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Best of 2016! Unlock your language learning superpowers with Memrise!

Join over 15 million people worldwide, explore new words and phrases and learn how to speak, read and write in French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and a host of other exciting new languages. With next-generation mobile learning, a rich variety of games, chatbots and over 30,000 native speaker videos, Memrise provides an innovative approach to foreign language learning.

Download today and start speaking like a native!

Top 5 Reasons to Download Memrise:

1. Courses expertly created by a dedicated team of linguists and language specialists
2. Beginner and advanced content designed to push the boundaries of learning technology
3. Native speaker videos for language learning in context – no actors, just real people!
4. Chatbots to help you sound natural and hone your conversational flow
5. A variety of games to help you learn and practice, including Speed Review, Listening Skills, Difficult Words and Classic Review

Best of 2016!
iPad App of the Year - Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark.

Learn useful, real-life language skills on the go. With local accents, practical grammar skills and rich content, Memrise has all of your language learning needs covered. Download today and start a conversation with the world around you.

Enhance your language learning journey with Memrise Pro! In addition to all the content in the free app, Memrise Pro paid subscription provides access to an extra set of games, chatbots and an offline mode for the ultimate on the go language learning experience.

Pro offers:
* One-month subscription for $8.99
* Three-month subscription for $18.99
* Twelve-month subscription for $59.99
* Lifetime subscription for $179.99

Once purchased, subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off in your iTunes. Account settings at least 24 hours before the end of the payment period


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Memrise: Language Learning App App Description & Overview

The applications Memrise: Language Learning App was published in the category Education on 2013-05-20 and was developed by Memrise. The file size is 188.84 MB. The current version is 2.3.7 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Attention you lucky iPhone X owners! Memrise is now optimized for your shiny new Apple smartphone. This means you’ll learn X times more, X times faster, X…well, maybe not. But you’ll certainly enjoy the full X experience while you learn how to say diez, dix, 十, десять, zehn, dieci, 십, tio, dziesięć, عشرة, δέκα, दस…

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Memrise: Language Learning App Reviews


Yay for Memrise!  samn_311  5 star

It’s fun to use memrise! If you go to the website you can find and semi compete with friends and/or family members. It really challenges you and keeps your memory for words, alphabets, and phrases strong daily. It’s extra beneficial to go Pro. But, that’s personal opinion. The benefits are 10x better with Pro in my experience.


Love  vesaaaaaal  5 star

Love it

Mia (^u^)

Good, but found a bug.  Mia (^u^)  5 star

This app is very useful, and I keep finding myself redownloading it. But I recently found a bug, where on the explorer mode, the camera seems sideways and it gets the objects wrong. It could be because I am on a tablet, but I hope you fix this bug soon.


Engaging and fun  mekosmanes  5 star

I already spoke very beginner Japanese. So this app helps me fill in the blanks in conversations. I love how you sound it you, spell it out and start to learn kanji. The game aspect of this app also keeps it light and fun. Highly recommended


Learning Spanish  Caostar  5 star

I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish! Memrise lets me do it in a convenient and fun way on my phone. I get so into upping my levels that I can forget about time being on the app. It’s been a lot more helpful to me than my two week attempt to take a community college course in Spanish so far. I’m starting to understand the bits and pieces of the language and I’m on level three currently.

My videos in YouTube

100% useful  My videos in YouTube  5 star

I just got the app and I already am learning a lot idk about the other languages but with there korean system it’s great and who is BTS army


LOVE IT😍  poppyscotty  5 star

This app is amazing! It has definitely changed my life. It's not boring at all like other apps because you have a thing called a ziggy and you grow your ziggy the more you learn!


No explanations, bad translations  Uspsjandi  3 star

I am on the level 4 of the spanish mexican course. The program has terrible spanish to english translations and offers no real explanation for the verb tense change conjugations. I will be deleting the app and moving onto something else. I would like to understand what something means and how it changed, not just memorize it but not understand it. I like the program only for the vocabulary words, but other apps serve the same purpose. The “chat bot” is also a joke- it is only a tool to gain marketing information about the end user (you). After I filled it out once with false info, no other chat bots have come up. I paid for the app for 1 month. I would not pay for a year for it. I would only do the spanish mexican course for maybe the first 2 courses then switch to duolingo

Angel NM

Memrise  Angel NM  5 star

Это прекрасная программа всем рекомендую!


Not worth the price  Jhujg  1 star

This app used to be free, but now it is not worth the price. Imagine paying $60/yr or $9/mo to learn vocab on an iPhone app. Not worth it in my book. Even worse, they do not tell you that the app is no longer free. One day I’m using it, the next I’m sent all the way back to level one with pop ups saying I have to pay to learn new words. If you want to learn how to say “yes” or “no”, by all means download. Or, if you are one of the few people that want yet another subscription on your credit card, this is the app for you!

Tee Are

Great interface  Tee Are  4 star

Awesome interface and really addicting. Occasionally there’s a bug where my “meet the locals” questions (my favourite part of this language course) doesn’t show the video; it just plays audio. Also smoothing out crackly Audio over Bluetooth headphones would be appreciated. Only app on my iPhone and iPad where this audio is a bit crackly. But this is hairsplitting.

7 0f 9

Easy to use app  7 0f 9  5 star

Very easy to use and cost effective


So helpful  tanni_4  5 star

I have this goal to learn every flag. Memrise makes it easy. Loads of other topics too.


This is pretty fine  Ima.geek.  5 star

I downloaded this app like a week ago. I’m in a Japanese class at school and I just wanted to help myself get better. It’s a pretty great app honestly I’ve used it probably twice a day every day and it quite fun to use. Not only that but the free part of it is good which is always and bonus and it allows you to take more than one corse at a time which is cool. I’m just testing it out so far but I’m considering using this on a daily bases to help me study. Great app keep up the good work!!!

Twilight Nerd :)

So good  Twilight Nerd :)  5 star

My favourite language learning app by far! So good and such a pretty design. I simply love the space theme they have going on

K.j dude

Why?  K.j dude  2 star

Look, don’t get me wrong, I love the way this app teaches you how to learn languages... and I know what you’re thinking... “if you like it so much then why are you rating it so low?” Because it asks you to pay for it or otherwise you can’t get that far unless you jump into the really advanced stuff and not know what half of it means. I know that not everything can be free, but letting you do a little bit of a language and then cutting you off if you don’t pay money per month or per year, then what’s the point of even making not even a quarter of the app free and the rest not? Okay... rant over...

Holly Aarts

Best app ever  Holly Aarts  5 star

I'm loving this app so much as you really get to learn in a fun way .it provides you with audio of the words and fun quizzes at the end 😀thank you so much


Reset fail  Sum1iswatchingu  4 star

Wish I could find a way to reset the courses I’ve completed. I got off track and want to start again from scratch... and I don’t want to just review because that doesn’t teach me anything


A preview review...  Pushkina2  3 star

I was quite excited to learn about your language program and installed it right away. Where I now live, many people find any foreign language spoken in public, is incontrovertible proof of imminent Islamist actions. Anyone who can't speak Strayan English, well, too bad. They can be locked up and repatriated in a heart beat. So it's best to practice privately! Anyway, I see that that your company works in my 6 fluent languages, but the one I want to be sure to keep up with, you don't serve, Persian. I'm going to try your wonderful looking program but really, your company should have a Persian option. The bad taste of the 1979 Hostage Problem needs to be put to bed. Persian is one of those old imperial languages in which math, science, administration were discovered. Ironically, it is more of a language of poetry and love, extreme romances and passionate interpersonal fights are also better expressed in Persian. I will get back to you in a week or two to find out how you are faring with your language adventures as well.


This ones a keeper  Theresaskinnypersoninsideofme  5 star

Just had to pay to keep going which was a bit steep but I think worth it. I’ve tried other apps but here I am on my sixth Spanish app - so that tells you something.


عالیه  ANAZING—66  5 star

واقعا مهشره


Learning?  Hcard56  5 star

At first it seemed too easy, but I am really learning. It changes it up enough so as not to be boring, but reinforces what you have learned. I’m over 60, and learning. Wow


WVHSJSJSKAKAKAAA  Meepishness  5 star



Best app ever !!!  julian04202  5 star

It's awesome I love it I love how it's teaching me so many words and I'm learning something every day I recommend this app for everyone who's trying to learn a language


Wish thier was more fun games. Or any games  Zenmatt938  4 star

It’s help me learn the Vietnamese language. I’ve been using this for two days and I already know 10 words by heart. I just wish that their were more options such as games, and a voice responder because I know how to listen to the language and i know what the words means, but I cant say it correctly.


I’m very like Memrise  masterthienhao  5 star

I love Menrise


This is awesome  Funknyuyao  5 star

Hello this app is really helping me learn a new langauge.


GREAT APP! But..  victoria12345777  5 star

This is a really great app I’m still giving it 5 starts but I’m pretty bummed they didn’t have Finnish as a language I’m personally learning Finnish and Spanish the Spanish language was a go but I’m sad there was no Finnish maybe there can be an update with new languages like adding in Finnish in all a really great app!


Not free  nickki13  2 star

I love it but I don’t have the money to pay for it to go on . 😔 59$ for one year is to much


I’m Learning!  nw11235813  5 star

This is the first app I’ve downloaded (albeit I had to pay the membership fee) that I’m actually learning a new language and it’s fun. If you’ve not tried this app, test it out for free. See what you can learn with just the little bit that’s free. It was certainly worth the membership fee to get all the benefits of the app. The price does not compare to the foreign language classes I took that cost a small fortune and I learned very little from them. Thank you for making this app!

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