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What is doubleu casino™ - vegas slots app? Spin Vegas Slots and Win Big Jackpots! Experience Thrilling Casino Games Online!

If you like Free Slots, Casino games, Slot bonuses, and Jackpots aplenty, then come enjoy the best free casino game! Test your luck for free with exciting new slot games. Play the Lucky Wheel game to start with free chips, and then go play some Free Slot Machine games. Thrilling games and larger-than-life casino slots are waiting for you! Casino games are in the palm of your hand to play wherever you please. Download DoubleU Casino and play slot games now!

If you want basic casino slots, look elsewhere. These are not your ordinary free slot games. DoubleU Casino brings you exclusive slot machines with the best characters, graphics, games, Bonuses, and more! If you’re looking for free casino games and massive jackpots, you’ve found the best game.

Prizes? You wanna talk about prizes? Other casino games just don’t compare!

Jackpot Tourneys, Lucky Wheels, Bonus Promotions, Free Chips -- the list of free casino games and free slot features is endless. Casino high rollers gain access to our VIP Room and various other reward programs to maximize your good fortune. Today is the day to get in on these casino slots and try your luck for free!

Looking for slot machine variety? We have loads of free slot games to explore. With hundreds of free slot machine games to choose from, DUC brings the fun all day, every day. Here are some of our most popular free slot games that you can play now!

►Rolling in (More) Gold: Mine for gold on this slot and get a bonanza bonus!
►Cupid’s Shot, Devil’s Hot: Show off your winning aim on a slot machine with lots of heart!
►Werewolf Windfall: Some slot games have wolves on the prowl, but we’ve got werewolves ready to howl!
►Bumblebee Frenzy: Wild wins are sweet as honey on this free slot game!
►Genie’s Magic Zone: Get in the zone on a slot machine that’s pure magic!

Feeling lucky? Why wait! You deserve some slot machine fun today! It’s the perfect time to play free slot games at DoubleU Casino.

Start winning on a free slot game bursting with thrilling wins! Which of our hundreds of free slot games will be your new favorite game? Choose from our massive lobby full of casino slots. Explore all the games and see where winning takes you today! So come on in, day or night, because this casino never closes!

From experienced casino slots spinners to beginners interested in playing free slot machine games for fun, you’re sure to find plenty to love at our casino. We’re constantly adding new slot games to the casino, so you can surely find the perfect slot machine game for you!

DoubleU Casino is a slot game player’s dream. Discover our endless free slot games and frequent free bonuses. Build your pile of wild treasures with chips and more. Luck is on your side in our casino! Come to play casino slots, find a new favorite slot game, and hit free slot machine jackpots!

Now is the time to spin and win!

*Recommended: iPhone 5, iPad 4, and later devices with an iOS version of 9.0 or later

*DoubleU Casino does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.

*Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling.

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DoubleU Casino™ - Vegas Slots Version 7.2.103 May 2022

DUC, Where Fun Meets Fortune! You need to check out our hot new slot games with a variety of bonus features! Also, DUC has become even more stable with this update. * Bug fixes and performance improvements Wishing you huge luck! ~Jiny & Kevin.

DoubleU Casino™ - Vegas Slots Version 6.54.228 February 2022

Great fortune awaits at DUC! Check out our latest slots and stunning bonus features. Wishing you huge luck! ~Jiny & Kevin.

DoubleU Casino™ - Vegas Slots Version 6.50.228 December 2021

DUC has taken the excitement to a new level! Check out our eye-opening slots and super sweet features. Wishing you huge luck! ~Jiny & Kevin.

DoubleU Casino™ - Vegas Slots Comments & Reviews 2022

- The game of a thousand cuts.

I enjoy the variety of your games, but find the small wins against large bets a bit frustrating. Been playing for a few months and have won a few jackpots, however; since your last two updates the slots have gotten much tighter. In one day alone I lost over 1.5 billion chips. Even more recently the drain on the game bank is akin to a death by a thousand cuts, slow and agonizing. Please understand I truly enjoy the games, just loosen the slots up a bit. Also please don’t speak about luck with this app, your business model was not predicated on luck. You have pay tables based on the probability of a combination showing up and therefore as such you can adjust accordingly. This app could truly be great if there was a loosening of the slots by about 3.5 percent. People would play more if the frequency of wins were increased. Common knowledge house controls how much is won at slots and not luck. Thank you for the enjoyment and hopefully you will hear what myself and other players have been saying.

- I agree with cemetery lover...

Game is beautifully designed, but winning is another story. There are ample opportunities to score dollars through bonus spins, league play, and the mystery box.. however, after playing this game for literally months and months on end, I have not once hit a natural jackpot on any of the machines in this game (and I have played on most every machine at one point or the other). It’s a bit frustrating to play over and over and never really come close to a natural jackpot. I understand the concept of luck but, like real casino machines, some could stand to be “looser”. I find myself retreating to other games recently simply because my efforts have proven largely fruitless. And I also agree that access to Mega and Grand machines is extremely difficult. Not sure how this can be remedied, but having access to only 10 or so machines at a time limits play, especially on newer machines. There seems to be a reasonable number of people winning jackpots (apparently with smaller bets as well). Just hasn’t happened for me after soooooooo much play... I’m ready to move on to something else. UPDATE: Received same canned response from developer as pretty much everyone else here who has left a review. If you can’t take the time to write a short, personalized response, then I won’t waste time and money on your product. Delete.....

- Evaluation over time

I have written several evaluations over the 8 to 10 years I have played this game. I admit most were in the heat of the moment and were after a string of consistent losses. This is what I believe to be fair with this app 1) the graphics are some of the best 2) the game choices and frequency of new games is commendable. On the others side of the there is no question the payouts have changed over the years. I was possible to go from a very low beginning and get large wins or win a jackpot now and then. You could sometimes get consistent wins that could increase your totals to over one billion. The game was entertaining and you probably spent too much time on it. To me there has been a change in the business plan, and that’s okay. The developers have now reached the point of pay to play. They have earned it over time. We long time players have enjoyed the game we have benefited from the not random wins that build up the followers and now we are seeing the opposite as you can never win jackpots, nor win often enough. That’s the way it is, it was fun over a long period of time accept the change and do other things. Wishing doubleU success.

- I have reviewed this app before

The last time I reviewed this app I gave it 4 stars, this time only giving 3. I am echoing many of the other reviews by saying the payouts are lower and less often. Everyone likes to win, there’s no doubt but no one likes to lose either. They give you chances to win free coins by giving free spins, bonus wheel, mystery box and joining clubs but never enough to play for any length of time. I have never purchased any coins because they’re, well, worthless. At least at a real casino, your money has a chance to win real money. Don’t fall victim to these casino apps, if you need to buy coins to keep playing you may have a problem. Pay attention to the app developers responses and see how many are exactly the same, they hear but don’t listen. On the plus side, they don’t use pop ups during your play, only when you run out of coins, which is often. Good variety of games, need more video poker choices though.(Only 3 so far) There are lots of slot apps to choose from, this is one of the least annoying in my opinion. See for yourself but don’t waste your money paying for coins, these are supposed to be “free” casino slot machines.

- Ready to Delete

This app; like so many others will give you enjoyment as well as frustration; which is always a factor at some time or other for anyone who gambles whether virtually or in real life. I would like to applaud them for the variety of games they offer as well as the different betting levels made available to you. I find this casino slot machine app unique in the way you are seemingly able to choose your machine similar to how we choose a specific machine amongst many other identical machines in an actual casino. Truthfully, for those reasons alone is why I’ve kept the app (temptation) on my pad for this long. I’ve purchased an excessive amount of large packages up til now. I’ve noticed that more recently they have made sizable reductions to the credit amounts allotted within these packages; with or without their so-called coupon. They don’t offer any benefits for people who have been consistently playing and purchasing within this app. I am acutely aware that my using this app has and is 100% of my own choosing. I am extremely disappointed and somewhat disgusted with how seemingly greedy the owners of this app have become. It’s really a shame but it’s clearly time to move on!

- This game is kind of a sham...

I've played this for over a year and a half and this game has gone through some changes that have been all about lining someone's pockets with cash. I've never won a jackpot on here, which is whatever, but it would be nice to see my time on this app pay off. But there used to be 3 daily objectives that would give you nice rewards and let you play for awhile betting decent amounts and not the minimum. If you did the big wins challenge and spin challenge you may get anywhere from 1-5 million for completing them. You could do these for a couple days betting minimum and build a solid bankroll to bet bigger and have a bit of fun. But they replaced it with some crap where you have to bet 12 million to get a 30,000 reward, 31 million for a 40,000 reward and 63 million for a 50,000 reward. WHY in the world would I bet so much for some minuscule, crappy rewards? Oh, that's right, you expect people to take the bombardment of ads and "sales" when you open the app seriously and expect us to invest huge amounts of real money for the lousy win rates on here. As people have said, the sounds and graphics are awesome but the fun is not there when you can't win at all.

- Love the game

I’ve been playing for years now. I love playing. I love that it gives free coins daily in MANY different ways:free spins, 3 box’s to choose from, free games, on the fan page, (Coin King Kevin and Coin Queen Jeny choose winners of free coins if you go to the fan page and if you “hit the like, share, and comment on their hourly posts. I have hit a jackpot. I’ve received free coins from Coin King Kevin and Coin Queen Jeny many times because I have taken the time to “like, comment, and Shared their posts). your friends can send you free coins, and if you join a league you get A LOT more benefits (like league rewards for earning a basic,super, and mega score/reward/coins), and also your team mates can send you gifts. You can start your own league and earn high rewards. I have my own league (Blue Bullies Rock) I made it private so I can pick and choose who joins and we are a bronze level (the different levels earn you more rewards and VIP levels. I hope this helps everyone...Good luck and happy spinning.

- Gifts and bonuses

Today I played DoubleU Casino and in the Gift Box was 30 spins on Pelican Odyssey. The network kept kicking me out so I left and came back later and the gift was gone. I'd like to see if I can get it back. Thanks Here we go again. This game works fine as long as it's eating your credits. Response at around 10pm and again attention 1.0:27. At 10:27 I had 1,000 up and respond to go and I didn't even get credit for the 1,000. At 10:30 I played the gifts. Pelican Odyssey 30 spins nut again half way thru it kicked me out. This game shouldn't give gifts and bonuses if you're going to kick us out every time. If your going to eat the credits you should pay the earned gifts and bonuses. Play fair. This is the only game I have up that just says its your fault. Sorry.

- Good graphics and games, but...

I have played this game often and have enjoyed it. However, I think it is somewhat expensive. Yesterday, I had about 200 million points. I put my iPad away and went to sleep. Today, I looked at my game, and saw I had about 4 million points. Apparently it had gone on automatic, I guess. All I know is that I lost so much! This has happened before, but with much lower losses. I never play on automatic, but it often switches on its own if I don’t take my finger farther away from the keyboard. This time, I won’t spend more money on the game, as I lost over 190 million points without playing. Be careful when you play! Although I asked for help, it was told that after looking at my account, they had found no problems with it, so, apparently I played all night long, losing millions upon millions of points, about a hundred dollars worth. It’s unfortunate as I would like something to do during the weeks of staying in due to the covid - 19. I just can’t see paying a hundred dollars with zero chance of winning real money.

- Double u Casino

I’m just so happy with this app! It is so much fun and they are very good with their payouts. I️ guess I’m addicted to this app. Hahahaha!!! It’s ok though. I’m retired, 83 yrs old and I’ve had some surgeries so this app keeps my mind going as I️ don’t have much to do these days! So please keep on being a fair fun app and I’ll keep on playing!!!! Wow all of a sudden I can’t win a thing??? What’s happening? I’ve spent a lot and the past few days getting nothing!!!!!! Is there a glitch or have you just stopped paying?? I love the game but being in SS I can’t keep spending......well I’ve been winning pretty steady now so if it was a glitch it’s ok now. And I’m glad about that because I truly love this app. I’ve tried others but they don’t hold my attention like this one does. I love the new games!!! I stopped playing for a bit but am back again. I still think this is the best app!! I’m still playing . This app is great. The best games. I love it.

- DoubleUCasino slots

DUC is one of the best gaming site as far as graphics which are great. What I’m sick of is the problems not being taken seriously. As of the moment me along with many others can’t get the newest slot while others are playing it. Yes , I have the status that qualifies me the ability to get the slot. Each time I try it says to download the game, which I do I’m then taking to the app like I need to update which I have several times then it says open. Only to be ask to repeat the process. I even deleted DUC and got the app again. This is just a small sample of the issues there. Usually the blame is laid on FB which I’m sure sometimes is true. It’s hard enough to get thru these things I’m curious why do they keep adding new slots so rapidly. Seems like DUC is more into creating new slots than taking care of all the issues first and possibly instead of putting so much of your revenues to loosing up on the percentage of wins. Most only see wins going to the bigger players. Great site for many reasons but needs some work.

- Lucky Bag lady

Hey I’ve been playing the casinos for well over 15-20 years both in house and via mobile and laptops . It is the luck of the draw . I feel it has a lot to do with how you play . I don’t think any one particular machine has the best payouts . I love this app. And have many downloaded tonight I finally got the chance to play this one . One reviewer said he had hit real jackpots the first 3-5 months he had been playing but nothing since November. Then goes on to voice his dislike that folks hog the good machines . I too am sorry for his luck in that BUT as I said I just got to play this app for the first time ever and within 30 minutes of picking a club and a machine I hit 3 big jackpots so even if I don’t hit another tonight or in a month I’ve enjoyed playing this app and feel it may be one of my best apps . So thanks to the developers you nailed it with this one . I’d give you 10 🌟’s but it only allows for the 5!

- Don’t waste your time

I’ve been playing DUC for a while now. I have come to the conclusion that it is a total RIP OFF. If you hit the jackpot you also get your pot. Mine is at 59,508,809. At 600 added per spin that a total of 99,181 spins. You get better odds at a real casino. I have counted spins and out of 150 spins I got zero. Again you have better odd playing PowerBall. Bu the best was while playing your game they flash a hot telling you that so and so hit a jackpot. So you think there is a chance at hitting one. Wrong!! I think most of them are bots. And the reason I say this night I was playing one of the games. The someone hit the jackpot box came up. I looked and to my surprise It was ME. I was a little confused there. I mean I didn’t see my coins go up. I didn’t see all the jackpots icons come up. Yet there is a was saying I hit a jackpot. DEVELOPER: Don’t bother giving me the crap about “Luck can change” or “each machine is different so try another machine.” Don’t insult everyone with your Peter Pan Advise. WE ARE YOUR CUSTOMERS. You should deal with your app. Let them payout better. I mean really 100 Million in 30 minutes at 600k per spin is a little tight.


Love this slot game! Playing it for over five years. Always before, when I bought chips, up popped a screen to type in my password...I did, and was always accepted to buy chips. Got a new phone two weeks ago. None of my club info from playing for five years went into new phone. I was getting upwards of 300,000 chips in the purple box at least twice a day. Now I have started over with just 100,000 again. And the free ones we get every 20 minutes are only 10,000. Bummer!! It’s like I’m starting over as a new player. Also on my 10 XR phone, it won’t give me a screen to type in my password. It says “Confirm with burton on side of phone”. Nothing happens when I click my button on the side of the phone. I get no more chips. I hope I’m not racking up a bunch of charges. I will check my credit card statement when it comes. Help! I want to play, but can’t get chips!!

- Losing internet connection

Every once in a while I’ll lose my internet connection,( in particular yesterday and today ), when I’ve lost my internet connection, usually It will let me return to my game once connection is restored, every time I was winning big ,well yesterday and today it would not allow me to return to the game I was playing, in return it cost me over 80,000,00 in winnings ( cause I was in the middle of my bonus rounds ) and cost me at least 10-15 million to try and get back to my HOT GAME, EVEN THOUGH I don’t PAY TO PLAY, it’s very disappointing, and don’t think it fair to any players, y’all are very talented people who create these awesome games , think y’all are talented enough to not let this happen,,,,Fyi I’ve been a player since the beginning, not sure if I’ll continue to play,,,,,,, well thanks again just lost another 25 million trying to get back my bonus game thanks guys😡😡😡😡😡 never complained. Before thought your game was great but second guessing now let’s see if you post this

- Just takes all your coins!!!

I have been playing this game for about a year now, and still have not actually won a honest natural jackpot in anyway shape or form. It will let you go down to having just about zero coins left, and then give you just enough coins on a win to keep you playing for a little longer. It seems as if the game just wants you to buy coins, rather than actually letting you win them. Now I completely understand between the free spins( which are honestly ridiculous small betting amounts, affording you no real opportunity to grown your winnings)and the different other free bonus items you receive; That it gives you the opportunity to play for a little bit. But when all the game does is just continually take all of your coins you tend to get a little frustrated. I have actually taken the time to count the amount of times I have Spond, with absolutely no winnings whatsoever. And not to mention in some of the games when they make you bet the minimum amount of money, and the amount of money that is actually won on the spin doesn’t even equate out to 10% of the betting amount

- Honest review after 2 years

I have played this app for more than 2 years. To be honest, I am very surprised at the consistency of the app. Very consistent. Very honest app. Support is there when you need them. You DON’T HAVE to buy!! You can finish your challenges without buying, plus, friend away and get bonuses every single day! Besides the box, the wheel and free spins! I decided that I will buy now, to support the app, simply because I have won billions on this app and I am very grateful. After being treated very badly and being cheated on some other apps (I think everyone knows a specific one), I just decided to support DoubleUCasino! Sometimes I miss being able to play together with my club mates. But if it is going to ruin the fun that I have been having, than no. Nice graphics, hundreds of choices in slots. Keep it up DUC, it can only get better!

- This was fun,a long long time ago

Then some thing happened. All of a sudden slots got tight as a drum. We were spending and no one was winning or if you were winning it was at lowest amount, you change up your bid and you do nothing but lose, change back you win go higher you lose? How does this happen, rigged comes to mind since it happens all the time. These games should be regulated to make sure they are rigged because some of us are using real money. Why? Because we are addicted. So now after playing for years they changed the format so us who paid money for all these years no longer get the same bonuses. So tighter games and less bonuses that I long since paid for my playing days are coming to an end. I suppose if you are a new player it will be fun till it takes all your free chips and you have to wait to play or BUY. Which I suppose is there goal but there is screwing people and there is making money. I mean after all it isn’t really chips you are playing with and they will take them faster than you win. Good luck!

- Was 5 Stars Until Last Update!

Been playing this app since it was released and have always enjoyed it until this past update. Almost every time I try to play a slot the app closes and it is so aggravating! Especially when I reopen the app and the slot machine that was available is now taken. It takes me about 4-5 times of being booted out before I am finally able to play. This is the first time that this app has had this issue for me. I play on my iPhone 11, tried rebooting and uninstalling and reinstalling the app to no avail. Hopefully the developers can fix this. On a positive note, I am very impressed and happy with all of the newly released games! Especially the old and new ‘Rolling for Gold’ and ‘Caribbean Kitty!’ These 4 games need more slots since they are the most popular and it’s often hard to get a machine. Keep up the great work! So impressed by the developers! Please fix the bug! Die hard and loyal DUC player!

- Good as long as you don’t buy any in app purchases

Definitely reduces win after you make any purchase. I have my guest account that I never bought anything while on and I hit more and play longer on that one opposed to my signed in account that I’ve spent way more money than I’m willing to admit and literally struggle to get just my bet back on each spin over half the time. It’s like they throttle you knowing you’ll form over money to play longer when bored and without any coins. Also, if you have any issues with free bonus coins or earned coins which you receive for spending money and moving up tiers/status level their customer service will not be of much help at all and have gone as far as to lie and blame the customer (me) for their system errors. Use to thoroughly enjoy but in recent times this app has gone down hill fast. Hopefully they will realize how important every player is especially those who do buy many many packages and in app purchases, and put in better efforts to improve their customer service.

- Big Wins & Beautifully designed games

I love that you don’t have to make any purchases in order to play. Every day there is a wheel of fortune and a gift box full of coins and twice a day you are given 2 games to play to help build your pot... Also, you can easily join a club and make friends so that you can give each other free gifts daily, which also helps a lot to keep you going. I feel that the developers have tried to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. It is a casino, so of course it should be stressful, frustrating so it is exillerating when you do Win Big😃! The games are all Beautifully designed and put to the appropriate music and/or bells and whistles etc. Bet smart, be a bit patient as you build your winnings. You really don’t have to bet high to win big. 5 stars 😍

- Fun but no thanks

First allow me to thank you for your gifts. I wanted to share my thoughts not that it would make a difference but anyways I spent a little over a hundred dollars after getting app first night but I had read some comments about winsRatio so I began my research to see if my fun would be worth spending a hundred dollars a night because I noticed after about 75 dollars the winsRatio became further apart so it wasn’t me having fun it was you having fun because you’re in control of the wins and the game and I noticed it tonight after I had 9 million credits that I hardly had any nice pots. So I’m happy for you and myself as well thank you again but I’m Out it’s not fun when you don’t feel the excitement that one should feel when playing, it becomes more of burden so to speak. I get it but thanks again. I most likely will delete the app. I going to think a Little more on But we will see. See I told you it would make no difference you got the last laugh anyway. Later

- My Favorite

My last review stands. I’ve spent waaaaay too much money on this & thats on me, but come on.......Why are jackpots next to impossible to win???? Whenever your programming decides its time for you to lose, you are DONE! Very frustrating! I love & hate this game! This is by far my favorite game app. The variety, real casino like games, anticipation are all great. The only much money (already spent waaaaay too much) must one spend to win a top jackpot? I've been playing for two years and have won many of the lower pots, but never the big one. Very apparent that wins are based on frequency of purchases. One year later, and still no top jackpot! What must one do? My firstborn is over 50 years old, so can't use her as barter. Really....almost ready to hang it up. Anyone have any tips for how to win a jackpot?

- I suggest you spend your time elsewhere

The slots are different and can be fun but they seem to stop hitting at the most inconvenient times, and it doesn't matter which game you play as soon as your credits get below a certain point and they want you to buy more you might as well just stop there because you won't do anything but pump money into this site and especially if you join a tourney, you can be two or three hundred thousand points up and suddenly out of nowhere the person below you just turns on and passes you like your going backwards until they get a few hundred thousand points ahead of you then they stop. And wait for you to get almost caught up, then they jump way ahead of you. Nobody is that lucky on this site. Not saying that these games are rigged but it sure could explain a lot of things that randomly just seem to happen at the most opportune time. I'm thinking on saving myself a boatload of cash and deleting this app.

- Definitely one of the best slot apps!!

I have tried as many slot apps as I can after being taken for a ton of money & disappointed time and again. I have found this app to give you the most chance at winning and being able to play longer with what they give you. Of course, if you want to be more into the tournaments and/or want to bet higher, you may end up buying coins. They always have a good, fair deal on coins (again above the average) Also, some of my favorite games are on this app! Now, I would obviously still say to all slot apps, and most game apps in general, that if prices were lowerI would be more likely to spend more. I am a “principle” girl I guess haha. This app offers a deal tho that beats all I have seen. So enjoy!! Try Caribbean kitty and Betty’s circus!! Oh, and money bag👍🏼😁

- Poor performance

I want to know why after playing several games I get locked out of all the games except the junk games that never hit. Is it because I don’t buy credits all the time. I am retired and on a fixed income and these games are great entertainment for me. I have already spent more money on these games than I should have. I get it, that you are all about making as much money as you can. What a much money is enough for you guys. I love these games and have been playing for some time. However I am finding that if I am not buying credits I don’t hit anything and even if I don’t buy credits I don’t hit anything anyway. If I get a good hit, which I have done the chances of hitting anything else is slim to none. So it is a no win situation. These games do not change. If you have lots of money to spend on credits, you will spend it all playing these games. I finally hit big a week or so ago, I had 511,000,000 credits and lost it all because nothing hit after that.

- Dose anyone really win a jackpot here?

I love playing these games here at DoubleUCasino. They are fun and they always add new games every month. But I am starting to wonder if anyone really wins a jackpot here. I have been playing faithfully every day for year’s and have never won a single jackpot. Every Friday you even have the jackpot party where 5000 jackpots are won. Now what are the chances that out of 5000 jackpots every Friday for years and a person never wins a jackpot? I’ve collected daily bonus’s every day to play and I have also paid to play and still nothing? Maybe I should just find another place to play because after years of playing and not a single jackpot I thinking that I am just wasting my time and money here for something that is never going to happen?

- (Fill)

Fun, fun,fun! This casino game is great! It's never boring and have so many variety for every one. I play a lot because I can get my fill for the day. No other games to me can do that. Looking forward to more big wins and new challenges. It's all in the mine , how we deal with the win or loss! Each game reminds me of people some people I know. Some going to like you and some people just don't, know matter what you do! It's how you deal with it that's important. sometimes you can get enjoyment being around certain people so it's like you take one day at a time enjoyed that day and then keep trying don't give up it just proves how strong the person you are. I'm a fighter I don't give up easily if I win I win if I don't I don't I'll just keep trying that's all thank you.

- Enticing slot machines, average payouts.

These slot machines are well crafted and mostly fun. The bonuses are also fun (when they hit... hint: not often enough). The animations are well done. These machines, if they were in Vegas, are set to just about right for payouts. For a slot game when no cash payout is involved, they pay out way too infrequently. These infrequent payouts actually work against this game. A game like this should up the payouts to compensate for the lack of real money payouts. There is also no reason to be this stingy with this kind of game... until you consider that they want you to pay for credits. That’s the only reason this game really exists. That’s why the payouts are so low. Unfortunately, because the payouts are so low, you don’t get the needed endorphin rush needed to make this game truly addictive. The low payouts leave one unsatisfied and frustrated too quickly forcing one to walk away even when credits remain to play. Basically, this game can only be played in small doses, otherwise the frustration builds up quickly forcing one to walk away way before ever considering paying money for more credit. This developer needs to rethink how to get players to remain interested in this game for much longer durations. The current payout strategy isn’t working well.

- 🙃

I’ve had this app for a few years now. I play without using my personal funds. I hear a lot of complaints about payouts and game hogs. Yes there are always some of the same people but there a lot of machines. It’s no different than a casino. Play and have fun, Or don’t play. I have several other casino apps. This is in the top three I play. I’m on a team. Only two of us, but we win a lot. All I can say to the losers is don’t stay in the same game. Move around. Some days I lose big. Others I win a lot. Trying to get help can be an issue. Their answers are generic sometimes and not useful. Big issues the team fix fast and well. Good luck you guys. Let’s have fun and spin to win. If your not having fun, try a outside sport.

- Chip$ and Games

I’ve been playing here for several months. Good selection of fun games, HOWEVER, the free chips provided by Club Gifts, Daily Stamp, Mystery Box, and Lucky Wheel are ridiculous. Seriously, I’m embarrassed to send such a chintzy amount to my fellow club mates. You should be ashamed to waste so many of our”free spins” and time for such low payouts. I refuse to spend any real currency on any of your coin packages because they are such a ripoff amount for the number of gameplay coins we get! I came to this site out of loyalty to a group of players that left another gamesite to continue playing together. It is impossible to get ahead...originally I put a lot of real money into playing but no more. Until you change how your algorithms payout and what the level of gifts and rewards are, I’ll spend my money at a different gamesite that is more reasonable and fair.

- Honestly disappointed

I won big one time in like 9 months of playing. I don’t pay to play so that probably has a lot to do with it. I would save millions throughout the week and even if I am on a grand or mega I’d lose it all. Over and over. Week after week month after month. I’ve gotten so used to it that I expect it. I realize a response like it’s ur crappy luck is probably going to be your answer. I’ve gotten 3 friends to play this they have all given up on this game. Says something to me like maybe it should be less boring? Maybe somewhat fix your algorithms to make it so people can’t lose so much and for so long. Maybe you could keep more people entertained. Just a thought. It’s sad I like some of the games and the slots but losing all the time is just depressing and who wants to play depressing games? Anyways hope you guys fix it up maybe I’ll be able to play. As of now I am drifting away slowly and caring less and less.

- Coin prices “

This app used to be good I mean really good but it has been awhile since it’s been anything but.. under no circumstances DO NOT! I repeat DO NOT buy their chips! All these people care is about making money. I understand that they probably need to charge some money for their service but it is way, way too expensive. No matter how much you spend they’ll always take your coins back so you can buy more. You end up paying to play and will never ever win anything!! I mean you pay real money for fake coins really?. If You’re gonna gamble with your money shouldn’t you win some real money back instead of coins that they will eventually take back? I’ve had bad experiences with this app and it’s management. Every time I have a concern or problem they just won’t help and will never reimburse lost coins. Come on people, stop giving your money away to this clowns they don’t care! Period..

- Avid fan

There are quite a few games that I play frequently late at night before going to bed. I like all of the free money and very seldom have to purchase additional playing time. Although I must admit that the One of your games wiped out over $25 million that I had won on other games. Because I liked the game I bought in 3 times in order to keep playing because the game was positioned to give me a bingo and it would have been a big win. I lost that money too and won’t be playing that game again. My chief complaint is that you charge too much to purchase additional coins. What you charge for your packages is terrible compared to other games. However you do have a lot of good games.


Love this app but I have never gotten any jackpots after playing for a year. Also, if you don’t get a ticket every day each week, (if you miss just one day) you may as well wait until the next week to try again because your reward is gone. And this app won’t let you listen to music while you are playing (only app I’ve found so far that does that). Once you meet your daily quests, you should quit playing until the next day because there are no more challenges and the best you can do is get a “token” win while watching all of your play money disappear. The games are awesome and a fun distraction for a few minutes out of your day. You can get $20K every 30 minutes, but only if you are in the app. The clock stops when you leave. That’s a HUGE deterrent. No other app does that.

- Just a big Thank You

Oh I just wanted to tell you, that l’ve been playing DoubleU for many years now. For about 4 years I play the games after work to help me unwind. I had the money then to buy chips to keep playing when I’d lose. Then I was diagnosed with a severe back injury and immediately had to stop working, I’m 64 years old and no longer have any extra money. What I want to say I appreciate your fan page and all the ways you give out free chips. THANK YOU! Because of that I’ve still been able to continue on your app. For the last 4 years. I only won one grand prize once, but I still love your app. I wanted to give you a good review and tell you keep it up for some of sure fast fans!

- App needs work

I was gonna give more stars because I think the graphics are great, but the the overall play seems to be very unfair, example when playing Caribbean kitty I’m betting @ 1 million or more & if I’m lucky enough to trigger the respin feature I get disc amounts of 32,000, that makes no sense, they advertise disc amounts of 1,2,3,6& more but don’t count on getting those, the only time you see them is when you don’t get enough to trigger the respin feature, one more quick example, I have literally counted my spins & have reached 25 without winning one cent, I mean come on I know it’s not real money but that’s ridiculous, I mean you want a person to spend real money for fake money & you don’t even let a person win that, I just don’t see why I would do that, & please the jackpots, let me just say it like this I’ve been playing this game for years & never not once hit a jackpot, but like I said the app needs work, just my opinion

- At odds

I have been playing this game for off and on since its inception. I have found that over the course of the last few years it just isn’t fun anymore. You have the event on fridays which increases your chance to get a JP by hitting 4 symbols instead of 5 which is great but you never hit it. Across the top of the screen flashes every so often that a JP has been won. Are these real people ? I see the same names all the time !! Then evidently I always looked forward to Monday’s because we would get rewards for the clubs but you evidently took that away. It seems you all have fell victim to the same game as a lot of the other big players out there IE: BIG Fish and others. It’s all about the real money. You know everyone can’t afford to invest real money into a game. That being said I quit my club and considering deleting the app. Thanks again for your time Lcwhitelock.

- Awesome addition to my Facebook favorites

I have always liked DUC so much. I have four Facebook family accounts and play on each them. Most times I do pretty good unless I start betting a lot. Then I get nada. During the JP tournaments they loosen the grip on wins. Even if you don’t get a JP you still do awesome. In recent years rarely loosen their grip any other time. I used to purchase packages till realized when you do you lose more frequently. Now I simply don’t play every day. I do much better when I do. Sadly I always get greedy start betting insane amounts and lose all I’ve won. For online casino play you cannot beat their games here. Love em!! Thanks DUC for all the free coins and fun over the years!!

- Frustration

I love the games on this app but I have lost count of how many times a glitch has occurred during a bonus game or payout. These never happen when I’m losing my chips, only when I’m supposed to be getting them. It just happened again today and I’ve sworn off of paying anything more into this app. I’ve easily lost over two hundred million chips to these glitches. Yesterday the bonus froze and not only did I lose what was in it but by the time it unfroze I had lost 30 million chips out of my balance. The help center always gives the same response...sorry but we can’t do anything about it. I even snapped photos on my phone as the glitches happened and sent them to their support team but got nothing but canned responses. I’m about ready to delete the app because I feel like I’m really getting ripped off.

- All games

All games seem to be in lose mode. 30 free games, a daily opportunity, is good, however a 45,000 to 60,000 win is hardly incentive to play said game. Spinning 1,000,000 credits with zero wins is setting machines too tight. Just had 50 free spins and counted only 8 wins. 132,500 total when betting 10,000 per spin is poor. Why would I want to play that game with my accumulated total. I think not. Just played 30 free games of "Deep jungle Fortune. ". The bet was preset at 16,000 per spin. Only 13,000 + was won, which is pitiful. Did not even win one bet back. Why would I then choose to continue in that game. several months ago, I had 3.5 billion credits; losing cycle began and I now have 221,000. Pretty disgusting.

- Used to be fun now it’s boring

The graphics and games are great but the playing experience is not there anymore. Used to be fun but now shillls (fake players) occupy the high jackpot games so the only ones available are the low jackpot ones and they never pay. It’s not fun feeling like a looser☹️! The developer responded with “ We're sorry to hear about your experience, but luck can always change. Please understand that Jackpot winning also depends solely on players' luck. Try DUC again soon and see if you can win big The problem is all of the high jackpot games are filled with fake (non existing) players. My gripe is not about luck, it’s about the game being honestly presented. A fake player is the same thing as a lie. And if they are lying about who’s playing are they also lying about winning big?

- Jackpots

I really love DoubleUCasino but as long as I have been playing I’ve yet to hit a jackpot and the I bet over one million dollars sometimes and I buy packages but still nothing. The Diamond game I have played over a month every time I’m on it there are no other players playing and hasn’t hit the jackpot yet . I played for 10hrs and nothing that’s the crazy part and then I see the notifications of others hitting jackpots while I’m playing and the Diamonds game never hit I don’t what’s going with the game but it has to be something the jackpots are super high and nothing has hit hopefully something can be done to offer others jackpots! One tall fun realistic casino games #iwantamegajackpot

- DUC New Format

Been playing for years. Had ups and downs but overall it’s been very entertaining to play this casino app, until now. New Format made the interactive Vegas Strip and many other features disappear. Not as unique anymore. Disappointed that the Level Up Feature is no longer available. So whatever level you were at when they switched you over to the new format, you are stuck there 😦. Also, there are features that not every player has access to which is unfair. There’s a feature called Casino City Challenge which some of my friends have and told me about. However, it’s not on my game. I wrote to DUC about it and after getting the run around they basically blew me off. Bottom line, this game is rigged and not as much fun 😦. I will miss the good ‘ol DUC.

- Double U casino

Like the high bonus, keeps me wanting to play all day , a lot of fun can't play has virus since I updated please fix its my favorite game please fix . Thank u so very much for fixing the bug . I missed u r game , I'm home bound so I play on my I pad a lot .double u is awesome. Still has some problems but I can at least play .now can't play at all have old I pad , please fix the game cant download old version thank u great fun now that I can play again. Please fix the game again I can't play it won't download now I cant play period I can't afford a new I pad this is not right i,m 74 on a fix income download the old gameplay can't download the latest game please help me

- Fun but flawed

This game has some truly unique and fun games to play. However, the latest update has obvious misspellings and features that don’t work, particularly related to the Club Missions. After playing the game for several years, I have found that pay and jackpot odds are noticeably worse than real casino slots. Not to mention that it is difficult for many players to accumulate enough coin, without spending real world money, to even enjoy several of the great slots in the game (and never win real world money). And getting onto a recommended machine that has a “better” chance of hitting a slot machine is nearly impossible. Huge variety of slots that are Great to play if you can hit a couple lucky streaks. Save your hard earned real world money though for real, online or mobile casinos where you can actually win real money.


The game allows for you to have 5000 friends. And with having these friends you can send and receive gifts. I use to have 5000 friends but over the past few years I have somehow lost most of them. All put maybe 200 are left. I have e-mailed the support team about this at least 5 times. With no response to any of my e-mails. My complaint is not that I lost the friends, my complaint is that the game still says that I have 5000 friends. And the game will not allow me to add anymore friends to replace the ones that are gone/no longer playing. I should actually give this game a 2 star rating. It use to be fun to play. Not so much anymore, hardly any big wins anymore. They just take and take your coins and hope that you will then spend real money to get more!

- Best Slots App!

Honestly super shocked! I thought I’d played all the decent slot apps at least once or twice, but this one has brought be back even more than the others! It’s colorful, has no ads, runs smoothly, and the artwork is very nice! Which is a very hard Thing to come by in this app genre. If there’s ANY Con I could have for this app, it’s that In their VERY expansive library, some of the slots become noticeably identical. However, even the repetitive slots still managed to get decent playtime from me due to how beautifully they run on my phone! It really feels like I’m there! Definitely recommend to anyone who likes these kinds of apps, or misses the slots!

- Disappointed

I had this app for years and had over 300 billion coins. Due to lack of storage I had to delete it. Got a new iPad with 128 go so decided to install it again. Well, I don’t know what happened but the slots are terrible now. When I first downloaded it on the new device I had almost 2 billion chips and lost it all in less than an hour and can’t play because the slots are so tight I keep loosing and cannot get any chips to play with. Very disappointing. 2nd review. Ok I said it before and I will say it again. This app really stinks. I only get to play it once a day if I am lucky. Not enough free spins and rewards. If you try to play minimum for jp win you lose in a few minutes. Cannot build or get any chips to enjoy playing. I spend more time waiting for free chips and rewards than I do playing. GOOD FOR NOTHING. Looking for a good replacement game, tired of no playtime and loosing

- Frustrating and expensive

I really wanted to like this slot game. I’ve purchased coins and they get used immediately! Free spins barely cover initial bet. I bought over $100 in coins in two days with little return. The least the developer could do is make the winnings more when you buy coin packages. I’ll be deleting this app ASAP!!! Too costly and frustrating. I don’t recommend it!!! Update: Decided to give this another chance. BAD IDEA!! Spent another $50 on coins and didn’t get to play for long😏 I don’t bet huge amounts, played multiple slots and coins were depleted rapidly. I understand that developers have to make money but developers should understand that their consumers want their entertainment value. In other words: it’s give and take, not take and take. The graphics are great but that’s all that’s good about these slots. Deleted permanently!!! So sad as I am an avid slot player.

TransferWise 💸

Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!

- Not enough wins.

Great games but the payouts have been reduced to the point that it is almost impossible to accumulate a kitty to continue playing for any length of time. Now the amount of daily times the Lucky wheel, Mystery square and Daily bonus have been reduced obviously with the intent to get players to purchase points. If you want to spend real money to play hard to win, unprofitable games using pretend money in an effort to win more pretend money which you can't convert to real money, then you may find the games enjoyable. Frustrating but enjoyable. Just remember only the house ever wins.

- DUC you’re a joke

A long time user, and I have seen the changes from a playable game to one in which rips you off time and time again. The scatters and/or free spins don’t pay, and case in point, playing fiery stallion recently and ‘won’ the free spins three times without one payout. Have amassed some ‘wins’ in other bonus games only to have the game crash, and lose it all. Can’t win big in game, so you have to rely on the bonuses, but one only has to look at how many times free spins are won (rarely I might add), and how often they don’t pay for themselves. The only time one can amass some coin is through their bonus games, but they’re harder and harder to get. Played their thundering diamond game for an hour and received the 5 diamond jackpot just once. Laughable really, as any 5 pot jackpot represents a 10 spin win only, not worth the spins and coin to get there. Further, you have to wonder about a game that pays less than a spin when one gets three ‘natural’ jackpot symbols. They’ve cut the mini jackpots (5-9 pots or whatever the case maybe) from times past. They used to reflect the rarity by value, but now they’re a joke...can’t win them even though they pay a pittance. The Jackpot Tourney used to last only a few hours, now it goes on for ten to twelve hours, just shows you how they’ve changed the difficulty. Games don’t play or pay like they used to, so keep your own coin firmly away from this ‘game’.

- Blatant Rip Offs

I’ve played this game for years. It was a good casino that gave you a few wins now and then. Then it was bought by some Chinese company and since then it’s a blatant rip off. I play on an iPad. I get a message when a jackpot is one on any machine. I constantly see the very low balance jackpots won, but never a big one. Not ever. They’re all 30,000, 10,000, 4,000 etc. I have had one jackpot in 2 years, for 36,000. My bonus jackpot figure is now up to nearly 70,000. That’s how far in between jackpots are. Machines seem to malfunction if you happen to be on a winning streak. They freeze in the middle of free spins so you don’t get to play all of them. Your customer service is a joke. I asked them to reimburse me for free spins that froze and basically the answer was ‘bad luck, it must be your internet connection. We don’t refund. Read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS.’ Funny that it doesn’t freeze on anyone else’s games. I’m just about to delete the app as I have done to several others that got too greedy.

- Disappointed

I have been playing this game daily for four to five years and have recommended it to friends. However the last couple of months have been very disappointing. The new games, in theory, sound good, but it is almost impossible to get free spins and features. When they do happen you rarely get back the coin you have invested in the game during that session. The recommended machine site is testament to the fact that very few players want to play these new games. There used to be only three or four available to pick from, now there are only two or three taken when you choose to try that game. Can anything be done from your end to make these games fairer and hence more enjoyable to play? I don’t want to delete this game but I must admit I have found others that seem to give you ‘more for your money’ and I tend to play them more often now.

- Run by con artists

Very frustrated at seeing a few others getting jackpots albeit tiny ones. So rare to see other than beginner jackpots being paid out even throughout the so called jackpot tourney. I have been playing constantly for 12 months and have had one relatively minor jackpot for the many coins I have bought. Also annoyed at the 60% loading aussies have to pay and the tiny play time you get for the most expensive pack of coins. Well they have lost me with their too tight and greedy slots. If I was getting some play I would continue. Kevin and Ginny, you work out the maths - losing players completely or keeping them for a long time with paying better odds and them continuing to buy less regular packages. Beware. Don't get sucked in. There are no jackpots to be won. Read all the reviews carefully before you start shelling out your cash!!!

- Being cheated

Hi everyone who plays DoubleU slots.I have been playing for years and have always found that I am frustrated. Cheated. most dissatisfied with the treatment received. I have never in all this time won a large jackpot. Yes some small but never large. The advise on the bottom naming jackpot winners infuriates and insults me. I wonder what the bet is? I can no longer afford to buy coins as I have literally given them my savings. Addiction is a disease and they play on that. I still play each day. That is so sad but the coins are taken very quickly. When I was spending big there were some excitement. They don’t want to know you unless you dare filling their confers. I do wish I could put a stop to them and have some fair play. Cheers Rob

- Frustrating & Unreliable

I enjoy this game and the variety of slots, the winners club etc, when I can actually access it. The amount of times I’m told the “winners club is not available right now” is more often than not, and very frustrating as the club owner, not being able to send members gifts or check on progress. Not to mention the connectivity issues I face on a daily basis. My connection is fine for every other game I play, but conveniently, when I seem to be on a roll, my connection drops out, and quite often, seems to be during free spins. Try and log back in, and get nothing. Occasionally the game will remember that I was in the middle of free spins but mostly just left high and dry. Unreliable at best.

- Help

I have notice that when I play duc the same people keep popping up saying they have won jackpots over and over again I have won jackpots but only medium nothing to the extreme and that can take over a year to win for the amount of people that play your games you need to loosen up the games as I know there controlled as to who and when jackpots are won I love playing your games but becomes very frustrating and annoying to the point you don’t won’t to play as you do have great games . (Frustrated)

- They rip you off.

I haven’t purchased chips for weeks. I have had enough chips to keep playing during this time. Today I find a pending purchase on my bank account for a purchase made today, they rip you off as I did not purchase chips today. Do not allow them access to your account. I have since deleted the app as it has happened too many time and when I complain I get no response. These people have no ethics. They should be jailed for fraud.

- Disappointed

Even though the game has so many different slots to choose from it’s disappointing to constantly see the larger jackpots go off all the time to beginners and guests just coming on for a short time. I have never been able to obtain a huge jackpot in the time I have been playing this. The closest I have come is 5 jackpot symbols that all showed up on the wrong pay lines. I refuse now not to buy coins because I am pretty sure the jackpots are bogus or rigged. I also feel that the ones that spend money on here are not given jackpots so they have to keep spending. Come on guys be fair and give all players the chance to win the biggies. Won’t be long until I delete the app as it now has become mundane and predictable.

- An expensive ripoff

I have spent a lot of money on DoubleU over many years. In recent times it has become an expensive ripoff with abysmal returns. I have moved on and will not return until I believe I am getting a fair go. There is no pleasure in losing money time after time after time even with modest sized spins Thank you for your reply suggesting my luck could change and that I should try DoubleU again. I spent USD60 today in the half expectation that DoubleU could now be trusted to provide fair gaming. I could not have been more wrong. I lost my money in about 30 minutes. It took 109 spins to get free games on Burning Chilies and the return was very poor. To add insult to injury I lost $59M in winnings and over $350M in ‘my pot ‘ when I changed iPads. I could not transfer the winnings to the new iPad. In my attempt to do so I inadvertently lost the whole app (slot game). Whilst I don’t criticise DoubleU for my own technical ineptness I do so for the unfairness of returns in the slot games. It is not about luck. Any help you can give me in recovering my lost $59M and $350M ,my pot’ would be greatly appreciated. Thank you T

- So unhappy!!

As much as I do totally enjoy the games, I’m finding it incredibly difficult to win on anything. I just purchased a $60 deposit and with only had one measly feature that gained me a tiny win, my money was gone within 5 minutes (and I was only playing a 400 play). $60 for me is a huge amount to purchase and to only get a 5 min play was heartbreaking, I’m so disappointed that DoubleUCasino has decided to rake the money in whilst the world is suffering and not even providing a little bit of play. Where is your heart Kevin and Jinny, I’m sure you are doing really well with people stuck at home, so much for ‘we’re all in this together’ .

- Very disappointed

I am very disappointed I thought you had changed every time you set a challenge you make it so it it impossible to win I have been completely locked out for the past three days. I had jus reached my masters. BecauseInhad been playing your games every day I only néed three More pointe to fill the whole village to ten on every thing What do I think my chances are. WELL I TELL YOU WHAT I THINK. I to obsweetbbugger all and I feel that is a shame as I was enjoying the challenge so much that I was thinking it was your best game yet. Makes me wonder if you cut me of on purpose Kathleen

- Just remember there’s NOTHING TO WIN

Great if you not spending money. The amount these games charge to buy credits is a total rip off... if your at a venue playing the real deal, at least on the odd occasion you get cash back - but these online games- YOU CANNOT WIN ANYTHING. When playing these games to understand, watch two things; 1/ The credit meter, you’ll soon notice virtually all credits paid are always far less than the amount bet however you think your getting a return when you actually not! To prove this, count how many times you’re credited back more than the amount bet? 2/Free spins. Say you get 20 free spins, very really would any more than 10 of the 20 spins credit anything. Even then, of the 10 giving credits, the amount given in any free spin often, is far less than your what your betting, again tricking you into thinking your getting ahead from spins.. Understand.. these fancy graphic games are computer programs and only programmed to take your money off you..

- Problems with newest machines

I’ve been playing DUC for 7 years. It’s the best online slots - but for the past few months there have been issues with the machines dropping out. The wheels keep spinning until the app closes down - and it’s usually when a feature starts. People are missing out on millions of dollars in pays. I’ve reported this and so have thousands of others but nothing has been rectified. Saturday (jackpot day) I spent more time closing and reopening the app than I did actually playing. PLEASE fix it! And btw, putting up an error message saying EVERY nickname in history has been taken so you can’t post your review is pretty piss-poor on your part!

- Mostly happy player

Most of the slots are good some are a waste of time to play as you don’t get your money worth. And for the free chips I hardly get them even when I’m on the slots. That needs to be improved, but I do enjoy most of the slots

- Cheryl Werner

I have been playing this game for a long time. Live love love it but I now have a new iPad and having issues . I had it up to billions and lost it so I started again a few weeks ago and yesterday I won and got it up to 500; million and this morning it’s gone and wants me to start again !! Please look up my past with you and work out to give it back please. Have spent a lot of money and time on thi#. Thanks

- Love all your Games

Hi Kevin n Team I don’t know what’s wrong with the people on here. I just love every part of DUC. I’ve been playing since 2009 after I got my iPad. People saying they haven’t won a jackpot well you have to be in it to win it. No good bagging DUC for you not winning. They give free stuff all the time. I have won 3 jackpot and am so happy to DUC for that. I start to get all my free stuff from 7am everyday. Keep doing what your doing team best games ever. Thanks Lyn 🤩😘

- DoubleUCasino

The daily lotto is the best idea ever to keep me interested I keep coming back for that Very upsetting if I miss a day lol It gives enough free credits and has good games (real ones you see in casinos I’ve played most of them at the pokies) I have spent about $20 real out of pity for developers as I could play this for free every day with the amount of time I can devote to it Plenty to do keeps you occupied best casino app in the store IMHO

- Be Aware Everyone Something Has Happened to This Once Very

Very Good Game(Be Warned it is now very frustrating as it gives you nothing)got better for a little bit but didn’t last long. You are the ones that control games and you tell us that our luck could change ha ha what a lie just doesn’t happen. This is a new post nothing has changed since the last time just got a lot worse . Look at the star rating chart more lies no way they would get that many 5 star ratings just a joke. I bet I get a computer generated reply saying that your luck might change ha ha

- New to DUC

I came here from Lightning Link - impressed at how much better DUC is. All the time at L.L. Pop-ups come in the middle of a game, and playing on an iPad doesn’t leave the finger much room, so before you know it, you’ve clicked on a pop:-up, with no option to close it, therefore you have to flick the whole site off and re-open the app. Really frustrating. Keep up the good work, DUC.

- Great game

As a shift worker , I play a few slots in my down time . This is one of the best I've played. And as for Jackpots like anything takes times I've one a few and some major $$$ . And they are always bring in new games and able to bet hire and without a lot of advertising major bonus I say Great games and good to see the bonus coins u get daily - keep up the great job

- All your games.

Hi guys, why is it that every time I reach a large amount in winnings I get a maintenance issue eventually returning to DoubleUCasino then lose all my credits. Now I can’t even play your games as it keeps dropping me out until my credits are gone Very disappointing. Why the hell cant I update. Last few updates will not let me download. Please explain. Thanks

- Total ripoff don’t play it!

This is a great app good graphics that’s the good stuff! Now the bad rips you off, if you have a good win you will not get anymore wins until you have lost it all obviously in the hope you will buy credits and with their charges don’t buy it. And you get the same response as everybody else “luck will change keep playing” trust me it doesn’t change remains the same scenario all the time, you won’t be able to hold on to your winnings for very long at all. It’s so obviously programmed that way, I for one will be deleting this app, so please don’t waste your time.

- Not like real life

Great app with so many features, games and challenges. For filling in time, DUC is great. If you are a hardliner gamer on DUC, forking out real money for valueless chips, then enjoy. As for the reality of the games, it is no where near being like real poker machines where DUC gives less chances of winning. Watch out for there chip promotions as I have never received any since the dawn of time. At the end of the day, it’s just a game and without spending any real money, hours of enjoyment can be achieved.

- Changed over time

Well I have been in here since DUC started and have won a few jackpots but have also watched as the Casino has steadily gone down hill no wins bonus rounds few and far between come on DUC we know you can do better.....just to add to that they want us to pay for a free game knowing that they will take everything from save your money it isn’t worth spending on something that will just take and take with no return

- Love Double U Casino

Goodness knows how long I have been playing on this Casino plus Take5. Must be years. I love the games, can’t afford to play in large amounts, as old age pensioner. Love my boosts when coins have ran out,free spins. Do put money in, not a lot,but have so much fun. Why people write Bad Reviews, I cannot understand ? We are Not playing for $$$ in our hands, it’s a game for fun. Love xxxxx

- It quite interesting at least see what happen

It my trail at least I am not going to pay for it with more coins as it not worth it at least just keep eye on this games and their company by trust or not also if their company play minds games with any of people and take this report and don’t come back ever again simple

- Lots of great games

Only been playing for a short while but I am really enjoying this game. However the more you play the less you win...deleted the game but have come back, no other games compare. Here I am again. Great games but far too many non winning games. Spent a lot of money and losing quickly.

- Cheat

Hi, Last night I thought I was just lucky and every spin I got the jackpot until the system cut me down and it says maintenance. So I stopped playing and now I can’t go back to the games and I know for sure all my credits will be gone. How can I go back to my games with all my credits up to more than 233 billion. I was just so disappointed that will happen. It’s not my fault that there’s something wrong with the system. Please advise. Thank you.

- Usual game .

I can understand how people pay for this greedy game I read how thy give you all there money and you give nothing back hay people out there do not pay for this game thy will never let you win thy just take your money I have never given you a dollar and never will playing for years just for about 2min that’s all you are worth so I just move onto other games there are lots of really enjoyable games with out paying and really having fun so you stay greedy always asking for money shame shame and you give nothing *

- Constant network errors

The message “network error” is too frequent! It’s not my internet connection....that is very stable and I don’t experience this with ANY other app. When I restart I find the ‘machine’ I was in is now taken....I’m wondering if people are able to kick others off. The most times it happens is when I’m on a machine with a high jackpot. I’m getting real close to deleting this app. There’s plenty more out there.

- Most disappointing

Found I could not open the game unless I went in through Facebook which I didn’t want to do. I have always played as a guest under the pseudonym ‘Jim’s girl’ and had, over a period of years, accrued benefits which gave me bigger bonuses because of the amount of chips I had purchased. When I eventually could get back in as a guest I found I had lost all my benefits and was starting from scratch again This is very disappointing

- Wish I could put minus 1000 stars!

I won a Jackpot of $654,000,000 and My Pot of $1billion but the system didn't like that, within minutes a Maintenance sign came up shutting me out. When I was able to get back in some hours later, all of my winnings were gone! After sending message after message I was basically told, no problems with their system, there was a glitch but it's fixed now but you have nothing to be reimbursed. AVOID this app! Do NOT spend money, you may just have your credits removed too!

- Don’t waste your money ppl

This has to be the most rigged casino app out there. No wins will ever come if you don’t spend money. I have tested them a lot, saving up my bonuses for weeks just to have it all gone in a matter of minutes. Even when you do spend there is no guarantee of a win. I have given these scabs so much money that I refuse to anymore. Once a year they’ll give you a jackpot but then they encourage you to bet higher and take it all away in about 2 days. Trust me, they are scabs and this game is 100% RIGGED!

- Disappointed

Games are pathetic you can have 10 million credits and play a machine and in that 10 million you won’t get any free spins all it does is take the credits and when it pays you never get credits in return of bigger then you bet. So it takes 32 credits and when you get a pay you only get 10 credits In return so you can’t build up your money to keep playing. It takes but never gives. Pathetic no fun in losing all the time And jackpots well they don’t exist !!!!

- Ripoff

All featured games are false advertised You bet high to only see wins below your high bidding. Not too mention free features or bonus games giving you nothing over your high bids and watch your coins go down. Once you win a good hand, you see it disappear before you get another good win. It was a good game to play but it’s not worth playing anymore Free daily games are even more of a joke getting nothing to a win of less than 500 credits Featured and bonus games are not worth it It takes a ridiculous amount of time of days to actually get free spins on any of the games Whether you bid minimum or high!! This game will not get a 5 star from me It’s worth 1 or none stars A game that I use to play for years is now not even a thought to play Less rubbish storage in my phone the better!!

- David

Don’t buy chips better off play World Series poker still a ripoff but much more game time I played these games for a long time and trust me I know they just want money from u they are good games but I give this game 5 stars for the game and 1 star for the ripoff that a total of 6 stars out of ten

- Accounts

Getting extremely frustrated with DUC at the moment as I cannot get into any other account except my husbands old account which he was kicked out of a year ago and cannot get into my own account. The free spins that build up to 50 by doing them each day are going to be reset cause I can’t get into the account to do them. Why should we suffer for a glitch in your system. If it’s not resolved you have turned me from loyal customer to a customer going elsewhere.

- What a rip off !!!!!!

I would give this not even a half a star if I could. Deleting and not coming back. I have used it for years and it is getting worse all the time. DO NOT BUY CREDITS- I have spent so so much money and it eats it faster than free credits. Truly disappointed in this game and myself for getting hooked onto it. The games glitch out all the time and take credits, I have had it say purchase failed, yet it still takes money out of my account... so disappointed.

- DoubleU Casino

I used to enjoy this game. Unfortunately I have been unable to access it for the last few months. The ap will not open at all. I would appreciate this problem being corrected.

- I didn’t received the money from my bonus

Hi, I won 104’000$ during a bonus and suddenly I lost my connection and I didn’t received the money.. can you fix the problem please? My VIP club had the points but I didn’t received the cheaps... Thanks in advance

- About Your Casino,

Dear Sir/Madam, How’s things?, The only thing missing from your casino is getting a decent amount of free credits to last a bit longer as the free credits which are taken don’t last long.

- DoubleUCasino

What a great game. Good wins and bonuses. Love it. Know there was trouble with last update. Couldn't get it to work at all. Finally deleted it and downloaded app again and it came back with all my winnings. Didn't expect that so was very pleased.

- Seriously

I have been playing this app for a few years and never thought of writing a review. After reading all the other comments I have realised there is no point, as there replies are all the same which means they don’t read them. So all those that are actually buying coins, don’t be so silly, you are filling their pockets and emptying yours. You are not going to get anything back I am about to delete so good luck to you all

- Currently not happy!

Played this game the past few years & always enjoyed it...... Until now! I installed the latest update a few nights ago & it hasn’t work since. Only get as far as logging into Facebook & freezes. I’ve never had a problem before & every other app has installed with no issue. Let me guess when the glitch is finally fixed I’ll have to start from scratch. Not happy!

- Best pokes app

This is the best pokes app I’ve ever played and I’ve played a lot much other ones make you stages to unlock other machines not this one you can play any machine you like plus always new machines added cheers and enjoy

- Save your money

Wow I have 1billion in my personal jackpot account ... Never won a jackpot .. Playing over 6 years got to 11 billion coins after that not even free games .. These guys are the biggest scam artists going around ... Spent $$$$$$ ( fortunate that I can ) but really DUC .. I think it's time for a page outlining your scam and if enough signatures are obtained legal action will be on the horizon ... Simple if you can work out its algorithms you will have billions in coins . Keep away !!!!!!

- Money taken and purchase not received

I have never had a problem with this game until last Friday I purchased a golden piggy booster pack and the money was taken out of my account I lodged a complaint and took a screenshot of the transaction and nothing has happened I am very disappointed in this

- Don’t play

Just like the real slots, they take your money and don’t pay out. Duck don’t care what your complaint is cause they are making heaps from us stupid people, you will never win a huge jackpot because it’s a computer and it’s set to make you lose. If you buy chips the program sets you on lose even more. They actually should be looked into by the gaming ombudsman as they don’t follow safe gambling practices

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- It is ok

Wins seem very conditional and i much prefer ‘My Vegas’

- Awesome


- Hot slots

Great fun

- Review

Excellent games. Good wins.

- Great Fun!

I’ve been playing this game for a few years and love it!

- Nice

Good game

- Double U Casino

Great game 5 stars

- Fun but not many wins

Great graphics but not very many wins. Keep wanting you to buy

- Good luck

The game is okay. To win something substantial is very difficult. I’ve been playing for awhile now and “My Pot” is sitting at almost 33,000,000. Will I ever win a jackpot to get that, most likely not. It’s a game that kills some time

- Game

Not bad

- Pure Garbage


- Double u casino

Great gamev

- Duc

Site is awesome,a few too many ads.Game’s Are easily navigated and are quite entertaining.

- Disappointing

I have been playing on this site and enjoying it for a few months with free coins. I cannot afford to buy extra coins . Getting only 30, 000 coins on 30 free spins is very disappointing .

- All games

The games r fun but the wins r not there at all overall fail


June 2021 - now I remember why I stopped playing this game. It is just a major rip off. If you get the free spins in any of their games do not expect to win very much. Most of the free spins I had didn't even pay the credits I was betting. It is just a big joke - which again one year later I know I would never buy credits in this game because it would be like flushing your money down the toilet.

- Its okay

Sometimes its stingy on the wins and sometimes its generous.

- Love the games

Awesome. Love playing

- Addicting

Great graphics and a lot of fun games. Don’t bet big though or you lose all your money. Play small and you can play for a while. If you bet big there is less chance of getting into a bonus.

- Seems ok!

Seems ok!

- Worst app ever

Worst app ever unless you enjoy watching dead spin after dead spin. If and I mean if you win it is quickly taken back, plenty of better options out there. Waste of time

- Fun fun fun

I like DUC for their fun games and new games. Need more free coins for free play

- Not bad

It’s ok but sometimes you don’t get coins won in the free areas

- Awesome

Love it

- Coins

Doing it for the coins

- Love it!

I love this game great for passing time and sooooo many options

- Only trying to get paid!

The app only lets you lose points to make you buy points - you can never win!

- Fun

Good games and new ones all the time

- Jwa

Absolutely awesome

- Good place

Can,t stay away.

- I’m done.

Goodbye. Near wins, same pattern with games. Algorithms that never change. I’m done. This is worse than an actual casino.

- Not so great

They do not respond to your emails, when questioned about the games jackpot payout! Obvious jackpot and not paid out!!! Really disappointed in customer service!

- Lots of variety and big payouts.

Highly recommend

- Pretty good

Solid casino app (slots) only

- Great games

New slots that are fun and pay regularly. Great games

- Rip off

terrible wins...pays a little. Takes a lot...bonus rounds don’t even pay your bet

- A+ Game

Amazing casino app

- Fun to play!

Great way to waste time!

- Fun and addictive

It’s a great game but it could do a little better by making it easier to win lost 20 million without a single win

- Lots of variety

Fun games!

- Challenging

The games are pretty good

- Fun

One of the best casino games I've played. Love all the different slot themes!

- By:Haoua.m

I rlly want to get 30,000 money in real life :(

- Review


- Fun

Fun and entertaining. Would like to win more often but such is the draw.

- Lot of fun

Can be expensive if you run out of chips. Easy to play for hours.

- Lots to choose from

Great app for all the options on different games. Easy to use

- Not bad

Not bad at all

- Bad game

Bad game to you nothing return

- Ok

Game ok needs more wins

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DoubleU Casino™ - Vegas Slots 7.2.1 Screenshots & Images

DoubleU Casino™ - Vegas Slots iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

DoubleU Casino™ - Vegas Slots iphone images
DoubleU Casino™ - Vegas Slots iphone images
DoubleU Casino™ - Vegas Slots iphone images
DoubleU Casino™ - Vegas Slots iphone images
DoubleU Casino™ - Vegas Slots iphone images
DoubleU Casino™ - Vegas Slots iphone images
DoubleU Casino™ - Vegas Slots iphone images
DoubleU Casino™ - Vegas Slots iphone images

DoubleU Casino™ - Vegas Slots (Version 7.2.1) Install & Download

The applications DoubleU Casino™ - Vegas Slots was published in the category Games on 2013-09-23 and was developed by DoubleUGames Co., Ltd. [Developer ID: 642727746]. This application file size is 219.84 MB. DoubleU Casino™ - Vegas Slots - Games app posted on 2022-05-03 current version is 7.2.1 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.doubleugames.DoubleUCasino