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Enjoy the ultimate casino experience! Experience the biggest wins in your life on DoubleU Casino!

DoubleU Casino is a creative online casino, and we provide a number of engaging slots and video poker games.
A variety of high-quality slot games from classic to state of the art releases, no one has a better selection than DoubleU!
Every one of DoubleU's slot machines has its own jackpot, just like the slot machines in land-based Las Vegas Casinos!
Experience engaging social interactions supported by DoubleU mobile service and accompanied by a number of bonuses and benefits!

Special Features at DoubleU:
1. More than 100 slots and 3 video poker games, each with unique features.
2. No level-based restriction in slot and video poker play.
3. Every slot machine has its own jackpot.
4. A variety of bonus features: Jackpot Tourneys, Live Slotourneys, Winner Club and more.
5. Generous free chip giveaway policy.
6. User-oriented development and updates.
7. Prompt and interactive customer support.

*Recommended: iPhone 5, iPad 4, and later devices with an iOS version of 9.0 or later

*DoubleU Casino does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.
*Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at "real money gambling.

DoubleU Casino: Vegas Slots App Description & Overview

The applications DoubleU Casino: Vegas Slots was published in the category Games on 2013-09-23 and was developed by DoubleUGames Co., Ltd.. This application file size is 173.76 MB. DoubleU Casino: Vegas Slots current version is 6.15.0 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

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Hunt for the Treasure Chests!

Wishing you lots of luck!

~Jiny & Kevin

DoubleU Casino: Vegas Slots App Tips, Tricks and Rules

DoubleU Casino: Vegas Slots Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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DUC right   4 star

Chill laid back. Game is got cool features. And love the fast loading of the selected slot

Kljupiter5   1 star

Doc. Not even worth a star or a good review.

mikiemike1973   1 star

Poor play. Your on top and all suddenly you lose everything. BS


Fun. FUN!!!

Maamc   5 star

Fun. So many fun and imaginative games!

Sabrinamartina   2 star

Meh. The game is okay and fun but.... daily coin amount is very small and they periodically make changes while you are playing to tighten up the machines. I’ve been playing off and on for 5 years or so and I’ve hit one small jackpot.

Marielabove   3 star

180 spins. You offered me a 180 spins and told me I would have to update to play the game, I did that and the hit the open button and it was gone. Not fair!!

rawhide man   1 star

Not enough wins. Game is not very fun to play, just adds stress to your life. I have spent money on this game and for what LITTLE you win it’s just a ripoff. Double Win casino is a much better game and a lot more fun to play. We’re sorry just remember that your luck could change, lol...... stupids!

matthew716   5 star

Winnings. Fun game but payouts are so much less than other slot games.

dobwh   5 star

Fun game. Love playing this game. The graphics are great and the payouts are amazing

Dirty sizzle   5 star

Thanks. Thanks for all the free money’s

75845318   2 star

Jackpots. Used to win jackpots once in a while, now...never! So many players on the machines you can’t ever get on one that has a good jackpot. As far as I can determine, Double U has gotten worse instead of better.

Juliebug1962   5 star

Great Fun!!!. Iv’e tried the rest, but I came back to the best 🙋🏻‍♀️

Queen do   4 star

Fun playing. Good fun with no stress games are good

Chandmar717   3 star

SOS. Games seem to be okay. However, they are like the rest by showing their greed. After making weekly purchases a few times I only win enough to play for a short period. They did unwittingly, break my habit from purchasing anything going forward...

lvr of recipes   5 star

Fun. Thank you for a fun games, love the variety

Foxy Jeff   2 star

Excellent design.... However,. The slot games keep getting better & better over the years! The games work in different ways to keep you entertained. However, when I did not spend money on the game, I won more often. Once I started spending money (6k) the machines always drain the chips quickly and have some glitchy quirks happen to ensure the opportunity is gone to reclaim lost chips. Customer service is slow and they will always tell you that you are wrong. To test this, I created several additional accounts and always the same response. I am writing to apple about this and the BBB. Bottom line: fun to play, but will rip you off if you actually invest money!

jays0613   5 star

Long time player. Great games

?!’😘   4 star

Game. Great

Bubbat024   5 star

Great. It’s a great game but it kicked me out of my other account and lost all my points

nothappyalot   1 star

No wins to play. I keep getting these pop ups to buy chips.... so annoying . When the games start hitting I may consider it but I’ve been playing along time without a significant win the machines don’t let you play they just take all your chips no fun anymore .....what happened new management also I just bought chips spent 19.99 got 27 million played the mouse game went thru 27 million with top bet of 160 thousand and only hit one scatter won very very little one scatter in 27 million chips are you kidding you make me want to never buy chips again .... so why so stingy your not giving me cash like I’m giving you so let me win once in a while stingy stingy stingy !!!!!I’ve been playing a long time but for the past 6 month I’ve notice the games aren’t hitting any big wins so I’m not going to buy anymore chips till they do!!!

pixxarools   5 star

Cool. Good app really

qsevxrunxaweuolhdCnjgd   1 star

NFL. Fun games if you like watching the wheels spin and not win anything

grlord   2 star

Kitty. Was playing this game and won the bonus. After a couple spins the game locked up and was unable to get it started again. Therefore, I lost all my coins.

no one has that name   4 star

Taking my credits. Well I’m not surprised. I hit 9 stars ⭐️ SUNDAY ON SHOOTING STAR, and 8 stars Monday. I take screenshots of my game every night when I get through playing. And when I went to bed last night I had 362,842,458 credits. I know y’all don’t mind taking people’s credits But this is the fourth time I’ve had my big scores taken. You took 200 million points from me and all I had was 179,000,000 this morning. You also charged me for credits I did not but I’m having a Internal look at your company practices . I don’t think charging people’s accounts And taking credits is legal. You have the percentage on my account high So I haven’t been able to hit anything on any machine I have played. It’s not like I’m ever going to buy anything from you again. Y’all act childish

ToeHead212   1 star

Total Rubbish!!!. Majority of reviews are robotic and untruthful...shame on you!!!!

Thegonzz!!   2 star

Just saying. Was my favorite, freebies are not worth playing who play’s for 8k a hand !

Poi and Hoop girl   5 star

Smiles. Enjoy it already

Rshenider   5 star

A. A

ladyblu2370   3 star

It’s ok. It’s ok but the new games are boring need new exciting games to play need to get some old school slots in like the ones I play at my local spots game king slots

Advertorial    5 star

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Babysheera   5 star

Love it. This game is the bast slots game I’ve found. The bonus rounds are definitely way more fun and interactive. I would recommend to anyone.

Debby Tonn   3 star

Can’t Win a Jackpot. I’ve been playing for years....My Pot sitting at over $75,000,000 and this is the second go around as I changed tablets a couple of times and my pot was wiped clean and had to start over. Can someone please explain how it’s possible I’ve won more jackpots in real casinos and not in this virtual one? Love to know.

slmcal   2 star

Every day without fail. I won a bonus in Barvarian Bier. Then another, then another. Now I have 18 free spins! Except now the game packs it in. Yeah, yeah Double U. It’s my internet. Sure, sure it is.

hindu sally   5 star

Yo. Good

zsf lord   1 star

Never win nothing is a waist of time. Not good

karens folly   5 star

Great games. Love the different games they are challenging and fun,I have never won a jackpot yet, but I keep trying. Keep up the great work. Different games give you variety.

scottkruger123   1 star

DoubleUCasino. Used to be ok... now sucks ... you never win for more than you pay. Money suckers

irisno11   5 star

Super jeu. Wow

devenlr   5 star

Gambler. I like it a lot because you don’t have to earn a certain amount of points to move on to other casino games,all you have to do is update your version.

maggiesdc   1 star

Review. I like the games but unless your willing to spend a boat load of money they don’t let you win much

Riley164   3 star

Update. It is in a continuous loop of update when I try to update - cannot play the new game! It is very frustrating.

erszie   1 star

Not happy. Terrible site. Doesn’t matter which game you never win. Guess they expect you to buy tokens. Not likely

Sassy3030   5 star

Happy. I enjoy this game. It’s fun

alleyfeline   5 star

DoubleUCasino. Very fun so far!

rick,pom   5 star

Great gam. Love all the games

rick,pom   5 star

Great gam. Love all the games

Fishsau   3 star

Kool game. Nice

Nikki#DUC   3 star

Issues. A great site. I enjoy playing all the games. Your site has a lot of issues and I get booted all the time. Still love the games.. please fix the issues.. its frustrating.

bulldogmomw   5 star

Greatcasino. Great site lots of fun games and different bonuses

bugref   1 star

Rip off. I used to do well but since the first time I bought I have never ever had a decent win. Just bought twice and it got used up in three minutes. Never buying again switching to double Down.

Penhorn   5 star

Review. Great fun !! Love it !

KMTLD   1 star

Screwed out of chips. Game drops out and you lose the chips you have won They will tell you there must’ve been a problem with your connection when I can guarantee than my VPN is extremely stable. Rip off gaming site.

Santa Momma   5 star

Well time spent. Just started playing it great

Hard Luck Knights 204   5 star

Great game. Very entertaining when there’s nothing to do ! Thanks !

bdjdjxjbfj   2 star

Average. Doesn’t payout much Fun to play though.

Wearttraveller66   3 star

Good luck. The game is okay. To win something substantial is very difficult. I’ve been playing for awhile now and “My Pot” is sitting at almost 33,000,000. Will I ever win a jackpot to get that, most likely not. It’s a game that kills some time

jcc64AB   5 star

Hooked. Great game::: no ads ❤️ enjoy playing everyday!

forvever21   2 star

Terrible. Been playing since 2001, never one a jackpot.. more like children’s games.. many better casinos out there

Beau41   1 star

Not worth the effort!. I agree with most of the negative comments I have read. You can never win a big pot, and the payouts they do let you win are pathetic! There is obviously a manipulation happening to make one purchase chips! Not a very good app!

langley47$   4 star

Like the games. I really enjoy the games but hate that it looses connection. Always seems to happen during accumulative free spins, lost over 15 million points in the gold nugget game one day then a few less the next time.

Advertorial    5 star

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Jenifer1015   4 star

Fun game but not winning. Don’t win a lot takes the fun out when you struggle to stay in... games are fun though! I keep on playing barely!

Wordbuff47   5 star

Gambling man. Great games in here! Love them all!

Sanel2008   1 star

New user. Just downloaded this games and all chips are gone in minutes. What a greed. Never pleyed game without fun. Greed Deleting

✌️😂😻😭😭   3 star

Lost credits. I really like this app. Like everyone says, in the beginning you hit good. The longer you go, the more it takes an act of Congress to hit anything remotely big. 11-7-19 I was playing video poker and something messed up and the only way to get it straight was to turn my device off and turn it back on. I went back to video poker and found of my 53 million coins, only a little over 3 million were left. I went to the help and reported exactly what had happened. The response I got was “ when and where did this happen” Obviously don’t read what you explained because the next thing was “ could you be more specific on what happened “ I just got through explaining what happened. I didn’t know how more specific I could get. And of course the last thing was “ did you get a screen shot of it”? So, I have heard nothing else on the situation. I guess I just have to eat that 50 million coins that I lost. So good luck if anything goes wrong!!

new caney player   5 star

Double U Casino. Lots of fun slots. Try all of them, their great.

Earl Sr.   5 star

Love this app. Great so far

v77lynn   4 star

Lots of fun. Had hours of fun

Nana hris1   3 star

Slots. In 10 years playing DounleU casino only won 1. Jackpot. Seems a little sparse since I’ve. Purchased points many many times. Bit disappointed

Spdyrcr   3 star

It’s okay but. Needs better payouts

Jon Jon 26   5 star

Addicting. I love this game. It’s so addicting.

Evil jaylo   1 star

RIP OFF!!!. Game is cool but if you done spend a lot of money you won’t win.

cafemocoa   5 star

Fun. Great fun

BayouBrat   2 star

Fun for the most part. The one area I’ll give this app 5 ⭐️, is the graphics. I’ve played many a slot app, and this is one of the all time greats. HOWEVER...two months ago, I had 2 BILLION coins. Today? I’ve got 100,000. Why? Because this has become yet ANOTHER in the loooong line of “Pay To Play” slots. Whereas you used to be able to play/win and make the daily challenges, now you’ll be lucky to hit ONE bonus in an hour. Instead of reworking the tired games with new graphics, and making US pay for it, stay with what you have, and LET PEOPLE WIN AGAIN!!! AND, have fun doing it. Once I’m out of coins, I’m out of this game and telling anyone who asks me, not to bother with it

Pops 1   3 star

Great app ..... when it works.. App won’t update. I have made multiple attempts, over several days to update app to no avail

Harry19980408   5 star

nice game. same

jumaeng99   5 star

FUN FUN. best casino game!!!

Ella850   5 star

Fun. Fun!

rororofit   2 star

Not many winning machines. I’ve have played this for 2 yrs now. Have only hit 1 jackpot...sometimes I noticed when ur money is 100 million or higher...when u go on the following day a lot of your money is gone, even though u didn’t play. It’s happened to me quite a few times...also ppl hog the machines that actually pay out..also some of the slots never pay a penny. .I think it’s time to look for a new app.


Lots of fun!!. Play everyday and really enjoy my club members More people should join clubs Wish I could win more jackpots lol Thanks DUC

Wholelot   5 star

Great Website. Love your games. Thanks for all the coins you have delivered to me.

Outlaw0770   5 star

Great Casino Vibes. Absolutely love this game. Easy to navigate and I didn’t mind buying some coins. The extra perks are actually worth it. I enjoy playing because it takes me right back to the casino without actually loosing money.

ej.momma   5 star

Best app. Developers did it again great app

doctor luigi   1 star

Lost I’d. I was stripped of 275 million chips by a error with the game when I got back in I have given them my I’d I have had since 2012 and won and bought chips this robot Kevin tells me I have only been a member since oct 19,19 no amount of info helps I loved this game but an sorely disappointed that they don’t keep records of people who play or purpose chips

MikeTL602   5 star

Great game. Awesome graphics and fun slots!!

bgstujfdfjjjcsd   1 star

Do not spend your money. They are manipulating the slots so you spend money. Don’t buy chips they are cheating.

Shelbyyy🐳   5 star

Double casino. I love this game

luvistrange   5 star

Review. I love the games, bonuses should be higher.

jsimpson09   5 star

Great. Great game, love the graphics and is just like being at the casino without spending money

JuCee Smooyay   5 star

Review. Great game

bindeer   3 star

The more money I spend, the less wins I get.. The hits were awesome in the beginning, but it seems they are more interested in me running out of coins so I can buy more, than me having fun with wins in the games. They lured me in with big wins because they know I’ve spent good money with them before. I actually had complimentary coins and was able to get up to 200,000,000.00 coins with out purchasing. That’s 99.99 of free play. The more money I spend the less great wins I get. Looks like I’m done. I thought they were fair but I don’t think so anymore. I spent enough money with them to see there pattens. Not nice a bit greedy

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