Township: Farm & City Building

Township: Farm & City Building download

Township is a unique blend of city building and farming!

Build your dream town! Harvest crops, process them at your facilities, and sell goods to develop your town. Trade with distant islands. Open restaurants, cinemas and other community buildings to give life in your town special flavor. Explore the mine to get resources and find ancient artifacts. Run your own zoo and collect animals from around the world.
Are you ready to build your dream? Let’s get started!

Township features:
● Different buildings and decorations you can use to create your dream town
● Various crops to grow and later process at your factories
● Fun, charismatic townspeople with orders you need to fill
● Your town's mine packed with ancient artifacts to discover and collect
● Exotic goods brought from the islands
● A zoo to build where you can even breed animals
● Famous landmarks you can use to decorate your town, like the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, and many more!
● Play with your Facebook and Game Center friends or make new friends in the game community!

Township is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this option, simply turn it off in your device's "Restrictions" menu.

*You need an internet connection to play the game and enable social interaction, competitions, and other features.*

Enjoying Township? Learn more about the game!

Questions? Contact our Tech Support at [email protected]

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Privacy Policy:

Township: Farm & City Building App Description & Overview

The applications Township: Farm & City Building was published in the category Games on 2013-10-24 and was developed by Playrix. This application file size is 266.20 MB. Township: Farm & City Building current version is 7.0.5 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Help Professor Verne with his experiments and participate in events

* Professor Verne is on the verge of a great discovery! Help him carry out his experiments and make a scientific breakthrough!
* Complete tasks while performing regular in-game actions.
* Score points and win awesome rewards.
* Use the Gold Pass to unlock exclusive rewards.

* The Bubble Gum Festival starts on November 7. Get gumballs from the machine to earn event points and win prizes!
* Treat your townspeople to delicious burgers in the Fastfood Stars event starting on November 21.
* Get your snowboard ready for the Snow Ride! The event starts on December 5.
* 2 new town expansions and 1 in the Zoo.

Township: Farm & City Building App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Township: Farm & City Building Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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meeeeeeet287   1 star

App won’t load. Waste of download. App doesn’t even start.

nanagran7   1 star

Frustrated. Unable to transfer progress to multiple devices. Trying to contact creator for assistance was futile.

E'emia   1 star

Disappointed. I enjoyed this game but now I think I am going to delete it. While I realize that this is a game, I do not appreciate things disappearing and no action taken, This is not the first time, but now it is just annoying! When you address the issue they come back with some excuse. Sad

Tnamowicz   5 star

Addicted. Been playing this game daily for over a year now. Love it!

NoBody! 🙌🏼   2 star

👎🏻. it’s ok but when i play the gum all game i spend money on it to keep going and for the stars i had 120 and it made me only get 30 when i “gave up” its really stupid i’ve spent 15 of the dollars trying to do it and i was just 3rd and now i’m farther down because of that stupid thing i hate it (update: now i’ve spent 18 to 21 dollars on it because of THIS DUMB GAME) ++update again- 26$ now (this game is plain out a scam and stupid - game is just bad !

Cjdatguy   5 star

Awesome🙂. Great all around game I’ve had it for 3 years now 😎 Download NOW!!! no disappointment

felinamia   1 star

Tramposos. Si sepa que me iban a quitar los videos donde obtenia villetes cada hora jamas les uviera comprado la vela de oro😡😡😡😡

Lame-o-tango   5 star

Great game. I play this game every day after school this game is so much fun you can plant wheat and more you can get on higher levels get houses and bowling can Make your own cities I play this game every day it is really fun I hope this helped you I hope you get the game

ttahmtan   5 star

Best farm game ever. I’m playing this game for 7 years 😍😍. Best farm game ever. I’m playing this game for 7 years 😍😍

Pusheenlover21   5 star

Sooo FUN. Omg I just got this Game and it's very fun

gekkdd   5 star

🙂. Awesome

awesome app345   5 star

Town ship is great. Town ship is a very good game for everybody but it’s so hard to level up i love this app

steve764050   1 star

It’s a copy. It’s a copy of hay day

slimonique   1 star

NOT OPENING. Why isn’t my app opening it load and all just the app wouldn’t open for 2 days now I reinstall it twice

empressoftheuniverse   4 star

You cannot play for free!!!. Game makers will try to tell you that their goal is for you to have fun. Don’t be fooled; their real goal is to sell you coins or tokens or “township cash.” I knew this going in. However, I keep seeing advertisements that say you can play for free. This is outright FRAUD! The cash you earn is put into a piggy bank — you have no option. Then, when it builds up, you must spend real money to open it. You cannot play for free. There are also construction projects that are extremely difficult to complete without buying more Township cash. Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying the game, but I have limited income, so my ability to buy stuff is quite limited.

070477sal   3 star

Developing town and zoo. It is almost impossible to build anything in the town and zoo without spending a lot of money on township cash. This makes it not fun. I have been waiting weeks to finish a building in my town and it looks like an impossible situation along with three animal enclosures at the zoo. Never going to get built stupid! Otherwise I love this game. Have been playing it for years.

CDuffNH   1 star

False Advertising. This game is fun and addicting, but the ads for it are totally different than actual gameplay.

ahalia   1 star

Devs help please. I can’t get back to my account t game after logging out to other persons game. There is no way of contacting you all the game only lets you select from options . Can not get any help in ythe app. Contact us section doesn’t allow contact not how to get real help from a living person. So crusting ! Also items purchased keep dissapearing right after I purchased. Please someone contact me.

moomoocrew2011   5 star

I love this game. It’s just so fun to play to make it my own town and play with my imagination so try it out for yourself Township this game should always be 100 stars rated

GabiAir   5 star

The Best farming game. Township is a very interesting game because when you start playing you have just some houses and then 1 year playing you go to the level 40 and you have more than 40 houses, a HUGE city and an Airport, 3 trains, a helicopter, and also Boats! This is the best farming game in the whole WORLD.

grannyspencer   5 star

Love game. I just love this game Wish it would do something different for holidays

asht7514   2 star

Mixed emotions. Love the game for the most part but lose interest quickly cause it takes to dang long to make or build anything and you can only make one thing at a time very frustrating but it’s a good game to just hop on check your stuff and move to diff game

cjgeje   1 star

New feature. I have played this game every day for over a year. Now u must pay to plant your crop. That is a horrible feature. I am not going to continue to play this game. Tomorrow I will look for another game to play.

vodylan   2 star

Township. It’s a great game and fun to play when I have internet but when there are no network connection it is become useless game.

Swan100707   4 star

Awful customer service. Look, the game itself is amazing. I enjoy the game but if you have any sort of issue (mine being a loading problem) the customer service is awful. Trying to reach someone is impossible and then you get automated emails which are no help. My game still won’t load even after trying everything their is to try. Very disappointing because I really loved the game.

cay_25   4 star

I love the game just one thing bothers me.. I love this game. I love the mini games and the decorations. I play it for hours during each day every day of the week. But when competing in the mini games you guys have that allow you to earn tokens when completing helicopter orders it doesn’t seem to fairly distribute out the amount of needed tokens that mini game is asking of me. For instance I am currently playing the Bubble gum festival and in order to play you need to have coins and in order to have coins you have to earn tickets and the amount of blue tickets that are required seem to be very rarely given to me. I feel like you should improve the amount given because I have worked hard to complete orders and I will fill orders five time and in a row and not given any blue tickets. I currently have 30 red tickets, 10 green tickets and no blue tickets. I understand that the whole point is for some tickets to be harder to earn and you have to complete more orders, but I’m very frustrated that I’m getting such a little amount when I’m working hard. Other than that I love this game. I love the holiday themes and I love the holiday themed decoration as well as the mini games they have for the holidays. Continue on the great work.

dawson1michelle   2 star

Not happy. Can’t play this game list time I got to play Friday

LisB824   3 star

Fun but needs LOTS of improvement. This game is fun but also irritating in that they make it very hard to build your farm. It’s takes way too long to make things the farther in you get and everything goes up in cost but it takes FOREVER to get enough coins to buy the new buildings and then hours or days later once they’re “built”, in order to complete it you need special building supplies that you only get from the train and that takes forever. They really need to make things take less time and easier/quicker ways to earn coins. The beginning of the game is fun but I’m only at level 24 and about ready to quit soon cuz it’s just getting annoying and I’m barely progressing even with the time I put into the game.

BrennyO   1 star

Horrible support. Updated to most current ios on phone and now will not connect. Have now submitted 2 support tickets (first was closed without any attempt to help me) and still no response. They are quick to take your money but ignore you when you need help. Will report them to Apple.

rrltlee   5 star

Cool. This is one of the most entertaining apps I’ve played in my life.

Advertorial    5 star

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34466288759990070   3 star

Needs better. Graphic and it needs diamonds in the game

10yr old kid in gr 5   5 star

Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. This game is

lucky crystal bla bla bla   5 star

Dear Township. On this day I’m still in love with township l think it’s the best game to me thank u for this game I hope u guys make more games like township thank u this is the worst game ever,just kidding how on earth would I say that?its the bbbbbeeessstttttttt game ever

honey_lover_20   3 star

Niveau. Je n’arrive pas à trouver comment supprimer mon compte pour recommencer au niveau 1

Monacoper   1 star

Meh. Y’know, the false advertising really ticks me off because all the games from this company advertises a choose to play game but they’re either match three or city construction P.S. Don’t you dare say the issues line

chicken poop oh   1 star

Too long. Not even sure why I’m writing this review because nothing will be changed. Most everything on this game takes way too long. Like I don’t mind spending a few bucks but come on, it’s a game for crying out loud.

Yandere-Chin   1 star

Really?. No stars, it’s nothing like the ads! Spend money on the game not ads! Click bait!

Thos game Rules!!   5 star

So much FUN. There is always something to do, weather it’s building something or talking part in a event Township is a great way to build your dream city and see it come to life! I love the fact that there is hardly any ads!! I rate this game a 5/5

Wymarie1   1 star

nothing like the adds. i thought it would of been me trying to get animals across the road but instead i have to make a town

V一条鸡   5 star

A great game. I love this game very much, it is so awesome.

Stéph456   5 star

Great game. Love it 😊

uhgfjgyityftuvtuj   5 star

GOOD AND BAD. I want to wipe my game but I don’t know how to do that

Unicorndaber549   5 star

Township is the best😀. Township is so fun you can make your own town it's so much fun to play and I don't care if it always says barn is full or not enough materials it's still a super fun game to play and you can even text your friends!!! (At level 19)

Odie67   3 star

Have enjoyed for 2 years. My only complaint is how long it takes to obtain the necessary items to build the animal enclosures at the Zoo. It’s ridiculous.

Bruce042956   2 star

Construction materials. The game is fun and all but it takes forever to accumulate the construction materials you actually need to finish buildings, enclosures and so forth. It’s nice to be able to watch videos to get cash but should be able to use tokens to buy the materials needed to complete said buildings etc. It does take forever to get enough materials to upgrade the barn as well.

sifet bath   5 star

Awesome app. I’m not going to delete this game because awesome app

vhfgfhggfhhfjgh   5 star

Great game. Fun to play and relaxing

Charmed44   4 star

Super jeu. Un jeu complet avec beaucoup de niveaux et d’activités à faire, les minis jeux et les tâches des tournois sont diversifiés ce qui le rend encore plus intéressant. J’aimerais pouvoir agrandir la ville plus rapidement ça prends trop de matériaux pour compléter les bâtiments et ceci prends beaucoup de temps,,, c’est le seul point négatif c’est pourquoi j’ai mis 4*

GamerNinja87   5 star

Love it!. This game is amazing if you ever wanted your own town. I like it!

Shopie65   5 star

Township. Awesome

qwertasdfgzxcvyu   5 star

Sooooo fun. Sooooo fun for ever

Professors experiment. I love this new challenge. I hope you repeat it in the future.

Jalbert19   4 star

Love this game!. Great game! Lots of fun to play. I would love to see a tab for quick access to the zoo, like there is for trains, planes, etc. Other than that, love it!

louiseville   5 star

Le jeu ne s’ouvre pas,. Après avoir regarder une vidéo l’écran reste sur la vidéo et le jeu ne revient pas

dawsonmacdonald   5 star

I LOVE ! The game. I LOVE it   5 star

Love that game. Xoxo

marthville   5 star

Township. Jeu plaisant à jouer et beaucoup de nouvelle chose à faire merci

FreakyKitty   3 star

Commentaire négatif. Ça coûte trop cher et c’est trop long pour avoir tout sans dépensés d’argent 😕

CrazyLightningEyes   4 star

Creative & Fun!. I really enjoyed this game... Great Game! It gets tough to make money when you don’t invest enough time so gear your production buildings for money first😉 What makes this game stand out for me is how passionate the creators are, not unlike the SuperCell guys... they keep evolving the fun so even long time players get new angles to keep it fresh.

Prargall   4 star

Good but. Very good but after level 90, the games slow down in the development of the town. It's missing some keys factors like the possibility to created business district, more houses developments with the possibility to personalize houses in colors and options. Access to the sea and creation of islands for vacation spot and recreation. More space to have sister towns or regroup trades in a bigger location. Now at level 95, I am bored because nothing new is happening. All i saw for the next level is a single dish at the italian restaurant. Nothing to go wow, it's fun...

Advertorial    5 star

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Sailtwo   5 star

Great. Great content

XDTIKTOK   5 star

Town ship. Hello I have mad this one this game is awesome no forcing adds play it any time ur bored yes the wait but u can do stuff in the waiting it’s amazing I’m and level 17 AMAZING

susanannehaylolz   5 star

I love town ship!!. Omg I love town ship it is the best sponsor me!! I’m upsessed white your game!!😝❤️❤️

having $0 is y i cant sleep   1 star

False advertising. Don’t advertise it as being a fix-it-up game if that’s not what it is

vinay path   5 star

Game not open for playing. My app was not working I’m trying to open it but no use , I uninstalled and restored again same issue happened, how to resolve it🙃.

❤️NR❤️   1 star

Game is not loading or opening anymore. It’s to annoying that I can’t access the game anymore and if I delete and reappload it’s going to start all over its so disappointing

Shawtie_97   3 star

I love it!!!! But.... So I’m a bit addicted to this game, I’ve even gotten my boyfriend onto it and he loves it! But there are some serious issues that need attending have to wait far too long for buildings to be complete just to not have enough materials for them. We’re already spending so much time money on the building, but we need to wait ages and have to spend more time on materials...? Really not fair. Also the cash complete tasks that took a while to do and only get rewarded 1 or 2 cash, that’s pretty bad. Live is hard and expensive living, why are games the same? Would be the PERFECT game if the times waiting were cut short and if the buildings were purchased as a whole or at least doesn’t take 15 hours just to need 3 more materials. Please fix one likes these problems.

galategamer   4 star

Very Good. It is very fun and I love to play it when I’m bored. I enjoy upgrading and to exchange goods. Overall pretty good game. Only problem is they put the prices a little too high. Just saying.

Sara_mehr   3 star

Expensive and time consuming game. I really like playing at the beginning but it gets boring to continue the game ...You can’t really expand and shape your town until you buy land and go to another level... it takes so much time to produce products (pizza 2 hours 😳). It takes so much time to deliver customers’ older ... it takes so much time to go to another level.... it takes so much time to receive the help you need ... (could we just go to each other’s barn and buy the product we need?).It is a very expensive and time consuming game. I wish they could improve the game and make it more enjoyable and less expensive to do things.

ふをちをぬちさ   1 star

Not What You Think!!!!!👿. Nothing like the adds it’s just boring,I thought it eould be what it is in the adds.ITS NOT NOT A SINGLE THING!!!!!!!

TwinkleStarfish   3 star

Hi. It isn’t that bad but it is a good game for the kids

thfjdveg   5 star

Township the best thing ever. I play this every day and I love 💗it so much and it has lots of cool effects and features 🎡🎡🎡🎡🎡😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Nattyanne123   5 star

Really good game, totally addictive. Lots of fun to chill out thanks

🍕🍕🍕🍟   5 star

Township. Township it’s a great game for kids because it teaches them how to be patient and how to use money and not just spending it on random things. It is also a great game people who don’t have a lot of time for games because you can just check it and put some more things into your factory because usually they take around an hour to make. And that is why I think township is a great game.

ask the pro   5 star

Township. Townships amazing and all but I could really use more detail add a bit of mm... shadows I guess make sure that your population up and you’ll be fine

gabigail 😂   4 star

Cool but one little thing 🙂. It is a great learning game for all ages that I really enjoy playing. But I wish when your looking for friends that they could have a search space so I can be friends with certain towns but other than that it is fun. I recommend this to people😄

abcsefghijklmon   5 star

Luv this. This game is so fun and clever. You run your own town and decide what to buy or sell to improve your town. Luv this game so much and I would give it 6 stars if I could. I just wish that it was easier to get township cash. That it could be bought with the coins we earn or that it refills one every couple of minutes.

Lauren Australia   5 star

My favourite game ever. Dear playrix I was wondering if you could create a new game similar to township because it is my favourite game in the world so I hope you could make a part two of township Kind regards Lauren

Ronniemay   4 star

Township. Love the game.

Suzie_loo   5 star

Great Game. Start playing and it’s hard to stop get so in to building your town have fun play the events a great building game

Possumed   3 star

Some things need fixing. This is a great game but you need to make it easier to build community and zoo buildings it takes way too long and cost far too many resources to build these items

RibbyFrance   4 star

Favourite game but 1 bug. I found an annoying bug on IOS version where if you go on search bar it is there forever. Unless you close the app. 😕😕😕

Aaron Paul Wise   5 star

Really great fun. I am soo addicted to this game and I cannot put it down for 5 minutes

espresso espresso drink   5 star

Township is more Epic than Fortnite. Hi what’s up just saying that this game is better than Fortnite because there is more things you can do and in Fortnite it sometimes gets a little Boring +town ship you can just unlock anything but Fortnite you have to buy the battle pass and it’s a bit like gambling and that is not fair to kid wasting there money! BYE 👋

timlessthan30characters   1 star

Button placement. Move the buy button and it will be better

unibella 000   4 star

Good but improvements needed. An amazing and fun game but improvements needed everything costs more as you go on and you end up have to spend real money but I still really think it’s a good game

Mrscinful   5 star

LOVE IT!. So amazing! I really recommend this game to people who want to be more organised in the future and for people who want to run there own town but cant because you have to be soooooooooooo important! I love it how you can be friends with people in this game! Just one problem..... I really would like it if we could chat to each other but privately! But if we cant and we cant fix it well OK! Overall LOVE IT!

.Billbilly.   5 star

Love love love this game!. Really enjoying the time I’m spending on this game, always new mini games and challenges to try. Love the look and detail of the graphics. Been play for over 150 straight, looking forward to the next 150, keep up the awesome work. ❤️T

dkmussared   5 star

Township. Township is the best game on the world and the stuff is so fun

True Dream   4 star

Township. Lots of harmless fun .Challenging at times.

Ltdgamer79   4 star

Don’t know what’s happened. Used to be my fav and only on my phone. Now it won’t even load. I deleted (which killed a small piece of my soul) and reloaded. It still doesn’t work 😢

Kingster5   1 star

It is a big fake. After l spent all the time on it and I got lot of coins & Money. They suspended my Account so I cannot Enter on my town. I very upset about me. Therefore, I encourage anyone not to download it to avoid that issues. Mr Ameers

Jennieluv8   2 star

Addicting but I’m missing money. This game is so much fun and addicting, however, my township cash disappeared from my piggy bank. I reached out to tech support for assistance but never heard back. It’s unfortunate that I lost a lot of my own money when this disappeared as this was the part of the game you have to purchase. I won’t be spending any more money on this game.

Tiff_meow   1 star

Horrible customer service. I actually love the game, However the “tech support “ is awful. I keep having the same problem with a “lab booster” being activated and not doing its job, causing me to waste my booster. This has happened at least 5 times. I have reached out to tech support multiple times and they beat around the bush, ask for screenshots...WHICH I DO PROVIDE, and still I get ZERO help, they just close the conversation . So disappointing. As someone who has actually spent money on in app purchases, you can rest assured I will never spend a dime again with that kind of service.

JaneGerda   1 star

Annoying Ads without option to turn off sound. I have been playing for a few years and love it HOWEVER the new ADS are EXTREMELY ONNOXIOUS. I play with TV or stereo on and these ANNOYING SOUND BLAST ADS have ruined the experience. Whatever show you are listening to on TV or whatever song you are enjoying must STOP while these OBNOXIOUS ADS BLAST from your phone or tablet. Those eye drops are the WORST.

Player💛   3 star

money. I love the game but you run out of money and coins so quick to build things and it requires real money which i won’t give it.

Zay 10   5 star

Awesome news!!. It is fun and entertaining. It teaches you as you grow to do good things in your community.

the best bff   5 star

Love. This game is so good that’s all I have to say!,

honeybrown75   4 star

Great but.... The game over all is great. The thing that annoys me is that it takes too long to get certain items unless you make in app purchases. There are too many in app purchases necessary to make the township function and even to cash in on town cash that’s earned ($2.99 to open your piggy bank). I’m all for making an occasional purchase but not everyday needing to purchase something just to get my town to flow. My kids also play and need me to approve purchases (which is not always happening). There should be less in app purchasing required and make getting town cash easier.

camryn city   4 star

I wish. I wish that township could know that I want to be able to go in the the grocery store and we could go through the hallways and grab things and we could have a grocery list and when we do that some of the items we get are to use to make the factory things it would be sooooooooooooooo fun

Halyard Man   4 star

Won’t open now. Just had updates completed and now it won’t open.

ShayLorraiine   2 star

Game is stuck on load page. The game is fun and it’s a lot to do if i ever get the chance

BoozeCluez   5 star

So like,. I enjoy the game but it was not at all like it was advertised.

x*X*x   1 star

Classic Bait and Switch. I watched an ad for a game I thought I'd like. Clearly the ad is a misrepresentation, because the game that downloaded is nothing like the game shown in the ad. I uninstalled the app.

heusyeh   5 star

I love this app. This app is so good because it’s so easy and fun if you plant something you don’t need to do anything you just wait and you could do something else while you wait like load your trains or your planes or your zoo get this app it’s the best

hch1084   5 star

Great game. This is a great game for anyone just wanting to play a game this is a game you get to explore so much great game H

Crazy mama;)   1 star

If I could give it 0 stars I would. I seen the ad on Facebook. It is nothing like advertised, I’m not saving the guy from lava at all!

jbjhrvibtv   1 star

Screw u. Every single time I even click on a road it keeps going onto edit mode not when I hold it but when I just click on it and it’s not even what the ad said it was i was expecting was I saw on the ad hot this bull crap that takes forever to do anything.

Unicorn Poop 🤪   5 star

This game. This game is awesome I can’t stop laying it

AAGirl06   5 star

So cool!. I like this game, I also like the events. It’s like a town you are feeding it buildings. You got to download this! Hope you like playing it. Updates are cool in this game. Also Minecraft.

Township hater   1 star

Money. Most frustrating game ever. No chance to earn money, ever! You need money to build factories, fire departments, houses, etc. but you can never get enough $ to increase the population or buy more farm animals. Been playing for a week and can’t advance unless you actually spend money to buy money. What a rip!

Mini games making your spend cash. I like the game and it’s well thought out but the new updates to their mini game are forcing people to spend cash for double the points! Bad!!

XxWitherRosexX   4 star

Township. This game is cool! Make your own town and thrive! But I have 1 problem. The prices are WAY too high. At level 8, you get the post office, and to speed it up it costs 60$ in game money. To get the post office speeded up, it cost 10$ in real money. Besides that, the games cool! Keep up the awesome work!

BBInded   5 star

Wow. This game is the best game I have ever played in my life thank you soooooo much Playrix you are the best! This is the best game I. Have ever played in my life

to complicated for little kids   3 star

Ok. You should make it easier to get money

mysmalltown   2 star

Zoo. The zoo is ridiculous first you pay outrageous coins for an enclosure. Then you have to build it and they ask for ridiculous amounts of glass and wood that you only get in the train if your lucky. I have a ton of completed animal families but no enclosure for them. I have been waiting a month for the supplies to build 1 enclosure and I need 145 glass and 145 white boards in a month I am at about 42 on 1 and 35 on the other. Very frustrating. I would like to play a relax game. Not one that makes me angry.

opoloponis   5 star

Chipotle. I am loving this game it’s so fun to farming and taking care of all animals filling orders and everything it’s so interesting and amazing thank you for making this amazing farming game I’ve been playing it for about 2 years it’s so much fun and easy.

TheFarmingMaster   5 star


Randi15948   1 star

Not like the preview. This game is nothing like what it was previewed. I don’t have the patience to have to stop to read/listen to the story line.

haasimecisson   5 star

Fun. It is nice to see a balance with getting stuff and not having to pay for everything. It would be nice to see an easy way to find out who needs help. But great game.

my open soul   5 star

An open soul. This game is my soul and my heart beat 😃

shaloujen   5 star

Township. I so love this game. So much to do and it is quite fun. Thanks Township team

baramanni   5 star

Ads. I have been playing this game for years, I love it. Until recently, you now have so many ads that run , most of them are now too long and too many .

JadeLJG   5 star

Town ship. This game is attractive fun and addictive

mpletsch   5 star

Great game. Great for young and old! Addicting I look forward to playing as soon as I get up and as soon as I walk in the door at night. It’s the last thing I do before bed- make sure crop is planted after harvesting and factories are full so they be ready in the morning- love it

Phoenix_Angel409   5 star

Débile Comme Jeu. Vraiment un très bon jeu mais très addictif aussi 😅

said hamed   5 star

روعة. لعبة رااااائعة وأكثر بس لو في حل للحظيرة تكون اوسع ووقت المصانع اقل وعدا عن ذلك فعلا لعبة روعه ومسلية

Emmausday   5 star

Addictive. Really like this.....but.... it’s a tad expensive😩

Xochipelli   5 star

Happpy Farming. Love, love, love this game. Great job on the halloween town decorations this year. You guys just keep getting better and better. Can't wait to see what you have in store for xmas decorations in town this year. Keep up the good work😍😍

gffftthujjn   5 star

Township. Definitely addicted, have played 75 days in a row

Abbi69   5 star

Fun. Great fun and exciting game.

Township loll   5 star

You cannot stop. Fun game you always have some thing to do love it

Nana fun 3   5 star

Great game!. Relaxing and fun! No pressure, and you can work at your own pace.

Userty70   5 star

Township is sooo addicting, love this game!. Can’t stop playing this game. Township is so much fun, and you play with people all over the world.

Honey bunch47   5 star

Township. I really enjoy playing this game. I have been playing a long time and still enjoy it.

Maggins48   4 star

Regatta is ruining a great game. I started playing this game almost 5 years ago. The co-ops are pretty good- but the idea of working together isn't what the regatta or any of the in game events are about. Too competitive!! The regatta points are way too low for the amount of time you have to devote to completing a task and the number of tasks at all levels are ridiculous. The in game events are now occurring too often and the rewards for hours of play are a joke. Please respect the devotion we have for your game by not insulting us with lame prizes and over-charging township money for decorations. When you provide feedback, it is acknowledged but it seems like no one is changing anything. Pay Attention you are in the process of ruining what used to be a great game experience.

jockmann   5 star

Township. Game is still the improvements since my last stop in the town. Even better than before....still the best game around Halloween theme is the special decorations around my town Love this game....great way to spend time keeping up with everything in the game.

Rudella   3 star

Review ofTownship. Pretty good little game: I don’t like the pressure to pay for stuff, the piggy bank ripoff for example. Other than that, it is pretty good.

EddyBobby   5 star

Awesomeness. Entertaining,Fun,WorthPlaying. Check it out TOWNSHIP!

Mike76239   5 star

Great game.. Quite addicting lol

Newkima   4 star

Addicted!. Play Every day🤪

Cara don   5 star

Great game. You can actually play this without buying gems with real money.

NERA 55   5 star

One of the best cooperative games out there. I've been playing this game for 3 years! First by joining a coop and then starting my own. Still fun, great extras, love the graphics and my team!

Elsassy71   1 star

Feels like work. Too much going on. Feels like work. And requires money not to fall behind the other players. See the piggy bank?

Lexi958   5 star

Township. Great game. Lots to keep you busy.

fritter11   4 star

Building zoo pens. This is so hard to do need way to much materials

cakeiseverything   5 star

Addictive !!!. Different from other build up games. Great appealing graphics/animation; challenging but attainable goals; very interactive with mini games/goals in the game. You can connect with other players and help each other out. I haven’t stopped playing! A sense of achievement with expanding your town, zoo and participating. 👍

LynnWeiler   3 star

Way too expensive!. This game is so much fun but it is constantly needing you to spend real money to get anywhere. It would be a lot more fun, and probably would retain more players if the developers cut the prices of building supplies, etc. in half (or more). Serious gouge! I will continue to play for a bit, but I refuse to spend another dime.

nans town   5 star

I love this game of township it’s great.. Love the game but building like glass takes too long to get and 12 hrs to get rubber trees and cacao

Amegalaxy   5 star

Great game. Fun to play and always something new

Chrissy B52   5 star

Love my little town. I get such a kick out of the game.your decorations for special events are great. I think the cost of the community buildings are high enough without adding the other tools to it. Would love you to add our own people and pets to my town! Just a thought! Thanks

pfrichards80   5 star

I love this game. This is and has been my favourite game for years and it keeps getting better! Would definitely suggest it!

OG TOWN   5 star

SUREGOD. I love this game it’s one of the best games I have ever seen

Memia12345   5 star

Leronald. Township is so interesting game, I highly recommend who have more spare time to play.

Oneszell   5 star

Totally addicted.. This game is my sanity relief. It’s the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I do at night. I recently went overseas for 3 months and got my son to play it daily for me. Now I have returned and I see he has been sending nasty comments to PLAYRIX, which has destroyed my standing. I hope you can see fit to restore my rating and accept my apologies. The game is forever changing and holding our interest. Keep up the good work, PLAYRIX. Love your work.

micheleinoz73   5 star

So glad I found this game. This game should come with a warning - highly addictive, it’s a great way to get strangers to work together. Also enjoy that you can make some kind of progress in the game every day.

Fredericka2   5 star

Patience. This game is all about patience, slowing down, taking your time, waiting for things to happen. Having a life while you’re waiting for your buildings to finish. Of course, you can spend your life savings making everything happen now, or, you can wait, go off and do something else, come back, rearrange stuff, make a few things, play the regattas, help your friends.....and wait

Emizzjess1978   5 star

AMAZING 🤗. It’s a really good game for younger generations.It’s so cute 😽

Bevs Town   5 star

Township. I absolutely love playing this game in fact I have everyday for a few years that says it all

Anonymous2544   5 star

Can be costly. Really enjoy playing however it gets pretty costly. The developers should not charge so much for things you need in the game. Good money making for them though. But like most games you need to keep spending.

Yells bells   5 star

Fantastic game.. Love this game. I have a great group of farmers in our regatta team. Caring , sharing and communication is necessary. Important in today’s world. Keeps mind active. You can advance at your own pace. Congratulations to the developer, they come up with different tasks and updates regularly. I now have friends from all around the globe.

LilDJ17   4 star

Good but…. I have Township and it’s a great game. The only flaw is that most of your township cash goes to the piggy bank. You have to pay money for this and some people’s parents don’t give them money for games. I think the piggy bank should be free and you just watch a video to empty your piggy bank. Overall this game is addictive and very fun to play. I recommend this game to all age groups.

kitiputs   1 star

To hard. To hard to hard don’t like new zoo and people have left because it supposed to be a relaxing game but it getting to frustrating and having stress with the game you really don’t like what I am saying because the nickname bounces back what ever word I write be fare

Old fella. Great game well worth the the download

ausbecka   5 star

Love it. Such an addictive game. When I have spare time, it’s the only game I now play.

Billm4457   5 star

Good game. Seems ok, no bugs to speak of. Fun to play... like that you don’t have to play constantly to advance.

djjrhfnxj   3 star

Sick of waiting for it to load for hours at a time and all updates are done. This happens all the time!

HuskyR1   5 star

I am totally addicted!!!!. I am totally addicted to this game. I just want to get more coins!!!! Lol

CASEY Cee   5 star

This game is absolutely amazing 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪😆. Get it YeHhhhhhhhhhh

Onepilot2   1 star

Township. This game requires real money to build the Town quickly, otherwise you can sit back and slowly use time to get ahead. No clear instructions on how to play, but it’s easier enough to work out. Unfortunately for this game it’s rigged for the developers pockets.

Avid fan 111   4 star

Fun Game. A good game although takes a long time to do tasks and can cost a lot of coins

Sufi dancer   3 star

Requires purchases. This game was fun for a couple of weeks. I most enjoyed developing the town, but the reliance on trains for building materials and tools to clear more space was frustrating, when sometimes it took days for them to deliver what I needed to complete one task. After a certain point, it became impossible to complete any community buildings or clear land without paying to open my “piggy bank” and I was only prepared to do that a few times. Really, I would much prefer to pay for the game and have it perform in a way that allows me to keep progressing than have a free game that relies so much on in-game purchases.

lillie banner   5 star

Best Game Ever!. I have to rate township 5 stars it is a must play.

Gatorsville   4 star

Review. It’s very addictive but lots of fun.

Jodie1976   3 star

Enjoyable and frustrating. I like the game, but one I got charged for something I didn’t buy when I purchased something else. The allocation of land expansions, planes etc doesn’t seems equitable and quite frankly it’s getting frustrating given my whole family is playing. People who started a week after me are going ahead in leaps and bounds and my town is almost handicapped. There is little incentive to continue and I am on level 38!!

Kymlor   5 star

Great game. This is a fantastic game for all ages and really enjoyable to play.

Paulina Forever and ever   5 star

AMAZING!!!. I love this game, it’s so addicting! But I have a weird issue. Whenever I go to my town hall it always says I have 49 friends. But in reality I only have 32. So I am not sure what’s going on there. I tried restarting the app and even deleting and reinstalling it but nothing worked. I hope you fix this little bug. Byeeeeeee🖤

Krischeeks   5 star

The Ultimate Game. Riley Plays This Game Everyday to Become Smarter And His Brain Will Get More Intelligence And Riley Uses The All Of the Main Factories Even McDonald’s For Township

jJuneys   1 star

No refunds given. This game will not refund purchases . Do not spend your money on this game the refund process is a joke after a month they still can't refund $4.49.

Markyboy 68   3 star

HI. :3

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