resolution is formatted for longer screens). the kb is supposed to swipe down but doesnt work easily. it creates a lot of lag and is frustrating. it also doesnt let one select multiple pictures for a message, so one has to send them one at a time. and fhere is no tab to see photos one has sent, like messenger. there are also no reacts on messages which do come in handy and save some time and typing. anyway it is /ok/, i suppose. it’s just about usable but not at all high calibre. very beta and glitchy. i would have expected better quality from google. you own the internet, ya think you could make a decent messenging app. oh also the sticker oacks are weird and ugly lol. AND Fb just made messenger 1/4 of the size it was. it is now only 36mb whereas hangouts is 100+mb. fail

- Good App,but needs some good help.

I can finally be able to text relatives that have different types of phones than me! I don’t have a SIM card, there is no point! With this app I have the thing I want. This is one of the best apps ever. I would recommend it!! I love the kitty stickers. I like to send them to relatives. They are funny. I also like that you can select the pictures you want to send to them. Whenever I want to call them, this wonderful app is able to call them! There is also FaceTiming. This app is a very good app, but sometimes I regret texting on it. There are big things like when I type in a email then it pops up two. I always click the wrong one. Please fix that. I would give this app 5 star if you fixed that. Another thing that I want them to fix is they should have one more stickers. In conclusion, this is one of the best apps ever! Rated: 3 star Not good for sending funny stickers and not good with emails.

- Hangouts forever

I’ve been using google hangouts for almost 8 years now and I love it. I got to choose my own number and my number didn’t change even though I had stopped using hangouts for quite some time. My number wasn’t recycled or given to someone else like most of the other texting and calling apps. With google hangouts once you get your number that’s your number forever until you decide to either delete your google hangouts account or change the number yourself, and even after you die the number will still be yours. I love hangouts and I’d seriously recommend that everyone should have a google hangouts app and number. I’ve had not one issue with this app and I can use it anywhere as long as I have either cell service with data or on WiFi.

- Use the google apps

I have just graduated with my masters and after 6 years of use, I can attest that the suite of apps by google are smooth and easy and efficient. The only issues that ever arise have been with much older people that still use AOL or other outdated browsers and communication systems. The suite has fast and lite functionality for the whole team. MS office systems are slow and sketchy by comparison. Excel still has more functionality, but hardly anyone uses it anymore. Hangouts is an allin one solution for communication across teams. I can work on any system all day, sharing tools and screens, docs, and making meeting notes. Everyone gets connected and stuff gets done. It’s a major corporate conference tool at the google speed and availability. Use it or be an oldie that thinks the internet is just hype.

- Unable To Receive Calls & Notifications

Since this update, I am unable to receive any real-time call notifications to my Google Voice number in the Hangouts app. This is my first time ever having this issue as a long time user. My settings are unchanged in my iPhone for receiving all notifications for Google Voice Hangouts inbound calls. Calls to my number ring on the callers end. Also, I am not receiving notifications in the Hangouts app when voicemails are left. I do not have my Google Voice number forwarded to any other number. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Hangouts today (Apr 9th) without any resolve. Not a good time for this issue to arise. - NOTE: I have Hangouts installed on an older iPhone (running 12.4.5) and it too will not provide any inbound call notifications whenever someone calls my Google Voice number. Also, I am not getting Google Voice Hangouts voicemail notifications on this old iPhone either when previously I could. (Outbound calls from the Hangouts app on either phone is NOT an issue.)

- Good

I’ve used google hangouts for about 2-3 years now. I call everyday on hangouts with my close friends. The app is actually really good. I like how you can easily communicate with your friends and people on here. It’s easy to call on the platform too. The only thing is that sometimes, the app would crash all of a sudden. I would click on the app and as I was about to message a friend, the app crashed and would act stupid. However, the app is just fine. It only has crashed on me about 4-5 times. I think that should be improved. Also, I feel like the ring tone can get annoying at times, so if they had options for ring tones, that would be much better. Other than that, the app is really good and I recommend it to chat with your friends, family, and other people. • <3 •

- Please don’t get rid of Hangouts!!

I’ve had google hangouts for several years now. Hangouts is a great messaging system, and since I am a student, very useful for communications about school-related topics. Google hangouts is used by literally everyone I know. That is why I am confused with why Hangouts is going to get cut— students can connect through hangouts, and is one of the few messaging systems available for everyone (Messages require having a phone, Facebook has strict rules about age and name, and other social networking doesn’t have messaging systems as universal and useful as Hangouts). Overall, I would say Google Hangouts is a wonderful plus to the online community, and because of the fact that it is email-based, everyone can use it. Please don’t get rid of hangouts!

- A few bugs

1 why do notifications only show one badge per conversation, even if i have a group chat send 150 text, it says that there is only one. Idk if this was on purpose or not, and it could be my phone, but it’s rly annoying. 2 profile pics are becoming really broken, in a group chat with 16 people that i am in, two of them don’t have their profiles showing, even tho they have a pic attached to their profile, also, half of the group sees my profile pic as the one that i had 2 months ago, when i have changed it 3 times since then, not to mention how many people’s i can’t see up to date, the avatar system is super buggy for some reason, idk if this is on purpose to draw ppl away from the app when they shut it down so it doesn’t cause as many problems, but I wish it was fixed

- Please update and add “encryption” & Audio/Video support

Please update the app and add “encryption” as it is a necessity in the times we live in regarding pretty much all internet of things. I’d also suggest adding excellent support for audio/video (multimedia) files as the particular type of files are always great to have ability to send and receive. Audio/video files should look appealing within the app to assure a seamless and enjoyable experience. Also, please look into updating the app to be as visually pleasing to the eye as possible because of the new OS for the latest devices. Please consider my requests as it would greatly increase the current enjoyment of functions in an already truly wonderful app that is very much handy and well developed. Thanks for your time and attention.

- Great App.

I’ve been using Hangouts for over a year now and it’s a really good app. But recently the icons to my contacts have disappeared, just leaving an L. I know this doesn’t really hinder the effectiveness of the app, I want to know why this is. Also. Sometimes it fails to notify me if someone messages me, making me miss their message for over an hour. And it also continues to delete conversations. This annoys me a lot. I know it may be for space or compatibility but I still don’t like it. And it sometimes doesn’t send my messages causing me to have to resend it. ALSO, it won’t let me send images. I keep trying over and over but I just deletes it and says “Failed to send” even though it didn’t even try. Fix these please and I’ll give you 5. Or kill it off before everyone gets tired of other bugs and lags.

- Works great despite minor issues

A lot of my friends don’t have phones compatible with iMessage, so hangouts has been a really convenient way to communicate. I have, however, encountered a few minor problems. Whenever my group and I have issues calling, we have to make an entirely new group chat in order to get it running again. Thankfully, this has only happened a couple times, but I still feel it’s something worth mentioning. I also wanted to note how certain users’ profile pictures stop appearing after a certain amount of time. This is usually fixed after deleting and redownloading the app, although it still isn’t ideal. Aside from those two things, the app runs great. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an app compatible with different smart phones.

- Very good

I like this app a lot. It is basically a texting app, using an email address instead of a phone number, and it also has the ability to place phone calls and video calls, also using an email address. The only issue I have noticed is in video calls, our video will sometimes turn off, and it is difficult to get it back on. It often comes back on its own eventually, but it is annoying. That may be an issue with the WiFi and not with the app, but perhaps look into it to see if there’s a way to fix the issue. I would like to be able to exit the app while videocalling, without it turning the video off. In short, the only things I’ve noticed are connected to videocalling, and even those aren’t enough to make me stop using the app.

- Please add video messages capability!

This app has definitely come a long way from when it was still Google Voice. I'm glad picture/gif messages are finally allowed but now the app just needs to be stepped up just a bit more and allow to send/receive video messages. On more than one occasion, I find out later someone has sent me a video but I didn't even get an error message acknowledging any message was attempted so I wasn't aware. Please add video soon. Or even just email us the video! Everything loads so slowly if it ever gets through. Sometimes, I get repeated messages twice in a row. And other times messages are lagged or out of order and don't appear until I manually exit and enter the app again. I have to do that to refresh the app it seems. Currently, it won’t let me send any messages. It keeps saying “Failed to send. Touch to retry.” So I can’t even use the app to send out anything for hours now.

- No flaws really

Hangouts is just what you need for a calm, organized place to keep track of chatting between your so-and-so friends, or some colleagues. There are no flaws, even though people are saying so. Why? Because it does not have special features! This does not mean that Hangouts is unbalanced or flawed! It doesn’t NEED to have a lot of features, it is good enough already. You don’t need anything else on Hangouts, because it ALREADY has more than enough features! There are no flaws that actually count. Hangouts has everything necessary to chat in private, or in groups. It has stickers, emojis that come with it, (and on some iOS devices,) you can take pictures and videos to send on Hangouts, and even calling! Hangouts is all you need.

- 5 stars in development

I used to recommend hang outs specifically for all things grad student related outside of blackboard communications —— (now canvas communications). I also used to recommend all my providers and groups obtain a g-voice number to use with their g- (e)mails ... this was for their own protection in terms of setting healthy boundaries for work and avoiding burn-out since they could set “rules” for when they were accepting work calls, etc. This applied only to educational professionals since most health care professionals need to accept emergency calls (a requirement to practice with managed health care, in addition to the hippa aspects, constraints, as well as the guidelines most entities require with EMR and information being communicated directly in and through their systems). I have more recently started using it for personal communications and am seeing if it can function as a viable replacement for messenger in terms of trying to contain my personal communications into one forum.... I’m not sure yet. It seems to be working okay for the most part so far, but I’m not really doing the things I formerly did so my results might be skewed.... So far... so good. I will write more when I know more.

- Google Hangouts-Your least Known App/Service You Probably Have Already

I don't give favorable reviews too often. This was an exception. I have been a user of Google Hangouts for some time. I’m a user both on the iOS platform as well as on PC and Mac platforms. I think it’s an understated and underutilized product. For those that have experience in Asia, Line here is very dominant. Google Hangouts has characteristics of Line, Skype, and iMessage. I feel it's a productivity multiplier because I can be work in any laptop OS (and I suppose even on Linux) and work interchangeably with a mobile platform. I critically find it useful with students or colleagues I'm collaborating with as it allows me to stay in a Google workflow for efficiency. I will warn you once you start using it on a computer platform, you probably find yourself using a lot. So why isn’t Google promoting this in a better manner? My guess, like a lot of things they purchase, it was an acquisition incorporated into their ecosystem, but they haven't done a great job of differentiating or promoting it. I would ask Google to keep this app. If you haven't tried it, kick the tires on this app/service either on your phone or on a browser on which you're logged into Google.

- GREAT APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have an iPhone, I always wanted a quick and easy way to communicate with my friends that don’t have an Apple devices. I did not want to you sms, and I do not have any social media. This is equivalent to iMessage and maybe even better! I love the way this app functions. I am a kid that likes easy and simple to use apps, and this is one of them. I love all the ways to have chats and all the multi person calls. This app is an amazing app to use for studying with your friends. It really is better than calling a bunch of people at different times, and even if I use one phone to do everyone, it is not as clear as google hangouts. I love this app and hope to see more like this in the near future. Thank you so much google 👍👍😀😀😃😄😁😜😜😉😁😁

- Great for keeping in touch!

Hello Google, just wanted to say I’ve been using this app since mid-March of 2019 and it has been the best. I didn’t know about this app until me and my partner tried to look for a texting-only app that reduces our data usage. The stickers are amazing, and so are the notifications and ringtone sounds. Only small thing I don’t like is taking pictures: it snaps the pic and instantly sends it without previewing. Another thing would be that for me, if my phone is ever turned off and I turn it on again, I open this app and it comes out as the welcome screen and it loads for minutes unless if I exit the app and go back in to find it normal. Once again thank you for making this app and please don’t get rid of it!

- Hangouts is our Heart-line!

I am so grateful for Hangouts! My son is in Sierra Leone West Africa for 2 years and this is our main source of communication with him. As soon as he is set up in an Internet cafe and online, he initiates the chat. We have a group set up and as soon as we see his message, we jump! Our whole family, who is scattered around is able to get on and we can chat if able. If not, we can read what we have missed and join in when we can. It’s our lifeline but better yet, our heart-line! We can’t do video chats because the computers in the cafes don’t have cameras but we are happy to able to live chat with him, send pics instantly, laugh, cry and all the rest. Thank you so much for allowing this amazing service! It’s a gift!

- I <3 Hangouts~

I use hangouts more than messages 😜, the main reason is cause my friend can’t use messages. I recommend hangouts, the only thing I can complain (maybe two things) about this is that sometimes when you are on a call, and on the same device, you play some type of game, it gets glitchy and sometimes kicks you out of the call. I recommend, if you are playing a game and calling, it’s better to use two devices, call on one, play on another. The stickers that they add, are ADORABLE! Making a group chat can sometimes can be wacky, I had a hard time 😅. Between messages and hangouts, which is better? On my opinion, I don’t really know, I think they are equal. Hangouts is awesome! You really should download it!

- A Cure For Social Distancing

I haven’t had the chance to even see my friends for at least two weeks now. But, with Hangouts, we are able to do video calls (usually a normal thing that happens daily over this break) and catch up with each other. We can also enable the camera option if we want to see each other, and enable mute if we have to do something that might sound annoying to the people we are chatting to. The only problem I’ve had with it is that the audio sometimes glitches out and you can’t really distinguish what the other person is saying, and sometimes the website on computers crash and make everything glitched for at least ten minutes (probably not related to the app), but besides that, it’s a real life saver.

- Crashes and Ringtones

I love hangouts! I’m 13 years old and I use it all the time to contact my friends. It is also helpful with gathering homework during the school year with friends. You don’t need a phone number to use it, just an email account. It has a nice layout, and YOU get to decide your profile pic. I also have iMessage, but I personally like hangouts better. One problem: hangouts doesn’t allow you to have different ringtones for different people, which is why sometimes I use iMessage more. Another problem: IT KEEPS CRASHING! I would be grateful if you could fix this. I’m writing this review because hangouts just crashed. Please consider adding ringtone choices and fixing the crashes. -Alexandra

- It’s a great app, but there are some issues

I use this app on a daily basis and it’s probably one of the best chatting apps out there. I love the fact that you can add anyone you want via email, and it’s super easy as well! I also enjoy that you can see when each message was sent and such, but there’s one thing that makes this app difficult to use. On any mobile divide I use, new or old, big or small, it always seems to lag heavily and crash easily even when I’m just simply sending texts to my best friend. What really bothered me the most was when it took me over a minute just to turn off the notifications for a group chat I was on. If there is any solution to this problem I am open to hear it because this lag issue is starting to get frustrating.

- Amazing

I really like google hangouts. I can chat with my friends anywhere I am (unless in the car) and I can have video calls with multiple people without having lag. I love how you can use stickers to express yourself in new ways that many other apps can’t. However, the one problem I ran into was that I didn’t get notifications when I got a message. To see that I got a message I had to unlock my iPad or computer then go into the app. Only then could I see what messages I had received. Overall, however, I love this app and all the different ways of hanging out with your friends and family. It is especially useful during the coronavirus, since I cannot visit any of those people right now. Thank you for creating this app. I find it very useful.

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- Decent

This social media platform is designed I’ll say mostly for children to young to have phones, or workers in conference business meetings. This app is suitable for any age over 5 I’d say, and very handy. However I do often find myself randomly locked out of meeting and this does happen frequently. I love the stickers and emoji options, however it would be great to not have something auto correcting me 24/7 because usually I say a name and it just auto corrects it to some weird word, however I can’t complain becuase a lot of other social media platforms have this issue too, and sometimes it can be handy. also it is very hard to change your profile picture, and I think there should just be a button or something saying profile picture. And it takes a long time to change it. But overall this is a fantastic app that helps me talk to my friends. Good job! And sorry I know this is a little picky 🙂

- This app has been played with & all the good bits gone

This app has been played with & all the good bit’s have been taken out and the people who have made it don’t care about what we the users liked and used all the time. When you’re are in a call that is important for both parties to be able to get them to hear what they are both saying and that’s when something goes wrong the call goes dead and you think they have given up on you then you have to get them back to chat 💭 with you and they are really mad 😡 at you but it’s the app that drops out on both parties. So can we please get back everything that we use to have put back into the app when we had windows 7 as that’s the last time everything worked right and if you are going to be fixing the app then please tell us what things you have fixed and then your user’s can tell you if. It working or not working. This app is in need of a good re building so they can find all the things that are wrong with this app and how the hackers are able to get get into it so please go through this app and get everything done that needs to have work done on it.

- Awesome

This app is amazing. You can contact people on the other side of the world which is great since I have family in other continents. You can also create group chats with as many people as you want. When you send a message, the other persons icon will pop up down the bottom if they have read the message. It will be bright if they’re online and faded if they have read it and are offline. It even shows when someone or multiple people are typing! I have two dislikes though. For one it uses mobile data which I know is a lot to ask. The other is the fact that you need a gmail account. If you don’t have one you can’t use the app. But over all it’s great and I highly recommend the app.

- So universal

This is the most universal messaging / calling app. My group of friends are all on various social medias and there wasn’t one that everyone had but because everyone has a gmail account it was as easy as downloading an app. And finally we don’t have to be texting 9 different people at once on different apps and we can all have on chatroom. I can also access it through google (just like getting into gmail) and it is one of the only sites my school doesn’t block during school hours so I am still able to communicate with my family throughout the day rather than either sneaking out my phone or emailing them and hoping they’ll actually check it. It is so fantastic. I’d definitely recommend


Since I’ve just finished grade 6 and am going to high school next year, I wasnt sure how I was going to continue communicating with my primary school friends, as none of them had snapchat or instagram or anything and I didn’t have any of their phone numbers as they were only just getting phones at the time. All I had to communicate with was gmail and it was then that I found hangouts. I am very thankful of this amazing app as now I can communicate to all of my friends via their emails, in texting form, so I would like to thank goolge for making this app exist. I really appreciate all of the hard work that was put into making this app and I would especially like to gove a big congratulations to Wallace for graduating from plastic trousers.

- Good, but has flaws

This app is good because it’s handy to have a platform that most people are on, because I am one of the only people in my friendship group with a phone 📱and that means that I can’t text my friends. So, on Hangouts, with no phone number requirement, I can text all my friends 👭 with ease. One of the problems is pressing enter. Please can we add a feature where it is possible to press enter without sending the message. That would be great as it is very annoying. Another issue is the fact that you can’t delete/edit messages. It bothers so much! Please add it in that part where you hold down on a message, hoping you can delete it, but then it just comes up with some other stupid options, like viewing the message details! Like, as if I care what time I said hello to my friend! I know when I did, I’m not an idiot! The last thing is that I was texting my friend and then it showed the icon that she was on Hangouts. Then, I asked her a question. I waited for aaages! And she was on Hangouts, just staring at my message, but she actually wasn’t ! Because the stupid app said she was on when she was actually at Great Ocean freaking Road and she didn’t even BRING her tablet! Like, what the hell!

- Great but.......

I love using hangout😍especially when your friends are overseas✈️ and u need to find a way to message them for free and u don’t have to pay if u called them but....I don’t like that we can’t delete messages bc I have autocorrect and sometimes I accidentally click words that appear on autocorrect and sometimes I use hangout on my laptop and sometimes my laptop can be laggy and accidentally misspelled words so can u please tell me how to delete messages on hangout because me and my friends already tried to delete messages on hangouts but there is just no way we already googled how to delete messages on hangouts but we found nothing so please let us delete messages on hangout.😢

- Good but could use some improvements

Hi Google! I really love this game, its awesome! I text and call my friends on this game, and it's really good because most of them live overseas and It would cost too much too text and call normally. Also you can use this app on a tablet, so when i am charging my iphone I can text my friends on this game! It's really good😀😀😀, It's much better than house party, Wechat, snapchat or instagram. I talk to my friends on these games aswell and usually it takes them longer to respond because we all prefer hangouts! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ However I think you could add more stickers, and also maybe make adding ppl easier. Thx!

- Hangouts

I think hangouts is a great app to have when making a call, FaceTiming or simply texting. You can use the free stickers and send pictures everything is free to use and you don’t need a sim or data card to make calls. Everything you see is free and there are no hidden charges and fees. The only thing I would change would be to be able to text without wifi and to text anyone in your contact list but other than that I would recommend this app to anyone that wants to text or call their friends. 🥳🥳

- Hopeless design for casual use

I really wonder if the designers have ever used this in real circumstances. First of all you can’t paste a telephone number that you want to call. When you finally type it In manually, switching between screens constantly because you can’t remember 14 numbers shown on a webpage, then you press call and it says it can’t call the number. Eventually you realise that it needs some sort of indication that it’s an overseas prefix. Well how do you get that? After a lot of hassle you realise that you need a plus sign. And how are you supposed to access that on this app? And the number of times I’ve accidentally phoned a contact in the middle of the night rather than begun a new phone call to a new number is an indication that the interface is frankly, dreadful. Update: now it interrupted a phone call to ask me to review it! Unbelievably poor effort, google.

- Good but needs a few things added

I don’t use it for calls and things as much as I use it for messaging and with the messaging part there could be a couple of things that should be added to make it better. 1. You should be able to delete messages. There’s many times I’ve messaged something to the wrong person or sent something to someone which I immediately regret and want to delete it but of course I can’t, I’ve mentioned it to my friends as well and they’ve also complained about there being no delete. 2. I’m not sure if this is something the company can fix but sometimes someone’s icon appears down the bottom like they’re online when they’re actually not. it can be really anxiety inducing to feel like someone’s reading your messages but don’t bother enough to reply when they’re not actually online it’s happened with me to my friends and my friends with me Please take my requests into consideration as it will most likely improve the quality of your app But my main request is add a delete button

- Hangouts

The app is awesome, but as always, there are some bad things. 1. I don’t find cool that you don’t have gifs. 2. I also don’t like that except you have an iPad, you can’t copy the message, and if you are in a large conversation and the other person writes fast, you won’t be able to tell her something without saying the topic. 3. I also don’t like that you don’t know when the other person read the message. However, the app is really good and I also wanna like the stickers, but if Google includes this tiny things it would be great.

- 1 Huge Update needed please!

I love hangouts, I use it to talk to my friends all the time but I have one suggestion, for group chats please make leaders so the leaders can kick and add people and no one else can, you can promote others to be leaders but the original leader cannot be kicked out. For example Polly makes a group- Leader Adds Lily, Jake, Kate Polly- Makes Lily Leader Lily now can add people and kick out people, but she cannot kick out Polly because she was the main leader. (: Thank you so much, I hope you one day decide on doing this, also some people don’t want this update so please make an option to add that to their group. For example when you add the people to the group (when creating) there’s a button to change it to the leader thing. Anyway thank you so much for reading and PLEASE PLEASE add this update as me and my friends and many more people are asking for this, thank you so much for this!

- Amazing!

I love hangouts so much, it has stopped me from losing contact with my best friend who doesn’t have an apple device. It’s easy to use and find people. Connection is always great and calling is easy. The only problem is when I call on my phone I can’t hear anything unless I put earphones in, I have checked my phone to make sure the sound it up but it seems to be the app that’s the problem. Other than that it’s an amazing app and I would definitely recommend it.

- Well designed app that’s easy to use and works well!

Nice, simple and easy to use design that works well. I use it primarily as a way to communicate with friends while gaming instead of using party chat. There is very little to no lag and all voices are heard in real time. Plus, it’s easy to get other people into it as all you need is a google account and everyone has a google account. Overall a really great app for anyone who needs a good communication service.

- Hangouts disappointment

I really get angry that this site has no ability to block a scammer or delete them when they have conned you into allowing them to chat on here so i am stuck with alot of people i know longer want to know can the app instigators please fix this problem. What is great is the ability to contact my brother overseas and speak to him and the foresight of the developers not allowing the erson at the other end to see or know your email address but then perhaps that is why the scammers who use it dont get caught so good it protects me if I’m smart enough to be able to get their email but sad if not and they have mine.

- Useful during quarantine

It’s a good app to chat to friends, if your bored. It has good privacy settings, so random people can’t friend you unless you give them your name. It’s a pretty good communication app, to be honest. I suggest this if you like to talk to friends online. It has a good system, as-well. Letting you post videos, or photos. The downfall though is you can’t listen to videos during a call, I hope they fix that. Other than that, it’s a pretty good app!

- Hangouts

Hangouts? Sure it’s amazing. You can call, face time, chat, send stickers photos and more! I loved this app and have used it as much as I could since I purchased it. One thing though, I think it could be better if we didn’t require an email account. I mean, it says that this app is for four years and up. Do you really expect a 4 year old to have an email account? Maybe you should just make people create a google hangout account instead. But overall, I love the app!


Okay so this is like the best texting app ever. Firstly, the app is free. This is great for every user as most are unable to purchase apps that cost money. Also it is just so fun!! I have some friends that live in other countries for example, I have 2 friends in New zearland 1 in Japan and 1 in another part of Australia. It is great that Hangouts gives me the chance to speak to others that I can’t meet in person. This is just like texting but completely free!! Everything is free it’s fabulous obviously you have to pay for internet/Data but other then that it’s absolutely free!! Although I do have one complaint; The video call mode is extremely laggy I understand that some of my friends live very far away but still I would expect it to be better! Other then that google Hangouts is the best chat app ever!!!

- It’s great but...

The app is great in general but every time I type the word/letters always lag and it’s quite frustrating since I’m a fast typer. Sometimes the call button is also glitchy and in general the app could be a bit more functional. Videos take way too long to send and the feature where you can remove people from a group is helpful but perhaps it should be changed so only the creator of the group can remove people. But It’s really helpful since it makes life easier for people who can’t have other social media (nearly all my friends) I recommend it.

- Excellent platform

It’s a great platform it’s nice to also make new friends from around the world Word of warning to everyone just be careful of scammers they ask you to buy a prepaid card to get acquainted safely This platform is safe it’s fantastic and you cannot be stung on here if people want us to leave the platform don’t and wipe those people from your list I hope my hon honesty has helped the developers and prospective new clinents

- The super Hangouts

This Hang out app is the best type of communication in my opinion. You can put online stickers on and can also video call, photo, call, message, and share your location using google maps. I definitely think that you should download this app and Start connecting with your friends. Although it has only been 1 hour since I used this, I still think it is super

- Review

When I am on FaceTime it’s not very clear anymore and sometimes it cuts out. The voice calls sometimes cuts out to. I use to be able to share my location if I chose to now I can’t even do that. Why can’t we delete a message after we’ve written it and why can’t we if we choose to delete a contact or block them if we don’t want them anymore. If you could help me fix these problems I would be happy with it. Google Hangouts worked perfect for me when I first got it now it feels like it falling apart.

- In between

The app is great for texting friends and for call them, but sometimes the imaging isn't clear, but that mostly has to do with signals when my friends are doing things like camping or don't have great wifi at home also sometimes my camera just shuts off or the mic shuts off for me or the other person, but that happens quite rearly, if you ask me, if your switching from Skype to hangouts or any other webcam program, it's worth it.

- Omg this app is so good

Hi, I am so happy that my friend has told me to get this app it is amazing if u don’t have messages or iMessage... this app is recommend for everyone ( I mean from like 7-80+ well I think!) u should down load it bc u get to talk to ur friends whenever u want [but] the sucky thing about it is u have to have internet not I like it!!! I think who ever sees this should get this app it’s amazing I mean (amazzzzzzing) I recommend this one for all of u!!!

- What google hangouts has

I definitely agree with Nan 2016 because the app always crashes. I hate the app I wish I could have another app. I hate the app because the makers took bits and pieces of what us users liked. So when you make another one will you please put some bits in but some bits out and when you have finished please contact us to ask us if some things need rearranging because this is just unacceptable😡😡. But other then that.... I liked how you can take a picture and then draw on it.🙂. Cheers mate🥂🥂

- Better and safer than Snapchat

This app is way better than any app You don’t even need a phone number. You just need a email. Plus it is really convenient because I am going to year 7 soon so this is a good way to keep in touch with my friends. The only problem is that when you try to send a video it takes forever to load. And you can only send 10 pictures at a time. But overall it is a good app.

- Awesome

Sometimes you are just bored and you need to talk to some people, hangouts is just the app for that! There are countless pros down below are only a few. Firstly, you can tell whether you’re talking to nobody or someone is actually listening to you, because there is a sign at the bottom with your friends photo. It turns dull when their not on but when they are it is its full colour. There are still much more but that is all I have for now. - Sophia

- Hangouts

This app is a really good way to communicate with friends when you don’t have any social media’s or a phone number. Except when I call my friends I can always hear them but they can never hear me... and it can’t be because of my device because all my other apps that do record your voice (as well as siri) work perfectly. But I still really like this app because of the messaging part.

- Recommended and Productive

This app is one of the best video and chatting apps I’ve had, all you need to do is sign in with a google account and you can make chats with friends or even use it for work, calls are also available and video is good quality. You don't need a phone number for this app simply to access all, a google account. Highly Recommend and an amazing app.

- Option of Deleting/Editing Texts

I recommend that an option of deleting texts should be available. If you send a text by accident or are not satisfied with it you should be able to delete it. The message will then be erased from the chat for all people. Either a text or a image can be deleted. An option of a text being edited because of spelling and grammar. There should be, for both deleting and editing, a time limit of a day so you don’t lose previous messages. I recommend there should be more stickers. New stickers for each season and celebration/holiday. Overall I love Hangouts. I appreciate the app because I can always talk to friends and loved ones. Thank you, jjacinta04


My friend group has at least one-three people in each class so there’s 1 class that only has one of my friends one class that has three and one class two classes with two in each so, hangouts really helps us like complain about our teachers and always have something t9 do and chat with and I’ve been using hangouts for about a year now!

- Google hangouts

Google hangouts is a great app where you can chat with your friends and video call them without buying a phone or SIM card. Google hangouts is a great app that is good for anyone and kids mainly being able to chat with their friends and other people. The sound and audio can be very bad and laggy also very glitchy but the app is great for talking to people

- Pretty good but has faults

It is awesome because I can talk to all my school friends because iMessage doesn’t always work. Other things like Snapchat or instagram my mum doesn’t allow so when I saw hangouts it was amazing. Something bad about it is that if I was trying to send long texts it wasn’t loading and then 2 weeks ago I had to delete it because I t would freeze and I couldn’t do anything My recommendation is that don’t send really long messages ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ

- Notification bugs

So in settings it says sounds are on for it and notifications are enabled in all conversations according to the app. But the notifications don’t make sounds for any conversation. On other devices of mine (with the same app version) work fine. But my iPod Touch Gen 6 doesn’t. Also can u add the sticker and GIF (pronounced jif)interface out of normal iMessages/texts. Thx for reading, anyone else have this problem???

- Good but a bit slow

I've had this up for about 3 months now and it's a bit annoying when I'm typing fast and when I look up to see if I made any mistakes it's still only on like the 3rd or 4th word and then the words start popping up but other than that it's fine. So for your next update you might want to fix the speed to go as fast as people's typing pace.

- Pretty good

This app has helped me contact friends of mine that have broken there phones ect. Whenever my phone is not working I always got this app. I am very great full that google has created this app. As I can tell, there are no flaws in this app except for on mobile version you can not delete conversations or text permanently. Thank you google

- Great App

I can vid call, call and message at the same time all while chatting with people even if they don't have numbers! It's a great way to connect and it also gives some privacy as you can block people to stop them messaging you. The only thing that would be great is being able to use it without wifi or data. Then it would be the perfect app.

- Amazing! Saved my life—

This app is so cool, you have to get it. You can catch up with friends and family by simply entering their eMail address. You can send fun stickers and send photos to each other. Only one thing. Can you make it so that everybody can call? Zoom is continuing to ask for a password. Apart from that, it’s an amazing app that I truly reccomend!

- 5/5!

I love using hangouts! Since I do online homeschooling which I started at the start of the year, all my classmates are either overseas or in rural areas of where I live. We use it daily for video calls and messaging and I thought calls would be bad since half of us are overseas but I was wrong! Thanks! I will recommend this to my friends!

- Good, not great

I've been using the app for quite while, but I find it annoying when somebody texts you it keep ringing. I've tried turning notifs off but I still get notifications. The app also can be a bit slow at times, for fast typers (like myself) this app can't write the entire sentence as fast as your typing it. Don't get me wrong, this app is still good, just needs to be faster

- This app is a life saver

Thanks to this app I am able to have contact with my cousin’s before I go to my holiday for two weeks we tried everything messages, WhatsApp, etc but when I tried this app it worked like a charm I cam face time chat send pics I would like to give a big thank you to the makers of this app

- video chat is terrible

video chat burns through battery like you wouldn’t believe, within a minute my phone gets hot in my hand. Yet for all of the power this app uses, the quality of the video is awful. Latency problems, poor resolution, poor frame rate, plus frequent drop outs of audio and video for no reason. For comparison, FaceTime on the same device has a sharp picture, silky smooth frame rate, minimal latency, lower battery usage. Only use this app if you have absolutely no alternative.

- getting started

I just recently downloaded Hangouts so I can text my sister, since she has a Samsung tablet and I have an Apple and iMessages won’t work. I’m pretty impressed what you can do with it, except when I typed in my school email, it didn’t work. I tried over and over, sat right next to our internet, plugged my iPad INTO the internet, but nothing worked. I can always use my parents email, but I really like using my own. Please help me!! 😞😞

- This app is terrible

This app is terrible Literally, users can't log in. I used all the google accounts I own and none of them are even able to be added in. Apparently it's not just me, a few friends of mine have also been trying the same thing. I don't think this app is even made to work. Please trust me, users, you will only get frustration if you download this app. I cannot talk about the features because I haven't even got through the log in page yet. This is without doubt the worst google app I have ever used in my life.

- Really good no phone no. Need just email

I know I’m just a kid but a love it because my friend god my mum had no money to call me when I was in America next day of school I download this app but no friends other day of school he go DANLOAD hangouts I went already have it I sent him a request and then he went yes we were calling and texting for free!

- Amazing

This app is amazing to talk to friends and family. But one minor issue is why does it take so long to send a photo, and if you send chat under it you have to wait for the picture to load up, but it takes more time. Other than that it’s amazing I recommend it to everyone!

- Love it, but can you change some stuff?

Can you please remove the function where you can delete other people from chats? My friends deleted me from chats because they were being annoying and I like to keep my messages, and I don’t want it to happen again.

- Loving it!

Google Hangouts is great!! It’s just like iMessage so my friends that don’t have a device can text me and send photos, links, gifs, anything really. I use Hangouts on my phone and laptop. So basically if your friends have google accounts but don’t have phones, then you can text them using hangouts :)

- Fantastic!

I love keeping in touch with my daughter when I’m not with her and know that she is safe while using social media. She keeps in touch with all her classmates and those who have gone on to high school. I it’s a great app! It’s simple to use yet sophisticated enough to keep everyone happy. It’s like training wheels for other forms of social media.

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- Hehe

I love hangouts because I can talk to my 2 friends and communicate with them. I also don’t really like it because it only works with wifi and the FaceTime isn’t good enough and it’s not good quality

- Hangouts

My family have different devices which hangouts gives us the opportunity to chat. Very convenient and reliable!

- Love the app

This app allows me to keep conversations from work and my family separate, besides I can make international phone calls cheaper than my provider.

- Great app!

I use it to talk to my friends, it doesn’t cost any money, you can use a variety of stickers and emojis, and even your photos. You can also do more than text you can call video chat too. Seriously great app, totally recommend to you.

- It's a lit app

It's pretty fire📛

- We love Hangouts

Just wish Google would focus on it as their single messaging platform..

- The group chats

My class invented a group chat and it’s awesome! I love the quality of the video chats and how it lets you to kick people out easily

- Really good!

It's like a mixture between the best parts of WhatsApp and Skype! I use it just for business purposes and I love it!

- Amazing!

Makes emailing and chatting easy! You can FaceTime send messages and lots more in an easy to use app!

- Google Hangouts

Google hangouts is a great app to use but for some reason when I download the app on my phone, it doesn’t let me join with my home email! It says “Unable to add account.” Not sure if this is a known problem but it’s pretty annoying! Please fix this! When I join with my school email though, it works perfectly and is actually a good app!

- Stay away from hangouts

Hangouts would of been a good app to chat and meet new people, but it is full of Nigerian scammers, ladies who scam you for money, cards, phones, airfare, they refuse to,tell you where they are from, send you photos from model,web sites, adult sites ,,Instagram and twitter, the ladies in here lie to you, and could care less about you, so stay away from here unless you,like being scammed by Nigerian ladies

- h e l p

I have been using this app for years on end but yesterday when i re downloaded it, it doesn’t log into my school account even though i’ve been using that one ever since i’ve been using hangouts. it loggs me out and brings me back to the “welcome to hangouts” screen please help me thanks

- Awesome!😀

Super nice and easy to use!

- It’s good

It’s good but it won’t let me call the people I want to call it says it’s out of my domain which is stupid I don’t like when it does that so change it please

- Scammers

Most of the users are scammers from Ghana

- I like hangouts....

I do like hangouts and it’s a great app, I find it’s just making mistakes. They got rid of the drawing extension and that was my me and my friends favorite part. I also find the calls glitchy at times.

- Stupid

I submitted my email like a million times and it still won’t let me join This is the stupidest app I’ve ever had don’t get it it’s not worth your time this is sooooo dumb and does not work like seriously it’s the dumbest app😡

- Honestly Great

I downloaded this and really enjoyed the app

- Great

I love it it works suPer well

- Great!

The hangouts app is great to me because I have a lot of friends with different types of devices and it helps all of us communicate when we r all separated! One thing that I wish is that we could use the app without WIFI! But it's not that big of a deal! THANK YOU HANGOUTS YOU HAVE HELPED ME AND MY FRIENDS!!!!!👍🤗😆😃😄

- Le meilleur jeu

Super cool!!!

- Solid messaging; really needs Split View support!

Still awaiting Split View support on the iPad in Oct 2017. App works just fine on the iPhone, but it’s a real pain to work with on the iPad because it takes up the entire screen all the time. Would love to see an update to add split view.

- Works

It's great!

- SG

Good app, easy to use. I would like to know how back in past can we retrieve chat history.

- Awful

I can't use it all of the sudden. It's been working and then boom, it crashes before it even loads. Fix this dev. I have iPhone 5

- “Storage Almost Full”

I just wanna chat with my friends!

- I used to love this

What the freaking heck!! I type in my email and it says unable to add account and I don’t understand so please fix this!

- Scammers

There’ A lot of scam on this app. Lots of criminals trying to get your money. Don’t be a victim.

- ❤️hangouts

I love this app definitely recommend if you don’t have text and have enail👍

- The best app ever made

I have loved Google hangouts since the minute I downloaded it. It has really good quality emoji’s for any time or any emotion you want to use. Hangouts is good for children who have a Google account and want to text are use it to text all of my friends and it is very useful I find it better than just normal message or Any other texting app

- 😁

I love this app I can talk to my friend and call her but sometimes she can’t see my texts so ya pls fix that or uh idk BUT I love this

- What the

I couldn’t even log in this app SUCKS 😡 this app is garbage

- issue sending location

On both my ipad and iphone (running ios 13.1.2) .....if I try to send my location.....I get : “can’t load search results try again”. Please fix, thanks in advance.

- Just sucks

It’s so bad

- Stupid

This app is so freaking stupid like it is app it have to go no one likes this stupid freaking app

- 👎🏼

Stupid and boring

- Terrible

Why the heck can’t you block people or remove anyone?😑

- My feedback

The worst messenger ever. A lot of bugs, minimum set of features.

- It should update

Like when somebody changes their profile picture or nametag, you shouldn’t have to delete and reinstall the app to get those updates

- In love! I hate google chats so plz give this a good review

Yeah so this app will get deleted but it is so good 😊

- Dark Mode?

This app needs a dark mode I use an old iPhone 6s and anytime I got on the app for more then 3 minutes, it leaves a temporary transparent imprint of the chat and keyboard on my screen. Not to mention, all that white sucks up the battery life and when you want to chat with your friends as you wake up, you get blinded as soon as you open the app. All of the other chat apps that I have include a dark mode

- Great but needs some more work

I really love it, buts its just that on one of my accounts, I can’t see any of my friends profile pictures. I hope this gets fixed.

- Why

I like it at the beginning but today it really got me mad. It ask me to sign in which I already did and after I signed in it tells me to go chat in Gmail witch I don’t and after it tells me to sign in again! Please fix this it’s bothering so badly

- 😡

It won’t let me sign in! All it says is looks like your google account can’t go here, so I retried AND IT STILL DOESNT WORK!?!?!?!?!?! PLS fix this

- ?

Comment sa fonctionne

- Delete

I wish there was a way to delete a message instead of delete whole conversation. Other than this it nice that it does crash anymore on my iPhone.

- It’s great!

I personally think google hangouts is a very convenient app and my child can talk to her friends easily with no problem at all! And it makes me happy to see that she can talk to her friends easily mostly during the pandemic and I give this five stars!

- Amazing

It’s such a good app, I love how you can call and talk to people. I just love

- Da best

It let me reconnect with a friend who moved away seven years ago

- It doesn’t work

I tried to my friends to video call but it did not work

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- Great app, worth checking out.

This app has become very useful recently. I have and use apple devices, but for some reason, a lot of my friends use androids. I obviously can’t text them in Apple Messages, but this substitutes that. You can text, call and more with this app. I am not sponsored lol. Another feature is that it actually doesn’t require a phone number. You can sign into the app with your Gmail account, and it will ask for your phone number, but if you don’t want to, you can skip it and it won’t bug you. One thing that would be great to add would be the ability to edit the names of the people you text. It won’t change anything on anyone elses device, but some of my friends gmails aren’t their real names. This is why it gets four stars.

- I love hangouts but...

I love hangouts cuz it allows me to text people on gmail without getting on my laptop. I also love the quality of the video calls because although it isn’t great, it’s still better than others. One problem I have is that if my phone dies and I charge it and then I get on hangouts, it shows the lets get started screen and I have to sign in all over again. Another problem is that my notifications are sometimes delayed. The final issue is that sometimes when I’m FaceTiming I get kicked off for no reason!! This could just be due to the service in my neighborhood. I live by a farm so service isn’t all that great. Anyway I’d totally recommend this to anyone who doesn’t like to get on their laptop every time they want to text on hangouts.

- Love it BUT

I’ve used this app for years but recently it’s gotten annoying. I’ll send a message and when I get back in the app to reply again, the last message I sent will be back in the chat again and I have to hold delete until it goes away, it only does this with the app and not the website. It gets rather annoying especially when my message was very long and I have to hold delete for along time just to reply again. I’ve sent in a complaint about this to the support page and of course got no reply on how to fix it or if it will be fixed. Again the app is great BUT that needs fixed as well as the ability to delete friends or block friends from the app. If you wish to delete someone you no longer talk to you have to go to the website on a computer which is a pain

- G Hangouts

Had to D/L this App to be part of a virtual video conference back in ‘09. Normally, I despise being told what to do/ use, not this time. Because I “discovered” Google’s Hangouts! And I’ve been using it ever since. To give the haters a lil justification, it’s not perfect. But overall, it’s gets the job(s) done that it used to take several Apps to accomplish. Currently there might be a single App solution available that’s on par/ better than this, I haven’t checked. Mostly because (IDK about you, but) I’m just not into giving “Cart Blanche” permissions to every small App developer that comes along. I recommend this App if you’re looking for another solution to SMS, MMS, phone calls and video calls via VOIP (strictly over the Internet). At very least, it’s safe to install and give it a go.

- Know what to do!

I think handouts is a fun and cool way to talk to friends and family I like how you can do other activities and games while you calling you best buds!😁the only thing I would recommend knowing before you get all excited is that you must be invited to your friends hangout calls. Another thing is that you have to be prepared to know how to use it 1.) you can either invite others to a call of your 2.) you press join and wait till your peeps pick up you call🥳3.) if they don’t pick up you can invite a smaller number of people in your call or you can enjoy hanging out with you friends and family! See easy! A fun and easy way to hang out with friends from home but better

- Calling w/ Hangouts..

More often than not, Hangouts is the app I suggest to my friends and family to communicate on. The DMs/messaging work great, and it’s relatively easy to maneuver. The only problem is the calling. My home have relatively good WiFi. I’ve even gotten comments about it from my friends. My girlfriend lives in another country so we wanted to try calling on Hangouts one day. It worked miserably. The cameras on both ends kept shutting off, and we had to keep re-calling because the audio cut out as well. I even have a friend who lives in the same neighborhood as me, and sometimes the audio is so bad, that we also have to repetitively keep calling each other. Please fix this! I love hangouts to much, and I’ve used it for a long time.

- Thank you Hangouts

I got hangouts when I was a freshman in high school and I made so many new friends through the app being able to call and text friends that live far away is amazing thanks to this app I made a friend that lives far away but we call and text almost every day we’ve been friends for over six years now because of hangouts I can’t think of a word without hangouts because I wouldn’t have been able to make so many new friends without it, it helped me get over my fear of other people and speaking to others, I met my best friend through this app and I still use it everyday to talk and text to people I know during this pandemic to see how they’re doing


Okay so I’ve been using this app for a long time. Nothing strange happened before until I got a message from some random email. They kept saying I know where you live and so I got creeped out. I looked up the email and I found out it’s a killer and so I instantly deleted the app, but it would delete. Now I’m freaking out because somebody knows where I live!! A few days passed without the person texting me and I started to hear knocks on my door I ignored them until one night it became louder. So I opened the door and a tall man dressed up like a Visco Girl and he threw metal straws at me and kept yelling SKSKSKSKS. I still have scares from where he stabbed me with those straws. (This app is actually really good)

- A great type of communication for people without phones!!!

I have an iPad, so, during COVID-19, I could only contact my friends through email, and there are two flaws with email. One is that you can’t video chat, so I couldn’t see my friends’ faces, and two is that they won’t know immediately that I’ve contacted them, so we wouldn’t be able to have a fast conversation. Hangout changed that for me! There are times when we are video chatting and our screens turn off, and we can only see the person’s profile, so we have to turn the screen on and off again. But that is such a little and solvable flaw, so I still give this app 5 stars! Thank you for being awesome, Hangout!

- Few issues but it’s still great! Don’t remove it!

Hangouts is my main chatting app that I use with all of my friends. All my group chats and private chats, all with their own interesting histories are all stored there. There are a few issues, like how it lags when there are too many people messaging in a chat, doesn’t always accurately show if someone is online, and doesn’t allow us to delete individual messages. However, those issues aside, it’s a great chatting app that I use for all purposes, from chatting with friends to meeting new friends to discussing group projects and class work. I heard that Hangouts might get closed in the future, which would be such a pity since it’s so widely used in my neighborhood. Please don’t close Hangouts!

- Friendships Grow

I recommend this so much if you or a friend have just a computer and can’t text. You can honestly text on computer, phone, iPads, or whatever ya got. Me and my friends don’t have things other than computers half of the time when I have an iPad for school and that. It works amazingly. Although it could be a little better if they allow more emojis and that. My friends and I have gotten closer because before we would only see each other at the least once every two weeks. This made us text and ask how our day has been and learn about each other. I love it. Also I don’t do WiFi which is fine, just getting that point out.


I love hangouts and I feel like I like it better than iMessage but I can’t seem to find a way to change my avatar and my name. Over all I really like it. I like the way that in face time you can switch between witch screen is the biggest (including your own ;) One thing I don’t like is when I am on a group chat but only a couple other people are on, it showes that people are on when they really are not and we get confused because we are talking to them but it seems as though they are reading the text but not saying anything. I like that it is easy to make groups and you don’t have to spend an hour righting a bunch of email numbers to get a group. Thank you hangouts!

- I love it

OK most people think that Apple it’s much better than Google hangouts. That’s wrong because guess what you can actually facetime with more than five people at once. So you can have a huge FaceTime as a Group and it actually works and apple is horrible trying to FaceTime a whole group .when I tried FaceTime ing only two friends at the same time it wouldn’t let me talk to any of them and it didn’t even show their faces which I thought was just horrible. I say Google hangouts is much better than Apple because you can send on any Internet even if it’s a locked Internet or unsecured Internet you can still send but Apple you cannot. so I give it a big old fat five

- Hangouts Connects me Around the World

I have been using hangouts for about 6 years now. It’s my #1 chat app outside of texting. My brother is deployed and hangouts allows us to conversate in one place, so that when he comes home, our conversation continues in the same thread. Hangouts allows me to stay in one app and never lose a message. I love that I can easily call or video too but I use that option less. It’s still good to have though. If I need to search up something someone sent me or said or that I said, hangouts is the only chat app that I know when a search button. That’s because it’s linked to the email functions. I need hangouts so hopefully it doesn’t go anywhere.

- Good. But could be better

Google Hangouts is a really good app! But I think it could be even better! So the Google Hangouts app is really good but I think it could be better with the calls. A couple days ago I tried to call my friend. But it says the call can’t go through. This happened when I first got the app. I didn’t know if it was a bug or if they did it on purpose. But I think if you make it so the “bug” isn’t there anymore I would use this app a lot more and I would be able to call my friends on that app. I really like Google Hangouts though. And I use it every day to contact my friends, I would use it more if I could call like it says on the app description, you can call with voice, or video. Thank you.

- Handy, but all contacts don’t show up

This text messaging feature equal to phone sms is cool, but also enhanced as it is also received via email especially allowing a US phone number. The problem I face on my iOS phone is the contacts not syncing. Only some of the names from my phone book do not appear, despite being logged onto Gmail app and clicking on all the right settings to allow sync within hangouts. The only way to see who sent those messages is to go to the Google voice app for the same google phone number. Hangouts only shows the sending phone number while Voice shows the name based on my contacts list! Same error over multiple phones and years of use!

- Works Well

It's been great having this to connect to my google voice number especially when I don't have any cell reception. Thanks so much to Google for fixing most of the freezing problem! My only pet peeve now is that the typing window sometimes doesn't resize properly, and sometimes I can't receive messages from a single person until I restart my phone. All in all a great app tho. Update: Everything is running smooth, and I'm switching countries so regularly this is my only permanent number which is awesome! I only wish that companies would stop blocking this number (Uber, etc.) as I have no other permanent number. That's totally on those companies though.

- Ok

Hangouts has some strong points and some odd ones. We all love Google but their unified messaging strategy is just odd. Duo and hangouts? Why not just combine. Duo works very well, hangouts audio and video has flaws. Why can’t I control my volume when I use my iPhone using Google products?? One other annoying trait of Hangouts is a friend can send me 10 pics but I can’t scroll through them in full screen mode. I have to open and close each one individually. Why?!? All in all a good product especially given the desktop app but some basic features, or lack of, have me going to other chat/voip tools except for friends who are only on hangouts. Until Google makes a single app that does all that you need, they will not win the market from WhatsApp/ Facebook messenger, etc....imho.

- I love this app!

My girlfriend doesn’t have a phone and it’s the main thing we talk back and forth in and FaceTime on. It’s really great! I love how you can see when people are active so then you can find a convenient time to talk to them. It makes it really handy to be able to download this on multiple platforms so then I could talk to other people maybe not on the same device. I use an iPhone and my girlfriend uses her chromebook and it’s great to have it like that. The notification system is on point and sends you a notification the second you get a text which I’d awesome! If you don’t have hangout and looking for a new messaging or calling platform, use this!

- A free educational tool

For a long time I used this app only for simple text till a mentor introduced me to use it for video calls particular when he wanted to explain complex tasks. The group calling option is super with every individual having a chance to switch between video or only voice call, depending on their network speed It can also send text regularly even for group charts too. What's interesting is the dynamic nature such that even new group users can follow discussions done when they had not been part of the group (this seems unique when compared to other group chart apps of this nature). Kudos to the hangout team for such a free app

- Great for a large group

We have a large family and live several hours from each other. To stay up with all our news we would text multiple times a day. There were frequent problems with the texts coming out of order, or not at all for some of our group. We thought perhaps this was because of all the different types of phones being used? Anyway we started using hangouts and haven’t had a problem since, at least not with carrying on our many conversations. We haven’t used the video feature however, so I can’t comment on that. Some in our family have had trouble using hangouts camera so that might need some work. Other than that we love the app!

- It’s OK

I was using Zoom to host a weekly Men’s fellowship during the coronavirus pandemic BUT Zoom only allowed us 40 min. Per meeting PLUS we heard of horror stories of Zoom Bombing (meeting being hacked with pornography & racial slurs) so we decided to try Google Hangouts. IT’S OK BUT the Zoom app works a lot better. Zoom is a lot more user friendly in inviting guests to the meeting & controlling participant controls during the meeting. Plus we had an audio problem with a echoing. But Hangouts was OK but I like Zoom better, & the group felt safer that we wouldn’t get hacked using Hangouts plus with Hangouts we didn’t have time constraints. There is a price w/Hangouts after the 14 day trial period, & you can also upgrade Zoom for a similar fee to remove the time restrictions but we just decided to go with Hangouts for security reasons!!!

- Great! But has a bug

I love hangouts I use it to text my friends all the time it’s awesome cause when I don’t have my phone I can still get texts from people on the computer/laptop. But recently I don’t know why it said that I didn’t have any more storage on it and it crashed. When it said that I thought oh I could just delete a few conversations that I don’t use very much but I still wouldn’t let me do that either! It just shut down completely so I had to delete it. I really needed it tho so I deleted a few apps that might take up a lot of storage but I didn’t need and now I tried to get it again and it worked! So I’m changing it to five stars.

- Used for Years

Just for starters- this is probably the best chatting app I’ve ever gotten. It’s helped me stay in touch with family and close friends and it doesn’t have an issue with video call despite what kind of phone you have. Their video chat is really good too!! I’m one of those people who use to be in a long distance relationship and we would leave the call on all night. It didn’t overheat my phone or damage it despite doing that quite often. The only issue I could ever have was the fact that hangouts partner, Google Plus, was basically deleted. I had years of memories and groups and friends on there that some I’m not sure how to contact. Overall hangouts is a great app and highly recommend.

- Great application recommend

I’m loving it is easy to use easy to understand and it works good as a secondary phone number when you have a Google voice number attached to it as long as you download the Google Voice app and get your phone number if you have a Gmail and attach it to hangouts is a great way to have a secondary number and you don’t get give out your number to people you don’t really worry about giving out your personal number you give them your Google Voice number I start to hang out and his great way to communicate you can send pictures and text and call and receive calls and text messages and pictures👌🏽☝🏽💪🏽

- Great! Could use a few ajustements

Google, Honestly Hangouts is a great app. I love that you can see when people are active, so you can have conversations when you are both online, that would otherwise not happen. I read the highlighted review and it came to my attention that this app might be deleted. I would be so sad if that happened! This app lets friends and family connect that don’t have devices from the same company. As far as improvements go, they concern my favorite feature, the active feature. When you see your contacts you see one of three things under the contact’s name. Active just now, active __ (15 or more minutes or hours), or Active __ (days or weeks). I would suggest that you could change this so it only says Active just now if they were active less than one minute ago and Active 1, 2, 3... minutes respectively. The last thing I can suggest is that you make it so you can have the app notify you when someone is active. Over all, thank you for this wonderful app, and I hope you consider and use my suggestions.

- please fix Incoming phone calls

Love Hangouts. The only problem is this: In "Hangouts > Settings > Phone number" I have "Incoming phone calls" turned off. However, every incoming phone call still results in a Hangouts "calling" notification which lasts a few seconds after I've already answered the call via the regular Phone app. Hangouts incoming call notifications also show in Recents in the Phone app, so that every call, in addition to the regular Phone notification, has a duplicate notification from Hangouts. Please fix this so when "Incoming phone calls" is turned off the calls don't trigger Hangouts at all. That’s how it always used to be - this problem started about a month or two ago.

- This app is great!

I would say that hangouts deserves a 4.6 star rating. Obviously you can’t do half stars so I rounded up 😉. Hangouts is a nice way to keep in contact with my friends who don’t have phones or don’t have service. It works just like text, plus it allows you to be logged into multiple emails at once without having to type in a password every time you transfer. The only complaint I have is it takes a while to send pictures and videos (about 30-60 seconds) and I’ve had trouble getting my messages to go through occasionally. Overall though, I think this is an outstanding app and would highly recommend it!

- Cut off my contacts...

I have an iPhone SE, and ever since I updated to the latest version of Hangouts (the one that optimized it for the iPhone X), my contacts are cut off, like when I’m in a chat, the person who I’m texting, their name is cut off, because the record button, call button, and the 3 dots button are spread apart. Now I understand that my phone is quite small compared to the bigger iPhones and the iPhone X, but that does NOT mean whatsoever that my content should be all screwed up JUST because iPhones are getting larger. The SE is still available in retail, therefore it’s not right that my content is messed up because the buttons were spread out. Google, you need to keep in mind that not EVERYONE can afford the $1000 iPhone X, or just that not everyone likes bigger iPhones. You need to fix this issue, because it’s starting to get really aggravating and there’s no reason WHATSOEVER that I should have to deal with that. Fix this problem, because it’s quite upsetting that you’re just ignoring the SE, as if EVERYONE got the X, which aka isn’t even CLOSE to true. My content must be fixed as soon as possible. And then I’ll rate 5 stars, but for now, I’m only giving 3 stars.

- overall a very handy app

I really use it for simple caller tasks, but it comes in very useful when i need to make free calls on a U.S. number from abroad. It also came in especially handy when I didn’t have a local number in the U.S. and would make so many of my calls through this app. those calls are usually of a pretty good quality, just that when you’re on a loudspeaker the other party can have a hard time hearing you. The call quality in general isn’t the best, but it’s not bad either, just some intermissions at times, but those can also be from a bad internet connection, don’t want to guilt the app. overall, very useful and does the basic job at least for me.

- Hangouts contacts profile pic

2nd we go again the icons are disappearing Again & the only way to get them back is to flippin delete the app and reinstall!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a waste. You must have smarter people working there that can fix the issue!!!! This ONLY happens on iphone Everything was going great till last week when all of a sudden google removes one of my contacts profile picture only on my iPhone 6s. It does NOT happen on any other device. I have sent messages to google who have not replied whatsoever I even pretty much almost completely reset my phone and still having an issue. Please advise how this can be fixed!!! This issue still is not rectified as even on my iPhone XS I am still having the same issue. The icon pics still suddenly disappear and to tell me to just delete and reinstall is bs because this I do a dozen times a day time to ditch google

- Beware!!!!

Hangouts (just like Kik) is a place where Nigerian scammers like to take their victims. They like to keep their victims in one place to make it easier to continue to scam them out of their money. I’d like to rate this ZERO stars but you have to put something in. Do NOT accept friend requests from strangers no matter how down you feel. The person sending the request 9 times out of 10 is a Nigerian scammer portraying as someone else (especially military personnel) to get your money. Do NOT send iTunes cards, Steam cards or anything. They just want your money. They will tell you that they just lost their spouse to some ailment or illness and have a child back in the states with a nanny. They will pull at your heart strings until you break and start sending them money via iTunes, Steam or any other gift card. Beware of these very aware of these people. They don’t want you, they want your money.

- Super reliable and easy to use!

I use hangouts all the time because it can work on any device, which makes it super easy to use. My friends and I use it all the time, and it is super reliable because you can know when someone is reading or read your message, and you can use all kinds of emojis and images anytime! Without hangouts, I won’t be able to see how my friends are doing all the time, and can’t talk to them to see if they are all right. Hangouts has all kinds of features that are super funny and interesting, and I absolutely love using them to express what I am feeling. Hangouts is great for any device and can be used anywhere!

- Quite behind

You can easily find better apps than this like Line. Hangout has become one of many google products - mediocre at best. They feel like Microsoft nowadays; remember how Internet Explorer was so unloved by MS, until Firefox and Chrome became popular? Specifically, Hangout is very slow in sending videos. Sending pictures and videos from google photo has 50:50 chance it will fail at first try. Sending a video doesn’t show its transfer progress (% sent), leaving you wondering if you should just give up or wait for another minute, all while your phone is tied up to it. And you can’t just browse pictures received. You have to close it to see the next one. All these features have been available at Line for long. So with all the financial power and supposedly bright folks at google, what is going on?

- This is a very good app!

My best friend and I are just teens. We don’t have phones yet. So, my friend recommended this to me and this worked out greatly! Now I text and be video calls with all of my friends including my cousin too all the time! This amazing and I really recommend this to all the teens and tweens out there who doesn’t have phones yet or who has friends with no phones yet. I hope everyone else also has a great time with this app. But it would also be really good if we can add stickers we want from other apps to this app. I have a sticker collection: BT21 and I really want to use them in my daily texts with all of my amazing friends! 💕

- I love the app but...

I love Hangouts i just wish it was more of a secure encryption and features like its counter part Allo that Google is not longer going to update. Maybe having end-to-end encryption like Signal, Wire Messenger, Telegram or even an iMessage similarity. Also, to be able to send larger files and easier access such as sliding features for deleting or blocking numbers; instead of going through multiple clicks here and there. This app could be a lot better if just had a little more time for improvements with sleeker design, more updated features and faster to maneuver. I see the potential for growth just needs a little more tweaking.

- I love this app! But...

I love Google Hangouts but only a few of my friends use it, so unless they have it downloaded too, there is no way to talk to them. Also, some of them don’t even have gmail accounts so it makes it even harder for them. Since only a few friends have this app, I don’t use it very often. Besides that, everything is perfectly fine with the app itself and I would highly recommend getting this app if you have a google account and you know lots of other people with google accounts too. This app is exactly the same as texting and FaceTiming. It’s just all in one app so it makes things easier.😊

- I have these few suggestions to make

This app is a good app but I have a few suggestions that can make this app a better one and they’re as follows;Firstly you should make it possible for one to read their messages offline,my conversations can not open if I don’t have an internet connection or when I’m in a place that has no internet connection. Secondly one should be able to remove or unsend a message at least few minutes after sending,in a situation where there’s a mistake in what you’ve just sent and you want to make a correction you can do that before the receiver sees it,that will be a very helpful feature on this app. These are my suggestions,this app would be my favorite app if it includes this features I’ve just mentioned above

- Hangouts is amazing!

Hangouts is really the only messaging app I use because I don’t have social media of any kind. I use it to talk to all of my friends and hangouts message way more people than I even text. It is so easy to navigate and has so many features yet is simple enough to use without taking mental energy. I love hangouts so much. When one of my hangouts group chats heard it might be getting removed we all were so so so sad. I don’t know if you were going to remove the messaging app or what but PLEASE DONT!!!!!! We all need it because it’s our only way to contact one another! Hangouts is absolutely amazing and definitely the best app on my phone.

- Best app to text people, EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mom, Grandma, Aunt, sister, Dad, and I love to chat on it! They have awesome emotes, a picture tab, and lots of writing options to choose from! One minor element though, security. My sister was texting my dad one day and she found a person called “Shakira” on our page, and we didn’t download her!!!! #SUPERcreepy!!!!!!! Anyway, other than security, the app is awesome! Love all the features. The phone calls and FaceTime are good quality most of the time.. can be glitchy... but awesome app! Good Job to whoever created the idea. I still give you my five-star rating. P.S. Please, please, PLEASE work on security! That random person is still giving me the creeps!

- Decent App

It’s a decent app but it’s still glitchy at times especially with the video chat. Also, my notifications don’t come through on my devices. I have hangouts on multiple devices but the notifications only come through on my last used device. So if we can get a fix for that I’m good. My final gripe is the sending of videos. At one point I was able to send videos but I no longer can. Not sure if it was mentioned in one of the updates as to why it stopped but that is an inconvenience for me. Especially seeing as how I use hangouts as an alternate number as well. I hope this gives some insight as to possible changes and additions/readditions but just wanted to express my thoughts. Thanks for reading and stop asking me if I wanna write a review.

- Love but need help pls!

Now I’m not saying it’s bad I just need help I gave it 4 stars because it works great on my other contact but see, my friend here told me to download this app so I did now, friend doesn’t have a phone he has a tablet but I have a phone. So what he did is he put his mom’s phone number on there and when we tried to start a conversation it didn’t work we tried and tried and tried you get the point, so if you guys can help me I would appreciate it also can you guys write back too me I don’t want to go to another school without his number we are going to be apart So please PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE thank you. Edit : I tried to use the help button on it but it didn’t seem to work when I did it

- Hangouts is great

I love this app and it is handy to use with my friends who don’t have advantage to phones, as it can be downloaded on computers. It is especially needed now that the majority of the world is stuck inside, but I have one concern about the chat feature. While in video call, my friends sometimes wright in the little chat box that pops up on my screen. The problem though, is that I can’t wright back. There is no way to. I think the problem is that this feature is only available for computers, so it would be helpful if you would change that and make it available for phones too. Thank you!

- Scammers

There are scammers al over this app geting my email from somewhere and how the blue strange man pop and pretend to be milatary asking me for money and gift cards on my other email address had to make new email account my new email lead theses guys to me again the person I’m talking to give bad vibes he keeps demanding me get him steam cards and going by James David Nelson I know Nigerian I’m falling for his game he has email me those my email wich I can’t block his email I’m tire thes guy come on my hangouts asking for this guy has put me in big trouble I can pay my bills cause these scamers this guys been doing to me for a year talks to your amonth with out asking for cards then all sudden he’s right there telling bunch of lies and tell this day insist he not lie and was very quick about saying he’s real if was ture American he wouldn’t bother asking me for cards I been this cam from differnt guys for the past year lp

- Review

Works good except when I logout and then log back in later all the blocked contacts appear and I have to click on the name as if I am going to message them to have the name removed from showing as an a contact. I wish there was a way to prevent any blocked contacts from appearing when I log back in, they should just be listed under blocked contacts and not appear every time I log back in. There also should be a way to tell when someone is online. If someone shuts off their activity status then you don’t know if they are online or not? Or if that person has seen your message? How can you tell if a person has deactivated their hangouts account? There should be a way to tell if someone has deactivated their account?

- App great for chat and outbound calls, no sound on inxomjng calls

I use Google voice number when traveling around the world and Hangouts was my favourite way to keep in touch with friends in old-fashioned (phone) and new (chat) way. This is convenient way to receive sms messages as well, so I can use it with 2-way authentication services, flight bookings, and with people who like to text. Since my update to iOS 11 on iPhone 7, there is no sound when receiving calls to my Google voice number. I got call notify screen and can pick up and the clock ticks but there is no sound. I am at a loss. I am traveling often for business and now I am looking for new solution to integrate voice calls and chat and so far Whatsapp seems to fit the bill but I still want Google to fix their app.

- Awesome!!!

I don’t have a lot of friends that are active so it’s not THAT helpful. But when they are on, it’s awesome because my friend lost his phone and I’m still about to text him from his computer and my phone! I love that you can see when they were last on!!! It helped me see that my other friend was ignoring me. And I love how you can call on it! I’ve never called before but if I do, that will be nice! I wish there was a notification for when friends where active though! Because I’m always two days late and they aren’t really conversation starters. 😋😋😋 totally children friendly but you have to have a google account so I suggest you hook it up with the parent’s google account!

- Cool app and the cats are cute!!!! Dont give up!

This app have the cutest emojis and i love it i wonder if it has update that will be amazing and really cool because when u travel and u miss someone u can chat with it and soon im gonna chat with my cousin too like i miss my dad because he travel so i didnt know there was app like this im just saying it’s awesome because i can also send photos and pictures and u can send ur emojis soon if i travel to dubai u will also chat my family because they are not going maybe.... My grandma and anuti and my cousins are going to i will enjoy that place is amazing and also in gonna chat my family that i had fun i will buy some stuff that it has like i love dubai and also i will wear them everday and anyway hangouts is cool app.. U can aslo add some groups and talk like a party is happening like ur doing a suprise for someone and also chat with photos and i will send that photos that i wear it in dubai so that what i all say i will had fun with it to muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Thanks for seeing what did i say please put the updates!!!!!

- The Best Way to Keep In Touch

My daughter and her husband live in Oxfordshire are he is currently employed in the Bodleian Library System at the University. I love hangouts because we can talk everyday and I can keep up with what is happening in their everyday life and know they are doing fine. They take pictures and share with me and who knows when I will have a chance to go to London? I am recovering from full right knee replacement surgery so they are up to date on my recovery process. I am so happy with this app and highly recommend it for anyone who wants to keep in touch with friends and family. Give it a try! I think you will love it.

- The Best Period❗️

Google Hangouts is the Best! I've read some of the other reviews that say Hangouts needs some fixes or fine tuning. The truth is it's FREE❗️I'm able to make and receive calls, texts, and pictures on this wonderful app. I've had Cingular, Singular, AT&T, and Verizon services. When they mess up your service you still pay 💰. Also, customer service treats you like They are paying you and not the other way around. Those companies have Never asked me to rate them. They Suck❗️So when I hear people whining about the little things that FREE Hangouts could have. I say shut up❗️It really is a wonderful tool. Thank you Hangouts❗️😄

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r y e !! (s/h bc uni)

@nikkouichimonji noted for future hangouts LMAO


I feel so overwhelmed. I will spend the rest of today processing these good emotions. The giggles, the fun hangouts, the serenity, the love. They happened and they are real.


It’s Sunday! Which means we’re doing the Sunday Guns Blazing Challenge😬 We’ve got 3 games to conquer and two of them we’re playing for the first time on stream! Come hangout at 8pm CAT on ✌🏼😎 #twitch #pc #streamer #zastreams #sunday #hangouts

Hangouts 35.2 Screenshots & Images

Hangouts iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Hangouts iphone images
Hangouts iphone images
Hangouts iphone images
Hangouts iphone images

Hangouts (Version 35.2) Install & Download

The applications Hangouts was published in the category Social Networking on 2013-05-15 and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This application file size is 163.21 MB. Hangouts - Social Networking app posted on 2020-08-06 current version is 35.2 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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