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Join over 50 million people already using Memrise to learn as fast as humanly possible. Learn to speak a new language while having fun. Let real native speakers teach you their language from the streets of their home town through our Learn with Locals video clips. Sound just like one of them and impress the hell out of yourself and your friends.

Give us a try – your first lesson's on the house.

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Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Korean, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish, Polish, Turkish or Danish.

Why learn a new language with Memrise?

We've got killer learning science behind the scenes. It speeds up your learning and helps you remember your new words, as if your mind keeps hitting the save button. Not that you'd notice. You're too busy watching fun video clips, seeing real locals in bucket-list destinations and playing little quiz-type games. The opposite of textbook learning.

Wherever you Memrise, you're a million miles from the classroom.

The app get you speaking like a local. Then the good bit happens. You're in the moment, a local wants to talk. Do you freeze up? No. Not on our watch. You recall the key phrases you learned. You speak naturally. Not perfect but it's still good banter. You aren't worried. You're just going for it. You're off-the-charts confident.

Mic drop.

Download the Memrise app to:

- Learn with locals: we took real native speakers and shrunk them into the app. Your miniature friends help you learn fun, conversational phrases. A few swear words too.

- Practice games: our science does one-to-one coaching with your mind, while you have fun with Speed Review, Listening Skills, Difficult Words and Classic Review.

- Improve your pronunciation: so when you say 'beaucoup' (a lot) you never accidentally say it 'beau cul' (nice ass). Record yourself and our smart tech will tell you if you got it right or need to try again.

- Learn anywhere: download your course to learn in places that don't have signal and seem to be stuck in the 80s.

- Build an entertaining habit: learn as much or as little as you want. You only need 5 minutes a day to improve. Perfect for making your loo break a lot more fun.


You need a Memrise subscription to access all courses and features. But the courses and features that are available vary depending on the language of your device.

• Once your purchase is confirmed, your payment will be charged to your iTunes Account.
• Subscriptions automatically renew unless you cancel at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period.
• Your account is charged for renewal within 24-hours before the current subscription period ends.
• You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewals by going to your Account Settings on the App Store.
• Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription to that publication.


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Memrise: Learn Languages Fast Comments & Reviews

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- So this is the third language app I tried

I just have to say that compared to duo and another popular app this is the most effective IF you have 0 knowledge in the language your are trying to learn. It is super effective at teaching you the basics in a realistic way instead of just starting off with flash cards of words you don’t know like the other apps. I’m using this app primarily and occasionally going on other apps as a refresher to learn Japanese. I highly recommend!

- One MAJOR Issue/Frustration

I wanted a little more than Duolingo so I looked into other language-learning apps and found this one. I’m very impressed so far, but a huge setback is the notification badge. It says I have 3 notifications, but after looking for what it could be in the app I can’t for the life of me find it. I take my notifications VERY seriously, so this is just planning maddening for me. If possible please help.

- Almost Perfect

I am a bit disappointed to see that daily streak starts over when you graduate to a new lesson! Overall this is the best language learning app I’ve used, but I wish this one thing could be different:)

- It’s getting annoying!

I’ve been using this app for a few years now and I absolutely loved it! But I find it tiring nowadays because of all the review I have to do everyday. Please don’t make me review on so much things! I get anxiety if I don’t finish them before learning new words!

- Tech Support is horrendous

mostly they don’t respond The app still does not work when they respond it is not helpful they took two weeks to resolve a subscription issue and to date, never addressed my technical challenge. nor did they respond to any requests for refunds

- How do I turn off my subscription

I will like to turn off my subscription coming up due. Who do I contact to allow this particular request to be attended to?

- App will NOT open since the last update!

I have had the Memrise app on my iPhone for a few years now but after the latest app update it WILL NOT OPEN. I have already left one review saying this but it is STILL NOT opening!

- I freaking love memrise!

This is hands down THE best app for learning a language. My partner is bilingual and we plan on moving soon to be closer to his family. I want to learn the native language for many reasons, and this by far has been helping me improve more than anything else :) this is the only subscription I have that I know I won’t be getting rid of.

- Really good!

I used this app to learn Norwegian and absolutely loved it! I was curious if you would ever consider adding Icelandic? Thank you for creating such an amazing app I hope we can spread it to more languages!!!

- Please change your theme to the old one!

I adore the app; it’s super helpful and it’s fun! I just wish they didn’t change their theme, the bright colors and the space invasion idea was pretty cool.

- Better than Duolingo

I remember we had to use duolingo in Spanish class to practice our Spanish but I honestly couldn’t learn as good on there as I can with Memrise. I find it more effective.

- The only app I use

I really tried and downloaded most every other language app on the app store, but this one stuck. Most other apps love to just throw you out to practice pronouncing whole sentences right off the bat, but this app, when it came to korean, taught each part of the word and really broke it down like i feel a language app should. I feel as though even if i was learning english, teaching someone how to say full sentences first doesn’t make sene, instead I would want to know how to sound each word out and learn how to form the word before placing it all together. it just makes sense. Only thing i would love love love to see from this app is a writing section, where it makes you draw out the letters or words so you can practice writing it right in the app.

- They have ICELANDIC!!! I’m thrilled!

I have been waiting forever for Duolingo to get Icelendic and now I have found Memrise. It’s the best Icelandic App to learn I have come across! I’m learning so much faster than with other websites I tried, because I can take this one everywhere!! Thank You!!!! Great voices! One question: why don’t you list Icelandic on the listed languages on the App description? I have no idea how I even got Icelandic to work since it’s not listed but I am happy - there are tons of others out there looking for Icelandic though please help them out and be sure to list on the App Store description!!!

- Cant see a full list of the words iv learned.

This app is great but it has one huge downside.. Iv learned 120+ words but the app wont let me see a full list of everything that I learned. I would like to manually go back and review some of the past words that iv learned.

- Want more languages

Think mango languages. That’s how many languages I want and more. I’m aiming to be a polyglot. Love Memrise. Worth the money. Can’t wait for what else you guys and gals have in store. Subscribed for a year so after a year I will edit this comment. Thank you for making this app. With love, Jada.

- Not a free app

I wanted to learn Italian and decided to use this instead of Duolingo. It literally gave me the first lesson for free. I completed it within 10 minutes because it was super simple as it just learning to say hello, bye, good morning, my name is, etc. in Italian. Once I got the the 2nd lesson, it was locked and for me to progress any further, I have to pay for it and the rest of the course. What a waste. I’m going back to Duolingo which will actually give me a free course to learn Italian

- Incredibly great update

Memrise has not only decided to keep user created courses, but has radically upped its game on core language learning content. There is a new tab for “immersion” learning which is really, really good. Immersion features short, funny videos with simple dialogue or a point of language explained or demonstrated. These are not typical language learning dialogues. This app keeps getting better and better.

- So much potential...

Honestly, I’ve been using the desktop version of Memrise for almost a decade and I pay for the app simply to support the developers, because there’s so much I like about the platform. Indeed, Memrise recognizes the most important thing about language learning: reviewing the words we’ve already seen is most important because we forget most of the things we learn. Unfortunately, there’s also a lot I dislike about Memrise. Firstly, there’s very little that’s actually customizable. For instance, (in the desktop version) I very much dislike having to go through the multiple-choice gauntlet before I get to type the word. The multiple choice questions are essentially asking ‘What word did you just see?’ as opposed to actually testing your verbal memory. For some languages (using Roman script), I’d rather just have to type the new word right away. For me, the typing tests are much more effective, and the multiple-choice questions just feel like fluff. I see why it works for some people, but it’d be great if I had the option to do away with the multiple choice questions. That being said, if I were learning Chinese characters, I’d much rather do more multiple choice questions. That’s why I think that the ratio of typing questions to multiple choice questions should be more customizable. I’d definitely use the platform more if this were possible. On top of that, it’d be nice if the words-per-sessions options were more customizable. So many courses are broken into sections of 25 words. This means that if you do the max words per session (20), you’re stuck doing the last 5 separately. It’s pretty annoying. I’d love to be able to customize my learning by language too. I can learn Spanish words fairly easily, but Korean words don’t stick as well, so it’d be great if I could have custom settings for different languages without having to manually change them each session. Long story short, Memrise could be much more customizable, and from a programming perspective, it’s totally doable. Secondly, despite the good-quality audio, the Memrise-made courses are kind of mediocre. On the surface, they look quite comprehensive and the little videos can be fun, but why are learners being asked to memorize random sentences that end up being pretty long? (e.g. “wollen die Anderen heute Nachmittag mit zum Strand kommen?”) Memorizing these phrases is pretty useless from a language-acquisition perspective (given the Memrise format), and makes the eight-option multiple-choice questions involve reading whole paragraphs. At the end of the day, users are just scanning for keywords and not even learning the sentences. I totally see the need for users to improve their grammar and test their comprehension of longer sentences as opposed to just words—but the Memrise platform is really not great for that. Moreover, the Memrise-made courses don’t allow typing tests for entries more than two words long. This is especially annoying for entries that group together both the masculine and feminine forms of words. For example, in Portuguese the entry (um amigo; uma amiga) would never have you type these words because the entry is four words long. This is just sloppy in my opinion. I think the Memrise-made courses are good for business, but they’re actually quite poorly designed. Anyway, there’s so much potential for Memrise to become the best language-learning platform, but in it’s current form, this is not necessarily the case. Plus, the brought-to-you-by-Memrise courses leave a lot to be desired.

- Love it, and I have a suggestion

Hallå! I’m learning Swedish, and in order to help with immersion, I changed my phone language. However, this means I can’t use Memrise to learn Swedish because it thinks I already know it. My suggestion would be to add a feature where you can select the language pair you want to learn in, like mine would be american English. Thanks ☺️

- Most of my issues fixed.

The app is overall much better but one of my favorite lessons, the listening portion. Used to be short and I was able to do daily, has gotten super long and tedious! It’s almost like they want to go through all the vocabulary everyday!

- No Hebrew?

Duolingo said to use Memrise to learn Hebrew alphabet. I cant find Hebrew anything.

- It was just starting to get good

I’ve been using this app for like 2 months now and it has really helped me learn a little more Korean however I was bummed to find out you had to pay for the 3rd lesson now I understand you have to make money and all but it probably would’ve been better if u focused more on in the first lesson on how to introduce yourself instead of having me learn how to say “karaoke room” I don’t think karaoke room is something that would be important if I ever wanted to visit Korea..I’ll stop using the app now since I have no money to pay 40 dollars to learn it was a great starter though hopefully in the future you add more courses that are free especially introductions best luck~X

- Great app

I love memrise. I use it for the Japanese version. It is a great way to memorize vocabulary and phrases, although I have noticed a few small "errors" wouldn't be the right word, but maybe culturally different phrasing in some of their example sentences that would sound odd to a native born speaker. Smaller things that I would like to see changed but haven't prevented me from using it: I wish they would shuffle/randomize the different options when it gives you a vocab word, it seems to always give you the same wrong choices to choose from. And, they seem to always change something, whether it be their graphics or their sounds, which is actually kind of annoying. This language learning app would be even better if it gave you an occasional short essay or article (reading practice) for you to read taking from a comprehensive list of the vocab you have learned up until that point.

- helped my Russian improve, HUGELY

This app has helped me learn so much! I downloaded it less than 6 months ago, and it’s helped my Russian dramatically improve. I find it’s gamification slightly addictive, compelling me to learn. It makes it really easy to set daily habits/goals that are low commitment. The repetition is also a proven effective way to learn. The one thing I don’t love is the inability to set a daily goal BETWEEN 5 and 15 words/day, since I feel like 5 is too low, but 15 is hard for me to consistently do. But I find the dialogues/characters to be amusing and entertaining, and it makes the whole thing fun. In any case, my friends and colleagues say my Russian went from me only saying хорошо to everything to actually being able to have a conversation. I definitely recommend getting and paying for this app. I tried duolingo too, but found it less effective and less motivating for me to learn.

- Last version

How awful is the current version that is trying to change my experience with the application! For instance, the hierarchy of lessons has been vice versa! Why? The section that is (help) for every word is sticky! So why?

- thaks a lot from iran

thanks from iran

- Really good for vocabulary expansion

This is a great app and it works. This will not make you fluent since you will need to learn more complex grammar rules and be able to formulate sentences with the vocabulary that you acquire through the app. I am currently studying Italian and I have learned 1000+ words by heart thanks to this app and it did take my conversational fluency to the next level due to vocabulary acquisition, but again, this is not my primary way to learn Italian. It is an excellent supplementary tool and that is pretty much it all it is. Tip for Memrise: if there is any way you can single out tricky words for the speed review that would be excellent. For example, star tricky/hard words that you can’t just remember, and instead of doing the whole review with 50+ words, we can focus on the words that we have a hard time remembering. I will definitely give 5 starts if you implement that feature.

- Great app except can’t use anymore

Great app but I’m no longer able to use it since it crashes right after opening

- App crashes

App keeps closing when i try launching it. Just started few hours ago. Idk if it’s the update.

- Starting to Crash :(

I’ve been using Memrise for a long time now to learn how to speak Korean and overall it’s been a really good app and I haven’t come across any problems with it. But now every time I try to use the app it glitches out and crashes. Pls fix this soon 🙁

- Love the teaching style, but...

I love the Memrise approach to language learning. I initially used it to start learning Mandarin, and now I am learning Japanese. When I began, the courses were free. Now you can only progress past lesson 3 if you are using the desktop website, not the mobile app. Most importantly, though, whenever I try speaking the phrases I’ve learned from Memrise to a person fluent in the language, they tell me that the phrase is wrong. Either it has grammar articles that don’t belong, or it’s a really old-fashioned/rude/childish way of speaking. I would never pay for a language course if I didn’t have absolute confidence that it would teach me the language to an extent that I could speak it without embarrassing myself

- That not free

That not free

- Total randomness

It’s not the worst language learning app but sometimes the format is frustrating. Memrise does a good job of introducing people to language that actual people use but the format of the lessons is all over the place and sometimes the length of the modules can be frustrating. In some cases you will have a 30 second module which is fine but the they follow it up with something that’s 15 minutes. I don’t mind doing 15 minutes of language learning but sometimes I do memrise because I have 5-10 minutes and want to study as a refresher. I understand that learning languages takes time but breaking up their bigger learning modules into smaller chunks would be helpful. Otherwise it’s okay but really no better than Duolingo and I won’t be renewing payments next year.

- Nice app but

Just started recently using Memrise to learn Vietnamese, it’s great and makes me think more than Duolingo but there isn’t an option to learn Vietnamese from an English viewpoint. In the clips or videos they ask you translate, it is in English. So I only hear the pronunciation in English rather than in Vietnamese so it makes me fall behind in speaking

- Bugs have increased

The last two iterations are crashing regularly on certain languages. This appears to be worse on iPad them on my iPhone. I find this to be very disappointing. This user has been subscribed to this service for several years. Currently this is the worst reliability I’ve seen.

- A larger review😛; This thing rocks!

Really appreciate the techniques used in this application. I was originally a Rosetta Stone user from early 2010s and this is much MUCH better. In the Japanese language there are three primary alphabets you learn, and Memrise works hard to make sure you know how everything sounds before you start looking at words. It’s impressive to me because by the time the proper letters are memorized you can basically spell the word based on sounding it aloud! You can tell allot of thought went into that. There’s also “sounds of the natives” which are video versions of the words and letters being learned. This is one my favorite parts because the folks saying the words or drawing the kanji look like they’re all having fun, and some of them crack a laugh because of the entertaining ways they’re trying to get you to remember. Some other impressive things in the app include “explore” and “pronunciation” which make use of the real world to help learn the language. I could basically go on; but overall it’s a powerhouse for language learning! Allot of impressive nuances in there that were carefully designed to make getting a language in your head easier 😊 It may have been over 7 years since I tried Rosetta Stone, but there were too many things I didn’t like about it such as it staying on one screen until you got the word right... this app does the opposite and makes you look at it later when your ready. Sometimes Rosetta Stone would assume you knew something but it wasn’t obvious, but this app makes sure you know it to a science. Anyhow... allot of love for this app! I would get it again in a heartbeat.

- Greek isn’t an option anymore

I’ve used this app before for then I was learning danish and French but now that I’m learning Greek instead I thought it was an option on here but I guess I’ll have use my other learning app.

- Best app you can imagine!

I cant believe I don’t even know this app in the beginning of my learning of Norwegian! Hooray!

- Memrise scam

So I only downloaded the app because it was offered for $40 the year and still they charged me $80. Avoid getting your money stolen

- The Real Deal

I downloaded this app about a year ago, went through some of the lessons, then deleted the app. Re-downloaded, went through the same lessons, and I found out I retained most of what I learned from a year ago! It works! Learn with Locals and Immerse are unique and entertaining, and make learning a new language extremely enjoyable. Not all languages have Immerse, but I look forward to more languages being added.

- Daily goal bug

I really love the app and use it everyday but there's a problem. Every day I have to set my goal to 15 and the next day it is automatically reset to 5. It's really annoying. Please fix it ASAP. Thanks

- I like Memrise

Listen, I tried Busuu, Duolingo and babel. I am working just fine with Memrise. I like the real people pronunciations and mimic them. I have a question though... if I get the yearly subscription, do I get access to the other languages courses or i only have access to one language lessons?


This app no longer works. I keeps saying “No Connection” whether I’m on data or wifi. Waste of my time

- Great for Chinese - compliments Duolingo perfectly

I was using this app every day for Chinese when I wrote my original review. I finished the level one course in Chinese and began working on level two. I’ve also used it to brush up other languages. When the mascot, Ziggy, left, I missed him because he always brightened my lesson. But I have since gotten used to the new format. I’ll add to my review now: I bought a lifetime subscription for $100 and it was worth it to avoid monthly fees. I’m still glad I subscribed. I still use Memrise but not as much as Duolingo these days. I’ve used both apps extensively for my Chinese. I’ve learned that one alone does not work; both must be used, in addition to other methods (like character writing practice and classes). Regardless, Memrise was best as a beginner in Chinese. I like how it stresses the tones (Chinese is a tonal language and tones are VERY important) and teaches pinyin first. DuoLingo, on the other hand, goes straight into characters. Both pinyin and characters are important, so the apps compliment each other perfectly. I also like the way Memrise teaches phrases. It teaches you the individual words then teaches you phrases and how to pronounce them. I have used the phrases I learned from it when talking to native Chinese speakers and they were impressed at my pronunciation, which I got right thanks to Memrise. Even after two years of study, I continue to use Memrise! (Edit - I think the developer has since fixed this! Yay!) My only complaint is that the pinyin spellings vary in spacing. Sometimes if I omit a space or add a space my answer is marked wrong, and the spacing should not matter. I’ve seen other reviewers point this out but so far it has not been changed in the app. It’s the one thing I think thr developers should fix. Chinese is a difficult language to learn and Memrise helps make it easier. I recommend this app to other students just starting out in chinese. Stick with it!

- Where’s the immersion

Says there’s a new immersion feature but it’s not on my up to date app.

- Amazing App but...

This is an amazing app that has helped me learn so much faster and more efficiently! So great and addictive! But I do wish there were a way to test out of subjects or out of certain levels...

- Incomplete, where is the ignore word option?

How come I cannot even ignore a word? This is one of the most basic functions you should by default provide, it is available on the Android version and Web version, so why not on the iOS version? Really disappointed.

- Amazing

I have downloaded many different apps to try and achieve my dream of speaking fluent Spanish, and so far this has been the best one. I have learned more in two days than I have learned in two weeks using other apps this app is AMAZING!!

- It’s a great way to learn....until

I loved this app for the first 2 hours, and then I finished the first 2 lessons. I couldn’t proceed to the next lessons unless I pay $40.00 a year?! That’s ridiculous. I understand if you want to make money off of your app in some way but it just turns people away that aren’t willing to pay. I personally think that every lesson should be available with no price and if you want some additional special features, THEN you have to pay. I guess I’ll go back to another learning website. This was a really disappointing experience. Really disappointing.

- Привет

This app gets a 10 out of 10, the native speakers along with repetitive phrases, sounds, and sentences is great. The thing I like most is the fact that it’s not boring and if you make a mistake you can easily work on those specific mistakes. Definitely download this it’s worth every penny so far.

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- You need to pay

It’s a very good app but when you get to a certain point you have to pay, and I really wish you didn’t have too. I enjoyed the app but now I don’t think I can use it anymore since it’s not free :(

- Developers please read 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻

This app is really good, and the lessons are great. I love how it uses repetition, and it makes sure it’s locked in your mind. I have never had an app that can teach you multiple languages at once, and I love that feature. However, I wanted to buy the entire app and I don’t like trials, so looked at buying it for lifetime, when I saw the price was $200. I thought that was too high of a price, but hard to think if it’s actually worth it or not. It seems to take you to an advanced level, the lessons have amazing quality, you name it. But still, it’s hard to spend that much money on a language learning app. Maybe lower the price, and then maybe I will buy it. There is still a chance I could buy at this price, but not so sure. It is also not completely in my control, because I am not an adult. I am nine years old and I have a passion for learning new languages, but that also means my mom won’t be all willing to buy it. She is thinking about it still, but there would be a higher chance of us purchasing the lifetime version if the price was lowered. Other than that, the app is great. I hope whoever is reading this understands.

- Awesome

Best language learning app. It keeps me engaged and I continue to use it daily. It is way better than Duolingo in my opinion. Get it

- amazing

this app is great! I have been looking far and wide for an app to learn Icelandic on, and I want to become fluent. The audio clips from natives are very helpful, as are the different types of learning on the app. ( typing, selecting the correct audio, etc.) I have not used Memrise for long, but can already see this is the app for me. I have not paid for premium but the regular features are awesome. I do think that maybe downloading courses to access offline should be included with regular though. I only have one suggestion: have slowed down clips as an option if you can’t quite catch what they’re saying, as the natives do tend to talk rather quickly. Or have a phonetic spelling of each word, especially as Icelandic is a rather difficult and complex language in which the same letter can make multiple sounds ( of course, the same can be said of most languages). Thank you developers for this beautiful, extensive, and useful app!! 10/10 would absolutely recommend.

- Fewer ads, more fun

Comparing Memrise with Duolingo, they both have game based learning systems. But Memrise has also felt like a fairer leaderboard for users, has a wider assortment of language learning packages (user created) and has cleaned up their core language packages so the quality is on par with, if not exceeding the main competing app. You don’t have to pay for extra hearts, or to remove ads, and the notifications are not nearly as intrusive. I’ve used this app on and off for years, and have always come back to it for requiring the most enjoyable interface and addicting learning process.

- Let’s speak

So far no pronunciation practice.

- Nice Style-could be better

So I am currently using Duolingo to learn French, and I thought that it might be more productive to learn on two apps to help me be more confident and fluent. For me the one thing Duolingo was lacking was pronunciation so I download MemRise to help me with that aspect. The reason that I rated it only 2 stars is because you can’t really get thar far without paying for premium. I really like the style that MemRise uses, but if you aren’t willing to pay a bunch of money on it, this app is not for you.

- It’s not free anymore why??

Why you put only one lesson on free and I should subscribe if I wanted to keep learning, why did you do that?? I feel regret because I updated the app now I will remove it

- It is just the worst app

It makes you think that it is free but it is not, it charges $39.99 annually it’s not even even helpful it stinks

- I love it so much!!!

This app is one of the best language apps that I have ever had. Better than Duolingo!!! I am Hispanic and I’ve always wanted to go to Japan and I told myself before I go to Japan I have to learn Japanese. The first day I had this app I already mastered 20 words/pronunciations. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would rate this about a 1,000!!!!! I love this app😍😍😍

- Add Podcasts please

I’ve been using the app for a while now, I am pleased with it, however it would be nice if creators added French Podcasts, duo lingo offer this; telling real fact stories, which is nice because you can listen while driving or doing any other activity. I do not enjoy bots. There should be a way to schedule real time sessions to chat. overall great app. I come from Rosetta Stone.

- Please add a little more user autonomy

First off, let me just say that the amount given to you for free is incredibly generous, the pace is very nice (& speedy), & almost all of the content is incredibly relevant (especially compared to some other language learning apps I’ve tried *cough duo*)... so much so that I actually decided to pay for a yearly plan during a sale. I don’t see this app teaching me the entire language, but I do think it’s a really great start & I can see myself using it for a year. And one last thing: the variety of question forms is amazing (video, audio, writing, etc). On to the problems/suggestions: The app adds words to known way too quickly for me... like, it can add a word to known (or full blossomed flower) the day you learn it— & most words I learn one day, I’ve forgotten by the next & I need to be at least reminded of the meaning [maybe allow us to have a review review, not a test review, or maybe allow us to flag words that we think we’re having difficulty with (sometimes I end up getting things correct that I don’t know well because it’s put next to choices that are obviously wrong answer choices), or maybe a confidence level out of five for all words (I like this one, but I can see other people not liking it... you could make it optional in settings!)... basically don’t assume the app knows more than us in areas it doesn’t. Plus, it’s kinda discouraging when a word gets added to difficult words when you feel like you haven’t even had time to learn it] Also, for the opposite problem... some words just stick in your mind & you know them without thinking (or anymore testing) or you knew them ahead of time—so there should be a way to remove them from the review pool so you’re always reviewing the words you actually need to be [maybe make them gold flowers or, if you’re taking my above suggestion, allow users to make them confidence level 6] & to offset these criticisms a bit, I did find that there is customization in “learning & sound settings” of how many words you learn in a session & how many you review, which I found very helpful for me (because while I did like the fast pace, 7 was a little too fast for me for one session, & I found I did better with 5 per session, still usually doing multiple sessions in one sitting) I’ll happily change to five stars with these or similar changes

- Awesome Learning App - 1 thing thou

This is a great learning app! I appreciate the videos of locals, the different ways that terms and phrases are used, and the opportunities to spell them out. I'm current learning Portuguese. I'm getting better all the time and already spoke some Portuguese before this. I just want to be fluent. Only issue I find is the pronunciation part of it. I know the language well enough to know that I am saying t words correct but this function in the app is lacking. I usually just try a couple times each word or phrase and then end up skipping. I just don't think it works well in that one area.

- Better than Duolingo

Love the approach. It’s fun, they have a great sense of humor, and I am finding that my conversational French is really improving. I have tried them all and this is the only one that doesn’t waste your time by making you learn useless sentences that you will never encounter in the real world. Memrise is the real deal

- yeet

Started using it and I gotta say it’s pretty lit fam

- Good app, don’t update if u already have it

Great app for learning, but i updated from a very old version and the new update keeps resetting my daily streak setting to 5 wpd. It’s quite frustrating :/

- 2 star

Sorry but I need free like Duolingo

- Great tool but needs speed review

I love memrise and have used it for years. However, if I recall speed review used to be available on the mobile version? It seems there’s no reason it shouldn’t be included for people who pay for the subscription. Please get on it guyz

- I love it

I never write reviews but i believe this app deserves a review. So far I love it. I wanted to improve my intermediate french since its being years and I do not practice it as often and would like to engage in deeper conversations. This is great. I am learning a lot.

- persian

what a bout persian?!?!?! how we can you the App?!?!

- Community Courses

I recently returned to using Memrise and I was frustrated to see discover how difficult it was to access community content, which was my favorite part of the app. I enjoy the app, but I feel limited by what’s available. I hate the fact that I apparently have to log into the website (which I’m most likely not going to bother with) just to find user-created lists that I have to start in order to use within the app? I’ll just stick with Duolingo.

- About the app

Memrise is a great app which you can learn very fast as soon as you need , note that you should keep on it.

- Polish

It was very easy practical words👏funnyyingying

- 5stars!

Really good!!!

- It’s fun

I just started using it and I’m liking the way it is, when they say it’s a fun way to learn, they really mean it.

- Noob review

After a very short time, and after comparing this app to the few that I’ve tried I can surely say that I love it because of the feeling it gives of direct interaction.

- This app is AMAZING!

I’ve been wanting to learn Korean for years and this app taught me over 30 words in just 10 minutes! This app deserves a lot of recognition!

- Better than duolingo

Doubling o is a good app but you have to pay for hearts and things. This s so much better

- I am in LOVE

Right away you get useful phrases in the language you are learning, and with multiple examples of people saying that particular phrases. It a very audio based app, which is nice. I love it a lot!

- Zviad Georgia

I think I will get a total success with you.

- I love this

I actually find myself learning new words and it’s AMAZING

- Enjoyable Learning

I enjoy using this App. The lessons move along at a good pace. The only time I get frustrated is when I make a typo and the program places the word in difficult words, then repeats it over and over. The pronunciation part often doesn't give correct feedback. Playing back the recording of myself is more helpful.

- No structure

I used to use Memrise and Duolingo. Duo follows a very clear path of instruction for beginners. Memrise, not so much. I’ve abandoned this app, sadly, after paying for a full year subscription. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to just start from level one and progress. This app throws you all over the place, with no clear learning path. I’ve read in reviews that there is an online portion, but I’ll pass. Avoid!

- Too easy

Its too much helpful to learn korean with videos but I have doubt about grammar

- Love it!

So far the Memrise app is a great tool for learning French!

- Pretty sweet, but Chinese is slow since major update

I started using this over Duolingo because the audio was recorded instead of generated, and the content is good. For Mandarin Chinese, I like the content and appreciate the combination of pronunciation, pinyin, and characters. But some of the audio recordings start with silence for about a second, which makes going through each question slow. It’s surprisingly frustrating to have to wait an extra second per question because of the slow audio playback. It makes me not want to use the app so much anymore when I have other methods to study Chinese.


My friend told me about this app and it used to be free!!! It’s not anymore. You can only do the first two lessons. So don’t waste your time. To the developers: just go back to the way it was before, limited study methods but allows people to progress through the whole program ... and make it add supported. Let people who can afford to pay pay to remove adds and unlock all the features. I don’t mind watching some adds to use an app, but I’m broke af.

- One suggestion

This is a great app, but I would like it better if I could review a few chapters at a time instead of reviewing the whole thing

- Hiii

It’s amazing !! Thank you !

- Step by step

They teach you the real easy things first.

- Sound problem

It is all good except, the sound only works with headphones? Weird.

- Good but

Good but needs customer service to answer

- Best korean app

Best app for learning korean I can find! My korean friends approve Only downside is that whenever I contact customer service on the website they don’t answer

- 5 stars

This app is amazing, it makes learning languages fun. Tho I preferred the old version of the app with the cute planets and stuff, i still love the different learning styles on there, flash cards, fill in phrases, pronunciation, etc... recommended it to my family and friends, they also love it. 👌

- Wow

This is awesome.wish there was more languages like persian.

- Fantastic!

This app is great! I love it so much and it really does help! But can you guys please update it so we can d grammarbot and lessons with locals on the mobile app and also on computer! More things to apply what we have learn maybe like games, or conversation scenarios! Thanks

- Enjoying learning!

I am really enjoying the interaction of real live people and the repetition of vocabulary.

- Omitting examples

I used to learn new words from 504 essential English vocabularies however when I updated the app, there’s no example anymore, so how can I learn to make sentences with new words? Please put the examples below the definitions again🙏🏻🙏🏻.

- Way better than before

I was pretty unhappy when the app got an overhaul way back when. I still think the colors of the logo are awful, but that is really the only problem that I have. I’m learning Spanish, and I have to say, I love all the new additions to this app. I’m especially in love with the lip syncing. That is the closest I’ll get to speaking in a normal manner before I’m fluent enough to have any real conversation. It’s also pretty entertaining to hear my voice over the actors. I spent way too much time saying silly things like a badly dubbed movie. I also really like the explore feature, but it’s not quite there yet. The accuracy isn’t as good as I want it to be, but it’s still close. I would like the option to “rate” or “recommend” the picture to translation. For example. I took a pic of a single key, but it would only translate to “the keys.” The flow of learning and practice is pretty good. The real locals make this app superior in fluid learning, plus it helps greatly with making the flash cards learning to be less boring. I haven’t unlocked the grammar check feature yet, so I can’t say anything about it. I rate this 5 stars, and absolutely worth spending the money if you are offered the 1 year subscription for half price. I think there are further discounts during Christmas time? The last time I bought a subscription, the yearly was cheaper with a better sale. Even if you don’t get the year, try it for one month. Devs, I would love to see some local support added to the Dutch courses.

- I love this app

I got this a while ago when I was learning German it does a really good job at getting you to know the words and while there is a premium which you pay for the app itself is free and you can still learn multiple languages for free

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- Finally an App that actually works

I’ve been trying to learn Italian for several years and keep losing motivation until I downloaded Memrise. Speaking Italian should be fun and all lessons I’ve learnt have been useful when conversing in conversation with my Italian in-laws. Keep up the good work and Grazie mille.

- Lovely app but...

I really like this app but I think there should be events where you get 300 points for 1 question. When I play on memrise, the time is incredibly slow.

- Good but annoying trying to feedback

I do like this app, but having got a 38 day streak and lost it I thought I would suggest the points we collect be used to ‘repair’ a streak - something like Duolingo. I wanted to make that suggestion but have just had a very irritating time on the community forum trying to find where and how to feedback so felt the only option was to post here. So now two suggestions: I don’t use forums, and not everyone does, so please make yours easier to navigate. A streak is a motivator - that’s the point of all these apps counting the days, it shouldn’t make a huge difference I’m sure but ‘one strike and you’ve lost it’ seems very harsh. What are the points collected for? Couldn’t it be set up so there’s a penalty and we choose to ‘pay’ with points? It was deflating enough for me that I just continued with Duolingo for a while. I am going to give Memrise another go but am feeling if/when this happens again it might be the final strike - end of subscription.

- Mostly great with some amusing flaws

I’m using this app to learn Polish mainly, and a bit of Icelandic for a holiday I’m planning. Learning the languages is very good. I’ve just signed up for a month to see if I want to pay out for a yearly or lifetime membership and the extra features are very good. Difficult word review shows you the spelling of difficult words automatically, but I think having a toggle option would be better as the main learning section has already shown me my spelling mistake. The pronunciation section seems to work fine but I’m practising with a Polish friend so I’ve not come across a word I struggle to say yet, and that will be the test there. The Explore function is the amusing flaws I mentioned. My mobile phone is supposedly a surfboard. My computer mouse is a helmet. My foot is a Christmas stocking. With a bit of work here, this could be helpful, but not much use as it stands right now, even if it has taught me a couple new words. Overall, I highly recommend this app. Easy to use, though some of the features that I thought would be standard as learning a language tends to involve speaking such as pronunciation are hidden behind a pay wall, hence the loss of one star. If you’re serious about the language you want to learn, I don’t think the price is that expensive, and there are alway offers on so keep an eye peeled for them (present icon in top right corner). Powodzenie! or Good luck! with your new language.

- Incredible app

This app has totally changed my life! It inspires and motivates me and I would definitely recommend paying for the extension! It’s well worth it!

- Crap

Doesn’t work can’t join two classes

- Spanish Pronunciation

Why does the lady keep saying hell for el? She keeps pronouncing the H sound where it’s not needed. When speaking Spanish Hoy is pronounced oy Hay is pronounced ay. She is saying these words not as a Spaniard would pronounce them. Please could this be corrected as it’s very annoying especially for new learners who are now going to have to unlearn this wrong pronunciation.

- Brilliant

I’ve tried different language apps previously and have generally lost interest. This app is brilliant, i really like the videos which enables you to hear the words being pronounced in different ways and the non verbal cues from the videos really help. The instructions around the grammar section could be clearer as it wasn’t clear what learners are being asked to do. Overall i’m really enjoying using the app and i’m keen to learn more.

- it crashes

i cannot open the app, it always crashes when i try to open it and there is not update available, please solve this :(

- Stopped working

Now doesn’t open. Will lose all my progress. Nice one. Basic error.

- Really great

This is a really great app,I’m actually here for some suggestions to improve: -there could be a section sort of like google translate or a dictionary part seeing as I search up a lot of words as I listen to the podcasts anyway. -also there could be some sort of exercise after the podcasts that is related to it so we can actually practise what we learnt and remember it for longer. Thank you:)

- Good; but a lot of room for improvement

Let’s start with the positives: Having a GIF of a real french person say a word or phrase brings the language to life and adds to the experience immeasurably Having regularly posted short, upbeat and whimsical videos where the hosts discuss a topic add a touch of immersion and provides a method by which I can test my knowledge by seeing how much I understand. The review function is brilliant, takes the work out of manually going back to review past material and it creates a mixed material deck using the science of spaced repetition which is even better. Improvements: The point scoring is borderline pointless, would be much better if there was achievements/badges to collect instead (streak of 30 days, learnt 20 words in a day, etc...) Personally would love to have a option where I can choose which types of learning methods are used. For instance I prefer to use flash cards, it says a word in English or french, I tap to reveal the answer and swipe left or right if I got it right. Personally find multiple choice too easy and gives a false sense of understanding and success. Would like to see more of the GIF’s after the initial introduction of a word/phrase. For the ‘immerse’ videos, would like to turn off the subtitles all together not just switch between English and french, so I’m solely reliant on understanding what is being said through listening and seeing how they said it.

- Overall very good for learning, but some issues.

I’ve found that the app is very good for learning languages with a new alphabet, because it goes through the sounds if the letters first, but only a small amount is free. I understand why, but I’d much prefer it if there was more to do on the free version. Also, in the classic review, I think it would be much better if it showed the foreign letters instead of what they sound like to the english alphabet, because it would help me familiarise myself with them more.

- love but also hate

Okay , when I first got this app I was in shock how good it was ! I could practice my korean speaking , grammar and everything needed to learn a language . But after a couple of days of having the app , I was told I had to pay to learn new words . This was disappointing, as I really want to learn korean !! But I can't now because I have to pay for it . So I guess it's great if your willing to pay otherwise it's a waste of time

- Really good but...

My only issue is the app frequently crashing on my device....otherwise, great app!

- Great app ! One or two bugs though !

A very good app ! Very easy to use and I love the layout. Only reason this is not 5 stars is on some of the grammar, it doesn’t matter what letter you pick, all of them are wrong ! Very frustrating and therefore left incomplete.

- Good app but lost interest - need an autoreview /learn function

Good app which I used consistently for a long period of time. However desperately needs an auto-learn or test placement feature for those individuals who are returning to a language. Very boring / frustrating to practice a level where you ate very confident in half the words and require some refresh for others.

- Amazing app

So I don’t usually write reviews but this app is amazing. It’s really engaging and I’m a uni student so I’ve recommended this app to a few friends. I’ve learnt french since I was around 10 and had the basics, this app has really expanded my knowledge and taught me many things :).

- Good app but...

Good app but lately when I get something wrong and press the ‘help me learn this’ button it’s started coming up with weird things, here are some actual ones, ‘’£2.50 curries’ and ‘bruh U DUMB’ I don’t why but I can’t learn the new words now so please fix this. ~Thanks.

- One of the best! ...however, lacks syllable stress indication

I have tried many language learning apps over the past couple of years and this has got to be one of the best and my favourite. I love the fact you learn with locals, I find that really effective and stimulating. I also love the fact you learn useful everyday words and phrases from the outset. However, it would be really helpful if the stressed syllables were indicated/highlighted, for ease; especially if you are still training or find it difficult to tune your ears to the language’s nuances.

- Love it but would like more work related content

I’m learning German for a new job. Trying to reach a level where I can understand easy conversations within 5 months. Memrise is good app to learn German as it combines vocabulary and sentences at the same time. However, the content are very directed to travellers. I would imagine for any travellers to Germany, they wouldn’t have to learn German intensely as most younger Germans can speak English. It would be great for memrise to create content target for people who are more invested in learning German for professional or other long term reasons. :) Overall, I love the app. And highly recommend.

- Awful

Awful wouldn’t recommend to teachers students or parents so many bugs lots of crashes it is amazing how bad this app is

- Completely changed

When I first used Memrise about 5ish years ago it was COMPLETELY free. 100s of courses all free. I haven’t used Memrise for a while but thought i would to touch up my German and I am completely devestated that you now have to pay!! This app used to be popular due to the great way of learning and that it was free. And I can see from other reviews now that it’s riddled with bugs! Seems like Memrise has gone from actually caring about people learning to just trying to make money!!

- Useful, but biased

I’m finding the app a very good way to learn a new language. However, we are only learning how to pronounce/recognise words in the masculine form. This is biased and unhelpful. Has anyone recognised this from the memrise team? More balance is necessary. As a female, I answered a question in the feminine, nao obrigada. It was marked wrong!

- Superb App THANK YOU

This is the third language app I’ve used and I have to say I LOVE it! I enjoy the app a great deal because it’s visual and audio heavy making learning much more relaxed and fun. This is definitely the app for me! Thanks guys and stay safe out there x One very happy student! 😁💜

- One

I can’t go on my lesson three for Korean I have completed lesson one and two and therefore I think it is quite upsetting whenever I click the lesson three it shows me a subscription where I do not want to pay

- Don’t use for Japanese

Try typing a correct answer in Kanji and it’ll mark you incorrect if it has the answer in Hiragana. Useless app with no way to make suggestions. Avoid and just use Wanikani, Bunpro and Anki

- The best app for vocab learning?

I have used Memrise for a while, and it’s only getting better and better. I tried to use Duolingo once to learn Korean, but gave up after 30 minutes and went back to Memrise. You guys do such a great job in actually explaining the structure of the letters, the syllables and sometimes grammar. And your voiceovers are amazing! And i love how you keep creating more and more content over the years, loving the French daily videos. Please keep it up! I really adore your app.

- Really good. Make it more free!


- Fix this please

Hi I have been using Memrise for a number of years now to learn languages I do not speak as much as I used to but this is now a issue as your courses such as the Portuguese course for European portuguese is locked and you must pay to continue I don’t have money to do so and it originally was free for the full course so please please fix this and make it free or I will use another app

- Pretty good

I’m using it to learn Japanese and revise French (by my teachers recommendation) and I think so far it has been great! It really helps you remember things. Only thing is I get up in the morning and I have more than 40 notifications from this app. If I turn them off I forget to practice, but they don’t go away even if I do my lesson. Besides that, it’s very useful!

- Bait and switch billing tactic

Today I downloaded the App and on the first page it opened to there was an offer for a 7 day free trial after which there was an offer for £29.99 per year subscription, so I clicked through for the free trial and I authorised the purchase as you would do to any app, even if it’s free, to find I had been charged £59.99! Even if this app was incredible, I would never use because of your bait and switch billing tactic, which is essentially theft, taking an amount that is never agreed upon. Not ethical and not good business practise.

- this is bad

Swearing in French! How do you rate this a 4+ app when it involves swearing?

- Learning with Native Speakers.

I have recently moved to France and I find this app extremely useful as you get to hear native speakers using the language, not the normal received pronunciation you sometimes get in learning systems. I have used a number of different ways of learning foreign languages and whilst immersion in the actual country is the best way of learning this app comes a good second.

- It’s good!!! Until...

I absolutely love this app! I’ve been learning Spanish and it’s so helpful!! But however I went to go onto Th e second part of the course and I can’t!! Guess what!!! I have to pay to go into the second part and there are 17 parts in course one!! This really isn’t helpful I would really appreciate it if u could open up more sections if the course as this could put people off the app. Plz plz plzzzzzzz fix this as I wanted to use Memrise for my Spanish home schooled lessons but I can’t now. 🥺🥺😭😭🤞Or else Great app

- The app is great but...

Overall the app is amazing for learning languages, but when selecting with a / if you get the order wrong, even if they’re not masc. fem. it marks as wrong

- Overall, good app for learning languages.

Very good app. If I had to be really picky then I would complain about the lack of instructions. You do not get told at the start “Press this button to do this” or even “There are lots of different levels to complete. Each time you memorise a word completely you get closer to the next level” It’s just a pain having to work everything out when you haven’t used it before. Overall, I would recommend this to people trying to learn languages, but make sure you know how to use it befo

- good

simple to learn french, also pretty fun and i can remember the words i have learned so far. thankyou

- Alright but it used to be better

I used to love doing the “Speed reviews” and listen to the voice say the word. This way I remember the word plus the pronunciation. Why is this not working anymore?... I hate to have something taken away. On desktop that feature still works but not my IPhone:(

- Mistranslation

For the Italian course in the seasonal sections there is a mistake. On the app it says that primavera is winter when it is in fact spring and it also says that inverno is spring when it is winter. Please fix this issue as soon as possible. Thank you

- Brilliant

I use this all the time for school and it is great. The only problem is that you need to be on wifi or have very good signal.

- Memrise

Very good for revision for my regular Spanish and french tests at school. Doing a little bit of memrise most evenings really helps me.

- New language?🥺

It's really good I absolutely enjoy this app and it has helped me loads however can u please please please add urdu cos I really need to learn this and I find learning a language easy using this app

- Thank

It’s my best way to learn English I’m really thank you

- I like it

It’s fun

- Amazing

So fun and so much better than Duolingo and other apps I’ve tried. I really like the latest design, the video clips are amazing as you can easily attach the words/ phrases to the facial expressions and body language with helps a TONNE. Fantastic app!!

- Brilliant

Really well made, user friendly and great fun! £30 for 12 months is a bargain. Less than a cup of coffee for unlimited learning potential. Brilliant investment.

- God

Absolutely brilliant Would write a review but gotta go and learn

- Memrise!!!!!!!

This is such an amazing app!!!! I started using it to catch up with my french class and it has helped me pass many tests I find it way more easier now and it is starting to teach me words my teacher hasn’t taught yet 😊this app is so useful and I find myself playing it all the time !!!

- How can the tenth word you learn in German be sh1t?

Was trying out the app with my daughter and found that the tenth word you learn is sh1t in German. Is there no way to not include swear words in the learning process? This was resolved and we are really enjoying the app.

- Love this app

Memrise is a good complement to assimil

- Good app

I’m really enjoying this app. It’s taking it a step at a tym like d kindergarten times.

- I love it


- Cool App

Thanks to Memrise, I’m learning Spanish in fun and easy way.

- Really comprehensive

They break it down so well and make it so fun to learn!

- Great app !!

Exceptional app! Really helping me learn a whole lot of languages at one click!!🤗🤗

- A must have app for international business

If you intend to pursue a balanced international business whilst respecting the local cultural and social diversity of your clients and customers, you could do so with the right push from this app. I just started learning Chinese today and I have mastered 8 words in 20mins. Xie xie Memrise

- It should have an easier way to create courses

It should have a better way to revise pictures (like graphs and diagrams ). I tried to create a ,Memrise course for chemistry but I found it difficult to inserts pictures , I want it to be easy to create courses just as it is easy to create slide presentations on keynote app or on Microsoft

- Great app

I’m learning German and it’s really helping. Thumbs up

- Great app.

Great app. Very easy to follow. Love it

- Ife

It’s an interesting way to learn a language. The video format is really helpful and makes it easy to remember.

- MR Egbetunde

Hola this is a very interesting app SI it’s

- Great app

It is a fun educative app. It has a lot of languages to choose from. And it keeps improving.

- Great

Very entertaining and engaging. Thumbs up👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

- Favorite learning app

Great app for learning more than just languages also for learning courses easily. But you have to search for courses from the site. You can't search from the app itself👎.

- Excellent app

One of the best out there

- Super

Der app ist lecker und super

- Quite practical

It exposes you to different situations and repeats enough times for you to learn.

- Nothing Better

Best and most educative app

- Great app

Great app. I'm am learning fast. My honest opinion? Everyone needs this app.

- Very good

The app provides a good learning experience. Highly engaging and intuitive.

- Very good

Very good

- PC pro.

This apps is unique and very engaging. I love it.

- Lovely app

The update makes it smoother to use. Great App!

- App

Loveit thank you so much

- Great!

I love the app, it is easy to use and simple to understand. I've got my Spanish on lockdown.

- Bigfishhh


- Memrise..

Great app...really helpful and

- Love it!

Great great app! I recommend!!

- It has been so much fun :-)

I found this through a recommendation and just a few test runs, it has been so much fun. Loved it and I am so addicted to it now.

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Memrise: Learn Languages Fast iphone images
Memrise: Learn Languages Fast iphone images
Memrise: Learn Languages Fast iphone images
Memrise: Learn Languages Fast iphone images
Memrise: Learn Languages Fast iphone images
Memrise: Learn Languages Fast iphone images
Memrise: Learn Languages Fast iphone images
Memrise: Learn Languages Fast iphone images
Memrise: Learn Languages Fast ipad images
Memrise: Learn Languages Fast ipad images
Memrise: Learn Languages Fast ipad images
Memrise: Learn Languages Fast ipad images
Memrise: Learn Languages Fast ipad images
Memrise: Learn Languages Fast ipad images
Memrise: Learn Languages Fast ipad images
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Memrise: Learn Languages Fast (Version 3.1.38) Install & Download

The applications Memrise: Learn Languages Fast was published in the category Education on 2013-05-20 and was developed by Memrise [Developer ID: 506043249]. This application file size is 524.31 MB. Memrise: Learn Languages Fast - Education posted on 2020-05-28 current version is 3.1.38 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

Memrise: Learn Languages Fast Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References
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