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Nextdoor is the free, private social network for your neighborhood. It is the best way for you and your neighbors to hear what’s happening in your local community.

Whether you’re looking to get to know the people on your street, hire a local babysitter, find garage sale deals, or sell your unwanted household items, Nextdoor makes it easy to talk with neighbors about what matters most to you.

People are using Nextdoor in over 180,000 neighborhoods around the world to:

• Track down a trustworthy babysitter
• Quickly get the word out about crime and safety
• Get a recommendation for a great deal on house painters
• Hire a pro to help walk your dog
• Share information during a natural disaster
• Sell an outgrown bicycle
• Finally call that nice man down the street by his first name

What neighbors are saying:

“Before Nextdoor, I didn’t know there were several qualified babysitters living nearby and looking for work. It was easy to feel comfortable hiring my neighbor’s daughter to watch my son after school.” - Patrick, Mission East

“This year for Spring Cleaning, we wanted to sell old appliances, tools, clothing, and electronics on Nextdoor’s For Sale & Free section. In no time, our neighbors stopped by to make a deal and take things off our hands. It was easier than anything else, and it feels good knowing our household items have found a new home in the neighborhood.” - Dan, Hayes Valley

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Nextdoor doesn't run GPS in the background unless you give us permission by turning on optional features that require it.

Nextdoor - Neighborhood App App Description & Overview

The applications Nextdoor - Neighborhood App was published in the category News on 2013-05-23 and was developed by Nextdoor. The file size is 74.35 MB. The current version is 4.91 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

Time for your weekly update! We're always working hard to make the Nextdoor app even better, so your experience is fun, fast, and bug-free.

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Nextdoor - Neighborhood App Reviews


Spyware  Fototico  1 star

This must be a spyware app. They ask you to enter a phone number which they will try to match to your billing address. WTH! You mean to tell me that they have access to people’s billing information from their cell phone companies? Again, WTH! I am sorry, but as a police officer there is no way in hell that I will trust an app/company with so much personal information. As a cop several neighbors have told me to sign ip with Nextdoor, I wanted to get more involved but the hell with it. No if it’s going to cost me my privacy. “To built trust.” Sure, wink wink! I will be using Ring’s app “Neighbors.” They don’t require so much personal information.

creeker bob

Password assistance doesn’t respond  creeker bob  1 star

I need password support and have tried several times to get a reset link sent to my email address. While Nextdoor tells you it’s sending a link, none is received.


Frustrating!  MaddieZion  1 star

I like some aspects of the app. However, I can’t get it to stop emailing me. I started my account with using the “only crime reports” setting and turned everything else off. Even still, I’m getting emails every day multiple times a day about stupid things and they aren’t even in my neighborhood! It’s glitchy and frustrating and I can’t find any help or contact information on the app or online. It all directs you to a useless page on their website that tells you to turn off the notifications. I ALREADY DID THAT ON DAY ONE! Unless you don’t care about an incoming flood of emails, don’t use this app!


“LEADS”  erikag9697  1 star

The fact that other people from the neighborhood are in charge of what is able to be posted of just stupid! I made a post asking owners to keep their dogs on a leash because it is the law and my dog was attacked by an off leash dog and that was deleted! How funny is it that I have problems with one of the “leads” friends and now all my stuff is being reported! None of my stuff was reported till I started having problems with one specific individual.


Love Nextdoor  Quinn1969  5 star

I started the Next Door in our neighborhood at Possum Kingdom a few years ago. We recently moved to Magnolia and I use the app everyday for learning about the area and businesses to use.


Good concept  Tom2pin  2 star

In reality this app is mostly busy bodies griping and staying that the government needs to do more and get more people in trouble over petty stuff. I can’t believe there are so many people like this. It is cool when you can connect with good neighbors though.


Constant and redundant emails  Goregorge  1 star

No matter how many times I unsubscribe to every type notification I still get annoying email notifications.

Pinky Pimkerton

What a joke  Pinky Pimkerton  1 star

This App has nothing but a bunch of senseless posts and if you challenge someone send you emails threatening to block your posts. It is a bunch of non sense of people complaining about trivial items. Next Door have some guts and block the real idiots and promote solutions to real issues

Amanda Patrice

Staying informed in your neighborhood  Amanda Patrice  5 star

I like this app and use it a lot to know what’s going on in the neighborhood, like special events, neighborhood meetings, voting dates and where the polling places are. I also use it to stay informed about crime and safety in my area. I have had many neighbors give great tips about such things as avoiding road closures and even the best places to eat. Lastly, I definitely use the “For Sale” section to get great deals on anything I would have formerly used Craigslist for.

transplanted from NC

Retired teacher  transplanted from NC  5 star

I like this group ! We can help find repair people, remind others about safety issues and just stay connected! I love the restaurant reviews, too👍


Not overly happy  Myskee76  1 star

It’s full of advertising businesses


Still getting other neighbourhoods in feed even after changing setting  Lilly8-)  2 star

Its a great idea, but the app doesnt work properly and there is no support contact email. Really clunky app. Also I got a lot of people advertising in my feed, outside the guideline use of the app straight away which was really dissapointing.


Racist  Kimi-P  1 star

Judged my surname is fake. Very inappropriate.

Jhonathon Edwards

Great Application  Jhonathon Edwards  4 star

This app is really great combining modern technology and the neighbourly relationships into a platform and way of communication fast and the ability to share ideas and services close to home by those who u might not know personally but can get to know via the application. Love reading local services being offered and the sense of community.


How do they make money?  inguz2018  5 star

I am a lead for my suburb, it’s working a treat as a neighbourhood watch, for local tradie recommendations etc. Great app.

Corina Anne

Great app  Corina Anne  5 star

I personally find this app very useful and helpful. It’s a great way for keeping up to date with what is happening in your neighbourhood... Keeping my neighbourhood safe is my priority...and if I can help do that thru this app my job here is done....thanks Nextdoor!!


Bringing us closer  angelfran  5 star

Apart from only being able to view in portrait mode only ( which I have submitted feedback on) this app has been awesome in our neighbourhood for many reasons. Our membership numbers are slowly growing and has given me back faith that we have neighbours willing to look out for each other and join together safely. I have read reviews about personal details showing but these are set by members and I believe as a “Lead” person that the security offered is top notch An app well worth using on a regular basis Well done developers.


Elderly family  LILO2101  4 star

I noticed you can add family members to your acc but it’s limited to partners, pets and children.. I would love an update where I am able to add my 88yo grandmother to my acc. With understanding the vulnerability of children, it’s important to understand all ages of life especially elderly family members - maybe they have dementia and/or don’t know much English, or for whatever reason would benefit from use of the Nextdoor app/site but cannot fathom the concept of the internet😂. This would be a great addition to the app, and to share information about the accessibility of services for likeminded people, ect!


Getting there  AussieChick2  5 star

Great app. Have now become a “Lead”. Takes time to get neighbors to join. I just encourage members to send out as many postcards as they can and use word of mouth. Have had positive feed back. Has enough categories to be useful.

Team Shaun

Good program to help others.  Team Shaun  5 star

Been using this program for a little while now i found it helpful to help other out


Preliminary review......  oewhite  4 star

So far so good.


Never sent my verification  KatieMaetastic  1 star

I tried multiple times to get myself verified. I just moved and my cards aren’t connected to my real address so I opted for a postcard. Never sent and the app never gave the option to report a postcard not sent to maybe send another. It’s always been stuck on that one screen for a code. So I give it one star because I can’t even look at the app to give it a real review. They need to look at how they can verify another way. Or have Better customer service options to try and fix the problem.


Good neighborhood app. Not too good for listing items for sale.  askamath  3 star

Great app, easy to use. Quick and easy way to list items for sale. However, very buggy when trying to edit an existing listing. Will not let you proceed or save changes made. Also tricky deleting a listing and reposting to reach larger area.


Doesn’t work  snowpetal  1 star

Didn’t work. Tried to verify by phone, I entered my number, got the code, but when I pushed “verify” nothing happened. Went back and tried several times, nothing.


Loved this app, but...  trauma-queen  4 star

I love this app, and am delighted that they finally added a landscape mode. However... After this most recent update, it keeps crashing. If this is fixed, it’s a 5-star app.


Mods are biased  TCib  1 star

If a neighbor says something and you have an alternative opinion that challenges someone’s views, the moderators just disable your account without warning. App is Not for grown ups. It’s for complainers. I guess it was good to see the terrible people that live around me.


App does not allow you to change your for sale ads  MomisOK  2 star

Phone app does not allow you to make changes to your for sale ads. It gets stuck on the done page and doesn’t advance. I have to sign in on a computer to change verbiage or add/delete pics. Frustrating and too time consuming. It worked fine before this last update. Please fix this issue. Everything else is great!


Worst social media site on the internet  Joanna82111  1 star

There is no free speech on that site. You will get thrown off with no warning or reason. Getting in a slight disagreement with someone else will get you banned. Right now I can think of five people that are banned. More people have left than are left. It’s awful. Don’t bother with this app.

chiquitta 22

New pet supply store open  chiquitta 22  4 star

Check out the new pet supply store next to Hyvee. Great selection great low prices & you can even bring you pet in.


Helpful in theory; lynch mob in reality  Tristanandrachel  3 star

When I first started using this app, I loved it. It was a great way to connect with my neighbors and keep up-to-date on my very local happenings. But lately, it's just turned into a dangerous echo chamber. Neighbors constantly post about "suspicious" or "dangerous" people who are really just folks going about their business, and the lynch mob is quick to jump on the post to encourage confrontation and supply personal information about the person to anyone who wants it. (Heaven forbid you be a POC living or working pretty much anywhere with a Nextdoor community.) Nextdoor has absentee moderators and loose community rules, so doxxing and harassment are allowed to fester unchecked. Nextdoor brings out the worst in some people and gives them a megaphone. The good people of the neighborhood are being quickly drowned out and turned off by the dangerous rhetoric.

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